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Intermission - Japan or Frontier Fleet

Lelouch is discussing his plans with Jeremiah who tells Lelouch that he already has taken care of the duties presented before him. Jeremiah asks for more orders and Lelouch tells him to take Rolo with him to carry out the next part of his plans. This way everything will be prepared for when he returns. After closing the transmission with Jeremiah, Lelouch thinks that he will soon be reunited with Nunnally and that Suzaku too will fall into place.

Before he can break out into that evil laugh of his and say that everyone is going "just has planned" he's interrupted by servant C.C.. C.C. asks her Master is there's anything she can do for him and he tells her that he doesn't need anything. Noticing how fidgety she's being Lelouch tells her to relax and that she should have pizza since it's her favorite. C.C. isn't sure if she should take this kindness since she's the servant and he's the master but he insists and even shows her that the pizza is good by eating taking a bite out of one.

C.C. tries some of the pizza and says that it's delicious and thanks her master. Lelouch thinks that C.C. has indeed regressed to her former slave girl self and that he doesn't know if there's anything he can do to restore her. While enjoying the pizza C.C. knocks something over and makes a mess. When Lelouch goes to clean it up she panics and begs him not to beat her and that she'll clean up her mess which she tries to do.

In the process she cuts herself and Lelouch tries to treat her but she's scared since she thinks that she did something wrong. Lelouch tells her she did nothing wrong and that he wont hurt her nor will he let alone else hurt her, that's a promise. C.C. than relents and Lelouch gives her a band aid and she says it doesn't hurt anymore which makes her happy. Lelouch than says that he's needed elsewhere and for C.C. to not leave this room and that he'll return with more pizza later.

Sumeragi briefs over what is happening at the Frontier Fleet and Japan and that both are immediate problems that can't be put on hold. The Captains than discuss with Zero on how best to split ZEXIS and Zero decides that he'll be joining the team going into space with Kallen to see what the heck Grace wants and to look for Chirico who departed for space alone after his duel with Yplison. The Captains have no issue with this and than the teams rosters are checked off the list except Crowe who always was the wild card. They'll let him decide where he desires to go on his own, the conversation than ends as they discuss Dr. Hell and Moon Will.

Crowe is weighing in on where he should be going. The Vajra are still a huge problem but so is Dr. Hell and Moon Will. Traiya tells him that it really doesn't matter where he goes, besides not like it'll effect his pay. So Crowe should just pick whichever one fits his fancy. Crowe changes the conversation and asks how Traiya's efforts were coming with stopping ZONE which she says that she still has work to do before she can produce results so Crowe is going to just have to be a bit more patient. Though it wouldn't hurt to cross their fingers and hope ZONE doesn't appear before she's finished.

Crowe says that luck hasn't exactly been on their side but he'll handle ZONE when the time comes. Traiya asks him if he means to do something reckless and if so he better find another way. This leaves Crowe speechless and Traiya than changes the conversation back on Esther whom they haven't seen in awhile. Crowe tells her to leave everything to him. That's fine, Traiya than reminds Crowe that he has that debt to pay off still.

Crowe says that was random, though he decides to press his luck and ask how much he'll get for saving Esther. Traiya says that she'll pay Crowe exactly 1G for saving Esther and he asks what the deal is. It's simple, Esther is in this condition because of Crowe, Crowe already planned on saving Esther for free already, and it's impossible to put a value on just how much Esther is worth for both of them so he'll have to settle for this. When Crowe protests she asks if there's an issue but Crowe says that this isn't fair at all!

Traiya reminds him that he did give her his word on this matter and that surely he wouldn't go back on his word, right? Crowe relents and says that this is fine and he'll take the job, Traiya says she already knows since he's been on the job for a while now. With that out of the way Traiya and Crowe look at the list on who's going where and Crowe has the choice to go to the Frontier Fleet to see what Grace wants or head to Japan to deal with the threat of Dr.Hell.

Crowe decides that he'll head into space, he hasn't been to the Frontier Fleet in awhile and he figures that things will go much more smoothly with Zero around. Traiya wishes him luck as she returns to her work.

Alto is visiting Sheryl who is recovering from her illness. Things aren't getting better for her but she tells Alto not to worry and that she'll be fine. Alto than asks her if she's really okay and that they're returning the Frontier Fleet with Zero. Sheryl says she is, Alto than reveals that Ranka is supposed to be having a concert and he feels that Sheryl should be there since she's the Galactic Fairy/Angel but she tells him that whether she sings or not she's still Sheryl. Despite that Alto says that he wants her there and she says that she will go because it is what he, Alto, wants.

Stage 41 - Frontier Fleet

The Frontier crew is glad to be back within their home space after such a long absence though this isn't time to go hit the bars and get wasted. They're here to deal with the Vajra, speaking of Vajra Sumeragi has high expectations for Klan and her Pixies as well as Michel who will be working with Klan to remain on guard for when Ranka sings and lures the Vajra to the fleet. Sumeragi than takes her leave and Klan is alone with Michel who aren't exactly pleased with this plan at all. However Michel tells Klan that everything will work out just fine when he notices her worry.

Walking the streets is Ozma and Cathy who discuss all the evidence they have gathered against Leon. They want to confront Leon over his possible coup attempt but they can't exactly just barge in on him without any backing. Furthermore they're needed to lend a hand to Ranka so they'll have to put this on hold until they build a stronger case and are in a position to take Leon out. They than share some friendly banter since this brings back the good old times. Oh, and ZEXIS will be lending a hand but are unaware of what's really going on.

Sheryl confronts Grace who pretends to be glad to see Sheryl. This causes Sheryl to tell Grace that there's no use pretending and she's furious that it was Grace that sabotaged her career. Grace humors Sheryl who demands to know why Grace did such a thing and why she called for help since she's planning something. Grace questions when Sheryl grew a spine and says that Zero is an interesting man who has his uses. Speaking of which Grace recalls that Sheryl was just a little girl living in the GALAXIES when she picked her up for the Fairy 9 project. So really, Grace made her and once Sheryl could no longer put out she discarded her. Which is no real loss considering that Sheryl is easily replaceable.

In fact she has already had other pawns, like Ranka, already playing to her tune and unlike Sheryl they can actually produce results. Grace than reveals that Sheryl suffers from a terminal V-Type Infection and that soon enough she will die from it. Sheryl says that Grace is lying but she tells Sheryl that she knows she speaks the truth. Surely Sheryl knows that her "Illness" isn't normal and that no matter how many times she goes to the hospital nothing ever changes, that's because her illness is fatal. Now Sheryl would be wise to remember her place and not get in her way...

ZEXIS is awaiting for the concert to begin though Lacus is sad that Ranka is going to be used as bait for the Vajra. If all goes well than Ranka is in no danger but that doesn't change that Lacus hates using people, especially in such a way as this. Shinn nudges Kira and tells him to use "Love Words" to cheer up Lacus since he's her boyfriend. Kira is confused and has no idea what these "Love Words" even are. Lunamaria tells Shinn that he isn't one to talk but she does support that Kira should talk to Lacus. Shinn protests that he doesn't know what she means and than Kira asks Lunamaria if Shinn says these "Love Words" to her.

Lunamaria tells Kira than when it comes to "Love Words" Shinn is hopeless and never says "Love Words" to her which takes Shinn by surprised. Kira than tells Shinn that they are alike after all since they both are horrible when it comes to "Love Words" and understanding women. Shinn denies this and protests that this isn't the case at all! Athrun walks over to see what the commotion is but when he greets Shinn he yells that nothing is wrong which confuses Athrun. Meyrin finds this hilarious as Athrun can only scratch his head as he wonders what he did wrong.

Ranka than tells everyone that she's sorry for the wait and begins the concert. Her song ends up touching everyone though Heero and Setsuna are completely lost. Lacus says that singing can reach the hearts of anyone while Heero asks Setsuna just what the hell is Lacus saying since he can't understand what she's trying to tell him. Setsuna is lost to as Lacus goes on and ones about the power of song. However the song at least reminds Setsuna of Marina.

Crowe is enjoying the show and is glad that he decided to head into space since he can at least kick back and have a nice cold beer instead of fighting Dr.Hell. Lock-On asks if Crowe's Chief is okay with him slacking but Crowe says that he's clearly on the job. After all weren't they all told to come to the show? Amuro and Duo than say that they didn't expect Crowe to be into this whole concert thing and it's bit creepy. When Lock-On jumps in on the bandwagon Crowe says they got him pegged wrong, they tell him they're joking but he isn't so sure.

Michel is busy gathering information and chatting with Alto and wonders why Alto is here and not at the concert. Alto just wants to chat and they discuss the current situation and why ZEXIS was called over to the Frontier Fleet which they suspect is for a reason they weren't told of. Eventually Michel tells Alto that he needs to be true with his feelings for Sheryl who continues on because of him and Ranka who is singing her heart out for him. Alto becomes suspicious and asks Michel what he means but to Alto's frustration he says no more.

Sheryl than walks in and Michel says that he must excuse himself. Sheryl says that Ranka was on a beautiful stage, something that Sheryl longs to return to. Alto asks her if she plans to let things remain as they are or if she'll return to the stage. Sheryl isn't sure she can and starts to feel weak, Alto than catches her and hold her in his arms. At this time Ranka appears and as she is about to tell Alto how she feels she sees Sheryl in Alto's arms. Both are speechless and before they can explain Ranka runs away while thinking that Alto has chosen Sheryl over her.

Klan and Michel are standing guard and have a moment since they're alone. Klan asks Michel where is heart is but he tells her it's MIA and that everyone wants to be liked. This doesn't satisfy Klan but she than notices that something is wrong and soon enough the Vajra appear in the city for some reason. This was not a part of the plan as far as everyone is concerned, the Vajra shouldn't be here at all!

Alto yells at Ranka to sing so that she can save the city but she says that she simply can't despite what they say. Ranka than screams that she isn't a tool to fight the Vajra and Sheryl gets fed up and slaps the hell out of Ranka. As Ranka is dazed she hugs Ranka and tells her that Ranka is a professional and right now her voice is the only one that can save the city and that she has learned from Zero that if you have the power to do than not doing is the worst.

Alto than asks Ranka to sing once more and Ranka agrees, but when she does she thinks that her heart hurts as she starts to sing. Basara and his team notice that something is wrong, there's so much despair, pain, and sadness in this song! Basara screams at Ranka to stop singing but it's too late and the Vajra become even more violent and start wasting the city. This shocks Ranka who doesn't understand what has happened and stops singing.

Michel and Klan are confused on why the Vajra haven't stopped while Grace is getting all giddy over this development. Ranka is everything she could have hoped for and more. Sheryl tells Alto to get moving since Ranka's song failed. Alto says he understands and meets up with Michel and Klan who are rushing to the miclone chamber so that Klan can be outfitted for battle. Ranka is depressed and things take a turn for the worse. Sheryl tells Alto not to worry about them and that he needs to go with Michel and Klan since Klan is the only one that can save the city at this time.

Michel orders Klan into the miclone chamber and as she strips off her clothes she again asks Michel where is heart is which he repeats that it's MIA. This causes her to hit him in the stomach and tell that he's a coward and isn't true to himself. Klan than says that there's something always wanted to tell him and now may be the only time she can, with that she kisses Michel.

Klan than runs into the miclone chamber as Michel is left speechless. Ranka is surprised at what has happened, Michel than asks Alto if he would die for the woman he loves which Alto says he would. The Vajra than break into the room and try to get to Klan who's defenseless, Michel and Alto move to defend Klan. When the Vajra get too close Michel takes the hit to protect Klan and than kills the Vajra aas he takes more damage.

Klan is happy to see Michel protecting her but when she sees that he's injured she screams out to him. Alto rushes to Michel who's in a pool of his own blood. He finally opens up that he was a coward this entire time and that he's sorry he didn't understand Klan's feelings until now and that he loves her. Klan begs him not to leave her as an explosion occurs and Michel is pulled away. Alto screams for Michel as Klan suffers a BSOD. Klan breaks out and is suited up she than says that she will kill all the Vajra she can and they will pay for what they've done to Michel!

Once Klan kills all the Vajra her bloodlust is still running and she wants to kill more Vajra to avenge Michel. She's than contacted by Luca who tells her to pull out and to meet up with ZEXIS because there's a huge Vajra force that's preparing to attack which gets Klan to comply. She than thinks that she'll kill as many Vajra as she can for Michel. Back on the Frontier ship Luca discusses what he has learned and that he can't return yet because of his investigation, Luca also looks like he took a level of manliness.

Luca explains the situation and that Zero has already moved to gather everyone up to counter the Vajra. Alto asks Luca if he has a strategy to take out the Vajra and save the Frontier Fleet. Luca says he does, Ranka than says she wants to do something and Luca says that he already planned on her volunteering and says that she will sing once more to draw the Vajra away from the Fleet and into a concentrated area where they can be wiped out. Alto is against it but Luca tells him that Michel is dead, the fleet's ecosystem is damaged, and that this is a battle for survival and they need Ranka's voice. Ranka tells Alto that is enough, she understands and she will sing.

Once ZEXIS arrives to defend the city Luca tells them not to let any Vajra get through and that they're going to be faced against seemingly endless odds once Ranka starts singing. ZEXIS has no intention of letting that stop them and assure Luca that they will stop the Vajra and protect the city. Basara on the other hand is furious at what has happened and that singing could have caused this disaster and that Ranka is being forced to sing again. Elsewhere Ranka gets back on the stage as Alto tries to convince her against sing but she tells him that she's going to sing no matter what.

Alto is angry but says he'll protect Ranka and not let a single Vajra near her as he storms off to rejoin ZEXIS. Brela than appears before Ranka and says that she doesn't have to sing if she doesn't want to but she says that he's being cruel. Brela than hugs her and tells her that her song is her heart. Ranka than thinks that she sings because she wanted to reach Alto but couldn't, she than begins to sing to draw the attention of the Vajra and so that they will swarm where she is and where ZEXIS is waiting.

Lacus confronts Grace and accuses her of plotting this entire thing. Grace says that Lacus is pretty smart but how could Grace have planned for all this? Besides, shouldn't Lacus be out there supporting ZEXIS who will deal with the Vajra anyway? Lacus says that Grace wont have her way but Grace says that she already has and there's nothing Lacus can do about it and that she already has plans on dealing with ZEXIS. Alto than rejoins ZEXIS and Ozma gives him words of encouragement and says not to make Ranka cry. Zero than says that it is beginning and Ranka starts to sing.

The Vajra than appear and ZEXIS says that they can't let a single one to reach Ranka. Kallen supports Zero in holding the line while Alto, Klan, and Lock-On say they will avenge Michel's death. Crowe on the other hand doesn't like any of this and is bitter at the loss of Michel and that the odds are pretty stacked against them. Alto than tells everyone they only need to hold out for 5 minutes if they can't wipe out all the incoming Vajra. When more Vajra appear Shinn is frustrated at the endless numbers but he's calmed down and Kallen tells everyone to just focus on the enemy in front of them.

Once the Vajra are destroyed Heero confirms than none got through which is pretty surprising. Pf course this just jinxes things and a Vajra appears and rushes towards Ranka with ZEXIS wondering how such a weak Vajra got past all of them. Klan is an action girl however and quickly moves to use herself as a shield to protect Ranka as she swears that this is for Michel. Alto tells her not to be so reckless but before the Vajra can dismantle Klan's mecha she's saved by a sniper.

Tieria knows that shot and Lock-On says that it's about time he had shown up. Michel appears and apologizes to Klan for being so late, Klan and Alto can't believe that Michel is alive. He explains that he isn't one to die so easily though he takes to time to berate Alto for not being true to himself which gets Alto angry. Lacus than announces that ZEXIS needs to leave now or they'll be swallowed up by a ZONE-like effect just like when they went to save Relena. Something is clearly up, was it all a trap?

After escaping Klan runs over and squeezes the life out of Michel while saying that she's extremely happy to see him again and thought that she had lost him. Michel tells her that she's squeezing too hard and that he can't breath. Michel is also surprised at Klan being so open with him about her feelings, Lock-On than tells Michel that was some stunt he pulled and that he should take responsibility. Crowe takes this time to say that he's glad things worked out though Michel better not try anything like that again.

Michel tells Crowe that he wont and that he isn't going to be a coward anymore. Crowe is surprised at Michel's new found maturity and wonders if this is an imposter, or has Michel seriously decided to quit his womanizing days? No matter, Crowe is happy that this turned out for the best since everyone could seriously use all the good news it can get. Klan than starts becoming embarrassed and Michel asks her what's wrong.

Klan protests that everything is wrong. This gets Michel in the mood to tease Klan who's embarrassed that Michel has decided to man up and that he does indeed love her too. Klan protests that Michel is making things worse and that he shouldn't be so casual about saying such things in front of everyone. Michel can't promise he can do that, he than thinks that from now on he'll be true to his heart.

Basara and ZEXIS ask Alto how he's holding up and that he should go see Ranka. Alto demands to know what Basara is implying by that which gets Basara angry who tells Alto that Ranka was hurting when she was singing. Alto rightly demands to know what he can do about it and Basara says that she's hurting because of Alto and that he needs to go see her. This gets Alto by surprise as Basara continues to berate Alto, Gamlin than intervenes before Alto and Basara break out into a brawl.

Basara demands that Gamlin stay out of this but Gamlin tells Basara that he doesn't understand the situation so it's wrong of him to make such demands. Gamlin than tells Basara that he needs to go soak his head which Basara heads out to do though he's still angry. Alto is surprised Gamlin came to his defense but it's explained that song is very important to Basara and that he can understand the true feelings of a singer just by how they sing.

Gamlin than tells Alto that Basara is right and Alto should go see Ranka about what happened however he wont force Alto to since Alto is a man so he can make his own decisions. Talk than turns to Sheryl's condition and later that Grace is up to something but they can't say what yet. Whatever the case this gives Alto something to think about.

Cathy says that ZEXIS was truly a pawn of Grace and that they should watch out for her. However they can't stick around since the chaos of the Vajra attack has lead to heighten security and that they can't locate Grace. Furthermore Cathy is worried about the information she has gathered on Leon and that he may have started his coup already. It does seem too coincidental that the Vajra attacked like they did and that ZEXIS was almost taken out when they finished clearing the Vajra.

Whatever the case there's no use worrying about any of this and Cathy tells Alto and Michel that they're being equipped with MDE's now. Michel wonders if this is really necessary and asks what MDE's even are. Cathy assures them that they're going to need all the firepower they can get and that the MDE's have exceeded all expectations. Cathy than goes on to explain exactly what MDE's are(They use Fold Particles extracted from dead Vajra) and why she feels justified in allowing them to be used(They are like nukes when used on Vajra).

Michel relents though Amuro is worried about the use of pseudo-nukes. Alto on the other hand will use what's given to him but his mind is thinking of something else, Ranka and Sheryl. Sheryl is observing the destruction and feels powerless since she couldn't do anything to prevent it and isn't confident that she can return to singing after all.

Stage 42 - Frontier Fleet

-Note: Quent isn't in this stage despite so much talk about it, where Chirico is headed is an Artificial Moon. My apologizes for getting that wrong, it's hard to understand this stuff sometimes.

