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Getter Robo
Other Names none
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV series
Episodes 51
Original Airing Date/Release April 4, 1974 to May 8, 1975
First Appearance Super Robot Wars

Sequel: Getter Robo G


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Invincible! Getter Robo Launch Debuts
  • Getter-1
  • Proto Getter-1
  • Proto Getter-2
  • Proto Getter-3
  • Mechasaurus Saki
  • Mechasaurus Bado
  • Mechasaurus Zai
  • Mechasaurus Zuu

2 All-Out Battle! Three Giant Mechasauruses Getter-2, Getter-3
3 The Dinosaur Empire's Rainbow Strategy
4 Bloodbath On Southern Cross
5 The Getter Team, Passing Through The Darkness
6 Dinosaurs! The Plan To Attack Tokyo!
7 Never Forgiving Evil! Trumpet Assault!
8 One-Shot Crisis, Getter-2! Mechasaurus Giro
9 The Glory of Captain Radora Mechasaurus Shigu Alpha 2
10 Nosedive! The Getter-3 Goes For It
11 Fierce Fight! Drill Versus Drill
12 Howl! The Immortal Uru
13 One-Point Battle! Daisetsuzan Oroshi!
14 Risking Our Lives In The Crimson Skies!
15 A Ballad Dedicated To Yuuko
16 Uncovering The Secrets Of The Dinosaur Empire
17 Target: Blueprints
18 The Master of The Dinosaur Empire Mechasaurus Zen, Mechasaurus Zen II
19 Ryo! The Final Launch Alpha 2
20 Massive Air Raid! A Sudden Terror
21 The Robot From America Texas Mack
22 The Tragedy of Getter Queen Getter Q
23 Mt. Asama's First Shades of Death
24 Destroy the Stronghold!
25 Combine! 100 Meter Windspeeds
26 Emperor Gore: Operation Massive Eruption
27 The Evil Ura's Anger! Dinosaur Jet Fighter
28 A Surprise Attack! The Underground Three!
29 Fight For The Flood Hell!
30 The Immortal Bird Revives!
31 Hayato! Danger! Stand Up! Mechasaurus Yaba
32 The Horrible Red Fog Trap!
33 Swear To The Unlimited Sky Alpha 2
34 Tears Of The Warrior Woman, Wunkay
35 Musashi, Man's Hardship!
36 Attack the Fort! Trojan Plan!
37 The Devil Commander! Aim at Doc!
38 Get Away From The Magic Sea
39 The Sadness Is Away From The Shooting Star
40 Freeze The Archipelago In Japan
41 Invisible Dinosaur Bomb Troop Mechasaurus Guda
42 Going Forward To The North Pole! Mechasaurus Zori
43 The Robot Getter Is Taken Away!
44 Musashi! Angry Ocean!
45 Escape From The Universe Graveyard
46 Attack of the Horrible Ice Dinosaur
47 Emperor Gore Shows Up!
48 The Dinosaur Empire in Magma
49 Explosion! Falls Down! Dinosaur Empire!
50 Gore! The Severe Fight Back! Invincible Battleship Dai
51 The Day The Dinosaur Empire Was Destroyed...

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Character Appearances

  • Getter Team
    • Ryouma Nagare (Getter-1 pilot)
    • Hayate Jin (Getter-2 pilot)
    • Musashi Tomoe (Getter-3 pilot)
    • Michiru Saotome (Command Machine pilot)
    • Professor Saotome
  • Dinosaur Empire
    • Emperor Gore

Advisor Gallery

Asuka Jin

Captain Radora

Captain Zanki

Emperor Goul

General Bat

Jack King

Mary King

Miyuki Saotome

Ryuusaku Nagare

Taizou Jin

Genki Saotome

Unit Appearances

  • Getter Robo
    • Getter Eagle
    • Getter Jaguar
    • Getter Bear
  • Texas Mack
  • Getter Queen

BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
ゲッターロボ! Getter Robo! Games

合体!ゲッターロボ Gattai! Getter Robo Combine! Getter Robo Games

The theme Gattai! Getter Robo was not used in the game and is not featured on the official soundtrack, but its BGM was found within The 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha's game data.