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OGs has a variable difficulty system where the difficulty changes throughout a playthrough depending on the percentage of Skill Points that you have acquired:


  • You must have 29% or less of the total SR points.
  • Enemy units will have no upgrades on their mechs or weapons (except special cases).
  • Enemy units will give 50% more money when shot down (x1.5 modifier). This does not stack with the bonus from the Normal difficulty.
  • Your pilots start each scenario with +5 Will.
  • Whenever a pilot is force-deployed during a scenario (i.e. you can't deploy them at the start but they aren't force-deployed prior to the deployment screen), they will deploy with more Will.


  • You must have between 30% and 79% of the total SR points.
  • Enemy units will have no upgrades on their mechs or weapons (except special cases).
  • Enemy units will give 20% more money when shot down (x1.2 modifier).


  • You must have 80% or more of the total SR points.
  • Enemy units will have three upgrades in all stats on their units and weapons. Some enemy units will have five upgrades.
  • Enemy units will give the standard amount of money when shot down (which is equal to their Cost stat, some exceptions aside).


  • Difficulties are separate from the Game Modes that you can access after finishing a playthrough of the game by loading your "clear data" file and starting a new playthrough with it.
  • The difficulty also determines the HP value of the final bosses in OGs1 and OGs2.

Unit Spawn Order

Whenever an enemy unit appears on the map after the scenario has already started, they will always spawn in set positions or in relation to the position of some of your units (usually story-related). If you occupy a position with your own unit that an enemy unit will spawn in, you can force the enemy unit to spawn in a different position. The spawn order follows this pattern (1 = north):

13 26
Etc. 24 9 14 27
38 23 5 1 6 15 28
37 22 12 4 0 2 10 16 29
36 21 8 3 7 17 30
35 20 11 18 31
34 19 32

If a unit is set to spawn in position 0 but that position is occupied then the game will check if the next available position (or ascending number) is occupied. If it is not occupied, the unit will spawn there. If it is occupied, the game will continue to check subsequent positions (or ascending numbers) until it comes across an unoccupied position where it will spawn the unit.

Note: Containers count as occupying a space and can also block spawns.

Passive EN Regeneration

During a scenario, a unit normally regenerates 5 EN per turn. If a unit has the EN Regeneration Mech Ability, it will stack with the normal EN regeneration rate.

  • For example, a unit that has 200 maximum EN and the EN Regeneration (S) Mech Ability would gain 25 EN per turn.

Money Modifiers

Whenever you shoot down an enemy unit, you will be awarded a specific amount of money which is equal to the Cost stat of the unit. You can increase the amount of money that an enemy unit gives you by having one or more of the following modifiers when you shoot down the enemy unit:

  • Luck Spirit Command (x2.0 or 200%).
  • Fortunate Pilot Skill (x1.2 or 120%).
  • The pilot who shot down the enemy unit is an Ace Pilot (x1.2 or 120%).
  • The pilot who shot down the enemy unit has a money-related Ace Bonus (multiplier is pilot-dependent).
  • Your difficulty is set to Normal (x1.2 or 120%) or Easy (x1.5 or 150%).

All modifiers stack with each other except for Luck which doesn't stack with any other modifier. When you stack multiple modifiers together, they are multiplied by each other. For example, if you were playing on Normal difficulty and had Kyosuke (who is an Ace Pilot) shoot down an enemy unit that would give you 2000, the total amount of money you would gain would be calculated as follows:

  1. The normal amount of money from shooting down an enemy: 2000 (100%).
  2. Multiplied by Normal difficulty: 2400 (120%).
  3. Multiplied by Kyosuke's Fortunate Pilot Skill: 2880 (144%, or 120% x 1.2).
  4. Multiplied by Kyosuke's Ace Pilot status: 3456 (172.8%, or 144% x 1.2).

Repair Costs

Whenever one of your units is shot down (reduced to 0 HP), they can no longer be used for the remainder of the scenario. At the end of the scenario, you are automatically deducted an amount of money equal to the Cost stat of the unit. If you do not have enough money, the unit is repaired at no cost to you.

If any of your units are shot down during the final scenario of a game, the repair cost will not be deducted from your total amount of money.


During a scenario, predetermined enemy units will drop containers which occupy a square on the map. You can send a unit to these squares to claim the containers and receive either Parts or Custom Bullets; however, enemy units can also move to these squares and claim the containers which will cause them to be lost forever. Even if you shoot these enemies down, they will not drop any collected containers. If you do not claim these containers then they will be collected automatically at the end of the scenario.

If you have encountered an enemy unit in battle or used the Scan Spirit Command on them, you can check their unit status screen to see if they are equipped with any Parts. If they are then they will drop that part in a container after being shot down. There is no way to tell if an enemy unit is carrying a Custom Bullet.


During a scenario, you can have your units dock on a battleship by moving them onto the square that a battleship is occupying and selecting the "Dock" command. This will immediately reduce the pilot's Will by -5 and end their turn; however, their Will cannot be reduced 100 as a result of docking on a battleship. While a unit is docked they gain the following benefits:

  • Their EN and ammo are fully refilled.
  • They regain 15% of their maximum HP per turn that they remain docked.
  • They cannot be targeted by attacks.

On a subsequent turn, a unit can use all commands as normal except attacking which must be done after deploying from the battleship; however, a docked unit can only join or disband a Twin with another docked unit. You can re-deploy a docked unit by moving them out of the battleship as if they were occupying that square, before or after the battleship has moved and been used.

Battleship Support Attack

If you do not deploy your pilots during a scenario and they are assigned to a unit, they will be on standby in their respective battleship for the duration of the scenario. If you attack with the battleship and no other pilot can provide Support Attack to it, you will have the option to have one of your non-deployed pilots provide Battleship Support Attack for the battleship that they are stationed on. This option will not be available if a deployed pilot can provide Support Attack to the battleship.

