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Gene - ジーン
Other Names None
Series Info
Featured In Mobile Suit Gundam
Personal Info
Voice Actor Kazuyuki Sogabe (TV),
Wakamoto Noriaki (Movie)
Age ?
Gender Male
Species Human
Nationality Principality of Zeon
Relationships ?
Professional Info
Profession Mobile Suit Pilot
Rank/Position ?  
Affiliation Principality of Zeon

Gene (ジーン Jīn) is a Zeon mobile suit pilot from Mobile Suit Gundam. He starts the events that would lead up to Amuro Ray boarding the Gundam, causing Gene to suffer the unfortunate fate of becoming his first victim.


His unit is sent by Char Aznable to Side 7 on a reconnaissance mission to investigate the White Base and rumors of the Earth Federation beginning a project to develop new weaponry. Upon infiltrating the colony, his unit discovers the Gundam. His superior, Denim, informs Char of the new mobile suit and is told to wait for further orders. The orders were relayed to Gene, but he ignores them, hoping that destroying the Gundam would allow him to receive a promotion for his valiant efforts. He ends up destroying the Federation base on Side 7, many Federation mobile suit prototypes, but he also inflicts heavy civilian casualties in the process, which prompts Amuro to pilot the Gundam in an attempt to put an end to his rampage. He tries to destroy the Gundam, but his Zaku's machine gun has little effect on the armor of the Gundam. Realizing that the new Gundam is too advanced for any Zeon mobile suit to handle, he desperately retreats, but Amuro uses the Gundam's beam saber to cut Gene's Zaku II in two, effectively killing him.


Gene is a grunt that is thirsty for glory. Unfortunately, his recklessness and lack of ability to follow orders gets him killed.

Appearances In Super Robot Wars

Gene will always appear with enemy forces. Players should not fear him, as his existence is the game should be as short-lived as his screen time in Mobile Suit Gundam. He will recklessly charge to your units in the following games:

Unit Appearances

Gene will over-glorify the following grunt units in Super Robot Wars:

  • Mobile Suit Gundam
    • Zaku II


  • Denim and Gene's names phonetically sound like Denim Jeans when combined together.