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Nagisa Disappears

  • It is possible for you to lose Nagisa as a sub pilot of Iczer 1's Iczer Robo.
  • If you happen to have Iczer Robo on the field and proceed to get the GAME OVER screen, then you will lose Nagisa as a sub pilot if you continue the game back to the intermission and retry the stage as normal.
  • A way to get round is to power down the DS, and then reload the last save you had and try not to get a game over.
  • Some people have said that if you lose Nagisa as a sub pilot in the first half of the game, when Iczer-1 returns in the second half of the game, you will get Nagisa back as a sub-pilot.

Michel Blanc Auto-killed

Super Robot Wars/L/Secrets

  • Whenever Michel reached 992 kills or more before entering 29-A, no matter how many kills Michel achieved in 29-A, he will not survive.
  • Since L's kill count will not reset in playthroughs, there is no way to get round once reached the above condition unless create a new game and start everything over.

Seishin Commands

  • There are several seishins that behave oddly under certain situations. They might not actually be bugs per se, but they behave differently than they do in most other SRW games.

Hot Blood(熱血)/Soul(魂)



  • Supposedly if you use Rally on a battleship, everyone inside the battleship will gain the +10 Will bonus.
    • Note: It seems like this is not a bug, just the way it works has changed.

Combo Attack/Support Attacks