Regene wonders what Ribbons will do since his plans failed yet again not to mention that he has still failed to obtain the Twin Drive System, lost Anew, and not to mention that the A-Laws still haven't recovered from those leaks from earlier. Ribbons tells Regene that this isn't any real concern to him and instead he wants to talk about the Perfect Soldier Program, Quent which is now active once more, and its connection to that bastard Wiseman that insists on getting in his way. Regene humors Ribbons but than asks if Grace can even be trusted anymore and that she her failures are taking a toll on things.

Ribbons says that their goals are the same that's why Grace is allowed to go about her own devices, Regene than asks him about the Twin Drive System and Zero System once more. Ribbons says that letting them run free a bit longer may prove beneficial. When Regene asks what he means he says that Regene should keep quiet and just watch the show. Regene isn't liking this at all but Ribbons tells Regene that it doesn't matter what he/she thinks since everything is going according to his plans and that he will obtain the Twin Drive System for himself.

Torture Man wants to make use of Chirico once more as they head to the Artificial Moon that has just turned up thanks to Quent, however Chirico isn't here. Various forces are preparing to head to the Artificial Moon as well not that it's active and he's curious about it s well. However, Chirico has been missing since he got Fyana back whom is now in the care of Torture Man for the time being. Not to mention that Chirico's disappearance was also the reason why Zero insisted on going into space in the first place. The revelation that Chirico is a PS must have hit him hard and pushed him to investigate Quent and anything connected with it on his own to find answers hence his friends worry.

Torture Man notices that Fyana is looking depressed and he asks her if she's still blaming herself for the death of Yplison which she is. Torture Man tells her that Yplison made his own choices in life, he than says that he'll need her to get Chirico to appear. Fyana asks why Chirico is investigating such a place and Torture Man reveals that all the forces on Quent vanished once its technology started working again. Which means something is about to happen hence why Chirico is being drawn to Quent and anything involved with it.

Fyana feels that she's losing Chirico but Chirico's gang tells her to cheer up and that she's worrying for nothing. After all they're used to Chirico just ditching them and each time he has they always found a way to him. Coconna goes on to say that Fyana is much prettier than she is, Vanilla says that he likes his girls plain which causes Coconna to get on his case and ask what exactly Vanilla means by that. This friendly banter serves to lighten to atmosphere but Fyana can only think of Chirico who's all alone and that she's sorry he had to find out he was a PS in such a way.

ZEXIS is relaxing after their victory over the Vajra. They aren't exactly welcome back at the Frontier Fleet which is still dealing with the aftermath of the Vajra attack which Tamaki figures they should be hailed as kings for saving everyone. Kallen tells Tamaki to get such thoughts out of his head and that they left because Zero wants to investigate the Artificial Moon which causes ZEXIS to wonder what's happening at that place since it seemed to appear out of nowhere. Furthermore they're still concerned about Ranka and Sheryl who chose to remain behind at the Frontier Fleet.

Talk than changes that in Japan Dr. Hell has been proving pretty bothersome for their allies on Earth and that Kouji is dealing with some issues of his own. Crowe figures there's no point in worrying about what's happening there since they have their own problems. The rest of ZEXIS isn't so sure they should take such a stance upon such matters. Though they relent and instead talk about Grace whom disappeared after the Vajra assault. Leaving things unsettled with her isn't exactly popular with ZEXIS but there's nothing they can do about it for the time being.

Duo wonders what's going in in Zero's head and that he's clearly not being forthcoming on what's so special about this Artificial Moon. Kallen stiffens up and Allelujah asks her if she's worried about Chirico who is still missing since his duel. This is something Kallen confirms, she can't understand why Chirico just left after finding Fyana after all this time and she feels that she failed her friend. ZEXIS says that Chirico surely has his reasons, right? Kallen gets over her sadness and says that she trusts Chirico's judgement and that he must have his reasons for going off on his own. Crowe figures that it must be important and they clearly don't know the full story. So the best they can do is just proceed since Chirico is bound to show up when he wants to.

The A-Laws have gathered around the Artificial Moon and they plan to wrestle control of it first. With the technology it bears not even Celestial Being or the Gundams would be able to stand in their way. Before he can gloat at his force being the first here the Captain is told that enemies are approaching. He quickly knows that signature, it's ZEXIS! What are they doing here?! The signature is ZEXIS but it's just a lone Scopedog - Chirico! Chirico wants answers and feels that he will learn everything if he goes to that Artificial Moon. The Captain demands to know what the hell is going on, only a single Scopedog? Before he can collect himself he's told that the rest of ZEXIS is arriving on the scene too.

Sure enough ZEXIS appears and as soon as they get situated Kallen notices Chirico and asks where he has been and what of Fyana. Chirico remains silent which pisses Wufei off since even he was worried about Chirico too. Trowa tells Wufei to calm down while Crowe says that Chirico has clearly come here for a reason and has a reason for keeping everyone in the dark. Zero orders ZEXIS to engage the A-Laws as he tries to piece everything together.

The Captain asks why ZEXIS is even here. Since he doesn't know what to do about this he orders his forces to deal with ZEXIS while he leaves to go inform his superiors that things aren't going as planned. Saji can't find Louise and Setsuna tells Saji she isn't here which makes him sad. ZEXIS than discusses the situation with Zero finally understanding. Zero tells everyone to distract the A-Laws so that Chirico can arrive at the Artificial Moon which ZEXIS decides they might as well. After all Chirico is their friend, right? Kallen than orders Chirico to head for the Artificial Moon and to leave the massive enemy force to them with Chirico being thankful of ZEXIS as he heads towards Quent to get the answers he's seeking.

Chiba confirms that all ATs are defeated and none have reached the Artificial Moon. Chirico than rushes over but is surprised when his Scopedog malfunctions as it approaches the Artificial Moon and he gets dragged down. Kallen is shocked at what has happened and Duo and Crowe are clueless on what just happened to Chirico. Zero is furious at this turn of events and is uncertain what to do. There's no guarantee that going near the Artificial Moon wont disable their mecha either but he can't just leave things as they are.

As Zero tries to formulate a plan on how to proceed Ohgi tells him that more enemy forces are approaching, it's the Innovades! They say that the AT are truly pieces of crap considering hos long they lasted and that they're glad they got a chance to meet up with ZEXIS again since they have many things they want to pay them back for. Celestial Being isn't happy seeing the Innovades with Tieria saying he'll fight them because they're wrong and Lock-On being furious that they used Anew against him and they'll pay for hurting her. If Anew is alive she's touched by Lock-On's words and Lock-On tells her not to worry about a thing and leave it all to him.

Setsuna tells Saji that Louise is on the battlefield and he'll take her to her with Saji being shocked that Louise has indeed come after all. Soma thinks of Sergei and that she'll avenge his murder today. Louise thinks of Saji and that she can never forgive him for being with the killers of her family with Andrei worried about Louise's mental state. Sumeragi gives the order to attack but is than told more forces are approaching.

Millardo arrives with his army of mobile dolls which catches Heero, Noin, and Quattro by surprise. Millardo says that he will obtain the technology of Quent for White Fang and that he will settle things with Heero and crush the A-Laws. Amuro demands to know what Millardo is doing but he tells Amuro that he's doing what needs to be done. Heero asks Millardo if he's following the future that Epyon has shown him and if he will oppose the world Relena is trying to create. Millardo says yes and that he will with Heero saying that Wing Zero has shown him a different future and he will fight to make Relena's ideals into a reality.

Mr. Bushido says that the Gundam(00 Raiser) is his and takes a battle stance. Toudou senses Mr. Bushido's resolve to face Gundam with Setsuna saying he will deal with Mr. Bushido since he is here for Setsuna. Zero tells everyone that they need to prevent the A-Laws and White Fang from obtaining what they're seeking from Quent, Sumeragi than gives the orders to attack. Crowe is frustrated at why everyone is so obsessed with Quent and why they keep ending up in situations like this.

(Soma may have dialogue with Andrei. Didn't check, Setsuna keeps one hitting everything from 00. Though if she did it would just be her saying she'll avenge Sergei so w/e. She also may have dialogue with Louise but again freaking Setsuna does like 20-30k to 00 enemies with just his weakest attack. Damn 15 bars FUB.)

Mr. Bushido says that it has been too long since he has last clashed with Gundam and that he wishes to test the mettle of his newly upgraded mecha against such a worthy foe. Setsuna tells him that this is pointless. Mr. Bushido doesn't feel that way and says that Gundam and him are fated to clash with Setsuna telling him that has nothing to do with this but if he wants to fight Gundam than so be it! Upon his defeat he says this isn't over and that he will fight Gundam another day with Setsuna being frustrated about his obsession with fighting Gundam.

Saji tries to reach Louise and says that he is not her enemy but she is furious upon seeing him. Louise tells Saji that she can't believe she was a fool to be tricked by Saji, since she thought he loved her, and that he was her enemy since when she first introduced Setsuna to her. Saji is at a loss of words as Louise states that she will avenge her family by destroying everything that took them away from her.

As Saji yells out Louise's name Setsuna says that something dark has taken hold of Louise with Setsuna suspecting that this is all Ribbons doing. Upon her defeat she swears that Saji will pay for using her and that they're enemies. Saji is saddened that he still can't reach Louise despite his efforts. Quattro and Amuro remember this scenario well since it reminds them of Lalah yet all they can only shake their heads and despite that this sad history only continues to repeat itself.

When Setsuna encounters the Innovades they both desire to avenge their fall comrade and to finally obtain the Twin Drive System. Upon defeat they're surprised that mere humans have bested them again when they're Innovades and thus should be superior. Is it because of the Twin Drive System or is it the pilot?

Millardo and Heero are still at it as usual with their clashing ideals. Heero tells Millardo that his path isn't the one that will lead to the world that Relena desires but Millardo says that he will follow his own ideals. Millardo than tells Heero to stop wasting his breath and to fight him which angers Heero who marks Millardo as his next target and that he will not let Millardo get in the way of the world Relena is trying to create.

Noin is conflicted when she encounters Millardo because she still loves him despite the path he has chosen to walk. Millardo acknowledges Noin who asks him if she can ask him a question which he tells her to speak. Noin asks why Millardo chooses to fight ZEXIS since he should know first hand that he has no hope of defeating them. She than demands to know why he sent her away when she would have followed him to hell if he asked her to! Millardo tells Noin that she is mistaken about him and that they're enemies and if she lacks the appetite to face him than she should leave as he moves to attack her.

Upon his defeat Millardo is adamant upon seeing things through to the end and that this isn't over as he prepares to leave. Heero tells Millardo to wait but he tells Heero that their dispute wont end today because he still has much left to accomplish. When he leaves Noin she can't understand why he's being this way since he's actively opposing what Relena desires. Surely Millardo knows this brings Relena pain yet even now he chooses to fight. With Millardo now gone ZEXIS thinks they've cleared out everyone but than more A-Law forces arrive, ZEXIS moves to repel them at all costs.

Chirico finds himself drawn to a staircase that seems to be calling to him. Chirico wonders how he got here and what happened to his AT, Fyana than runs into Chirico whom she's surprised to see. Chirico asks Fyana what she's doing here and Torture Man tells Chirico that he brought her along. On cue the rest of Chirico's friends show up and say that he has worried them all for running off like that with Chirico going "You guys...". Torture man than explains that Wiseman is the thing that controls Quent and is pretty much a God who has been around for a long time. Chirico wants to know more so Torture Man explains(boring).

Chirico is told that Wiseman desires to meet Chirico who has a choice to make and Chirico decides to go see Wiseman while he tells Fyana and the others to wait for him. This doesn't sit well with them at all since they don't trust this Wiseman figure but they can't persuade Chirico not to meet with him. However they refuse to let him go alone. Torture Man than says that three is something different about Chirico, he's well beyond what is capable of the PS program which he goes to explain to a confused Chirico.

Elsewhere Killy demands to know what's going on, the twins say that ZEXIS is close and they panic. Killy tells them to calm down as Torture Man meets with Killy who are surprised to see each other though he isn't alone, he has brought Chirico who is the one Wiseman desires to meet. Killy says that Chirico is that bothersome PS whom he still wants to kill alongside Torture Man.

Wiseman than speaks which stops Killy from doing anything rash, he's calling for Chirico. Everyone is surprised by this turn of events though the twins quickly say that Wiseman has spoken and that only those that he desires to see may pass through the barrier to him. They're also surprised at how well the PS program turned out and that it would be one of them to be called by Wiseman.

Killy demands to know what's going on and says that he will be the ones to bring Chirico to Wiseman than with him being ignorant to the truth. Torture Man tells Killy to stop and that Wiseman clearly only wishes to meet Chirico thus he must go alone. Chirico says he's going but Fyana doesn't want him to and fears that if he goes she'll lose him and doesn't understand him anymore. Chirico tells her that he needs to know the truth and he's sorry but he must go. As Fyana calls out to him he passes through the barrier to Wiseman.

Wiseman communicates with Chirico through flashing lights and beeping sounds that he somehow understands. He asks why he was called and Wiseman goes on to explain. Chirico is hit with the revelation that he is an Overman and was was groomed to be Wiseman's successor. Suddenly everything makes sense to Chirico and explains his piloting skills surpassing Fyana and Ypsilon despite them being PS's, his ability to survive certain death situation on a constant basis, and why he always felt different. Wiseman reveals that this is Chirico's destiny and asks if he accepts becoming his successor which Chirico accepts.

Fyana than rushes and tries to reach Chirico who suddenly changes and tells her that he is the true successor of Wiseman and that he is the son of a God. Killy is furious and demands to know what was the point of being here than?! He should be the successor to Wiseman, it's his destiny! As he prepares to attack Chirico he's killed by Wiseman who reveals that Killy's only reason in life was to bring him Chirico. The twins are shocked at what has happened as Chirico tells them that Killy was unworthy and that the only thing that matters is him fulfilling his own destiny. Wiseman than orders them to serve Chirico. Chirico than takes off with Fyana yelling for him.

Crowe immediately suspects that something is wrong and asks what Chirico is doing. Kallen too can't believe what's happening and asks Chirico what's wrong and to come back to them. Even Torture Man didn't expect this turn of events or for Chirico to accept becoming the successor of Wiseman. Chirico than casts everyone aside and says that he will fulfill his destiny as the son of God and the successor of Wiseman.

Thus he shall become a God himself which ZEXIS doesn't understand, the Chirico they know would never desire such a thing. Chirico explains that he is the Son of God(Overman) whose destiny is to ascend to Godhood and that this is what both Wiseman and he desire. Not to mention that his whole life purpose was for this one moment and thus the only left to do is fulfill his destiny. Zero demands Chirico to stop this insanity!

Chirico isn't persuaded and explains his destiny to ZEXIS who can't believe what they're hearing. The God that Chirico is supposed to become is a cruel one which doesn't suit Chirico at all because of his legendary kindness. Chirico than explains the truth of Wiseman to ZEXIS and that Wiseman has been manipulating events for thousands of years and soon Chirico will do the same once he succeeds Wiseman. Fyana screams for Chirico as he tells her that this is good bye and leaves to obtain Wiseman's power as is his right.

The A-Laws can't believe what has happened and what they've learned of Wiseman. Furthermore the Artificial Moon has stopped working now that Chirico has left which makes all their loses meaningless! Just than a Zone-like event occurs, Wiseman's doing. Zero orders Ohgi to quickly retrieve Fyana and Chirico's friends and that they need to leave immediately. As the Artificial Moon is devoured in a bright light ZEXIS and the A-Laws make their escape with Fyana screaming for Chirico.

After the battle Kallen is speechless and doesn't know why Chirico would have done something like this. He was raving like a madman! Everyone doesn't understand what happened but they blame this Wiseman figure for changing Chirico. However they don't know if Chirico can still be saved since he seemed pretty lost as far as what they saw. Hell he even tried to kill them all! Zero asks for Torture Man and he's told that Torture Man has taken this time to vanish which Zero figured as much.

Crowe tells everyone that they can't leave things as they are and should go find out the truth for themselves. Kallen is worried about Chirico and if finding the truth means fighting him. That seems to be the case and ZEXIS would do well to consider Chirico as an enemy since if they don't he's more than capable of killing any of them. Zero says that they will pursue Chirico to bring him back to his senses and to meet Wiseman since that is where Chirico is most likely headed. Kallen is angry but doesn't want to fight Chirico.

Wufei tells her that either she fights or she'll die. Kallen tells him to shut his mouth, she still believes in Chirico and that this is all Wiseman's fault bur she will fight if she must. Though if she has the chance she'll beat Wiseman to death for changing Chirico and making Fyana cry. Zero than thinks that this all doesn't make sense and can't believe that Chirico is actually his enemy and fallen in with this Wiseman. Clearly something is up. Ohgi than tells Zero that he's needed on the bridge since someone wishes to speak with him, it's Ru Shako.

Everyone wonders why Ru Shako would want to speak with Zero but Ohgi says that it involves Wiseman. Ru Shako is than patched through and asks where Chirico is. Zero explains the situation and Ru Shako says that Meiji predicted that a child of God would walk the land one day to decide the fate of the galaxy. Ru Shako than tells Zero that he wants them to meet Meiji on Quent. Kallen doesn't like any of this but sees that Fyana is depressed and she asks how Fyana is doing. Fyana is holding up but she can't believe this is all happening.

Kallen tells Fyana that she should fight once more because she's the only one that has a chance of reaching Chirico. Fyana regains her wits and agrees with Kallen and resolves to fight. Chirico's friends can't believe Fyana is going to fight again but Former Bum says that if anyone can reach Chirico it's Fyana. They don't like this but there's no stopping Fyana who's dead set on reaching out to Chirico whom she still believes can be saved.

Stage 43 - Frontier Fleet

Kallen asks Fyana if she's sure she can do this, she doesn't want Fyana to feel forced because of what she said. Kallen also knows Fyana if she can bring herself to pull the trigger if she must fight Chirico and he can't be saved. This is something Fyana can't given answer to but they're told that it's alright if she can't. Besides, they're all here to bring him back so it shouldn't have to come to that, right? They than talk about their past with Chirico, with Former Bum saying that Chirico had the eyes of when they first met him, and what to do about Wiseman's hold on him and how to best save him.

Crowe tells Fyana not to give up, he has known Chirico for awhile and still has faith. Of course all this talk serves to make Kallen sad for Fyana since nothing they've come up with seems like it will work. Zero tells Kallen that they may have to face the reality that Chirico is now a slave of Wiseman and can't be saved but she gets angry and says she refuse to believe that. That doesn't seem very realistic but Kallen isn't backing down even when ZEXIS tells her so.

Kallen than says she will save Chirico and bring him back to Fyana which catches everyone off guard. Crowe says that they might as well just beat sense into Chirico until he returns to Fyana which he's sure that will be the case once the dust settles. Everyone agrees though Fyana wont stand being put on the sidelines and will fight to save her man which makes Kallen glad. Fyana than takes a moment to think of Chirico.

