White Base

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White Base
Other names Trojan Horse
Featured in Mobile Suit Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
Known Pilots Paolo Cassius (Captain),
Bright Noa (Deputy Captain and Captain),
Mirai Yashima (Helmsman),
Marker Clan (Operator),
Oscar Dublin (Operator),
Frau Bow (Communications)
Subpilot(s) {{{subpilot}}}
Affiliation Earth Federation Forces
Manufacturer Earth Federation Forces
Model Number SCV-70,
Length 262 meters
Width 202.5 meters
Height 93 meters
Weight 32000 metric tons
First Appearance Super Robot Wars 2 (Game)
Episode 1 (Anime)

The White Base is the iconic battleship from Mobile Suit Gundam. Despite being operated by an inexperienced crew, the White Base was able to make a huge impact during its service in the One Year War. The White Base also makes a brief cameo appearance during flashback events in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

Mech Information

The White Base is classified as a Pegasus Class battleship. After suffering multiple defeats to Zeon mobile suits, the upper echelons of the Federation realized that fleet to fleet combat had become obsolete and there was a need to quickly roll out their own mobile suits and mobile suit carriers. This led to Operation V, which started the construction of the White Base in Jaburo and prototype mobile suits in Side 7. Paolo Cassius is assigned as its captain as the White Base departs for Side 7 to pick up the prototypes and deliver them to Jaburo. However, a Zeon fleet under Char Aznable detects them along the way and follows them. Char sends mobile suits to investigate Side 7, but the troops end up attacking the Federation base in Side 7. The devastation results with the Federation base in shambles, many prototypes destroyed, and the majority of the chain of command killed. The White Base, under an impromptu crew of Side 7 refugees, head for the Federation asteroid base at Luna 2. The captain, wounded from the Side 7 attack, is taken into medical care in Luna 2 and Bright Noa becomes the new captain of the White Base by default. The White Base then resumes its original mission to deliver the prototype mobile suits to Jaburo, descending to Earth and participating in the defeat of Garma Zabi and the Federation offensive known as Operation Odessa. The White Base eventually arrives at Jaburo, where it would resupply and be reassigned as the 13th Independent Unit that served as a decoy against Zeon fleets in space while the Federation began to set their sights on the Zeon asteroid base Solomon. The White Base would later join up with the main forces to take Solomon and then the last major Zeon stronghold A Baoa Qu. During the battle of A Baoa Qu, the White Base would be on the front vanguard, leading the charge. The assault results with the White Base's engines being destroyed and jettisoned. The White Base would make a crash landing into a docking port in A Baoa Qu, where the crew had to fight off mobile suits and foot infantry until Bright issues an order to evacuate and retreat. The White Base would be destroyed shortly afterwards.

Mechanical Data

The White Base would set the standard for future Pegasus Class ships and other Federation carriers that would be built afterwards. The White Base utilized forward catapult decks, rear rocket jet engines on the left and right sides, and an elevated central bridge, giving a horse-like appearance shared with Pegasus Class carriers and also inspired the Zeon troops to give the White Base the code name Trojan Horse since they had no data on it.


The White Base is equipped with the following weapons:

  • 1 580mm cannon mounted on the front
  • 2 Mega-particle cannons on each side
  • 18 missile blocks
  • Standard anti-air machine guns

The following mobile suits and aircraft are maintained and used for combat by the White Base:

  • Core Booster
  • Core Fighter
  • G-Armor
  • G-Bull
  • G-Fighter
  • G-Sky
  • G-Sky Easy
  • Guncannon
  • Gundam
  • Gunperry
  • Guntank

Special Systems

The White Base is equipped with a Minovsky reactor, allowing the use for Minovsky particles. This made the White Base essentially an all-terrain carrier since Minovsky particles are able to allow the White Base to maintain altitude for near-ground or high-altitude flight. The use of Minovsky particles allow for safe atmospheric entry and can be used to launch the White Base into space without the need for any extra auxiliary rocket boosters. While the White Base's weapons systems are about the same as any Federation or Zeon ship, the Minovsky craft engine brought great versatility for the White Base and its mobile suit operations.

White Base in Super Robot Wars

The White Base is a fairly basic template of what to expect from most mothership units. Motherships are crucial since not only do they allow units to dock for repairs or for lifts beyond rough terrain, but having your carrier shot down results with a defeat and game over screen. The White Base will have one short range post-movement attack that is fairly weak followed by an armament of long range weaponry. The White Base is either your default mothership or appears very early in the game, but depending on the game and the amount of Universal Century timeline in the cast list, it will either be a mainstay carrier or pushed aside for an eventual upgrade. Strangely enough, the White Base has only once utilized sub-pilot spirit command pools in Super Robot Wars Operation Extend despite having a large crew of named characters.

Super Robot Wars Appearances

The White Base either serves as a battleship or makes a small cameo in the following games:

All Attacks

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