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Stage 50 - Believe in Zero Route

Anya approaches C.C. who is observing the destruction of the Tokyo Settlement. C.C. questions why she's here and Anya says that she's really Marianne and just using this girls body but C.C. already knew that. So Marianne thanks C.C. for the Geass, it has been most helpful. Marianne than questions why C.C. denied Charles her code, he would have granted C.C.'s wish. C.C. says that things change, the two than catch up and discuss the desired world Charles is trying to bring about.

Eventually Marianne asks C.C. if they're still allies and if she'll come with her to fulfill what the three of them(Charles, Marianne, and C.C.) desire. C.C. tells Marianne that she no longer holds such a desire which confuses Marianne who asks C.C. if her change is because of Lelouch. C.C. says that a lot has happened since they've last met and that she isn't going to come with Marianne.

Back at ZEXIS Lelouch is answering ZEXIS's questions about Geass and his sins. Lelouch explains the rules of his Geass(One command only, eye contact) and that it was because of Geass those Japanese were killed by Euphemia. Obviously this angers ZEXIS who demand more of an explanation than just that. Lelouch asks them if this is not what they wanted to hear and if he'll judge him now? Obviously Ohgi already suspected the truth, didn't he? Besides, if they were in his position they all would have done the same thing. Viletta manages calms down Ohgi who doesn't like what he's hearing.

Wufei asks Lelouch if ZEXIS was always his pawn and if he'll still lead them despite what has happened. Lelouch doesn't deny that he has used Geass on members of ZEXIS on top of using them to try and fulfill his own selfish desires. However, even if they forgive him he has no intention of continuing on being their leader. As far as he's concerned his lies have caused more than enough trouble and lives already. As the Wing boys let this sink in Lelouch thinks of Nunnally and desperately wants to be punished for his sins since he can't forgive himself since his actions lead to her death.

Kallen isn't buying Lelouch's little farce and orders him to put his mask back on. Lelouch asks why he should put on the mask of Zero, what is Kallen trying to do? Kallen yells that she doesn't want to hear his excuses and orders him put his mask on right now! Surprised at her reaction he agrees to put it on and asks if this makes her feel better. Kallen than proceeds to smacks the shit out of Lelouch. Crowe is surprised as hell that Kallen just socked Zero like that considering her devotion to him and if he wasn't wearing his mask he would be out cold!

Even Esther wonders what's up since she knows first hand that Kallen loves Zero and wonders what could have caused this change. Kallen ignores them, she doesn't care if she just hit Zero despite how she feels about him(A big change since she always worshiped Zero til now)! Kallen goes on to demand that Zero stop trying to get everyone to turn against him! Yes he has done horrible things but Kallen says it's completely irresponsible to leave things as they are and that this is not the way to atone for his sins!

If Zero is truly sorry about everything that has happened than he should continue living and doing as he said, liberating Japan! As Lelouch tries to gain his bearing once more Kallen continues to berate him. She fought for him because she not only believed in him but because he was the only one that seemed to give a damn about saving Japan. No matter what anyone says Lelouch has also done great things and gave people all around the world hope for a better future!

Kallen eventually starts to fight back tears and says that she doesn't care who Lelouch really is and that she just can't stand to see him like this. He may have lied and used her but her heart tells her that she can't give up on him and that she would follow him no matter where he went. Lelouch eventually wises up and can't believe that he again was letting his lies hurt the people most important to him and he apologizes to Kallen. Turns out Lelouch never once considered how much pain his actions have caused her, it's an eye opener for him.

Lelouch relents a bit since Kallen is right. Despite what has happened he does owe everyone considering he was the one that dragged them all back into fighting and pushed them to continue on. However, Lelouch is still guilty over using everyone and welcomes punishment. Lelouch than goes on to mention everyone that he has lost because of his actions(Such as Nunnally) on top of all the dead Japanese on his hands. Had he not been so arrogant they may yet live, he can't help but wonder if things would be different if he never set off on this selfish quest of his.

Kallen tells Lelouch to stop blaming himself and trying to inflict suffering upon himself due to his guilt! Mourning the fallen doesn't change that he's still here! He owes it to them to see this through, dying here would accomplish nothing! Lelouch still remains in sad state despite Kallen trying her best to save him from himself, living on just seems to hard. Rolo than comes in and says that he heard everything and that Lelouch is a liar. Lelouch is surprised to see Rolo who tells Lelouch that he isn't Nunnally but what they had together as brothers was real to him.

Lelouch says that he doesn't deserve Rolo's forgiveness since he had forced him from his side when Rolo just wanted to help. Rolo tells him that they're brothers and that Lelouch didn't mean to lash out on Rolo, he was just upset over what had happened. Lelouch doesn't know what to say as Rolo continues that he was always just a pawn used by others. However, his time with Lelouch opened his eyes and even though Lelouch used him he still feels that he is his brother and that Lelouch still has things to live for and accomplish.

Jeremiah also comes in and says that he has already given his loyalty and that it would be wrong for Lelouch to throw away his life. After all he still has unfinished business. Jeremiah explains that he was stumbling around in ignorance and it's because of Lelouch that he has found purpose and is now here doing what he desires, to serve Lelouch. Jeremiah goes on to tell Lelouch that he was always suffering through guilt after Marianne died and that it's because of their meeting that he now has something to live for again which gets Lelouch all teary eyed.

The Captains tell Lelouch that he should lead them once more and that despite what has happened they know that he was always sincere in his intent. They have been with Lelouch long enough to know who he really is and that he can still atone for his sins by making the world into a better place. They'll gladly help him accomplish this if he'll accept their help. Sumeragi goes on to say that no one here holds anything against Lelouch because his desires are also theirs.

Heero, Chirico, and Roger Smith all than have a silence contest, though Chirico cheats by closing his eyes. Kallen thinks of Lelouch as Jeremiah confronts Lelouch. Lelouch tells Jeremiah to not call him that anymore. Lelouch vi Britannia, Lelouch Lamperouge, both are now lies and have no right to exist in the world anymore. They are dead. From now on he's only Zero, he'll shoulder the burdens of the world and make his lies a reality as Zero.

Wufei questions if Zero is truly what Lelouch desires and Lelouch says that he has decided that he must take responsibility for his actions, this is something he must do. From hence forth there's now only Zero! Heero says that such a path isn't one anyone can walk, Lelouch says that he's fine with this. Kallen says Lelouch's name but he tells her that name is dead and that from on he wants Kallen to only refer to him as the Zero she believes in.

Roger Smith says that Zero is fine with them and that they will support him still, though living such a life... Amuro, Setsuna, Kouji, and Chirico than start up another silence contest but Chirico is no longer closing his eyes. Clearly he was called out for cheating last time. Sumeragi says that everyone is decided and will follow his orders. Crowe muses that Lelouch has taken a very large debt and the only thing he can do is work his ass off to pay it off. After all, what is life if you aren't paying off your debts?

Kouji states why they choose to believe in Zero despite everything and Shinn says that they'll hold him to pay off his own debts and will smack sense back into him if he thinks of straying again. Sumeragi goes on to say that Zero... It doesn't matter if he goes by Lelouch or Zero, they will still follow him. Akagi gets in on this and says his piece that basically says he still believes which gets Lelouch to become emotional.

Tamaki though doesn't know what to think! Ohgi says that he has heard plenty though the sins of Zero are still great. Lelouch tells Tamaki that he's still Zero and he isn't innocent. Ohgi says that despite whether it's Lelouch or Zero the Black Knights will fight for him once more. Toudou also says that he will swear his blade once more. C.C. than appears and tells Lelouch to stop being an idiot already and explains that he still has that contract with her that hasn't been fulfilled yet. Lelouch finally warms up and says he had forgotten but now he remembers that his life is still worth living thanks to everyone's efforts.

Kallen is happy to see Lelouch is no longer being depressed, Tamaki finally breaks free and says that no matter what he always believed in Zero! They're best buddies after all! Esther tells Tamaki that just a moment ago he showing anything but belief, that's just irrational of him to make such a statement! Crowe says that Tamaki seems genuine over this at least. The Captains than question Lelouch and ask if Zero will be leading them once more. Lelouch says that he has a condition of ZEXIS if they want his leadership, allow Japan to establish its own official Government and to protect its legitimacy.

It turns out that Lelouch has decided that he will keep his promise after all despite Ohgi and Toudou still doubting him which makes them feel bad. C.C. explains that Charles is up to something with Lelouch saying that his problems will come after his promises from now on. Lelouch than looks at the mask of Zero and says that he'll change this world into the one Nunnally desired. To accomplish this the world needs not Lelouch but Zero.

Elsewhere Empress Tianzi announces that the UFN is on track for its desire of peace and that Japan is recognized as its own nation once more! At least the UFN recognizes this even if Britannia refuses to depart from Japan and insists that it's still Area 11. The Black Knights are extremely happy with what has happened with Duo teasing them because it looks like they're about to cry. Shinn tells Duo that he's being rude with Lunamaria telling him that he's just overreacting, this is Duo they're talking about here. Anyway, a lot has happened and the glasses mook says that he was truly wrong about Zero who has come through in the end like he said he would.

Kaguya than announces that the nations of the UFN recognizes ZEXIS as their military arm and with their help they'll finally achieve long sought after world peace and that ZEXIS will be only asked to put their strength to use for the greater good. Amuro says that was quite the speech, Quattro thinks that this means a ton of responsibility for ZEXIS to undertake. Watta wonders what this all means for the future and Jin is pretty angry that Zero is their leader but is still considered a terrorist.

Roger Smith explains that it's better this way and that this gives them more leeway on doing what they want. The UFN can recognize the Black Knights and ZEXIS but recognizing Zero after all that happens is too much. At least publicly. Make no mistake they have faith in Zero privately. Talk continues on about the UFN, Zero, and of Japan being free after all this time. Eventually Crowe comes in and says that Britannia has mobilized another large force and don't recognize Japan as an Independent Nation.

Charles has mobilized a massive Britannia armada and has decided that he wants to play a bit before he changes the world. His Geass agent says that he has the code of V.V. surely it's enough to obtain his desires. That isn't the case, besides they still have time before all the Geass ruins are synchronized so that he may continue with his plans. What of Schneziel? Charles says that he doesn't care about him since his plans are already in motion and soon none of this will matter. He's than warned that ZEXIS has arrived in force to confront them.

Xingke and Wufei are fighting to represent China and aren't happy to see Charles here. Charles says that he has been waiting for ZEXIS and is surprised that Lelouch is here as well. Lelouch is rightly angry at seeing Charles and that Charles would so casually announce who he is. Roger says that if he's trying to divide them he has already failed, they already worked out their issues and know of Lelouch. Roger than asks what Charles really hopes to accomplish with Geass and that he can still try and make peace with the world if he stops this madness. Charles says that he doesn't care and that he'll change the world soon enough by his own means.

Roger questions if Charles honestly thinks they'll let him have his way with Charles becoming furious that Roger questions his power and orders his forces to attack ZEXIS which pisses them off. Lelouch says that he will make Charles pay and that he wont have his way any longer. Lelouch than goes into badass mode and announces that Charles vi Britannia will fall this day and that he's no longer Lelouch vi Britannia! Today the one that shall defeat Charles will be Zero!

Charles finds this amusing and basically says "Cool Story, Bro". C.C. wonders what she should do since she knows what Charles is really trying to accomplish. Roger says that everyone already went through the whole Lelouch is dead thing already. Lelouch tells him to stop raining on his parade and help him take out Charles. Charles says that it's all pointless, ZEXIS is only prolonging these wars! Had they not intervened than Charles would have ended these petty wars a long time ago.

ZEXIS of course don't know what the heck he means, how does being a warmonger and enslaving entire countries pave a way towards peace? Charles goes full angry mode and berates the hell out of ZEXIS and explains some of his plans to them. Esther thinks he's full of shit and no matter what he says it doesn't change that he has done so many horrible things already. Charles says he doesn't need to convince them, if they believe they're right than come at him already! Lelouch says he'll be glad to and orders ZEXIS to attack, take out Charles! With that Lelouch powers up(He starts at MAX Morale/Will).

When Jeremiah attacks he states that he serves Lelouch, no... Zero! He will punish Charles for what happened and will show the world what true loyalty is! Rolo says that he's fighting for his big brother and will fight for the world he's trying to create. He's no longer a pawn of the Order, he's fighting out of his own free will for his big brother! Lelouch on the other hand, when he encounters a KMF, says that he will change this world as Zero! Yes, he's Zero from now on and he will succeed!

Charles doesn't like that ZEXIS has decided to actually get in the way of his plans, though he swears that his plans will become a reality soon enough. Clearly this is all Schneziel's doing and he'll pay after he has taken care of ZEXIS! Upon encountering Kallen he mentions that the 11's and their Ace have clearly gone out of control and he must put them in their place as he must do to Zero as well for turning them into such an annoyance.

[Basically Charles has comments for quite a few characters though he doesn't talk to anyone but Lelouch]

When Bismarck is defeated he still can't believe how this is happening yet again. Charles tells Bismarck that he has done enough and that he should leave since his plan requires that Bismarck not die off just yet. Bismarck protests that he can't just abandoned Charles but Charles assures him that he isn't going down here and that this is an order. Besides, their plans are already in motion so a loss here means nothing. Bismarck relents and goes ALL HAIL BRITANNIA as he leaves.

Lelouch finally reaches Charles who is amused that Lelouch has returned to his old ways after he spared his life in the past. Charles tells Lelouch that he knows nothing of the truth and that his petty quest for revenge is pathetic and that he must put Lelouch in his place after all. Lelouch tells Charles that he will finally pay for what he has done. Charles tells Lelouch that if he truly desires that than his actions better back his words. Of course Lelouch plans to do that, he'll put that arrogant man in his place!

Charles tells ZEXIS that this isn't over and if that's the best that they got! Quattro is surprised that Charles has such resolve but he's adamant that they wont let him have his way. Charles says that his plans are already in motion and that his defeat here means nothing. Ohgi than says that more Britannian forces are arriving and they do. Charles orders them deal with those cretins with Suzaku saying he will.

However, instead of staying to fight Charles orders them all to stay here and hold the line since he's needed elsewhere. Clearly Charles has something big worked up. He than departs with Suzaku being confused as heck, Lelouch accuses Suzaku as a traitor and he wants to go after Charles. Suzaku tells Lelouch that he'll be his enemy and he isn't going anywhere. Kallen tells Zero that she will deal with Suzaku and make him pay for what he has done.

Suzaku is furious that Kallen gets in the way between Lelouch and him once more. Even ZEXIS at that! It's because of them that this world is so rotten and it's because of Lelouch that he was forced to fire FLEIA and killed all those people! He cannot forgive them, they must pay! ZEXIS says that Suzaku made his own decisions and that he's working with the very people that screwed up this world. Toudou goes far to ask why Suzaku has gone so far for someone like Charles?! Banjou chips in that Suzaku is making a mistake, clearly he knows that what he's doing will only bring more sadness.

Kouji orders Zero to go after Charles, leave these mooks to them. Lelouch doesn't want to just abandon his friends but Amuro reminds him that the world is at stake here, they can't let whatever Charles is planning become a reality! Even than Lelouch refuses to just leave things as is, he seriously wants Suzaku to pay. ZEXIS continues to talk reason to Lelouch until he finally relents and says that he will take down Charles.

Once he's gone C.C. wants to go after him, he will need help. Esther says that the rest is up to them and that she doesn't mind at all. Crowe says that's pretty mature of Esther. Esther doesn't understand and says that she's only doing her part. Kallen goes on to say that she'll handle Suzaku and berates him for firing FLEIA! Esther is shocked at Kallen's berating, she's really unloading on Suzaku.

Kallen says that Zero is only trying to make a better world for everyone else, why can't Suzaku get off his damn high horse already and realize that?! As ZEXIS tries to guilt trip Suzaku he also receives a talking to from Gino who is uneasy about all this. Suzaku asks what Gino is implying since they have their orders. Yeah well, he doesn't like this at all! Besides, aren't these their friends? Suzaku says that he has no damn friends and that the blood of all those Japanese are on his hands and Lelouch will pay for what he has done!

Gino doesn't know what to say as Suzaku says that he will take out Lelouch, ZEXIS, and anyone that has played a part in screwing up this world! Their sins are just too great to overlook! If Gino doesn't have the stomach for this than he can get the heck out of here, Suzaku on the other hand wants to fight! Kallen calls Suzaku an idiot and that she will not let him get all self-righteous on everyone. Suzaku tells her that he fights for the world that Euphiemia desired and that world can't exist as long as people like them are allowed to do as they please!

Upon encountering ZEXIS Suzaku thinks that they're all that's wrong with this world and that he needs to take them all out so that he can reach Zero. Though he doesn't understand why they insist on staying with Zero, surely they know the truth by now!

Gino still wants to pay Kallen back for defeating him in their last fight. Kallen tells Gino that he's being used! Gino needs to open his eyes to reality already, though if he needs help than she'll gladly beat sense into him!

Kallen demands to know what the hell Suzaku is thinking and why he still insists on getting in everyone's way. Suzaku tells her that he can't forgive them and that things will no longer happen as she desires, he will cleanse this world of all their sins! Kallen calls him an idiot, what he's doing hasn't worked yet he still continues on like a broken record! However, if he wont change his mind than she'll just have to beat him into pulp once more and as many times as needed!

Gino doesn't take being defeated again very well, he doesn't understand how a Knight of Rounds like him is being made a mockery of. It's frustrating that he just can't win since they're supposed to be the good guys. He than quickly to retreat with Kallen feeling somewhat sorry for him. Kouji wonders if Gino will ever understand.

Suzaku doesn't want to lose, he's fighting for a world that Euphiemia would have desired. No, he can still fight despite getting smacked around so easily! Toudou tells Suzaku to get a grip on himself already, there is no honor in this! Suzaku hesitates as Toudou reminds him of their past together and that he's Japanese. Suzaku doesn't care for that, he wants revenge! Toudou continues that Suzaku needs to realize that the Japanese have not been better off under Britannia already, if he continues than he shames all that have died and all that will die by his hands! Suzaku grits his teeth and retreats.

Shinn is surprised that Suzaku finally gave up, Alto isn't too happy with how this all turned out still. Anyway, with Suzaku vanquished the Britannian forces are once again defeated which gets Tamaki all happy, he wants to throw a party. Ohgi than picks something up on his sensors, it's OZ and they're lead by Trieze! Naturally ZEXIS isn't happy about another force coming in to try and capitalize on Britannia's defeat.

Trieze greets ZEXIS and says that they have fought admirably, Wufei and Quatre don't understand what is going on. Schneziel says that he has decided to work together with Trieze, oh and he did say that they would see him again soon enough. Roger Smith asks what Schneziel wants and he says that he wants to fight ZEXIS since they're standing in the way of his plans. As far as he's concerned they're a much bigger threat than that fool Charles who lives only in the past.

Shinn wants to kick the crap out of Schneziel for what he tried to pull earlier. Amuro than senses someone is coming, it's Suzaku! Kallen isn't happy to see him but Suzaku says that he's only here for C.C.. C.C. asks if it's because of what she thinks it is, Suzaku confirms that it is and he wants her to help him. C.C. decides that she will come than which surprises Kallen. There's no need to worry, assures C.C. to Kallen and that her presence is merely required. Kallen asks if this will help Zero, C.C, says this will.

Kallen relents and tells C.C. to do what she must and to help Zero. Toudou bids Suzaku farewell as Suzaku and C.C. leave. Crowe asks if this is okay with Toudou and he says that it's out of his hands. Tamaki says that they just can't leave C.C. as is but Toudou tells him that they need to trust in Zero and focus on defending Japan from its enemies. Crowe says he's fine with this, though Kallen wonders about the encounter between Lelouch and Suzaku and hopes that they can resolve their differences as she prepares to fight OZ and Britannia.

Suzaku is lead to Kaminejima by C.C. and asks if Lelouch is really here, C.C. says Lelouch is indeed here. Possessed Anya appears and says that she has been expecting C.C. and is glad she finally came around. Suzaku asks what's wrong with Anya with C.C. explaining that Anya is possessed through Geass which shocks Suzaku. Possessed Anya explains that right now she's Marianne and that Lelouch has been a very naughty boy. She continues that Charles is trying to do something amazing and that Lelouch opposes him because he doesn't understand, that's why they're all going to go see them both!

At the Sword of Akasha is Charles who says that he knows he isn't alone, come out already! Lelouch appears and confronts Charles once more about his crimes and that today is judgement day! Charles is surprised that it's Lelouch who is here, he had suspected that it would have been Scneziel. Lelouch says that ZEXIS gave him this opportunity and they held up the forces he had left behind. Charles isn't happy that is the case and as he goes on to rant about Japan he's told to shut up by Lelouch who wants to know the truth!

Charles finds it amusing that Lelouch wants the truth once more. If he recalls Lelouch has made quite the living for himself with all of his lies. As far as he's concerned he shouldn't tell Lelouch anything. Lelouch tells him that everyone lies and wears masks just to get by in life. Charles asks Lelouch if things would be better if everyone stopped lying. If there were no lies than everyone would understand each other and there would be no need for conflict!

Lelouch says that's just an idealists desire, it isn't reality. However, he cannot let Charles have his way and blows up the exit and says that they'll both remain here forever as repentance. Charles demands to know what the hell Lelouch is thinking. Lelouch says that this is their repentance for the sin of using Geass. Charles says that this is madness but Lelouch counters that he wants answers now for all that Charles has done! Lelouch berates Charles who can't believe what he's hearing.

Aim than appears and finds it amusing that Zero has become so bold and desires death so much. Lelouch demands to know who's there, Aim reveals himself and is very amused over what is happening since he's the master of deceit. Charles asks what Aim is doing here at this stage, does Aim now doubt how things will come to pass? Not at all, Aim is only here because he sees no reason not to be here and this reunion has been most touching. Lelouch deduces that Charles and Aim have been working together all along for some time.

Charles doesn't deny it and tells Lelouch that he knows nothing. Aim than fills Lelouch in on what Charles is trying to accomplish(And what he's been up to) and that they've had a very close partnership for some time now. So really Lelouch is way over his head and there's literally nothing he can do about this situation. Aim also spends this time to taunt Lelouch for knowing nothing and the lies that Lelouch has woven. However, Aim isn't here to play games and after trolling Lelouch some more he decides to take his leave. Lelouch demands that Aim return but Charles reminds him of his situation, besides Aim is no longer relevant.

Charles asks Lelouch is he'll still oppose him. Now that he knows that he's trying to bring peace there's no need for them to fight, correct? Lelouch says he has questions for Charles. Lelouch asks why Charles did nothing even though he has so much power? Why did he insist on using Britannia's power for such means? Furthermore, why didn't he work for peace?

Now Lelouch is getting greedy, he should already know why Charles does what he does. They they go back and forth over who's sins are greater and Charles saying that with this he can finally bring peace and understanding to the world. Marianne than appears and says that it has been a long time since she has last seen Lelouch, he sure has grown. Charles says that she's late and Lelouch demands to know what the hell is going on!

Marianne scolds Lelouch and tells him not to raise his voice at his father. Charles tells Lelouch that everything is as he has said. Lelouch deduces that V.V. may be the reason behind all this which Charles says he played a part. As Charles explains what really happened Marianne says that she made a pact with C.C. and that V.V. was jealous of her relationship with Charles. Charles says that he didn't kill Marianne with Marianne saying that V.V. tricked her and had her killed. Charles is innocent.

As she lay dying she used her Geass on Anya so that she could live on through her. Marianne than goes on to explain the relationship V.V. had with Charles and her as well as the pacts made long ago. V.V. had said that Charles had changed and he wanted to meet her, as stated before it was a trick. She also goes on to explain the pact C.C. made with her. As well as how her Geass works. With that out of the way they needed both V.V. and C.C.'s code to bring about their desired world.

Lelouch snaps and says that they're just blaming V.V. because he's dead and can't defend himself! What about Nunnally than?! Why did she have to suffer! Charles doesn't like his attitude but Lelouch insists. Marianne questions where he got such an attitude and he's being bad. Charles explains that he needed to cover up what happened so he had Nunnally used as a fake witnesses of a "Terrorist Attack" and than erased hers and Anya's memories.

Lelouch can't believe they would do that to Nunnally, she was innocent! They say that it had to be done and now they'll create a new world with the Sword of Akasha. So Nunnally had to suffer so that this could happen, however all that's left is for C.C. to give up her code. It's a fact that C.C. participated in this plan from the start and has been in communication with Marianne. This hits Lelouch hard as he breaks down and thinks that Nunnally's suffering was pointless and that he was just a pawn.

As Charles and Marianne prepare for the coming of Ragnarok they tell Lelouch to leave everything to them. Soon enough nothing will matter and everyone will become one, even the dead could be met again. Thus if this works than the tragedy of Nunnally wont ever happen again! Lelouch breaks his silence and says that he can't allow this to happen. Furthermore he doesn't like that he was used as bait to lure C.C. out this entire time! What the hell kind of parents are they!?

Suzaku than enters the scene with C.C. wondering how the family reunion is coming along. Lelouch finally figures out that he was only used to lure C.C. out to this place just like before. Also, C.C. was the one that brought Suzaku along even though he isn't needed. Suzaku asks what is going on which C.C. explains the situation. She than explains why Lelouch is here and the finer details on what's happening, basically a recap. After a bit of banter Charles says he's surprised to see Suzaku whom seems willing to cooperate.

Charles says that Nunnally will no longer have to suffer, they're going to make a world that she can live in. Lelouch seems to concede defeat and stops resisting. Charles than asks C.C. to come along, it's almost ready. They all approach "God" and Marianne says that soon their ideal world will be a reality! Lelouch demands to know what he's looking at. C.C. explains that it's pretty much what could be considered a God.

After a brief explanation Charles tells C.C. to hurry up, he can make her desire a reality! Suzaku asks Lelouch what his motives are. Lelouch says that everything was for Nunnally. Suzaku confronts him over Nunnally and says Lelouch is just using her as an excuse. That's right, Lelouch was always fighting for everything he wanted to protect and has been using her as an excuse. He than stops Charles and says that his plan cannot continue.

Lelouch tells Charles that people lie because they yearn for something greater, if Charles has his way than what will people have to yearn for? It would be a sad and depressing world! Lelouch than rants on about it with Marianne stopping him and asking if he would deny her as well even though she's his mother. If her motives are the same as Charles than he will. Marianne says they are and that if this works they'll be one and even Euphiemia could come back!

Lelouch yells that their plan always came first and they could care less what happened to them! Charles says that he merely wants to make a peaceful world for everyone. Liar! This plan only benefits their own selfish desires which they're forcing on everyone else without asking what they want! That is nothing less than evil! It also doesn't change the fact that they abandoned Nunnally and him, their own children! Lelouch says that Nunnally has suffered because of them! Suffering they could have prevented!

Marianne tells Lelouch that he's being a spoiled brat and to stop this nonsense at once! Lelouch isn't going to let such a horrible mother berate him! Marianne tries to convince Lelouch to stop but he wants nothing to do with her. Charles than says that he's doing what must be done that he's making the peaceful world for Nunnally! Lelouch doesn't believe him and says that the world he's making is only a gentle one for them!

The world Nunnally desires is one where everyone can smile, what they're doing will only bring misery to everyone and denies everyone a chance of a future! Suzaku thinks that he may be wrong about Lelouch after all. Charles on the other hand says that it's too late, Ragnarok has already begun! Lelouch says that Charles has forgotten who he's speaking to! For he is Zero the maker of Miracles! So what if the Ragnarok has come? Charles freaks out and says that this is meaningless! Lelouch says that Charles wouldn't be so scared if that was the case.

The World of C is the Will of Humanity and Charles did say that Geass can't defeat Gods. No, he doesn't want to defeat God! Well he doesn't want to stop God, he just wants time to continue to progress! Charles knows that if this goes through everything is ruined and tries to stop Lelouch who casts him aside. Lelouch than requests that the Will of Humanity not stop the progress of time and to Live On! Marianne yells for Lelouch to stop but Suzaku gets in her way and says that not even Euphemia would have wanted this!

Marianne demands they he gets out of her way but he refuses. Charles demands to know what is happening! Lelouch says that this is the Will of Humanity, it desires to continue living! Charles and Marianne start to fade away with Charles saying that Lelouch has doomed everyone! C.C. says that they were all foolish for trying to do this.

Charles demands to know why C.C. has betrayed them, he was going to grant her desire! Lelouch tells Charles that it is over, give up already since not even life itself wants them around! Charles can't believe this is happening, how could the World of C defy them?! Marianne than asks why C.C. isn't vanishing as well. C.C. says that she has figured out what they were doing was utterly selfish and only benefited them thus she wants nothing to do with it.

Marianne begs for Lelouch to stop, they can still make a world that Nunnally desires and they're his parents! Lelouch says that they choose to be his parents now? Do they even know the meaning behind Nunnally's smile? Marianne has no idea what he means which angers Lelouch! How can a parent not know the meaning of their child's smile?! Nunnally's smile was her way of expressing gratitude for others even though she couldn't do many things on her own!

Lelouch says that the only truth in all this is that Charles and Marianne are the worst parents ever and that they abandoned them! Nunnally has suffered because of them! She can never walk, she can never see, and she can never live a normal life because of their selfishness! Charles tries to say that wasn't the case but Lelouch says that it's a fact, they abandoned them and nothing they say changes that Nunnally suffered because of their actions and inaction!

Charles tries to strangle Lelouch as a last ditch effort. As he's doing this he tells Lelouch that he ruined everything and that what awaits them is Schneziel's world! They desired peace, yet he would deny them! Lelouch says that yes, he denies the selfish world they tried to create and he wants them out of his sight! Charles and Marianne than die in dramatic fashion. With them gone Lelouch can rest easy that Charles is no more.

C.C. wonders what will happen now and that Charles is indeed gone. Suzaku takes this moment to say that Euphemia's murderer is here - Lelouch. Lelouch says that Lelouch is dead, there's only Zero now. Suzaku says that doesn't excuse his crimes. Lelouch admits that he killed Euphiemia and will shoulder the worlds burdens as repentance. He says that he has fought to liberate Japan and that ZEXIS has put their faith in him and they will hold him to paying off his debt.

Suzaku asks what Lelouch plans to do than, Lelouch says that he will make a world that Nunnally would have wanted to live in. Suzaku asks why he should just let Lelouch do as he pleases with Lelouch saying that he doesn't have to do anything and if he wants to punish him than so be it. Suzaku considers doing just that but Lelouch says that he wants to at least try and make Nunnally's world a reality before facing judgement.

