Big O

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Big O
Other names none
Featured in THE Big O
Known Pilots Roger Smith
Subpilot(s) R. Dorothy Wayneright
Affiliation Roger and Company
Manufacturer ?
Model Number ?
Length ?
Width ?
Height ?
Weight ?
First Appearance Super Robot Taisen Destiny (Game)
Episode 1 (Anime)

Big O is the giant robot from THE Big O the show is named after. The Big O is piloted by the main character, Roger Smith. Like many things from the show, the capabilities and existence of the Big O are shrouded in mystery.

Mech Background

The Big O belongs to a classification of other robots from THE Big O called The Bigs. Like the name implies, the word Big is contained in its name and they all share the same traits of being huge, bulky, and armed from head to toe with weapons and gadgets. Later in the series, the Big O was revealed to have been mass-produced during the events that occurred prior to the beginning of the series.

Service History

Not much is known about the Big O and other megadeus as their information in Paradigm City has been lost. However, Roger's butler, Norman, appears to have memories of servicing and maintaining the Big O and has modified it for whatever situations Roger may encounter as Paradigm City's negotiator.

Mech Data


The Big O is equipped with the following weapons:

  • Moby Dick Anchors - Jet propelled anchors that fire from the Big O's waist. These are mainly used to deal with enemies that attempt to take advantage of the weight and low mobility of the Big O. These anchors can be controlled manually from within the cockpit. In the Z series, this attack is used as an assist to melee based attacks against aerial foes, in D it is used by itself and is one of the few moves a controllable robot can use with a status effect.
  • Arc Line - A set of eye lasers.
  • Missile Party - An array of missile launchers lined along the Big O's rib cage.
  • Gatling Party - Two large guns mounted above Big O's rib cage inside of its chest. In the Z series, this attack is put together with Missile Party.
  • O-Thunder - Plasma-based machine guns that are hidden in the Big O's arms. Upon use the arm opens up to reveal the machine guns and the hand is concealed. The wrist rotates at a very high speed as the machine guns are firing, creating a circular ring that lags behind the projectiles being shot. The ring will eventually reach its target and explode on contact.
  • Chrome Buster - A destructive plasma beam that charges when the Big O raises its arms. After charging is complete, the Big O bumps its fists to unleash the beam from its head.
  • Sudden Impact - Pistons located on the elbows of each arm. The combination of Big O's brute strength and the combustion of the piston delivers a destructive force capable of blowing things into pieces.
  • Plasma Gimmick - The plasma generators (used in Arc Line, O-Thunder, and Chrome Buster) which are located under the shields and on the upper body generate immense amounts of plasma, which expands outward in a sphere that both shields Big O from attacks and destroy everything in a large radius. Notably, unlike Big O's other plasma based attacks, the amount generated is so large that it turns pure gold, and Big O changes to match. The early parts of this attack are utilized in Final Stage.
  • Final Stage - A weapon of mass destruction hidden beneath the Big O's abdomen. Upon a transformation sequence involving opening all the plasma ports from Plasma Gimmick and a monstrous cannon located within Big O's chest (between the Missile Party ports), the Big O charges said cannon and unleashes its power. The cannon is so powerful that the Big O must deploy all of its Moby Dick anchors to withstand the recoil. The cannon is purged after firing. Notably, this attack is locked - the key to unlocking it is inside of Dorothy's head, so she must be inside of the cockpit for Final Stage to be used.

Special Systems

The Big O, despite being shown as a giant robot, is actually slowly revealed to be semi-sentient. Like the other Big machines, the Big O must deem its pilot worthy of controlling it. Roger, through meeting Norman and his latent memories, is bound to the Big O. Dorothy also shares an important connection to the Big O since not only is she needed to activate the Final Stage, but during an event when she stumbles into danger, the Big O locks Roger out of its cockpit, implicitly telling him that she needed to be saved. Norman has modified the Big O so that Roger's limousine can be parked inside its foot and Roger can immediately board the Big O despite its cockpit being located near its neck. Norman has also utilized Paradigm City's underground railway to deliver the Big O in ground breaking fashion whenever Roger calls for it with his wristwatch.

In terms of mech designs, Big O is equipped with several plasma generators throughout its body (most notably in the shoulders, head, and arms) that give it a great deal of weaponry based on that - if the plasma generators run at full power, Big O even goes into somewhat of a golden super mode. Big O also has large shields on its arms which have only once been damaged. These shields can be unscrewed, as in Final Stage, and in the manga adaptation new weaponry could fit over where the shields go - though no Super Robot Wars has yet adapted this.

Big O in Super Robot Wars

The Big O is arguably one of the most tanky super robots players may control in Super Robot Wars. Capable of using a shield, this combined with Roger's innate Guard skill make the Big O laugh off numbers from anyone that is not a boss. The Big O, while limited in movement, is still a king of land combat. It's melee attacks are all within 1-2 range, but all of its ranged attacks can cover good distance. The Big O is not that dependent on energy, but its high-damage output attacks are very limited in ammo. The Big O tends to struggle outside of land terrain, and optional parts that change terrain ratings are a must should the player want to make the most out of Big O's performance. Roger's spirit command pool makes the most out of the Big O's high damage, and the inclusion of Dorothy also allows the Big O to be a solid defensive support unit, if not a front liner. In games in which players must create squads, players should take extra precaution to not pair up air superiority units with the Big O, as it will immediately drag them down and ground them as a land unit unless the Big O has a Flight Module.

This also applies to enemy Big O's, but luckily their AI pilots are not as smart or capable compared to Roger and they will most likely struggle to land hits on the player's units.

Super Robot Wars Appearances

The Big O plows its way in the following games: