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Secret Scenario Conditions
Duel Gundam Assault Shroud & Buster Gundam 6
On Scenario 6 protect and secure all 6 Meteor Breakers.
You will then unlock them after Scenario 33.
Stella 15-A
On Scenario 15-A, use Shinn to reduce Stella's Destroy Gundam to 10% HP or less
Get her at the beginning of Scenario 32.
Ken w/ Blade Gainer
Do one of the following:
Scenario 10-A, destroy Lou with Goh or Anna
Scenario 22-A, do not allow Ken or Lou to get destroyed before Blade Gainer TDM appears
Atross 26
Scenario 26, use Iczer-3 to shoot her down.
She will survive after Scenario 34
Rey w/ Legend Gundam 33 Scenario 33, use Kira to have a battle encounter with Rey, then have Shinn shoot him down.
He will rejoin in the next intermission.
Warning: Bug exists, see here for details
After Scenario 28, take the Space Route.
Have Michel kill at least 8 enemies during Scenario 29-A.
Note: If Michel does not survive, Clan Clang may take on his VF-25G after Scenario 29.
Soubi w/ Talisman 12

During Scenario 12, have Kouichi destroy Soubi OR defeat the Glain-Neidr in 7 turns.
Fulfill i+ii, i+iv or iii+iv:
i. Scenario 15-B, have Kouichi destroy Soubi (must be done before destroying Vardant and triggering Linebarrel Mode B).
ii. Scenario 16-B, have Kouichi destroy Soubi.
iii. Scenario 31-B, have Kouichi fight Soubi two times.
iv. Scenario 33, have Kouichi persuade Soubi.
Scenario 37, have Sawatari, Julianne or Wufei persuade Soubi. Anyone can destroy Soubi.
Soubi joins after Scenario 37.
Note: If Soubi and Talisman joins, Linebarrel Mode-C's "Final Phase" requires him as one of the members.


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