Brave Raideen

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Brave Raideen
Other Names Yuusha Raideen
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV series
Episodes 50
Original Airing Date/Release April 4, 1975 - March 26, 1976
First Appearance The 3rd Super Robot Wars


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Gante, The Giant Dragon Raideen, Bluegar, Gante, Drome
2 Bastodon, The Giant Fossil Beast Bastodon
3 Garda, The Iron Beast Garda
4 Giant Maddon Annihilates Tokyo
5 Assault! Biira, The Ultrasonic Beast
6 Recapture! The Hostages of the Giant Tortasu
7 Crush Skarl, the Replicating Beast!
8 Counterstrike! Shiva, the Double-Headed Devil Beast
9 Terror! Manmo's Freezing Operation
10 Showdown! The Lover of Jagar, The Fossil Man
11 The Insurrection of Gildeen, The Assassin Gildeen
12 The Strike of Algandos, The Fireball Beast
13 The Love of Shuraga, The Beautiful Changeling
14 The Cave of Daakuru, The Devil Beast of Darkness
15 The Vengeance of Dian, The Jeweled Fossil Beast
16 The Hell-Strike of Dorozuden, The Sea Dragon
17 The Immortal Goremon Rips The Devil To Shreads
18 The Heroic Agyaru's Deadly Blitzkrieg
19 The Colossal Gonga: The Roar of Demonic Strength
20 Brutal! Devil Admiral Darudan
21 Assault! Trap of Muchiru, The Winged Beast
22 Chaotic Attack! The Talons of Kondorun, The Devil Bird
23 The Supernatural Scythe of Girah & The Thunderous Attack of Moguron Kamagiller
24 Supernatural Fists of Kibango, The Branching Devil Beast
25 Conflagration of Modorosu, The Incandescent Beast
26 The Wicked Gamereen's Infernal Charge
27 Fight The Devil Sharkin Giant Sharkin
28 Roughneck Big Beast of Hell! Korkatsu
29 Lezal, The Beast of Seven Lezal
30 Crushed Skull Gamba Samson
31 Tetsudan Upside Down Fear
32 Doraiga Heart-Breaking Operations
33 Veterinary Secrets of The Destroyer 11
34 Mysterious Secret Weapon Dodger Gal
35 Firedrake Salamander Flame Heat
36 Madangar Hell Shooter Mandangar
37 Zaikuron Crashed Car Race
38 Dansguth Shattered The Magic Play The Beast!
39 Gigal Nails and Bizarre Wildlife
40 Cross-Killer Jet Black
41 Trap Combines Powerful Beast Gardon Gardon
42 Sandstorm San Killer Fear
43 Shagon Animal Killer Combination
44 Kibanga Inferno Attack
45 Gillmolar Shears Devil Death Gillmolar
46 Gabiron One Death Demons
47 The Outraged Cries of Hell Goustan, Mecha Gante
48 The Lightning Australian Army Challenges Bangar
49 Barao's Last Wage Baragon
50 Shine! Immortal Raideen Barao

Super Robot Wars Appearances

Brave Raideen's story and/or units have appeared in the following series:

Character Appearances

Unit Appearances

BGM used

Song Title Song Title (Romanji) English Translation Links
勇者ライディーン Yuusha Raideen Brave Raideen Games

おれは洸だ Ore wa Akira da I Am Akira Games

神と悪魔 Kami to Akuma God and Demon Games

戦え, ライディーン! Tatakae, Raideen! Fight, Raideen! Games