Super Electromagnetic Robo Combattler V

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Super Electromagnetic Robo Combattler V
超電磁ロボ コン・バトラーV
Other Names Combattler V
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV series
Episodes 54
Original Airing Date/Release April 17, 1976 – May 28, 1977
First Appearance The 3rd Super Robot Wars


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Sortie! Defeat the Slave Beast Combattler V, Galmus, Oreana Alpha
2 The Immortal Slave Beast, Zombie
3 Slave Beast Zenda's Trap
4 Special Training! Super Electromagnetic Yo Yo!
5 Combine! Just in Time!
6 Great General Garuda's Challenge Graydon SRW Alpha
7 Scream! Give Me Back My Arms!
8 Great Reversal! Two Steps Ultimate Technique!
9 Slave Beast of Anger, Kiiru
10 Ropet Falls in Love
11 Hyouma! Jump in the Flames of Pain!
12 Duel! Hyouma versus Garuda!
13 Life-threatening Friendship
14 The Connection's Big Explosion!
15 The Beautiful Warrior's Trap!
16 Emergency! Machine 1's Crash!
17 Unexpected! V is the Messenger of Hell!
18 Take Off! Gargantua! Gargantua
19 Shudder! The Red Flower!
20 Cowardly! The Professor is Abducted!
21 The Target is The Marine!
22 Frozen Beast! Return to Your Planet!
23 Betrayed Friendship
24 Desperate Effort! Stand, Chizuru!
25 Great General Garuda's Tragedy Demon SRW 4, F, Alpha, Compact 2/Impact
26 Oreana Castle's Collapse! Big Garuda SRW 4, F, Alpha, Compact 2/Impact
27 The Magma Beast's Miraculous Counterattack! Magnum
28 I Did It! Operation New V Gil
29 Ah! The Magnificent Strange Heroes! Brambull
30 Strange Mecha Kerot's Great Deed Kerott
31 The Great Electromagnetism Thief, Mogma
32 Fury! The Terrifying Ice Bullets Mammoth
33 Life or Death! The 60 Second Bout! Fake Combattler V
34 Magma Beast Aiming for V
35 No Response From the Connection Gadon
36 Mystery of the Disappearing Enemy, Drone
37 The Empress's Trap! Hyouma in Danger
38 Ropet Isn't Good With Frogs!
39 The Man, Daisaku! Gutsy Strategy
40 Shock! Chizuru is an Imposter
41 Cowardice! Demon Hostage Operation
42 Clear-Eyed Assassin
43 The Empress's Hobby is Hyouma Hunting Sirius Garo, Sirius Kiba, Big Sirius
44 Excellent! Kerot's Disturbance Strategy
45 The Enemy's Secret Plan! Block the Spin
46 Stench of Death at the Masquerade Ball!
47 Dungele Captured!
48 The Enemy's Super Powered Robot Appears!
49 All Out! Jet #2 SRW J
50 Three Stage Transforming Monster Snegle
51 Clever Scheme! Juuzo Robot Group Invasion
52 Dungele Dies With the Setting Sun! Great Magma
53 The End of the Connection! Darkron, Maspron
54 V the Ambassador of Peace is Indestructible! Sento Magma SRW Compact 2/Impact

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BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
コン・バトラーVのテーマ Combattler V no Theme Theme of Combattler V Games

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