Galaxy Cyclone Braiger

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Galaxy Cyclone Braiger
Other Names
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV series
Episodes 39
Original Airing Date/Release October 6, 1981 – June 25, 1982
First Appearance Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Merciless J9 BraiThunder, BraiStar, Braiger
2 Roaring Asteroids
3 Hellish Venus
4 Lawless West J District
5 A Client From The Grave Bumblebee XO
6 The Red Rose of Revenge
7 The Great Escape from Venus Prison
8 Wiping Tears On The Moon
9 Saturn Rally, The Rampaging Race
10 Love Vanished in the Mists
11 A Snowfield In Flames
12 The Vulcan Twins
13 Mission: Gold
14 The Rescue of the Jovian Bems
15 The Evil Synchron Planet
16 Dead Galactic Beauties
17 Angry Cougar
18 Starlight Lullaby
19 Raid Melody
20 The Demon of Vengeance, Reborn
21 Double Neck Vow
22 Assassination Order: Nubia
23 Nubia Laughs
24 Back Off
25 Uranus Smells of Death
26 Blues Again
27 Storm Of The Carnival (Part 1)
28 Storm Of The Carnival (Part 2)
29 Twilight Challenger
30 They Are To Die (Part 1)
31 They Are To Die (Part 2)
32 Galaxy of Prayer
33 A Parting Song Under The Eclipse
34 The Name Is Khamen
35 The Battle of Mercury (Part 1) Khamen Khamen Flagship
36 The Battle of Mercury (Part 2) Apshin
37 The Sentence Of Death For Jupiter
38 Battle Of The Asteroids
39 Farewell

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Units from this series appeared in:

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BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
銀河旋風ブライガー Ginga Senpū Buraigā Galaxy Cyclone Braiger Games

あばよ フライ・バイ Abayo Fly Bye Goodbye Fly Bye Games

カーメン・カーメン Kahmen Khamen Games

Eagle Combat Games