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Bright Noa - ブライト・ノア
Other Names none
Series Info
Featured In Mobile Suit Gundam
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: A New Translation
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
Personal Info
Voice Actor Hirotaka Suzuoki (1979 - 2006)
Ken Narita (2006 - present)
Age 19-20 (Mobile Suit Gundam)
27 (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam)
28 (Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ)
33 (Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack)
36 (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn)
45 (Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash)
Gender Male
Species Human
Nationality Earth Federation
Relationships Mirai Yashima (Wife)
Hathaway Noa (Son)
Cheimin Noa (Daughter)
Professional Info
Profession Military Officer and Ship Captain
Rank/Position Ensign - 少尉 (Mobile Suit Gundam - Before Odessa)
Lieutenant - 大尉 (Mobile Suit Gundam - After Odessa)
Commander - 中佐 (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam)
Captain - 大佐 (Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack)  
Affiliation Anti-Earth Union Group
Earth Federation Forces
Londo Bell

Bright Noa (ブライト・ノア Buraito Noa) is a reoccurring character in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. He is the iconic captain of the battleships in each of the series he makes an appearance in. He serves as not only a tactical force to be reckoned with, but also an inspiration to the Gundam pilots he would encounter. Bright serves as an important figure and witness to a majority of the events that occur in the Universal Century Gundam timeline.


Mobile Suit Gundam

Bright Noa had only been in the military for 6 months prior to the attack on Side 7, only recently becoming an officer. He was originally stationed on the White Base as a crewman during its arrival on Side 7 to test the Gundam prototype models. However, the Zeon attack on side 7 effectively kills off all his superiors except for the original captain of the White Base, who still suffers heavy wounds. Bright becomes his deputy captain and assists him with transporting the surviving refugees and the Gundam equipment to the Federation base on Luna 2. The captain is taken into medical care, and Bright, despite having the lowest officer ranking, is defaulted to becoming the next captain of the White Base due to the almost nonexistent chain of command. He learns the hard way that standard textbook warfare does not work when your subordinates are untrained and unfamiliar with military protocol, and he has to be both a commanding officer and a father figure to his men. With the help of the White Base's helmsman, Mirai Yashima, he maintains order on his ship. Due to the initial inexperience of his crew, he personally puts himself in the front line when forced to engage in close quarters combat. Repelling attack on attack on Zeon troops pursuing the White Base prompts the Federation to place Bright and his White Base under an independent unit that would serve as a decoy since Zeon forces have been strangely fixated on destroying it. He participates in the attack on Solomon and later A Baoa Qu. During the attack on A Baoa Qu, he leads the White Base in charging the front lines. The ship suffers massive damage, and losing both of its engines, is forced to make a crash landing inside A Baoa Qu. Hearing Amuro's voice resonate in Bright's mind, he gathers the surviving crew and escapes the battle before the White Base is destroyed.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

After the One Year War, Bright has married Mirai and they have 2 children. Bright has progressed to the rank of Commander, but due to the Titans taking power for themselves in the military, Bright has no battleship of himself to command. Instead he is a pilot to the shuttle Temptation, which is just used to transport high-ranking personnel. While being stationed in the Titans base, Gryps, he encounters Kamille Bidan stealing the Gundam Mk. II to exact revenge on Jerid Messa. Bright attempts to control the situation, but the blame is pinned on Bright for Kamille's escape despite him having nothing to do with the Gundam Mk. IIs and the incident in Gryps. Sick of the Titan's abuse of power and their soldiers' lack of respect to regular Federation superiors, Bright makes arrangements to ditch the Federation and join the A.E.U.G. However, his shuttle is attacked and almost destroyed a mysterious mobile armor, and is luckily rescued by Kamille, Quattro, and the Argama crew that intercept his distress signal. Blex Forer and Henken Bekkener, the leaders of the A.E.U.G., insist on Bright to become the new commander of A.E.U.G. operations and captain of the Argama due to his experiences during the One Year War. Bright initially declines the promotion, noting that including the Temptation, he has lost two ships under his command. Upon seeing Fa Yuiry reunite with Kamille, he changes his mind as he wishes to take out the Titans, realizing that his family on Earth may one day become hostages to the Titans. On the Argama, he stages many operations including the landing operations on Jaburo, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Dakar, Operation Maelstrom, and the final battle at the Gate of Zedan. In the final battle, his forces are back-stabbed by his Neo Zeon allies, but he manages to maintain control of the vital Gryps colony laser and use it to put an end to the Titans.