Zero wonders if they'll learn anything here from the people of Quent on how to save Chirico from Wiseman. Ru Shako says that all of this was predicted and than explain the prophecy of the child of God to everyone. As Ru Shako explains so old faces show up and Kallen is surprised to see her old friends who are glad to see she's well. Ru Shako is the one that brought them here with each of them having their varying reasons. After their reintroductions Zero asks how Chirico fits into all this.

Ru Shako explains Chirico's destiny as a child of God. Fyana deduces that Chirico isn't a PS like her after all and may be something more than just this child of God thing. Ru Shako than answers their questions about Quent, their history, and the such as he leads them to Meiji. Speaking of Meiji they're almost there and Zero asks of Meiji with Ru Shako revealing that Meiji is hundreds of years old.

When they encounter Meiji they meet what looks like a mummified corpse with Kallen surprised that this person is still alive after all this time. This serves to freak Crowe out. Ru Shako than explains who Meiji really is and that Meiji has been watching events for a long time. It was Meiji who knew this would happen and it's Meiji who may shed light on how this situation. As this is going on Kallen notices that Crowe is pretty freaked out and asks what's wrong which he says everything is fine. Of course he still doesn't actually believe this Meiji is even alive.

Zero asks why Meiji is being so silent but Ru Shako tells him that he will speak for Meiji. With that Ru Shako, speaking for Meiji, answers their questions and reveals as much of the prediction as possible to them. However when Zero asks how to save Chirico this causes Meiji to utter a name, Overman/Wiseman. Ru Shako continues with Fyana unsure on what to make of anything. Vanilla than runs in to inform Zero that a massive force is appearing near Ru Shako's village. Zero demands answers from Meiji with Ru Shako telling ZEXIS they must head out to confront this force.

C.C. is enjoying pizza and is happily waiting for her Master's return. However she wonders what's taking him so long and wonders what she can do to properly welcome him back home. She decides that she would like to something nice for him that's for sure to pay him back for his kindness. Just than Wiseman calls for C.C. which scares her. Wiseman tells her to remember who she is and she suddenly gets her memories back and remembers just what she as well as the names of those she knows, such as Lelouch.

Chirico is cleaning up a rebellion being launched by the people of Quent. Once he's done he demands to know what the twins are doing and that they're behind schedule because of them which has lead to the people of Quent organizing an rebellion. The twins say they they have no idea what Chirico is saying. Chirico than asks them if they have lost faith in Wiseman which they deny. The lead Twin than says he has had enough and voices just how much he hates this situation and demands to know why it was Chirico that was chosen to succeed Wiseman with the other Twin shocked at what's being said.

Chirico tells the lead twin that he's a tool of Wiseman as well which the lead Twin goes on to say that he doesn't care. Even though the Twins are pawns of Wiseman to this is just unacceptable. Nor does he understand why after so many years Wiseman has decided now of all times to retire and give his powers up. He demands that Chirico answer him on what makes him so special which Chirico responds by calling his guards and killing the lead Twin.

Chirico reveals that Wiseman was the one that deduces the treachery of the Twins and that he isn't pleased that they're getting in the way of Chirico meeting Wiseman. After all, Wiseman sees and knows all and doesn't stand for treachery. Since the Twins refused to follow his orders they no longer have any use and thus Wiseman has ordered Chirico to kill the treacherous Twin. Fyana than appears with Chirico's friends with Chirico saying all their names. They ask him why he's doing this but he says he already explained things. This is his destiny which angers his friends.

Ru Shako asks if Chirico is truly the child of God Chirico says that the universe needs to be controlled which was what Wiseman has been doing for thousands of years. Ru Shako asks if he plans to meet with Wiseman which Chirico says that he does. Ru Shako learns that Wiseman is in fact living near his village the entire time. Chirico than reveals that though he's an Overman he never reached his full potential until he was pulled into war. Sure many will die from wars but it also creates and pushes history forward. After all they wouldn't be where they are today with the constant wars.

Chirico says that he plans to control the Universe in this way and to promote war so that humanity may continue to advance. This pisses of Ru Shako who can't stand for this but Chirico tells him that it doesn't matter once he becomes a God. Chirico's friends tell him that they will gladly prove him wrong as they gear up to fight them though Fyana tries once more to reach Chirico. Chirico tells her that he has discarded everything, never wants to see her again, and that she should get off Quent as he calls for his AT forces. ZEXIS than appears to lend a hand to the Scopedog Brigade.

Chirico isn't too happy seeing ZEXIS here with Zero trying once more to reason with Chirico to cease his insanity and that they still have faith in him. Chirico isn't persuaded even as the rest of ZEXIS try and instead rebukes every attempt to talk sense into him, he will become a God whether they oppose him or not. For the Universe needs one like Wiseman to guide it and to promote the wars that will advance civilizations. This even gets Kallen angry who can no longer see her former friend inside Chirico anymore.

Chirico tells them that he will take out all that opposes his destiny and that he will not stand down. Zero doesn't desire to believe this but knows that the only way to reach Chirico is to take him out which he orders. Kallen has also decided to beat sense into Chirico and she orders Chirico's friends to retreat with them saying they'll leave everything to ZEXIS. Fyana than says that if this is what Chirico has become than she will fight him with no regrets. Chirico finds that amusing and tells ZEXIS and Fyana to come fight him than.

(Every Main Character(Which means both Zero and Kallen since they're both Main Characters) and the Scopedog Brigade have dialogue about having to fight Chirico. Kallen also has a special battle quote as does Fyana)

Which Chirico is defeated he says that he can't fall yet because he has yet to complete what he has set out to do. He than recovers which gets ZEXIS angry since he refuses to go down despite what they throw at him. Wiseman than calls for Chirico to come to him now to receive his power. He than tells where Chirico must go but Fyana tries to stop him with Chirico telling Fyana that he told her never wanted to see her again.

Fyana tells Chirico to come with her and asks what he plans to do with Wiseman's power with Chirico telling her it's useless and she wouldn't understand and that he wants her out of his sight. When she refuses he damages her Scopedog which shocks Kallen and pisses Crowe off. C.C. than appears in her KMF and tells Chirico that he's taking too long and she attacks Fyana.

Kallen demands to know what C.C. is doing as does Lelouch who suspect C.C. has regained her memories. C.C. says that she has and than Ali Al'Sachez appears to go play with ZEXIS with Chirico using this time to escape. Kallen wants to go after Chirico but Ali Al'Sachez tells them that he's their opponent now and not to bore him too much. Torture Man than appears and asks the remaining Twin where Chirico is headed bu the Twin refuses to talk. He's than mortally wounded by the fighting with Ali Al'Sachez's forces and as he lays dying Torture Man tells the remaining Twin that he wants to confirm that Chirico is indeed worthy of being Wiseman's successor and that the twin will die an honorable death if he talks.

Chirico defeats the guards that try to prevent him from meeting Wiseman. With that out of the way Chirico demands to know why Wiseman has refused to help him and that he wants to see Wiseman's real form. Wiseman says that only the one that has managed to make the entire galaxy his enemy and has the ability to survive and reach him is worthy of being his successor and that his body is rotten away. Chirico says that this was all a trick than but Wiseman says he's always here and is watching Chirico at this very moment as he appears as a bright yellow light.

Wiseman asks Chirico what he'll do with his power and he says that he desires to become a God so that he can have his revenge and plunge the galaxy down a path of his own making and desire. Wiseman is impressed and tells Chirico to approach him and Wiseman reveals his full history and that he has long awaited the day he would be succeeded. Chirico than asks Wiseman what his purpose is and Wiseman goes on to explain why he does the things he does.

This doesn't suit Chirico at all who refuses to allow Wiseman to implant his power and knowledge in him. Wiseman says that he's a God and Chirico should fear him and embrace this great honor but Chirico has none of it and pulls a gun. After firing a round Wiseman says that he'll kill Chirico if he doesn't cease but Chirico tells him that Wiseman can't kill him here as he destroys Wiseman's machine.

Wiseman says that Chirico doesn't understand his true power says that Chirico will always be haunted by the countless he has killed and only by obtaining Godhood will he be absolved of such sins! For when a God kills they're without sin but Chirico refuses to listen. Torture Man than runs in demanding that Chirico stop this madness and to put Wiseman back together before he dies but Chirico ignores him.

Fyana than runs in which surprises Chirico. He's sorry for shooting her but he tells her that he had to fool Wiseman to get close enough to him. Fyana says that she understands since Chirico never shot any of his friends or her fatally and that this was all meant to stop Wiseman. Fyana than says that C.C. told everyone everything after Chirico left and that ZEXIS is coming to help. With that Fyana tells Chirico to finish off Wiseman with her which he does.

Torture Man is furious over Wiseman's impending death and demands revenge. Chirico and Fyana than escape in their Scopedogs and Chirico tells her that ATs are coming after them. Wiseman is barely alive and says that he will have Chirico killed for tricking him and refusing to succeed him. Chirico tells him that he has no desire to be a God or be Wiseman's puppet, Wiseman says that he has watched the universe for thousands of years and that he will not die now.

ZEXIS arrives to lend Chirico a hand with Kallen being happy that she was right about Chirico the entire time. ZEXIS says that they understand now why he did what he did and that they will help him take out Wiseman. They explain that C.C. had told them everything about Chirico's plan and her connection to Chirico and Wiseman. Kallen than says that C.C. and Chirico have rejected Wiseman and that he will die this day for all that he has done. Wiseman says that he controls Chirico and everything that has happened in his life is because he deemed it as such.

Wiseman than activates Chirico's theme in an attempt to show that he still controls Chirico. ZEXIS is worried as Wiseman explains that he forged Chirico for war and saved Chirico time and time again so that Chirico could follow his destiny. In fact Chirico met Fyana because he wanted Chirico to understand love. Everything about Chirico is because of him and without him Chirico would be dead. As he rants on Chirico remains deathly quiet which scares Fyana. Wiseman tells Chirico that he has no choice but to embrace his destiny but Chirico says that he's had enough of Wiseman's ranting and he'll find his own happiness and make his own destiny.

Once all the ATs are defeated Wiseman's fake body appears as does C.C. who tells everyone that is the real Wiseman. Wiseman calls out to Chirico and asks what he hoped to accomplish with his death. Civilization has been guided by him for thousands of years and without him they will be lost. He than explains all his deeds in his lifetime and that he has become a fact that must be accepted with Chirico telling him that he's selfish and that all he has ever done is to serve himself.

Wiseman denies this and continues ranting that humanity will always need someone like him and it isn't too late for Chirico to embrace his destiny. Chirico responds with killing Wiseman and refuses to be his tool any longer. Fyana asks if it's over with Chirico saying it is. Zero says he understands Wiseman but that doesn't change that Wiseman was a selfish man and was no God and he's glad it's finally over.

C.C. thinks that Wiseman was never needed and even without him the fighting will still continue however she's fine with humanity finding its own destiny. Kallen asks C.C. if she's alright with this. C.C. explains that now humanity is in charge of its own fate and that even without Wiseman it's a fact that the fighting will continue. Crowe thinks that's a bit harsh but Zero says that even if that's the case that doesn't mean they shouldn't try and change things which catches Kallen by surprise at Zero's resolve despite all that he has learned.

Torture Man can't believe Chirico refused Godhood and and killed a God. He than says that Chirico has made a mistake that will one day come to haunt everyone. Torture Man says that Chirico is a fool and that humanity needs Wiseman and without him it's up to Chirico to fill that void. Chirico refuses and C.C. thinks that the legacy of Wiseman dies here. Zero than orders everyone to pull out of here and leave Torture Man all alone. When he's alone he demands Chirico get back here as he self-destructs the place.


Gaioh is enjoying the sights with Carlos Axion Jr. who has so far kept Gaioh tamed and taken out quite a few targets to boot. He asks Gaioh if he's satisfied with how things have turned out with Gaioh saying he is and that he can't wait for his battle to come up. They than discuss what has happened to Wiseman whom Gaioh seems to know. In the end Wiseman was an arrogant man but saying this just makes Gaioh become stern with Carlos Axion Jr. He tells Gaioh that he was kidding and that he's needed elsewhere and for Gaioh not to cause too much trouble while he's away. Once he's gone Gaioh mourns the loss of Wiseman.

Sumeragi gets in contact with F.S. who informs her of Moon Will's attack and that he's now been forced to reveal his awesome Dragon Battle Ship. From now on F.S. will be taking part in the battle against Moon Will personally. They than discuss what Sumeragi's team has been up to and the fate of Wiseman.

The rest of ZEXIS is celebrating the return of Chirico. Zero considers what Chirico did was pretty reckless and by all means he should punish Chirico for even leaving him out of the loop. However Zero doesn't desire to do that and instead asks Chirico what he will do from now on. Chirico isn't sure since this is the first time his destiny was his own and his sins are still great.

Duo and Crowe tell Chirico that he shouldn't feel like he owes them anything and that as far as they're concerned Chirico is still friend and they don't hold anything against him. After all everything did turn out as planned and they would be honored if he chose to still fight beside them all. This puts a smile on Chirico's face which makes Kallen and Chirico's friends happen. Chirico than confronts Fyana though he's unsure on what to do.

Everyone figures out that Chirico is worried about Fyana and him being used again but they assure Chirico that isn't the case at all. Sure the world is at war now but they're fighting to put an end to all of it. With some effort they manage to convince Chirico to stick around to see this all through. C.C. than approaches Ru Shako and asks if he still see's her as his enemy. Ru Shako says that he knew she was special but he holds nothing against her now that Wiseman is gone. So even though she may have been a tool of Wiseman she's now free to make her own destiny which is fine with both of them.

Zero asks C.C. what she'll do now that she's free and has regained her memories and she says that she'll stick around for now. Besides, he has pizza. Zero says she's welcome to stay and looks forward to her support in the future. C.C. than thinks that she's glad she met Lelouch and the others and had it not been for him she would have made a mistake by giving her code to Charles.

Chirico tells Fyana that he has decided to stay though he doesn't want her to fight. Fyana tells him that his battles are also hers and that she will fight alongside him to see this through. Chirico's friends get in on their little romantic moment and tell the two of them to just get a room and that Chirico better take responsibility and not abandon Fyana again.

Intermission - Japan and Frontier Fleet Merge

The Japan Team has dealt with the issues in Japan for the time being. Dr. Hell's minions had used trickery to get at Kouji's mother by cursing her with the Ghost of Tetsuya which was a surprise to the ZEUTH members. Kouji is than forced to fight Energer Z being piloted by what appears to be his father. When he's about to be defeated he's granted the God Scrander and inherits Zeus's legacy through the Big Bang Punch.

In the process cleanses Tetsuya's ghost who leaves them all in peace. Later they are forced to confront Moon Will's assault on F.S.'s base once more but everyone is surprised when the base turns into a giant Dragon Fortress. F.S. resolves to face Moon Will personally alongside ZEXIS from now on. Oh, and Sandman from Gravion has also decided to join ZEXIS since his pal F.S. is fighting. He also gave a very touching speech about fighting villainy and the such. Apparently it was very good since it made all the maids swoon.

The Frontier Fleet team was able to repel a Vajra Assault after Ranka's singing had drawn them into a frenzy which made Grace happy. Michel nearly died during this disaster but managed to return in time to save an enraged Klan from the Vajra. They later meet up with Chirico who is drawn to the Artificial Moon and afterwards he seemingly turns evil and announces that he'll become a God.

Fyana, Ru Shako, and Chirico's friends join ZEXIS in fighting Chirico on Quent where they learn that Chirico was faking the entire ordeal, thanks to C.C. who has regained her memories because of Wiseman, so that he could take out Wiseman which ZEXIS helps him succeed at. Chirico is than welcomed back into the team with Zero deciding not to punish Chirico for his apparent betrayal.

Stage 44

(Saotome's crazy buddies are Dr. Stinger and Dr. Cohen)

LordGenome is being irritable with Rossiu wondering what's troubling him. It's Moon Will's antics of course and just like Gaioh, LordGenome has a very intimate knowledge of Moon Will. LordGenome asks Rossiu if he really thinks he can escape fate, the Anti-Spiral have made their intentions quite clear and LordGenome can vouch that the Anti-Spirals are ruthlessly effect. Not to mention that what Rossiu is trying to do will still leave countless at the mercy of the Anti-Spiral even if he plans work, can he really live with himself for dooming that many lives?

Kittan has a friendly chat with his sisters and they discuss Rossiu's plans to save humanity. Kinon isn't ignorant as her brother and she knows what the truth behind Rossiu's plans, many simply cannot be saved. Instead of telling Kittan she says nothing on the matter. Kiyol than approaches with her husband and baby which makes diverts the conversation to Kittan and Kiyal dotting on the baby who takes after Kiyol in the looks department which is a good thing. Kittan than reminisces of the good old times of Team Dai-Gurren and who would show up at this time but Yoko.

It's time for a history lesson on those Invaders, or at least Benkei thinks so. Of course by history it really means describing what everyone already knows. The Invaders are serious business, have been around for a very long time, want to wipe out humanity, and they have teamed up with the Anti-Spiral. Perhaps they're kin or old allies? Than there's the whole Shin Dragon thing and its ability to rapidly evolve anything through the power of Getter. Of course Ryouma doesn't exactly care about all any of this while the rest of ZEXIS is being over dramatic over nothing.

All Ryouma cares about is getting back at Saotome, the Invaders are just practice. If anything gets in the way than he'll just tear them to pieces, clearly Ryouma isn't over his grudge with Saotome which even puts Simon at awe. Ryouma does explain what he goes of Shin Dragon and the power it holds which again makes everyone despair. Viral than notices that Go is being extremely quiet and he asks him what the deal is. Go just glares at Viral who asks what he did to deserve that.

Kei is now worried about Go and wants to know what his deal is as well. Ryouma being the wise bad ass that he is already knows that what's troubling Go is Shin Dragon. After all, Go has a very close history with that machine. Go than breaks his silence and says that they're coming. Hayato's second in command than informs everyone and Shin Dragon have been spotted and the Invaders are swarming to its location which gets Ryouma and Kei pumped since they can finally get revenge on Saotome though Go remains silent.

Ryouma yells that he's going to finally pay Saotome back for what he has done with Saotome saying that he knew Ryouma and ZEXIS would come since he called them here. The crazy freaks on the other hand are happy that they have now reached Shin Dragon. Kei demands to know what Saotome wants with Shin Dragon with Saotome telling Kei/Genki that she's about to witness as he awakens Shin Dragon. Saotome than fuses his corrupted DNA into Shin Dragon, the ultimate in Getter, which makes the crazy freaks cry tears of joy at the beauty of Getter and the coming Evolution and that Evolution is amazing as they feel the change happening within them and Shin Dragon.

Apollo is thinking about going all out on these guys since this reminds him of a certain gay angel that nearly plunged the world into nothingness with his own obsession. Silvia and Sirius tell him not to because of how dangerous Aquarion can be but Apollo is decided. Hayato's second in command tells him that something is happening which Hayato notices and tells everyone to stay back. Kei is surprised to see that Shin Dragon has evolved into a new form. ZEXIS doesn't know how this happened but Hayato's crazy scientist says that this is Evolution is taken in at how beautiful it all is. However this is a different evolution with him stating that Shin Dragon has become a God of Destruction.

