Super Robot Wars/Alpha Gaiden

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Japanese Title: スーパーロボット大戦α外伝
English Title: Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden
Release Date: PSX 2001/03/29
Product Id: SLPS 03577
Memory Card: 5-10 Blocks
Related Games: SRW Alpha
Number of Scenarios: 69 playable scenarios

Scenario Info

  • Story - prologue of the game and some additional beginning notes.
  • Series List - list of the series featured.
  • Flow Chart - chart of all scenario branches with description of Skill Points.
  • Timetable - table of deployable pilots and units throughout each scenario.
  • Bazaar - chart detailing what items are available in the bazaar and when.

Pilot Data

Mech Data

Misc. Info

  • Game Mechanics
  • Secrets - list of all the secrets in the game and how to obtain them.
  • BGM List - list of all the music tracks in the game.
  • Bugs - list of known bugs in the game.
  • Translation patch - translation patch to the game, translates almost all of the game, except some minor sections.