Kid Salsamille

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WARNING: This character may not have a universally accepted or official translation for their name and this page was made using a name from either a fan translation or the whims of the editors.

Kid Salsamille - キッド・サルサミル
Other Names
Series Info
Featured In After War Gundam X
Personal Info
Voice Actor Motoko Kumai
Age 12
Gender Male
Species Human
Nationality None
Professional Info
Profession Mechanic
Rank/Position Chief Mechanic  
Affiliation Freeden Crew
Freeden III

Kid Salsamille (キッド・サルサミル Kiddo Sarusamiru) is the young engineering prodigy hired as the Freeden's chief mechanic in After War Gundam X. He maintains the mobile suits onboard the Freeden, but he is capable of applying his vast technical knowledge to other things such as mobile suit simulation.



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