Saotome says that with this he will wipe out everything and give this world to the Invaders so that they may live in peace. His crazy buddies than demonstrate their new power by calling forth an army of Invaders to oppose ZEXIS. Ryouma and Hayoto tell them that the Invaders are a distraction and to get to Saotome. Gai notices that Go is in a state of shock and he tells Go that he needs to snap out of it. Go struggles to snap out of his daze and yells that he will protect Kei which worries Kei since Go has never hesitated before. Ryouma tells Saotome to wait for him, it doesn't matter how many Invaders are in the way he's going to kill that bastard today.

When Go confronts Shin Dragon he has a panic attack with Kei asking him what's wrong. Saotome than interrupts to say that it's good to see Kei/Genki after all this time and wonders what she hopes to accomplish. Gai says that they will defeat Saotome with Shin Getter but he isn't confident which makes Saotome laugh as he tells them to come at him than. Go struggles but manages to get a hold of himself, at least for now, as he proceeds with attacking Shin Dragon.

When Ryouma encounters Saotome he tells him that his time has finally come. Saotome is very annoyed that Ryouma is still alive after all this time and continues to get in the way of his plans. So it's good that Ryouma is here since it gives Satome a chance to finally end him since Ryouma doesn't stand a chance against Shin Dragon. Ryouma of course tells Satome to shut his mouth and that he's going to beat the hell out of him.

Upon his defeat Saotome is surprised that they continue to resist against Shin Dragon and have pushed it this far. Kei notices that Go has withdrawn back into his state of shock and doesn't seem to hear her. The crazy Doctor says that the Evolution and Corruption of Shin Getter has affected Go. Kei tries to get through to Go as Saotome tells Go that he is a part of Shin Dragon as Go despairs. Gai and Kei are worried about Go with Kei taking control of Shin Getter and tells Saotome he'll pay for what he has done to Go. Saotome finds this humorous as he attacks Shin Getter.

Ryouma moves to take the hit for Kei and in the process Black Getter is severely damaged. Saotome gloats over this turn of events with Ryouma telling him to shut his mouth and that he isn't through yet. Kei is sad that Ryouma took a hit for her recklessness but Ryouma tells her to stay focused. Benkei than tells Kei to bring Go back and for Ryouma to return to. With them gone the crazy freaks say that they wont let them stand in their way any longer. Viral than tells Simon that the Anti-Spirals are coming.

Nia is leading the Anti-Spirals once more and says that she has come to continue with the human extermination program. Or she would but as long as such strong forces oppose her than the Anti-Spiral plans will fail. So she has come to join forces with the Invaders once more to punish humanity for their inevitable abuse of spiral power. The crazy freaks and Saotome are more than happy to have Nia's aid since their plans coincide with the Anti-Spirals since both desire the destruction of humanity.

Saotome takes this time to educate his enemies on Getter and how it is closely connected to the Spiral Power that the Anti-Spirals so loath hence why they make the perfect allies. ZEXIS don't let this revelation get to them and say that they'll defeat Saotome and the Anti-Spiral, though Simon asks Nia if she has truly forgotten their time together. Nia says that she has and thinks nothing of it for a Spiral and an Anti-Spiral can never coexist. With that said she will execute the human extermination program without a second thought which angers ZEXIS who try to appeal to Nia's old self.

However before she can proceed with ordering her forces to attack Simon she's nearly hit by a sniper shot. Michel and Gain know who could have fired that shot and it's revealed to be Yoko who arrives alongside Kittan to support Simon who is glad to see them. Yoko says that Nia has become a real bitch since she last saw her and she's going to take her down a peg. Nia isn't enjoying this interruption and gets into an argument with Yoko who says that this isn't the Nia she remembers and she'll drag the old Nia back out of she has to.

Kittan than says that he's sorry for joining up so late but Gimmy and Darry are just glad he's here. Simon than asks Yoko where she has been all this time and she says that she was just doing her thing and has decided to join ZEXIS since they could use the help. There's no use arguing with that logic and Viral doesn't mind that the spunky one has returned.

Saotome is getting angry at being upstaged and restores Shin Dragon back to full power. For the power of Getter is infinite! This gets ZEXIS nervous with Hayato telling everyone to abandon the shuttle. Speaking of team the crazy Doctor is having a nerdgasm when he finds out about Go's high neural action potential that has a crazy amount in just his brain alone. Kei and Gai have no idea what this all means as the crazy Doctor wonders if that is what's needed just to control Shin Dragon and what did Saotome do when he created Go and for what reason.

When he runs some tests it causes Go pain which angers Kei and Gai with Kei telling him to stop what he's doing at once. The crazy Doctor tells them that Go was created just for Shin Dragon and that he can't let this chance slip through his fingers. This shocks Kei and Gai as Benkei rushes in to tell them that they must all evacuate which the crazy Doctor takes this moment to leave on his own. However Ryouma bumps into them as they try and leave with Go and tells Benkei he needs him to come with him.

The crazy Doctor is still having a nerdgasm over what he has discovered and refuses to abandon the shuttle as Hayato rams the shuttle into Shin Dragon in an attempt to stop it. This amuses the crazy freaks who say it's no use as Silvia and Sirius look on in shock. The crazy Doctor refuses Hayato's order to evacuate and says that he will discover the real intentions of Satome. The ship takes damage and Hayato tells the crazy Doctor to get on a lifeboat with him but he orders Hayato to release the shield on the power output section.

When Hayato hesitates he tells Hayato to inject the Getter energy into the core reactor which Hayato doesn't do because of the implications which causes the crazy Doctor to do it himself. The crazy Doctor than gets technical here about Go and Shin Dragon and that something about Go's memory and true purpose. Crazy Doctor than says that he finally understands the truth about Shin Dragon, Go, and Evolution and breaks out into a mad laugh as he perishes.

Everyone is surprised the crazy Doctor finally died, just than Ryouma appears in Shin Dragon with Benkei to kick the crap out of Shin Dragon. They reveal that they picked up Hayato who isn't too thrilled about becoming a pilot once more because of his responsibilities as leader. However when Ryouma berates him Hayato tells Ryouma that they may still have a chance if they attack Shin Dragon now before it has a chance to regain its lost energy from the explosion. This cheers them up since the original Getter Team has now been reborn. Saotome says that even though the tree of them are united they're no match for Shin Dragon and that he has other plans. He than burrows Shin Dragon.

ZEXIS is confused and wonders what Saotome is up to which they soon learn when Saotome returns in his own Getter with his own team to challenge Ryouma's team. Ryouma isn't intimidated by this Getter team which doesn't have a chance against the original. Simon is than given words of badassery advice by Ryouma who wants to take on Saotome's team with just his team. The teams get some final trash talking in before starting their brawl.

Once taking damage Saotome's Getter recovers once more, as long as it's connected to Shin Dragon it cannot be defeated. Saotome than yells that it's Ryouma and Hayato's fault that Michiru died which effects them greatly. Nia than muses that humans are quite frail creatures despite their destructive potential. In Shin Getter Ryouma is reliving the death of Michiru where fake Michiru says she blames Ryouma and Hayoto for everything which they say it was an accident. Benkei asks what's wrong but he than sees Mushashi who begs Benkei not to abandon him as he's attacked by the Invaders. Fake Michiru than goes to Hayoto who says it wasn't his fault which she says she knows. She than tells Hayoto that it isn't his fault and that all he needs to do is separate Shin Getter and kill Ryouma for her. As Satome watches on he tells them all to suffer and to die in agony for taking Michiru from him.

Just as they are all about to give into despair the real Michiru appears which reveals the fakes as Invaders. Michiru tells the fakes to leave the trio alone and to begone which they do as they scream in agony. Michiru than explains that the Invader were trying to take over her body and in the last ditch effort to keep herself from falling to them she caused the accident that took her life. She tells them not to live in regret anymore over what happened and she doesn't blame them for anything and that she's sorry for not telling them the truth. Musashi also tells Benkei not to live with any regrets and to continue taking care of Genki in his place. They than give their final farewells.

Ryouma powers up Shin Getter which surprises Satome's team who didn't expect this turn of events. Nia isn't pleased at this result but Satome says that they can still be victorious. Apollo than attacks him with Aquarion and reveals his final attack which severely damages Saotome's Getter. Saotome than restores Getter once more. Ryouma's team is angry about Saotome restoring Getter yet again but Apollo tells Ryouma this is his chance. Saotome is running low on energy and surely can only restore Getter one more time at most so if they're going to defeat Saotome is has to be now.

(Saotome has dialogue with a ton of characters. That's way too much work)

Saotome restores Getter one last time with Kittan and Yoko saying he's on his last legs. Satome can't understand how he's losing which ZEXIS says he needs to face reality. This isn't something Saotome is capable of and he demands a duel between Ryouma, Getter vs Getter. Ryouma accepts and he's about to show the difference between the real deal and a bunch of posers. Saotome than attacks but his attack cannot connect, Ryouma can read his movements perfectly. However that still doesn't change that Saotome may still be able to restore Getter no matter what they do.

Go than telepathically contacts Ryouma and tells him to use the Stoner Sunshine, it's the only way to defeat Saotome. Ryouma isn't sure but Go says that he needs to believe in Getter which gets Ryouma and his team's blood pumping. After some final encouragements from Go, Ryouma uses the Stoner Sunshine that defeats Saotome. The crazy freaks are awed by the power of Evolution and make their escape as Saotome refuses to escape. Saotome tells Ryouma that the rest is now up to the Getter Team and ZEXIS to forge their own and humanities future and that this is so long. As he dies Ryouma and the Getter team mourn Saotome who was was fighting against the Invaders til the very end.

Nia considers Saotome a pathetic man as the rest of ZEXIS mourns his loss. Simon tells Nia that he will get her back no matter what which she says is pointless. She than gives them a warning on what's to come in due time. Viral doesn't understand the meaning of the time she has given them, however before they can speculate on what the end of everything means to them Shin Dragon returns. Go is than revealed to be awake and says that Shin Dragon is calling for his team. Kei is glad Go is fine and Gai gets a bit jealous over this, however there's no time as Go leads them into Shin Dragon.

Inside Shin Dragon Gai and Kei are freaked out when it synchronizes with them but Go tells them not to worry. Kei than says that she can see everything from Shin Dragon to them inside herself and Gai wonders if this is the ultimate form of evolution of Getter. Go says that all of their minds are now as one within Shin Dragon which Gai and Kei can see that quite clearly. Go than asks them to leave the rest to Shin Dragon though the feedback is too much and nearly kills Kei and Gai but Go tells them to believe in Getter and to believe in themselves as he unleashes their power and absorbs all the Getter rays around the Earth.

Hayoto is stunned and he believes that this was what Saotome was trying to do all along before the Invaders ruined his plans. The Shin Dragon had just killed all the Invaders on Earth in an instant no matter where they were hiding. When Kei goes to check on Go she's surprised to find that he is apparently sleeping. Fearing for the worst she tells Go to wake up but she gets no response. As she panics Gai checks Go and is shocked to learn that Go is pretty much dead or in a deathly coma. Kei says that's not true and than demands that Go wake up because he said he would always protect her and if he doesn't he's a liar and she can't ever forgive him. Despite her efforts Go doesn't wake up.

ZEXIS has learned the fate of Go and can't believe he's actually gone after he just saved everyone. This hits Kei extremely hard which makes Benkei sad since he has raised her since she was a child and he can't stand to see her like this. Not to mention that he doesn't want to leave Kei in such a sad state since her sadness is his own. However, they're needed and they can't stay to tend to Go or the inactive Shin Dragon. Kei than tells Benkei that he's needed and that he can at least make sure Go's sacrifice isn't in vain, she on the other hand will be staying here and she doesn't want him to worry. Gai than says that he'll keep watch over Kei and that Benkei shouldn't worry about a thing because he has this covered.

Ryouma asks them if this is what they want and they say it is, they will remain behind. With that the original Getter team will remain with ZEXIS while Kei and Gai will remain behind to tend to the deceased Go. Benkei is convinced to leave and pilot Shin Getter with Ryouma and Hayoto despite how he feels about leaving Kei. Besides, even if Gai and Kei chose to go they would be worthless since the 2 of them alone can't use Getter and it's better to leave everything to the original Getter pilots.

Boss than runs in to inform everyone that ZONE has been spotted once more which only serves to make Crowe's day even worse than it already is. Benkei than asks if Kei is really okay with all this but she tells him to just go because the world needs him right now more than she does. Ryouma says that Benkei needs not worry, Kei has grown into a strong young woman thanks to his parenting. With that Benkei tells Kei that he is proud of her as he takes off with ZEXIS to stop ZONE. With them gone Benkei is still concerned about Kei who he knows put up a false show of bravado but she tells him they have better things to do than mourn. There are still plenty of threats out there, like Moon Will, and it's up to Kei and co. to keep them from obtaining Shin Dragon, it's the least they can do to honor Go's sacrifice.

Elsewhere LordGenome is talking to Leeron who says that ZEXIS has defeated the Anti-Spiral once more and stopped Shin Dragon which than absorbed all the Getter Rays surrounding the Earth which killed the Invaders on Earth. LordGenome admits that he didn't expect this to occur with Leeron saying that ZEXIS is known for defying expectations. Rossiu than asks what Nia meant and what will happen when that date will occur. It's simple, they're going to drop the moon on Earth which causes Rossiu to shit his pants and he says he must speed up his plans because as Leader his people are counting on him. That and he must preserve humanity at all costs...

Stage 45

Anbrorn has yet again come up with a plan to take out ZEXIS, lo' and behold another new DM! Of course this one will do far better than the last new DM she pushed out of the line. At least that's what Anbrorn assures Uther who isn't convinced. Must Uther once again explain the cost of failure to Anbrorn and that her last assurances ended up being untrue? Of course not, at least that's what Anbrorn would prefer.

Uther decides that he will trust in Anbrorn's devices once more but her failures are starting to add up. If Anbrorn values her position than it might be the time to start showing Uther results in defeating ZEXIS. Anbrorn assures Uther that she will not fail this time with Uther saying that he know she wont since her loyalty to Insalaum is absolute. However if she thinks him suddenly being nice means she can slack off or fail him again than she has another thing coming.

So after a very long and stern talking to Uther is convinced that Anbrorn understands the gravity of the situation. After all he is the Ruler and as his vassal it's up to Anbrorn to meet his expectations. With that out of the way Uther asks how ZONE is progressing and Anbrorn says that it's progressing on schedule. That better be the case which Anbrorn assures Uther it is, leave everything to his loyal vassal.

Uther once again visits his best friend DM-Esther. Unlike before Uther balls have clearly dropped and he's on his way of leading Insalaum to a bright future. At least that's what he has convinced himself. Of course countless non-Insalaums will die which is a sad reality but as the King of Insalaum he must put his own people before any other. Just than Wayne walks in on Uther pouring his heart out to DM-Esther once more which makes things awkward. Wayne informs Uther that ZONE is set up and that ZEXIS has taken the bait.

That is something Uther likes to hear, if they succeed here than nothing will stop them from restoring Insalaum to its former glory. It will be a glorious day indeed when Insalaum rises from the ashes. Uther does feel bad that others must suffer so that Insalaum but make no mistake he wont hesitate on doing what's needed for Insalaum and Wayne shouldn't either.

They need to take out ZEXIS so that ZONE can succeed, however Uther wonders if Wayne would be satisfied with this since if this works than he wouldn't be able to settle things with Crowe. Wayne isn't a hotheaded anymore and says he'll will put the good of Insalaum before his own personal grudges. As they share a moment over how they've both grown Uther says that he knows Marilyn is spying on him and he wants her to come out. She comes out and asks how long Uther knew she was there.

Wayne doesn't like that Marilyn has been spying on Uther but Marilyn tells Wayne to mind his own business. This gets Wayne pretty ticked but Uther intercedes and asks if Marilyn can handle leading the defense force with Marilyn saying that she will do as the Prince desires and she wont fail. Uther reminds her that Crowe will be coming and that ZEXIS will surely try and stop ZONE but Marilyn says that she already knows what she's up against and will perform her duties. So no worries, just leave everything to Marilyn!

Marilyn than tells Wayne that he's just jealous that Uther has embarked this task to her instead of him. She than takes her leave with Wayne trailing after her. Once she's gone Uther can't help but feel better from her attempts to cheer him up and that she's worried about him. He than has a touching moment with DM-Esther before getting serious once more. Insalaum, blahblahblah.

Marilyn is at the newly established ZONE with her new DM being very restless which scares the children on the beach. Shiony is there and tells the children that everything will be okay, she promises. Marilyn than tells her new pet DM to behave and when it does she says it's a good boy. ZEXIS than arrives though they should feel bad for keeping Marilyn waiting. Crowe wants to kick the crap out of Marilyn but Roger and Amuro tell him to calm down and focus on ZONE. Crowe knows, he wont let something like this distract him.

Marilyn finds it cute that Crowe thinks he can stop ZONE especially with her here. Or did he forget her massive DM army? Crowe hasn't forgotten but he could care less about something as minor as that. ZEXIS than gets pumped with Zero finally saying that they have 5 minutes to stop ZONE. Marilyn laughs it up and says that they're more than welcome to try but they wont get past her in time with Crowe telling her to shut her mouth.

Eventually Marilyn's new pet DM reveals its full potential and bombards ZEXIS who are surprised at the range on it. The damage isn't critical but it's an issue, they need to take out the DM fast but that's a problem because it's sitting in the rear next to ZONE. This is pretty despairing news but Crowe isn't going to let this stop him and he'll be damned if he'll let Marilyn's taunting go unanswered. In fact when they clash Marilyn taunts her former apprentice for thinking that he's on her level. Of course he isn't, he has already surpassed her. That's cute, hopefully Crowe wont disappoint her.

Soon enough ZEXIS crushes Marilyn's forces but she isn't all sad and tells Crowe that it wa fun but she isn't dying today despite him telling her to wait. With much "love" she gives Crowe her farewell and leaves, something is clearly up. Right after the artillery DM is defeated ZONE activates and threatens to engulf everything with it. Crowe prepares to sacrifice himself to stop ZONE and he asks ZEXIS to take care of Esther for him. The Leaders of ZEXIS understand and say they will shoulder all of his debts and will save Esther which brings Crowe peace of mind.

Alto says that Crowe has to save Esther still and Kallen begs him to stop since Esther would be sad if she's saved and Crowe isn't there waiting for her. Crowe brushes her off and moves towards ZONE. However Aim isn't having any of that and tells Crowe that he has come to collect his sphere. Crowe tells him to stuff it, if he wants his sphere so much than Aim can go stop ZONE himself and bring Crowe back.

Carlos Axion Jr. than appears and doesn't believe Crowe is making the wisest of decisions. After all, what can a poor man do with all that debt he still must pay back? Carlos Axion Jr. tells Crowe that he has brought the ZONE Breaker, the greatest work of Traiya to date. It can literally stop ZONE and it also serves as Crowe's new weapon. Crowe tells Carlos Axion Jr. to quickly hand it over but Carlos Axion Jr. tells him no which confuses Crowe.

