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Twin System

The Twin Battle System lets you combine your units into groups of two.

Twin conditions:

  • Both units have at least 110 Morale
  • Neither unit has finished their action for the turn
  • Units are within 1 square of each other

This means that you can move next to a unit with 110 morale and twin up, but not if you have attacked first or the other unit has already moved or attacked.

You also must be next to the unit such as this:


Where X is the unit, and the O are the points where you can select a unit to twin with.


  • You attack together increasing the amount of potential damage in a single attack
  • Some seishin is shared between both units (even if joining after being cast)
    • 加速/Accel, 覚醒/Zeal, 幸運/Luck, 祝福/Bless, 努力/Gain, 応援/Cheer, 再動/Enable, 友情/Faith, 偵察/Scan
  • Twin seishin is available (uses both pilots sp)
  • Can switch between main and sub by selecting "Main" in the unit's action menu or by pressing [square] provided your twin unit hasn't been moved
  • You counter together, selecting whether to atk/def/evd with both pilots
  • you can attack a set of twin enemies with either a focused attack (one enemy) or a spread attack (both enemies)
  • Sub Pilot gains 75% EXP and PP (Which means that more pp is gained overall)
    • Learning Skill will remove the percent reduction causing the sub pilot to gain 100% EXP and PP
  • Can twin support (if a twin group attacks next to a twin group where both pilots have support)
  • ALL and ALLW attacks damage both enemy units but can only be twin supported by another ALL or ALLW attack, though ALLW attacks can only be supported when NOT double attacking.


  • Enemy also uses the twin System (though not actively)
  • If the enemy uses ALL or ALLW attacks it will damage both of your units in a twin
  • You cannot support defend a unit or twin-unit if they are the target of an ALL or ALLW attack.
  • Since there are less units available, it limits the number of possible attacks
  • If one unit is a ground unit, a flying unit must land to join (even if it can't normally land)
  • Movement is averaged between the two units which slows down your faster units
  • If you join after movement, you have fewer options
  • EXP gained by repair or supply is not shared
  • Main pilots attacking a Sub pilot in a twin do 65% damage, and vice versa.
    • The Focused Attack skill alleviates 20% of the damage reduction, making it 85% damage.
      • Any pilot that had the Chain Attack skill in the original OG2 now has Focused Attack.


  • Always kill boss units with a twin unit to give you more overall PP
  • Twin units together if they have similar attack styles and weapon range
  • When a twin unit attacks, whoever delivers the killing blow gains credit for the kill.
  • When a twin unit separates, if all the spaces surrounding the unit are free, then the sub unit will be placed to the north
    • If the surrounding spaces are occupied the unit will be placed in the following order:
North, East, South, West, Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest
  • Defeating boss units is considerably easier than the prior games, especially thanks to the Focused attack skill that enables greater damage.

Mech List

格闘 / Fighter

  • Icon: Sword
  • Effect: +5% Melee Damage
    • Double: +1 Movement

Japanese English
アルトアイゼン Alteisen
アルトアイゼン・ナハト Alteisen Nacht
アルトアイゼン・リーゼ Alteisen Riese
サイバスター Cybuster
ゲシュペンストMk-II・タイプS Gespenst Mk-II S
グルンガスト零式 Grungust Type-0
グルンガスト Grungust
グルンガスト弐号機 Grungust Unit-2
グルンガスト弐式 Grungust Type-2
グルンガスト参式 Grungust Type-3
ダイゼンガー Dygenguar
ダイゼンガー(斬艦刀なし) Dygenguar (No Zankantou)
ビルトビルガー Wildwurger
ビルトビルガー・タイプL Wildwurger L
アルブレード Arblade
虎龍王 Koryuoh
ヴァイサーガ Vaisaga
ソウルゲイン Soulgain
エクサランス・ストライカー Excellence Striker
ファイター・ロア Figher Roar
コンパチブルカイザー Compatible Kaiser
ヤルダバオト Jaldabaoth
ビレフォール Valefor

射撃 / Sniper

  • Icon: Pistol
  • Effect: +5% Range Damage
    • Double: +1 to all Weapon Range (Including weapons with a range of 1)

