Zoids: New Century Zero

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Zoids: New Century Zero
Other Names Zoids: New Century Slash Zero
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV Series
Episodes 26
Original Airing Date/Release January 6, 2001 - June 30, 2001
First Appearance Super Robot Wars OE


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 Commence Battle - Attack Liger Zero
2 New Partners vs. Naomi the Red Comet
3 The Prince Arrives - Harry Champ
4 Unsanctioned Battle - The Mysterious Backdraft Group
5 High Speed Battle - Transforming into Zero Jager
6 The Dark Giant - The Invincible Elephande
7 The Desert Gang - The Hovercargo's in Danger
8 Invasion of the Fierce Tigers - Transform to Zero Schneider
9 The Princess Arrives - Mary Champ
10 Desert Tusk - Assault of the War Sharks
11 The Sensational Three - Rematch with Jack Sisco
12 Zero is Stolen - The Fiery Battle
13 The Brave Wild Eagle - The Raynos vs. The Zabat
14 Frightday the 13th - Ready Ahhh
15 Laon Returns - Anti-gravity Catastrophy
16 The Red Rival - Leon Toros Returns
17 Warriors on Vacation - The Storm Sworders
18 Love on the Battlefield - My Love, the Judge
19 The Third Conversion - Zero Panzer's Debut
20 The Shadow Fox - Brad's Betrayal
21 Harry's Disaster - Dr. Laon Traps Toros
22 The Dragon Under the Sea - In Search of the Ultimate X
23 The Dragon Awakens - The Berserk Fury Enters the Fray
24 The Tournament of Heroes - The Royal Cup
25 Survival - The Mystery of the Ultimate X
26 The Miracle of Zero - The Wind, the Clouds, and Adventure

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