Zero activates his long dormant Geass command in Carlos Axion Jr. which forces him to speak. Carlos Axion Jr. says he's putting his life on the line here. Aim says that Carlos Axion Jr. is a fool but Carlos Axion Jr. tells him to mind his business. Turns out the new weapon is defective, it has no way of returning the user back to this world after stopping a ZONE and hasn't exactly been field tested yet. Besides, if it works as theorized than it doesn't even need a sphere. Foolishness says Aim and Crowe tells Carlos Axion Jr. to stop this madness.

Carlos Axion Jr. isn't swayed and moves to sacrifice himself though not before telling Aim that not everything will go as planned for him and that he too will have to pay for his sins one day. Not to mention that this is payback for using not only him but Siony as well! Carlos Axion Jr. than activates the weapon and vanishes though before he's gone he wishes he had more time to change the world at Traiya's side for the two had grown quite fond of each other since she took him in at the end of Hakai-hen.

ZEXIS mourns his loss and are angry that he was so selfish in the end. Hell they didn't even tell him he had to pay off his sins, especially not in such a convenient way! Crowe is saddened that Carlos Axion Jr. would throw his life away for not only him but his debt as well. Carlos Axion Jr. sure was selfish guy, doing as he wanted till the very end despite how his actions effected or made others feel.

Aim says that Carlos Axion Jr. was a fool, a man of his intelligence surely could have managed to find a way out of a situation even as dire as that. Crowe than obtains his weapon and powers up, ZEXIS is awed at seeing Crowe finally using his sphere at full power. Aim believes now is the time to reap but Crowe isn't having that and with his new weapon he beats Aim to an inch of his life. However Aim is glad, this was the power that he desired all along!

Just than Insalaum appears and Uther demands that Aim leaves. Though Aim will die by his hand one day for using Insalaum he still granted Insalaum much power thus Uther will show him kindness today. Aim tries to suck up but Uther yells for him to begone which Aim complies. Uther than apologizes for interrupting but Crowe says it's fine, this way they can finally settle the score with Insalaum. Uther isn't going down lightly though and reminds ZEXIS who the hell they're messing with here, he's the King of Insalaum and he will render Judgement on them all! His forces as well power up, they share the same convictions as their beloved King!

Kallen than notices DM-Esther and tells Crowe, Crowe notices as well and the sight sickens him. To see Esther fall in with the other DMs so snugly, it only makes him want to catch her even more! ZEXIS agrees, they too will help retrieve Esther but they hope she doesn't hate them if they must get rough. Crowe thinks to himself that if Esther truly can't be saved than he will at least stop her from being forced to fight as a lab rat. Though it pains him he knows Esther wouldn't want to live like this, not like a monster.

When Crowe attacks Esther he asks if she wants to come with him and when she stops moving he takes that as a yes and tells her to wait there for him, he'll catch her and put an end to her torment no matter what. When she's defeated Crowe yells for Esther to stay still as he goes to capture her but Uther rushes to her side and shields her. Uther than orders Esther to leave, she does, which confuses Crowe. Why save Esther while he lets his Arksaber DMs all die?

Uther wont answer and instead tells Crowe that he will be his opponent which Crowe accepts by beating Uther to a pulp. Uther is furious that the Holy Vessel has been defeated but before he's truly defeated he's saved by Anbrorn and Wayne. Anborn orders Wayne to save Uther and that she'll deal with ZEXIS. Wayne goes to retrieve Uther as Anbrorn forces ZONE to activate to cover their retreat. To their surprise Crowe stops ZONE immediately upon its activation and an explosion occurs. When Crowe comes to he's approached by Marguerite who has defected from Insalaum and wishes to aid ZEXIS now...

Traiya asks if her weapon made a difference and the state of ZEXIS after the explosion. From what her Assistant can gather her weapon worked and ZEXIS seems to not have been engulfed by ZONE. Traiya than asks what of ZONE with her assistant saying that her weapon worked as she predicted and most of the possible damage was prevented. Traiya says it's thanks to the VX system and her assistant says that Crowe is truly something else. ZEXIS also seems to have suffered no real damage which is good news. When her assistant leaves Traiya takes the time to mourn the loss of Carlos Axion Jr. and says that he truly is a selfish idiot for throwing away his life and not considering how this would effect her since she had grown close to him.

Stage 46

(PS - It's a Game Over if you destroy Anbrorn's Ship so just ignore it.)

The version of Anemone from the Eureka Seven Movie is chatting with Gaioh, she seems to know much about him. She questions what he plans to do now since he has regained all of his memories. Surely there's no need for anymore violence, right? Gaioh says that he will continue gathering strength and if he's wrong that he will lose but if he's right than nothing has changed. She tells Gaioh that he should have more faith in others but Gaioh reminds her of why he's gathering strength and that relying on others was what lead to his defeat.

Her little black colored... Thing than gets on Gaioh's case and he tells it to pipe down which angers it. Gaioh than asks if it would prefer he make it silence itself which gets it to apologize. Gaioh finds this amusing and decides not to devour the little guy. The old lady than asks Gaioh if nothing will change his mind but he tells her that there's nothing to change and that he must be off and this is farewell. It as nice meeting up again though and the old lady wishes there was another way.

Marguerite has defected aand fills ZEXIS in on all the information she can of Insalaum/Uther and how to best strike out against them. ZEXIS decides to strike at the heart of the Insalaum forces and attack their self-established capital. Though Marguerite is conflicted, she still loves her people but the path that Insalaum is being lead down now is lacking of honor. Not to mention that they have caused untold suffering to the world and that Uther has placed cruel individuals like Marilyn and Anbrorn in seats of much power which they abuse daily and that Anbrorn has converted many innocent Insalaumians into DM soldiers and that the Arksabers are nothing more than test subjects to her.

Marguerite explains the dire situation for the people of Insalaum and why Uther has embraced ZONE, to save Insalaum. As they know Insalaum was destroyed by Gaioh and her people have no home hence why they're here and why they've caused so much damage - to restore what was once theirs. Uther honestly believes that with ZONE that is possible and has been convinced that what he's doing is the right path even if it leaves much suffering and destruction. After her sob story she asks ZEXIS to let her fight with them so that she may save Insalaum from this ruinous path they're walking. They agree and expected this, they needed a guide anyway to infiltrate Insalaum's ship and force that hag to give back Esther and Eureka.

Zero lays out a plan to assault Insalaum which will involve infiltration. Quatre and Kallen approach Crowe and tell him to save Esther with Crowe saying he plans to do just that and he thinks that this has gone on long enough. Zero appoints Crowe, Simon, Viral, Ryouma, and Xingke to infiltrate the Insalaum ship and retrieve Esther with Marguerite as their guide. Zero than says that The King Gainer, Shin Mazinger Z, Aquarion, Xabungles cast will take care of the Insalaum forces by making a distraction... They may use as much explosions as they like.

Renten worries about Eureka but Chirico of all people tells him not to despair and Fyana agrees. Athrun also tells Renten that will surely save Eureka today. Alleujah than asks Zero to give Renten the task to save Eureka which Zero says he already planned on doing, Renten than gets flustered as he's teased and told to save Eureka. Renten cheers up and accepts this task with Shotora telling Renten that they'll save both Eureka and Esther today. Ryouma and Simon also chime in their own encouragements and say that Renten is a man so he can accomplish this.

Marguerite watches on as Crowe approaches her and tells her that he's counting on her which she says she wont fail his expectations. Athrun asks if she's fine with fighting her people since that means she'll be a traitor officially. Crowe notices that this makes her sad and he ass if she's okay with her saying that she will accept the burden of being a traitor if it means Insalaum can be saved.

Anbrorn is informed that ZEXIS is assaulting their base with her expressing disbelief that they got through their defenses so easily and undetected. Arksabers than inform Anbrorn that the city is laced with explosives which angers her. The Xabungles, Aquarion, King Gainer and Shin Mazinger Z crew than get to work causing explosions all around the Insalaum city while taunting the Arksabers to come out and play.

Meanwhile Crowe's team slips into the Insalaum ship and confronts Anbrorn who screams for the Arksabers to defend her though they prove no match against Team Maliness(Crowe, Xingke, Simon, Viral, and Ryouma.) + Marguerite. Marguerite states all the crimes that Anbrorn has committed and that she has long awaited the day that Anbrorn would be brought to justice for bringing Isalaum to ruin. Anbrorn refuses to relent and says that Marguerite will pay for betraying Insalaum which Marguerite says that she is fighting to save Insalaum from people like her.

Crowe than warns Marguerite to watch out as she barely blocks an attack from Wayne. Wayne can't believe that Marguerite has betrayed Uther and Insalaum. He thought nothing of it when she vanished but he never would have thought she would have used that time to sell out Insalaum. Wayne than orders the Arksabers to get Anbrorn out of here which causes her to protest as she's dragged away. Marguerite doesn't want Anbrorn to escape but Wayne tells her that she still has him to worry about.

Just as he's about to take out Marguerite she's saved by Crowe who tells Wayne that he would make a far more fitting opponent. Wayne yells that he can't stand anyone getting in the way of him punishing the traitor. Crowe takes this moment to admire how mature and strong Wayne has become with Wayne saying that Crowe is indeed a worthy opponent. However he still has his duties as the Knight of Knights and attacks Crowe. Wayne says that he will defeat him not for his own personal grudge but for Insalaum.

Viral and Simon than intervene and tell Crowe to leave Wayne to them and that he still has that promise to keep to Esther. Even Ryouma gets in on this and orders Crowe to get his ass moving now. Crowe reluctantly agrees with them and takes his leave to find Esther with Wayne demanding that Crowe stay and fight. Marguerite tells Wayne that he will have to settle for her instead with Wayne saying that he will deal with the traitor first than and that she should expect no mercy. Marguerite demands to know if Wayne is fine with the current state of Insalaum but he tells her that he's the Knight of Knights and that he wont be questioned by a traitor.

Crowe finds where Anbrorn stores DMs for "research" and finds a caged up Esther which he greets. Crowe doesn't like that she's kept pack up like an animal and he notices that she's oddly calm when he approached. Crowe asks if it's okay to let her out and if she will come with him, Esther shows no signs of aggression towards him and doesn't attack when he lowers her cage.

Uther suddenly appears and asks Crowe why he has went to such trouble for that DM. Crowe isn't happy to see Uther but he explains just how important that DM is to him, she's his special someone whom he owes a debt to. Crowe than asks if Uther plans to stop him but Uther says that he has misjudged Crowe and instead tells Crowe that there may still be a way to restore that DM which gets Crowe's attention who questions why Uther would help him. Uther isn't helping Crowe he's helping his friend, DM-Esther.

While that is going on Renten saves Eureka and tells her that ZEXIS is waiting and he's glad she's safe, he than leads her out. Insalaum than sends out its forces with ZEXIS appearing and asking where Crowe is. Alleujah says that Crowe hasn't returned yet and that they need to buy him time and divert attention from him. ZEXIS agrees and sets out on demolishing the initial DM forces.

One of the massive DMs than notices Renten and Eureka and moves to attack them with Reten saying he'll protect Eureka even against if he's alone against a DM. The little black thing than appears and confuses the DM as Renten wonders how it got there. Nirvash than launches on its own, saves the lovers from the DM, and than evolves to its final form. The Nirvash than safeguards Renten and Eureka and brings them to the safety of ZEXIS.

ZEXIS is overjoyed to have Eureka returned and congratulates Renten on keeping his word and getting the girl. Not to mention his little speech he just did was pretty inspiring. The Arksabers aren't liking this turn of events but Anbrorn tells them to calm down. When they protest she says that she will clean up their mess because they're all incompetent fools.

ZEXIS than expresses that they believe in Crowe and get to work demolishing the DM forces to buy Crowe time to save Esther. Once enough have been defeated Uther and Wayne appear to confront ZEXIS with Wayne still desiring to fight Crowe and punishing Marguerite while Uther is furious at the sight of his capital in ruins. Roger Smith than talks to Uther about his motives and his sphere than everyone has inner dialogue about this as Roger Smith continues his interrogation with Uther asking Roger his own set of questions.

Uther than breaks down and says that he will defeat ZEXIS as the King of Insalaum and lead his people back into their age of glory. Which surprises Roger since Uther refuses to fall for his negotiation skills Dorthy than asks Roger is he's okay even though his negotiations failed and he says he is.

However, a ZONE-like effect occurs with Will saying that he knows this feeling. On que "Gaioh?" appears who says that this fight has been most enjoyable and that he wont intervene, instead he'll watch and after the battle between Uther and ZEXIS is over he'll devour the victor. ZEXIS isn't liking that and Anbrorn is unable to control her fear as "Gaioh?" tells her to shut up or he'll eat her first. Uther than tells Anbrorn that he will deal with "Gaioh?" who belittles him as a spineless child. Poor choice of words.

Uther states that he is the King of Insalaum and he swears upon the blood to avenge the suffering of Insalaum this day. Uther activates his Sphere with "GAioh?" thinking this will be fun with Uther saying that this ends now and his father will finally be avenged. In "Fabulous" fashion he defeats "Gaioh?" in one graceful strike.

After "Gaioh?"'s defeat Aim appears and it is revealed that "Gaioh?" was a fake made by Aim which he used to awaken Uther's sphere which worked perfectly. Aim than says that it's reaping time and prepares to attack Uther! Dorthy quotes the Black Knowledge and Origin Law which causes Roger Smith to rush in and take out Aim to prevent disaster should Aim and Uther clash. Aim curses Roger Smith for getting in the way of his reaping as he flees for his life.

Roger apologizes to Uther for interrupting but Uther is fine with this, Aim will die by his hand another day. Uther reveals that he is now accepted as the "True" King of Insalaum however, at this time Crowe appears with Esther and Marguerite with ZEXIS glad to see Esther and Crowe unharmed. Uther decides to grant Crowe one Kindness and orders Wayne to bring Crowe, Marguerite, and Esther to ZEXIS. Crowe tells Wayne that he heard the "Prince" with Wayne telling Crowe to stop the snarky comments or he'll drop him which Crowe says he'll behave.

After getting back in the Li-Brasta, Uther tells Crowe he would like to try "that" with Crowe saying he understands. Besides, Crowe figures that his sphere alone wouldn't have been enough to restore Esther. Sumeragi asks Crowe what he plans on doing but he tells her to trust him on this. With that he takes Esther to Uther.

Once Esther is brought between them Crowe tells Esther that to wait a little longer and that it'll soon be over. Uther asks if Esther is her name with Crowe saying that it is. Uther and Crowe than use their spheres in unison to try and restore Esther, Uther's one true friend and the most important person in the world to Crowe. Their spheres resonate and show them a "taste" of true power and Origin Law, this seems to touch Uther while Crowe is more concerned on retrieving Esther. Once he gets to her he tells her it's time to go.

Back in the real world ZEXIS watches with much anticipation though Eureka tells him it's all right and sure enough Esther is suddenly restored. Immediately everyone celebrates and is glad that Esther is finally back to Normal... Or is she? Crowe says that they did it and is extremely happy over this with Uther joining in on Crowe's happy moment.

Wayne than tells Uther to leave which he protests but Wayne asks if Uther has forgotten his duty as the "True" King of Insalaum which gets Uther to relent. Wayne than says to leave the rest to him and yells for Anbrorn to get Uther out of here. Anbrorn says she was already planning to do that and Uther is convinced to leave. Esther tries to talk to the Prince but Uther has to leave though he's glad that he knew her and got to learn her name.

With Uther out of the way Wayne moves to face ZEXIS with Wayne commenting that old hag always does as she pleases as he calls up the remaining forces. Crowe asks if this is how it's going to be which Wayne says it is. Wayne is happy though since this means he can finally fight at his full strength which he reveals after Marguerite tries to talk him out of fighting. There's no backing down for Wayne, he is the Knight of Knights and will carry out the will of Insalaum and Uther till his last breath! Everyone admires his determination and Crowe says that he will meet that determination with his own which Wayne is more than happy to face!

Esther tries to talk to Crowe whom she's glad to see after all this time. However, Crowe tells Esther that she should sit the rest of the battle out since she's still weak from the transformation but she tells him "So What?" and Crowe sees just how much Esther has matured. Esther goes on to say that she wants to fight by his side once more with Crowe relenting after seeing her determination but he tells her not to push herself.

Wayne than says that this will determine everything between them and that he will defeat ZEXIS this day. Crowe tells him that he isn't going to lose, he still has debts in life to pay for.

(Wayne has a quote with everyone. Mostly everyone admiring his determination and stateing why they have to defeat him)

When Esther attacks a DM she says that she can still fight and will defeat any that stands in her way with the Brasta Es. Esther than says that she will repay all the effort Crowe put into saving her and she will never forget the kindness that the Prince has shown her. However she will fight Insalaum and put an end to the DM research so that no one else has to suffer what she went through.

When Esther fights with Wayne he's amused that the DM girl has been restored and thinks she has a chance against him and he also wonders why Uther even kept her around. Esther tells him that he has another thing coming if he thinks she's just a pushover and that Wayne knows nothing of the kindness of Uther. However she's more than happy to show him if he doubts her. Wayne says that he doesn't have time for kids with Esther telling him that she will not hold back than. This angers Wayne who says he wont sure mercy since she refuses to stand down.

During the fighting Marguerite finds the Secret Treasure of Insalaum in the ruins of the destroyed Castle and decides to safeguard it for future generations of Insalaum than allow it to be destroyed. After Wayne's defeat he activates the prototype ZONE that's beneath the castle which shocks ZEXIS. They wont be able to get away in time which is what Wayne planned. If he's going down today than ZEXIS is going down with him! ZEXIS tells Wayne that this is madness but Wayne tells them that this is for Insalaum! He than has a moment to reflect on his life, those that were lost, that Crowe was a worthy opponent and he has no regrets.

Eureka is sad that things have come to this and doesn't want to see anymore suffering. The Images, from Eureka Seven, than appear and respond to Eureka's desire and move to teleport ZEXIS out of the ZONE radius. ZEXIS asks Wayne if he wants to come with them, he need not die. Wayne says this is his last duty as the Knight of Knights and will not accept the aid of ZEXIS or the traitor Marguerite. However, Wayne does tell Marguerite that she was right about the path Insalaum was walking but his desire to save Insalaum clouded his better judgement. Wayne than tells Crowe and ZEXIS to live on than, his time is up but apparently there's isn't. With that ZEXIS bids the last Knight of Knights a farewell. When they're gone Wayne is sorry that he had failed Uther.

ZEXIS managed to get away with everyone accounted for. The Esther and Eureka rescue plans were a huge success! They also seem to be back at an inactive ZONE sight, ironic they would be warped here of all places. Just as they're patting themselves on the back for their victory Dr. Hell appears with Baron Ashura who aren't surprised that ZEXIS survived and struck such a blow against Insalaum. Basically Dr. Hell than says that the final battle between him obtaining photon energy has now come and that he will be assaulting Photon Labs soon.

However he has not settled things with Kouji Kabuto which is why he tells Kouji to go to Photon Labs to see who will prevail once and for all. He than gives them a date before retreating and he says that he expects ZEXIS to be there. When he's gone Kouji says that he will not lose to Dr. Hell and will defeat him with Mazinger Z. Back aboard the ships Kouji discusses his upcoming battle against Dr. Hell whom he's sure he'll defeat. ZEXIS of course says they'll back Kouji.

Esther on the other hand is alone, the ordeal was very traumatizing for her. Being made into a DM, subject to experiments, and forced to fight Crowe and her friends against her will was a lot to digest. Kallen and ZEXIS than arrive and try to cheer up Esther who hides her thoughts from them. Instead they catch up and express how much they missed Esther with Esther telling them that she's fine and totally back to normal. She uses this time to try and get caught up on recent events in between ZEXIS gushing with happiness.

Esther than asks for Crowe but ZEXIS says they haven't seen him since the battle, he must be taking care of something important. This makes Esther feel depressed since she really wanted to talk to Crowe about something that she can't bring herself to confide in with her friends from ZEXIS about. They tell her to cheer up and that Crowe was extremely worried about her and he went through a lot to get her back. They're also sure Crowe is happy that she is back with Esther saying that she's fine with not seeing Crowe yet and is glad that he cared that much about her. They ask Esther if she'll still fight with Esther saying that she plans to continue fighting and with the Brasta Es she will never lose.

ZEXIS doesn't suspect that she's still upset at all and takes their leave while telling her again that it's good to have her back. Who can blame them, Esther has turned out to be quite the actor. Once they're gone Esther thanks them for trying to cheer her up and being good friends. However, she soon returns to being conflicted but before she can brood she's approached by Marguerite who wishes to speak to Esther about Uther which gets Esther sad once more.

Stage 47

Kouji's mother is preparing for Dr. Hell's soon to be coming attack. She than notices that she's being watched and asks Detective Ankokuji to come out. He does and he isn't surprised that she knew that he was here. They than discuss why Dr. Hell is doing this and that they wont let him have his way.

Dr. Hell than rallies his Generals, Baron Ashura, Count Brockon, and Viscount Pygman whom will be leading the main assault force on Photon Labs. He has high expectations of them to succeed which they plan to meet. Baron Ashura wants to settle things personally with Kouji and says that it owes Dr. Hell everything. Dr. Hell is glad for Baron Ashura's loyalty but reminds all three that they cannot fail him and to gather his forces. They than take their leave and when they're gone "Not Zuul"(Godmars) appears alongside that crazy chick from Dancougar(Or is it a guy?) who find Dr. Hell's obsession for Photon Power interesting.

They ask Dr. Hell if his three failures can even accomplish this with Dr. Hell telling them that they will meet his expectations, especially Baron Ashura. They have to ask why he has bothered to set up this duel in the first place, if Dr. Hell wanted he could have taken out Photon Labs while ZEXIS was preoccupied with Insalaum. Dr. Hell tells them that they don't understand anything. No matter, they wish Dr. Hell luck in his upcoming battle though they suspect that Dr. Hell will not prevail.

Back at ZEXIS Kouji wonders why Dr. Hell set this up with Hayoto saying that it's most likely a trap. However, no matter what scheme he has come up with it wont hinder them in the least. Like all those before them they'll defeat Dr. Hell and he'll never get what he desires. Kouji is confident that will be the case and says he isn't worried in the least. Sayaka also takes this time to give morale support with Esther fighting back laughter, Sayaka and Kouji haven't changed at all.

Esther knows that Sayaka loves Kouji and she is quite vocal in voicing it without actually saying it outright which causes Sayaka to blush and Kouji to ask what Esther means by all this. Alto is surprised at Esther being so friendly considering she just returned with Michel wondering if he has fallen for her. Kallen than asks Esther if she is going to be open with who she likes. This catches Esther off guard and the Dai-Guard cast than tease her about liking Crowe and that she's worried about having to fight Uther. Speaking of Crowe, here he comes!

Crowe goes on to say that he will face Uther and anything thrown his way without wavering in the slightest. He'll put his life on the line if need be but he will succeed at paying off all his debts. This rousing speech serves to reinvigorate ZEXIS and causes Esther and Marguerite to blush before his manliness. Both try and deny that they were seeing hearts as Crowe strutted his stuff before the group. It wasn't his intention to show off but just like Zero there really is something amazing about Crowe.

The perverts of ZEXIS than tease Marguerite after she denies falling for Crowe. They wonder what it was like being the only female knight they've met so far but she doesn't care for such things. Whether she's a man or a woman she's a knight first which gets them all excited. They ask if she wont mind revealing more skin than since gender isn't an issue for her and start teasing her over her "Very" mature female body. Athrun catches wind of this and demands to know what they're all thinking. Everyone calls Athrun a kill joy for ruining their fun, they were just teasing her after all. Athrun than relents after Shinn talks sense(?) into him.

Crowe than approaches a flustered Marguerite and he says that he's counting on her in the coming battles too. Esther than says that Crowe needs to watch what he says, he doesn't understand a woman's heart at all! Marguerite is surprised Esther comes to her defense even though Crowe didn't mean to stomp on her feelings. Esther than thinks that Marguerite is a very good woman. Crowe asks Esther what's the matter with Esther saying that she's angry that he has been avoiding her.

Crowe says that he didn't mean to avoid her but he had things to take care of. Esther isn't taking that and says that he doesn't understand a thing with Crowe wondering what he did wrong. Marguerite than changes the subject to Insalaum whom they will need to eventually take out. This gets Esther thinking that Crowe and Uther(Prince) are enemies which means that Uther is her enemy. Marguerite says that she doesn't have any regrets even if she must fight and says that she's counting on Esther. Crowe than says that Esther and Marguerite make quite the pair as Marguerite leaves.

With Marguerite gone Esther and Crowe take this time to catch up with Esther asking what about Chief since she hasn't had a chance to talk to her yet. Crowe says that the Chief was worried sick about Esther and had worked tirelessly to find a way to restore her. Esther is surprosed that the Chief was so worried about her. Crowe than tells Esther about Carlos Axion Jr. and his sad fate which Esther can't believe he would do something like that, a selfish man like him that is.

With that out of the way Crowe tells Esther that he's counting on her support from now on for the coming battles and that it's up to her to punish Anbrorn for all the trouble she has put Esther through. Esther agrees and is happy to have Crowe's full confidence in her. Crowe than thinks of the Insalaum leaders and that he will settle things with them and debt soon enough.

Once ZEXIS arrives Detective Ankokuji says that it's about time they showed up. Kouji's mother tells him that the best has yet to begin with Gamia Q3 saying that they're here. Dr. Hell's forces than arrive being lead by his three General. ZEXIS acknowledges their opponents and say they wont lose as the villains taunt ZEXIS and say that they will obtain Photon Power today and that ZEXIS doesn't stand a chance against their forces.

Baron Ashura calls out Kouji and says that they'll settle things between them today. Kouji has some doubts after Baron Ashura reveals some back story but he's convinced to get over it and he says he'll be the one that prevails. ZEXIS than rallies up with Sayaka's father wondering why they're so intent on obtaining photon power. Kouji than tells the three generals that he'll defeat them all at the same time.

When Count Brockon encounters a female mecha pilot he says he can't wait to tear them out of their cockpits and gets his hands on them so that he may "punish" them. Lunamaria calls him a pervert with some of the other girls(Marguerite, Aoi, Silvia, Kallen, Sara, Yoko, Noin, Sumeragi, Esther, Sayaka) joining in and by calling him things like - freak, sicko, the worst, disgusting, unrefined, and the such. Aoi says that perhaps they should go and teach Count Brockon a "lesson" on what happens to perverts like him. Kallen even considers using Count Brockon's head like a soccer ball to kick around.

Count Brockon is freaked out at all these scary women getting on his case and protests that he isn't a pervert and that they got him all wrong! He meant that he'll punish them for getting in his way! Esther than says that the words of a pervert cannot be trusted and the only thing to do is to give Count Brockon a good beating. Sayaka even gets on it and says that she has long looked forward to punishing Count Brockon for his perverseness since she was the object of his perverted antics for the longest time.

When Pygman is defeated he says it isn't over and rushes over to Photon Labs and tries to kill Sayaka's father. Ankokuji(Instead of Blade) than appears and shoots Pygman and says that he's come to save the day with his beloved android who tells him to stop giving her weird names and that she's Q3. Pygman refuses to be defeated and after his asskicking he sheds his skin and tries to retreat but he's fired upon by Ankokuji and killed. Ankokuji than takes the moment to admire how badass he just was as Sayaka's father is surprised that Pygman died so easily. No need for thanks though. Sayaka than asks for her father who tells her that he's fine and to focus on the battle.

Count Brockon on the other hand goes out in a whimper and screams like a little child.

Upon its defeat Baron Ashura cannot believe what has happened and that he cannot fail Dr. Hell. However its memories seem to be fragmented and as it struggles Ankokuji appears to put an end to Baron Ashura and if Baron Ashura thinks it'll get any mercy than it has another thing coming! Gaioh than appears and tells Ankokuji to leave or he'll devour him which causes Ankokuji yo run away in terror. Baron Ashura demands to know who saved it and Gaioh reveals himself as an old friend and tells Baron Ashura it's time to remember, the scene than whites out.

All that's left to deal with is Dr. Hell who tells ZEXIS that was just a mere appetizer and that he will not give up his quest to obtain Photon Power for himself. He than appears in his own mecha that none of them has ever seen before. Dr. Hell than says that he will obtain Photon Power and ZEXIS cannot stop him as he rushes over to assault Photon Labs. ZEXIS is angered by this but Dr. Hell could care less what he thinks, he needs more power! Photon Power! Dr. Hell than explains a little on why he needs it(For the coming battle) and the history of Baron Ashura's people.

Sayaka's father is than revealed to be alive and says that he wont let Dr Hell ever have Photon Power for his own ambitions and transforms his base into a fortress. Dr. Hell is surprised at this change as the Scientist explain how this all happened(Technical boring stuff). They than tell Kouji to fight and not to worry about them.

Kouji, Rouma, and Crowe than give a little speech on not letting Dr. Hell have his way. Dr. Hell than retreats and tells ZEXIS to come at him than to see who is truly of Photon Power as he summons his best mecha beasts. Kouji than gives a speech on defeating Dr. Hell for all the BS he has put him through and that this ends now. Dr. Hell says that Kouji doesn't stand a chance but Kouji is in Mazinger Z which will defeat him!

Upon his defeat Kouji tells Dr. Hell that it's all over but he recovers and says that he has to obtain Photon Power at all costs. This surprises ZEXIS which can't understand why he's so obsessed with gaining mastery over Photon Power. Dr. Hell than says that he'll get up as many times as he must but he will succeed, Baron Ashura than appears and tells Dr. Hell that it's time for his judgement. Baron Ashura reveals that it has regained its memories and proceeds to beat Dr. Hell. Baron Ashura now knows that it was Dr. Hell that cursed them into this accursed form and hurt their beloved as Dr. Hell is shocked at Baron Ashura's betrayal.

After damaging the giant mecha beast Baron Ashura tells Kouji its history and what Dr. Hell did to them. Baron Ashura is a part of an ancient race of a long time ago that once opposed Zeus and enslaved humanity. However, when they were bested they entered a slumber until the day their people would rise up once more. Kouji is surprised by this as Baron Ashura continues. When they slumbered they were two people but Dr. Hell feared their power so he had ordered Baron Ashura's people killed. Fearing that two would be too much Dr. Hell destroyed half of their bodies than combined them together.

When they awoke Dr. Hell lied and said it was the only way to save them as arise to treat Baron Ashura into servitude. In that moment they lost their beloved and individuality. Baron Ashura tells Kouji to laugh at it, for it was a fool. The entire time the one they called "Master" was the one that ruined their lives and killed off their people. It's hilarious, so why isn't Kouji laugh? Baron Ashura than says that it will not rest until Dr. Hell is punished for what he has done with Kouji agreeing to help Baron Ashura defeat Dr. Hell. Dr. Hell isn't having that and tries to retreat but Kouji chases after him.

Digital Gramps than appears and tells Kouji to unleash the true power of the Mazinger Army, for one first alone is not enough! No, 100 fists will do! Kouji is glad to hear Gramps voice and says he'll prove victorious. Kouji and Baron Ashura than team up. As this is going on Sayaka's father wonders why Dr. Hell is going so far for Photon Power. Kouji than tells Baron Ashura nows the time to defeat Dr. Hell which Baron Ashura gladly leads the attack followed by Kouji unleashing the full might of the Mazinger army through the use of the 100 Big Bang Punch.

With that Dr. Hell is finally defeated and Kouji celebrates his victory. Sting and Cohen of Getter appear once more to reveal they survived Shin Dragon's purge of Getter Rays. Evolution saved them! As all others have died they evolved and soon they will destroy humanity.... Just not now. Maybe they'll try in like 7 stages from now. Whatever the case, after some quick trollling they escape into SPACE.

Kouji's mother and Ankokuji than talk about what has happened and that Baron Ashura seems to have escaped. Kouji asks Ryouma if he's fine with this with Ryouma saying he'll settle things with the freaks later, right now they should be celebrating Kouji's defeat of Dr. Hell. That's fine with Kouji who plans to enjoy his hard earned victory.

Kei is observing Go who isn't quite dead after all, turns out he's just in a coma which Kei figures out when she sees movement from him. Gai and Kei wonder what this could mean and if Go will return to them.

Baron Ashura meets with Gaioh and tells Gaioh that they're no longer two individuals and from now on they'll live on as Baron Ashura. Baron Ashura than remembers of the ancient battle that it participated in and that it looks forward to the day it will fight once more by Gaioh's side when their true enemy appears. With that Baron Ashura takes its leave with Gaioh saying that things wont go that way, he has other more pressing matters that require his attention.

Stage 48

ZEXIS discusses the defeat of Dr. Hell. With him out of the way it means they have one less enemy to worry about though they do wonder what Dr. Hell was ranting about before his death. Not to mention the missing Baron Ashura does raise alarms. Still, this has at least cleared up Japan of any immediate dangers for now and as far as they know the crazy freaks(Stinger and Cohen) haven't appeared yet to cause trouble. Nor have the other problem characters, which is very unsettling.

Of course that means that ZEXIS is now on stand by until they can get more information on who to strike out against next. This is good thing since ZEXIS has been working around the clock for sometime now and could use a little break, at least to build moral. That may seem a bit reckless but this is for the best, besides this gives them a chance to all go enjoy an concert starring Ranka! Hopefully she isn't still traumatized from when she made those Vajra go berserk!

Takeru is dining with his mother who tells him more of his past and she remembers when she first saw him. As they talk Takeru remembers his dead older brother and that he misses him. However, Takeru isn't sad and says that he'll live his life and not dwell in sadness since that isn't something his brother would want though he suspects that a certain masked figure is his brother. His mother wishes that Takeru didn't have to fight but she knows better. Takeru than tells her that he'll be fine, he has some great friends at ZEXIS to count on after all.

Shinobu is pretty happy about the fall of Dr. Hell and is glad that they have been given some free time. Both Dancougar teams than discuss recent events, and taking on Uther/ect, as they get settled in for the concert that they're all looking forward to. Aoi than compliments Shinobu, her sempai, which gets him to tell her that there's nothing to be complimenting him about. This gets Aoi interested when she sees Shinobu become flustered. When Shinobu tries to brush it off Sara appears and says that Shinobu hasn't changed at all. Seriously, getting all worked about because of Aoi. Shinobu demands to know what Sara means by that but even Crowe understands while Shinobu remains clueless.

Shinobu doesn't like being confused and protests which go unheard as Sara continues with berating Shinobu and reminds him that this concert should be getting Alto happy not Shinobu since he hasn't seen Ranka in awhile. Aoi finds the scolding Sara is giving Shinobu quite interesting but when she asks if they're actually an item after all Sara says that Shinobu is too thickheaded for something like that, not that she's interested. Aoi of course is confused by this since their past interactions would say otherwise and Sara is being a bit too harsh on Shinobu. Perhaps she's mad that Shinobu went to the concert ahead of her instead of with her?

The rest of the Nova team than say that the concert is going to be starting soon so everyone pipe down. Alto is worried about Ranka since she'll be singing once more. When Ranka gets on the stage everyone cheers for her but when she tries to sing she can't. Ranka apologizes and says that she can't bring herself to sing anymore. The crowd becomes confused as does Alto. Ranka not singing? MADNESS! ZEXIS of course tells Alto to go up there and talk to Ranka but he says that there's nothing he can do about a situation like this.

As Ranka stands on the stage she's approached by Basara who understands why she can't sing and takes her place. With a shout he begins playing DYNAMITE EXPLOSION!. This gets the crowd going once more as they go wild over Basara's song. Ranka is surprised that Basara has saved the show, his band members than tell Ranka to leave the rest for them which makes Ranka sad that her weakness requires others to take up the slack for her.

Priere(SP?) from Aquarion goes crazy and sings along with Michel wondering what the hell he has been smoking. Klan takes this time to enjoy the show with Michel while Crowe thinks of what Ranka has went through and that Basara is a pretty swell guy for doing this. Esther on the other hand is completely lost on what is happening, after all she was a DM when that Vajra business went down. Lacus explains that something happened and that Ranka has a lot to deal with right now so don't worry and just enjoy the show.

Lacus tells Alto that Ranka's inability to sing is because of her broken heart that's filled with doubt. She than goes on to explain the power of song which only serves to confuse the hell out of Shinn but at least Alto understands so it isn't an entire loss. Esther doesn't know the situation but she asks Alto if he'll go see Ranka, since if she's hurting he's the only one that can reach her. This seems to get Alto's attention as Lacus continues her song and love rant. Even Crowe gives Alto advice on how to deal with this situation which is ironic considering his relationship with Esther.

Shinobu is enjoying the show but is still flustered over the berating that Sara unloaded on him for some reason. Sandman asks why Shinobu seems flustered and why he isn't enjoying the concert. Eiji tries to encourage Shinobu to enjoy the concert but Shinobu denies that he isn't enjoying it. Sandman than gives him a speech on love which only serves to freak Shinobu out. Masato than jumps in at this time since he loves when Sandman gives speeches. Sara tells Masato stop that but Sandman than addresses Sara and gives her a speech about love and being true to ones feelings.

Sara than turns to Shinobu waiting for him to say something with Shinobu being extremely flustered that he has been put on the spot like this. Damn Sandman and his ability to make a rousing speech about anything! Since Shinobu refuses to speak Sara becomes sad and says that Shinobu really hasn't changed at all as she takes her leave. Crowe asks Shinobu if he's okay since he seems awfully embarrassed over what happened. Shinobu says that it's the atmosphere and blames it all on DYNAMITE EXPLOSION for getting him flustered.

Esther isn't convinced since Sara looked sad and asks Shinobu if he'll go after her since as far as Esther is concerned that's what Shinobu wants to do anyway so why the wait? Shinobu finally relents which gets Crowe and Aoi on his case by telling him to him to go get her tiger. Sandman of course finds this all magnificent and that love is an amazing thing and that Esther did good. Esther of course is completely lost on what she did good on. Alto finds it refreshing for Esther to be back since she seems to brighten anyone's mood even if she doesn't know it.

