Super Robot Wars/Z2.2/Upgrade Carryover

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Units whose upgrades carry over

Original Unit Upgraded Unit Stage Keep Old Unit
Scopedog Brutishdog 7, Kummen Yes
Guren Mk.II Arm A1 Guren Mk.II Flight 12, Go With Kallen No
Burai Akatsuki Retainer Type (C.C.'s) 12, Go With Kallen No
Brasta Es Brasta 15 Yes
Gundam Deathscythe Gundam Deathscythe Hell 24, Space No
Gundam Sandrock Gundam Sandrock Kai 24, Space No
Shenlong Gundam Altron Gundam 24, Space No
Wing Gundam Gundam Epyon (temporary, this stage only) 29 No
Wing Gundam Wing Gundam Zero 29 No
Gundam Heavyarms Gundam Heavyarms Kai 29 No
00 Gundam 00 Raiser 29 No
Brasta Axion Scott SPII (temporary)
31 No
Dancouga Nova Dancouga Nova MAXGOD 34, Earth No
Gundam DX Gundam DX + G-Falcon 36 No
Scopedog (RSC parts) Scopedog (TC-LRS parts) 39 No
Guren Mk.II Flight Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. 40 No
Mazinger Z Mazinger Z (God Scrander) 41, Japan No
Queadluun-Rhea Armored Klan (temporary) 41, Frontier Fleet Yes
Shuttle Shuttle (New) 42, Japan No
Scopedog Scopedog TC-ISS 43, Frontier Fleet Yes
Scopedog Rabidly Dog 43, Frontier Fleet Yes
Scopedog Scopedog (Twin Missile Pods) 43, Frontier Fleet (Secret) Yes
Nirvash spec2 Nirvash specV 46 No
Tower Shin Getter Dragon 54 No
VF-25 Messiah YF-29 Durandal 55, Zero Requiem; 58, Trust Zero Yes
Akatsuki Retainer Type (C.C.'s) Lancelot Frontier 57, Zero Requiem; 52, Trust Zero No

Units who share upgrades

Unit Shared With
Gaia Godmars

Units whose upgrade costs are refunded

Original Unit Stage
Diving Beetle (Kan Yu) 7
Diving Beetle (Potaria) 7
Diving Beetle (Kiderra) 7

Pilots whose Pilot Points are refunded

Upon obtaining Shin Getter Dragon, Kei and Gai are converted from main pilots to sub-pilots and lose all learned abilities. Their spent PP is refunded and can be used to learn SP Up and SP Regen only.