Super Robot Wars/2

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Japanese Title: 第2次スーパーロボット大戦
Release Date:

  • Famicom: December 19, 1991
  • PlayStation One: December 2, 1999
  • GameBoy Advance: December 16, 2004
  • PSOne Classics: January 26, 2011

Product Id:

  • Famicom: BAP-N9
  • PlayStation One: SLPS-02406
  • PSOne Classics: NPJJ-00497

Description: The second Super Robot Wars game and the first to be developed for a console, this game introduces many new mechanics and is the first to have an ongoing storyline. The game was remade for Super Robot Wars Complete Box and features many changed aspects and additional features. Keep in mind this page focuses on the original NES version and the Famicom Mini Game Boy Advance port. Both the NES and the Famicom Mini versions have been completely translated into English by Aeon Genesis. Links to the patches are below.
Number of Scenarios: 26 playable scenarios

100% Complete English Patch (NES):

100% Complete English Patch (GBA):

Series and Story


Pilot/Mech Data

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