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Spirit Commands

Spirit Commands are special abilities which can be used during a scenario to enhance the combat ability of a pilot for a limited time or grant some sort of benefit to the pilot. All Spirit Commands cost a certain amount of Spirit Points (SP) each time one is used and the cost is different for each pilot. SP is replenished after each scenario and some events during scenarios also replenish SP. Certain Pilot Skills and Ace Bonuses regenerate SP, increase a pilot's SP, or reduce each Spirit Command's SP consumption.

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
Valor Bullseye Guts Drive Scan Gain
Flash Attune Trust Rouse Daunt Cheer
Persist Accel Faith Mercy Love Sense
Wall Zeal Resupply Snipe Luck Enable
Focus Vigor Spirit Pierce Bless Charge

English Japanese SP (Average) Target Description Duration
Valor 熱血 40 Self The next attack deals double damage. Cannot critical hit. Until the target attacks
Flash ひらめき 10 Self 100% chance to evade the next attack. The order of priority is Lucky, Flash, and then Bullseye. Until the target is attacked
Persist 不屈 10 Self The next attack that hits this unit will deal 10 damage. It takes priority over Barrier Mech Abilities and causes you to take 10 damage even if the Barrier activates. Until the target is hit by an attack
Wall 鉄壁 25 Self Reduce Damage Taken to 25% for one turn. Until the next player phase
Focus 集中 15 Self Final Hit Rate and Final Evade Rate +30% for one turn. Until the next player phase
Bullseye 必中 20 Self Final Hit Rate becomes 100% for one turn. Overrides the Afterimage and Jammer Mech Abilities but does not override Flash. Until the next player phase
Attune 感応 30 One Ally Grants Bullseye to an ally. Until the next player phase
Accelerate 加速 5 Self/Twin Movement +3. Until the target moves
Zeal 覚醒 60 Self/Twin Can act again after moving or attacking. Does not stack. Until the target moves or acts
Vigor 根性 20 Self Recovers 30% of max HP. Instantaneous
Guts ド根性 40 Self Fully recovers HP. Instantaneous
Trust 信頼 30 One Ally Recovers 2000 HP. Can be used on NPCs. Instantaneous
Faith 友情 40 One Ally/Twin Fully recovers HP. If used on a Twin unit, both will be fully healed. Instantaneous
Resupply 補給 60 One Ally Recovers all EN and Ammo. Does not reduce Will. Instantaneous
Spirit 気合 40 Self +10 Will. Instantaneous
Drive 気迫 60 Self +30 Will. Instantaneous
Rouse 激励 60 (OGs1)

40 (OGs2)

One Ally +10 Will. Instantaneous
Mercy てかげん 10 Self If the next attack from this unit would destroy the target, their HP is reduced to 10 instead. The target's Skill stat must be lower than the attacker's. Until the target attacks
Snipe 狙撃 20 Self Weapon range +2 (except for MAP and weapons with range 1). This effect will be not used if the unit performs a Support Attack while this is Spirit Command active. Until the target attacks
Pierce 直撃 20 Self The next attack ignores all Mech Abilities. Does not override the Lucky Pilot Skill or Flash. Until the target attacks
Scan 偵察 1 One Enemy/Twin View an enemy's stats. If used on a Twin unit, both will be scanned. Instantaneous
Daunt 脱力 45 One Enemy -10 Will. Instantaneous
Love 70 Self Grants Accelerate, Valor, Flash, Bullseye, Spirit, Luck, and Gain. Special
Luck 幸運 30 Self/Twin 2x money for the next battle. If the attack does not shoot down the enemy unit, the skill is wasted. Until the next battle
Bless 祝福 40 One Ally/Twin Grants Luck. Instantaneous
Gain 努力 20 Self/Twin 2x EXP for the next battle. Until the next battle
Cheer 応援 30 One Ally/Twin Grants Gain. Instantaneous
Sense 直感 30 Self Grants Flash and Bullseye. Instantaneous
Enable 再動 70 One Ally/Twin Allows an ally that has already acted this turn to act again. Instantaneous
Charge 突撃 20 Self All weapons except MAP weapons gain Post-Movement for one turn. Until the next player phase

Twin Spirit Commands

All main pilots have a Twin Spirit Command starting at Level 1. These unique Spirit Commands can only be used when you form a Twin unit between two units and they consume SP from both pilots. In the case of a unit which has co-pilots or sub-pilots, only the SP of the main pilot is consumed. Twin Spirit Commands which affect the Twin unit are lost if you disband the Twin unit and a warning window will open if you attempt to disband a Twin unit while one of these Twin Spirit Commands is active. All Twin Spirit Commands cost the same amount of SP regardless of which pilot has them except for Hope which has a different cost for various pilots.

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
Bond Earn Disrupt Blitz Mettle Prayer
Rally Clarity Soul Sync Hope Dread

English Japanese SP Target Description Duration
Bond 40 All allies Recover 50% of max HP. Instantaneous
Rally 大激励 75 All allies +5 Will. Instantaneous
Earn 修行 50 Twin Receive x2 PP for the unit's next battle. Until the next battle
Clarity 予測 40 All enemies Decrease Evade Rate by 50%. Until the next player phase
Disrupt かく乱 40 All enemies Decrease Accuracy Rate by 50%. Until the next player phase
Soul 70 Twin The target's next attack deals x2.5 damage. Cannot critical hit. Until the next battle
Blitz 連撃 35 Twin If the next attack shoots down an enemy unit, the target will be able to act again. Instantaneous
Sync 同調 10 Twin The stats of each pilot is set to the higher value of the two. Stats are compared separately (e.g. if one pilot has 150 Evade and 200 Defense, and the other has 200 Evade and 150 Defense, Sync will set both stats to 200 for both pilots). Until the next player phase
Mettle 闘志 20 Twin All of the target's attacks have a 100% Critical Hit Rate. Until the next player phase
Hope 期待 35-50 One Ally Recover 50 SP. Instantaneous
Prayer 祈り 20 One Ally Remove all status effects. Instantaneous
Dread 戦慄 35 All enemies -5 Will. The enemy's Skill stat must be lower than the pilot who used Dread. Instantaneous

Important Spirit Command Lookup

Pilot OGs1 OGs2 OGs2.5 SP Level
Ryusei 70 35
Kusuha 70 32
Kusuha 60 30
Ryoto 40 34
Ryoto 55 30
Gilliam 55 35
Lamia 55 31
Mai 55 32
Latune 70 32
Radha 80 32
Lefina 70 34
Ling 70 32
Alchemie 40 29
Aya 60 30
Aya 60 33
Giada 50 34
Excellen 45 1
Russell 65 34
Russell 30 34
Radha 60 25
Lefina 70 32
Lefina 50 32
Carla 40 12
Ling 50 30
Ouka 20 1
Alchemie 40 1
Tsugumi 50 24
Katina 20 10
Katina 15 10
Kyosuke 15 5
Latune 20 15
Carla 25 1
Excellen 35 5
Elzam 20 32
Rätsel 20 32
Kai 25 1
Rai 20 31
Raul 30 33
Leona 20 10

Important Twin Spirit Command Lookup

Pilot OGs1 OGs2 OGs2.5
Radha (50 SP)
Ling (40 SP)
Tsugumi (35 SP)
Alchemie (35 SP)