After all, wasn't it Suzaku that said that he should atone for his sins before dying? Suzaku says that Lelouch is twisting his words which Lelouch says now Suzaku is being the fool! This is what he wanted, right?! He's going to pay for his sins and make a world where tragedies like what happened to Euphemia wont ever happen again. And what of Area 11?! He swore to liberate them and create a world where they can be Japanese once more! Suzaku isn't backing down despite Lelouch trying his best to create a better world for everyone! Suzaku and Lelouch than do the whole "KIRA!" and "ATHRUN!" routine as they proceed to punch each other out.

Later Zero exits the cave with Suzaku, he's wearing his mask to cover up his bruises while Suzaku appears unharmed. Kallen asks if Zero is alright and is surprised he's with Suzaku. Zero says that it's all over now. Kallen doesn't understand what he means. It's simple, Zero had Charles killed and he'll bother no one anymore. Ohgi can't believe the Emperor is dead but Lelouch says it's true, Charles is dead. Tamaki than says that they've been waiting for him and that Schneziel is starting up a real ruckus.

Zero asks C.C. what this could mean. C.C. explains repeats what Charles said about Schneziel's world and that things are far from over. Whatever the case everyone is about to find out the truth soon enough. Back aboard his flagship Zero demands to know what's going on. Turns out Scneziel has joined up with Trieze and has caused everyone a lot of trouble. However, taking advantage of this situation is White Fang. Zero says that he wants to deal with this immediately with Tamaki saying that they'll follow him, it's the least they can do. Zero than asks Suzaku what Schneziel is plotting but Suzaku says that he doesn't have to tell him anything.

Kallen tells Suzaku to stop being an idiot already! Lives are at stake here and didn't he already work out his issues! Suzaku isn't persuaded, why should he forgive? Toudou tries to talk sense into him but Suzaku is resistant. Toudou than informs Zero that the situation is pretty grave. Ohgi doesn't want to leave Japan but he knows that they eventually must. Kallen says that there's something on the TV which catches Zero and Suzaku off guard when they learn who it is.

Trieze declares his stance on how things have turned out and that he and Britannia have decided to ally with Millardo/White Fang. Millardo uses what happened at Japan as an example for why they have joined together. Basically he gives a speech that he will oppose this world and remake it into one he desires. After his long speech Relena can't believe what she has heard. Millardo really has changed and is her enemy who pretty much called her out. Marida tries to comfort a depressed Relena but fails. Gaioh than approaches the girls and wonders what they'll do now. Sheryl demands to know what he's doing here and what the heck does he want! Gaioh isn't here to kill them and instead desires to talk...

Stage 51 - Believe in Zero Route

Insalaum has been absent as of late, they did just deal with the loss of most of their forces as well as Wayne on top of Marguerite's betrayal. Needless to say Uther isn't happy with how things have turned out and has started to rely more and more on Anbrorn who has been given pretty much free reign on her little DM projects. It also appears that Marilyn has taken up the role that Wayne once filled even if she lacks the fancy title she's the enforcer now.

Anbrorn is extremely happy that she can do as she pleases and promises great things to present to Uther. Not like Uther expected any less. Marilyn asks how Uther is holding up since becoming supreme badass and a True King. Uther is doing fine and doesn't intend to let Wayne's last act of service go to waste. More than ever Insalaum needs their ruler to be strong and to lead them, something only Uther can do.

Marilyn is completely loyal to Uther and will deal with anything that troubles that handsome face of his, though Anbrorn reminds Mailyn to behave herself. Uther takes this moment to assign a great force to Marilyn and reminds her that he's counting on her to accomplish many things before taking his leave to try and sort out all the things in his head. Marilyn can't believe the trust he has put in her and for him to leave just like that. No matter, be it upon the battlefield or not she shall serve Uther to the best of her abilities!

Anbrorn hopes that Marilyn will meet expectations and tells her not to worry about Uther, she has other priorities. Marilyn decides to play with Anbrorn than, besides she has grown quite fond of Auntie Anbrorn. Anbrorn likes her commitment and looks forward to her results which Marilyn says she'll perform, after all she's Marilyn Katto! Any less wouldn't be fitting for someone like her!

The Celestial Being Boys are discussing what has happened and talk of the Innovades who have been quite quiet as of late. Their absence has allowed them to liberate Japan but it's still unnerving not knowing that they could be doing. Crowe sees no need to get worried over this, after all they still have OZ, Britannia, and White Fang to deal with. Which doesn't even seem to bother Crowe, they're just another hurdle until he has paid off his debts.

Allelujah isn't so sure with Crowe wondering what he could mean by that. As that's going on Amuro notices that Quattro seems uneasy, in fact he is. He knows the views behind Millardo and Trieze quite well and if things were different he may have even agreed with them. Of course Amuro needn't worry, he has no intention of going back to his old self. Thanks to his time with all of them he understands that forcing such change upon people would never work out.

Saji has been behaving himself but now he can't help but be depressed. Setsuna wants to know what's the matter with him since he seems down. Saji says that he's still wrestling with the fact that Lelouch was Zero the entire time. Setsuna doesn't see any reason to worry about such things. Saji than approaches Kallen and is quite glad that things worked out for her. Kallen demands to know what he could possibly mean by that. Saji is taken aback, guess Kallen isn't being true to heart after all.

Whatever the case Kallen reminds Saji that he has things he needs to do and to man up, there's no reason he should be worried about her. Marguerite intercedes and mentions Japan which gets Kallen to cool off, seems mentioning Japan in a good light is her soft spot. Enjoying the sight of a surprised Kallen she than turns to Esther who's on hand. Marguerite talks about Insalaum and Uther with her again and her determinations. Kallen can't help but be taken aback by Marguerite's straightforwardness and her little speech of fixing Insalaum. Esther too is surprised by Marguerite's determination and worry's that she has some tough competition after all.

Marguerite asks if there's a problem since both are just staring at her. Kallen says that it's nothing, whatever the case Marguerite says that she's happy that they settled things with Japan and that the Japanese people can rightly call themselves Japanese once more. Of course it's all thanks to their efforts and everyone shouldn't be afraid to celebrate a little. Esther of course loves being praised and the idea of celebrating gets her excited. Marguerite doesn't mind either and actually looks forward to hanging out with the two girls.

Saji is enjoying the sight of the three beauties bonding, though Setsuna must ask if Saji is still troubled. Well, of course he is but he isn't going to wallow in it. Saji says that he has already decided to save Louise no matter and will convince her to see the truth. As for Lelouch, he wonders if he'll be able to mend fences with Suzaku. Setsuna reminds Saji that he isn't alone, he'll be there when Saji saves Louise. Setsuna than talks about Japan and Zero keeping his word of liberating them. Shouldn't Saji be glad about this development? Saji is and thanks Setsuna for his concern. Setsuna than thinks of Marina, soon the world she's trying to make will be a reality.

Trieze and Schneziel are enjoying their partnership, both are clearly trying to one up each other but right now they can't afford to off the other just yet. Instead they talk about how much of a threat ZEXIS has become. Millardo sees no issues but he would like to know more of his enemies. Schneziel explains more about Zero's motives and that surely ZEXIS will come for them. Millardo questions if ZEXIS is truly that large of a threat. Schneziel says that they indeed are to the world they're trying to create.

Dorothy than walks in and comments that she's surrounded by three ridiculously handsome men. Anyway she has come to report that her side of things is done and that she'll do as Millardo has asked of her. Millardo likes hearing that, Dorothy is a good girl. Schneziel takes this moment to flirt with Dorothy who flirts right back, though he has another thing coming if he thinks a few choice words will get her to melt like a school girl. Anyway, with Charles gone Schneziel is pretty much the defacto ruler of Britannia and isn't afraid to strut his stuff which Dorothy seems to enjoy.

Of course Dorothy questions what Schneziel is trying to pull but he sees no reason to divulge too much information just yet. Wang Li Mei appears and has come to give Millardo more information, for she has become quite smitten with the world he's trying to create. Trieze isn't surprised that Millardo has enlisted Wang Li Mei's help. They could use whatever they can to defeat ZEXIS. However, Millardo is more worried about locating Relena and if he can look upon her after starting these wars.

Trieze says that she'll turn up eventually, Millardo figures as much too. Wang Li Mei doesn't like being ignored and asks if her services are adequate. Millardo questions what she wants, she just wants to see this dreadful world changed. Dorothy can't help but get on Wang Li Mei's case who takes it quite well. Dorothy wonders why Wang Li Mei is even here since plenty of others want to change the world. Also, if she recalls Wang Li Mei used to be an loyal supporter of ZEXIS at one time.

Wang Li Mei tells her to stop speaking about such things, that was in the past. Dorothy decides to relent and engages Trieze and Millardo is small talk before she leaves with Wang Li Mei. Millardo has gathered some pretty interesting people, even Trieze admits that he's impressed at what Millardo is up to. Just this year alone Millardo used to be his henchman but look at him now. This almost makes Millardo laugh. Anyway they go back to discussing their partnership and their little schemes to change the world. Millardo still can't help but think of Relena however since what he's doing is the last thing she would want of him...

Anyway ZEXIS has finally arrived to deal with this new alliance. Saji has some doubts about Zero still who's more concerned about winning this upcoming battle. Toudou says that Zero is their leader and that he'll surely lead them to victory as he always has. Saji and Zero try to resolve their issues, since they're friends, though Saji asks where Suzaku is and if they have mended fences. Setsuna tells him that can wait, the enemy is here. It's the Evil Alliance! Mr. A-Laws man seems to have fit in snugly within Millardo's little alliance after all, which is a surprise to everyone that he's even still alive.

Of course the Wing Boys are more than a bit surprised at the sight of all those Mobile Dolls especially the red and blue ones that seem to be performing on a whole other level. Dorothy explains that she's using the Epyon system, thanks to Millardo, to control all the Mobile Dolls at once. Which she thinks he's amazing for coming up with a way for a human to control these bloodless dolls at a distance and looks forward to seeing them perform as they dance to her tune. Sumeragi isn't deterred and rallies ZEXIS. On the sidelines is Wang Li Mei who wants to see who'll change the world, ZEXIS or the allied forces. Personally she doesn't care who wins, just that the winner will decide everything.

The A-Laws dude can't believe he lost again and questions the efficiency of this alliance as he orders his ship to retreat.

Once all the dolls are defeated Dorothy can't believe that she has failed Millardo and that his system failed. Dorothy isn't much of a loser though and swears that ZEXIS will pay for having her dolls trashed in such a manner. Hong Long states to Wang Li Mei that ZEXIS has prevailed against the dolls. Wang Li Mei expected as much, mere dolls can't change the world after all. Feldt than detects an incoming enemy. Sumeragi demands to know what it is, Feldt says the signatures are a match, it's a Gundam.

Setsuna is surprised to see that it's Nena Trinity, she's still alive! Nena isn't here for pleasantries and has come to kill Wang Li Mei. Wang Li Mei doesn't understand what's happening, Nena was her pawn! Nena explains that she's through being used by Wang Li Mei and will now take revenge against her for her brother's deaths! This is what Wang Li Mei gets for working with their killers! Wang Li Mei tries to convince Nena to stop this but she isn't persuaded and says that she knows that Wang Li Mei used her brothers and had them discarded when she was done with them.

With that this is good bye and she kills Wang Li Mei. Setsuna can't believe that happened as Nena breaks down and says that she finally killed that bitch and soon she'll go after the Innovades too! Everyone that screwed with her is pretty much on her list for killing. Haro than turns on and says that Nena was a fool and that she will now be judged for her sins. Nena isn't so sure and is in fact glad that her brothers killers are coming, saves her the time of finding them.

However, instead of the Innovades showing up it's a severely drugged up Louise who immediately recognizes Nena's Gundam as the one that killed her family! Andrei is extremely worried about Louise who goes off the deep end and rushes over and tears Nena's Gundam to pieces within seconds. Setsuna begs Louise not to kill Nena, she shouldn't kill for revenge! Saji of course just pissed himself over Louise being all psychotic. Louise ignores them and kills Nena without remorse. This leaves Andrei in shock as he watches the blonde break down into crazy laughter while begging her mother and father to praise her for avenging their deaths.

Setsuna can't believe that Louise seems to have fallen completely into Ribbons thrall. Saji of course wants to save Louise while she's vulnerable. Setsuna is up to that as well and Kamille confirms his suspicions that Louise has been manipulated mentally since they last saw her. Setsuna gears up to fight Louise but than Mr. Bushido appears and wants to settle things between them now! It's what he must do, though Setsuna questions why he's so obsessed with him still. Simple, he is a warrior and the Gundam is the ultimate foe whom he must overcome!

As those two are having their touching Gundam reunion they're interrupted by Saji who says that another mecha is joining the scene! It's Suzaku who has broken free from his bonds and moves over to confront Mr. Bushido. Kallen and Lelouch are confused as hell, what is Suzaku doing!? Sumeragi says that she allowed him to launch though it isn't like she could have stopped him anyway. Lelouch and Saji are touched that Suzaku is apparently on their side now.

Suzaku has decided to fight for the world Euphemia desired, he now sees that he was wrong for opposing them since they all want the same thing. Saji still can't believe this and asks Suzaku if he's for real. Suzaku tells Saji that he isn't fighting for Zero but to help his friends thus he'll fight Mr. Bushido. Setsuna becomes agitated over this which confuses Lelouch. Setsuna than goes on to say that he'll accept Suzaku's offer to deal with Mr.Bushido while he goes for Louise. Kallen is also willing to let Suzaku's actions speak for themselves though she will watch her back.

Saji gets all teary eyed with Suzaku telling him to go focus on saving Louise already which Setsuna and Saji decided to do just that. Mr. Bushido on the other hand is confused at seeing this new KMF and that his old buddy Suzaku would oppose him. Suzaku says that's the case and he's his opponent now. Of course Mr. Bushido doesn't know why Suzaku would throw in his lot with Zero, nor can Lelouch since nothing has changed between them. Mr. Bushido demands that he stop fooling around and remove himself or he'll be forced to take him out!

Suzaku isn't one to listen to what others say and instead shows his resolve by forcing his Geass to activate, he must Live On! Toudou remarks that Suzaku has become the perfect warrior and has obtain the mental strength, he no longer fights in doubt! Even Heero is impressed by Suzaku, if only he had a Gundam than Suzaku could be Gundam like Heero and Setsuna! Lelouch thinks that Suzaku is truly amazing to have found a way to turn his Geass Command - Live On!, into a weapon to augment his own abilities.

Mr. Bushido on the other hand isn't impressed, instead he's furious and has now decided that he wants to kick Zero's ass as well since this is clearly his doing! Lelouch orders Suzaku to shut Mr. Bushido up with Suzaku says that he doesn't need to be ordered since he already planned on doing just that! Mr Bushido better prepare himself, before they were equals but by mastering Geass Suzaku has now surpassed him!

When Suzaku encounters any regular enemy he says that he'll fight so that Lelouch will atone for his sins. As for Mr. Bushido he doesn't like that Suzaku has betrayed everyone, though if he desires to face him than he wont turn him away. Suzaku tells him likewise with Mr. Bushido telling Suzaku he better not disappoint him. So Suzaku better show his resolve through battle!

Andrei suffers a very easy defeat which he doesn't understand, perhaps it's because he's in a very crudely made mecha?

Saji tries to reach Louise and wants her to get out of that mecha already. Louise can only say that Saji will pay for breaking her heart and for joining forces with Celestial Being since they killed her family! Saji of course is freaked the hell out at her demeanor with Setsuna saying that Louise cannot hear them, something dark has taken complete control over her. The only way to reach her is to take out that mecha!

Louise has a breakdown when she's defeated, she wants to make them all suffer for what they did! As she starts rambling like a madwoman Amuro tells Setsuna that this is just like before and he needs to move now. Setsuna doesn't understand with Amuro going on to confirm Setsuna's suspicions that Ribbons has taken hold of Louise and she's no longer in control of her own actions! They need to get her out of that mecha now! However Louise quickly retreats with Saji being depressed over her vanishing. Setsuna tells Saji not to despair, they'll save her. Saji says he knows but he's worried that Louise will only get worse with time.

Mr. Bushido has been waiting for this moment, Gundam! Today he'll finally settle things once and for all! For his dead comrades and for his honor he'll defeat Gundam! Setsuna tells him to cut it out, why does he insist on trying to fight! It's because that is what Mr. Bushido has decided, for Gundam is the most worthy of opponents! Well what about all the people that have been dragged in because of his selfish desires! Mr. Bushido doesn't care about that, now Setsuna better fight! There's no reason with him, Setsuna has no choice but to defeat Mr. Bushido!

Though Mr. Bushido is defeated he refuses to relent which Setsuna can't understand why. They both than end up naked and in a Burst where they finally meet face to face. They know who the other is since they met before in the past. They than have a heartfelt talk over their differences with Setsuna explaining that they're here because of the Twin Drive System and that he's undergoing Innovation. Mr. Bushido wonders if this is the peak of human evolution. Setsuna starts to understand Mr. Bushido and his eyes go all Innovator mode. to prove his point

Mr. Bushido returns to reality and is confused as heck over what happened and starts swarming Setsuna with demands such as why he hasn't killed him already. Setsuna calms Mr. Bushido down by saying that Mr.Bushido must live on for tomorrow just like Setsuna is. Mr.Bushido than takes his flight as he tries to sort out everything he has learned. Toudou than says that there goes Mr. Bushido, a worthy adversary. Setsuna on the other hand has a lot to think about due to that encounter.

When either Mr. Bushido or Louise are defeated Crowe senses something. Esther asks him what's wrong with Crowe saying he knows this feeling all too well. Aim than appears much to Marguerites fury. Crowe says that this is typical of Aim to appear to collect his sphere during this chaos. Aim doesn't deny this and says that Crowe is as sharp as ever. Aim asks if this is a bad time, of course he doesn't care.

Shinobu isn't taking this and wants to pound the heck out of Aim. Banjou tells him to calm down and he tells Crowe to get out of here since Aim is here for his sphere. Crowe hesitates with Esther worrying over him. Aim breaks out in laughter and says that his powers are far reaching than they can even imagine! In this space full of lies he is absolute! Esther wonders what Aim means by filled by lies. Aim goes on to repeat his lying power.

He than says that Zero has granted him this power with all his lies, for even now he's lying by wearing that mask! Suzaku and Zero don't know where this is all going with Aim continuing his rant that Zero has given him all the power he needs. Aim also exposes all of Suzaku and Zero's sins to try and get them to return to killing each other once more. Aim also gives thanks to those like Millardo who also have granted him power as well through their actions! For now there isn't one Aim, there's many Aim! Through all their efforts and petty squabbles his sphere has transcended a new level entirely, observe!

Aim than summons forth multiple copies of himself. Just as Aim had said his powers had evolved and Marguerite is surprised that he was able to clone himself. Not clones, they're all the real Aim! Crowe questions if this is the true power of Dimensional Energy which Aim says that it is and his power has grown immensely. With this power he'll spread discord and fill this world with lies until "they" and the spiral nemesis comes for him! Aim than breaks down into dribble which confuses the hell out of Esther.

Crowe says that once Aim has become like this, thanks to his sphere, it's impossible to speak with him anymore. Suzaku and Zero use this moment to glare angrily at Aim. Kallen says that Zero and Suzaku should join forces and to put that freak into his place! They can't let Aim's lies divide them, they need to forgive and forget! ZEXIS also chips in that they will beat the crap out of Aim and his lying ways for they still believe in Zero! Saji goes to convince Suzaku that he needn't hold his grudges, and that they all would love for him to return to being their friend again. It'll be like the old times!

Zero asks Suzaku to join with him, he needs his help. Suzaku starts to grow teary eyed that Lelouch forgives him, Lelouch tells him that he's only Zero now. With that out of the way he wants Suzaku's help in punishing Aim since his rise in power is also their fault. Suzaku finally relents and agrees to fight by Zero's side from here after. Aim finds this hilarious that they would join forces after all despite their lies.

Crowe feels bad for Aim since Aim has been ensnared by his own lies and can no longer see the truth. It seems that that there's only one thing left to do is to put the fool out of his own misery which Crowe intends to do. Aim confronts him over this with Crowe saying that there is also sad lies amongst his lies even if Aim can't see it. Since Aim has fallen to his own lies Crowe has decided that he will be the one to give him his last rites right here and right now!

Whenever a clone Aim is defeated it taunts ZEXIS and says that Aim is pretty much his own legion. Defeating one means nothing.

Marguerite says that she and her comrades regret being used by Aim, Cheval being the first! Now is the time she will wipe that stain off their good name! Aim isn't frightened and says that Marguerite and her imitation of a sphere is no concern to him. Surely Marguerite knows she stands no chance against him, right? Marguerite tells him that even if she shouldn't prevail than her friends, no Crowe will in her stead!

Aim eventually encounters Crowe and wants their little game to finally come to an end. It has been quite some time so it's a shame they haven't had a chance to settle matters til now. Crowe says that his feelings are the same which is pretty strange that he agrees with Aim. Aim goes on to say that Crowe has awakened to his power with Crowe telling Aim off for trying to decide things for others once again. Crowe says that he must defeat Aim whose villainy he cannot just ignore any longer.

Aim says that no matter what Crowe says he can tell that what he has said is a fact. No matter, despite the power Crowe has obtained he's still no match for Aim who has transcended onto a whole other level! Crowe tell Aim that he needs to stop looking down on others already. Of course this is Aim here so Crowe decides that he'll just to teach Aim a lesson. Though Aim should know that his defeat here has nothing to do with the power of the spheres!

Upon his defeat Aim freaks out and says that it hurts and the such than starts randomly saying numbers. After that his words turn into nothing but gibberish that no one can understand. Aim tries to retreat which the Orguss dude says they can't allow for that to happen, though he worries about Aim's mental state. Marguerite than asks if Aim is immortal or something, why isn't he dead yet!?

Crowe than senses something with Esther asking him what's wrong! Crowe says that bastard is coming. Sure enough it's Asakim whom Shinn is not happy to see at all, he still isn't over what Asakim did to Setsuko. Jin is furious that Asakim somehow broke out of ZONE all by himself. Aim says that Asakim is a fool and even now he cannot destroy him! Asakim says that's true, Aim has reached a level he didn't believe possible.

Aim says that Asakim will be returned to nothing by his hand for daring to show his face! Before he proceeds he asks if perhaps Asakim has instead come here to offer his soul to "them" again which Asakim says he's going to have to punish Aim for that comment before he returns to reaping Spheres. Aim of course isn't scared and doubts that's even possible for Asakim to accomplish. Asakim becomes giddy and asks Aim if he finally figured out why he willingly let himself get sucked into ZONE.

Aim suddenly becomes serious, Asakim continues that inside the torrents of Origin Law is the power of space, time, and all potential things flow together. Aim suddenly understands as Asakim starts to gloat over how pathetic the Lying Black Sheep is. Thanks to Asakim's time in that hell he was finally able to learn to use the power he has acquired! Now the lesson shall begin, Aim will learn true fear for Asakim has already acquired the sphere that Aim fears most! The Truthful Goat, and with it he shall expose all of Aim's lies!

Asakim activates his sphere and Aim is paralyzed with fear as he relives his past. Aim is working when the lead researcher has come to see him. He asks if Aim has finished his work in analyzing the O-Part which Aim lies and says that he has. The lead research says that Aim is lying, it's just like before when Aim lied to try and cover up his own mistakes. Aim says that an accident was the cause of the last series of mistakes, this time he actually made none. The leader researcher than tells Aim he wants the data soon and there better be no mistakes.

Aim says that he will produce his results soon enough with perfection, that he can assure. The lead researcher tells Aim that he will hold him to that and any more mistakes and he's gone. When the lead researcher leaves Aim panics that he just can't do this on time! It's impossible for someone like him! He should never have lied on his resume, it was a mistake placing himself into this project! However, he doesn't want to just reign because he is... His sphere than activates.

Back in reality Aim is freaking out and begs his lead researcher to give him another chance, he can still do it because he's a complete human being! As Aim begs for another chance Shinn wonders what they heck did they all just see. Akagi figures that it was from Aim's past. Renten is angry, all Aim did was lie, lie, and lie until he wasn't able to break free of them!

Roger Smith has a better baring of things and knows why they saw that vision. Asakim says that's correct, he has obtained his own sphere - The Truthful Goat! Right now Asakim now has 2 spheres, fear him! Gainer is shocked over the fact that Asakim had received such a sphere - The Truthful Goat. Asakim says that to unlock this power he needs the curiosity of the people. The never ending desire of man's curiosity can expose all truth, even the truth covered in the veil of lies of the Lying Black Sheep.

However, thanks to that curiosity Xine ended up drifting too far into his darkness and was devoured by it which allowed him to obtained such a powerful sphere. Aim proceeds to continue his freak out to cut Asakim off from his gloating. Asakim asks how Aim is feeling now that his lies have been exposed, no he means Hamar Arugo which is Aim's real name. Asakim taunts Aim saying that now that he has been exposed to his own lies he should no longer be able to use his sphere at all, thus he's defenseless.

Crowe figures out that for Aim this is the worst for him since Aim is a natural liar that can't even face his own lies. Asakim explains that all of the 12 spheres have a case and effect, a strength and a weakness. Asakim also mentions that the Swaying Scales and the Inexhaustible Water Jug get stronger when they're together. Crowe doesn't understand the connection, why should that be the case between the spheres of the Prince and himself?

It's true, that's why the two of them were able to pull out the very essence of Origin Law when they used their spheres in unison. Crowe figures out that Asakim means when Esther was finally returned to human form when they used their spheres. Aim interrupts again and begs not to be removed from the project, the guy is freaking out bad. Asakim than says that it's time to end this and he'll reap Aim's soul for himself now.

Uther appears and says that he wont let Asakim have his way. Marguerite immediately recognizes the Holy Vessel, Esther notices too and calls out for the Prince. Uther ignores the womanfolk and says that he can't forgive Aim for ruining Insalaum for his own selfish desires. As the King of Insalaum he will now render judgement upon Aim! Uther than fatally strikes Aim down who screams in agony, even Crowe feels bad for him as Aim dies.

Uther muses that this is the sphere of the Lying Black Sheep, it's now his. However, this brings him no comfort and he mourns that so many died through Aim's treachery but at least now they can rest in peace now that they have been avenged. Crowe says that Aim has finally bit the bullet, he isn't coming back anymore as he has been beckoned to death's door. Crowe tells that bastard to go on ahead, he'll be seeing him in hell soon enough for his own sins eventually. Besides a world that's only convenient to just Aim isn't allowed anyway and is a grave sin.

Crowe says that Uther has killed Aim and obtained his sphere, the Lying Black Sheep. Asakim takes this time to troll and says that Uther's boundless love for Insalaum gave him the strength to overcome the Lying Black Sheep on his own! To think Uther was able to awaken his sphere because of the Lying Black Sheep, ironic that it would be Uther's sphere that would do the reaping. Uther's compassion is essential to use his power to restore Insalaum but for Uther to bring out such a power he had to bring his country into ruin first. Oh the irony.

Uther questions Asakim's logic that Insalaum was ruined so that it could be rebuilt to give him this power. Asakim says that Insalaum was always doomed, if Aim hadn't done them in than he would have. So really, nothing Uther could have done would have saved Insalaum. Uther hates that and says that Asakim is his enemy as is the one that awakened Asakim when he was stuck in ZONE! Gaioh appears and has been watching the entire battle.

Naturally ZEXIS is surprised to see Gaioh here. It all makes sense now, Asakim didn't escape he was rescued from ZONE by Gaioh. Gaioh says that he saved Asakim because they are comrades. Asakim would love to stay and chat but he says his little squabble with Uther will have to wait another day. For Gaioh would like nothing more than for Uther to struggle a bit longer before he'll let Asakim reap. They than take their leave.

Uther is furious they escaped and wants to kill them both. Esther tries to talk to Uther, her prince, but he ignores her and instead addresses ZEXIS which gets Ryouma wondering if he wants to pick a fight now. Uther goes on to say that they're his enemies and Insalaum will rise up once more and when the time comes they will fight. Esther doesn't want to fight and asks why this has to be! Heero intercedes and says that if Uther is their enemy than they will fight him, even Roger Smith is willing to fight though he demands that Uther see reason! They shouldn't be fighting each other!

ZEXIS agrees that they have much better issues to deal with but Uther isn't relenting and has decided they must fight so that Insalaum can obtain its own future. With that Uther declares war on humanity and takes his leave to prepare for Insalaum's future. Marguerite and Esther are shocked that Uther really went off the deep end and that he really is their enemy. Crowe says that seems to be the case. He than thinks of Aim and how that bastard went out, his death was far too painless for all the lives he ruined.

Relena and Marina are sad that the world has turned out for the worse and the wars seem to have no end in sight despite all their efforts. Sheryl tries to cheer up Relena but her words don't reach her. Even Marina gets depressed which just leaves Sheryl as the only one not on the depression train. Now that's awkward but she doesn't give up on trying to get them to see the bright side of things. Relena eventually cheers up and resolves to continue her good works.

Marina is surprised but Relena is optimistic, she'll do whatever she must for peace. Sheryl is glad Relena is back to her old self as she takes off. Marina wishes she had the strength Relena has but Sheryl tells her that she does. Or does Marina doubt all the good she has already done? Sheryl eventually gets through to Marine who thanks her.

Back aboard Zero's flagship Zero confronts Suzaku. Suzaku says things aren't settled between him and Zero yet. Saji tries to explain that Zero isn't the bad guy here but Suzaku ignores him but says that he will work with ZEXIS. Make no mistake, he isn't working with Zero specifically. Them just being allies now is because of convenience. Zero accepts this and allows Suzaku to stay, Saji though wishes that they would forgive each other already. Kallen says that it'll take time but at least they aren't trying to kill each other anymore. Saji agrees with Kallen telling him not to worry, besides Saji should be trying his best to save Louise which he will succeed at. This brings a smile to Saji's face and he thanks Kallen for her support.

Soma is watching this with Crowe wondering if seeing Zero letting go of such a grudge has changed her way of thinking. Soma denies this and says that she still desires to avenge Sergei. Crowe finds that Soma is being very rude, what's her deal? Alleujah reminds him that Marie still hasn't surfaced again. Crowe knows and he tries to talk Soma out of living for revenge but she rebukes him and leaves. This makes Crowe wonder if she'll ever let go of her hate. Alleujah thanks Crowe for trying with Crowe saying it was nothing. However, Alleujah would like Crowe to keep trying with Crowe saying he'll continue try to bring Marie back out alongside Alleujah, though for his troubles Alleujah will gladly share a drink with him.

Suzaku is still not happy about this arrangement but says that he wont do anything stupid. They than share a moment with them reflecting on Aim's death and the lies he said to try and get them at each others throat. However, Aim wasn't completely lying about how much the two of them have screwed up and the sins they bear. Eventually Suzaku stops being angry as Zero says that he still wants to make that peaceful world that Nunnally desired. Suzaku says he'll help Zero accomplish this which makes Zero happy. He than thinks that Aim did him a favor by exposing their lies so that they could be true with each other. Now things will be different and they'll no longer lie to each other again for they're friends. Now together they will work for a better world.

Stage 52 - Believe in Zero Route

Despite the fact that Uther has pretty much decided that the world is his enemy and has multiple times tried to destroy it with ZONE he has decided to partake in talks with Millardo and his little alliance. Naturally they're suspicious of Uther and question why he would even consider trying to be their allies. Uther scoffs it off that he doesn't need to take their inquiries and if they don't want his help than he'll leave. Millardo decides to humor Uther though he's wary of his intentions.

Uther than takes his leave as Trieze and Schneziel question why Millardo was being so pleasant with Uther. No matter, they will simply look the other way when Uther is involved, since if he desires to oppose ZEXIS than they have a common cause. Speaking of ZEXIS, well Schneziel wants to go deal with them personally. It would be a shame if Uther beat them to the punch after all. Lets not also forget that Schneziel has a new and powerful toy that he would like to use.

Millardo figures out what Schneziel wants to do and surprisingly tells Schneziel that he may do as he pleases. This makes Schneziel happy, though he already planned to do as he pleased whether Millardo approved or not. He already has a plan on drawing out ZEXIS and he can't wait to finally settle things with Zero.

The Black Knights have just detected Schenziel's new weapon is flying around Japan with a large Britannia force and that he has apparently nuked something already. Naturally Zero and Ohgi want to return and deal with this now. The FLEIA alone was deadly, so whatever this weapon is really capable of must be much more potent than just a single FLEIA considering Schneziel is parading it around so openly and apparently has a ton of FLEIAs on hand. Even Suzaku is worried about this new weapon and is getting horror visions of when he fired the FLEIA.

However, there may still be time for negotiations. Rakshata says that there's a call on line for Zero. Zero orders her to patch it through and it's Schneziel who is glad to see Lelouch and wonders if he has been well. While Zero grits his teeth Schneziel goes on to explain the Damocles and just how potent it is, it can fire FLEIA's at will which are much more destructive than the one fired during the battle for the Tokyo Settlement. Zero deduces that Schneziel has partaken in an alliance with Uther with Schneziel ignoring Zero and and instead tells him to get over to Area 11, they have things to settle.

Zero wonders if Schneziel believes he is the ruler of Britannia now. No, Schneziel has someone else in mind whom Zero knows quite well. Nunnally is than brought to the screen and says that they're her enemies. Zero can't believe that Nunnally is alive and that she will rule Britannia, Schneziel has clearly made her into his pawn. As Suzaku and Zero try and digest this Nunnally reveals that Schneziel saved her. She than goes on to say that the pair lied to her and that this world is better than a one that would be created by Geass now that she knows the truth.

Nunnally than demands to know if her brother became Zero for her sake which Lelouch laughs it off and says that her brother is dead. Nunnally is heartbroken as Zero says that he is only Zero, he isn't her brother and that she's mistaken. Schneziel finds this all cute but cuts the conversation short and tells ZEXIS to either surrender or come face him. Suzaku isn't taking that which amuses Schneziel who says that he expects to see Suzaku and Zero soon enough. Naturally Zero believes this is a trap as Schneziel continues that Zero better not be late and that Nunnally will be waiting.

The Black Knights than proceed to panic and have no idea what to do about this. Zero calls for C.C. and asks why she didn't tell him that Nunnally was alive. C.C. explains that she cannot sense those that have no connection to Geass, so she wasn't hiding anything from Zero. Viletta than comes in and says that Nunnally must have been rescued soon after the FLEIA was fired and was kept hidden until she could prove useful.

Sayoko enters and is worried for Lelouch who wants to get Nunnally back. Sayoko goes on to explain what really happened when she was sent to save Nunnally back during the battle of Tokyo Settlement, she was rightly had than and it was at this time Nunnally was taken away. Zero rationalizes that Schenziel is lying to Nunnally but he has used her most effectively to get to him! Jeremiah intercedes and says he'll aid Zero, though the sight of two siblings fighting sickens him.

Sayoko wonders if Jeremiah will perform which he says he will and if she doubts him she can come observe, Sayoko even considers doing just that. Pretty much Sayoko and Jeremiah are flirting with each other and are trying to see who can serve their master better. Despite what Zero has said earlier the thought of fighting his beloved sister is still hard for him to accept and he is clearly shaken. Suzaku tells Zero to get his head out of the gutter, they can't just let things remain as they stand!

Just because Nunnally is alive doesn't change that Zero promised he would change the world with ZEXIS! Suzaku is not going to let Zero back down from his oath! So this changes nothing, they have to continue on if they're ever going to change this rotten world, so Zero needs to continue lying until his lies have become the truth! Zero says he needs time to think and retires to his room. C.C. thinks Suzaku was being too harsh but he instead tells C.C. that he's the sword and asks if C.C. can be Zero's shield, she says that she will do that.

Milly is glad to see Rivalz who has brought pizza for Nina. Nina is being hidden by Milly because she developed FLEIA, Milly goes to ask Nina if her views on ZEXIS have changed. Nina admits that she was wrong about ZEXIS though she never expected that so many would want to obtain her because she developed FLEIA. Milly and Rivalz are glad to hear that and don't blame Nina for FLEIA, she didn't know its full capabilities and she's still their friend. Nina wonders what ZEXIS will do with Milly saying they'll surely come.

Nina suspects that Schneziel has removed the limiter on FLEIA, clearly Schneziel intends to see this through to the bitter end no matter how many must die. Milly is shocked as Nina explains that the FLEIA is capable of so much more but Milly tells her not to worry about that stuff anymore, they'll keep her safe. Shirley than comes in and greets her old friends, naturally Milly and Rivalz are shocked to see that Shirley is well and still here after the FLEIA dropping.

Shirley says that she's here because she believes in Lulu and Rolo who're fighting for everyone and will surely put everything to right. She also doesn't blame Nina and instead tries to cheer her up. Rivalz than starts to wish that all their old friends were here. Shirley agrees with Rivalz thinking back to the good times with Nunally, sexy Kallen, and than he goes on to name all of their friends. Milly asks of Lelouch with Shirley saying that he's out there doing great things.

Milly wonders if Shirley ever made good with with Lelouch which embarrasses Shirley. Milly apologizes and instead goes back to comforting Nina. Lloyd than appears and says that he has been looking everywhere for his lovely apprentice Nina! Milly is shocked to see Lloyd though Nina is furious. Cecile tells Nina to calm her nerves, they have just come to retrieve her upon Suzaku's request since there's something only she can do...

At the battlefield is Gino who hates what has happened. Anya asks if he's okay which he brushes it off and tries to act like his old carefree self. Of course Anya can read him like a book and knows he's lying. Bismarck tells them to settle down, ZEXIS is almost here. They must now avenge their late lord. Gino though thinks that this is all wrong but if he has to fight than so be it. Anya than says they're here and ZEXIS arrives.

The battle around Mt. Fuji begins! Ohgi explains just what's at stake here and their battlefield objectives with ZEXIS wondering where the heck Schneziel is. He's clearly planning something but ZEXIS is doubtful he'll make a difference and that they just need to trash the Britannian forces until he rears his handsome sexiness. Thus they will all follow Zero! C.C. on the other hand asks what's with her KMF, why did the repaired Lancelot get painted pink? Rakshata asks if C.C. doesn't like it, no C.C. is fine with a pink Lancelot... It's cute. Heero informs Zero that he should be prepared for any of Schneziel's tricks. Zero is well aware of that though he's more concerned about saving Nunnally, though right now he has a battle to win and orders the attack!

At the start of the enemy phase everyone talks about how dire everything is and that they need to be careful not hitting Mt. Fuji. Xingke turns to Zero to help with Morale issues which Zero just tells everyone to focus on the battle, forget about Mt. Fuji.

When Anya is defeated her head hurts and Suzaku worries for her health. Anya becomes confused and tries to retreat but Jeremiah will have none of that and says that he will be her opponent. Jeremiah and Anya than square off with Anya damaging his KMF but Jeremiah is a man of HONOR! Despite his KMF being trashed he launches himself on the Mordred and says that he is Jeremiah Gottwald! Anya says she has no memories so she doesn't mind dying, Jeremiah than figures out that she's a victim of Geass too and activates his Geass Canceller. Anya starts to remember who she is and retreats, though if Jeremiah isn't deployed he takes Anya off the battlefield. Suzaku worries for Anya as Zero gets him back on track.

Kallen tells Gino that he's fighting on the wrong side, when will he see that what he's doing isn't helping anyone? Gino is but a pawn, but Gino tells Kallen to silence herself and fight him instead so that they can settle things between them. Kallen says that she will gladly put Gino in his place and show him just how wrong he is about anything!

Gino encounters Suzaku and demands to know why he has betrayed everyone when he was the one that most desired to fight! Suzaku tells Gino that he's the sword of Zero and he has decided that this is the path that he must walk, though they needn't fight! Gino thinks that Suzaku is quite the hypocrite and says he fights because it's what his heart desires but Suzaku yells at Gino that he will open his eyes with force if need be!

Bismarck is glad to see Suzaku again, he always wanted to see who was the better fighter between the two of them. Not to mention that this gives him a chance to avenge the late Charles. Though he suspected that Suzaku would always betray Britannia with Suzaku saying he could care less what Bismarck thinks, he's the sword of Zero and he'll change this world into the one Euphiemia desired! Bismarck tells him to come at him than, he wants to see that resolve in action!

When Gino is defeated he actually is quite glad, they were all strong opponents. He wants to see the type of world they're trying to create and this is the last time he'll oppose them. Suzaku gets all teary eyed with Gino telling him to continuing walking down the path he has chosen. As he leaves Kallen says that Gino has finally understood and maybe isn't a thickheaded idiot after all.

Bismark can't believe he's defeated, he has Geass and he was the one chosen by Charles himself! He has failed and all he can do is beg the deceased Charles to forgive him as he dies. Suzaku is glad that bastard is finally dead as is Zero who comments on Bismarck's loyalty and that Charles wasn't worthy of such a mans service.

With that the initial Britannian forces are defeated and Tamaki wants to celebrate. Zero tells Tamaki that things aren't over, stop trying to throw everyone off with his antics! Ohgi than informs Zero that something is happening, Zero demands to know what it is. Rakshata says that it's Mt. Fuji. Sure enough Mt. Fuji starts to explode which shocks Toudou and Zero. Kallen can't believe such a simple of Japan was destroyed so easily, Suzaku figures that Sakurite mined within was used to detonate it. Akagi and Toudou than say that enemy forces are arriving.

It's Schneziel who has brought along Insalaum forces lead by Marilyn. Schneziel apologizes for keeping Lelouch waiting, he still needed time to fully prepare the Damocles. Zero waves his fist angrily at Schneziel while Tamaki despairs at the loss of Mt. Fuji and that Schneziel brought a huge force. Schneziel is glad to announce that he's in bed with Insalaum which gets Crowe and Marguerite agitated at the sight of Marilyn.

Marilyn is cheerful to see Crowe once more since they haven't fought for quite awhile. It's also nice to see the Pear Nail since the Pearl Fang is its sister unit. Marguerite can't believe that Marilyn was given so much power with Marilyn wondering if she's just jealous. Esther is angry that Marilyn would berate Marguerite so, Marilyn though is happy to see Esther - the little Kitten. Just before Esther was a mere pet but this is better since now she can finally make Esther suffer!

Schneziel is enjoying the show but it must end, he tells Nunnally to use the FLEIA. Nunnally decides that she must take up the burdens of the world and fires it. ZEXIS is surprised that the Damocles really can fire FLEIA at will. Schneziel wonders if they'll surrender now that they've seen the power of Damcoles first hand. Suzaku says screw that, he'll dismantle that monstrosity himself! Schneziel says they're more than welcome to try which ZEXIS says they will!

Cornelia comes in and asks why Nunnally is firing the FLEIA, Schneziel says that this is what Nunnally desires which Nunnally says that Schneziel speaks the truth. If she's to change the world than she must not be afraid to pull the trigger. Schneziel is awed by her as she goes on to explain that she wont shy away from this responsibility. Schneziel than tells her that the next FLEIA is prepared, all she needs to do is pull the trigger.

Watching Nunnally being used in such a way makes Cornelia uneasy which Schneziel notices and asks if she has a problem with his methods. What Schneziel is doing will ensure that the world Euphiemia desires will become a reality. Cornelia asks if he intends to subjugate the world through fear with Schneziel saying that peace is an illusion. If millions must die for peace than the people would gladly accept it so isn't that for the best? Besides, would she prefer the other method? Cornelia knows that he means what Zero is trying to do.

No matter, Cornelia can't stand for this which disappoints Schneziel who tells her that it's too late to change her mind at this stage. Cornelia wants to resist but she's in no position to stop Schneziel who orders her to behave. Diethard says that Schneziel was magnificent which pisses Cornelia off. Of course Dithard ignores her and says that he will catch the death of Zero on video, this is history and the world will change! Cornelia decides that she will take her chances but Schneziel orders Kanon to detain Cornelia. As she's lead out he bids Cornelia farewell.

Zero isn't happy with Schneziel's methods but he merely says that he's doing what's needed. The world he desires will be a peaceful one and there's nothing that they can do to stop Damocles. Zero rally's ZEXIS and orders them to stop Damocles before it's too late. Crowe and co. voice their support for Zero and how they're going to kick the crap out of Schneziel. Zero is surprised that they truly have that much faith in him. Kallen tells Zero to concentrate, they'll make an opening for him! Zero wises up and declares that Schneziel will fall this day, the world he desires will never become a reality!

Kallen is furious that Schneziel has gone so far for his own desires, so many people have died because of him! Schneziel doesn't deny that sacrifices must be made though he questions why the pilot of the Guren holds such a close relationship with Lelouch considering he has lied and used her for his own ends. This pisses Kallen off who says that she will always believe in Zero and he would never understand what drives her! Now he will pay for all his sins!

Schneziel is surprised that even Suzaku has decided to join forces with Zero considering it was Zero that has caused many of the misfortunes in this world. Suzaku tells Schneziel that he cannot approve of his methods. This amuses Schenziel considering those words are coming from Suzaku. Suzaku doesn't take that and swears he'll stop Schneziel for how little value he places upon human life to achieve his own desires!

Lelouch has finally reached Schneziel who mentions that Lelouch has come a long way since he set out to liberate Japan. Zero again states that Lelouch vi Britannia is dead, it's Zero that will defeat him today! Schneziel apologizes for that error though he's doubtful that Damocles can be defeated by the likes of him. Zero says that he isn't fighting alone, ZEXIS is here to help him prevail! Schneziel will now pay for throwing this world into turmoil and for using a weapon such as Damcoles!

Crowe catches up to Marilyn and says that they'll settle everything today. Marilyn is surprised that Crowe seems so serious, that still doesn't change that he doesn't stand a chance against her. Though it's fine if he wants to play, she could use a bit of exercise as she humiliates Crowe. Of course Crowe doesn't like that one bit but Marilyn says that if he's really serious than he should show her, she would love to see him in action once more.

Upon her defeat she says that this was all fun and she'll leave Japan to them now. Esther tells Marilyn to wait, she isn't going anywhere! Marilyn would love to stay and play with the little kitten but she has more important things to do. Though don't think this is the last they'll see of her, she'll be sure to pay them all back next time! She than flees with Crowe being amused that she used such an excuse to cover her defeat.

The Damocles is defeated but Schneziel orders them to retreat a bit, Rakshata says that he's going to fire another FLEIA with Lelouch ordering Suzaku to come with him now, this is their chance! Saji freaks out and wonders what they're doing. Schneziel admires Lelouch's bravery but it's pointless as he fires FLEIA. Kallen freaks out as Nina phones and explains to Zero how to stop the FLEIA, it'll give them a very small time frame to board the Damocles! Lelouch uses her information to stop FLEIA and orders Suzaku to take out the deactivated FLEIA.

ZEXIS is confused as hell, FLEIA can be stopped after it's launched?! Schneziel comments that they have him in a pretty tight situation now, but they can't hope to pierce the shield around Damocles. Ohgi says screw that and rams his ship through and makes an opening. Suzaku can't believe Ohgi just did that but Zero orders him to get onto Damcoles now since this is their chance! They than enter with Kallen saying the rest is up to them.

Kanon says that Zero has entered Damocles! Schneziel comments that Lelouch has defied his expectations and that with the help of ZEXIS he has forced him on the last legs of his plans but he desires to meet with Lelouch one last time. Kanon doesn't like that but Schneziel says that he would never put his life on the line without a back up plan. Deithard agrees, he would like to catch this on video.

Schneziel welcomes Zero aboard the Damocles with Zero asking why he didn't abandoned the Damocles. Diethard interrupts and says this is golden, the defeat and death of Zero will make many headlines! As Nunnally remains silent Schneziel and Zero than have a friendly chat with how Schneziel is screwing up the world, Zero seems unable to act because Nunnally is here. Kanon says that Zero has lost and that this is the world that everyone desires with Diethard catching this all on film, the fall of Zero! Zero than shoots his camera, he isn't in the mood for Diethard's antics.

Kanon freaks out and says that Nunnally is here, she'll get hurt if he doesn't put that gun down! Even Schneziel can't believe that Lelouch is undeterred, surely his plan to put Nunnally between them should have worked! Diethard says that the world doesn't need Zero, why wont he just die already! As he rants on he gets told to shut his mouth be Zero, he's tired of hearing his inane rambling and shoots at him again.

Zero isn't here to be made a joke of, he's here to put an end to their little tea party! Schneziel can't believe that Zero is not acting as he predicted, Zero says that Schneziel was always the arrogant fool that never placed himself in any situations where he can lose! Well he's going to lose today! Schneziel tries to collect himself with Kanon telling him to get out of here. Zero wont have that! Schneziel has too much to answer for, and Zero must know if Schneziel planned to use Damocles to rule the world!

No, Schneziel doesn't want to rule. A man like him couldn't, instead he wants to change the world so that the peace everyone desires can become a reality. Zero states that Schneziel only desires to paralyze everyone into the present while he desires the future. Schneziel says that the future leads to ambition and suffering and that he should just kill him already than, Zero says that people will always rebel against such things! With that he detonates a bomb and says that ZEXIS will change the world, one that will strive for the future! Just than Suzaku, Jeremiah, and Rolo all rush in to support Zero. Diethard can't believe that Zero planned for ZEXIS aiding him within Damcocles all along, he was stalling til they arrived!

Zero says that he doesn't need to rely on just himself anymore. Schneziel is impressed and finally addresses Lelouch as only Zero. However, Schneziel isn't defeated yet but Zero still refuses to use Geass on him and instead tries to convince Schneziel that he's wrong. They than talk in great detail of their battles in Japan and that it's an example of people defying fate and forging their own future. Schneziel laughs and since they're the exception but he's feeling the burn. Nunnally isn't, she swears that she will fire FLEIA to make a world without Geass.

Zero orders Jeremiah to detain a surprised Schneziel and to get him out of here which Jeremiah accepts. Schneziel demands to know what Lelouch is planning, that's something Schneziel wouldn't understand. For he can't even get it right that the person before him is Zero, the creator of Miracles! This is Schneziel's last chance, he can still put his talents to creating that peace everyone desires the right way. Schneziel finally relents, he admits that he cannot defeat such a bold foe after all and allows Jeremiah to escort him out.

This was unexpected by Zero who is glad that he was able to convince Schneziel to walk another path without needing to resort to using Geass. Diethard on the other hand can't believe that Zero has ruined everything! It was all so perfect, yet because of him everything is ruined! Zero can only pity Diethard, the poor fool was become a victim of his own devices. However, a man of such talents needn't die! Diethard needs to realize that his little gambit is over, it isn't too late to turn over a new leaf!

Diethard can't comprehend the idea of working with Zero once more and instead flees in madness, Zero apologizes for using Diethard who honestly wanted to believe in Zero. It seems that Diethard is just another victim of his lies. All that's left is Nunnally who asks for her big brother. Zero tells her that her big brother isn't here, the one that has come for her is Zero. Nunnally doesn't buy it, she knows her brother.

Nunnally than opens her eyes and wonders if this is what a murderer forged by the lies of Geass looks like. Zero can't believe that Nunnally broke through Geass and opened her eyes, he had intended to use his Geass on her just for that purpose! Though now he knows that would have been wrong. As Zero is dazed Nunnally says that her brother has no right to change the world because he has manipulated the hearts of many through Geass and the lie that is Zero.

Zero asks Nunnally if she would prefer a future ruled by fear and where Assassins could kill without restraint? Is that really the world that anyone would desire? Nunnally replies that she never asked him to do any of that, she would have been happy had he just remained her brother! That's impossible! Zero and Nunnally than enter a long discussion on what the people truly desire, who has the right to rule, the sin of Geass, and that Nunnally never wanted any of this.

Eventually Nunnally says that things could have been different, Japan could have been changed without the sin that is Geass if people just tried! Zero thinks that Nunnally is indeed too gentle for this world, he now understands that they can never embark upon the same path. Nunnally than tells Zero to to stay back when he approaches, if he gets too close she will fire the FLEIA! Zero decides that he will have to use Geass on her after all though it pains him.

Euphiemia than appears from the shadows and orders Zero and Nunnally to stop this nonsense. Suzaku and Zero can't believe who it really is. Euphiemia seems to be alive after all, though she's no longer under the Geass command of Zero. Suzaku wants nothing more to embrace Euphiemia but she thinks that they cannot be together and though it pains her this must be the case for the good of the world.... Euphiemia tells Suzaku that he has betrayed Britannia and is no longer her Knight. Cornelia is agrees with Euphiemia and she suspects that Schneziel is the one that saved her.

Again that man hiding supposedly dead girls and only letting them go free when it benefits his own devices. Euphiemia fights back tears since she knows her words would hurt Suzaku, instead Suzaku is glad that Euphiemia has understood the path he has chosen and gives his thanks. He thinks that he'll work hard to make the world she desires from the shadows. Cornelia wonders if the appearance of Euphiemia will stop Nunnally and Lelouch from opposing each other. She knows all too well what it's like to lose a treasured sibling.

Zero says that he understands the desires of Euphiemia with Euphiemia thinking that Lelouch can change the world for better as he has shown with Japan. However, Zero can't believe Euphiemia lives and that he was about to make the same mistake he did with her with Nunnally. This is the only way but he wonders if Nunnally would ever forgive him. As Nunnally threatens to push the button she's stopped by Rolo's Geass.

Rolo says that he cannot allow this to happen, he knows how much Nunnally means to his big brother. Thus he will not let his big brother use Geass on Nunnally, that will be his sin instead. Zero thanks Rolo as he goes to retrieve the trigger. As he approaches Nunnally he comments that she tried to shoulder the worlds burdens on her shoulders and truly she's too gentle. Though seeing her resolve has finally made him accept the path he will forever be forced to walk.

Now Nunnally needn't be burden by such things and that he cannot stand by her side anymore. He tells Nunnally that he loves her as Rolo releases his Geass. Nunnally comes to and thinks that Zero has Geassed her into handing over the trigger. Zero says that the trigger is now his! The world will now be changed by Zero! Zero than escapes and asks if everyone is accounted for. Tamaki says that he believes so. Suzaku notices that Diethard isn't anywhere to be found.

Zero figures out that Diethard is still on the Damocles! Diethard says that he will now pull the trigger, he cannot live in such a world that's created through Geass and lies! Zero tries to talk him out of it, this is madness! Rakshata says that the Damocles seems to be unstable, should they take it down before it uses its FLEIA's? Zero gives the command to fire upon the Damocles and Diethard dies in the explosion. ZEXIS can't believe that he had such suicidal tendencies, what a madman!

Whatever the case ZEXIS deals with the fact that Damocles is defeated and everyone breaths a sigh of relief that this event is now all behind them. Amuro can't help but pity Diethard, his desire for the truth seemed to have driven him mad. No matter, the mission is now complete.

Millardo is in space now, he has just watched the entire events t hat occurred in Japan. It seems Schneziel was only full of hot air after all. Millardo has also managed to obtain the scientist that created the Gundams. Knowing Millardo they aren't here of their own free will and are instead working on his little projects. The scientists say that ZEXIS will surely come to defeat White Fang but the leader tells them all to shut up.

Of course ZEXIS coming after them isn't all bad, Millardo would love nothing more than to settle things between them to see who has the right to guide humanity. Besides, he always intended to get their attention anyway. As the scientists pose their own questions on why Millardo is doing this they're interrupted by Dorothy who has brought a pretty angry Relena. The situation than turns awkward as the siblings haven't seen each other in a long time...

Stage 53 - Believe in Zero Route

Esther is surprised that Schneziel actually surrendered and seems to be willing to try and make amends for all the trouble he has given everyone. ZEXIS agrees but they'll keep him in check should he do anything stupid again. As for Nunnally, she has pretty much been given the task of ruling Britannia alongside Euphiemia, Cornelia, and Schneziel. This is for the best and Kouji says that he's glad for Suzaku that Euphiemia is alive.

However, Suzaku isn't all happy over this and Esther asks what's wrong? Shouldn't this be good news? Alto isn't a fool and figures out that because Suzaku has decided to work with Zero of his own free will he's pretty much a traitor. Kallen suspects this as well, serving Zero to change the world has its costs. Even Shinn can't help but feel bad for Suzaku, though it is surprising that Shinn was able to deduce the truth just as fast as the others. Kouji not so much.

Esther doesn't really understand what's really going on here but sees nothing wrong with anything since Suzaku can still do good no matter where he is. Kallen is surprised and tries to silence Esther since she doesn't understand. Suzaku says that it's okay, Esther is right. Saji wonders if this means Suzaku is remaining with Zero, Suzaku says that he'll stay here and try and make a better world for everyone.

Saji is glad that Suzaku is going to work with Zero from now on but he understands how hard it is on him that he can't be by Euphiemia's side after learning she's still alive. Shinn is also glad that Suzaku no longer holds a grudge against Zero and is sticking around. Kouji of course still doesn't understand the situation but he's happy regardless. Kallen wonders what the two friends(Zero and Suzaku) can't do together and is glad they seem to have gotten over their little dispute. Esther than interrupts everyone's thoughts and once again is overly optimistic about Suzaku being around. As far as she's concerned everything will work out just fine.

Kallen once more tries to get Esther to quiet down, Esther is confused over Kallen's reaction. What did she do wrong? That's just like her, at least Alto believes. Esther can't help but take offense to what he means by that, in fact what "does" he mean by that! Saji takes this moment to ask if Kallen has dealt with her own situation but Kallen tells Saji to be quiet. Kouji chimes in that he can't wait to see Euphiemia, so when are they all going to go meet her again? Alto tells Kouji to shut up, that was just messed up!

Esther has no idea what's going on but she doesn't like that Alto is being rude to Kouji, he was only expressing his desire to meet with an old friend! Suzaku can't help but smile over their antics which Saji notices. Suzaku says that it's okay. As Kouji remains in ignorance Kallen brings up Euphiemia and that she has a huge task ahead of her. Alto says that Suzaku will have to do his part to support her which he says he will.

Noin than enters and says that White Fang is now on the move. Naturally the Wing boys don't like where this is going. Heero of course says that Zechs/Millardo is his enemy and the Wing Boys all agree that they must destroy this Libra. Noin than says that Relena has gone to White Fang. Heero hides his feelings, though its obvious to everyone else that he's worried which Trowa points out. Duo is surprised that Trowa has the balls to say something like that in front of Heero considering Heero has a habit of "silencing" people.

Zero approaches Quattro whom is conflicted since he used to be a part of White Fang. Quattro is worried but he isn't going to be betraying them over this. That's good and with Schneziel now working towards a real peace after his defeat it frees Zero up to actually deal with this threat. Zero and Quattro than exchange banter over the White Fang subject. Quattro also has a good idea what they plan to do with such a weapon and he tells Zero he'll help him take it down at all costs.

Dorothy didn't expect for Relena to come here on her own free will. Though what did Relena think she could do coming here? Millardo has already made his own mind up upon this matter. Relena still wanted to try but Dorothy questions the use of doing such things. Dorothy than explains that Millardo is doing this so that humanity will finally lose its appetite for war, so there's nothing Relena can do to convince him off this course.

However, Relena could kill Millardo if she disagrees with him that much. Relena states that assassination is never the way towards peace with Dorothy saying that pacifism has no place here, her way will not put an end to this war. With that Dorothy angrily storms out, Relena can't help but feel sorry for Dorothy. Millardo than enters, he questions why she's here. Relena asks her brother if he has any shame for baring the Peacecraft name and bloodying himself in so much blood and military power.

Millardo is willing to shoulder such things, besides the world has shown how rotten it can be. What he's doing will ensure that there's peace. Relena counters that everyone should just stop trying to kill each other with their weapons and work towards peace through dialogue. Millardo questions how that would even work out but Relena says that she's Relena Peacecraft, she will follow her views of absolute pacifism to the last.

Millardo tells Relena that her pacifism isn't needed now, though she has grown quite strong. Her kindness will be needed after the fighting is over, he doesn't want her to lose that. Relena asks if it's her beloved brother that's comforting her or that blood stained Zechs. Millardo apologizes but he must leave because ZEXIS has finally arrived. As he leaves to prepare for battle Relena can only beg for him to come back.

ZEXIS is surprised when they finally see Libra up close and that colony, it's freaking huge! The Mobile Doll army than appears to confront ZEXIS though Zechs is nowhere to be seen. The Zeuth guys have seen this kind of thing already and say they can't let something like this come to pass. Zero is surprised by their resolution. Quattro has faith in Zero and Amuro and him banter over what Zechs really is trying to do, colony drop for EVERYONE!

Heero moves on his own ahead of the others which surprises Duo and Quatre, though they figure it's because of Relena. Lock-On says that he can understand the desire to go after your girl, even Crowe says that this is fine. Guess the two men can safely give their approve considering they have experience with being reckless for their women(Anew, Esther). Duo gives up and instead decides to dot on his woman, Hilde, who says he can count on her. Noin than tells Heero to go on ahead, go save Relena!