A Battleship Support Attack can only be done once per scenario; however, if the pilot has the Support Attack Pilot Skill then it increases the total number of times that they can provide Battleship Support Attack per scenario to their Support Attack level plus one. A Battleship Support Attack uses the same mechanics as a normal Support Attack except that its uses don't recharge and the pilot providing it doesn't have to be adjacent to the attacking unit because they are stationed on the battleship.

Whenever a pilot provides a Battleship Support Attack, the attack consumes ammo or EN as normal but the unit's EN doesn't passively regenerate. Additionally, the pilot will only gain or lose Will from hitting, missing, or shooting down an enemy unit with their Battleship Support Attack. They do not gain or lose Will from evading or being damaged by an attack (because they can't be hit), enemy units being shot down by others, or their allies being shot down.

If the enemy unit is shot down by the pilot who provided the Battleship Support Attack, they will receive half of the normal EXP and PP values that they would have received if they were the main unit.

All pilots are assigned to one of the two battleships and will be stationed on it if they are not deployed during a scenario. The pilots that are stationed on each battleship can change under these circumstances:

  • If you can only deploy one of the two battleships available to you during a scenario, all pilots will be stationed on the deployed battleship for the duration of the scenario (OGs1 only).
  • If you are on a route split, pilots will temporarily be assigned to the battleship on the route split (OGs2 only).
  • If either the Hagane or Hiryu Custom are away on a side mission (and you are not on a route split), or both are not present in current scenario, pilots will be divvied up according to whatever is happening in the story at that moment.
    • For example, in Scenario 23 of OGs1, the Hiryu Custom goes on a special mission with the Octo Squad (Katina, Russel, and Tasuku) and Radha to investigate Nevi'im. When the Hagane meets up with them in space during Scenario 24, all pilots except for the Octo Squad and Radha will be assigned to the Hagane even though a number of those pilots (such as the ATX Team) are assigned to the Hiryu Custom).
    • For example, the beginning of OGs2 follows the Shirogane and all available pilots will be temporarily stationed to it.

OGs1 Battleship Rosters

Battleship Roster
Hagane / Kurogane Ryusei, Rai, Aya, Ingram, Kusuha, Irm, Giada, Garnet, Latune, Ryoto, Rio, Elzam, Kai
Hiryu Custom Kyosuke, Excellen, Bullet, Katina, Russel, Tasuku, Leona, Radha, Gilliam, Viletta, Masaki, Lune, Sanger

OGs2 Battleship Rosters

Battleship Roster
Hagane / Kurogane Under construction.
Hiryu Custom Under construction.

OGs2.5 Battleship Rosters

Battleship Roster
Hagane Under construction.
Hiryu Custom Under construction.

Game Over Trick

If you fulfill the Defeat Conditions for a scenario and achieve a Game Over, the scenario will automatically restart from the pre-scenario text. You will not have access to the intermission screen (as if you had loaded your game). When you arrive at the pre-deployment menu on the battle map, the following elements will have carried over:

  • Any changes made to a pilot or unit during the previous pre-deployment menu will be reset and they will be returned to the state they were in during the previous intermission screen.
  • Pilots will keep all experience points (and levels gained as a result) and kills that they gained prior to the Game Over.
  • You will keep any money earned prior to the Game Over.

However, any PP, Parts, or Custom Bullets will not be carried over. More importantly, you will not be able to acquire the Skill Point for that scenario. If you had already acquired the Skill Point prior to the Game Over, you will lose it and will not be able to acquire it again.

You can use this trick to repeat the same scenario multiple times to gain levels and earn kills and money. Prior to doing so, be sure to prepare your units as much as possible during the previous intermission screen in order to reduce the amount of setup you have to do during the pre-deployment menu on the battle map; however, you can use the pre-deployment menu to temporarily upgrade your pilots and pilots knowing that they will be reset once you achieve a Game Over. This makes Pilot Skills such as Mechanic, Resupply, EXP Up, or SP Up very valuable in conjunction with the trick because they can be used to full effect during the scenario but you will be refunded the PP afterwards. The same applies to upgrading a unit's stats or weapons which you will be using throughout the scenario as part of the trick.

It is recommended to do this on scenarios whose Defeat Conditions are easy to fulfill:

  • If you must shoot down a specific enemy, shoot them down on purpose.
  • If you must prevent a specific ally from being shot down, let them be shot down on purpose.
  • If the scenario has a time limit, exceed that time limit on purpose.

OGs1 Recommended Scenarios

Ryusei route

  • Scenario 18: Islands of Hades
  • Scenario 34: Steel Colossus
  • Scenario 36: Marionettes

Kyosuke route

  • Scenario 13: Vanishing Trooper
  • Scenario 17: Raid on Elpis
  • Scenario 35: Rescue
  • Scenario 38: Codename: SRW

Common scenarios

  • Scenario 30: Traitorous Gun
  • Final Scenario: The Final Adjudicator

OGs2 Recommended Scenarios

Ethiopia route

  • Scenario 19: Clever Doll

Common scenarios

  • Scenario 21: Princess in Exile
  • Scenario 32: Uninvited Visitors (Pt.2)
  • Scenario 38: Operation Plantagenet (Pt.1)

Earth route

  • Scenario 42: Through the Blazing Sands
  • Scenario 44: Rest in the Cradle

Moon route

  • Scenario 42: Turmoil in Space
  • Scenario 43: Pure Being

OGs2.5 Recommended Scenarios

  • Scenario 11: Encroaching Malice