Real Robot Battle Line

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Japanese Title: リアルロボット戦線
English Title: Real Robot Battle Line
Release Date: August 12, 1999
Description: Real Robot Battle Line (リアルロボット戦線 Riaru robotto sensen) is a real robot turn-based tactical RPG developed by the Banpresto for the Sony PlayStation, released only in Japan on August 12, 1999. This game is very similar to Super Robot Wars (especially to Super Robot Wars Gaiden: Masō Kishin – The Lord of Elemental) but it only includes "Real Robot" mecha series. It has 3D non-superdeformed mecha graphics and 3D battle maps. However, it was criticized for having a "tremendous lack of detail" and not having voice acting like other PlayStation games.
Number of Scenarios: 125 playable scenarios, 6 endings

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