Ranka is depressed over being unable to sing. Grace is with her and pretends to be a friend that Ranka can depend on. She than says she'll give Ranka some alone time while she thinks to herself than Ranka is the perfect pawn to her plans. When she leaves Ranka thinks of Alto and when the door opens she thinks Alto has come for her. Instead it's a very scary big burly guy who takes her hostage.

Sara is alone at a monument and wonders why she got so angry when Shinobu didn't say anything. After all it is Shinobu yet she still feels angry and sad over Shinobu being... Shinobu. Just than the supposed missing girl appears and tells Sara that there's trouble. Sara asks what's wrong as the girl gets closer and stalls.

When she gets close enough she zaps Sara and takes her hostage. Without Sara there can be no more Dancouga! She than tells Sara to come along now as Shinobu races onto the scene. The girl than reveals her true colors and taunts Shinobu and says that Dancouga is no more and he cant stop her as she takes her leave to assault the city with her army with Sara in tow. Shinobu than screams in a very dramatic fashion for Sara who is already long gone.

ZEXIS arrives in the city in full force as soon as they heard that Ranka and Sara were kidnapped. Oh, and there's also a giant bug in the middle of the city. Strange how no one noticed that til now, maybe it has some super special awesome stealth drives or something? Anyway the missing girl appears in a golden globe to taunt ZEXIS and express her hate for humanity and their Dancouga and that it's time to start smashing things. ZEXIS isn't happy about this and says they'll stop her though WILL seems to know that there's more to this girl than meets the eye. The girl than summons and army to wipe out ZEXIS before retreating into her giant bug.

As ZEXIS expresses their frustrations on what will be a hard battle since they're vastly outnumbered Basara starts to play his song and says that he wont stand for this. This gets ZEXIS pumped with Aoi saying they need to trash these mecha so that the boarding party, Takeru/Alto/Dancouga team, can save Ranka and Sara.

After beating some enemies more appear which causes despair but Aoi tells them to just focus on the battle. Than even more enemies appear to replace their fallen comrades and that's when the Nova team gets pissed off and they wonder what the heck is taking the boarding team so long. Sara is being forced to watch the chaos by the not missing girl. Isn't it great that Sara can't do anything as her friends are forced to fight against an endless army?

Sara demands to know why the not missing girl is doing these things with her telling Sara her brief history and that she hates humanity and human Dancougas. Which begs to ask, who the heck is this girl since clearly she isn't human. Ignoring Sara she turns to Ranka whom she had kidnapped because of her ability to draw the Vajra in, that power of song is something she wants to use to further her own agendas. Sara demands that not missing girl leave Ranka alone but she tells Sara that she can do as she damn well pleases and Sara can't stop her.

She than orders he big lug to carry Sara out of here and if she resists to kill her. Sara than yells for the not missing girl to stop this as she's dragged away. Not missing girl than takes a friendly demeanor once more and gets back to discussing her plans of using Ranka once her friends are all dead. Oh and she has someone Ranka may wish to meet...

Meanwhile Shinobu is beating the hell of the guards on the ship which look like Moon Will's pawns. Alto says that they're endless with Takeru ordering everyone to leave the rest to him. That's madness! No, this is Takeru and he has the power of GODMARS flowing through him and he's protected by plot armor. After much arguing Takeru convinces everyone to go save Ranka since it's why they're even here. Shinobu and the others tell him not to die as they leave, more guards than swarm in on Takeru. Takeru isn't phased and uses his MARS FLASH as he starts tearing through them like a beast.

However Takeru is injured in the exchange and pretty tired, just than NOT Zuul appears to taunt Takeru and say that he'll kill Mars this day. Takeru isn't top shape but he can't allow himself to be defeated just yet as NOT Zuul closes in on him.

Shinobu arrives at a hangar and is worried sick about Sara and believes she's in this situation because of him. If she was hurt he couldn't forgive himself. As he's busy thinking that everything is all his fault he' approached by the giant lug who has Sara in tow with him. He wonders how such a little worm got in here and that he'll have to crush him. Sara and Shinobu than see each other and naturally scream out each others names in dramatic fashion. The giant lug finds this hilarious and is looking forward on killing Sara's lover in front of her.

Sara tells Shinobu to forget about her and get to safety, he doesn't stand a chance against the giant. Shinobu says that he can't just abandon her and that he can to save her. The giant lug putts Sara down and decides to play with Shinobu who unleashes a round for fire at him. Shinobu isn't surprised that the giant lug was just full of hot air but than he suddenly gets up to reveal that he's an ANDRIOD! Dun, dun, dun! Shinobu is shocked as is Sara who is suddenly figuring everything out and that Shinobu doesn't stand a chance.

The Android than beats the crap out of Shinobu as Sara gets angry that he has hurt Shinobu. Shinobu than bleeds all over the floor as Sara tells him to get out of here or he'll die. He doesn't have to go and do such things for her. When Shinobu refuses to run away she starts to cry for him and says that she doesn't want to see him like this. Again she tries to appeal to Shinobu to abandon her but Shinobu suddenly is filled with the power of LOVE(Thanks Sandman) and says screw his blood he's no longer bleeding to death!

Shinobu than punches the Android who isn't exactly hurt but he's confused as hell on how Shinobu suddenly recovered from fatal wounds. Shinobu tells him to shut his mouth, he wouldn't understand the power of the human heart! Shinobu's gang than shows up as Shinobu shouts out their trademark catchphrase. Shinobu is surprised they got here but they heard the commotion and rushed over as soon as they could. They all than fire upon the android with Ryo finishing the dead by punching a whole through the Android after it thought it wasn't already dead. The punch was so powerful that it caused the android to implode in himself.

Shinobu asks Sara is she's okay and she says that she is. Masato chimes in that Shinobu was so worried about Sara and was willing to rush in here all by himself to save Sara. This gets Sara flustered and Shinobu protesting that isn't the case. Sara than demands that Shinobu man up and tell her why he did all that heroic stuff for her than which gets Shinobu flustered as she demands he speak up. Shinobu than reveals that he did it because he's in love with Sara which makes Sara happy.

Ryo is glad that Shinobu finally said how we felt but they'll have to wait til later. Masato seconds that and tells the lovers to wait til after the battle before getting a room which gets Shinobu angry that they're implying something like that. Alan also gets on Shinobu's case and tells him to keep it in his pants since they need to get to Dancouga with Shinobu surprised that even Alan has betrayed him.

Alto bargs in on the bridge to save Ranka whom is surprised to see him. However... Brela is there to and has been talking to Ranka which makes the scene very awkward. The not missing girl doesn't like this interruption and trolls Alto for coming here all alone. Alto on the other hand is more concerned that Brela and demands to know if he's in league in all this. The not missing girl says that Brela isn't important enough to be her partner and is just a pawn she had brought in. The whole kidnapping was all her! She also has Grace as well.

Alto is shocked to see that Grace is here and asks what she is doing here of all places. The mising girl says that she's using Grace for her own plans and that like Brela, Grace is merely a pawn of hers. As Alto gets into battle mode the missing girl decides to demonstrate her hold over Ranka and that there's nothing he can do about it.

ZEXIS is still fighting on the outside as they eagerly await the return of their boarding party who hasn't called in yet. So things are starting to look bad. Lacus and Eida want to do something but it's Basara who flies over to the giant bug as Gamlin asks what he's doing. Basara tells everyone to listen to his song - TRY AGAIN! As he starts singing his sound reaches everyone and seems to cause not missing girl pain and she staggers. Alto knows that song and is surprised that song is this powerful.

Grace finally speaks and demands that Alto go get Ranka now that she's free. However, not missing girl tries to retrieve Ranka before hand as she's attacked by Ranka's little green pet that turns out to be a Vajra! This surprises Ranka and Alto who can't believe that Ai(her pet) has evolved into the next stage of its evolution. Not missing girl fires at the Vajra which doesn't seem to work. Not missing girl is furious and say's she'll be back very soon to make them all pay.

With her gone Ranka thanks Ai for saving her. Alto finally snap out of his daze and tells Ranka to get away from the Vajra, he has to kill it because Vajra are the enemy. Ranka scolds Alto and says that she wont let Alto hurt Ai and that Ai is her friend whether it's a Vajra or not. Grace on the other hand orders Alto to stop worrying about the stupid things and than orders Brela to escort Alto and Ranka off the ship. When they have gone Grace pats herself on the back for being a great actor and that Ranka should be at the breaking point now. Soon she'll willingly go with Grace and do what she desires. She also uses this time to get some information from the ship.

Takeru is locked in an intense duel with NOT Zuul who is kicking the crap out of him. Another masked figure arrives to save Takeru. Takeru says that it's the masked figure with the masked figure telling telling Mars not to give up and that NOT Zuul needs to leave before he gets his ass handed to him. Masked Figure than gives a speech to Mars about his power which gets him energized as she blasts NOT Zuul. Not Zull is forced to retreat with Takeru surprised that he defeated NOT Zuul.

The Masked figure says that Takeru always had that power and that not is the time to reveal who he/she is! Taking off the mask it's revealed to be Roze, Takeru's brother's hot girlfriend from SPACE! Takeru is surprised that Roze was the masked figure that helped him. Roze wanted to help Mars figure out his full potential and she's sorry for deceiving him for all this time. Roze says she did this because it's what Takeru's brother would have wanted and if Mars thought his brother was still alive and helping him than he wouldn't despair and would be able to overcome anything.

Roze says that she wished to honor his memory and that she wanted to protect Takeru. She says that though Takeru won today it isn't the last of NOT Zuul who will come back with an even greater show of force now that he has been humiliated. They than think of Takeru's dead brother with Takeru saying that Roze and him must continue to fight to honor his memory.

Not missing girl is annoyed that this song is still going on and wants that piece of shit cut off. So now is the time to reveal her true form! Despair, not missing girl was not only missing but not even a girl either! No! Not missing girl was really Emperor Muge Zorbados! This catches the Nova team off guard, they know who that is! It was the ancient enemy that Shinobu's team defeated a long time ago!

Will knew that it knew what that feeling was when that girl was around Dragons Hive! Emperor Muge Zorbados than reveals that Moon Will has formed an alliance with it(After he was revived) and that Muge will finally pay Dancouga back for that humiliation from all that time ago. Shinobu tells Muge to shut up, he's going to kill that bastard again if he has to! Muge is surprised to see Dancouga back together once more, it seems that Sara escaped. Takeru gives Alto a speech on getting his head out of the gutter already and to go to Ranka, Roze also has returned as a sub-pilot for that crappy GODMARS ship. Alto finally settles things and goes to where Brela has taken Ranka for her safety.

Shinobo says that Alto can leave the rest to them. Muge than goes on his little rant about revenge against Dancouga. Shinobu tells him that he doesn't care what Muge thinks or says, he's going to kick his ass again and no matter how many times he must. Maybe Muge will finally learn to stay dead! Muge tells Shinobu to bring it than, he also has banter with F.S. and Sandman as he goes on to list what he plans to do with this world.

ZEXIS and Crowe think he's off his rocker and could use a good beating. Muge laughs it off and says that they don't stand a chance against him. At this time Basara comes in to yell at Muge for trying to abuse the power of song for his own desires. The Dancouga team than have an epic speech on completing what they set out to do all that time ago, to kick Muge's ass! Esther is completely taken aback at the sheer badassery of Dancouga with Sandman being proud at such a rousing speech. Aoi than says that she'll help defeat Muge, Dancouga together with Dancouga! Shinobu and his team than go to troll Muge who successfully counter-trolls which gets Shinobu pissed.

Once Muge takes damage he decides to make Dancouga Nova, the new blood, his next target. Aoi tells him that she isn't some push over and will kick his ass just fine. Muge of course isn't having such back talk and when Aoi tries to give her own speech on asskicking he ensnares her in a trap of his own making. Shinobu asks what's wrong with Aoi but she can't hear him. Aoi sees only destruction around her and is lead to believe that everyone is dead, she's a failure, and that it's all her fault.

As she asks how this could have happened Shinobu reaches out to Aoi and tells her not to despair and fall for such a trick. Aoi is still traumatized from what she has seen but Shinobu snaps Aoi out of it and tells her that she's too strong to let something like this get to her. The Nova team than encourage Aoi to fight on and Kurara says that Aoi is strong because she heard Shinobu's voice. Aoi than freaks out and becomes embarrassed and says she her relationship with Shinobu is not like that. Shinobu, being dense as he is, doesn't make anything of that and instead tells Aoi that it's time to kick some ass with Aoi thanking Shinobu.

Muge meanwhile is sure he has taken out Dancouga Nova which turned out to be quite easy. Aoi tells him to shut his mouth, she isn't going to be defeated by such a cheap trick! Muge of course is surprised that his trap failed. Aoi than continues where she left off by giving her speech of asskicking and that with her sempei she's going to teach Muge a lesson on what Dancouga is capable of. Muge tells her that this is blasphemy, even if his trap failed there's no way Dancouga can defeat him. Aoi tells him to get off his high horse as Shinobu tells her that they should do "that" with Aoi saying she understands.

Will has a nerdgasm since the Dancougas are about to unleash their ultimate technique, one that requires two Dancougas! F.S. says that they have finally unlocked their full potential to to proceed with the asskicking. Shinobu leads the attack off which surprises the hell out of Muge who had never expected such power from two Dancougas. Shinobu and Aoi tell Muge that he will never understand the reason behind how he just got served.

Muge refuses to be belittled and says he'll defeat Dancouga no matter how many are before him. Seems Muge isn't going down yet but the reporter from Nova than appears to give them words of encouragement and that she believes in ZEXIS who'll prevail. Saji remembers his dead sister and resolves not to let her down which makes Kallen happy. Than more speeches by the peanut gallery on believing in ZEXIS and the such since they're the true protectors of the world and they're broadcasting their heroics for the world to see.

ZEXIS gets pumped but Muge tries to have the newcomers killed only for his goons to be defeated by gunfire which makes Shotaro break out in laughter. Than they go on and on about their goddamn speech about believing in ZEXIS and kicking Muge's ass for being such a villain. Seriously, that was unnecessarily dragged out. Aoi and Shinobu both have dialogue with Muge but it's just them arguing on who's getting their ass kicked today. Crowe does too, eh... It isn't really all that interesting either. Wish they gave Esther more dialogue with these non-OG bosses since her dialogue is always cool.

Upon his defeat Muge can't believe what has happened and says Dancouga will pay but Shinobu tells him to just go die already. The team thinks that this is the last they'll see of Muge since he did just explode and they wonder what they'll do from now on. Aoi says they're more than free to help to teach her still with Shinobu says he doesn't mind continuing on teaching Aoi a thing or two. Shinobu than thanks Basara because of his song with Basara saying that it's nothing. Everyone else than celebrates the defeat of Muge and they would love to see the look on Moon Will's face if he was around to troll.

Alto is alone with Ranka and asks Ranka the deal was and what she's acting so strangely. Ranka and Alto than have a touchy moment with Ranka saying that she can't sing anymore which gets Alto angry since he doesn't understand. At this time Brela appears which pisses off Alto. Brela ignores him and tells Ranka that whatever she desires he will grant it since Alto can't, all she needs to do is come with him. Ranka tells Alto to stop worrying with Alto telling her to wait. She can't do that, Ranka wants to learn the truth and return Ai back to the Vajra. With that Ranka bids Alto farewell and leaves with Brela as Alto screams for Ranka to come back.

Alto returns to ZEXIS with Shinobu assuming he brought Ranka back with him and that they've patched things up. Alto than says that Ranka has left and he couldn't bring her back which shocks Esther who can't believe it. Grace meanwhile thinks that this has all gone just as planned and she can't wait to put her plans in motion and that Brela has done good.

After clearing the city the leaders discuss the defeat of Muge and Ranka's vanishing act and that Grace is clearly up to no good. The leaders are than told when Ranka is so important to Grace and that if Grace has her way it'll be a disaster for everyone. They than talk about ZEXIS being made into the Heroes of Justice image since they could care less if the world is against them, though Zero believes this can be used for their benefit. Anyway, the reason is because unlike the rest of the world ZEXIS gets things done as they had shown when they defeated Dr. Hell when those like Britannia did nothing. Thus the world desires that ZEXIS accept this status and help them change the world for the better.

A call comes in about Britannia and Relena(Who is going to speak with Charles) and they also learn that Charles is also alive who gives a speech about cleaning house and taking care of matters with his own two hands now. Basically Charles says that ZEXIS being endorsed as the Heroes of Justice of the world has only served to divide the world between supporting ZEXIS or the legitimate Government bodies(like Britannia). So it's either them or us. Thus Charles is pretty much calling out Zero/Lelouch to come settle things with him, oh and... ALL HAIL BRITANNIA and DEATH TO THE REBELS!

Stage 49

Relena presents herself to Charles(Which is fine with her, she wants to give him a piece of her mind), thus the meeting between the pacifist and the warmonger begins! As expected Relena is not happy at all with this situation and immediately voices her disgust with how Charles runs Britannia and his warmongering ways and that he should join the rest of the world striving for peace.

Charles doesn't deny the many things Relena complains about and really he could care less what she thinks on how he runs his country, at least he still has a working one(Burn!). As far as Charles is concerned the world isn't fair and it's the fault of the conquered when the conquerors dictate the rules of the world. So Relena needs to wise up to the fact he has no intention of partaking in talks with lesser nations.

Relena isn't one to give in and says that she is a Peacecraft - Relena Peacecraft. No matter the situation she will not bend her knee and cast aside her ideals of absolute pacifism and she will oppose Charles in her own way if he even thinks of using Nunnally as a hostage/prisoner and if he insists on his warmongering ways. Before things can get too heated Lady Une appears to try and calm Relena down before she says something that may very well get her executed. Relena isn't through but she knows that her words wouldn't reach Charles anyway so she allows Lady Une to escort her out.

With her gone Charles finds it hilarious how naive Relena is though he does like her spirit since it reminds him of his dead wife. Ribbons than appears and questions why Charles allowed such a naive and disobedient girl throw such a fit without putting her in her place. That's something Ribbons wouldn't understand, not to mention that killing her would be bad since she's quite popular. Besides, if all goes according to plan than none of this will even matter. Ribbons agrees with Charles but in his head he has already begun planning on his next step once Charles is dead since as far as Ribbons is concerned Charles doesn't stand a chance.

Ribbons continues this little facade of his and asks about his little declaration, surely he knows the ramifications for such a thing. Not to mention that the world seems to be turning against Charles. Charles knows and planned for what's to come and doesn't care what others think. This gets Ribbons thinking that perhaps ZEXIS will do the work for him by removing Charles from the picture, it would be a very fortunate turn of events should that arrogant fool simply disappeared. Excusing himself Ribbons leaves while Charles goes back to planning the end of the world and the upcoming reunion with Lelouch.

Lelouch is absolutely furious that Charles is still alive and had the balls to challenge him. C.C. can only watch on in silence as Lelouch tries to guess what Charles is plotting and why he has decided to show himself now of all times. Rolo and Jeremiah still have their uses and will be crucial to his plans which he has to put into motion! Clearly Charles's announcement was a declaration meant solely for him and if he doesn't act than Charles will surly use Nunnally against him.

