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Fraw Bow - フラウ・ボゥ
Other Names Fraw Kobayashi
Series Info
Featured In Mobile Suit Gundam
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Personal Info
Voice Actor Rumiko Ukai
Age 15-16 (Mobile Suit Gundam)
23 (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam)
Gender Female
Species Human
Nationality Earth Federation
Side 7
Relationships Fam Bow (Mother),
Hayato Kobayashi (Husband),
Katz Kobayashi (Adopted Son),
Letz Kobayashi (Adopted Son),
Kikka Kobayashi (Adopted Daughter)
Professional Info
Profession Enlisted Ship Personnel (Mobile Suit Gundam)
Housewife (Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam)
Rank/Position Petty Officer First Class - 上等兵 (Mobile Suit Gundam)  
Affiliation Earth Federation Forces

Fraw Bow (フラウ・ボゥ Furau Bo) is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam, although her name changes to Fraw Kobayashi (フラウ・コバヤシ Furau Kobayashi) after the series. Originally Amuro Ray's caretaker, her responsibilities pile up after the events on Side 7 and she has to juggle new responsibilities as an operator for the White Base and an adoptive mother for three orphans. Her name is also sometimes inconsistently translated as Frau due to the strange naming tendencies with foreign influences from Yoshiyuki Tomino, the creator of the Gundam franchise.


Mobile Suit Gundam

Fraw Bow lives with her family on Side 6, along with the majority of the cast. When the White Base is docked in Side 6, an evacuation warning is issued due to being spotted out by a Zeon unit on its way to the colony. Fraw, knowing that Amuro would be ignorant of such a warning, starts out in the series heading to Amuro's house to drag the recluse out of his home and get to shelter. Her concern for Amuro saves her as when she is about to reunite with her family, Zeon mobile suits attack Federation facilities and her family is caught in the explosion. Amuro helps her recover from the shock and the two make it to shelter, but Amuro, realizing that the entire colony would not hold out in the long run, decides that the White Base would be a safer place. He boards the Gundam and fends of the Zeon attackers while the rest of the colony make their way to the White Base. With Side 6 no longer a safe place, the White Base moves out, and Fraw, like many other youngsters from Side 6, volunteer in the White Base's ship duties as Federation personnel were mostly wiped out in Side 6. Fraw handles the White Base's communications with Sayla while also tending to the care of those who are in the White Base by providing meals and dealing with the orphaned trio children of Katz, Kikka, and Letz. When Sayla becomes an able pilot, she becomes fully responsible for her role as the communications operator. As the series progresses, Amuro becomes more distant as the pressure of being the White Base's primary defender slowly overwhelms him and he becomes more rebellious. Not even Fraw is able to cope or deal with Amuro's instability. As it becomes clear that Amuro is a newtype, Amuro and Fraw greatly mature, but Fraw realizes that she no longer can close the gap to Amuro's heart. Fraw confides with Hayato, who always had feelings for her, but could not express them due to her overwhelming concern for Amuro. Although Amuro is reaching new heights as a power newtype, he manages to close the gap between himself, Fraw, and the rest of the White Base crewmen by saving them from the destruction of A Baoa Qu and the White Base and reunites with them shortly afterwards.

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam

Fraw has married Hayato Kobayashi, adopted the three orphans Katz, Kikka, and Letz into her family, and is also six months pregnant. She makes a short appearance in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam after the A.E.U.G. operation in Jaburo as a casual visitor to Amuro's estate with her adopted children, stopping by before relocating to Japan. Amuro is surprised that she is happily married and is slightly envious, but Fraw jokes that Amuro should find someone to settle with as well, pointing at Sayla in particular. Then she learns that Amuro hasn't done much in the past few years, as he is under constant watch by the Federation and Titans and is pretty much under house arrest. Katz, realizing that Amuro isn't being deployed by the Federation, convinces him to join either Karaba or the A.E.U.G. Amuro reluctantly decides to take action and asks Fraw if he can have Katz under his care. Fraw departs to Japan but allows Katz to go with Amuro. She witnesses Katz and Amuro make a break towards Hayato's unit of Karaba and A.E.U.G., noting that she cannot stop Katz from going with Amuro as they both share similar personalities.


Fraw is a reliable caretaker due to having to constantly look after and deal with Amuro. She is nothing different from a typical teenage girl, but after losing her parents and becoming part of the White Base crew, she takes on more duties and her personality evolves from a caring sister to more of a mother. While Mirai may seem like more of the caring mother type due to her older age, Fraw does more of the motherly labor taking care of the 3 orphans Lets, Kikka, and Katz while Mirai spends most of her time on the White Base's helm. Frau grows into a dedicated person who is always concerned about the well being of others, even when others may not appreciate it and cast her away. For the younger members of the White Base, Fraw is the perfect person for them to confide to and talk about their worries.

Fraw Bow In Super Robot Wars

Fraw has appeared in Super Robot Wars through her original Mobile Suit Gundam and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam persona. Unfortunately, despite being the White Base's operator in the Mobile Suit Gundam, she has yet to contribute as a sub-pilot. Her role has been greatly downgraded as her Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam counterpart has become a full-time mother, but she makes up for this by giving players Katz Kobayashi as a playable pilot.

Appearances in Super Robot Wars

Fraw fills in the overly nosy, but caring neighbor type in the following games: