Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

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Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
Other Names Gundam ZZ
Gundam Double Zeta
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV series
Episodes 47
Original Airing Date/Release March 1, 1986 – January 31, 1987
First Appearance Super Robot Wars

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ (Double Zeta) is the direct sequel to Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and is the third series of the Gundam franchise. The series compared to the previous two are more comedic and lighthearted compared during its first impressions. However, like most Universal Century Gundam series, the pace of the story picks up and not even this series can escape the recurring theme of the harshness of war. Sequel : Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

Prequel : Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam


Ep No. Title Mecha Introduced Characters Introduced Adapted in
1 Prelude of ZZ Judau Ashta, Beecha Oleg, Mondo Agake, Iino Abbav, Leina Ashta
2 The Young Man from Shangri-La Mashymre Cello, Gottn Goh
3 The Knight of the Endra Galluss-J
4 Hot-Blooded Mashymre Elle Vianno
5 Judau's Decision Zssa
6 The Menace of the Zssa Gaza-D
7 The Gaza Storm Roux Louka
8 The Funeral Bell Tolls Twice Pampa Lida, Beanne,Wyme
9 Judau in Space Hamma Hamma Glemy Toto
10 Sayonara, Fa R-Jarja Chara Soon
11 Activate! Double Zeta ZZ Gundam/G-Fortress, Core Fighter, La Vie en Rose Emary Ounce
12 Leina Vanishes
13 Little Sister!
14 The Phantom Colony, Part 1
15 The Phantom Colony, Part 2 Bawoo
16 Melee Aboard the Argama Milly Childer
17 Retrieve the Core Top! Qubeley Mk-II, Ga-Zowmn Elpeo Ple
18 Haman's Black Shadow Sadalahn-class (Sadaran)
19 Ple and Axis Mega Rider
20 Tearful Cecillia (Part 1)
21 Tearful Cecillia (Part 2)
22 Judau, Sorties! Dreissen Rakan Dahkaran
23 Earth Ablaze
24 Siblings' Love on the South Seas Capule
25 Rommel's Face Desert Rommel
26 Masai's Heart
27 Leina's Blood (Part 1) Dwadge
28 Leina's Blood (Part 2) August Guidan
29 Runaway Roux
30 Blue Team (Part 1)
31 Blue Team (Part 2)
32 Beyond the Salt Lake GM III Ple Two
33 An Afternoon in Dublin Arius Moma
34 Kamille's Voice
35 The Sky is Falling Zaku III
36 Ple Two's Descent
37 Nahel Argama Nahel Argama, ReGelgu Illia Pazom
38 The Iron Wall of the Jamru Fin Jamru Fin, Schuzrum Dias Dale, Danny, Deune
39 The Second Coming of Sarasa
40 Tigerbaum's Dream Geymalk
41 Rasara's Life
42 Core 3 Maiden (Part 1) Zaku III Kai, Qubeley Mk-II (Ple Two) Nee Gylen, Lance Gylen
43 Core 3 Maiden (Part 2)
44 Emary, Wilting Flower Döven Wolf, Queen Mansa
45 The Battle of Axis SRW T
46 Vibration Full Armor ZZ, Gundam MP Qubeley SRW T
47 Warrior, Once More... SRW T

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Character Appearances

The following characters have appeared in a Super Robot Wars as either a playable character, an enemy, or are involved in the background story as a supporting ally/enemy. The characters are sorted by faction.

  • Anti-Earth Union Group (A.E.U.G.)
    • Judau Ashta
    • Leina Ashta
    • Roux Louka
    • Elle Viano
    • Beecha Oleg
    • Mondo Akage
    • Iino Abbav
    • Bright Noa
    • Astonaige Medoz
    • Emary Ounce
    • Milly Childer
    • Hayato Kobayashi
  • Neo Zeon
    • Haman Karn
    • Elpeo Ple
    • Ple Two
    • Mashymre Cello
    • Chara Soon
    • Glemy Toto
    • Gottn Goh
    • Illia Pazom
    • Rakan Dahkaran
    • Nee Gylen
    • Lance Gylen
    • Arius Moma
    • August Guidan
    • Dale
    • Danny
    • Deune
    • Desert Rommel
    • Beanne
    • Panpa Lida
    • Wyme
    • Mineva Lao Zabi

Unit Appearances

The following units and battleships have appeared in a Super Robot Wars as either a playable unit, NPC, or enemy. The units are sorted by faction.

  • Anti-Earth Union Group (A.E.U.G.)
    • Argama
    • Core Fighter (ZZ)
    • Full Armor ZZ Gundam
    • G-Fortress
    • G-Fortress (Full Armor)
    • Gundam Mk II
    • Hyaku Shiki
    • Mega Rider
    • Methuss
    • Methuss (Mobile Armor)
    • Nahel Argama
    • Nemo
    • Wave Rider
    • Zeta Gundam
    • ZZ Gundam
  • Earth Federation Forces
    • GM III
  • Axis Zeon
    • Bawoo
    • Bawoo (Glemy)
    • Bawoo (Mobile Armor)
    • Döven Wolf
    • Dreissen
    • Endra
    • Ga-Zowmnn
    • Gallus-J
    • Gaza-C
    • Gaza-C (Mobile Armor)
    • Gaza-D
    • Gaza-D (Mobile Armor)
    • Geymalk
    • Gwadan
    • Hamma Hamma
    • Jamru Fin
    • Jamru Fin (Mobile Armor)
    • Kapool
    • Mass Produced Qubeley
    • Musai Kai
    • Qubeley
    • Qubeley Mk II
    • Queen Mansa
    • R-Jarja
    • ReGelgu
    • Sadalahn
    • Schuzrum Dias
    • Zaku III
    • Zaku III Kai
    • Zssa

BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
アニメじゃない! Anime ja Nai! It's Not Anime! Games

サイレント・ヴォイス Silent Voice Games

宇宙のジュドー Uchū no Judau Judau in Space Games

始動!ダブルゼータ Shidō! Double Zeta Activate! Double Zeta Games