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

Immediately following the events of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Bright docks the Argama into the Shangri-la colony to resupply and repair the Argama along with transferring Kamille to medical facilities after being left in a comatose state from final battle from the previous series. He is now placed in a situation similar to that of the One Year War. His only capable pilot is Fa and he does not have any resources to deal with the new threat of the emerging Neo Zeon. He is luckily saved (and sometimes screwed over) repeatedly by Judau Ashta and his group of junk scavengers that attempt to steal and sell the Zeta Gundam. He gives them the opportunity to work with the Argama while it is docked in their colony. Still being harassed by Neo Zeon, Bright finally decides to leave the colony to prevent the colony from becoming a battleground and allows Judau and his friends to board the Argama as new pilots. Realizing that Haman Karn has set her eyes on conquering the Earth and is about to drop a colony on Dublin, he descends to warn the Federation, only to realize that they don't care and are powerless from the previous infighting between the Titans and anti-Titans coalition. The Federation officials see the colony drop as a legitimate excuse to deal with overpopulation on Earth, and Bright calls for help from Hayato Kobayashi and Karaba to desperately rescue what little people they could before the colony made impact. During the aftermath Bright learns that his superiors from the Federation and A.E.U.G. plan to decommission the Argama and reassign him to the newly constructed Nahel Argama docked in the Anaheim facility, the La Via en Rose. Bright does not mind the new opportunity, but he is shocked to learn that they also planned to replace Judau and his friends with new military-trained men. Bright is quick to voice his main concern that the newtype abilities and combat experience of Judau and his friends cannot be simply looked over because of their age and immaturity. As the La Via en Rose is attacked once again, Judau, his friends, and Bright's crew members race into the Nahel Argama's bridge and assume command of the ship under emergency pretenses. After the battle, they depart from the La Via en Rose and leave behind Bright and the crew members that were supposed to replace them. Beecha Oleg, the new captain of the Nahel Argama proclaims that Bright has earned himself some time to rest and now it is the next generation's turn to take over. Torres also jokingly notes that Bright's hair has started to gray ever since he had to start dealing with the Shangri-la bunch. As the Nahel Argama heads to Zeon territory on Side 3, Bright issues his last orders to the Nahel Argama: take down Neo Zeon and do not in any case attempt to steal the Nahel Argama.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

Years have passed since the events from Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. Bright has now been recommissioned as a Federation officer. He now leads a new task force specifically made to deal with Zeon threats called the Londo Bell and has his own ship called the Ra Cailum. Now he has to deal with the return of Char Aznable and a reformed Neo Zeon, set on dropping things onto Earth to cause a nuclear winter and causing a mass migration to space. The movie first shows the Londo Bell in a mobile suit operation to prevent the resource asteroid Fifth Luna from falling onto Lhasa. Even with the Federation ace Amuro Ray, the operation was unsuccessful, and Fifth Luna descends onto Lhasa. Afterwards a shuttle containing the politician Adenaur Paraya, Quess Paraya, and his son Hathaway lands on the Ra Cailum. Adenaur has an official request for Bright to take him to the Londonion colony for official business. On the Londonion, he has a quick reunion with Cameron Bloom, the bureaucrat from the original Mobile Suit Gundam who now works in the Londonion government as an auditor. He tells Bright that something sketchy is going in the meeting Adenaur is heading too. Amuro, who was also in the colony and encountered Char earlier, informs Bright that some kind of deal went on between the Federation and Zeon. Bright then learns from Cameron that the Federation has been duped and Char managed to gain control of the former Zeon asteroid base Axis. Now with Char's grand announcement of dropping Axis onto Earth, the movie implies that Bright steals the stockpile of nuclear warheads on Luna 2 with the help of Cameron and makes a do-or-die operation to stop Axis from falling. His plan to launch nuclear missiles fail as Char himself personally intervened, and so Bright organizes a riskier plan in which mobile suits would destroy Axis' thrusters while a landing crew would detonate Axis and cause it to break into parts. The operation is a success, and Axis is split into two, but the explosion causes one of the pieces to accelerate towards the Earth. With time running out and little options left, Amuro attempts to push back the falling piece of Axis. Bright orders his ship to assist Amuro and ram Axis back into orbit, but his deputies tell him there is nothing left they can do. Bright has no choice but to sit and watch the loss of many men, including Amuro, and the glowing phenomena pushes back Axis afterwards.

