Super Electromagnetic Robot Voltes V

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Super Electromagnetic Robot Voltes V
超電磁マシーン ボルテスV
Other Names Cho Denji Machine Voltes V
Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V
Voltes Five
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV
Episodes 40
Original Airing Date/Release June 4, 1977 - March 25, 1978
First Appearance Shin Super Robot Wars


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Invaders From Outer Space Voltes V, Skullrook, Dokugaga. Boazan Saucer Shin SRW, Alpha
2 Marching Into an Agonizing Battle Baizanga
3 The Strategy Told from the Grave
4 The Devilish Shadow Sword Killing Technique Garudo
5 Battleship Mikasa Causes a Crisis
6 Neigh! Beloved Horse Eiffel
7 New Team Member: Tako
8 A Conspiracy in the Underground Fortress
9 A Dream-Invited, Big Crisis
10 Voltes Combining Impossible Namazungo
11 Reviving Voltes V! Enhanced Namazungo
12 Voltes Revived from the Dead Kanigan
13 The Trick of Father Aiming at the Earth
14 The Trap of Father and Child
15 The Present from the Emperor
16 The Crisis of Falcon's Destruction
17 Forsake Both Love and Tears!!
18 Father! The Earth is Near!!
19 Cry in Father's Bosom!!
20 The Mystery of Numbers Written in Blood
21 The Tactic of Creating A Secret Base
22 The Traitor's Scheme
23 Puppy, Walk into Tomorrow!
24 Enemy: The New General's Written Challenge Okozenia
25 Suicide Attack!! Super Electromagnetic Ball Dethra
26 Combining with Mysterious Flying Mechanical Eagle Daimon, Saimon
27 The Revelation of Mysterious Mechanical Eagle Kagamikiri
28 Our Father, Kentarou Gou's Secret
29 A Hero from Planet Boazan
30 One-on-One Combat that Risks the Earth
31 Chief Defense Oka Falls into the Sky!!
32 Jangal's Pursuit
33 The Attack of Devil Germ Dorion
34 The Flame of Hatred Causing A Crisis
35 Requiem For A Starfighter
36 The Attack on The Underground Castle Begins!! Destroid
37 Farewell, My Enemy Commander Heinell
38 Commence The Sortie Into the Universe!! Attack Commander Zantal
39 Planet Boazan's Big Battle
40 The Crumbling Tower of Evil!! Guardian God Godol

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Character Appearances

  • Ken'ichi Gō
  • Ippei Mine
  • Daijirō Gō
  • Hiyoshi Gō
  • Megumi Oka
  • Professor Kentarō Gō
  • Professor Mitsuyo Gō
  • Professor Hamaguchi
  • General Oka
  • Professor Sakunji
  • General Dange
  • General Doir
  • Emperor Zu Zambajil
  • Prince Heinel

Unit Appearances

  • Voltes V

BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
ボルテスVのうた Voltes V no Uta Song of Voltes V Games