Getter Robo G

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Getter Robo G
Other Names Starvengers
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV series
Episodes 39
Original Airing Date/Release May 15, 1975 to March 25, 1976
First Appearance Super Robot Wars

Prequel: Getter Robo


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Revive! Getter Robo! Getter Dragon, Mecha Ikkakuki, Lady Command
2 Mystery of the Fearsome Hyakki Empire Getter Liger, Mecha Dokuganki
3 An Insidious Trap! The Flying Fleet Getter Poseidon
4 Benkei! Victory of Tears
5 The Frightening Hydrogen Bomb Plan
6 The Dream Shredding Hyakki Empire
7 After that Black Jet!
8 Two Stars Shining in the Night Sky Mecha Hakkotsuki
9 SOS! Getter Robo, Please Respond!
10 Attacking the Demon Island!
11 The Hyakki Empire! The Road to the General
12 Showdown in the Desert!
13 Bat Bombs Crisis!
14 A Friend Became Wind
15 The Ballad of the Red Butterfly Mecha Kochouki
16 Battle!! Stormy Man's Road Mecha Tekkouki
17 Koro, Bark for Tomorrow
18 Danger in Izu Penisula Shallows
19 Rescue Dr. Saotome!
20 Major Battle! Mecha Fortress Mecha Yousaiki, Mecha Tairinki
21 Final Battle! Shine Spark
22 Jumbo Jet Disappears on the Ocean Floor
23 Moonlight Dancing Clown
24 Boy Screaming into the Sea!
25 Michiru Disappears into the Beach
26 He Who Became a Demon! Mecha Bouryuuki
27 Swallow, Fly Away
28 Green Earth Dies
29 Whistle after the Tears
30 Dry Snow Sneak Attack!
31 Burn! Ryo's Sword
32 What's Up with that Healthy Girl?
33 Dusk Knows
34 Showdown! Three Hyakki Brothers Mecha Kakunenki
35 Never Die! Hyakki Old Soldiers Mecha Gyukenki
36 Benkei Assassination Plot
37 Approaching Crisis in Japanese Waters Mecha Raidenki, Combined Hyakki Robo
38 Emperor Brai's Counter Attack
39 Battle! Sky over Japan Science Fortress Island

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BGM used

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