Super Beast Machine God Dancouga

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Super Beast Machine God Dancouga
Other Names Choujuu Kishin Dancouga
God Bless The Machine Dancougar
Super Bestial Machine God Dancougar
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV series
Episodes 38
Original Airing Date/Release April 4, 1985 - December 17, 1985
First Appearance The 4th Super Robot Wars

Super Beast Machine God Dancouga is a mecha show that aired in 1985. With a huge emphasis on animal mecha designs, the series is sometimes mistranslated as Dancougar.

Sequel : Super Beast Machine God Dancouga: Requiem for Victims


As Earth is invaded and overwhelmed by the Muge Zorbados Empire, 4 remnant soldiers are recruited into the Cyber Beast Force, armed with the beast machines that are inspired by nature and animalistic instinct. The Cyber Beast Force must rise against overwhelming odds to prevent the Muge Zorbados from achieving complete domination.

Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Empire's Desire
2 Get your Cyber Beast!
3 Shapiro, Reborn!
4 Target: Jamming System
5 The Man Who Came Last
6 Maiden in the Battlefield
7 A Kind of Hero
8 Trapped Memories
9 Hell Beast in Amazon
10 Legend of the Knight
11 Supporting Fire from the Enemy
12 Don't Wake Up Megalosaurs
13 Town of Betrayal
14 Street Fight
15 God Bless The Machine, Act I
16 God Bless The Machine, Act II Dancouga
17 The Defeat of Death Gaia
18 Temptation
19 Night Terror
20 Southern Wind
21 The First Contact
22 Time Goes Around Still
23 Revenge For Murder
24 La Marseille
25 Trap!
26 The Secret of the Black Knight
27 Gildrome's Decline and Fall
28 General Attack I
29 General Attack II
30 We Meet Only to Part
31 After His Death
32 Target
33 Capture the Intelligence
34 Long Goodbye
35 Moon is Hell
36 Harmony Love
37 Tell Laura I Love Her
38 Darkness and Ruins

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Super Beast Machine God Dancouga's story and/or units have appeared in the following series:

Character Appearances

The following characters have appeared in Super Robot Wars as either a playable character, an enemy, or are involved in the background story as a supporting ally/enemy. The characters are sorted by faction.

Unit Appearances

The following units and battleships have appeared in Super Robot Wars as either a playable unit, NPC, or enemy. The units are sorted by faction.

  • Cyber Beast Force
    • Big Moth (Animal)
    • Big Moth (Humanoid)
    • Big Moth (Normal)
    • Eagle Fighter (Animal)
    • Eagle Fighter (Humanoid)
    • Eagle Fighter (Normal)
    • Land Cougar (Animal)
    • Land Cougar (Humanoid)
    • Land Cougar (Normal)
    • Land Liger (Animal)
    • Land Liger (Humanoid)
    • Land Liger (Normal)
    • Gundor
    • Dancouga
    • Dancouga (with Flight Booster)
  • Muge Zorbados Empire
    • Death Gaia Battle Cruiser
    • Deathgrome
    • Shapiro Battle Mech/Desire
    • Dol-Fer
    • Gilbauer
    • Muge Katakuusen Mecha
    • Muge Battleship
    • Muge Teioh
    • Muge Zorbados
    • Muge Zorbados Shiro
    • Zan-Gaioh
    • Zei-Fer
  • Other
    • Black Wing (Humanoid)
    • Black Wing (Normal)
  • Designs from other games and manga related to Dancouga - Super Beast Machine God used in Super Robot Wars
    • Dancouga (OVA version)
    • Final Dancouga
    • Ultimate Dancouga

BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
愛よファラウェイ Ai yo Faraway Love So Far Away Games

ほんとのキスをお返しに Honto no Kiss wo Okaeshi ni A Real Kiss in Return Games

バーニング・ラヴ Burning Love Games

灼熱の怒り Shakunetsu no Ikari Burning Rage Games