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A "bug" is an error in a computer program or system which causes it to function in unintended ways. The bugs listed below are the more commonly-occurring bugs that have occurred to others.

General Bugs

Predetermined Will

Whenever a pilot is force-deployed or sorties mid-scenario, their Will is sometimes fixed at a certain value and their Ace Bonus, Top Ace status, and any parts equipped to their unit will not have an effect on their Will.

  • OGs2, Scenario 32: the SRX team sorties with 110 Will.
  • OGs2, Scenario 37: the allied reinforcements will sortie with 130 Will.
  • OGs2, Scenario 41: Lamia and Gilliam will sortie with 100 Will.

Note: this might not be a bug and might have to do with the events instead.

HBR Undercannon Animation Freeze

The game will occasionally freeze whenever you watch the combat animation while using Wildraubtier (FM)'s HBR Undercannon. It seems to occur more frequently when the Wildraubtier (FM) is the sub unit of a Twin unit.

Unobtainable SR Point

If you max out the Kill count (at 999) during a scenario, you will be unable to acquire any SR Point that requires you to shoot down a specific number of enemies as the Kill counter stops counting once it has reached 999.

  • OGs2, Scenario 12
  • OGs2, Scenario 43 (Earth Cradle)

BGMs Automatically Registering

During scenarios where enemies have unique music, that music will be registered in your BGM list when the map starts regardless of whether or not you actually hear that BGM. The song played in the battle demo after idling on the title screen for long enough will also be registered even if you have never heard it in the game.

OGs1 Bugs

Unobtainable SR Point

  • Scenario 12 (Ryusei)

If you shoot down Elzam and meet the requirement for the SR Point prior to advancing the story (by moving Irm beside the Taussendfussler), you will not fulfill the SR Point. Once the Hagane arrives with reinforcements, the SR Point requirements will not update properly.

Weapon and Parts Duplication

  • Scenario 26

If you equip the R-3 with weapons and parts during the deploy menu on the fourth turn and it is shot down during the scenario, the following bugs will occur:

  • On the weapon menu, you can equip another unit with a weapon from the R-3 and it will not remove it from the R-3; however, the number of weapons that is displayed will not change.
  • If any Custom Bullets are equipped to these weapons, they will also increase in number.
  • If you press Square to remove all parts from all units, the parts on the R-3 will increase in number.

You can repeat any of these processes to multiply the weapons and parts that are equipped on the R-3; however, if you press Square to remove all weapons from all units then the total number of weapons will return to the same as the displayed number.

OGs2 Bugs

128 Weapon Limit

If you have 128 equipable weapons, you will not be able to equip any weapons which you obtain after that. Normally you can only acquire a total of 86 equipable weapons (88 if you acquire the Ashsaviour) so this can only occur if you play Special Mode which gives you 43 extra weapons. The only way to avoid it is to purposely miss one or three weapons which are dropped by enemies.

MAP Weapon Freeze

If you are aiming the Hückebein Gunner Type L's Multi-Trace Missiles and confirm the area to attack while moving the cursor then the sound effect will play but the game will freeze and you will be unable to perform a soft-reset. It is unconfirmed whether this occurs with other MAP Weapons as well.

Leona Game Over

  • Scenario 15

If you form a Twin unit with Leona as the main unit and she is shot down while the enemy's unit retreats, Leona's HP will remain at 0 HP and the game will not recognize that she was shot down. When the forced battle between Leona and Murata is initiated, Tasuku will not perform Support Defend as normal and Leona will be hit by Murata but without any damage being displayed. Afterwards, the Twin unit will be disbanded and if Leona is attacked then she will be shot down and you will get a Game Over.

Archibald on the Hagane

  • Scenario 27 (Aviano)

Whenever you engage in combat with Archibald and a pre-battle conversation occurs, the cursor will occasionally move to the Hagane instead of the Rhinoceros and make it look like he's on the Hagane.

Incorrect Grid Coordinates

  • Scenario 30 (Aviano)

During the scenario, an unnamed Neo DC commander and others are talking from a square in the northern area of the map. When Thurisuz arrives and shoots his allies, he destroys the command center in the middle of the map which is either unrelated to the Neo DC members who spoke earlier or they were talking on the wrong square.

Rai Disappears

  • Scenario 43 (Earth Cradle)

If the SRX is shot down and you finish the scenario, Rai will disappear from the pilot list during the next intermission and Aya will be assigned to the R-2 Powered. Rai will not appear if Aya is placed in another unit. If you start Scenario 44 with no one on board the R-2 Powered and someone acts, the game will freeze. It is unconfirmed what happens if you keep Aya in the R-2 Powered for Scenario 44.

Enemies Won't be Placed

  • Scenario 47

If you perform a quick save during the scenario, choose to quit, watch the conversation, return to the title screen, reload your save file and restart the scenario (not your quick save), the Einst that are defeated by Axel and Aguija in the event might not show up. In some cases, all initial enemies might not be on the map which will result in a soft-lock.

OGs2.5 Bugs

Never-Ending Mock Combat

  • Scenario 5

If you use Seolla's M13 Shotgun to shoot down a third and fourth Mironga at the same time, the event for shooting down a third Mironga will not occur. You will not get the SR Point and you will enter a soft-lock where the story will not advance even if you shoot down all remaining Mirongas.

If you shoot down a third Mironga and advance the story, the situation above will also occur if you shoot down a fourth and fifth Mironga at the same time.

Twin + Granzon ALL Weapon

  • Scenario 9

If you form a Twin unit with Shu as the main unit and have both units use their ALL weapon, the game will freeze.

Murata's and Alion's defeat

  • Scenario 9
  • Scenario 10

If you shoot down Murata on a second lap or Alion on any lap, they will explode like normal enemies without any dialogue.

Eleos' and Thugater's "parts"

  • Scenario 8

Despite showing that they have parts in their status screen, neither Eleos or Thugater drop parts upon being shot down.