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  • Debt - The Ultimate Enemy that Crowe can never truly defeat.
  • Esther Elhas's catchphrase - When it comes to (Hard) Work and Love I will never lose!
  • Esther is musically gifted and at some parts of the game some of the bands consider recruiting Esther into their ranks as a drummer. Her talent in music also forms a strong friendship between her and Basara.
  • Kallen, Alto, Shotaro, and Quatre all have a strong friendship with Esther. Like Crowe and Traiya the fate of Esther hits them very hard.
  • Crowe and Esther refer to Traiya as Chief.
  • Firebug - An elite and highly specialized unit charged with cleaning up messes and experiments to keep their secrets and atrocities from reaching the public eye. This usually involves killing innocents because they're witnessses. Firebug has had a hand in many heinous acts in the past and played a role in Esther's traumatic past.
  • The one in charge of Firebug is Marilyn Catto who is also Crowe's former brutal instructor and the reason for his hatred for beautiful women. Years ago a younger Crowe was a part of Firebug and was trained by Marilyn who made his life a living hell and almost killed him a few times during the training regiments that Marilyn put him through. Crowe would than participate in a number of "missions" as a member of Firebug at the cost of his humanity.
  • One day an accident occurs and Crowe, now apathetic from his time in Firebug, is ordered to clean up the affected zone and kill all witnesses though he has a sudden change of heart after meeting a severely traumatized and younger teenage Esther. Taking pity on her sad state he abandons Firebug and spirits her to safety much to Marilyn's ire who never forgives him for this act of kindness and breaking free from his programing she had spent years beating into him.
  • Years later, Marilyn would try and use Firebug to bring Crowe out of hideing by attempting to capture Esther to use as bait though this ends in failure thanks to Crowe's intervention. Firebug would than aid Uther and constantly harrasses Esther and Crowe before their eventual defeat by the pair that later results in Marilyn's death after her unit is no more. Marilyn passes on the Firebug name to Crowe, the last remaining member.
  • ZEXIS - Characters from the z2 Universe, Zero is their Leader. ZEXIS is made up of ZEXIS world inhabitants and those from ZEUTH that ended up in their world. After Gaioh is defeated ZEXIS disbands, ZEXIS inhabitants returning to their old lives(Except their Leader who remains as Zero with Suzaku as his knight and Kallen on call though C.C. has vanished), and the ZEUTH members return to their own Universe. However they promise to keep in touch and to fight together if the call is ever raised.
  • ZEUTH - Characters from the z1 Universe, they still consider themselves ZEUTH even when some of them are dropped into the world of ZEXIS. After Gaioh is defeated for good all of ZEUTH returns to their own Universe.
  • ZONE stands for Zodiac Of New Energy.


  • Wounded Lion (Leo)(Rand Travis)(Gunleon)
  • Sorrowful Virgin (Virgo)(Setsuko Ohara)(Virgola Glory)
  • Swaying Scales (Libra)(Crowe Brust)(Brasta)
  • False Black Sheep (Aries)(Aim Liared)(Arietis)
  • The Truthful Goat (Asakim Dowin) (Shurouga)
  • Inexhaustible Water Jug (Aquarius) (Uther)(Insarius Arclinus)