South Burning

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South Burning - サウス・バニング
Other Names none
Series Info
Featured In Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory
Personal Info
Voice Actor Masashi Suguwara
Age 39
Gender Male
Species Human
Nationality Earth Federation
Relationships Sylvia Burning (Divorced Wife)
Professional Info
Profession Mobile Suit Pilot
Rank/Position Lieutenant - 大尉  
Affiliation Earth Federation Forces

South Burning (サウス・バニング Sausu Baningu) is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. A veteran of the One Year War, he is stationed in the Earth Federation Forces' Torrington Base as a supervisor for mobile suit testing and the test pilots stationed there. He then becomes the de facto leader of the mobile suit pilots stationed in Torrington Base during the Gundam hijacking incident and would later become involved in the mission to reclaim the stolen Gundam.


Prior to U.C. 0083, Burning participated in the One Year War as a mobile suit pilot. His mobile suit team, which included himself, Bernard Monsha, Alpha A. Bate, and Chap Adel was dubbed the Immortal 4th Team. After the One Year War, Burning would be stationed in the Federation's Torrington Base in Australia. There he would be a senior pilot to Kou Uraki and Chuck Keith and also collect data for improving Federation mobile suits. During the chaotic events of the Gundam hijacking, Burning is able to quickly mobilize other pilots to pursue Anavel Gato and the GP-02. He is able to prevent him from boarding a Komusai II headed for space, but in the process sustains injuries. With a broken arm, leg, and damage to his skull, he withdraws from piloting and takes the position as Captain Synapse's combat adviser aboard the Albion. With a transfer of personnel consisting of his former comrades, the Albion once again pursues Gato towards Africa. However, the efforts of the Albion was not enough to keep the GP-02 from being launched outside of the Earth's atmosphere.

In space, the Albion encounters a Zeon fleet belonging to Cima Garahau. Kou Uraki recklessly attempts to engage them despite his GP-01 not having equipment to maneuver in space. Taking heavy damage, Burning decides to board a GM Custom and barely manages to fights off the Zeon detachment. In the aftermath of the skirmish, he stumbles upon a briefcase left behind by Cima containing the details of Operation Stardust. However, before he can reveal its contents, the sustained damage his mobile suit has taken causes an explosion and he is killed.


Burning is no stranger to the harsh environment of war, and he's survived the One Year War and defied the odds when others have fallen. The younger test pilots see him as an inspiration while other pilots respect him and are glad to have him as a comrade in arms. Even when the battlefield is chaotic, Burning's presence and leadership keeps his unit cool and calm while judging their next move. Although he is a brave, battle-hardened veteran, this may at times cause him to push his luck. His time as a soldier has put strains on his marriage with his wife as he reveals that they had divorced. Despite this, he still tries to make amends and continues to maintain contact with her.

His experience in battle and mobile suits are top notch, and other leaders look upon to Burning as an adviser.

Appearances In Super Robot Wars

Burning will often appear with other characters of high rank or authority such as Bright Noa and older personas of Amuro Ray and represents himself as a leader for the Gundam 0083 cast. To no surprise, he also has the Leadership skill and is capable of being a good frontliner. However, he unfortunately does not have the best default or upgraded mobile suits with the GM Custom being a mediocre offensive support unit and the GP-01 Gundam Zephyranthes Full Burnern is given to him as a crummy hand-me-down as Kou Uraki upgrades to the behemoth that is the GP-03 Dendrobium. Luckily, he is capable of piloting other Universal Century units and is often a good candidate for secret units.

Unit Appearances

Burning will first sortie out in these units or will eventually receive them as an upgrade.

Timeline Appearances