Chibodee Crocket

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Chibodee Crocket - チボデー・クロケット
Other Names Queen the Spade
Series Info
Featured In Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Personal Info
Voice Actor Hochu Otsuka
Age 20
Gender Male
Species Human
Nationality Neo America
Professional Info
Profession Gundam Fighter
Rank/Position none  
Affiliation Neo America

Chibodee Crocket (チボデー・クロケット Chibodē Kuroketto) is a character from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. He is the Gundam Fighter representing Neo America and pilots the Gundam Maxter.



Appearances In Super Robot Wars

Unit Appearances

Chibodee will first sortie out in these units or will eventually receive them as an upgrade. Players may also encounter him as an enemy as well.

  • Mobile Fighter G Gundam
    • Gundam Maxter
    • Gundam Maxter (Boxing Mode)
    • Gundam Maxter (Devil Gundam Cells)
    • Gundam Maxter (Super Mode)

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Chibodee pounds his way in the following Super Robot Wars: