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Unit Categories

Note: To see the games that a given unit appeared at, refer to the Master Banpresto Original Unit List.

Note: For quick description of the BO units, and their model numbers, refer to the Master Banpresto Original Unit Description List.

Layout Explanation

Below is how the information is laid out in the links

General Statistics

Name (The name of the unit)
Model Number (The unit's model number if known)
Height (The unit's height if known)
Weight (The unit's weight if known)

Movement (How many squares the unit can move)
Size (The unit's size)
Twin System Type (The type of bonus the unit gives when paired up with another unit by using the Twin System)
Cost (How much it costs to repair the unit in case it is destroyed in-battle)
Terrain (Terrain values of the unit in the order of Air / Ground / Water / Space)
Full Upgrade Bonus (The unique bonus available to the unit if you fully upgrade its non-weapon stats)
W Capacity (How many W Gauge worth of weapons the unit can equip)
Parts Slots (How many parts the unit can equip)

Mechanic Statistics

Statistics Base +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10

(The unit's base values for each stat is listed here with the values after each upgrade purchased.)

HP - The unit's hit points. Unit is destroyed if it's reduced to zero.
EN - The unit's energy.
Mobility - Determines how good the unit is at dodging attacks.
Armor - The unit's defensive ability. High stats will reduce damage.

Armament Statistics

Armament Attribute Classification Attack Power Range Accuracy Critical Ammo EN Cost Will Terrain Requirement Status

(Detailed information on the attacks available to a unit excluding equipable weapons)

Armament - The name of the unit's attack
Attribute P means Post Movement, able to perform this attack after moving.
B means Beam, will be affected by beam barriers.
M means Missile, will be affected by jammers.
S means Status, the attack inflicts a status effect upon the enemy
Classification Melee - Damage modified by pilot's Melee stat & Infight level.
Contact - Melee attack that uses the opponent's terrain for accuracy calculations.
Ranged - Damage modified by pilot's Ranged stat & Gunfight level.
ALL - Attack that will target both units in a twin setup.
ALLW - An ALL attack that can target two units that are 1 square apart at once.
MAP - Will target all units within the designated range (can be "enemy-only" or "hits both enemies and allies").
Pierce - Will penetrate/ignore enemies' barriers.
Combination - Attack that requires two or more specific units/pilots being next to each other to be used.
Attack Power - Base~Final value of the attack. Attack Power for individual upgrades is shown on the Caption.
Range - How many squares from the unit that the attack is usable at.
Accuracy - Modifier to the chance of attack hitting the target.
Critical - Modifier to the chance of the attack causing critical damage.
Ammo - How many times the attack can be used if limited by ammo.
EN Cost - How much energy this attack requires to be used.
Will - The minimum Will requirement of the pilot before the attack can be used.
Terrain - Final damage modifier on various terrain ranked from S to D in this order: Air / Ground / Water / Space
Requirement - Anything else the attack requires e.g Telekinesis Level 2, Must be near X unit, etc.
Status Any status effects the attack has.
R status effect only inflicted to Robot (status effects can be blocked by certain mech abilities).
P status effect only inflicted to Pilot (status effects can be blocked by certain mech abilities).

Templates for easy copy-pasting for wiki editors

General Statistics

Model Number

Twin System Type
Full Upgrade Bonus
W Capacity
Parts Slots

Mechanic Statistics

Statistics Base +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Original Generations 1
Original Generations 2

Armament Statistics

Hover over the weapon's Attack Power value to see its scaling.

Armament Attribute Classification Attack Power Range Accuracy Critical Ammo EN Cost Will Terrain Requirement Status
Original Generations 1
Original Generations 2