Tieria tells Heero where he can enter the colony, Setsuna says that they'll make an opening for Heero to get there so he needn't worry. Kallen goes further and says that Heero better get his ass moving and he better save Relena. Heero acknowledges his mission. Meanwhile Trieze, Mr.Bushido, and Millardo are sitting in Libra. They have decided to see what ZEXIS is capable of before launching on their own, so come at them!

Marguerite wants to do just that because they may know something about her Prince's whereabouts. Crowe rightly guesses that's why she's being reckless but he tells her to stay focused. Marguerite still can't help but worry for her Prince though, she wants to see him again. Sumeragi tells everyone to cover Heero so he can reach Libra, Heero than thinks of Relena. Poor guy really needs to just tie the knot already.

At the start of the enemy phase everyone freaks out over the Mobile Dolls, Libra(Where they suspect the leaders are at), and that giant colony which seems to be moving on its own closer towards earth. Naturally ZEXIS decides they need to speed up their efforts and it's up to Sumeragi to get everyone back on focus, Trieze wonders if this is for the best, Millardo informs him that humanity must suffer the gravest of atrocities if it's to ever move on beyond war. That is the sole reason Libra exists.

Heero reaches the point and thinks that Relena needs to only wait a bit longer for him. Feldt confirms that Heero has reached the point and entered the colony. Sumeragi tells everyone to finish clearing up the White Fang forces, Noin wishes Heero luck in saving her Lady.

Libra is defeated but that doesn't phase Zechs, his plans will still go through. Trieze doesn't seem to be into this as much while Mr.Bushido goes full on samurai code, seems he's ready to take his own life. Aboard the colony is Relena whom is surprised to see that Heero has come for her. Heero says that he has come to get her out of here, Relena replies that she came here for a reason. That's fine, but her being here has made everyone, even him, worry for her.

Relena is surprised that Heero is worried for her, but she says she can't leave until she has had a chance to speak to her brother once more. If her words can end his rampant crusade than she still has to try, Heero decides that Relena may accompany him than. Besides, there are some things Heero would like to ask Zechs himself. Relena says that Heero is something else but he makes no note of it. Instead Relena presses that he has given her the strength she needs but he says that he's nothing in comparison to her, he can only fight while she can change the world.

As they share a moment they're interrupted by Lady Une whom both are surprised to see. She asks why they're here with Heero saying he'll put an end to all this on his own. When Relena protests he tells Relena that she has done enough and that her role in all this is over as Relena is escorted out by Lady Une. Heero than escapes and when pressed he says that he has taken care of everything, now all there's left to do is destroy Libra. Of course the Quinze will have nothing of that, ZEXIS figures out he plans to drop Libra on earth as a last ditch effort.

Doctor J. than appears and explains what White Fang is trying to do with Libra, to restart Operation Meteor. Naturally Lelouch calls BS on this and says that this wont make peace for anyone, instead it'll just make people hate each other even more. Professor G agrees and says that they wont let Quinze have his way. Quinze berates them and says that his way will bring about the true Operation Meteor and than humanity will finally progress, Doktor S says that isn't something anyone can be sure of and they aren't willing to bet on it.

Quinze can't believe they're trying to modify Operation Meteor yet again, had the Gundam pilots done as was originally planned than everything would be better! They'll die if they oppose him! Instructor H thinks nothing of it, besides haven't they all lived long enough? Master O agrees that this is the least they can do. Quinze again tries to convince them to stop but Doctor J tells him that the Gundams were more than enough already. Doctor J explains to Heero what the Zero System is and that it was originally planned to be used in unison with the Twin Drive System.

In fact the scientists used to be members of Celestial Being but due to a disagreement they left the organization along with their work. Ian takes this moment to freak out, the thought of the Zero System and the Twin Drive System working in unison together makes him soil his pants in joy. Professor G explains that they built a flaw into Libra which they'll use to bring it down. Doctor J tells Heero and Setsuna that they're in charge of their legacy now and not to misuse those systems. With that out of the way they proceed to put their finishing touches on dismantling Libra.

Quinze screams for them to stop interfering with Operation Meteor but Doctor J tells him they have no intention of such things and tells Professor G to press the button. Libra than explodes and the scientists all die alongside Quinze. Duo is surprised those old men died like that and Libra is really gone. Trowa pays his respects but Quatre is sad, Wufei says that they made their own decision and they should respect their sacrifice. As Quatre mourns Wufei quickly says that it isn't over. Crowe wonders what he means and Wufei says that they aren't dead!

Sure enough Trieze, Mr.Bushido, and Millardo appear with a small force. Wufei wants to fight Trieze, Heero wants to settle things with Millardo/Zechs, and Setsuna wishes that Mr.Bushido would stop stalking him already. Mr.Bushido gives his little samurai speech and says that today is really the day that they'll settle things between Gundam and himself. So he swears upon his HONOR! Millardo takes this moment to congratulate ZEXIS for forcing his hand. Trieze doesn't mind, he prefers fighting his battles personally anyway.

ZEXIS demands to know why they relied upon something like Libra with Trieze saying it's for the greater good. Amuro isn't buying it, too many people would die. Millardo says that it doesn't matter how many die, if he succeeds than there will be peace. Suzaku knows this quite well and doesn't like it one bit. Trieze wonders if they have the balls to back up their words, ZEXIS says they do and they will not let White Fang have its way.

Millardo asks how Libra is doing and if he can count on Trieze, Trieze says that it's pretty much wrecked and he can count on his support. No matter, Millardo tells them the conditions to attain peace and that his actions will lead to total pacifism. Wufei says they're wrong which shocks Esther. Ignoring the fact that he was rudely interrupted he continues that so many have died because of them, they had no right to drag so many people into their little conflict! Trieze finds this amusing but Millardo says that they had to involve as many people as possible.

Setsuna doesn't agree with either Trieze or Millardo and they're being foolish. Heero agrees, Millardo asks if he intends to fight him than. Heero says he does, activates the Zero System, and says that he will fight for the world Relena desires to create. Millardo comments that the Zero System is the perfect foe and than activates his Epyon System in response. He than tells Heero to come fight him as does Trieze who wants ZEXIS to go all out. Millardo says that this will decide everything! Wufei sets his sights on Trieze as Heero looks to Zechs/Millardo.

Mr.Bushido finally encounters Gundam, it's time to fight! Setsuna yells that they don't have to fight, they already understand each other! That changes nothing, if anything is has made Mr.Bushido want to defeat Gundam even more now that he knows the pilot! So there's no running away, today they will settle things! GUNDAM! Setsuna yells that if he wants to fight than so be it!

Wufei encounters Trieze who is glad they can fight again. Wufei demands that Trieze answers his questions which Trieze decides he will. Turns out Wufei wants to know why Trieze didn't kill him back than. Trieze replies that he couldn't kill one of the few that understands him. This catches Wufei off guard as Trieze asks him to please do put up a good fight. Wufei decides that this changes nothing and he has to defeat Trieze!

Quattro meets his old friend Trieze, Trieze says they were so much alike though he suspected they would become enemies one day. Quattro says that he isn't like Trieze, he's Quattro. No matter their past friendship he cannot allow Trieze to have his way!

Noin and Millardo have a moment, Noin says she no longer has any doubts and will fight her beloved Zechs. Today it will be ZEXIS that prevails, his way is simply not the right one! Millardo is impressed and says that Noin better not expect any mercy from him than.

Quattro runs into Millardo who is also his old friend. At one time he even agreed with Millardo's views. Millardo laughs and says that this was inevitable, the Epyon System already showed him that Quattro would have betrayed him and that they would fight here today. Quattro says that there were friends but he can no longer approve of Millardo's methods. Millardo tells Quattro to not hold back than, they'll see which of them will prevail today!

Heero moves to fight Millardo who has been waiting for Heero, they still haven't settled things between them. Heero asks why Millardo still chooses to oppose the world Relena is trying to create with Millardo saying that this isn't time for small talk! Instead if Heero disagrees with him so greatly than he should prove who's the one on the right through battle! Heero sees that Millardo can't be convinced and marks Millardo as his target for elimination.

Trieze is thankful for the great battle, they all fought well. ZEXIS is confused as Trieze continues that he couldn't have asked for better opponents. He than explains his philosophy on war with Wufei yelling that he's being irresponsible, Trieze is not getting away until they settle things! Wufei chases after Trieze and says that they'll now settle things which Trieze doesn't mind at all. Trieze wonders why Wufei isn't fighting with all his weapons, Wufei wants a fair battle between them! Wufei than demands to know if Trieze knows how many people have died for him! Trieze says he knows and gives Wufei an accurate number.

Wufei is shocked as Trieze says that he always remembers those that have died for his battles. He than tells Wufei to attack already, or does he lacks the balls? Wufei charges Trieze who doesn't resist, Trieze than says that Wufei got him good. Wufei demands to know why Trieze didn't defend himself, why did he let him win!? Trieze says that Wufei is his only friend, he also says that he was glad that he could fight against the Gundams and ZEXIS.

Trieze addresses Quattro and tells him not to make the same mistakes he has which gets Quattro all teary eyed. As he dies Trieze apologizes to Millardo, his old friend. Quattro silently mourns the passing of Trieze as Wufei has a nervous breakdown, this was not how he wanted to win! Millardo says he will honor the memory of Trieze and that his old friend can rest easy now. By honor he means he'll avenge Trieze through battle!

Mr.Bushido is defeated and is glad that he finally could settle things with Gundam at long last. With that he accepts his defeat and makes no attempt to escape as his mecha explodes. Toudou remarks that a great man has now passed on, Mr Bushido was a most worthy warrior who lived with honor and thus Toudou respectfully bids farewell. Setsuna understands, though he suspects this isn't the last he'll see of the man behind the mask.

Upon his defeat Millardo moves away from the Colony and states that he will bring about peace through his actions which surprises Noin. Heero tells Millardo that he's just like Trieze, he uses the weak yet never does anything to help them. Millardo says the strong make the weak and to attain peace humanity must disarm and fully taste the horrors of war! Heero explains that he hates the weak because they fear attack, can't trust anyone, and have no opinion of their own. However... They too are weak! Millardo says that he isn't weak and he'll prove it!

Heero says that Millardo is wrong and he will end it between them. Millardo isn't convinced and has no intention of dying. Heero says that humanity is already moving towards peace on their own, why can't Millardo see that? Millardo refuses to believe and instead tells Heero to draw his beam saber and fight him, they than clash. The end results shocks Millardo who wonders why Heero hasn't killed him. Heero says that Relena would be sad if he killed Millardo.

Finally Millardo understands that he was wrong, he than says a strong heart will be needed for peace - a heart like Heero's. However, don't think Millardo will die here today! He announces that he will live to the bitter end and they will meet again one day. Heero can only look on as the Epyon explodes, he says he looks forward to the day they'll meet again.

With that Libra and White Fang are destroyed, mission accomplished. Just than Lady Une appears and says she recorded the entire battle to show the world what ZEXIS is really trying to do. ZEXIS is surprised but Lady Une says through this battle humanity has started to unite together. Quattro suspects the truth which Lady Une confirms that this was what Trieze and Millardo truly desired, they had no intention of winning.

Lady Une explains that all of this was to get humanity to hate White Fang and to get humanity to enter dialogues towards peace. The alliance with Uther and Insalaum was never real, it was only meant to sell that this alliance was the enemy of humanity. Lady Une than gives a speech that humanity has indeed started moving towards peace and that she become to disarm its weapons, much progress has been made. ZEXIS than feels bad because they were had and that Millardo used them to bring about peace through shouldering the hatred of the world.

Now all that's left is to destroy that massive colony so it can't be used to threaten earth any longer. Heero accepts this mission and destroys the colony and all the weapons that were stored upon it. Wufei says that with this OZ is no more. Duo congratulates Heero and Trowa muses that their battle has finally come to a end. Quatre says they will shoulder the responsibilities and wont forget the sacrifices made to unite humanity. Heero says he will accept that mission as well which makes Relena happy. Heero than thinks of Relena and that he will make her world a reality and that his battles aren't over yet.

After the battle Relena takes this time to mourn her brother, Lady Une tells her that Zechs/Millardo is surely out there somewhere, though she tells Relena she can avenger her father now if she desires. Relena says she will work towards peace and that assassination wont accomplish that. Lady Une is amused that Relena has forgiven her. Dorothy on the other hand demands to know what of her?! She wanted to die so bad in this battle, why does she have to live on in this world when she has nowhere to return to!

Why couldn't they have just left her to die in a beautiful battle like her father! This isn't the world she desired! Relena is shocked that Dorothy would say such things, but Lady Une tells Dorothy that she can do good still to ensure needless wars wont ever occur again. Dorothy doesn't like that but Relena says she would like nothing more than Dorothy's support. Dorothy doesn't see why she should bother and has no faith in the victors this say, Relena says that Dorothy is a kind person. However, she should give Zexis and Heero a chance, they will bring the peace they all desire so that none will have to suffer through war anymore.

Dorothy gets teary eyed as Relena says that she wants Dorothy to stand by her side as she works to bring about that peace. She than gives her speech on absolute pacifism and after some guilt tripping she convinces Dorothy to stand by her. After all, they're still friends. Relena than thinks that she will work hard to unite humanity while Heero and all her friends fight to end these wars. Lady Une as well chooses to redeem herself and to believe in ZEXIS.

Schneziel is surprised that everything worked as his friends desired. Kaguya asks if this was what Millardo was trying to do. Schneziel comes clean and says that peace was always their desire. Euphiemia and Nunnally understand and decide that they wont let such a burden be carried alone, they too will work hard to make this peace become a reality. Even Cornelia comes in and says she'll work hard as well, Schneziel can't help but be surprised at how much Cornelia has changed.

Schneziel decides that he too must exert his full effort and that they can trust he'll work hard so that Zero's efforts wont be for naught. With that he says he's counting on the support of Lloyd and Cecile, though he wont lead for that's not a task for him. Nunnally is awed as Schneziel continues that Zero opened his eyes and showed him how wrong he was. Kaguya wonders if Schneziel is fine with this, he is and he says that they can't let the sacrifices of those like Lelouch go to waste.

Euphiemia agrees though Cornelia points out that it's Schneziel that has changed. He admits that he has and it's all because of Zero. Kaguya looks forward to working towards peace with Schneziel which he says he is too. Cornelia catches Schneziel for flirting with Kaguya but she says it's fine. Nunnally thinks that she will work hard for her big brother, no Zero. Euphiemia thinks of Suzaku and Zero who has shouldered a mighty burden and that she wants to do more to help ZEXIS. She than thinks of her duties ahead and how she can help ZEXIS.

As the leaders share a warm moment they're interrupted and told that a massive force has been detected in space and is headed towards earth. This shocks the leaders as their seconds in command tell them just how dire the situation is. Schneziel orders that ZEXIS be contacted since they're the only ones that can respond fast enough but even they will need help.

Kei and Gai feel uneasy, Kei asks Gai if he just felt a disturbance in the force too. Gai confirms that he did feel it. Kei says that Go is.... They're than interrupted by Hayato's woman who requires their aid. She explains that the Invaders are back and there is little time, Kei can't believe it.

Stage 54 - Believe in Zero Route

At the Frontier Fleet is good old Mr. Leon. Awhile back Cathy and Ozma participated in an investigation upon him, their results had concluded that Leon was more than likely going to try and seize power. However the events that occurred that lead to the Vajra attack ruined their chances of confronting him due to ZEXIS being required to leave immediately. This has allowed Leon to seize much power which he has used to confront Perry who figures out he has been had.

Perry, of course, suspects that Leon has been working alongside Grace the entire time and that Grace seems to have gone rogue. Leon doesn't deny it and instead explains to Howard how things are going to happen now that he has seized power. Perry is in no position to deny him and instead asks various questions such has why, when, how, and the such. Leon humors him, besides with the threat of the alien invasion in space this was the most opportune time to make his move. Perry says that Leon wont get away with this but he already has. With that Leon has obtained complete control and thinks that things will be different now that he's in charge.

The Getter Team wants to get into Shin Getter and go meet the Invaders head on, it's high time they punished those freaks. Darry is a bit worried over all this since that's a lot of Invaders, the odds aren't in their favor at all. Seeing her worry Gimmy tells her to have faith in ZEXIS, they can't lose! Simon asks if Gimmy is scared, which surprises him. Simon continues that it's okay to be worried, there's no need to put on an act. Kittan and Yoko figure Gimmy is just trying to be brave for Darry who thanks Gimmy. Of course Gimmy denies this is true and he isn't scared!

Ryouma says that Gimmy and Darry have grown pretty strong. Simon is pumped and after this battle he's going to kick Anti-Spiral ass, Hayoto intercedes and explains that the situation is extremely dire despite their bravado. Viral laughs it off, he loves the thought of being sent against impossible odds. Benkei scolds him and reminds everyone to get their A game going. Gimmy says he'll do just that!

Crowe is observing this, those guys are pretty crazy. Esther asks how they can be so laid back, well Crowe explains that's just how they are. It's not like they all aren't scared, this is just how they cope with it by challenging their problems head on instead of running from them. Naturally Esther is awed by this since it's all pretty cool but she quickly says that's how she rolls too which she'll show everyone in the coming battle!

Crowe doesn't deny her this and instead says that he wouldn't mind seeing her in action, besides they'll need everyone's strength. While dotting on Esther he notices that Marguerite is oddly silent so Crowe asks her what the issue is. Obviously it's about Insalaum and that it has really gone to hell since those like Marilyn have pretty much undisputed in power. Crowe tells her to stop worrying, when the time comes they'll go deal with all that and get answers. Right now he needs her to stay focused, he could really use her help in the coming battle as well. Marguerite relents and Esther becomes somewhat jealous(Since Crowe might be straying) as well as being worried for Marguerite.

Instead of taking the situation the wrong way she tells Marguerite not to worry and instead encourages her since they're friends. So Marguerite can count on her to help reach the Prince when that time comes! Marguerite is glad for Esther's support and says she's fine for now and she'll stick around with ZEXIS whom she'll place her faith in. Ryouma interrupts and says they're almost to the battlefield. Crowe says he understands and tells his lovely ladies to come along, they got Invaders to demolish. Ryouma gets pumped and says he has waited a long time to dish out this ass-kicking, so those Invaders better be prepared!

Mission is a go and when ZEXIS arrives they confirm that there are even MORE enemies than they were originally lead to believe. The Dai-Guard trio are amazed at the sight of so many invaders, where the heck were they all hiding! ZEXIS than goes through the whole "no matter the odds" routine as they try and get themselves ready for what's to be a ridiculous bothersome battle. Hayoto rallies everyone with the Getter Team getting pumped, they figure the freaks will show up soon enough because they're behind this. So the only thing left to do is destroy as many Invaders they can until they rear their ugly mugs.

After a fair bit of Invaders are defeated Esther wonders if there's any end of them as she picks up even more enemies arriving. Perhaps she has a Spider Sense... No! DM sense! Duo wonders what's up with that, more enemies? Crowe tells him to get a hold of himself! Sure enough a ton of Vajra show up, which Alto decides he must point out the obvious.

Klan tells everyone to take them out before they can get their bearing and with Michel she bombards them.... To no effect! Gamlin wonders what's up with these Vajra, that should have worked! Basara doesn't like this, Mylene asks what's wrong. Basara feels that the Vajra were lead here against their will. That may be a reality that ZEXIS will have to deal with, but what could have lead the Vajra here? They're in no position to sort this out. Right now they're told to just focus on fighting, answers will come later.

When even more enemies are defeated it's Eureka who senses that even more trouble is coming their way which gets Renten worried. Eureka says that they're coming and is extremely worried over this. Nia than appears which doesn't exactly surprise ZEXIS one bit. They demand to know what she's doing here and she says that she wishes to observe, oh and she's here to remind them that they're running out of time before the Humanity Extermination Program commences.

Naturally ZEXIS still wants to know what she could possible mean by that, she explains that that soon those that abuse spiral power will be dealt with. Amuro demands that she stop being so vague. Whatever the case ZEXIS doesn't like this but Nia could care less, she again states that she will wipe out the sin of spiral power and those that would abuse it. Simon tries to reason with her but she ignores him and reminds him he's on the clock. As Simon begs her not to leave she takes her leave.

Hayato says that another signature has just been picked up! More enemies? Wait, Renten knows this one! Sure enough it's Holland who has come to help Renten out. Renten and Jirion don't understand why he's here, isn't he ill and has a baby back at home waiting for him? Well, Holland is a family man now and it wouldn't do well if he sat this out considering the world is going to be destroyed if they fail. That and he still feels obligated to pay for all the trouble he gave them in Hakai-Hen. Oh, and if they're wondering how he got into space? He had help, with that he tells his friends to show themselves.

Gino and Anya than appear much to Suzaku's surprise. Gino says that it's just like them going against such odds without a care in the world, in fact it has made him a bit jealous that they get to have all the fun. Though being ordered to come help them as official Knights of Rounds is a plus, so think nothing of it! Zero figures that Schneziel had them sent to aid them which Anya confirms that that is the case, though they wanted to come on their own anyway.

Suzaku is happy his old friends are here as is Kallen who figures she was wrong about that thickheaded Gino after all. Though she expects Gino to pull his weight so they can see who's the better pilot, Gino takes her up on that challenge. Anya than says that more signatures are approaching. ZEXIS freaks out and thinks it's more enemies but they immediately recognize those signatures. It's Luca and Ozma, they've come to aid them as well!

Luca's little investigation is now complete(Those Space Whales were an amazing sight, too bad ZEXIS missed out!) and they have tracked the Vajra to this battlefield, it seems their suspicions were on the mark after all. Besides, as Ozma points out they're members of S.M.S too so it wouldn't be right if they didn't lend a hand. Cathy is surprised at his maturity while Alto is just glad his friends have returned. Ozma says he'll talk later but he has just picked up yet another signature!

Ryouma and Benkei are confused as heck over this. Ryouma than calms down and says that it's about time those little rascals showed up to join the fight again. Shin Dragon than appears with Setsuko and Rand which surprises the heck out of Hayoto and Benkei. Kei says that they have come to lend aid to her father and the Getter team. Even Gai is extremely glad to be here and apologizes for the delay, but they can count on them from now on.

Benkei can't believe his beloved daughter is here, Ryouma tells Go that he made everyone worry for nothing. Go than reveals that he's alive and piloting the Shin Dragon. Kouji wonders what the heck is going on but Tareku instead says he's relieved as heck that Go is okay. Go apologizes for worrying everyone and leaving things unfinished. GETTER! Oh, and in case everyone forgot to jump for joy Setsuko reminds everyone that she's here to lend a hand.

Mel and Rand have also come to help. Rand even goes further to say everyone sure did a good job in their absence. Shinn is overjoyed to see Setsuko(Glad Lunamaria isn't the jealous type here, right?) and Gain knew things would work out fine. Crowe asks how the heck did they all get here? Setsuko explains that they were bailed out of ZONE by Traiya and than they hitched a ride on Shin Dragon which came active again at about this time. Mel of course loved riding on Shin Dragon and she's glad that she's out of that boring place.

Rand tell Crowe that everything is all right now and he still holds Crowe on those drinks which makes Crowe smile and go "you guys...". Esther though can barely contain her excitement on seeing Setsuko, they have so much catching up to do! Setsuko says that she was filled in on what happened and that she's glad that Crowe was able to save Esther, though she apologizes she wasn't around to prevent that sad event. Rand says he knew that everything would work out, he always had faith that the girl would be saved. Crowe acknowledges this and says he'll buy the drinks after the battle. Mel is all giddy over the thought of celebrating.

Go than says that they're coming. Sure enough massive Invaders than appear which ZEXIS has never see before, they're huge! No matter, they have no intention of losing after meeting up with their friends again! Simon isn't liking these odds and wants to go after Nia, Hayoto tells Simon that this is nothing with Ryouma telling him to get his shit together because they're all about to kick some major ass. Simon is awed as Ryouma, Hayoto, and Benkei all embark pure manliness upon Simon who still has much to learn from his mentors.

Kei says that Shin Dragon is a go for dishing out ass-kicking, Gai confirms this, and Go takes this moment to stare at Ryouma whose speech was very manly and inspiring. Ryouma tells Go that he's counting on him and Shin Dragon to back him up with Kei saying they already planned on doing that!

Luca is finally back into this game, he may be a bit rusty but he can still take out Vajra just fine! It also feels good that he's back in the game after his long absence, though at least he was able to learn a lot of interesting things. It's time for Ozma to shine once more, it's been too long since he last taught these Vajra a lesson, investigation be damned!

Alto isn't happy encountering the Vajra and wonders what the heck they're doing here, is it because of Ranka? Though since they're here he might as well get back at them for all those people that died.

Mel is surprised at how huge these enemies are which she points out to Rand that Gunleon might be at a disadvantage. Rand reminds her just who the hell they are and that nothing is impossible for them. With that he orders Gunleon to go kick ass and wreck things up, Mel can sit back if she's scared. An embarrassed Mel insists that she isn't and Rand is being reckless for ignoring her concerns, besides he wouldn't like her when she's angry!

Setsuko is surprised by these new enemies, she doesn't recall encountering any of these before. No matter she isn't afraid and through the power of FRIENDSHIP she cannot lose!

Gino is disguised at the sight of these hideous creatures, though he knows that the whole world is depending on them. He cannot fail especially not in his revamped Tristan, and hey! He can be serious too... Sometimes! Anya on the other hand is always serious. She marks her target and says she's fighting for her friends like Gino and Suzaku. It seems even she can't help but feel empowered by FRIENDSHIP!

Such disgusting monstrosities, to think they would stand before him. They clearly have never met Holland and screwing with the world his family is living upon means they're on his shit list! He's going to tear them all a new one for dragging him away from being a Family Man!

Go - Kei... Gai...!

Hey now, there's no need to be so serious, at least Gai tells him. This Shin Dragon is amazing, so there's nothing to worry about. Kei agrees and says that Go can count on them in Shin Dragon. Go is fine with this, Kei tells him to let loose with Go screaming in bloodlust as he proceeds to attack. Clearly he has taken his time under Ryouma's mentoring to heart.

Finally all of the Invaders and Vajra have been cleared, it's time to celebrate! Before Gai can get ahead of himself Kei picks up more enemies, Sadnman isn't surprised in the least. However, Hayato notes that they haven't arrived yet for some reason. After a turn passes the true enemy appears with a massive Invader force, ZEXIS isn't surprised the freaks have now decided to show up. Benkei is confused as heck when he notices that the two freaks had merged together into a giant ugly... Thing!

Hayoto figures that this is because of Getter, they have evolved! Gimmy and Darry can't help but be repulsed by the sight, it takes Yoko's scolding to get them back on track. The freaks humor Yoko and explain that they have evolved and have decided they would like to share the glory of evolution with the Getter team. If they accept and integrate together than they'll find understand the true meaning behind the Getter Rays.

Kei has no idea what they mean. The freaks explain that Getter Rays isn't just energy! It's a divine energy(So... It's just energy)! Unlike boring "old fashioned" energy this energy drastically accelerate the evolution of all living things! It was because of Getter Rays that humans were able to evolve and to arrive here at this stage, humans are solely dependent upon Getter!

Sit down and listen foolish humans! A long, long, long time ago in ancient times when the solar system and earth were born numerous and destructive comets fell to earth. These meteors carried with them special organic compounds which became of origin of all live! However even than, it wasn't enough to break real life. No! Life would only begin when GETTER Rays were brought into the picture!

For you see, one day Earth would be graced with a chance visit by traveling Getter Rays which provided the spark needed for all life! First the seas but eventually it reached land, it was than that life sprouted an many lifeforms were created! However, life proved too much and it continues to repeat the cycle of prosperity and the fall, the ruination and the rebirth! All this has occurred because of Getter Rays! Eventually humanity obtained said Rays because if their endless desires!

When humanity decided to play the role of God and tinkered with Getter Rays, something they can't even comprehend, they created the Invaders! With this newfound intelligence they realized that humanity and the Invaders both had the same origins! GETTER! Now that you all know the truth, it's time to submit and join together towards EVOLUTION!

ZEXIS is confused as heck, Getter Rays is why they all exist?! What! And wait, they're the reason for the Invaders? What!? Kei shouts NO! Esther is shocked by such a response. Kei continues that even if they share the same origin through the exposure of Getter Rays it doesn't make them the same! Humans have been evolving of their own free will, dammit!

Garrod suddenly gets a boner from seeing Kei act all badass, even Loran has one. Loran continues that Kei is right, they aren't anything like those monsters! Apollo goes all "Die cursed spawn of Ba-al!" while Takeru just repeats what everyone else said because he didn't want to be left out. Kei than says that humans are nothing like the Invaders and that the Invaders are nothing more than disgusting parasites subjected to repeated mutations! Parasites that she will squash, YAAAAAAAAH~!

The freaks are shocked, why are they being rejected?! No matter, if they wont accept them than they'll just wipe them out, for they have no chance against GETTER and EVOLUTION! As ZEXIS prepares for battle the freaks tell them to go die already and become space dust. Ryouma tells them to shut the hell up, they're the ones that're going to become space dust! Foolish humans, behold the power of GETTER!

Go freaks out and Kei confirms that apparently two moons have appeared... Out of nowhere. How did they all miss that? The Invaders say that it's thanks to their friends the Anti-Spiral and they repeat Nia's warning that soon humanity will be wiped out. Getter Energy, Spiral Power, it will no longer matter within just a few days! Simon asks what the heck does he mean by that. Must they spell it out? The moon is going to drop on the earth! ZEXIS than pisses their pants, so that's what Nia meant!

The moon they're seeing is a fake moon created by the Anti-Spirals! That's what they meant by the Human Extermination Program, they're willing to destroy entire planets to defeat Spiral! Yoko tells Kittan to focus, they haven't lost yet! The freaks tell them it's worthless which makes Ryouma growl in rage. Hayoto tells them they're on a time limit here, Ryouma says that he's giving them more than enough time to trash those freaks.

The freaks again state that it's worthless, though they don't understand why the humans continue to insist on fighting on. Furious over this development the freaks absorb some of their kin and grow in strength. Ryouma doesn't care how strong or big they get, he's killing them all right now! Kei looks to Go who gives the order to attack, GETTER!!!!

The humans that think they hold mastery over Getter, the foolish pilots of Shin Dragon! Gai is scared that they have to have such a massive foe, Kei even has doubts, but leave it to Go to rally his team with an inspiring RAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHH! Ryouma should be proud that Go has learned much from him.

