UFO Robo Grendizer

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UFO Robo Grendizer
UFOロボ グレンダイザー
Other Names Goldorak
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV series, Movie
Episodes 74 (TV), 1 (Movie)
Original Airing Date/Release October 5, 1975 – February 27, 1977 (TV),
December 20, 1975 (Movie)
First Appearance Super Robot Wars 2


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Koji Kabuto and Duke Fleed Debuts
  • Grendizer
  • TFO
  • Minifoo
  • Giragira

2 Oh! How Green Was My Land
3 Danger Approaches the Makiba Ranch
4 Young Blood Burns Crimson Golgol
5 Flames of Love Dyed In The Sunset
6 Fighting Spirit Kills The Sky
7 Even If It Costs My Life! Gingin, Fuifui
8 The Warm, Green Earth
9 Beyond Unforgiven Anger
10 Longing Beyond the Stars
11 The Demon In The Black Sun!!
12 The Girl Across The Rainbow Bridge
13 Grendizer Under Fire
14 Boss Borot is Here!!
15 A Letter To My Mother, Far, Far Away
16 Here, A Bell Resonates With Love
17 Save a Tiny Life!
18 Launch! Secret Route 7
19 The Terrifying Aerolight! Gosgos
20 The Desperate Snowbound Escape Operation
21 Decisive Battle! The Shining Aurora
22 The Courage of a Single Flower
23 Hikaru's Screaming Torrent
24 Watch Out, Duke Fleed!
25 The Flower of Love Shines In Space
26 Skull Moon: Full Mobilization!
27 Onslaught! Grendizer
28 The Devil's Bell Tolls At Midnight
29 Farewell, My Friend in Space!
30 The Ballad of a Red Scar
31 A Flower Blooms In The Sky! Boss' Friendship
32 Shoot at Your Mother!
33 Sure Kill! The Mutant's End
34 The Wolf's Tears Are Falling Stars
35 Fly! Double Spazer Double Spazer
36 An Oath To The Blazing Skies! Jirajira
37 Bet Everything On The Wings Of Life!
38 Shine, The Engagement of Tears
39 Surprise Attack! The Assault Troops of Planet Vega
40 Clash! The Fiery Ocean
41 Marine Spazer, Intervene! Marine Spazer
42 Crisis! The Research Institute To The Rescue! Mother Burn
43 Meteor at the Lonely Isle!
44 Festival Night! Here Comes The Disc-Robot Dozdoz
45 Fire Up! The Drill Spazer Drill Spazer
46 The Sharks Falling From The Sky!!
47 The Lake Erupts in Hellfire!
48 The Demon In The Earth's Depths
49 I Saw My Big Brother In The Crimson Sunset! Dekideki
50 Murder!! Eliminate Koji Kabuto!
51 It's Coming!! The Demon's Star
52 The Massive Shift of The Vegan Army! King of Vega, King Gori
53 The Desperate Fight! Defeat King Gori Midifoo
54 Mysterious Terror! The Ocean Trench of Japan
55 Assault! The Mysterious Sinister Spheres
56 The Warning of the Fake Scientist
57 Roar! My Monster
58 Grendizer, The Demon Fake Grendizer
59 Ha! The Boy Commands
60 Tokyo Tower, 7PM: Explosion! Battle Mothership
61 The Great Spy Strategy!
62 Tremble! The Day of Cygnus Has Come
63 Kirika, The Young Girl That Disappeared in the Snow Zumezume
64 Five Minutes Before Tokyo's Total Destruction!
65 Koji Kabuto's Single Match
66 Undersea Base of Death - 400 Meters!
67 Suicidal Explosion of the Undersea Base
68 Maria In the Blizzard
69 Father Offers an Aurora of Love
70 Tears From the Depth of the Heart
71 Tragedy of Elite Bodyguard Mors Jigajiga
72 Our So Distant Home Planet
73 In the Name of the Beautiful Earth Guragura
74 Shine Forever! The Two Planets

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Character Appearances

Unit Appearances

BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
とべ!グレンダイザー Tobe! Grendizer Fly! Grendizer Games

宇宙の王者グレンダイザー Uchū no Ōhja Grendizer King of Space Grendizer Games