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The following is not a comprehensive list of all people involved in writing SRW games. I have only included entries for people who have solid information available about them online.

阪田雅彦(さかた まさひこ)(Masahiko Sakata)

   Works: SRW 3, EX, 4, Gaiden, F, F Final (also directed these,) OG Saga Masou Kishin 1, 2, and 3. Invented the concept of “Convincing.” Creator of La Gias. Oddly doesn’t appear to have been involved in OG Saga F. Returned to write Masou Kishin events for SRW X-Ω in 2018.

高宮成光 (Takamiya Shigemitsu) (sp?)

   Works: Shin SRW. Former president of Winkysoft. Credited as programmer on SRW 1, general director on the SRW Complete Box, and senior production director on SRW OG Saga Lord of Elemental. Took over writing on the series due to Masahiko Sakata’s fatigue after completing SRW 4. Japanese fans have noted that his writing is quite lazy, only using the easiest and most surface-level aspects of each included work. The writing received “strong backlash” from players at the time.

堀川和良 (Horikawa Kazuyoshi)

   Works: SRW F Final. Took over writing duties on SRW F Final when Masahiko Sakata fell ill. Also directed and wrote Antiphona's Chanting Princess 〜Angel's Score Op.A〜 for the PSP.

寺田貴信 (Terada Takanobu)

   Works: SRW @ (also directed,) @ Gaiden (also directed,) @2, @3 (with Nagura Masahiro & Senju Kyotaro,) OGs (with Senju Kyotaro & Morizumi Soichiro,) OG Moon Dwellers (with Takeda Yuichiro.) Current series producer. Played SRW2, which made him want to join Banpresto. Has a reputation within his studio for coming up with extremely lame names for robots, games, and characters. Usually works as a producer but occasionally steps in to write. (JP wiki credits him for MX writing too, but can’t find a source.)

名倉正博(なぐら まさひろ)(Masahiro Nagura)

   Works: SRW @3 (with Terada Takanobu & Senju Kyotaro,) Z, Z2, Z3, V (with Koji Imaishi,) X (with Koji Imaishi,) T (with Ryunosuke Yamamoto & Comet Takeda,) and 30 (with Shinmei Ando, Yuwa Inaba, Yasuya Watanabe, Shobei Kobayashi, & Haruka Muneoka.) No information about him online besides his credits in these games.

千住京太郎 (Senju Kyotaro [Shotaro?])

   Works: SRW @3, W, Scramble Commander, OGs, OG Gaiden. Rumored to be a pseudonym for writing work by various SRW staff members across companies.

鏡俊也 (Kagami Toshiya)

   Works: SRW 64, D, J (with Nobuhiro Kunishima.) Rumored to have dropped out of writing J for “personal reasons.” (Japanese players of SRW J have noted that the script after stage 34/35 is of noticeably lower quality than 64 and D, and the OG characters don’t have consistent personalities, lending credence to this idea.) He also supervised parts of the Moon Dwellers script pertaining to the J characters.

國島宣弘 (Kunishima Nobuhiro)

   Works: SRW J. Presumably took over writing for J when Kagami Toshiya left. No other writing credits, but he did work as a 3DCG artist before.

森住惣一郎(もりずみ そういちろう)(Soichiro Morizumi)

   Works: SRW Compact, Compact 2, A, Impact (with Tomio Kawakami & Masakazu Mizutani,) OGs, AP (with Terada Takanobu & Senju Kyotaro.) Hired by Banpresto after submitting a thick game proposal which he wrote by hand. Went to Monolith Soft after the development of OG on GBA finished, where he continued working on SRW games. He now works at Tri-Crescendo. Loves German naming. Other works: Real Robot Regiment, Namco X Capcom (director,) Endless Frontier & Project X Zone games (director,) scenario writing for SRW X-Ω and DD.

一二三四郎 (Ichini Sanshiro)

   Works: SRW R. A pseudonym. The name reads as “1 2 Sanshiro,” “1 2 3 Shiro,” or “1 2 3 4 Ro.” No other credits on any other game that I can find, but is listed in the credits of a 1994 play-by-mail pen & paper RPG.

邦仲人 (Nakajin Kuni) (sp?) and 神奈柴太 (Kana Shibata) (sp?)

   Works: SRW W. No other information was found about them online, and they have no other writing credits in the series despite their quality work on W.

小峰徳司(こみね あつし) (Atsushi Komine)

   Works: SRW K (with Kajiwara Satoshi.) Sometimes spells his name 「小峯徳司」or goes by the pen name “Bishop Komine.” Used to work on arcade and gambling games, before quitting to direct on 1992’s Space Battleship Yamato and 1994’s Dragon Ball Z, both for the PC Engine SUPER CD-ROM2. He’s responsible for writing numerous game guides and novels. Other game writing credits include Shin Megami Tensei NINE for the Xbox, Shining Tears for the PS2, Children of Mana for the DS, Luminous Arc 1 and 2 for the DS, and GUILD01 for the DS. No other SRW credits.

楠田文斗 (Kusuda Fumito) (sp?)

   Works: SRW L. Credited as “scenario plot” writer, and seven other writers are listed under them. No other information was found.

岸本みゆき(きしもと みゆき)(Miyuki Kishimoto)

   Works: SRW L, UX (chief writer.) Comes from a long line of Japanese dramatists. Writer for numerous television anime, including Kekkaishi, Tales of the Abyss, SD Gundam Sangokuden: Brave Battle Warriors, and Mushibugyo. His work on SRW UX is the only instance I can find of a TV writer also writing that series’ SRW appearance (SD Gundam Sangokuden.)

加藤陽一(かとう よういち)(Yoichi Kato)

   Works: SRW L. Screenwriter for over 50 TV anime and movies, including various Yu-Gi-Oh series, Detective Conan, Tales of the Abyss, Gundam AGE, Yokai Watch, Duel Masters, Digimon Universe, Aikatsu!, Yatterman, Inazuma Eleven, Scarlet Nexus, and City Hunter. Has also written for live-action TV and licensed novels. Other game credits include writing for Sengoku Basara 3 and Yokai Watch 2.

永井真吾 (Nagai Shingo)

   Works: SRW UX, BX. Possibly a writer on the Valvrave the Liberator: The Meteor Maiden manga.

市原剛(いちはら たけし)(Takeshi Ichihara)

   Works: SRW UX. Primarily a manga writer. SRW UX is his only game credit. 

川上登美雄 (Kawakami Tomio)

   Works: SRW Impact. Other credits: Real Robot Regiment for the PS2.