Shin Getter, why must it always get in their way! If they would just embrace their evolution than none of this would be an issue. Hayato is going to have to decline, he wants nothing to do with those freaks and would prefer they have a taste of Shin Getter instead. Benkei urges Ryouma on who says that they'll forge their own destiny! They don't need those freaks around and he'll gladly show them the door!

Well, it seems the freaks have actually managed to reach a level Crowe didn't think possible and are off the wire as he recalls. The freaks refuse to be berated by someone such as he who has touched Origin Law and is walking around with that fancy sphere of his! At least they haven't changed, though Crowe can't let such a monstrosity live.

[If Heero attacks them he initially just stares at them and they demand he say something already!]

Impossible! How are they defeated? What drives them so! Go than gives a roar(The whole you cannot understand!) and suddenly everyone now has visions of his memories! Ryouma gets it, memories! It's because of memories that Go is so strong! Not only that but memories are also the Origin of EVOLUTION! Zero figures this out as well, Kallen wonders what he means. Suzaku tries to explain the whole memory and origin power thing, he isn't good at it. Benkei intercedes and says that this isn't just Go, everyone should be living for the present in order to connect the past with the future!

Hayato gets it! This is what the crazy Doctor was trying to tell him before he died! That's what the clones of Ryouma and Hayato(Gole and Bray) were missing, and what Satome was trying to discover and than left to them! Kei says that they must give up Getter Rays and shape a future for themselves with their own two hands!

What a bunch of foolish fools, so aptly put by the freaks! If they reject Getter so much than they can go die surrounded by Getter Rays! The heck, they just powered up out of nowhere! Benkei wonders where the hell did they learn to do that! They seem to be trying to take out everyone and bring even more invader kin which pisses Hayato off! This makes no sense! So Hayato at this point just throws in the towel, screw physics! Ryouma doesn't give a shit about that! Zero orders everyone to bombard the freaks before it's too late but, dundundun! It's ineffective!

The freaks say it's useless! Now behold the ULTIMATE EVOLUTION! Go struggles, it means they must...! Ryouma tells him that he's done enough, leave this to the old men because this is their duty not his. Kouji doesn't understand as the Getter Team explains that this is something they just gotta do, alone, and they'll take those bastards down with them with GETTER... Reactor Explosion!

Hayato is more than prepared, Kei not so much since she's lost. Benkei is proud of her and tells her that this is the duty of parents to their children, Kei says that she doesn't understand but it's not like she can talk sense to those old men. Simon wants them to stay but Ryouma tells him to just drop it already.

Ryouma and the Shin Getter than confront the freaks alone, they ask what they hope to accomplish by confronting them even in this dimension. It's simple, they're going to use their ultimate attack to kick their asses, maybe than the freaks will stop talking about such stupid and in-comprehensive things! Everyone than says they BELIEVE in Ryouma! Ryouma knows and with that he unleashes the power of Shin Getter as everyone looks on. When Ryouma comes to he sees Getter Robos everywhere! They also seem to be fighting a ridiculous number of enemies with no hope of victory or end! Oh joy, it's Getter Heaven!

Other Ryouma says that they have all been waiting a long time for them. Ryouma is awed by the sexy Getter Emperor as the others admire the view of Getter Heaven that is filled with eternal battle. Other Ryouma tells them that now isn't their time to join them just yet, Ryouma understands and they take their leave. Back in reality the freaks are panicking that they have been defeated! They scream that their race will always live on, this isn't the last of them... ARGH! They than blow up.

C.C. says that the freaks seem to be really dead this time(Celebrate!) but ZEXIS can't find any sight of Ryouma but at least all the Invaders seem to be dead! Before anyone can start shedding tears for the loss of such manliness Eureka tells them that they're back! Shin Getter returns with Benkei apologizing to Kei. Gai is glad to see his boss is fine, Hayato laughs and says that it wasn't their time after all.

Kouji is surprised that they expected not to return, what reason could have possibly brought them back?. Ryouma tells them to ignore what they're talking about, this is theirs and Go's little secret. Crowe says they were pretty reckless but things aren't over just yet considering the moon is dropping and all. Simon is also rightly angry over this but they have a freaking moon drop to stop now so no time to be angry! Though it's good to have Ryouma back, their battles aren't over yet after all! That's fine with Ryouma, bring it on! He just beat a giant ugly piece of shit, stopping the moon should be a piece of cake!

The Dark Continent. Rossiu has gathered as much humans and necessities as he can to ensure humanity can create a home on a new planet. It's not as much as he desired and many will be left behind. However, they're now out of time. Soon the moon will drop on the Earth and everyone will be screwed. They all discuss how this is going down(They found a sweet ship to house some of the worlds population!) with Rossiu taking a moment to feel extremely guilty over leaving so many behind, he isn't even sure they'll find another planet. Kinon wants nothing more than to glomp her beloved Rossiu but he regains his composure and wants them all off the planet before the Moon drops.

After a bit more banter on going into space and the such Rossiu gives the command to integrate LordGenome into the ship so they have control. LordGenome now has control. Rossiu wonders if this will work, no it has to work! A bit of banter reveals that LordGenome is doubtful this will change anything but Rossiu doesn't want to believe that! He asks Kinon how far they are, 98%! Good, when they reach 100% they launch into SPACE! No matter what Rossiu WILL preserve humanity, screw the Anti-Spirals!

Stage 55 - Believe in Zero Route

Hiling Care asks Ribbons if he's going to do anything about the whole Moon is Falling thing. Ribbons laughs if off, he's doubtful the moon falling will actually succeed. In fact he has already factored in such things. Regene wonders if this means that Ribbons is leaving this to ZEXIS, typical of him to leave his poblems for others to solve. Revive is oddly silent so Regene asks what's its deal. Turns out Revive is concerned about the strapping Setsuna F. Seiei who seems to be undergoing the change to Innovator.

Hiling says that's BLASPHEMY! There's no way a normal human should be evolving all on their own, after all they're supposed to help humanity evolve! As much as this shakes even Revive the facts on the matter support that Setsuna is changing. Troubling news... At least for everyone but Ribbons. In fact this is all very amusing, so what if that bastard is changing?

After all, Ribbons already has Louise and as far as he's concerned he just wants the Twin Drive System, Setsuna is just a poser. Regene thinks Ribbons is being overconfident, also isn't this what Aeolia wanted anyway? Ribbons tells it to shut up, he's the only one that gets to decide what Aeolia wanted since he's the sole heir to his legacy.

This is getting awkward so Hiling changes the subject to Grace who seems to have gone and made good with the Vajra. It seems that Grace has actually proven quite useful after all, though at the same time she sees to have pissed off the new head of the Frontier Fleet - Leon. Guess their allegiance was just one of convenience. Of course this is all going according to plan, with that Hiling and Revive are dismissed to their duties.

Regene has refused to leave, Ribbons wonders what its deal is. Does Regene not like that he's running the show? Of course Regene doesn't, this isn't what Aeolia wanted. Ribbons remarks that humans are pathetic creatures that enjoy killing each other, Regene points out that Zero is doing a pretty good job ending all that. In fact it's Ribbons that is prolonging these battles! Ribbons tells it to learn its place! Zero is but a worthless human, what he's doing changes nothing because it's Ribbons that will lead humanity once the dust has settled!

Besides, this should be what Regene desires as an Innovade! Though no matter, Ribbons is the superior Innovade here. Ribbons goes further to say that he can sense the vile intent upon Regene due to their quantum brain waves. What's Regene going to do, throw a fit? No, Regene is going to pull a gun! With that Regene shoots Ribbons and when Ribbons dies Regene says that Aeolia's legacy is now its and that Setsuna F. Seiei is indeed the first true Innovator. So from henceforth it'll be Regene that helps guide humanity!

On Earth is Marina who is depressed that the Moon is falling, what is she supposed to do about this again? Even Sheryl has lost her luster, you know since the moon falling is a pretty big deal that it even puts a damper on her. However, after a bit more depressing talk Sheryl snaps out of it and tells Marina they have to do something for the people who're panicking over all this. Marina isn't sure what they can, she than wonders what Setsuna is up to.

The Kabuto Residence. Shiro is pissing his pants, the moon is falling! AHHHHHHHH! His mother tells everyone to calm the heck down, did they forget that Kouji is out there? Shiro knows but still... No, buts! Now is the worst of times to lose their heads! So man up already, besides they should be spending their time believing in Kouji. Shiro eventually wises up and his mother tells him that everything is going to work out just fine. [Screw that random kid that appeared out of nowhere! I ignore his existence!]

At Ashford Shirley asks Nina if the moon is really falling. Nina confirms this and Rivalz is the first to throw in the towel and suggest everyone panic until they all die. After all, what can they do? As far as Nina knows there's literally nothing they can do about this situation but there's still hope. Well any hope is good, though Rivalz wonders what she means. Does Nina explain everything to them or has the whole moon falling thing made them all become idiots? Shirley isn't an idiot!

Anyway, their friends will surely not let the moon fall on Earth since they're known for doing the impossible already. Rivalz cheers up and figures that they can rely on ZEXIS to deal with ALL their problems! Shirley thinks that Lulu will save them all, too bad they'll never be together. Anyway, Rivalz is now all happy and is already planning on a celebration. That's pretty premature but Rivalz doesn't see it that way since their friends are fighting hard for them!


The news than reveals Milly who's covering the Relena Peacecraft Emergency speech! Naturally the three friends are shocked to see their friend on TV all of a sudden. Anyway, Relena is giving her little speech. Humanity more than ever must come together, they mustn't let fear dictate their actions! Now more than ever they must stop their petty little conflicts and join hands during this trying time! Sure the moon is falling but humanity has faced worse. Pretty much Relena is asking everyone to join together, peace/love, and not to freak out about the moon falling!

Gaioh is loving this, such conviction! If only more humans had that backbone in the face of certain DOOM! Oh, and the speech was pretty good and inspiring since it has even touched his gentle soul of pure 100% manliness! A passerby doesn't like that Gaioh is being so optimistic, did he not notice that the freaking MOON is falling and will destroy all life on the Earth?! Geez, what an irresponsible man.

Now that's just too far, Gaioh doesn't take that shit! He removes his shades and asks if that dumb-ass would prefer that he just kill him now to save them all the trouble. The guy pisses his pants, Gaioh tells him to get out of his sight and the guy runs off in fear. That never gets old. Another man approaches and wonders if there's really any hope and just what the heck is Gaioh. Gaioh is just your friendly neighborhood dimensional badass! The guy freaks out and runs away, really Gaioh can't get enough of this! He didn't even need to remove his shades that time!

A little kid than approaches, Gaioh asks what does he want? The kid says that Gaioh is so freaking cool! Gaioh can't help but humor the child who asks if Gaioh is some kind of superhero. Superhero? Hell no, shades off time! He's the bogeyman and if the kid doesn't want his shit jacked he better start running! The kid than runs away in fear, man Gaioh is really liking how his day has turned out so far. Those humans are such entertaining creatures. Marilyn claps and says that Gaioh sure is having a great deal of fun, he's like an overgrown child!

Gaioh wonders who the heck she is. Marilyn takes no offense and says she's Marilyn Katto, doesn't Gaioh remember her from when he destroyed that ZONE? Oh right! Gaioh remembers and asks what she would want with him. Marilyn says that their little spat is all water under the bridge, in fact she has a proposition for him if he's willing to listen~...

Battle start! The Moon is Falling, AHHHHHHH! Kinon can't believe this, the moon is nearly here already! Leero isn't surprised at such a view, he asks LordGenome if he's all good. Of course he is, he's LordGenome. Rossiu bids farewell to earth but before he can give the order to take off the Anti-Spiral are here! Rossiu orders the Grapearls to launch, defend the ship! In no time they're all defeated and Rossiu panics.

Massive Anti-Spirals than appear and Rossiu is freaked out! They still have a chance though, they just need to leave Earth! LordGenome fights back the urge to say "I told you so" and says they're taking incoming fire. They than take incoming fire and Rossiu figures out that the Anti-Spiral could care less about Earth, they want to wipe out all humans! That means his efforts have changed nothing and all those aboard his ship have been sentenced to an early grave!

Things aren't looking well and the ship is losing power because everyone is despairing that there is no hope. Rossiu says that he was wrong and that he wasn't able to save anyone. As Rossiu gives in to despair he's told that there's still hope, the Gurren Lagann has been spotted! Rossiu can't believe it as Simon appears and tells Rossiu to get his shit together already!

It's about time Simon appeared and they're not going to sit around as the Anti-Spirals threaten their home! ZEXIS than says why they cannot let the Moon fall and destroy the world they've fought so hard to bring together and they tell Rossiu not to despair. Simon tells Rossiu that they have faced much worse than this and just who the hell does he think he is! Simon asks Viral if he's ready for this and they both give their speech that the two paths of man and beast intertwine to create a spiral path! Piercing destiny as yesterday's enemies and creating a new path with these two hands! The Union of Fate-GURREN LAGANN! Who the hell do you think they are?!

Banjo says that was quite the speech and Ryouma fights back manly tears, his young protege has finally become a real man! Kamina would be proud! Jirion gives a yell and everyone becomes pumped by Simon's declaration. Anya is confused as hell and Gino finally sees the true strength of ZEXIS. Holland explains just who the hell ZEXIS is and that they always were like this against impossible even if this makes zero sense AT ALL. Gino now understands why he could never beat ZEXIS and is looking forward to fighting along ZEXIS from now on, these guys are crazy!

Kittan has a reunion with old his friend, Rossiu goes on to tell Simon that the moon is falling and that he needs to head over there to stop it because the Anti-Spirals wont stop until they're all dead! Also, they can't let those massive Anti-Spiral things reach the Earth's atmosphere! Simon acknowledges his mission and with Yoko's support he swears that he'll personally dismantle those 2 things, they will not reach Earth!

When one of the giant Anti-Spiral monstrosities are destroyed Watta picks up an approaching signature. Could it be a friend? No, they know this feeling all too well and sure enough it's Asakim whom Setsuko and Rand are not happy to see. Long time no see? Oh, and Asakim hasn't forgotten about Crowe either since they still have unresolved business. Crowe knows that there's only one reason Asakim is here and it's for his sphere.

Rand figures as much as well, Asakim doesn't deny anything. The three sphere holders tell Asakim to take a hike, they would like nothing more than to punish him for his bad deeds but they're kinda busy. You know, the whole moon is still falling thing. Well something like that isn't much of an issue for Asakim who is still a bit miffed that he didn't get to kill Aim and take his sphere. So he's going to play with them a bit(Gaioh would approve) to see just how they size up. Do try and prove entertaining, wont you?

It has been so long since Asakim has seen Setsuko, it's a shame she wasn't there when he returned to the reaping business, he's surely make it up to her. Setsuko obviously can't forgive Asakim for how badly he screwed up her life in Z(and killed her friends) or all the trouble he has caused on this world. It's bout time someone took Asakim out of picture since he only causes misery for everyone!

Geez, why is it that Rand just can't shake this guy? Is Asakim going out of his way to mess with him or something? Too bad there's nothing to drink on hand, what a pest. Typical of Rand to not take such things seriously but they aren't drinking buddies here. No, they aren't and Rand really needs to pay Asakim back for trying to stab him in the back... Many, many, many times.

They've really been running into each other lately, it's starting to feel like Crowe will never be rid of Asakim, at least Asakim is dedicated. Yeah, yeah, though soon that wont be an issue once that beautiful sphere has been reaped. If Asakim is so sure he can obtain his sphere than he's more than welcome to try, though before that Asakim has a lot of debts he needs to pay back in full for all the trouble he has caused.

Fufufu, defeat at last! Garrod demands to know what's so funny, well Asakim wasn't really trying here. He'll go reap their spheres another day, right now he has more pressing matters to deal with. So good luck stopping the whole "THE MOON IS FALLING" thing because Asakim is looking forward to the day that the three sphere holders are to be reaped by his hands.

Don't disappoint and be sure to show up with some dignity. With that Asakim has retreated, Setsuko is angry he ran, Rand is surprised he left without much of a fight, but Crowe has gotten more than his fair share of Asakim talking out his ass and than running. Hopefully judgement day is soon so they can finally settle things with him.

Kittan announces that all the Anti-Spiral are defeated! They did it, yay! Wait, Viral's beast senses have detected that things are not over yet! Ryouma is surprised to see that the Anti-Spiral things are back in tip top shape, didn't they just destroy them? They than merge together to make the dreaded SEIZURE Anti-Spiral, naturally ZEXIS is confused as heck which is soon replaced with anger that they have to demolish it yet again. Simon of course doesn't care for that, he'll pierce through anything they throw at him!

Did they do it this time? Nope, it restores itself once more. Before they can react it charges towards Rossiu's ship, that's not good at all! They can't let their flagship get sunk... In Space! Rossiu isn't sure that they'll be able to last long but Simon tells him to stop despairing! This situation isn't new, they've always been in impossible situations before! So believe in Simon, if that thing is so big than they'll just combine together! What? Don't question Simon! Even Leeron says that this should be very much possible. Leeron says that he has already moved all civies to safety, go Simon!

Simon goes all speech mood! Breaking through destiny and the Milky Way! The screams of life echoing through the galaxy! Union of the Raging Billows, Arc Gurren-Lagann!! Fancy speech, even Viral is impressed. It seems like Simon is on a roll today. Simon than charges forward and unleashes the legendary Space-Time Burst Spinning Punch, needless to see it's a One-Hit KO. ZEXIS is surprised that actually worked and Esther chimes in that that was so freaking cool and manly! With that they did it, the earth should be saved now says the excited Esther! Leeron than confirms that the Anti-Spiral is defeated, looks like Simon did it after all.

However, something is up. The moon still seems to be falling and that smile is getting creepier. A ZONE-like effect starts to occur which confuses the heck out of everyone. The fake moon suddenly vanishes and is replaced by a massive Pseudo-Gurren Lagann, ZEXIS freaks out but LordGemone says that this too is a part of the Human Extermination Program. It than unleashes its power, ZEXIS is shocked that it's so strong and massive. They can't let it reach the Earth's atmosphere, all will be lost if it does!

Simon understands, Ryouma says that this is Simon's show. ZEXIS cannot let the earth be destroyed, they have to stop that hideous "thing". Especially Kallen who has worked her ass off and she isn't going to let it all go down the drain without a fight! Simon takes point, he's going to protect the earth! Lets go everyone!

[Every Main Character will have a few words to say about kicking that thing's ass and not letting the Earth be destroyed. Sadly Kallen, Esther, Marguerite, and every other non-MC has nothing to say]

Just when they think they have prevailed something seems wrong. Roger Smith doesn't like this, shits about to go down so they need to take out that giant thing while it's staggered. LordGenome than confirms that this isn't over, in fact it's quite possible they've walked into trap. Funny how he loves confirming things instead of telling everyone AHEAD OF THE TIME. This freaks out ZEXIS and they tell Simon to go take out that thing, before he can go all out they're interrupted by Not Zuul.

Not Zuul has been waiting a long time to get back at ZEXIS, thankfully they all walked right into such an obvious trap. Roze and Takeru wonder what he could be doing here, he'll show them! They're all going for a ride, ZONE-Like effect! Everyone freaks out as they feel like they're being pulled elsewhere. Not Zuul has been looking forward to this and takes his prey to their DOOM! Takeru wonders what's happening, he knows this vile feeling! Suddenly a very familiar Zuul "Just As Planned" laugh is heard.... That's never a good sign.

Stage 56 - Believe in Zero Route

[This is "that" stage, if you've played Hakai-Hen you'll know]

ZEXIS immediately finds themselves in a strange place that's... Redish. No one knows where the heck this place even is but it's all seems oddly familiar. After gathering their bearing Darry notices the pseudo-Gurren Lagann seems to be watching them instead of attacking. Not Zuul than appears, he hopes their little journey wasn't too inconvenient. Now they're trapped here with no hope! So don't think of escaping... Because you can't!

Nia confirms that they're in a place between space, or something technical. Right now they have no way of escaping what's soon to be their graves. So will they now throw in the towel? It is hopeless after all and would save everyone the headache. Simon tries to reach Nia but Not Zuul tells him to shut up, has he forgotten the situation? Nia says she'll leave this to Not Zuul, who becomes confused. This is the perfect chance yet she wont be participating?

Nothing against Not Zuul but Nia wishes to only observe the fall of the spirals, besides she has the whole Anti-Spiral thing to fall on. You know, since ZEXIS is kinda trapped in this place. Not Zuul isn't liking that his partner in crime is choosing now of all times to be unhelpful but it's no matter, he already prepared to deal with ZEXIS on his own anyway. Not Zuul tells ZEXIS to go die here as he summons various powerful foes that ZEXIS has encountered before, he than vanishes. This reminds ZEXIS of that time when Zuul tried to off them all during Hakai-Hen.

The more hotblooded ones(like Aoi) think that right now it seems like the only option is to fight until a solution presents itself, not exactly the best of plans and it doesn't help moral. Nia is looking forward to everyone dying here, than she can go back to what she's supposed to be doing which she's far behind schedule on. Whatever the case she continues taunting everyone that this is all pretty useless, Anti-Spiral blahblahblah! ZEXIS isn't taking that even if there seems to be a lot of truth to Nia's words. Though if they fall here than thy can kiss the earth goodbye so failure isn't exactly an option here.

Takeru starts to feel pain, he knows this feeling all too well. It's like his energy is being drained. Could it have something to do when he was first injured by Not Zuul? Alto and Kouji notice and ask what's wrong, he seems to be hurting. Takeru says that this is nothing to worry about, they need to focus on the battle! Roze knows something is wrong but F.S. tells everyone to focus already if they want to get the heck out of here! As ZEXIS goes to do that Takeru returns to being in pain, he can't shake this familiar feeling that an old face is about to make a return.

Watta says they're all gone, Simon takes this moment to again try and reach Nia again. She tells Simon that it's worthless, though she doesn't understand why he keeps going on like a broken record. Than... She goes into boring Anti-Spiral back story mode and explains why she must destroy spirals because they will abuse spiral power which will lead to the spiral nemesis. This goes on for quite some time before Viral's beast senses kick in and he tells everyone that bastard is back.

Not Zuul says that ZEXIS has proven most entertaining. Though they are such fools if they think this is the end of the line in the struggles. As ZEXIS goes back and forth over all this trolling he's interrupted by Takeru who tells Not Zuul to reveal his true self! Not Zuul is impressed that Takeru has figured out the truth and reveals that he was really Zuul all along! He has been using this fake disguise to observe Takeru and his allies as he regathered his strength since Takeru defeated him back in Hakai-Hen.

Aoi wonders if Moon Will used such a trick as well for why he came back from the dead. Shinobu senses a disturbance and sure enough Muge reveals that he faked his death just for this moment to troll everyone! F.S. figures out that the two have been working together, they have and they plan to use their combined strength to finally be rid of their enemies. What can ZEXIS do now? They're trapped in this hell which has only served to give Zuul and Muge even more power, they all take a hit to moral.

Finally Zuul will prevail against Godmars! Even Basara isn't sure he can rally ZEXIS, this situation does seem completely hopeless. Even Gamlin is worried since usually Basara would have started singing by now. Zuul and Muge on the other hand continue to reinforce just how hopeless this situation is and tell the other not to get in the way as they demolish their arch-nemesis. Crowe doesn't like this at all, they're acting like a pair of Vultures.

Than... More boring back story on what they have been up to since they were defeated. Zuul also reveals that he has a very intimate knowledge of Origin Law, the 12 Spheres, ZONE, the D-Extractors, and the such which he shares with ZEXIS(and makes a point to single Crowe out). As does Muge. Whatever the case, it's just a lot of technical back story stuff and them taunting ZEXIS over and over again. Takeru eventually says he has enough and wont stand the memory of his brother being dragged in the mud, of course this just makes Zuul laugh.

Than even MORE boring and ridiculously long back story... Zuul at least makes things interesting by tormenting Takeru with how Zull ruined Takeru's life, Muge just sorta told the Dancougar teams how it is and that's it. At this time Marg appears despite being dead, he can't rest just yet. Takeru and Zuul are surprised, anyway he tells Takeru to not lose hope, Godmars has more power, and Zuul is just trying to weaken their resolve since Zuul can't win any other way.

Roze is glad to see her dead boyfriend but he tells her that he's still dead but he's glad she's safe. Roze than tells Takeru to believe, they can still win! Zuul is furious that even in death that fool continues to get in his way. He wont let victory slip from his fingers, not because of some guy that should be dead! Marg than rallies ZEXIS and dispels the dread that Zuul had weaved upon ZEXIS.

ZEXIS is confused, before they felt like everything was over but thanks to Marg everything is clear to them and they feel hope once more. Zuul is furious, he swears that Marg will pay for ruining his plans once more! Marg tells Zuul that isn't going to be the case, today Takeru is going to put an end to his evil for good! Marg tells Takeru how to reveal the true power of Godmars, Takeru understands the truth now. Zuul doesn't believe such power exists, this is a lie!

Takeru shatters his necklace and tells Zuul that his evil ends today! Marg says that he's glad he could help and leaves the rest of Takeru before leaving. Takeru says he wont let his brothers last act go to waste. Zuul yells that he'll hunt Marg down after he has killed Takeru! Muge says that Zuul was an idiot with his gloating, they need to end this now! They summon their strongest minions, ZEXIS has seen this trick before and instead sees this as desperation on Zuul and Muge's part. Whatever the case Takeru leads the charge.

Muge is defeated in quick succession, he can't believe it. Shinobu tells him this is the end, die already! Through the power of Shinobu's voice Muge implodes. With that Team Dancougar celebrates that their hard work is finally over, even Shinobu is glad that it's finally over. Zuul on the other hand knew that Muge didn't want have it took, this doesn't change that he'll prevail. Fat chance says Takeru but Zuul is convinced that he'll make Takeru suffer this day and finally put an end to Godmars!

Zuul isn't going out like Muge and powers up. Zuul tells Takeru that they end this now between the two of them, Takeru wouldn't have it any other way and moves to challenge Zuul alone. This is unthinkable, Que evil laughter, and Zuul thinks his nemesis has finally lost his mind, he than reveals that Godmars has been compromised and trying to use it is literally draining the life out of Takeru. It's all over for Takeru, though Roze tries to encourage him to fight on.

Takeru feels the weight of all the people Zuul harmed and took away, he can't lose yet despite the pain! Through sheer willpower he powers up Godmars which surprises Shotaro and Kouji, such willpower is ridiculous. Zuul demands to know what's happening, Godmars shouldn't be able to exert this power! Takeru tells Zuul that this is the final battle between them, he than unleashes his ultimate attack!

Zuul demands to know what's going on, Takeru says that this is the taste of defeat! With that Zuul proceeds to freak out as he dies. Roze is surprised that Zuul is really defeated, Takeru confirms that monster wont be causing anyone any more trouble from now on. He than thinks that he finally avenged his family and hopes Marg was watching him achieve this hard fought victory.

ZEXIS confirms that Zuul and Muge are defeated, however the Psuedo-Gurren Lagann is still there. Nia powers it up and decides that it's time to seal ZEXIS here where they'll all die in despair. Besides, she never expected Zuul or Muge to emerge victorious, this was just a nice distraction. As everyone freaks out that they're really stuck here forever LordGenome tells them there's still hope of escaping.

Turns out he just needs to hack into his old ship, which that Psuedo-Gurren Lagann seems to still be. After a bit of Banter LordGenome scans the Psuedo-Gurren Lagann and informs Simon that if he enters a large amount of spiral energy in the heart of that thing he'll be able to re-establish control. Simon says he understands and with Viral he rushes inside, Ryouma says it's all up to Simon now. F.S. gathers everyone up to send a small team to aid Simon, LordGemome wonders if this will work.

Viral says that they're in, it's all up to Simon now! His little hamster warns him that something is coming, Simon is lost. The Anti-Spiral than appear to block their path in a really twisted looking Gurren Lagann. The Anti-Spiral isn't surprised that the Spirals have come this far, this just reinforces that they were right about putting their human extermination program in place. Simon demands to know who's there, the Anti-Spiral than reveals itself.

Viral says that's the real deal, well this at least lets them dish out much deserved payback! Nia is also revealed to be in the Anti Gurren Lagann with the Anti-Spiral, they end things now. Simon is surprised by this and wants to save Nia, Viral tells him to focus and that they might not be able to save her woman. Simon isn't backing down since he never shy's from any challenge! He tells the Anti-Spiral he's going to lose hard today and he'll free Nia from his grasp. The Anti-Spiral tells him to bring it.

The Anti-Spiral is defeated but not impressed, this hasn't changed their views on the spiral races. Simon gives a little speech on humanity, they aren't going to lose, and get the heck out of here already. The Anti-Spiral warns that this isn't the end, humanity has now attracted their full attention and they will return one day to finish what they started. With that the Anti Gurren Lagann is destroyed and only Nia is left. Viral tells him to get his ass moving already!

Simon tells Nia that he has to do this, so she better get out of his way! Nia refuses to move and says that if Simon wants to do this than he'll have to go through her. They go and forth for a while. Eventually Nia says that Simon dooms humanity if he hesitates. Simon counters that she's the one hesitating, she denies this. If that's the case than why is she still wearing her wedding ring!? This catches Nia off-guard. Simon than talks about the old Nia he loves and after powering up he tells her that she's crying for help and that she needs to move out of the way!

Simon than takes control and Nia returns to her old self. After the light passes through ZEXIS finds itself back into reality once more. Everyone pats Simon on the back, Ryouma than asks Simon if he saved Nia. Simon tells Ryouma that she can answer that herself, Nia than reveals that she's back to normal and apologizes for all the trouble she caused. Everyone is glad to have her back, Viral says that it's just like Simon to do something like this. Simon says it's over and it's all thanks to ZEXIS.

Rossiu is troubled by this which Kinon notices. Viral and Simon than poke fun at each other before Uther arrives with Gaioh. Esther is surprised the Prince is here, Crowe wonders why he's here with Gaioh. Uther isn't here for pleasantries, he's here to tell ZEXIS that their battle is almost at hand. Much to everyone's surprise Uther has allied with Gaioh for power, Que shocked reactions from ZEXIS. Gaioh than speaks and says that he has joined with Uther and awaits for them to grow in strength. Uther says that he has established another ZONE on Mars and they will face an army like no other.

