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Japanese Title: 第2次スーパーロボット大戦Z 再世篇
English Title: Super Robot Wars Z II: Reborn The World
Release Date: PSP April 5th, 2012 JP
Previous Games: SRW Z, SRW Z Special Disc & SRW Z2-1: Hakai-hen
Description: This is the 2nd instalment in the Z series of SRW games. It follows on from SRW Z and the SRW Z Special Disc on the PS2. This is the 2nd part from a 2 part game.
Number of Scenarios: 100 playable scenarios + 3 prologue scenarios

Series and Story

  • Story Summary
    • Stages 1-10 - Complete, Go With Kallen/Kummen Complete
    • Stages 11-20 - Work in Progress, Go with Kallen
    • Stages 21-30 - Work in Progress, Dark Continent
    • Stages 31-40 - Complete, Destroy Team Complete, DC/Area 11 Complete
    • Stages 41-49 - Complete, Frontier Fleet Complete
    • Stages 50-60 - Believe in Zero/IF Route + Ending Complete, Black Knights/Normal Route not included

Pilot Info

Mech Info