Japanese English
ヴァイスリッター Weissritter
ライン・ヴァイスリッター Rein Weissritter
ビルトラプター Wildraubtier
シュッツバルド Schutzwald
アウセンザイター Aussenseiter
ビルトファルケン Wildfalken
ヴァルシオン改 Valsion Custom
ゲシュペンスト・タイプRV Gespenst RV
AMガンナー AM Gunner
龍虎王 Ryukooh
アンジュルグ Angelg
アシュセイヴァー Ashsaviour
アージェント・ヘッド Argent Head
エクサランス・コスモドライバー Excellence Cosmo Driver
エクサランス・フライヤー Excellence Flier
グランゾン Granzon

念動 / Telekinesis

  • Icon: Sun
  • Effect: +5% Telekinesis Damage
    • Double: +1 level to Pilots' Telekinesis skill

Japanese English
R-1 R-1
R-3 R-3
R-3パワード R-3 Powered
R-GUNパワード R-GUN Powered
量産型ゲシュペンストMk-II・TT Gespenst Mk-II TT
ヒュッケバインガンナー・L Hückebein R Gunner
ヒュッケバインガンナー・R Hückebein L Gunner
ヒュッケバインボクサー・L Hückebein R Boxer
ヒュッケバインボクサー・R Hückebein L Boxer

命中 / Accuracy

  • Icon: Crosshair
  • Effect: +5% To Accuracy
    • Double: +50% Critical Rate

Japanese English
R-2 R-2
R-2パワード R-2 Powered
ヒュッケバイン008L Hückebein 008L
ヒュッケバイン Hückebein
ヒュッケバインMk-II Hückebein Mk-II
ヒュッケバインMk-II・トロンベ Hückebein Mk-II Trombe
ガーリオン Guarlion
ガーリオン(ラミア機) Guarlion (Lamia Unit)
ガーリオン・カスタム Guarlion Custom
F-28メッサー F-28 Messer
SF-29ランゼン SF-29 Rangzen
F-32Vシュヴェールト改 F-32V Schwert Custom
ミロンガ Mironga

回避 / Evasion

  • Icon: Human
  • Effect: +5% to Evade
    • Double: Mechs gain Bunshin/Double Image ability

Japanese English
R-ウィング R-Wing
サイバード Cybird
ウィングガスト Wing Gust
Gホーク G-Hawk
Gラプター G-Raptor
ヴァルシオーネ Valsione
ビルトラプター(FM) Wildraubtier (FM)
ゲシュペンスト・タイプR Gespenst R
ゲシュペンストMk-II・タイプR Gespenst Mk-II R
ヒュッケバインMk-III・タイプL Hückebein Mk-III L
ヒュッケバインMk-III・タイプR Hückebein Mk-III R
ヒュッケバインMk-III・トロンベ Hückebein Mk-III Trombe
カリオン Calion (Srey & Ibis units)
アステリオン Astelion
アステリオンAX Astelion AX
フェアリオン・タイプS Fairlion S
フェアリオン・タイプG Fairlion G
ART-ウィング Art-Wing
アージェント・ファイター Argent Fighter
ペルゼイン・リヒカイト Persönlichkeit

防御 / Defensive

  • Icon: Shield
  • Effect: -5% to Damage Taken
    • Double: +200 to barrier effect

Japanese English
ジガンスクード Giganscudo
ジガンスクード・ドゥロ Giganscudo Duro
ガストランダー Gust Lander
Gバイソン G Bison

汎用 / Multi-Purpose

  • Icon: Star
  • Effect: +5% Accuracy and Evade
    • Double: +5% Melee and Ranged Damage; +10% Accuracy and Evade

Japanese English
リオン・タイプF Lion F
ビルトシュバイン Wildschwein
ヒュッケバイン009 Hückebein 009
アーマリオン Armorlion
量産型ゲシュペンストMk-II MP Gespenst Mk-II
量産型ヒュッケバインMk-II MP Hückebein Mk-II
ズィーガーリオン Siegerlion