How many ZONES does he have left and does he plan to turn everyone in Insalaum into DMs? Whatever the case, if they want to stop ZONE than they better come face him on Mars. Naturally ZEXIS says they'll put an end to all this. Gaioh likes their spirit, Uther tells ZEXIS they better not keep him waiting and he looks forward to settling things at long last with them. Marguerite and Crowe are still in shock over this, Cathy than receives a call that things at the Frontier Fleet have taken a turn for the worse and that S.M.S. has pretty much been exiled. Typical, when they're away things go from bad to worst.

Back aboard the ship Crowe explains the whole ZONE situation in greater detail to the other sphere holders. They want to deal with that now but they have more pressing issues at the moment. However, they aren't going in blind in this. Crowe says they still have the Chief's little toys to deal with this now so no more sacrifices are needed. Marguerite cannot stand for her people to be turned into DMs and that ZONE must go.

Esther is cheerful though, with the Chief's devices they will prevail! Yeah, yeah. They all know this is a good thing, it's thanks to Carlos Axion Jr. that they have a weapon which gives them a chance. Speaking of Carlos, well Crowe is still not over that he owes Carlos big time. However, he'll settle all his debts he has when they do arrive at the final battle. Esther is surprised by his reaction, Crowe than thinks that he'll put the Chief's weapon to good use.

Crowe than moves the discussion to Aim's defeat and that Asakim is still running free. Accounting their spheres it means there will be 5 spheres at the final battle. It seems their numbers are starting to swell. Crowe factors in that Uther has Aim's sphere on top of his own and that Asakim will surely appear to try and obtain both in one go. Setsuko says that Asakim can't have his way, Crowe agrees.

Esther starts to feel down with all this talk of fighting the Prince. Setsuko wants to comfort her, Rand instead brightens the mood and asks Crowe if how his debt is coming along. Crowe is sure he's nearly paid it off, Mel asks to see it. However, when Crowe shows it Esther is surprised that the number is still ridiculously high, even Marguerite is confused over all this. Crowe rightly demands to know what the hell is up with all this!

Looking at the numbers he says that this isn't right at all! Esther is confused over this, why is his debt so freaking high still!? Marguerite doesn't know what to make of all this... Setsuko feels extremely bad for Crowe, it seems he can't escape debt. Rand thinks that this is getting pretty old, guess he's going to have to be buying the drinks for now on. Crowe tells them to stop that, he'll pay off his debt! Mel of course cheers him on, she believes in him!

Crowe calms down and instead says that he's counting on Esther and Marguerite's support to finally defeat debt. Esther isn't so sure she wants to get dragged into his debt... Marguerite either. Setsuko wonders what's up with them, Rand finds this all humorous. Crowe changes the subject and says he'll still help Marguerite deal with her Insalaum issue. Marguerite feels down at the mention of her people, Esther feels bad for her.

Marguerite despairs at the dire state her people are in and isn't sure she'll be able to reach them before it's too late. Setsuko feels bad for her but Marguerite tells Setsuko not to worry too much about this. Just forget what she said. That doesn't seem to work, the reality of things is pretty harsh. Esther says that she feels bad for Marguerite because she'll have to fight the Prince...

Mel scolds Esther for saying such a thing so openly. Rand understands where Esther is coming from, though he knows this hurts her too. Esther confirms that she's conflicted and has a lot on her mind. Setsuko asks Esther if she's still going to try and reach the Prince? Esther thanks Setsuko for trying to encourage her but she doesn't think her words would have any effect. Setsuko wonders what else is plaguing her mind. Esther reveals her insecurities of her really being herself due to her DM time(Is she really human?) and that others are going to be forced to become DMs against their wills as well.

Rand didn't think that event effected her that much, he's sorry for not noticing. Marguerite also feels horrible over what Esther had went through. Crowe is having none of this, he tells Esther that she's still herself and he will remind her as many times as need be. Esther is Esther, DM time be damned. Esther says that she knows that already, but that doesn't make this any easier! Crowe tells her to calm down. No matter what he wont let her forget who she is, she can hold him to that. Esther than warms up to Crowe and she thanks him for caring so much about her and for cheering her up(Wow... Tsundere much?). Crowe says it's nothing and that Esther still has Anbrorn to pay back for what she did.

Elsewhere Rossiu confronts Simon. The Dai-Gurren team is glad things worked out and ZEXIS are a crazy bunch. Simon understands why Rossiu did what he did and everyone tries to cheer him up. Simon says that Rossiu did a lot to try and save as many as he could, Rossiu says that even if his planned worked so many would have been left behind. Eventually Rossiu says he must atone for his sins and pulls a gun to try and kill himself, Kinon freaks out. Simon tells her to stand back as he rushes over and socks Rossiu in the face.

After this he asks Rossiu if he's thinking straight again. Simon says that Rossiu did his best and when everyone else panicked Rossiu tried to do whatever he could to save as many lives as possible. The things Rossiu had to do, he can't even imagine. If it was him he couldn't have went through with it, so Rossiu shouldn't feel guilty for trying to do something when no one else wanted to shoulder such a burden. Simon eventually gets Rossiu to see reason and he says that compared to Simon he just doesn't compare. From now on he'll leave the rest to him.

Team Dai-Gurren says they got this covered and Rossiu thanks Simon for knocking sense into him. Simon says he wont let his faith be misplaced, Nia than embraces Simon who is happy to have her back in his arms. He swears he'll put an end to all this, they can be sure of this! Nia believes in him and will await his return, Simon and her than share a moment. Leeron interrupts because would like to talk to Simon alone about what the Anti-Spiral had said before its defeat...

Stage 57 - Believe in Zero Route

Things have not gone well at all for Ranka since she left with Brela, she's now completely under Grace's thrall. Brela says that he has almost finished analyzing the Vajra network's quantum protocols. Grace takes this moment to gloat, she will now prove that everyone was wrong and she was right. Soon everyone will acknowledge her and that it is the correct path to force humanity to evolve beyond the protoculture!

At this stage nothing will get in her way, she also talks to the unresponsive Ranka. Grace whispers in her ear that everything is all her fault, however Ranka can still atone for her sins... Brela eventually informs her that he has finished and Grace tells Ranka to be a good girl and do as is expected of her, with that the final stage of plans may commence.

Elsewhere ZEXIS learns that Grace has taken control of the Vajra through Ranka who is one of the few that can communicate with them. Cathy also shares with everyone that Ranka has the V-type disease which she inherited, it's because of that she's able to reach the Vajra. Luca shares what he has learned of Grace's theory, the thought of others reading their minds against their wills doesn't sit well with anyone.

Ozma figures that there must be a catch to all this. Turns out there is, if this theory works as intended than it means that the main hubs will be superior. Which means that Grace will have supreme control, though how would she implant humanity against their will? It's simple, as Luca points out, Grace plans to use the Vajra as her enforcers that's why she worked so hard to manipulate Ranka into a willing pawn.

Thus Ranka is the key to everything, without Ranka than Grace's plans will not come to pass. However, she seems unreachable at the moment. ZEXIS doesn't like this, they aren't going to just let Ranka be used by Grace. Luca points out that they must get Ranka back at all costs and that they can't let this plan succeed. Basara is going to give it his all and when Alto questions him he optimistically says that things will work out.

This gets Basara a stern talking to, whatever the case Luca goes on to explain the whole situation in great detail, what's at stake, and he than explains the whole Leon has taken over the Frontier Fleet. THat's a surprise, well there's more! The Frontier Fleet is moving to counter the Vajra and will be using Sheryl to do just that. Alto doesn't understand, Luca than explains that Sheryl is suffering from the same V-type disease. The only difference is that Sheryl's is fatal and as she inches towards death her abilities are enhanced to be similar to Ranka's.

Alto isn't liking that, anyone they than go on to discuss the whole V-type disease thing. Ozma eventually tells Alto to calm down but he is furious everyone knew about this but never bothered to tell him. Furthermore he doesn't approve that Leon is using Sheryl since apparently this is only making her situation even worse! Ozma continues to calm down Alto who is not handling the whole Ranka and Sheryl being used thing. Eventually he reaches Alto and convinces him to put his energy to use saving both the girls. Alto can only grit his teeth and storm out.

Cathy feels bad for Alto but Ozma tells her to let him go. Basara understands what Ozma was really trying to do and Ozma says he's counting on Basara to let loose in the coming battle. Naturally Basara intends to do just that! Ozma and the Captains than discuss the approaching mission, also it seems the entire Frontier Fleet has moved ahead of them. This gets Ozma angry, what the heck is Leon doing? He'll get everyone killed this way! Whatever the case they need to hurry up.

Shotaro can't believe the situation, Esther in particular doesn't like the thought of Ranka being used and that Alto will be forced to fight against her. Even the Dai-Guard team expresses their disbelief, they can't fight Ranka! Basara tells them not to worry, he gets a stern yelling at for being careless. Basara asks if he's wrong. As far as he's concerned he isn't and he's going to sing his heart out there so that everyone can listen to his song!

Esther than pulls out her triangles and plays them, if Basara needs a drummer than he can count on her support! The silent drummer plans her drums in response. Mylene is surprised that Esther and Veffidas are pumped, Ray understands. The two girls have figured out what Basara wants to do, Ray agrees with them. Basara than tells everyone to go all out in the coming battle! That seems a bit irresponsible but it's Basara, right? So everything is fine.

Alto is busy brooding over the entire situation, he's trying to look cool and edgy. Takeru asks him what's the issue, Alto lies and says that he's perfectly fine. Takeru gives him words of encouragement for the coming battle, Alto says that he will do his best. Roze senses that something is wrong, Takeru and Roze than share a moment about the defeat of Zuul and seeing Marg again. Shotaro and the Gravion team than encourage Alto to go get his girls back! The Gravion team can relate to the responsibilities of having a harem!

So they tell Alto to not lose hope, fight, fight, fight! Also, did he forget that he's a part of ZEXIS? ZEXIS stopped the freaking moon from falling, so stopping the Vajra should be a piece of cake! However, Alto remains super serious since the situation is still pretty dire. He explains the situation with both girls(and that Sheryl is dying) which even makes Takeru sad. Crowe than approaches and tells him to get his head of the gutter already.

Alto notices that Lock-On is with Crowe. Lock-On asks Alto why he's doubting himself, besides he should be focusing on getting his girls back. They know full well just how hard situations like these are, so don't lose hope. Eiji encourages Alto as Crowe goes on to say that this is Alto's debt and he better pay it off and give it his all. Alto says he knows that! If Anew is alive she tells Alto to not give up, just like everyone still tried when she opposed them.

Crowe reminds Alto that he has been through worse and this isn't like him to be down over something like this. The only choice here is to succeed or does Alto prefer the latter? As Alto is shocked Crowe explains that he has a lot of experience(Esther) for things like this, he can take his word that things will work out fine in the end. Lock-On says that they're both pretty useless when it comes to their girls, so is Alto so there is no choice here but to get his girls back.

Anew asks Alto if he's at ease now, he is. Crowe says he'll gladly support Alto and that he better pay off his debts to both girls by being a big goddamn hero! Alto says he will, he than looks at his necklace and thinks of Sheryl and Ranka, he has to do everything he can for the both of them.

Leon is nearly approaching the Vajra that Grace has gathered up, he asks Sheryl if she has a problem here. Sheryl knows she's being used, Leon has made a point in reminding her that she's only here because she can reach the Vajra. However, Sheryl doesn't approve that Leon has seized power. Leon doesn't give a crap about that, he tells her that she better sing or a lot of people will die as he takes his leave.

Marina doesn't like this situation, Sheryl asks her not to worry about her. As Marina looks on Sheryl apologizes to Marina for dragging her into this situation. Marina tells her to think nothing of it, they're friends and she wants to be here. Sheryl thanks her and they discuss the situation, Sheryl will sing her heart out which Marina encourages her to do her best. When Marina leaves Sheryl apologizes for not revealing her condition, though if her singing will help than she'll gladly accept this burden.

They arrive and the NUNS are launched, Sheryl begins to sing "Sagittarius at 9 p.m. - Don't be Late"! Leon gives a speech that today everything rests upon their victory, failure isn't an option. He goes on to say that many have died and he will "honor" the memory of Howard Glass(whom he had killed). As their leader he will lead the Frontier Fleet in finally purging the Vajra menace once and for all, this serves to motivate the NUNS pilots who are loving Sheryl's voice.

Grace laughs this off, she thinks Leon is a fool if he thinks he can challenge her now at this stage. Perry says that Sheryl's singing is just like Ranka's and that the Vajra are swarming here. Perry also chooses this time to voice his displeasure over this, the Fleet could be lost if they fail. Leon tells him that they better not fail than, besides if they do nothing than that's even worse.

The Vajra than appear as expected, the NUNS report that they seem off. Perry is shocked that Sheryl's song is working flawlessly. Leon says that of course it's working, he than orders the Vajra to be destroyed. The NUNS than destroy the Vajra. Leon is all giddy that everything is working out as he planned! Just than ZEXIS appears and Leon says that he has been expecting them however he has the situation under control.

Alto fights back the urge to snap on Leon for using Sheryl. As Sheryl is thinking she can't believe Alto is here, why is he here? She hopes Alto wont say anything to her because if he does she couldn't bring herself to continue singing. Instead she wants him to focus on saving Ranka. Ranka and Sheryl than thinking of each other and Alto promises to settle things, he than prepares for battle.

Sure enough a ton of Vajra show up which surprises ZEXIS. Leon isn't phased and is sure that everything will work out fine as long as Sheryl's singing. Suddenly a new song is heard that floods out Sheryl's, it's Ranka singing "Do You Remember Love?". ZEXIS immediately knows that this has to be Ranka! Everyone freaks out when a Giant Ranka appears before them. Grace asks Ranka if she'll let the Vajra suffer, after all these people are here to wipe all the Vajra out. Ranka doesn't want that... Brela tells her that this will be her redemption, she must sing to save the Vajra. Surely Ranshe would approve.

Ranka understands and continues singing. Ozma screams for Ranka but she can't hear him. The Vajra than come alive again, Ranka's singing has served to rally them all together. The Frontier Fleet forces are destroyed, Leon shits his pants. His plans are ruined now, screw Ranka! Sheryl is shocked that this is Ranka's real power, it's overwhelming! Luca tells ZEXIS that the giant image is empowering the Vajra through the fold network.

Grace gloats that her victory is all but assured and thinks that there is no better song than this. Apollo rallies Alto who says he'll fight, Michel is surprised. Alto says that he will be the one to take out that giant image. As Alto and Ozma get pumped Leon gets told to recall the NUNS, they're useless in a battle like this! Leon is still shocked but after a bit of yelling at Perry recalls the NUNS. The Frontier Captain tells everyone to take out that image, Crowe and ZEXIS say they'll take up that task.

Basara than starts singing to get everyone rallied up so they can fight giant Ranka without fear. Ozma knows that song! Michel wonders what his problem is as Ozma starts screaming the lyrics, Cathy is shocked that he's acting like a kid. Even Klan wonders what the heck his deal is, Ozma tells them that he's pumped and ready to kick Vajra ass! Alto say's he'll save Ranka, Basara and Ozma than start singing as they head to battle.

Alto's deals the final blow to Giant Ranka, Aoi wonders if they did it. Shinobu says something is happening! Giant Ranka vanishes and is replaced by the Battle Galaxy. It seems the Battle Galaxy is where Ranka is at and was what was broadcasting her image. Before it can be taken down the Battle Galaxy moves out of firing range and unleashes its own mecha, seemingly new models. Alto doesn't like that though his mood gets worse when Brela appears.

Brela refuses to let Alto get to Ranka, Alto demands to know why Brela is forcing Ranka to do this. Brela says that it's their duty to protect the Vajra from humanity. Apollo starts flipping out again, best to ignore him. As the Frontier and 00 crew admires the Ghost V-9's they're interrupted. Turns out Feldt's sensors have picked up the A-Law forces. They soon arrive being lead by Ali Al'Sachez who is more than happy that he isn't late for the party. Amuro demands to know what Ribbons wants, Ali Al'Sachez explains that he's on Ribbons payroll. Seems Ribbons has some investment here and he has decided to have all of them wiped out now, this gets Celestial Beings attention.

However, there have more pressing matters. For Louise is here and her condition has only taken a turn for the worst. Louise wants nothing more than to destroy the 00 Raiser and Saji for hurting her, Setsuna can feel that she's beyond words as Saji yells for Louise. Ali Al'Sachez says that this is beautiful, this is going to be a very enjoyable day for him! Alto than contacts Sheryl and tells her to sing, he'll save Ranka but he needs Sheryl's song to awaken her! Sheryl understands and starts to sing once more, Alto thanks her.

The Frontier Captain tells everyone to take out the the Battle Galaxy, Saji and Setsuna decide to try and save Louise once more. Zero tells Saji to go on ahead, Suzaku also says they'll take care of the trash for him! Kallen than tells Saji that Louise is in a dark place, the only one that can reach her is Saji so he better save her now that she's right in front of him! Saji says he will, Eiji goes on to tell Alto that he better save Ranka as well. Alto plans to do just that and leave Brela to him! Brela says he wont allow Alto to reach Ranka, Alto tells him to shut up already! Ranka, wait for him because he's coming to save her!

Brela tells Alto to give up, he wont take Ranka away! No matter what Brela says nothing is going to stop Alto from saving Ranka! Brela starts breaking down, Alto doesn't seem to care and demands that Brela get out of his way! Brela struggles to get a hold of himself as he has a "KIRA!" and "ATHRUN!!!" moment with Alto. Alto than defeats Brela and tells him to run along since he doesn't have the time to kill Brela and when Brela retreats Alto returns his focus to saving Ranka.

Andrei is soon defeated and as he retreats he says he needs to take out Saji for clouding Louise's mind. When he's gone Louise screams that ZEXIS will pay for hurting Andrei! She'll kill them ALL!

Saji can't stand the sight of Louise in such a drugged up state, he begs her to come back to him. Louise yells that Saji betrayed her and he must die! Saji becomes depressed since he words aren't reaching her. Setsuna tells Saji to get a hold of himself! They can still save Louise, they just need to get her out of that mecha! This serves to motivate Saji who decides to keep trying.

Louise refuses to fall just yet, she still has to defeat Gundam and Celestial Being because they took everything from her! Louise than grabs the 00 Raiser into a bear hug. Turns out Louise has decided that she must defeat Gundam at all cost and is willing to die to accomplish this. Saji tells her to stop already, the power of love compel her! Saji tells Louise that she has everything all wrong, he still loves her, and to get out of that mecha already!

Celestial Being didn't kill her family and she needs to get help! All she needs to do is get out of that mecha and come back to him! Louise seems to struggle as Kallen begs Louise to stop fighting, Saji speaks the truth. This seems to get Louise's attention as Kallen continues that Louise is being used and to come back to everyone because they're worried about her. Zero and Suzaku than say Louise's name which causes her to freak out.

Louise suddenly reverts back to evil mode and says that she can't forgive Celestial Being for killing her family and her friends are lying to her! Louise than retreats into the Battle Galaxy much to Saji's horror. Setsuna tells Saji to go after her in the 0 Raiser. Saji thanks Setsuna, detaches the 0 Raiser, and yells that he's going to save Louise! With that he enters the Battle Galaxy, Kallen says that Saji better return with her! Zero says that now is the best chance for Saji to save Louise, the rest is up to him! Setsuna has faith in Saji and returns to battle in the regular 00.

Lock-On says that he'll avenge his brother today, Ali Al'Sachez tells him that he can try if he thinks he's up to it. This pisses Lock-On off, that bastard has no remorse! Setsuna also encounters Ali Al'Sachez who is glad his former protege survived getting shot so well, he prefers they end this like men anyway. Setsuna tells Ali Al'Sachez that he must answer for all he has done! Ali Al'Sachez doesn't see it that way and both than move to kill each other.

Ali Al'Sachez doesn't understand what's happening, this is MADNESS! Setsuna calls out to him as he marvels at the thought of actually dying. Lock-On tells him to shut up and just die already! Ali Al'Sachez than implodes, Crowe hopes that the original Lock-On was watching from the afterlife. Current Lock-On says that bastard is finally dead and all the people he's killed, and the family he took away from him, can now rest in peace. There's no use trying to understand such a monster.

All that is left is the Battle Galaxy which goes down without much of a fight. The Frontier Captain orders that the Battle Frontier go Battle Mode and than attacks the Battle Galaxy now that it's vulnerable. MACROSS ATTACK! This severely damages the Battle Galaxy and leaves an opening. Ozma tells Alto to get moving, he than rushes into the Battle Galaxy. He thinks that this is it, thanks Sheryl, and yells to Ranka that he's coming for her! Ranka seems to respond to this as Alto enters the Battle Galaxy.

ZEXIS says it's up to Alto now, he better save Ranka! Feldt confirms that all enemies are defeated, before anyone can relax a massive Vajra swarm appears. Michel is surprised and Klan tells everyone to watch out as they all suffer a barrage from the Vajra. Eureka than feels something which concerns Renten. Eureka knows this feeling, she says the Images are coming and they're angry! Esther is confused, weren't the Images their allies!? Esther demands an explanation. Holland can't believe it either as the Images appear in massive numbers.

Eureka can't contact the Images, they're angry and seem to be enemies. Feldt informs everyone that things just got worse, a massive force is approaching! Setsuna and Amuro immediately know that it has to be Ribbons and the Innovades! ZEXIS prepares for a very rough battle, they have to hold out until Alto and Saji return!

Saji managed to reach Louise and calls out to her. Louise is surprised to see him as he says that he's glad she's okay. However, something evil takes hold of Louise and she screams for him to die as she moves to strangle Saji. Louise rants on about the evils of Celestial Being and Saji's betrayal! Saji begs her to stop as she strangles him, Louise suddenly notices that Saji kept his engagement ring this entire time which means he never stopped loving her. Louise has a mental breakdown over this which shocks Saji who asks her what's wrong. Louise than passes out and Saji can't believe that it's all going to end like this, he failed Louise... Saji than dramatically screams out Louise's name as he holds her in his arms.

Stage 58 - Believe in Zero Route

Regene discovers that Ribbons is still alive after all. This is pretty confusing since Regene is looking at Ribbons dead body, yet there's Ribbons on the screen. Elgan is also revealed to be up and about, it seems Ribbons "dying" allowed him the opportunity to break free from his hold. Ribbons walks in and says that Elgan has been naughty for taking advantage of his "death". Though what did he think he could do, has he forgotten that he's in Ribbons Almark's house?

Ribbons finds it amusing that Elgan still opposes him. Regene though freaking out as Ribbons explains that he isn't restricted to a human body, he's very much connected to VEDA and has transcended the mortal vessel. Whatever the case Ribbons doesn't need Regene anymore because he's far superior than the average Innovode. This ticks Regene off though before Regene can kill him again Ribbons kills Regene. Naturally Ribbons has to gloat at how foolish Regene was for trying to take over Aeolla's legacy. With that out of the way Elgan and Ribbons have some catching up to do.

Elgan isn't too thrilled at this situation and the fact that Ribbons has been manipulating him for sometime, not to mention keeping him in a coma. It wasn't all for naught, Ribbons now has what he needs to guide humanity and nothing will stop him. Elgan figures out that Ribbons has been using ZEXIS and now plans to get rid of them at this stage. Ribbons than has Elgan brought over to VEDA where they go on discuss VEDA, Aeolla's legacy, the colony ship, and ZEXIS who're in a pretty tight situation thus they can't stop Ribbons. Seems Ribbons still needs Elgan just a bit longer though so he can just sit back and enjoy the show.

Things aren't looking good for ZEXIS. They managed to beat back a lot of the Images but they've drifted too far from the Battle Galaxy. Oh, and Ribbons has brought his giant base here. Ribbons meanwhile is enjoying the view with a reluctant Elgan. Ribbons has decided that today he'll go obtain a real GN Drive and the Twin Drive System for himself. ZEXIS than curses Ribbons who's up to no good. Situation still is pretty dire though.

Sheryl hasn't given up just yet and tries to rally everyone with her singing because Alto and Ranka haven't returned yet. However, she's weak from her illness and the Captain tells her to stop exerting herself too much. Sheryl doesn't desire to give up yet since Alto will need all the help he can get. They're than bombarded which pisses off Holland and Renten while making Eureka cry. Ribbons admires that they still choose to fight even if it's useless.

Amuro says that Ribbons is wrong, Ribbons counters that Amuro has wasted his potential and forsaken his responsibility. The 0 Raiser than appears with a sad Saji. Setsuna is surprised to see Saji though this is not what he expected. Kallen calls for Louise who hasn't responded yet, did Saji save her? Saji reveals that Louise is with him but she's not responding. Zero figures out what happened, Suzaku can't believe Louise may actually be dead, and Kallen demands that Saji stop joking because they've all come so far. Setsuna tells Haro to combine the 0 Raiser to the 00, he's too pissed to say anything else.

Ribbons isn't all sad that Louise may be dead, if she couldn't survive something like this than perhaps she wasn't worthy of being the first Innovator after all. Amuro yells that Ribbons will pay for using people as if they're tools, Ribbons though is just trying to get humanity to evolve. Amuro calls him out on his BS, Setsuna tells Amuro to calm himself. Ribbons sees this as a grand opportunity to take out Setsuna for all the trouble he has caused him.

Ribbons calls forth his massive Innovade and Gaga forces, Feldt is shocked while this just pisses Shinn off because there are so many of them. Athrun quickly figures out that the Gaga's aren't armed for combat, they're kamikaze mecha! Crowe thinks that's disgusting that such tactics would be employed. Hiling Care announces that ZEXIS is going to die today, Lock-On shouts that they'll pay for using Anew. Revive taunts ZEXIS over the hopelessness of the situation and for daring to challenge the Innovades.

Hiling refuses to acknowledge that Setsuna is an Innovator and will gladly prove that through battle today. Andrei than appears and says he'll avenge Louise. Soma wants to kill Andrei as he rushes over and tries to take out the 00 Raiser by himself. As that's going on Ribbons taunts Amuro which gets Holland to decide that he's useful! ZEXIS is confused by his mad rush though the Innovades think it's pretty cute. The Images than attack Holland who shakes it off, he's trying to get them to move out of the way(and stop fighting) so that he may open a path for the Celestial Being crew.

They understand what he's trying to do with Sumeragi deciding not to waste this chance. For they are the ones that shall change the world and atone for everyone's sins for the sake of the future! With that they activate the TRANS-AM and rush into the base. ZEXIS is ordered to deal with the forces as Sumeragi does her thing, Ribbons offers another barrage and tells them that this is worthless. Besides, isn't it funny how the Images are helping Ribbons and not them? Eureka doesn't like that the Images are intent on fighting them, Holland though just continues fighting the Images.

Sumeragi's team have made it inside and cause a real mess with things. They're than boarded by Billy and his automatons. Billy still feels betrayed and questions what Sumeragi is doing. They than clash with Sumeragi wanting humanity to make its own future while Billy is fine with the Innovades, their betters, to lead them. Eventually Sumeragi figures out that Billy is still in love with her and is hurt over being lied to by her. Billy tells her to drop the whole Celestial Being thing, though if she refuses to relent he'll take her down.

Holland has really made a mess of things though the Images are simply too numerous for him. Renten tries to get him to stop because he'll die. The situation has only gotten worse and Setsuna can't believe this is happening. After another barrage Andrei screams in frustration and Saji mourns the comatose Louise. Setsuna has do something for his friends! Amuro notices that Setsuna has finally changed, going full Innovator he unleashes the TRANS-AM Burst.

Saji encounters Louise whom he's glad to see is still alive. Taking advantage of this moment Saji explains everything to Louise. Louise asks where they are and what is this light and that her pain seems to have vanished. Saji tells her that this light is from Setsuna's heart. Louise now understands everything and Saji tells her it's time to go back.

Andrei has no idea where he is but he notices Soma. Soma says that she can never forgive Andrei for what he did to Sergei, however she can't bring herself to hate Andrei because Sergei wouldn't want that. Andrei doesn't want anything to do with Sergei, he was a traitor! Soma asks why Andrei hates his father so. Andrei reveals that Sergei is the reason his mother died and he hates him! Soma questions why he refused to understand Sergei with Andrei saying that Sergei was the one that didn't try to understand how this made him feel.

Soma asks why Andrei didn't try to understand Sergei either. The loss of someone so cherished must have hurt him just as much. Andrei starts to have a break down when he figures out that his father did love him and didn't hate him even when Andrei killed him. Seems he had a lot of bottled up emotions and starts to cry over the fact that he did indeed kill his own father. Alleujah and Soma than share a moment, though when Alleujah calls her Soma he is instead told to just call her Marie once more. This makes Alleujah happy and the two super soldiers share a moment.

Billy is freaked out that he now understands Sumeragi's thoughts, he has a breakdown over this with Sumeragi apologizing for never understanding Billy's feelings for her after all this time. Billy feels bad now for everything and really just wanted to be with Sumeragi. Sumeragi and Billy than hug as they feel bad for each other.

Basara is happy that everyone understands each other now. Quattro is confused as Kamille says that the GN particles from the Burst caused this. Zero and Suzaku also seem to understand each other now which has served to mend fences and bring them back together as friends. Kallen takes this moment to be happy that Zero and Suzaku are finally getting along once more. Holland on the other hand feels better than ever, he's cured! Sheryl also seems to have been cured of her illness and is no longer in any pain.

Luca is amazed at the power of the GN Particles/Drives. Eureka than smiles as the Images retreat, it seems they now understand what ZEXIS is trying to do. Renten and Eureka are happy over this of course. Setsuna has decided to kick the crap out of the Innovades now, who in turn are shocked that Setsuna has changed. Oh, and they're confused as heck over what the hell just happened. A recording of Aeolla explains what just happened, the true goal of the GN Drives, and that Setsuna F. Seiei has become the first true Innovator.

This makes ZEXIS glad and Setsuna takes up this burden, Saji though it just glad that everything has changed for the better. Andrei than approaches and asks to take Louise off the battlefield so Setsuna and Saji can focus. Saji thanks him and to asks him to get Louise help. Andrei says he'll do that. Saji than transfers over Louise and Andrei leaves to get her medical treatment. The Frontier crew than gets a message from Kati who has broken free from the A-Laws and now supports ZEXIS, though that doesn't change that after this war they'll be enemies again. That's fine of course.

Amuro and Quattro are glad that everyone is working together, though the rest will be up to Setsuna. Hiling and Revive though are furious and swear they'll kill Setsuna, because they're the superior Innovades that wont lose to a mere human! The Frontier Captain orders the counter attack, Amuro swears to punish Ribbons, and Saji is fighting so that he can see Louise after this battle! Ribbons is furious that ZEXIS and Setsuna have jacked Aeolla's legacy from him, they'll pay! Setsuna and Amuro beg to differ on who's going to be paying here.

