Tekkaman Blade

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Tekkaman Blade
Other Names Teknoman
Series Info
Broadcasting Type TV Series
Episodes 49
Original Airing Date/Release February 18, 1992 – February 2, 1993
First Appearance Super Robot Wars J

Sequel : Tekkaman Blade II


Episode No. Title Mecha Introduced Adapted in
1 A Fierce Battle Begins Tekkaman Blade, Tekkaman Dagger, Radam, Blue Earth
2 The Sky-Soaring Super Man
3 The Lonely Warrior
4 The Defense Army's Ambition
5 Senseless Desertion in the Face of the Enemy
6 Kill Me!
7 Tek-set Impossible
8 Launch of the Mubile Unit Pegas
9 The Mysterious War Correspondent
10 Rescue! The Jupiter Crew
11 A Lullaby Echoing in War
12 The D-Boy File
13 The Red Horror, Evil
14 Brothers of Destiny
15 Demon Tied By Blood
16 The Evil Spirit Revives
17 Portrait of Betrayal
18 Savior of Steel
19 Warrior With a Closed Heart
20 Resurrected! Transformation of Rage
21 Premonition of Love and Death
22 Miyuki's Decision
23 The Scarred Reunion
24 The Torn-Open Past
25 New Demons
26 Battle to the Death
27 Legacy for the Survivors
28 The White Majin
29 A Bouquet of Flowers on the Battlefield
30 Traces of Father
31 Town of Vengeance
32 The Girl Who Waits Impatiently
33 Reunion in the Wilderness
34 Brothers of Light and Shadow
35 Enemy in the Fog
36 Decisive Battle!! Axe
37 The Decayed Body
38 Labyrinth of Death
39 Super Warrior Blaster
40 The Love and Struggle of Two People
41 Evil, The Resurrected Devil
42 Clash! The Old, Red Enemy
43 Bullet of Parting
44 The Approaching Darkness
45 The Truth of the Invaders
46 The House Where Time Stood Still
47 The Fate of Darkness and Death
48 Heroic! Evil Dies
49 Life Burns Out

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