G-3 Gundam

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G-3 Gundam
Other names G-3
Featured in Mobile Suit Variations
Known Pilots Amuro Ray
Subpilot(s) None
Affiliation Earth Federation Forces
Manufacturer Earth Federation Forces
Model Number RX-78-3
Length ?
Width ?
Height 18.5 meters
Weight 43.4 tons
60 tons when armed
First Appearance Super Robot Taisen (Game)

The G-3 Gundam is a variation of the trademark RX-78-2 Gundam piloted by Amuro Ray and the third Gundam created from Operation V, hence its code name as G-3. It is almost completely identical to the RX-78-2 Gundam with some slight exceptions to the color scheme and features. The G-3 Gundam appeared in the 1983 Mobile Suit Variations, a series of mechanical designs that were never featured or cut out from the original series. The G-3 Gundam would also piloted by Amuro Ray in the Mobile Suit Gundam novel.

Mech Background

The G-3 Gundam is the third Gundam created as a result of Operation V. The G-3 Gundam was thought to be destroyed during the Zeon attack on Side 7. However, the White Base crew was able to salvage most of its parts and it would be recreated once the White Base reached Jaburo. There, the G-3 Gundam would serve as a test bed for specifically magnet coating technology. Like the RX-78 Gundam, the G-3 was fitted with luna titanium alloy armor which was able to easily withstand the force of bullets from a Zaku machine gun and was armed with all the weapons of the RX-78-2 Gundam.

Service History

The G-3 has a mixed history of deployment depending on what media it has appeared in. In the Mobile Suit Gundam novels, Amuro Ray would use the G-3 Gundam as a replacement the original Gundam after it was destroyed in a battle against Lalah Sune. The G-3 and Amuro would later be shot down in The Battle of A Bao A Qu by a stray Dom bazooka shot. This retelling of Mobile Suit Gundam was declared to be not canon to the Universal Century timeline as later sequels such as Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam still depicted Amuro to be alive.

The G-3 Gundam has also been seen aboard in the White Base II in the Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Deleted Affair - Portrait of a Young Comet manga.

Mech Data


The G-3 Gundam is equipped with the following weapons:

  • Beam Rifle - A beam rifle which utilized state of the art Federation technology. The output of a Federation warship's main beam cannon was miniaturized and concentrated into the beam rifle, making this weapons extremely deadly and revolutionary for its time.
  • Beam Saber/Javelin - A beam saber that utilized plasma energy to cut through objects. The beam saber utilized Minovsky particles contained in an I-field to create a sword shape. The beam saber is capable of easily cutting through metal and repelling heat weapons used by Zeon mobile suits. The Gundam has two beam saber handles connected to its rear reactor backpack that can also be combined to form a higher output Beam Javelin for extended range.
  • Gatling Vulcans - Two 60 mm Gatling guns mounted on the Gundam's head.
  • Gundam/Hyper Hammer - A flail consisting of a chain and a spiked ball. An upgraded version called the Hyper Hammer outfitted the ball with extra veriners for higher velocity and more destructive damage.
  • Hyper Bazooka - A rocket launcher capable of damaging heavily armored units. While the projectile speeds may not be as fast as the beam rifle's, the destructive force of the missiles are much more potent against armor and unit with beam protection.

Special Systems

Because the G-3 Gundam is almost completely identical to the RX-78-2 Gundam, the G-3 also utilizes a Core Block System, which made its cockpit block able to separate from the Gundam into a Core Fighter during emergency situations. These Core Fighter blocks are also interchangeable with other mobile suits made from Operation V such as the Guntank and the Guncannon. The G-3 Gundam also housed a learning computer similar to that of the Gundam. The G-3 Gundam is also capable of independent atmospheric entry when utilizing its shield. The main feature of the G-3 Gundam would be the magnetic coating applied onto its joints that increased the response time of the G-3 Gundam's movement. This feature would later be applied to the Gundam before the concluding battles of the One Year War.

G-3 Gundam in Super Robot Wars

The G-3 Gundam is often seen in Super Robot Wars as a secret unit. The G-3 Gundam is usually treated as an upgrade to the Gundam since it usually has higher mobility and keeps the same weapons as the original Gundam.

Super Robot Wars Appearances

The G-3 Gundam appears in the following games: