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NOTE: This article is about the Full Armor Gundam from Mobile Suit Variations. This is not meant to be confused with the Full Armor Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt.

Full Armor Gundam
Other names none
Featured in Mobile Suit Variations
Known Pilots Heinz Baer
Subpilot(s) None
Affiliation Earth Federation Forces
Manufacturer Earth Federation Forces
Model Number FA-78-1
Length ?
Width ?
Height 19.5 meters
Weight 62.5 tons
93.1 tons when armed
First Appearance Super Robot Taisen (Game)

The Full Armor Gundam is a variation of the original Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam. As its name implies, the Full Armor Gundam is a heavily armored Gundam and is meant for sieges and bombardment. The Full Armor Gundam was featured in the 1983 Mobile Suit Variations, a series of mechanical designs that were never featured or cut out from the original series.

Mech Background

Like the original Gundam, the Full Armor Gundam served as a test bed for mobile suit development and research. However, the Full Armor Gundam was not a part of Operation V and R&D on the Full Armor Gundam did not start until much later during the One Year War. Taking note of the success of the RX-78-2 Gundam piloted by Amuro Ray, Earth Federation engineers began research into finding ways to make the Gundam even more of a force to be reckoned with. The Full Armor Gundam is completely covered with armor units which included more thrusters and fixed artillery weapons that would ideally make it extremely sturdy, deadly, and mobile. However, the increase in weight was too much even with the added thrusters. Not many Full Armor Gundams were produced and most of the design concept was left on paper, which would later became obscure or lost. However, despite the shortcomings of the Full Armor Gundam's design, it would later serve as a basis for future full armor parts and units.

Service History

The Full Armor Gundam was developed from the Earth Federation's Full-Armor System and Weapons Systems (FSWS) project after realizing the potential and success of the current Gundam during the One Year War. However, the Full Armor Gundam was deemed to be a failure due to the unit being encumbered by the added weight. Despite this, the Full Armor Gundam was deployed in the Battle of A Bao A Qu piloted by Heinz Baer, where it would be eventually destroyed by Johnny Ridden and his customized Zaku II High Mobility Type.

Mech Data


The Full Armor Gundam is equipped with the following weapons:

  • Beam Saber - A beam saber that utilized plasma energy to cut through objects. The beam saber utilized Minovsky particles contained in an I-field to create a sword shape. The beam saber is capable of easily cutting through metal and repelling heat weapons used by Zeon mobile suits.
  • Gatling Vulcans - Two 60 mm Gatling guns mounted on the Full Armor Gundam's head.
  • Missile Bay - A series of missile launchers fixed onto certain points of the armor. Two missile launchers are located on the upper torso while there are another set located on each knee.
  • Rocket Launcher - A mounted 360 mm cannon on the Full Armor Gundam's right shoulder
  • Twin Beam Rifle - A pair of beam rifles mounted onto the right arm of the Full Armor Gundam

Special Systems

The Full Armor Gundam utilizes a Core Block System, which made its cockpit block able to separate from the Gundam into a Core Fighter during emergency situations. These Core Fighter blocks are also interchangeable with other mobile suits made from Operation V such as the Guntank and the Guncannon. However, due to the Full Armor Gundam's construction with heavily armored parts, use of the Core Block System is impractical as it requires the armored parts to either be purged or destroyed. The Full Armor Gundam placed a greater emphasis on its full armor system, which can be attached to a mobile suit and allow it to withstand heavy fire during intense combat while able to return just as much retaliation with the fixed artillery built into the armored parts.

Full Armor Gundam in Super Robot Wars

The Full Armor Gundam is used in Super Robot Wars as a secret unit. The Full Armor Gundam gives players an alternative option to the Gundam as it features a arsenal of weapons allowing it to fight at just about any range. However, the increased armor and weapons comes at a cost of mobility and movement, so optional parts should be used to offset the Full Armor Gundam's shortcomings.

Super Robot Wars Appearances

The Full Armor Gundam appears in the following games: