Roger Smith

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Roger Smith - ロジャー・スミス
Other Names Roger the Negotiator, Crow-Boy
Series Info
Featured In The Big O
Personal Info
Voice Actor Mitsuru Miyamoto
Age Mid-Twenties
Gender Male
Species Human
Nationality Paradigm City
Relationships R. Dorothy Wayneright (Maid)
Norman Burg (Butler)
Dan Daston (Former Superior Officer)
Professional Info
Profession Military Policeman (Formerly), Negotiator
Rank/Position Lieutenant (Formerly)  
Affiliation Military Police (Formerly)

"My name is Roger Smith. I perform a much needed job in this city of amnesia."
-Roger Smith

Roger Smith (ロジャー・スミス Rojā Sumisu) is the main protagonist of The Big O. He works as a Negotiator in Paradigm City, the main setting of The Big O, and is the pilot of the mech of the same name.



Appearances in Super Robot Wars

Roger Smith's pilot skills and spirit commands are geared towards making the Big O an even better tank than it already is and maximizing its damage output. His exclusive Negotiator skill not only reduces enemy will on attack, but also reduces the repair cost of any destroyed ally mechs to zero if the Big O was deployed on that stage and survives, a task made much easier by Big O's innate durability.

Unit Appearances

Roger will first sortie out in these units or will eventually receive them as an upgrade

Timeline Appearances

Z Timeline