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

The emergence of the new Neo Zeon faction, The Sleeves, causes Bright to send the Nahel Argama and its captain, Otto Mitas, to the colony of Industrial 7 to investigate. As events progress and the pilot of the Unicorn Gundam, Banagher Links, is captured by the Neo Zeon. He is released in time to assist the Federation with repelling the Zeon remnant attack on Torrington Base. Bright also intercepts the attack on Dakar and Torrington, and he finds out that the Vist Foundation has sent the Banshee to capture Banagher again and places him on captive hold in his ship, the Ra Cailum. Bright and his men are concerned with the sudden presence of the Vist Foundation and how they have jurisdiction over his fleet. Bright visits the imprisoned Banagher, curious about the next boy who fate has chosen to stumble upon the Gundam. Bright is reminded of the previous Gundam pilots of earlier conflicts through Banagher, and he tells him that although he stumbled upon the Unicorn by mere coincidence, he should embrace the power of both the Gundam and his newtype abilities to achieve what he desires most. He then contacts his informants and acquaintances, Beltorchika Irma and Kai Shiden, to arrange a deal with the Sleeves ship Garancieres to take the Unicorn back to the Nahel Argama and inform them that they are at risk of being exterminated as a part of a complex conspiracy. As Bright was supposed to transfer the Unicorn Gundam to the Vist Foundation Garuda, the Unicorn is "captured" by the Garancieres and rendezvous with the Nahel Argama. The 3-way race goes on between the ragtag group of the Garancieres and Nahel Argama, Neo Zeon, and the Federation working under the Vist Foundation to claim Laplace's Box. As the race draws out towards an end, Bright receives shocking news from Kai that the Gryps colony laser from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam has been repaired and activated to destroy Laplace's Box. Bright and Kai deduce the location where the colony laser is being remotely controlled, and Bright stages an intervention to stop the laser from firing. At the Cheyenne underground base, Bright finds the members of the Vist family along with the high ranking politician Ronan Marcenas. He urges Ronan to not fire the laser, even threatening to desert and rebel. Ronan calls his bluff, and he starts the firing sequence. Bright is stuck again watching from a distance, but the combined powers of the two Unicorns and newtypes, Banagher and Rhidde, block the laser. Alberto Vist, consumed by all the guilt from the events in the series, tells his aunt Martha to give up on destroying Laplace's Box. Bright, taking advantage of Alberto's confession, detains Martha for questioning and ends the conflict over Laplace's Box.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash

Bright is still part of the Federation military, but finds himself in a predicament towards the end of the series. He sentences the terrorist, Mufti Nabiyu Erin, to death by a firing squad. However, it is not until the last second that he finds out that Mufti Nabiyu Erin is actually the pseudonym of his son, Hathaway. Bright is powerless to reverse the decision and he is now forced to live with the fact he has effectively killed his own son. He retires from the Earth Federation Forces and falls into a spiral of guilt and depression, but would later recover from it and open a restaurant with his family, ending a long military career.


In Mobile Suit Gundam Bright is adaptive to his role as a ship captain and quickly learns how to effectively command his crew of inexperienced youngsters. Bright has a strong sense of justice and will drive himself and others to do what is morally right, constantly issuing orders even when taking heavy fire. Forced to double as a superior officer and a father figure at the same time, he has little choice but to embrace the tough guy act and bare the angst of his crew, especially with Amuro in particular. Bright expresses his tough love through verbal authority and physical abuse Gundam fans would humorously dub the "Bright Slap". Taking the helm of the White Base, Bright has learned to cope with any situation good or bad and not to rely too heavily on help from his superiors; not that he got much help from them to begin with.

After the One Year War, Bright has the opportunity to father children of his own. Becoming an actual parent has rubbed off on Bright, and he is not as abusive as his earlier self. His children and reputation inspire him to become a better person and be a role model for them and others to look up to. This gives him the conviction to defy authority as he joins the A.E.U.G. despite the risks of putting his family in harm's way and the possibility of having his entire life ruined by those he turned his back on. Even when he deserts the Federation, the A.E.U.G. still address him by his former rank. He will make the best out of any situation to carry on his duty of what he believes is right instead of just the orders he is given. Because of this, his subordinates are willing to follow his orders without question.

Once he becomes the head of the Londo Bell, Bright becomes a much more calculating man. His role requires him to deal with Neo Zeon, but Bright is always sure to take account for politics, as his experiences in previous series of Zeta Gundam and Gundam ZZ have proven to be the greater obstacle. He maintains a network of close informants to keep tabs on all sides of the conflict and plans around their motives. In Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Bright keeps a picture of Amuro on the wall in his quarters as a constant reminder to stay true to himself and never abandon hope.

Overall Bright is a man devoted to his ideals, and he does not let his status grant him any sort of entitlement. He is very humble and modest and does not take praise as well as he should. He remains loyal to his family and the Federation's existence, even though the Federation has been known to not be so kind to him. He only needs to know what can be done and guides those who want to use their power to find peace.

Appearances In Super Robot Wars

Bright appears in Super Robot Wars as a battleship captain. As the captain of the White Base during Mobile Suit Gundam events, his personality much resembles that of the series. For events after the One Year War, his high rank and able ability to command others quickly pulls him up to be a lead figurehead for the impromptu Londo Bell or timeline named faction of all the combined protagonists. Other characters respect him for the achievements he has accomplished prior to the events of the game. With the exception of former White Base crewmen, family, and a handful of characters under Bright's command, he is formally addressed by his rank. He is not afraid to use the "Bright Slap" on those whose immaturity bring disorder to the rest of the crew in his ship and contributes the character development of many psychologically unstable characters.

Bright leads your troops in the following games:

Unit Appearances

Bright will commandeer the following battleships in Super Robot Wars:

Mobile Suit Gundam
  • White Base
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
  • Argama
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
  • Nahel Argama
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack & Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
  • Ra Cailum
Mobile Suit Victory Gundam
  • Reinforce Jr.

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