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Japanese Title: スーパーロポット大戦ORIGINAL GENERATION

English Title: Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation

Release Date: 2002/11/22 JP, 2006/08/08 US, 2007/12/31 PAL

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Description: A Super Robot Wars game with only Banpresto's originals.

Number of Scenarios: 74 playable scenarios

Scenario Info

Pilot Info

Mech Info

  • Mech List - List of mechs available in the game
  • Ally Unit Database - Statistics of ally units
  • Enemy Unit Database - List of enemy units that you encounter in the game
  • Parts List - Information for each part that can be equipped on mechs
  • Mech Skills - Information for each ability that certain mechs can have
  • Weapon List - Information for each weapon that can be equipped on mech (not including built-in weapons)
  • Team Attacks - Information about team attacks in the game.