Metal Armor Dragonar

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Metal Armor Dragonar
Other Names
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV Series
Episodes 48
Original Airing Date/Release 7 February 1987 – 30 January 1988
First Appearance Super Robot Wars Advance


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Day of Fire GC/XO
2 Battle in the Ruins
3 The Blue Eagle of Giganos
4 The Men's Battlefield
5 Battle of Promise
6 Training for Warriors
7 Goodbye Japther
8 Battle: Retrieve Prisoners (Part 1)
9 Battle: Retrieve Prisoners (Part 2)
10 Intense Battle
11 Land of Feverish Hope
12 To Each Their Own Path
13 Countdown to Mass Driver
14 A New Journey
15 Dragonar's Close Shave
16 Trap of the Replenishment Base
17 Destruction Grant
18 The Blue Eagle's Suprise Attack
19 Flight Weapon D
20 Meeting Again on the Ocean
21 Enemy MA Capture Maneuvers
22 Giganos Fortress Destruction Order
23 Confrontation with Maio Plato
24 Large Shanghai Flight
25 D-Weapon Re-Planning
26 Fear of Gon Jem
27 Arrival! Dragonar Guerrilla Warfare Party
28 The Threatening Viper Unit
29 Disappearance! Rescue Linda
30 Killing Blow! Chain Saw Attack
31 Assassins from the Moon
32 Sniper of Vengeance
33 Betrayal of Giganos
34 Close Attack! Earth Spider Maneuvers
35 Fear! Infinite Movement Gun
36 Super Attack! Gon Jem's Anger
37 Overthrow! Viper Seiryuu Sword
38 Appearance! Ultimate MA
39 Heroic! Gon Jem's Last Moments
40 Cunning! Major Haidel Nekken
41 Revival! Blue Eagle of Giganos
42 Activate! Giganos' Invincible Fortress
43 Decision! Enormous Fortress Attack Order
44 Heartless! Dragonar vs. Dragonar
45 Special Attack! Blue Eagle's Vengeance
46 Break In! Rescue Aoi Wakaba
47 Pressing Hard! Captain Min's Pursuit
48 The Universal Victory

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Character Appearances

Unit Appearances

BGM Used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
夢色チェイサー Yume-Iro Cheisā Dream-Colored Chaser Games