After the Innovades are defeated the Frontier crew picks up Sumeragi's crew which are being chased by Gagas. They're than saved by Kati's fleet, Kati tells Celestial Being that they've come to lend aid. Make no mistake they aren't friends now and will return to fighting, but that's after they've won this battle. Tieria than tries to head to VEDA but he is focus fired, Heero than rushes over and makes an opening fir him. Heero tells a shocked Tieria to get inside already he than vanishes.

Kati and her hubby are pretty outgunned here and decided that now that they've made an opening they'll take their leave. The rest is up to ZEXIS and Celestial Being! Gino and Anya are glad for their support and Kati gives her regards before her force departs. Setsuna is worried about Tieria, however they're busy dealing with the Gagas to cover for Tieria.

Tieria makes it to VEDA and is met by Ribbons. They go the whole Aeolla's legacy thing, Ribbons saying he's has surpassed an Innovator, Tieria calling that blasphemy, and the such. Ribbons than shoots Tieria and as their argument reaches the final stages Elgan rushes and and refuses to let Ribbons have his way anymore, due to his courage he takes a bullet for Tieria. Ribbons asks why he did such a stupid thing, Elgan denounces Ribbons for his foolishness over things like Aeolla's legacy, VEDA, Grace, and the such.

Ribbons is getting pretty pissed at this berating, Elgan than turns to Tieria and grants Tieria access to VEDA. This catches Ribbons off-guard who demands to know what the hell Elgan just did! Elgan than tells Tieria to move and he takes complete control of VEDA from Ribbons. Elgan than chides Ribbons for being a foolish fool, Aeolla always had something like this in place in case anyone would abuse VEDA. That means Ribbons has lost!

That's not something Ribbons will admit, he than shots Elgan multiple times. Tieria is distracted by Elgan tells him to focus, Ribbons curses Elgan and Tieria. They're ruining everything! Outside the Seravee appears and takes a heavy bombardment to the surprise of ZEXIS. It than releases a ton of energy, Celestial Being soon finds out that the Seravee has hampered the Gaga forces though they haven't retreated yet.

Tieria gives his little speech of Innovade, Friendship, and Aeolla. Oh, and Tieria is directly linked to VEDA again, that's why they can all hear him. The Seravee than implodes before it can complete its mission, Ribbons also appears in the Reborns Gundam. Billy knows what it is, anyway Amuro and Setsuna give Ribbons the evil eye. Ribbons hasn't given up just yet, though he's going to have to get his own hands dirty now. Tieria is willing to get in a bit of banter with Ribbons but he's told by Zero to focus, they'll deal with this egotistical maniac.

Whatever the case Ribbons wants to gain control of VEDA again and to kill Tieria for making a fool out of him. After all, he still has his infinite Gagas still! Heero than moves in to have Wing Zero hooked up to VEDA, he'll finish what Tieria started. Zero figures out that this has to do about the Zero System, whatever the case Tieria empowers Heero. Ribbons isn't shocked and says that this will change nothing here, Heero tells him to shut up. Setsuna than watches on as Heero powers up the Zero System and imputs the code which links Tieria and VEDA to the Wing Zero.

With that the Gaga's are all shut off from VEDA and end up drifting in space without power. Wufei is surprised over this turn of events, Duo, Trowa, and Quatre on the other hand aren't surprised since they're used to Heero doing the impossible. Ribbons is in shock, his Gaga force was defeated! This is impossible, VEDA has betrayed him! Amuro takes this time to run salt in Ribbons wounds, guess Ribbons was just all talk.

Tieria explains what happened and how awesome Heero is. He than explains more about Aeolla plans, VEDA, and the such. It's a lot of information. Whatever the case ZEXIS decides to be too curious and just keeps bombarding Tieria about Aeolla, the true mission of the Innovades, VEDA, and the such. He also explains what he has learned of the Zero System and of the GN Drives. ZEXIS of course just has to keep asking him these stupid questions, haven't they heard of Wikipedia? Eventually ZEXIS finally stops pestering Tieria and Ribbons retakes the show.

Ribbons thanks Setsuna for giving him what he needed, in gratitude he'll kill Setsuna and lead humanity as the Innovade that surpasses Innovators. Setsuna demands to know if Ribbons thinks himself as a God, Ribbons says he doesn't need to think about it because he is a God. They than go back in forth between Setsuna and Amuro yelling at Ribbons because he's so wrong with Ribbons seeing himself as right and wants nothing to do with inferior humans other than ruling them. Ribbons wouldn't mind obtaining the Zero System as well, this garners an evil eye from Heero.

Anyway Amuro and Setsuna continue to berate Ribbons for trying to rule humanity and that humanity deserves to create its own future. Oh, and humanity should evolve on its own. Ribbons than makes his little declaration that he'll end everything today and obtain all he desired. Whatever, ZEXIS than berates Ribbons and gives their own reasons why they're fighting and wont let him succeed. Sumeragi also learns some interesting information but that isn't important and instead tells everyone to just prepare for this final clash here.

This only serves to get the REST of ZEXIS to open their big mouths to explain their reasons, humanity will forge its own future, and the such. Sumeragi thanks them, Crowe thinks nothing of it as he takes the job and Esther is also ready to put that pretty boy Ribbons in his place. Even Anew wishes to fight so that humanity can make its own future. Eventually everyone shuts up and shares a moment.

Crowe - Gonna settle things with Debt when I get back...

Saji - Louise...

Marie - Sergei...

Alleujah - Marie...

Lock-On - Anew...

Tieria - VEDA...

Setsuna - GUNDAM!

This long love, peace, end war, change the world, humanity forges its own future, and the such talk makes Ribbons's stomach turn. Though he's glad that ZEXIS has finally shut the heck up already, they dragged that one out way too long! Ribbons than reminds everyone that he's the ultimate Innovade, Ribbons Almark and this is his Reborns which cannot lose! Setsuna Counters that he's Setsuna F. Seiei and this is the 00 Raiser who will kick the crap out of Reborns!

[Ribbons has dialogue with every Gundam Main.]

When the Reborns has taken enough of a beating the Frontier crew detect an amorality. Ribbons isn't surprised, it took her long enough. Grace than appears, she's connected to the Vajra Queen. She's having a nerdgasm over this merging, Ryouma is kinda freaked out over this. Banjo calls Grace out who is now suffering through a little God complex here. She declares that she now controls the power that the Protoculture feared yet worshiped! The Vajra, mwahahahaha!

ZEXIS freaks out as Grace explains her transformation and that they all need to bow before her already. This serves to make the freaked out ZEXIS oppose her desires, Ozma though figured out what just happened and that Grace will no longer need Ranka. ZEXIS than proceeds to be angry and freak out as Grace gives them a boring explanation of her Godhood, evolution, and the such. Grace notices that Ribbons could use some help, Ribbons isn't above reciving her aid.

Luca's balls drop once more as he berates Grace and explains the situation to ZEXIS. Quattro and co. see what Grace is doing as disgusting and she's no better than Ribbons. Esther is pretty surprised at Luca becoming manly and she doesn't approve what Grace is trying to force on others, perhaps it's because of her time as a DM. The Frontier crew than tells Grace they will not bow to her, she questions their sanity. She than has a heart to heart talk with her ally Ribbons, they're still good friends after all.

Grace than summons her changed Vajra to wipe out ZEXIS. ZEXIS notices that these Vajra are different, well it's because they're minions to Grace. As ZEXIS grits their death Grace calls out Basara and taunts him because he seems to lack the will to sing. A bit more angry banter from ZEXIS being repulsed by Grace, and saying she's wrong, and Basara starts to sing despite the situation. Basara than rallies ZEXIS, even Sheryl is amazed by Basara.

Basara than tells Alto to come out already, Alto than appears with Ranka though he's sorry for making everyone wait. Ranka berates Grace who doesn't even need her anymore. Grace than severely damages Alto's mecha, however before she can finish Alto she's attacked by Brela. Brela reveals that he has broken free of his control and wishes to aid ZEXIS. Grace is furious that Brela has betrayed her! Heero tells Setsuna to use that, Amuro agrees that. Setsuna than activates his TRANS-AM Burst, this confuses Grace while Ribbons curses Setsuna and that he's only strong because of the GN Drives!

Sheryl, Ranka, and Alto are meet up in the BURST. Ranka things Sheryl for her strength and it's because of Sheryl that they were able to fly. Alto also thanks Sheryl as well and that both of the girls are his wings. They than hear Basara's song, Brela is also here now and is sorry for dragging Ranka into all this. He than asks for Ranka to sing again, her voice will be needed to free the Vahra from Grace. Back in reality ZEXIS feels the power of Basara's song and the feel goodness of the TRANS-AM BURST!

Gainer - Sara...

Sara - Gainer...

Garrod - Tiffa...

Tiffa - Garrod...

Fyana - Chirico...

Chirico - ...

Kamille feels the magic and it's because of Setsuna! Setsuna goes on to tell Ribbons he wont have his way and the such. Ribbons is appalled that Setsuna has used his little BURST trick again, he'll kill him! Grace though is still lost and has a breakdown. Ranka is unsure what to do with Simon telling Ranka to stop feeling sorry for Grace, instead use this time to sing! Eventually Ranka wises up which makes ZEXIS happy. Basara than cuts his song and lets Ranka sing, this convinces the Vajra to flee.

Ribbons demands that Grace explain what the hell just happened! Grace doesn't understand either, why have her Vajra abandoned her! She's the Queen! It's because of Rank's song, must Basara explain everything to them? Grace doesn't like this change of events, Amuro tries to reason with Ribbons since he could still end this. Ribbons isn't going to back down, though Amuro decides to still explain just how wrong Ribbons is. Michel than orders Alto to return to the fleet, Lock-On tells him to get his ass moving already!

When Alto arrives his old mecha is too damaged to launch, no fear! The Frontier Crew has a surprise for Alto, the YF-29 Durandal! It's powered by SINGING! Sheryl and Ranka team up and start singing for free, Alto is admiring his new sexy ride by giving a speech about the singing prowess of his girls. Crowe likes the new sexy mecha, Rand as well. Gain thinks that's kind of weird, Crowe takes offense to what he's implying. The Frontier Captain gives the order to take out the Vajra Queen, Sumeragi gives the order to take out Ribbons Almark!

Frontier Captain gives the final okay, images of Sheryl and Ranka than appear. Both girls than start singing, for Alto! This rallies all of ZEXIS. As Simon screams his heart out Viral is surprised at the power of song and that humans are pretty interesting. Even Shinobu gets into the song while Orguss man has a fangasm over the singing and that ZEXIS is amazing! Takeru is the last to express joy. Instead Shinn and Kouji prefer that they get to the asskicking now. However, Brela seems to have made peace with Alto now and Ranka's singing is amazing.

Ribbons struggles and tricks himself to believe he's still in control, he isn't going to be done in by a pathetic song! Setsuna prepares to demolish Ribbons for his arrogance, Grace though breaks down fully. Grace is a God and this is the ultimate evolution! Alto says that Grace is wrong and that sacrificing the Vajra is no evolution at all!

[The Song will also change every turn, for example - the start of the next turn is DYNAMITE EXPLOSION]

Ribbons is surprise that he's defeated, he tries to retreat but Amuro calls him out on it. Setsuna tells Amuro to leave this to him. Ribbons curses Setsuna who has ruined all his plans. However, he isn't going to lose in this duel! Tieria believes in Setsuna though and that Ribbons is a fool for thinking he had surpassed an Innovator.Ribbons says he has which gets Tieria and Amuro to berate him, no matter! They end this now!

Setsuna - Setsuna F. Seiei! GUNDAM!

Ribbons dies during the clash since he cannot withstand the power of GUNDAM!. Feldt confirms that he's dead. The 00 cast than reflect that it's finally over, thank Aeolla! The future is now all theirs! MWAHAHAHAHAHA~!

Lock-On - Anew...

Anew - Lock-On...

Alleujah and Marie than share a moment. With this the one truly responsible for Sergei's death is no more, Marie can now move on with Alleujah as Marie, Soma is happy as well. Setsuna thinks of Marina and the whole understanding thing. Grace though mourns the loss of Ribbons, Brela tells her to shut up because she has better things to worry about! Grace returns to crazy mode and again curses at Brela for getting in her way!

[Surprisingly Apollo has dialogue with Grace. Alto, Brela, Basara, and Setsuna all have dialogue with her too.]

Grace shouldn't be losing, she was a God! Alto isn't having that, this ends now! Ozma, Klan, Luca, and Michel tell Alto to finish it! However, Alto is stopped by Ranka's little pet which surprises Ranka. Alto understands and moves to take out Grace. Grace can't believe this, Brela orders Alto to attack the head to reach the heart, it's the best way to reach the Queen! Grace curses Brela for this betrayal, Brela tells her to shut the heck up! Alto than damages the Queen, Grace is wounded.

Basara tells Alto to stop, Grace curses Basara and doesn't need his pity! Basara embarks his knowledge of song to Grace which touches her, Grace than breaks free from the Vajra Queen. She thanks Basara and she'll die as a human. Basara than bids farewell to Grace, the Vajra Queen is now free from Grace and departs in a flash as ZEXIS looks on. Alto asks what Brela will do now, he'll stick with them he also explains where the Vajra went. Whatever the case Luca praises a happy Basara.

Esther says that it's over, seems that way to Crowe as well. Esther than worried about Tieria, they really should go see how he's doing. That can wait, fight now ZEXIS wants to have a heart to heart moment with Sheryl expressing how much she loves Alto. Ranka figures she has lost and instead chooses to dot on Brela who will stay by her side. Brela tells Alto he better watch himself though with Ranka which gets Alto angry. Zero is glad this is all over, Kallen as well. It seems like everything is finally wrapping up. ZEXIS than moves to land onto the colony base...

Elgan is mortally wounded though he wishes to embark his knowledge to ZEXIS before he dies. Ignoring ZEXIS... Elgan explains his intimate knowledge of the Black Knowledge(which is why he seemed to know things before they would happen), he was the one that gathered up ZEXIS, he was the one that gave information to ZEXIS in Hakai-Hen, that he has been alive for a long time, he's the alternate version of Edel, and the such. He also seemed to know Aeolla personally and the whole Satellite thing for Gundam DX being made on the moon. Oh, and he's a Wanderer too and knew about ZUETH's coming long before they were to appear, thus he had everything prepared for them.

This goes on for awhile, basically ZEUTH and ZEXIS learn a lot of stuff about why things ended up as they did. Whatever the case Elgan is taking a while to die, he really wants to give that motivation speech to them. He also shared what he knew of the members of ZEXIS and their foes, and he shares some info what's the whole deal with everything being so screwed up. Elgan finally starts to kick the bucket, he puts his faith in ZEXIS and Setsuna F. Seiei. He also trusts in Amuro's newtype skills, and that ZEXIS must not fail.

Crowe demands that Elgan stay with them, though he doesn't respond because he has just passed on. Esther can't believe that he just died like that, can't they do anything for him!? Sandman tell her to stop, they can at least show their respect for Elgan who held out this long to embark such knowledge to them. Esther relents but feels sad that Elgan is now dead. Anyway, Apollo is all for kicking Ba-al ass, Zero takes this moment to say a few nice words for the deceased Elgan and swears that his faith in ZEXIS will not be misplaced! Setsuna agrees on this, and with that the final enemy left is Insalaum and Gaioh!

Stage 59 - Believe in Zero Route

Marilyn has a chat with Uther over the fast approaching confrontation with ZEXIS and she's wondering how Uther is holding up. Not good as Uther shows Marilyn the effects of using his sphere which drains his life force as a cost, his face is severely cracked and Marilyn is saddened. To go through such lengths... Uther is truly a magnificent and selfless ruler! Uther wonders why Marilyn would be sad for a man like him but she cheers up him from his dark and brooding mood by reminding him that she'll follow him to hell if need be. Marilyn also promises that she will give her everything in the upcoming battle, as Uther expects from everyone, though Uther would mourn if it comes to that.

Marilyn secretly holds that she isn't doing this for Insalaum, it's all for Uther. At this time Gaioh appears and asks if everything is ready. Marilyn is angry that he would so callously burst in on Uther and her but Uther calms her down and assures Gaioh that Insalaum will fight. Gaioh than leaves as Uther ponders over the circumstances and if ZEXIS can overcome this final hurdle while Marilyn prepares for the upcoming battle with ZEXIS.

Louise has been saved and thanks to the Trans-AM Burst she's cured from her affliction. She can now receive proper medical care that shows much promise even with all the modifications that the Innovades, particularly Ribbons, had done to her body and mind during her time in the A-Laws. While she's resting in a hospital bed she's visited by Kallen who tells Louise that everyone was so worried about her and how glad she is that Louise is safe. Kallen asks Louise of her condition with Louise explaining how her treatment is going(No more GN poisoning) and that for the first time in a long time her head is clear.

Louise feels guilty for being used as a pawn by Ribbons to fight ZEXIS though. She isn't sure if she can forgive herself for all she put Saji and her friends through. Noticing that Kallen is feeling sad over this Louise change the subject and asks how Lelouch is. Kallen says that he's doing fine though it was strange to hear him laughing, still this makes Kallen happy nonetheless. The girls than catch up with Kallen wondering what Louise will do now.

Saji than comes in and has no intention of blaming Louise for anything, instead he just wants her to get better as soon as possible. Besides, Saji is just relieved that Louise is getting treated now. From now on they don't have to fight anymore and Saji looks forward to a future with her thanks to Crowe and their friends. While Saji and Louise are sharing a moment, with Kallen being happy for them, as they catch up Kallen thinks fondly of Lelouch and is glad that he is now friends with Suzaku again. Still, perhaps a similar future awaits her as well with Lelouch?

Marina wonders what path the world will take after all the fighting has ended. The ones responsible for taking advantage of ZEXIS the last time they changed the world all lay defeated except for Insalaum. Is the world really ready this time or will they repeat the same mistakes of the past? As Marina ponders she is approached by Setsuna who returns from his victory over Ribbons.

Setsuna and Marina speak of the events that have transpired and that he's starting to understand Marina and what she's trying to do. Marina is reinvigorated by Setsuna's kind words of encouragement. As long as people like her live there is always hope that humanity will change for the better. As Setsuna leaves Marina is now resolute in her convictions and regained faith in herself thanks to Setsuna.

Sheryl is happy to see Alto in person after so long and that he managed to save Ranka in the end. It's all thanks to ZEXIS but Alto's time with them isn't over, Insalaum was still a threat to the universe even after all their effort. So Sheryl and Ranka will simply wait for his return, they have faith. Brera insists on accompanying Alto for this final confrontation, though it will take some time before old wounds can be mended between the pair who have clashed much in the past.

Alto promises the pair to return and Brera swears the same to Ranka. They're than interrupted by Basara and his frontier band. The rest of ZEXIS than start showing up with Esther at the lead, none of this serious stuff! ZEXIS should be enjoying their many victories and go into battle against Insalaum in high spirits, even Crowe agrees with this sentiment.

However, this will be the final battles with everyone... What happens after this? Will ZEXIS split up once more, do they have faith that the world wont squander all their efforts and plunge into the same sad state it had become before? That isn't up for them to decide, they are just here to protect the world they all love. It's up to humanity to do the right thing and walk upon its own path.

Though if they slip up it's up to ZEXIS to remind them of what they can accomplish and set them back on course to reaching humanities potential. Though thinking too far ahead like this does no one any good. They still need to win, which they will, but how will they deal with Uther? Marguerite in particular still remembers his legendary kindness but can she fight Uther?

Crowe tells Marguerite that she doesn't have to fight Uther, she can sit this out and let ZEXIS handle it. However Marguerite is no longer a woman in doubt and she wont run away anymore. She will fight Uther, the prince she loved and swore loyalty to is no longer the man that stands before them. Her loyalty is now to Arksabers and her people who she will save and convince to walk a new path off the road of ruination. Esther too shared doubts on fighting Uther because of his kindness when she was a DM, Uther was the only reason she still lives to this day.

Anbrorn had relished the thought of performing more "detailed" research on Esther when she was a DM but Uther wouldn't allow her to inflict such harm on her. It is also thanks to Uther that she was cured and was brought back to Crowe which she will eternally be grateful for. However Marguerite's resolution has served to invigorate Esther as well in her determination to face Uther. Crowe than submits, Marguerite has just as much right as any member of ZEXIS to see this through and who is he to deny her after seeing her determination?

Crowe also supports Esther since he knows of her ties to Uther but just like Marguerite he can sense her determination so it would be pointless trying to convince Esther to stand down either. To think that both have come so far, especially Esther who no longer resembles that scared teenage girl from the past he saved all those years ago but has grown into a fine and strong young woman in her own right.

As everyone gets their determination out and prepares for the battle Zero reminds everyone that this final hurdle is nothing to ZEXIS. They've faced worse, why should they falter now when victory is right in their grasp just because they have conflicting feelings over their enemy? ZEXIS agrees and all doubt seems to disappear from everyone. Zero simply has that aura about him, it's impossible to despair after hearing him speak.

Individual members of ZEXIS and ZEUTH than express their hopes for the future after they have won and what they will do when they aren't needed to fight anymore. They have faith in not only themselves but Crowe as well, as long as they stick together to the end than their hopes and dreams may yet become a reality. Speaking of Crowe he's looking forward to paying off his debt by saving the Universe yet again and Esther, Rand, and Setsuko know he can do this and are glad for him. Hopefully this time Crowe doesn't leave Esther waiting at the end though by disappearing again.

ZEXIS than thinks of why they're fighting one more time. For Kallen she fights for Zero, Suzaku for Euphemia, Lelouch for a peaceful world for Nunnally, and the rest of ZEXIS thinking of the ones they care for the most. Things are getting too mushy for Ryouma who has had enough and just wants to get this over with already. Marguerite than approaches Esther for the coming battle against Uther, though Esther isn't sad. She will fight with no regrets and is glad that she met Uther and Marguerite. Marguerite too is glad that she met Esther as well, a true friend even if they're both rivals in love for Crowe. With all that said Crowe is ready to fight Uther as well and ZEXIS responds to him and places their faith fully into him.

Gaioh meanwhile is relaxing in Uther's main ship. The atmosphere is tense. Uther says that ZEXIS is coming and will surely try to put a stop to the ZONE business at long last. Gaioh isn't worried about any of that, Insalaum isn't really high on his priorities list. Fighting ZEXIS on his own terms is. This angers Anbrorn who is a crazed zealot though what can she do against Gaioh? He seems intent on waiting a bit longer before fight ZEXIS and it's not like anyone there can force Gaioh to fight now.

No matter, Insalaum and the DMs will suffice and Anbrorn will personally take part in this battle. Surely she can turn the tides, right? Gaioh is doubtful that Anbrorn will succeed though this should be amusing to see how she struggles against something beyond her. Asakim silently watches the show with much amusement before packing up to do his own thing, Gaioh has no problem with that. Gaioh and Asakim than leave.

Anbrorn tells Uther that she wont fail and once ZEXIS is defeated there will be nothing standing between Uther from achieving his ambitions, Gaioh be damned. Not like he has any place in a universe ruled by the benevolent Uther anyway. Anbrorn than prepares to leave and tells Marilyn to come join in on the fun which she's more than happy to oblige. As they leave Uther thinks of them. To have such vassals that would follow him even now...

The battle -

Members of the Arksabers wonder what their King is thinking. The actions they've been ordered to carry out since arriving in this dimension have been anything but honorable. At the beginning they believed this was necessary to save their people and was the honorable course but now they aren't so sure. To add further insult to injury they're working with the same monster that had put them in this situation in the first place!

The lead Arksaber tries to silence them but it is too late as the Insalaum forces appear around the ZONE being lead by Anbrorn and Marilyn. They sense the dissent from the two Arksabers and Marilyn gets to work killing them to prove a point. Questioning the word of their King wont be tolerated! Marilyn is enjoying every minute of her absolute authority over the "cowardly" Arksabers that fear for their lives.

ZEXIS than arrives soon after and lash out verbally against Anbrorn and the Arksabers who have a moment of shattered faith. Seeing her chance to restore the honor of the Arksabers, Marguerite pleads to them to remember who they are. They are Arksabers yet the path they now blindly walked only serves to sully their name and spits on the graves of all those that have long since past. Can't they see that Uther is leading them into ruin, that he isn't the same man that they swore their lives to?

The Arksabers contemplate her words than quietly leave the battlefield which only serves to anger Anbrorn and Marilyn. They swear that the traitors will pay severely but ZEXIS reminds them that they're their opponents, ones that the pair can't hope to overcome even with all the DMs in the Universe at their side.

Marilyn isn't having any of that, the ones dying here will be ZEXIS! Crowe, Esther, and Marguerite all than confront Marilyn. Marilyn taunts Esther "the little kitten" and is more than happy that she can finally kill her after all this time. Esther isn't about to lose to such a fiend and will be sure to make Marilyn pay for all the trouble she has caused not only her but Crowe as well.

Marguerite questions why Uther would allow such a vile creature in his ranks or why he has given her so much power. Marilyn senses jealousy from Marguerite and thinks this will be fun for the sisters, Pearl Nail and Pearl Fang, to fight each other. Finally Crowe is glad that he can finally pay back Marilyn for everything she has done in the past. Marilyn treats Crowe as if he's stil the child that she trained years ago which Crowe shoots back that things will no longer happen the way Marilyn desires, it ends now.

With Marilyn's defeat she considers escaping and moves away from ZONE. However, it turns out that she has no intention of retreating but instead chooses to die here because that was what Uther ordered and she promised - to give her everything. Though Marilyn isn't dying for Insalaum, she's dying for Uther! Crowe is mystified that Marilyn would die for anyone else though Marilyn counters that she'll wait in hell for him before the Pearl Fang explodes. Anbrorn doesn't mourn her loss and focuses her attention on ZEXIS, it's not like she was particularly fond of that silly woman anyway though she was somewhat useful.

Esther confronts Anbrorn over the ordeal she had subjected her to, though Anbrorn never intended for Esther to be the target but she was more than happy with the results and desires to capture the "DM brat" for more research. Esther has waited a long time for this moment and Anbrorn will pay for turning her into a DM and using her for all those sick experiments or the times she was forced to fight Crowe against her will. So if she wants to subject her to that hell once again than she can go ahead and try though she has another thing coming if she thinks that she'll succeed since Esther is having none of it! Today Esther will put an end to Anbrorn, her experiments, and DM research so she swears!

Marguerite gets her licks in, she is more than happy to rid Insalaum of someone as vile as Anbrorn for bringing ruin to Insalaum but words from a mere traitor mean nothing to her. Crowe finally confronts Anbrorn who is angry over how much a thorn he has been in her side. He would have made such an amazing specimen but now he was proven far too problematic to live and instead she shall personally offer Crowe's swaying scales to Uther as tribute. If she thinks she can pry his sphere from him than she's more than welcome to try, she will find how painful reality is soon enough and just how big a mistake it was for her to get on his bad side and hurting Esther. Once she's gone Uther will have no choice but to appear which Crowe looks forward to for Uther has a lot to answer for.

Anbrorn is defeated but isn't despairing at all and shuns ZEXIS when they tell her to call forth Uther. In fact she's completely off her rocker! ZEXIS is confused, why would anyone laugh in such a way over their defeat? Anbrorn uses to the artificial Revive Cell and transforms her battleship, herself, and her entire crew into a giant malformed DM monstrosity, Artificial DM Eksa ADM, to the horror of ZEXIS.

Now altered Anbrorn is starting to lose her grip on reality and claims to be the ultimate DM. Esther in particular questions if Anbrorn seriously desires to fight in such a state but she brushes off Esther, Marguerite asks why and Anbrorn says it is all for Uther's sake. ZEXIS pities Anbrorn and Crowe decides such a creature has no right to exist and he personally will see to it that she's put to rest. Marguerite seconds this.

Asakim than appears to offer aid to the twisted being that was formerly Anbrorn. He could care less about that hag but he can't turn down the opportunity to finally kill Crowe and take his sphere. Luck would have it that Rand and Setsuko are here too so he'll be confiscating their fears from their cold dead hands too! Crowe isn't in the mood for Asakim's antics and he wonders if this is what Uther wanted. To join arms with the likes of those that caused ruin to Insaluam and if he desires all his subjects to walk the path of the twisted Anbrorn in their devotion to their King?

Crowe, Setsuko, Rand confront Asakim over his past misdeeds but he doesn't care, if he can have their spheres than it wont matter. Sure he may go to hell but being in hell is far better than his current state! For all his talk he goes down fairly quickly but promises to return before fleeing. ZEXIS is angry but Shinn is outright furious that Asakim gets away yet again without paying for what he did to Setsuko but they have far more pressing matters to attend to.

All that is left to do is put Anbrorn out of her malformed misery which ZEXIS gets to work on. When she is finally defeated she calls out for her lord Uther before exploding. ZEXIS pities her sad fate and wonder why she would have gone to such lengths for someone like Uther. Did she know something they didn't know? Eureka is sad, she simply couldn't instead Anbrorn at all no matter how much she tried. Marguerite and Esther talk sense into Eureka and convince her that shedding tears for Anbrorn is a waste, Anbrorn did what she did out of her own free will after all and had no regrets.

Uther appears after all the fighting and questions why they would shed tears for his retainers. Marguerite and Esther are shocked to see Uther suddenly appear who muses that Anbrorn is dead and that he's sad that Marilyn had chosen to die for his sake and he will give his everything as well. Though before ZEXIS can unload on Uther they are interrupted by Gaioh's appearance. Everyone is shocked that Uther is still fighting at Gaioh's side. Gaioh tells ZEXIS to go prepare for the true battle, there's no use fighting them when they are exhausted.

Marilyn meanwhile reflects on her life as a mercenary and why she couldn't have simply died when the Pearl Fang blew up. As a Mercenary she never had time for such thoughts, though she can at least rest easy knowing that the name of Firebug will be succeeded by Crowe. For he is the last surviving member. Marilyn than thinks of the tale of the prince and swallow and finds it ironic that like the tale she, the swallow, will die and be forever separated from her beloved prince. Though the prince was happy of his time with the swallow she is sure that the swallow, like her, was also happy with the time spent with the prince before it passed away...

Stage 60 - Believe in Zero Route

The time has finally come, Uther can no longer hide and has no where to run to. Marguerite and Esther demand answers but Uther is oddly silent. Crowe notices that Gaioh is being unfamiliarity silent as well but he isn't one to quit. He demands to know if this was what Uther wanted, to have subjects as blind and fanatic as Anbrorn who spent her last moments turning into a DM for his sake. Uther bears his fangs and rebuffs Crowe, Anbrorn died for her King and isn't that what all subjects should aspire too?

Like Marilyn he plans to give his everything to honor her memory! ZEXIS than says they will destroy ZONE but Uther says it is useless, their spheres aren't enough. ZEXIS and Uther than go back to bickering and hurling accusations to no avail, Uther cannot be convinced off the path he has chosen. Had he truly become a monster that is drunk with power? Did his time with Crowe when their spheres resonated to save Esther effect his mind or open him to a truth that eludes ZEXIS? They also discussed Origin Law, the 12 spheres, and the such.

Uther is alienated, his Arksabers have abandoned him, his people have lost faith, and he has thoroughly convinced ZEXIS that he is a cruel being that no longer resembles the gentle Prince they knew. There's no way around it, to stop ZONE they must take out Uther who wont budge. Gaioh has calmly been watching this turn of events until it was his turn to speak. He reveals some of his origins and of how he came to be the man that he is. Defeating Gaioh here is just another hurdle before the real enemy.

ZEXIS wonders if that's why he has been waiting for them to grow stronger instead of outright killing them when he had the chance in the past. Gaioh than powers up and activates ZONE to the surprise of ZEXIS. Strangely enough ZONE doesn't threaten to destroy everything, instead it's more like an indestructible artillery weapon now. Could it be Origin Law?

Gaioh than rushes towards ZEXIS and calls forth his greatest DMs, it's time to see engorge himself in battle. Gaioh challenges ZEXIS to come at him with all their strength while telling Uther to stand back and watch how it's done. ZEXIS swears to stop ZONE and beat Gaioh to the curve, though after Crowe speaks Uther tells them it is fruitless - None of their attacks can effect Gaioh as long as ZONE is in its current state.

Uther heavily hints that they cannot change ZONE empowering and shielding Gaioh unless the Holy Vessel is defeated. Crowe understands as do Esther and Marguerite who commit to taking Uther down hard. Uther than powers up and taunts ZEXIS to come at him. Crowe, Esther, and Marguerite plan to do just that.

ZONE soon activates and pummels ZEXIS who can do nothing but take it. Seeing ZEXIS despair Esther looks to Crowe who rallies everyone to get them focused on getting to Uther. When Crowe confronts Uther he is asked to hand his Sphere over, Crowe assumes that Uther desires world conquest. Uther agrees, with that much power he wont even need the Arksabers, only he is needed to regenerate the people!

Crowe and Uther than face each other off, though Crowe muses that had they met under different circumstances they may have become friends which Uther brushes off. Uther than demands to know if Marguerite still desires to rebel against him. Marguerite responds that she's fighting for Insalaum and for its sake she must defeat Uther, Uther silently thanks Marguerite and bids her farewell.

Esther asks Uther to stop fighting but Uther rebukes her as the little DM girl with not an ounce of skill in her body yet chooses to rashly challenge the Holy Vessel. Esther isn't falling for this, she demands Uther to stop lying to her. When she was a DM she touched Uther's true heart and still strongly wants to believe that Uther is still the same kind prince from their time together. Esther demands to know which Uther is real. The one she fondly remembers as the kind prince or this twisted monster that stands before her.

Uther says that Esther was merely dreaming about such false kindness and that her time as a DM has clearly played tricks with her memory. Uther than warns her that he will show no mercy and that she should only come at him if she is resolute is her determination to face him. Esther is saddened by his words but she will not back down. If Uther desires to fight than she to will not hesitate and with the Brasta Es she will defeat him. Uther thinks to himself that he's happy for Esther and is glad he had a chance to meet her.

Once Uther is defeated Marguerite moves to defeat him however he tells her that she isn't the one that will kill him. He retreats and calls Gaioh over than asks for more power which Gaioh happily obliges to. As Gaioh tells Uther to get back in the fray Uther activates his sphere and attacks Gaioh with all his might as well as the might that Gaioh had just given him. After a soul crushing attack he manages to defeat Gaioh who lets out one final roar of rage. Everyone is surprised that Uther did it, Gaioh is defeated!

Uther reveals his true intentions all along and everyone reveals that they suspected this was the case. Uther was pretending to be evil to try and get ZEXIS to fight him with their full power not only to defeat Gaioh but to shoulder all of the worlds hate so that they can move forward after his death. However his sins are too great and his sphere has drained a great deal of his life force already, even the sins of his own vassals like Anbrorn are also his own which he must pay for!

Esther and Marguerite try to convince Uther to life on and Zero sees where Uther is coming from, for the averted Zero Requiem is just what Uther had come up with! However, Zero here berates Uther for walking down the foolish path that he, Zero, abandoned.

Crowe isn't convinced, he tells Uther to shut up. There were other options, it was just easier to become the villain. ZEXIS tells Uther that he treats life too cheaply while placing his own on a pedestal. What will having him die here really accomplish? Again Uther was running away and taking the easy way out. Crowe acknowledges Uther as a sphere holder but he will not stand for Uther just dying, he must pay off his own debts the right way without the use of shortcuts or tricks!

Uther sees reason and Marguerite tells him that his own kindness has lead him to ruin but that same kindness was why they all swore to follow him in the first place. Uther says that his kindness isn't enough, Insalaum needs a strong and kind ruler and Marguerite fits that role perfectly. As he says this Gaioh turns up, he isn't quite dead and tells Uther that he only gave Uther a taste of his power. Through the power of ZONE Gaioh reveals his true form! As ZEXIS is taken aback by this revelation they're unable to stop Gaioh from savagely beating Uther to an inch of his life.

Gaioh had expected Uther of betrayal, the only reason he waited till now was because Uther amused him and he wanted to see how far Uther would go with that little plan of his. Uther has disappointed Gaioh, he had figured Uther would have put up more of a fight. Asakim than returns to try and reap Uther's soul to obtain his spheres, Crowe tells Asakim to get stop. Asakim asks Crowe what he can do about this, Asakim than attacks Uther who is in no condition to ward off Asakim's fatal attack. However Uther isn't done yet, he grabs hold of Asakim and drags him to the ZONE site with the intention of sealing him but Asakim strikes him back.

Crowe, Rand, and Setsuko quickly come to Uther's aid and all 4 use their 5 spheres to try and seal Asakim. During the process the Holy Vessel explodes and Uther dies, his spheres go to Asakim who is moments away from being sealed away. Marguerite mourns the loss of Uther as Asakim tries and fails to escape his sealing. However, Asakim laughs and figures this isn't so bad after all. Sure this isn't death but if he's sealed than he can at least sleep for eternity.

With that Asakim and 3 of the spheres are sealed within ZONE which causes it to stabilize into a more pacified form. ZEXIS mourns the loss of Uther who was lost to stop ZONE and Asakim. Esther and Marguerite are especially distraught since they had the greatest connection to Uther but they wont let his sacrifice be in vain!

Gaioh is moved over what has happened and pities the fate that has occurred to Asakim who he promises to carry out his wish. For Asakim was his only real friend other than Axion Carlos Jr., both of whom are now lost thanks to ZONE. Gaioh reveals that his true name is General of Dimensions and tells ZEXIS of an ancient enemy that humanity encountered many ages ago. Universes were torn asunder by this enemy as humanity fought against them in a fruitless war against a seemingly unbeatable enemy.

The enemy was spoken of in the Black Knowledge, it is the true enemy of all existence! Gaioh and his comrades were the hope of humanity and took up the title of Lords of Dimensions and discarded all their past attachments to gain power to defeat such a foe. DMs were created to serve as the soldiers of such an army that would serve under the 4 Generals as the last hope for victory but despite all their effort they were defeated. Gaioh fled, though one day he was called to the Insalaum dimension. At that time Gaioh had lost everything and his mind was gone to despair. However, he still remembered that he needed strength which is why he converted as many strong warriors as he could into DMs.

ZEXIS demands to know why Gaioh didn't tell them earlier when his memories were returning a long time ago, Gaioh responds that they're all naive. He will fulfill his destiny despite everything though he makes note that ZEXIS is strong. No, not just strong... They're something entirely else and at long last he can fight them at their best. If he can overcome them they will have all the strength he needs, if he can't than the fight against the enemy will rest on ZEXIS. Perhaps they can do what he failed to do? No matter, he has long looked forward to this.

ZEXIS likewise lets Gaioh know that this was something they've been waiting a long time for and wont run away, he's going to learn just how strong ZEXIS really is! Gaioh than repeats the same question he asked Crowe at the end of Hakai-hen. Crowe gives him the same answer, strength! Esther, Setsuko, and Rand are in shock that Crowe would try and draw out all of Gaioh's strength. Crowe repeats himself, he is determined! This is something Gaioh appreciates and he powers up fully and calls forth the greatest of all his DMs, if ZEXIS and ZEUTH can overcome even his full power than...

ZEXIS is ready, Gaioh is going down!

Gaioh is amused when faced by Esther who had been tainted. She was once a DM yet now isn't, truly the power of the spheres are amazing to reverse something such as that. Though no matter how much Esther tries to deny it she is still partly effected from her time as a DM and will never truly return to being human. Esther isn't going to be talked down to, she isn't a monster and as far as she's concerned Crowe is the only one that needs to acknowledge her. Gaioh will pay for bringing his sins to not only this Earth but the Earth that Uther came from and he will pay for all the suffering Uther was put through! Gaioh in turn tells her to come at him than!

After much fighting Gaioh is injured and Esther asks if he still desires to fight. Gaioh responds that he has used up every last bit of his strength, even if he desired to continue fighting he can't. However, Gaioh isn't sad. In this battle he had thrown everything he could at ZEXIS only to meet defeat, if anything this is a huge burden being lifted from his shoulders. Gaioh tells them that countless battles rage across the endless stars and that eventually that battle will arrive here, for war always follows close behind peace.

As ZEXIS digests this Gaioh tells them not to lose, they defeated him so it would be insulting if they couldn't accomplish something as simple as that. Crowe tells Gaioh to wait but he isn't having it, his time is over. As his star fades he again tells them not to lose, they're the hope for a future that he couldn't obtain. His last moments are spent thinking of eating another delicious hotdog one last time.

Once Gaioh dies ZEXIS considers his words, everyone but Ryouma who still can't believe that Gaioh's last thoughts were about eating a hotdog. Seriously, what a selfish man. They wonder exactly what Gaioh was trying to prepare them for but Crowe just brushes it off. Esther gets on Crowe's case for being so casual over a very serious issue. Crowe continues that it doesn't matter now, they won didn't they? ZEXIS agrees and says that even though the peace will end they will at least make it last as long as possible. If the battles come to them than they will simply fight to maintain this hard earned peace.

Until than there's no point in brooding, they should enjoy the fruits of their labors at least for the time being. With that ZEXIS breaks up, though promising to come together should the need arise. ZEUTH should also return to their world as well, they've earned that much and Frontier Fleet plans to depart. Everyone will return back to their old lives, though Crowe thinks of Insalaum and Gaioh. Strong opponents but they are no match against his true opponent - Debt. When he gets back he will defeat debt and settle everything at long last.

However... This isn't a proper goodbye. No one can go anywhere just yet...

End - Believe in Zero Route

With Insalaum and the various factions that had plunged the world into chaos defeated it opens the way for a new era of Peace. Though strangely enough after all is said and done the rulers of the world end up being all women - Relena, Marina, Euphemia, Nunnally, Cornelia, Empress Tianzi, Kaguya, Marguerite, and more women. Strange. The world is really going to change this time, huh? The women in this scene, Nunnally, Marina, and Relena, think fondly of Lelouch, Setsuna, and Heero as they prepare. They will not squander all their hard work, sweat, and blood that they put out to give the world this opportunity! Meanwhile ZEXIS is finally saying their final farewells to their cherished friends...

By throwing the best party in the Universe!

Everyone is planning to go their separate ways but for now they enjoy each others company and reminiscence on all the hurdles they have overcome together. It is sad they this is the last day ZEXIS will be together but they can not at least enjoy the peace they all fought for. Even ZEUTH though they plan to return to their world soon after the party has ended. ZEXIS holds a toast and Esther is given the honors saying cheers and doing the first "clang" of glasses, she has earned it after all she's been through.

Even though this is goodbye ZEXIS and ZEUTH promise to remain friends and to come running if they ever need each others help. So what if they're separated by worlds? As ZEXIS individually says their goodbye some reveal what they will be doing now that the fighting has stopped. Simon plans to return as the leader of his people with Nia at his side, Ryouma plans to go on a journey all on his own to further himself, Kouji is returning to Japan, Hayato decides to stay and support Simon, while Go, Kei, Gai, and Benkei decide to go on a journey to enjoy this new world and plan to seal Shin Dragon away so that it may rest.

Shotaro is returning home as well and gets a round of encouragement from the Frontier and Code Geass cast. Gino decides to go to Ashford and isn't letting his rivalry drop with Kallen, they still haven't seen who's the better KMF pilot(Kallen is) is which shocks Kallen. Saji plans to get a job near the hospital that Louise is staying at and will await the day she can be released, Kallen wishes him the best of luck, and that she will stay in contact to check up on the lovers, though Saji still can't help but express that this is all possible thanks to ZEXIS which he'll eternally be thankful for.

If Lorelei was saved she decides to return to Japan with Shotaro whom she had developed a bond with. If Anew was saved she goes to live happily with Lyle and stays with Celestial Being.

C.C. isn't much of a party type. She gets to the point and speaks to Kallen about what she will be doing now that she has no reason to fight. Kallen should enjoy the peace and complete her own education though says she would rather stay by Zero's side. Of course nothing says she can't get her education and be with Zero, right? Suzaku finally smiles at all this which shocks Kallen since he hasn't really smiled in a long time. Though he's no longer a knight, for choosing to join arms with ZEXIS, he will still protect the peace for Euphie's sake even if he must do so in the shadows alongside Zero.

Gino and Anya are still Knights of the Round and it's a shame that Suzaku isn't one which causes Kallen to call him an idiot for being insincere to Suzaku's feelings since he can't be by Euphie's side anymore. Suzaku isn't mad at all and is glad that they are his friends even if he must walk a different path. Orange meanwhile dots on Anya who he sees as a daughter figure and plans to take her over to an orange farm for a time when they're on vacation from serving Nunnally.

Suzaku will remain and stand by Zero's side for the world will need Zero if it's to maintain the peace it has fought so hard for, though don't count Kallen out of the ring yet. She too will fight by Zero's side and will never waver in her loyalty and love for Lelouch. Lelouch is touched, just than Rolo chimes in that he too will stay by his big brother's side. Lelouch accepts this, there is no bad blood with anyone. After all, everyone believed in him so he should at least believe in them. Besides, he got the girl(Kallen) on top of everything else.

Though it is a shame that he can never truly be Lelouch again and that this is good bye forever to Shirley and Nunnally who can't live in the world of Zero. ZEXIS suddenly ambushes and starts teasing Lelouch about him still insisting on wearing the mask even here of all places(eating and drinking through the hole must be bothersome). This was a private party and even C.C. points out that everyone has already seen his face and knows who he is. Just showing his eye is kinda embarrassing which causes Lelouch to protest that he is Zero only from now on! This obviously invites laughter.

C.C.thinks of how far Lelouch has come since he first made that contract with her and she's glad that he was able to help change this world and to put a smile on her face. Though Lelouch truly is something else when he showed her what Geass is truly capable of and that despite being a curse it can also be a blessing for others. C.C. also doesn't hate the thought of living on anymore and looks forward to seeing this changed world with her own eyes and C.C. believes that with Suzaku at Lelouch's side this peace may remain for quite some time. Besides, she could use a vacation and she's sure Kallen would really appreciate some alone time with Lelouch despite what Kallen would say upon the matter. Than again virgins tend to be overly nervous for no reason at all when it comes to such natural acts and surely Lelouch could benefit from such activities as well considering how uptight add stubborn he can be.

As the Godmars, Baldios, and Orguss cast chat and get their goodbyes in Lunamaria gets angry at Shinn for supposedly dozing off. Turns out Shinn is thinking of how much he's looking forward to seeing Stella and Rey again which makes Lunamaria jealous. Thinking of another girl while with your girlfriend isn't smooth even if Shinn sees Stella as a little sister and has no romantic feelings for her at all.

Kamille chimes in that they are surely fine and doing well since Four is with them which gets "his" girlfriend, Fa, on his case as well. Perhaps Kamille should have kept his mouth shut instead of trying to cover for Shinn? Aoi (Dancougar Nova) helping matters since she wonders just what relationship the two boys have with those mysterious girls. This only serves to anger Lunamaria and Fa who wont stand for their men straying even though they clearly have no intention of straying! Lock and Chain!

As for the Nova team... They're returning to their lives as well. Johnny of course is back to being the manager of Eida, his girlfriend, who in turn is returning to the idol business. Aoi is going to focus on her model career though will still remain on call and expects to learn much under Shinobu, Kurara is going to met out justice as the hand of law since there are never enough criminals that must feel the fires of Justice. Sakuya is just going to keep doing what he has always been doing, a freeloading bum. FREEDOM!

Shinobu, the Dancougar cast, and the Gravion cast wish them luck since they've earned some peace for the time being. Though the Gravion team wonders how much things have changed back on their own world since they've been gone for so long. Basara than interrupts everyone and sets Shinobu's spirit on fire as he sings which just has Sara chalking it off as boys being boys and that Shinobu hasn't changed one bit even after they got together as a couple.

Basara holds one last concert for ZEXIS, if this is goodbye than it's going to be the most bad ass goodbye to ever grace the Universe! Ozma of course gets really into this and starts letting loose with with Catherine being shocked by his antics. That man just wont change.

The rest of ZEXIS than gets in on this, Basara's music even effects Tieria though he tries to resist the urge to let loose since he has an image to keep. ZEXIS tries to get him to open up, after all being alive is amazing right? Meanwhile Sheryl is loving the song Basara is playing - "My Friends" and notices Alto being shy. She of course isn't going to have that and convinces Alto and Ranka to enjoy the party.

ZEXIS gets on Simon's case since he's being a bit too serious, did the words of the anti-Spiral still ring out in his head? No matter Nia quickly reminds Simon just how lucky he is and what awaits them when they head back to the Dark Continent. With the encouragements of ZEXIS and the love of Nia there is nothing to be worried about and Simon no longer has any doubts for the future. A future with Nia and a future made with his own two hands. If only Kamina was here to see the type of man that he has become.

This obviously causes some of the ZEXIS girls to become jealous since the objects of their affections are still too dumb to notice the feelings they have for them. They truly are hopeless. Holland meanwhile is fully cured and has a family waiting for him and he wishes Renton and Eureka luck for the future. If they ever need anything he will be glad to lend a hand, though he's sure they'll do just fine without them. It's not like Eureka will get captured "AGAIN" right?

As Kallen mingles with Duo, Quatre, and some of the 00 cast Chirico is alone thinking. Super Soldier to Super Soldier, Allelujah approaches Chirico. Allelujah and Marie are going on a journey to find their place in their new peaceful world. It'll be hard since they were bred for war but they have hope they can overcome that and find happiness. Chirico is more than welcome to come along with Fyana if he wants.

Kallen and Zero approach the super soldiers and both also wonder what Chirico will do from now on. Chirico is unsure which makes Fyana a bit stern though Allelujah manages to remind Chirico that ZEXIS sees them as family and that he shouldn't wallow in self-doubt and they've earned happiness as well. Chirico smiles and has no regrets as he heads towards a future with Fyana. Marie is impressed with Allelujah and is happy they can finally start their life together away from war. The Dai-Guard office girls dot on Marie and wonder if Allelujah has popped the "question" yet which causes Allelujah other persona (Hallelujah) to appear and tell them to stop with the teasing already! It's none of their business!

If Anew died than Lock-On remembers the happy times he had with her and doesn't regret a second of it and that he'll work towards a world where everyone can understand each other. If she's alive than Lock-On instead shares a moment with her and she's glad that they were able to understand each other and remain together. Michel, Frontier, approaches Lock-On and says that his brother would be proud at all Lock-On has accomplished. When the pair first met Michel hated Lock-On for stealing the former Lock-On's name but he had the younger brother pegged wrong and Lock-On has proven his worth many times already. Lock-On has no hard feelings and says that he will stay with Celestial Being with Setsuna and Tieria to make sure this changed world doesn't stray again. If Anew lives than Lock-On also says he plans to lead a happy life with her which is embarrassing to say in front of everyone.

Sumeragi is glad that things are working out and thanks Zero for being an excellent leader who managed to make every ones dreams come true. Isn't everyone glad they didn't betray Zero back at Stage 49? Even Wufei has reached an understanding with Zero who has proven to be something else entirely, surely Wufei has come a long way since he initially distrusted Zero. Though Wufei can't help but feel the tug of the ghost of Trieze gripping at his soul....

Setsuna and Heero stare off at each other and both congratulate each other for not only becoming Gundam but surpassing Gundam. Truly a friendship that will last a lifetime. Heero suddenly is reminded of Relena and her fight while Setsuna thinks of Marina and that the rest is now up to them. Just than Saji greets the pair and thanks them for everything and Setsuna for curing Louise who is on the road of recovery. Saji wonders what the pair will do from here on out and what of the women they care about?

The mention of Relena and his relationship with her shocks Heero and the girls of 00 and Wing cast worry for his health since that was an unexpected reaction. Zero takes this time to approach Heero and thanks him for helping prevent him from making a huge mistake(ZR). Heero tells Lelouch that he did it because he understood Lelouch's true heart though he reminds Lelouch that though his heart was also his worst enemy it was also his greatest ally. Lelouch does well to remember that and he has Kallen to keep his heart in check anyway as he watches Nunnally create the world they all desire from the shadows.

ZEXIS suddenly breaks out in joy(Someone may have been drinking too much) and many members poke fun at each other and enjoy themselves as they think of all the good times and how they overcome so much adversity. Amuro sees a troubled Char who is thinking of what Trieze and Zechs did. He now knows the path he must never walk and swears to learn from the mistakes of the pair and to walk his own path towards a new future, Black History be damned! Amuro is proud of his old rival, no he means friend.

Rand and Mel are hanging out with Setsuko. They can finally return home and Asakim was finally been dealt with(Really?). Setsuko is still unsure but Rand cheers her up and reminds her that they got through something like ZONE so nothing the future throws at them should trouble them. Esther and Crowe than greet the ZEUTH sphere holders to say their goodbyes and reminisce on the the good times. Mel is overjoyed though Esther wonders how she can be so childish and if she has been drinking.

Crowe thinks of Uther and wont let his sacrifice be in vain, this peace will last or forget what he has learned of his battles with him. Though the Prince was kind he at least was able to embark knowledge on a path Crowe must never walk no matter the intentions behind it. Traiya interrupts his thoughts asks what's on Crowe's mind but he brushes it off as nothing. ZEXIS decides to pitch in on how much they love Bro-Crowe and that they will miss him the most. Seems everyone is Crowe-Sexual.

Esther than gets in on it and asks Crowe if he has changed his opinion on women. Crowe can say(Top choice is yes, bottom is no. If you pick yes you get another choice later) that his time with ZEXIS has changed his views on beautiful women which leaves Esther speechless though she is overjoyed at this revelation since it means he may finally return her love.

Rand is proud of Crowe and Mel is happy and encourages Esther to go after her man. Setsuko blushes which Mel catches. Setsuko wonders if she's a "good girl" too which Rand says she is, taking it the wrong way. Crowe avoids the question and instead says he's thankful for having met them all and they shoot back that they're glad to have met Crowe as well. Crowe than prepares for his final battle against the ULTIMATE foe... The Unbeatable Debt. It better beware for he's coming!

(Or if you say no Rand, Mel, Esther, Setsuko, and ZEXIS bitch Crowe out for being so closed minded despite his time in ZEXIS and Esther is angry that he isn't ready to return her feelings yet)

Meanwhile Traiya moves to the side, out of sight, and talks to the "NOT DEAD" Carlos Axion Jr. It turns out he is alive(Normal Route doesn't show this) and will remain to support Traiya. Though it's better if ZEXIS believes he's dead at least for the time being. Traiya tells him no to do something so stupid ever again and he promises that he wont die so easily, he still has sins to pay for and doesn't mind spending more time with Traiya. Carlos Axion Jr. than thinks of how far ZEXIS has come and is glad that his trust in them wasn't misplaced.

The Party than ends...

ZEUTH gathers up in the Eternal and prepares to jump back to their world. It's still strange for everyone. They had been together for so long and now this was truly goodbye. Sure they will stay in contact but it wont be the same. No one is sad though and they say their final farewells to ZEXIS. ZEXIS says good bye as well with Esther saying how much she'll miss Setsuko who was like a big sister to her.

With that ZEUTH leaves and.... It dawns on ZEXIS that this is the real deal. There is no turning back and it's time to face reality and head towards the future no matter what it holds for them. Shinobu decides sticks around with F.S. and Aoi is looking forward to learning more from her sempai. Gamlin and Basara hitch a ride with the Frontier Fleet while Heero and the Wing Boys tag along with Celestial Being.

Crowe than tells everyone that this is goodbye but they'll meet again since trouble seems to always draw them together. Besides, even though they've won it doesn't mean their battles are over. The hard part starts now. Lelouch is pleased with Crowe's response while Esther is at a loss of words. With that the ships leave with Basara screaming one last goodbye. As Celestial Being leaves with the Wing Boys, Crowe gives Lock-On some final encouragement.

Aoi meanwhile is more than happy to work beside her sempai - Shinobu who plans to really put her through the works since she still has much to learn. Before the final ZEXIS ship can leave they bid farewell to Marguerite who is leaving to help her people settle Mars. They will need a strong and loving leader like her to help them adjust to their new life and to walk a different path than the one Uther had lead them on.

Kallen wishes Esther the best of luck one last time and expresses how much she has grown since she first ran into her that one fateful day Esther wishes the same for Kallen since she'll need it when it comes to Lelouch and adjusting to a peaceful life in Japan during the reconstruction of the nation. With that final goodbye Zero orders the ship to take off. With that Marguerite too must leave, she has a people to lead after all. Esther is sad to see Marguerite go since this may be the last time they'll ever see her but Traiya cheers her up, Crowe also wishes the best of luck to Marguerite as she takes up the task of leading Insalaum.

Marguerite is happy for ZEXIS and knows that thanks to all their efforts that Insalaum now has a bright future ahead of them. Though most of all she's glad she met Crowe and if fate would have them meet again she has something she wants to ask him. However, now wouldn't be proper. Crowe says he looks forward to meeting Marguerite again one day as well as she leaves.

Now that everyone else is gone Crowe is a bit lonely. Traiya reminds him that they all have a home and responsibilities to return to as well which confuses Esther. Speaking of responsibility, doesn't Crowe still have that debt waiting for him...?

Esther confronts Traiya over this as their ship returns back home and tells her to hold the debt talk for the time being. Traiya humors Esther who immediately turns to Crowe and starts overflowing him with numerous questions that aren't really making much sense to Crowe since they're coming too fast for him to process.

Traiya tells Esther to slow down. Esther than reveals that she wants to know which girl Crowe likes since he no longer hates beautiful woman(From the other choice, if you picked no than this scene plays out like the Normal Route version with no girl choice). Her or Marguerite? Though Traiya doesn't want to be left out of the fun and throws her name in as well. Who will Crowe pick?


(Esther.... Maybe?)

Esther demands that Crowe be serious! What the heck does "Maybe" even mean for a question like this? Why must he play with her feelings so? Crowe can't help himself, Esther is just so easy to read. It's one of the traits that he finds most endearing about her. Though a Future with Esther... Perhaps it isn't such a bad thing after all. Not like he has a choice on the matter anyway considering that he seems to be stuck with her for life. Than there's all the ordeals they have been through together and he sorta kinda promised to take care of Esther till his Last Breath and he isn't the type to go back on his word, right?

On top of all that he also promised to remind Esther that she's the real deal in case she ever doubted herself again. After all, Esther is quite hopeless without him when it comes to those matters so he has no choice but to encourage her when she needs it most since he's the one one that can get through her thick head. This gets Esther's attention who warms up to the idea that perhaps Crowe is serious after all which makes her happy, though she will have to work hard to prove that she's worthy of his affections. Than maybe one day Crowe will come clean, for real, with her about where they're both headed. Until than she's content just being by his side and showing him how much she has matured since she began her journey.

(Marguerite, maybe)

Esther is sad that she isn't the one but is still happy since Marguerite is a good woman. However Crowe doesn't sound all that serious... Can't he be serious for once? This is important, why must he toy with her emotions?! However... Maybe Crowe is testing her? Perhaps she must try harder to win his heart? No way she's going to just sit back and lose without a fight! When it comes to love Esther Elhas never loses!

(Traiya, maybe)

Esther is utterly shocked though Traiya quickly comes to Esther's aid(Traiya see's Esther as a little sister and cares deeply for her). Throwing her name in was never a serious gesture and she tells Esther that Crowe is just joking and that Esther shouldn't give up winning his heart. Crowe on the other hand is enjoying watching Esther taking his choice too seriously which only serves to anger her. Why can't Crowe take this seriously? Can't he see how important this is to her? Still, this at least means there's hope for her which isn't all bad.


With that out of the way Traiya returns the topic back to Crowe's debt with Esther supporting Crowe as Traiya runs the numbers. Perhaps Crowe can now enjoy his freedom once more? However this doesn't seem to be the case... Esther is confused and Crowe tells Traiya to stop joking around. Traiya says that this is "no" joking matter, money is always serious business. Turns out the CDS system is VERY expensive and uses real money since fake money doesn't snap Crowe out of his feral state.

Which means Crowe is going NOWHERE until this debt is paid for as well, but hey! Traiya will gladly give him the Axion Scott Mk.II and CDS for free when he retires and the VX system is a gift from the deceased Elgan, so it isn't all bad right? Even with those sweeteners Crowe's mind begins to break while Esther is overcome with joy since this means she can spend more alone time with Crowe and win his heart. Crowe on the other hand is straight out panicking and having a nervous breakdown over losing to debt once again which is music to Traiya's ears while Esther can't hide her own happiness in the background. (Picture Traiya smirking as she watches Crowe panic and Esther seeing hearts)

And so the Saga of Crowe ends as it began... With tons of Debt.

Note - You must be in the Believe in Zero/Black Knights Route for any of the end game choices to appear.