As Lelouch starts to panic over this C.C. tries to convince him to calm down and have some pizza. Lelouch says screw the pizza! Instead he demands C.C. tell him what Charles is planning which C.C. tries to explain as vaguely as possible. C.C. asks Lelouch if he has gotten the information he desired but before Lelouch can protest he gets a call from Suzaku who makes a request - is Lelouch really Zero once more? Lelouch confirms this and than makes a request of his own - save Nunnally!

Nunnally has nothing to do with this and as far as Lelouch is concerned the only one that can reach Nunnally and save her before Charles can get his hands on her is Suzaku. Thus Suzaku must save her or she will suffer! Suzaku isn't one for receiving demands and instead demands that if Lelouch wants him to play ball than he has a want something in return. Lelouch says that he'll do anything if it means Nunnally is saved from being dragged into this family feud.

Suzaku finally says that he will cooperate on the condition that Lelouch meets him alone. Lelouch knows that meeting with Suzaku, alone of all things, isn't exactly the best of ideas but he's willing to do anything if it means saving Nunnally. Suzaku says that he'll hold Lelouch on that and he better show up alone at Kururugi Temple in Area 11, alone, if he expects his help than he hangs up on a confused Lelouch.

The Black Knights are shocked at the massive Britannia force that is converging onto Area 11, it seems that the decisive battle between Britannia and the Black Knights is almost at hand. Tamaki is doing his best not to piss his pants with Toudou telling him to calm down as ZEXIS discusses the situation. The Wing boys are worried about Relena with Wufei basically telling them that she dug her own grave and they need to focus on Britiannia. Xingke than goes on to discuss just how dire the situation is which shocks Kallen and ZEXIS, the odds aren't exactly in their favor.

Of course that doesn't change that ZEXIS is more than prepared to fight Britannia no matter how large their forces are. Crowe isn't one to throw in the towel but he seriously hopes there's a plan other than throwing their bodies at Britannia, he still has so much to live for! Like paying off his debts in life! ZEXIS promptly ignores Crowe and instead dot on Heero whom they notice that he's very upset about Relena's situation.

Heero doesn't show any emotion but this just makes things more obvious. Noin says that Relena is a strong woman and that she has been in far worse situations. Heero says that he already knows that she's in no immediate danger, of course this doesn't stop the Wing Boys worrying about Heero for worrying about Relena. Not that Heero is worried or anything, just to make things clear. Duo says that's fine than, though if Heero wanted to go run off on his own like he tends to do than they wouldn't blame him.

Esther is confused over what has happened, she knows who Relena is but she didn't think it was ever that serious between Heero and her. Crowe explains that a lot has happened and Heero is really a softy at heart, so is it really that strange for him to be worried about someone else? Of course it is! Though no matter, Esther tells Heero that everything will work out and she believes in him! Heero says that isn't necessary, though he does appreciate the gesture.

Xingke is tired of everyone going off topic and reminds everyone that there's an upcoming battle soon in Area 11, or have they all forgotten the massive Britannia forces that are pretty much calling them out? Kallen hasn't and she's angry at the state of Area 11 since nothing has changed, despite all Nunnally has tried to do, and that if war comes there than Nunnally and the Japanese people will suffer. Xingke says that casualties are to be expected as a cost of war. Esther becomes angry over this since she doesn't want anyone to suffer because of Area 11 becoming a battlefield once more.

Crowe tells Esther to calm down, Kallen on the other hand swears that Britannia will pay. Tamaki than asks where Zero is, they could really use one of his Miracles right now. Aelleujah says that Zero has left for Area 11 to take care of unspecified business, alone at that. Esther asks why he would do that, why not take Kallen and C.C. with him? Kallen would have loved going on a private detour with just her and Zero but she has already received orders for the upcoming confrontation with Britannia.

Tamaki is extremely happy and proud that Zero has thought ahead and left them with orders before he left! Strange that Zero didn't give "him" any orders now that he thinks about it. Clearly it must be because his best buddy Zero has complete faith in his abilities! Crowe says that must be the case, as for the rest of them they'll just stick to the plan while Tamaki can go do whatever he feels like doing.

As Tamaki is busy patting himself on the back Kallen spends this time to think about Lelouch. She's worried about him and can't figure out why he would have just abandon them all of a sudden. This is starting to mimic what happened during the last Black Rebellion. Of course she has faith in him but it doesn't change that not knowing what he's up to is really making her uneasy.

At the Kururugi Temple is Lelouch who reminisces on the good old days when it was just Suzaku, Nunnally, and him as the world cast them out. It was 8 years ago in fact and it was the time that Lelouch declared that he would avenge Nunnally and make Britannia's rotten system pay. Lelouch wonders about how things have changed since than between Suzaku and himself. Suzaku than shows up and asks if Lelouch came alone.

Lelouch says that he has with Suzaku saying that he didn't think Lelouch would show up considering that all Lelouch as done lately is lie to everyone. Not to mention that Suzaku is curious over how Lelouch got here without being spotted. Lelouch explains that he monitored 31 different routes to find 1 that could get him here without being seen. Suzaku tells Lelouch that he doesn't care for that, instead he wants to know why Lelouch could even bring himself to show his face.

This catches Lelouch by surprised as Suzaku continues by asking Lelouch why he should believe anything he says. All Lelouch has done is lie and use people to get what he has wanted, well what about those that have died because of his lies? Lelouch tries to explain himself but Suzaku isn't having any of it. He than tells Lelouch that his lies have ended up making him a liar, he has even had to lie to Nunnally because the truth would only hurt her!

No matter what Lelouch says he has betrayed everyone that has ever placed their trust in him, especially Suzaku who refused to believe all the evidence until this very moment that his friend has returned to being a monster. Suzaku demands to know why Euphiemia had to die, was it because he put Geass on her?! Lelouch admits that was his fault and that it helped get Japan to rise up once more even if she suffered such a cruel fate.

Suzaku is furious at this answer and proceeds to berate Lelouch for his lying ways, Suzaku just can't see his old friend anymore. Lelouch than says that Nunnally is innocent in all this, there's no reason she should suffer. With that he plants his face on the ground and begs Suzaku to save Nunnally. Suzaku is furious that now Lelouch would beg for his forgiveness when he should be begging Nunnally for hers!

Lelouch doesn't care what happens to him, all that matters is that Nunnally is saved and that this is all he can do. He has lied so much and he's tired of it but no matter what he wants Nunnally to be saved. Suzaku demands to know if Lelouch expects to receive forgiveness for all that he has done. Lelouch doesn't deny that he doesn't deserve forgiveness but all that matters right now is Nunnally. Suzaku than asks what of ZEXIS? Are they just pawns ensnared in his lies as well? Lelouch remains silent which pisses of Suzaku.

Furthermore, why did he return to being Zero after regaining his memories? Is his lust for revenge that great that he would lie to everyone and cast aside those he cares about most? Lelouch says that Zero was always a lie but he had no choice. Suzaku isn't buying that and tell Lelouch that if he's sincere than he shouldn't be begging but instead fixing this screwed up world. Lying got Lelouch into this situation, the least he can do is to lie to the very end!

Suzaku finally asks Lelouch why he used the Geass "Live On" on him. The Live On command has been nothing but horrible for him and goes against his own beliefs. The things it has made him do to survive at all cost still haunts him. So why did Lelouch do such a thing? It was for survival! Than what about when he was to be executed? Suzaku was a political symbol for the Japanese! Suzaku than thinks that Lelouch is lying once more and wants to be punished for his sins. Speaking of sins, Suzaku remembers killing his father and that he joined Britannia despite who he was because he wanted to end the fighting as soon as possible so others wouldn't have to suffer.

Suzaku tells Lelouch that he isn't an idiot, Lelouch is lying once more. If Lelouch is truly sorry for all that he has done than the only thing he can do is shoulder his lies and make them into truth. Lelouch isn't so sure he can do that, Suzaku tells him that it's possible. All Lelouch has to do is end the wars and make a peaceful world for everyone. Since he too has been wrapped into this he's just as guilty and will join Lelouch at ZEXIS on their crusade to change the world. However, this isn't because he agrees with their methods, he's only doing it for Nunnally's sake!

Just as he offers his hand to Lelouch they're interrupted by Kanon who has come to apprehend Zero. He has heard everything that has occurred and even recorded it. Without a doubt Lelouch is Zero and Suzaku did good in luring him out and getting him to confess. He than calls in Guilford to arrest Lelouch which he does as Suzaku can only watch on in shock. Taking a moment to gloat Kanon says that Suzaku lead them here and soon Britannia will deal with ZEXIS while Lelouch is out of the picture.

Lelouch is furious and as he's dragged away he accuses Suzaku of betraying him despite all he did to meet him here. All the trust he put in Suzaku was for nothing, he planned to sell him out all along! Suzaku tries to explain that he didn't know this would happen but Lelouch tells him that he's a liar! Suzaku will pay for betraying him and that they're no longer friends. Than angry yelling as he's shoved into a car. RAAARGH~!

On the soon to be battlefield called Tokyo Settlement is the Britannia forces, it's late now and the city is suffering a black out. Gino is looking forward to fighting that red KMF once more and doesn't mind that they've been waiting for quite a while. Anya asks for Suzaku but Gino says he doesn't know where he could be but he's sure it's nothing to get all worked up about. The Vampire of Britannia isn't worried about that wimp, he's more concerned about the coming bloodbath. Gino tells the Vampire that he's fine with him doing what he wants just as long as he leaves the red KMF to him. Bismarck says that he could care less about what Suzaku is doing and reminds everyone that ZEXIS has just arrived. Sure enough here comes ZEXIS!

Feldt confirms that the operation is about to begin and again states their object is to defeat Britannia's forces occupying the Tokyo Settlement. Xingke notices the Vampire's KMF and wants to settle a score with him while Toudou is fighting back tears since this may finally be the day Britannia is finally kicked out of Japan. Sumeragi tells everyone to remain focused, Ohgi on the other hand is being forced to play ball by Diethard with the threat of Viletta being held hostage. He doesn't like this one bit.

Tamaki asks what C.C. is doing and where the heck is Zero? C.C. tells him that she's not his keeper and she has no idea where he is. Kallen wonders what's up with C.C., C.C. on the other hand is drawn into thought and she's uneasy. Nunnally is worried about the battle that's about to take place. Her assistant tells Nunnally that it would be best to evacuate and that Suzaku wont be showing up. Nunnally asks why they have to fight and she tells her that it's because of Zero, once he's gone the fighting will end.

Bismarck beckons a challenge to ZEXIS and swears that he'll prevail this day as the Leader of the Knights of the Round. Michel asks Alto if he's really up to this since Ranka was kidnapped with Alto saying that his problems come second, he'll fight with ZEXIS as before. Sumeragi tells everyone that the operation is beginning now! Crowe says that it's about time and that all they need to do is follow their orders and hold out until Zero returns for the grand finale. This should be easy considering that Crowe has a lot of experience with taking out KMFs.

When enough KMFs are destroyed things return to Lelouch who's has been taken on a ride. Guilford can't believe that this is Zero but says he'll pay for his crimes regardless. Schneizel than gets on the little TV in the car and greets his little brother. He never thought he could have been Zero but now that he looks back a lot of Zero's actions now make sense. Schneizel tells Lelouch that his little game is over but because he's his little brother he'll try and convince Charles to let Lelouch live if Lelouch behaves.

Schneizel tells Lelouch that they're brothers, so he should trust and leave the rest to him. Lelouch isn't buying it and says that he was already betrayed by his only real friend in the world, like hell he'll trust the man that Suzaku handed him over to! Guilford tries to stop Lelouch but he activates his Geass on Guilford. It turns out before meeting Suzaku he had Jeremiah lure Guilford out and than Lelouch put a Geass command on him as insurance. Make no mistake, Lelouch is always prepared!

Lelouch than tells Guilford to get him out of here with Guilford saying the commands of Princess Cornelia shall be carried out. Suzaku is watching from the side and is surprised at what's happening. Guilford says that any that tries to get in the way of his Princess shall have to get through him! Suzaku tries to talk sense into Guilford as Lelouch takes this moment to gloat. Suzaku is now dead to him and from now on they're no longer friends! Lelouch had expected Suzaku to betray him so he had Geass planted on Guilford!

Suzaku is furious and tries to stop Lelouch but Guilford escorts Lelouch to safety. Lelouch breaks from his usual self and mourns that this is goodbye to his first and last true friend as Suzaku screams for Lelouch to get his ass back there! Kamille than senses that something is wrong with Shinn wondering what could get Kamille all bothered. Kallen on the other hand is extremely worried that Lelouch still hasn't shown himself, she fears that the worst may have happened and she was a fool for not insisting that she escort him since only she can protect that sexy body of his.

Eventually Lelouch appears to take charge of the battle along with Rolo and Jeremiah. Zero apologizes for his delay and immediately takes control of the situation. As Duo gaps at Zero's pretty awesome entrance he can't help but wonder what the deal is with those two strangers from before appearing again. Zero says they're allies and that Jeremiah and Rolo can be relied upon. Jeremiah swears that he will do as is asked of him, Rolo though is worried about what happens to him once this is over and doesn't want to work with ZEXIS since Lelouch only needs him.

Ohgi isn't sure what to make of this(He's far more concerned about reports of an escaped prisoner whom he thinks its his lover), but before he can make a decision Rakshata appears and has prepared everything for Zero's plans. Crowe is starting to wonder just what Zero is planning, what's with those two appearing out of nowhere again, and what took him so long but he's convinced to not worry about such things and to concentrate on the battle. Jeremiah than says that he's Zero's servant, allies of Zero are allies of his. Loran figures that they might as well trust them which Garrod says that's the spirit, the more allies the better!

Suzaku and Schneizel than appear and things get awkward between Lelouch and Suzaku. Schneizel tells Suzaku that he should calm down and wonders if Suzaku plans to prolong this sad affair. No matter, he has no qualms with fighting Lelouch if he insists on getting in his way. Kanon says that Zero is indeed troublesome and that Suzaku better take responsibility since had he told them the truth about Zero earlier this all could have been avoided.

Suzaku says that he plans to, this gets Schneizel happy though Kanon reminds Suzaku that he will be punished after the battle if he cannot keep his word. Schneizel than asks Suzaku if he understands which Suzaku says he does and that he will take out Lelouch. Lelouch on the other hand is furious at Schneizel and that him knowing his identity could prove bothersome. Schneizel is too powerful a foe to ignore and he clearly has something planned. No matter, if he gets in his way he'll remove him if it means he can save Nunnally. C.C. thinks that Lelouch cannot overcome his heart after all, while Lelouch swears that he'll get Nunnally back at all costs! Lelouch than orders ZEXIS to take out Schneizel's ship as Suzaku thinks that he will make Lelouch atone for his sins.

When the Vampire of Britannia encounters Kallen he says that he's glad she's the battlefield. When he first set his eyes upon her she was stolen away from now, now she has no one to get in the way of him killing her! Kallen is disgusted and asks what his deal is. He tells her that he desires to kill her, Kallen tells him that he can try but she'll gladly kill someone as vile as him.

(He may also have dialogue with Xingke considering Xingke stopped him from killing Zero on stage 38)

When Gino encounters Kallen he asks her what she's fighting for, he knows that she's a half-Britannian. Kallen is surprised by his question. Gino continues, had Kallen wanted she could have lived a peaceful life without fear and could have even one day become a Knight of Rounds with her skill! Kallen tells him that she wants nothing to do with Britannia and that she's Kallen Kozuki, Japanese! Gino is confused by this but says he's fine with fighting her than. Kallen tells him that he would never understand her since he has lived a life pampered by Britannia filth and she will gladly show him the difference between them!

When Anya encounters everyone she wonders why she feels unease about Zero. Birmarck on the other hand is glad when he encounters ZEXIS and has longed to test his strength against such powerful foes. If Lelouch attacks anyone she thinks of Lelouch and wonders if he can overcome this hurdle. Gino doesn't say much when he fights ZEXIS, the Vampire of Britannia says that he has long looked forward to fighting ZEXIS again since he first laid eyes upon them and he can't wait to kill them all.

The Vampire of Britannia is extremely glad to meet Zero again, for he's the most worthy of prey! He tells him that this time he wont be saved from death. Zero tells him that he doesn't plan on dying until he has settled things. This gets the Vampire curious on why a dead man would even care about such things. No matter, he'll just have to kill him to shut him up!

Gino is surprised when he meets Orange/Jeremiah and can't believe that the Orange incident was true and that he would betray Britannia and Charles. Jeremiah laughs at the mere mention of Charles and says that Orange is the color of his loyalty which he'll gladly show Gino what true loyalty is!

Suzaku is not happy to see Kallen and demands that she cease this nonsense already, what will fighting for Lelouch accomplish? Kallen refuses and tells him that she fights for Zero because she believes in him. She will remove Suzaku since he has done nothing but get in the way of liberating Japan and his actions have only made things worse! Kallen goes on to say that Zero... Lelouch, it doesn't matter! She will fight so that his desires will become reality!

Suzaku and Lelouch eventually meet on the battlefield with Suzaku saying he'll make Lelouch pay for his sins with Lelouch saying he doesn't care for the words of a traitor and he wont let Suzaku get in the way of him saving Nunnally. As for Schneizel, well Lelouch is freaked out over him knowing that he's Zero. He needs to take out Schneizel since that knowledge will surely come and bite him in the ass if Schneizel is left to his own devices. Schneizel is glad to face Zero, his little brother, and already has plans for taking him out of the picture.

After being defeated, too many KMFs are lost, or taking a beating Schneizel orders his ship to pull out of the battlefield. He has more important things to do, not to mention if he just sits things out all will come together for his plan. Kanon wonders if this is for the best but Schneizel says that he has never lead him astray before, just watch as he takes out Zero in one fell swoop. Lelouch wants to go after him but he decides that Nunnally has to come first which may end up being a costly decision to make.

The Knights of the Round start to fall. Anya doesn't understand what's wrong with her and takes her leave as her head begins to hurt. Gino is furious that he has been defeated and swears that this isn't over, how cliche. The Vampire of Britannia can't believe this is happening, he's not supposed to die! He's the one that does the killing, so why is he dying?! He than dies with Chiba saying good riddance, he gave her the creeps. Bismarck doesn't take his defeat lightly either, he's completely baffled that this happened but he can't die yet and retreats. Toudou remarks that Bismarck was a worthy opponent.

Suzaku isn't any different upon his defeat. He wants to make Zero pay for turning Japan into his own little playground. Nina than calls up Suzaku and tells him to use the FLEIA already, Zero has to die no matter the cost! Suzaku refuses, he can't bring himself to use such a weapon and plans to win with his own strength! Nina says that he's an idiot and he's throwing away their only chance! Suzaku isn't persuaded and retreats much to Nina's fury. Zero than thinks that Suzaku will pay for his betrayal another day, right now he needs to save Nunnally.

With Britannia defeated Lelouch, with Kallen and C.C. at his side, announces his victory and that the Tokyo Settlement has now been liberated and for the remaining Britannia forces to surrender! Sayoko than calls Zero and says that Nunnally isn't where she's supposed to be which gets Lelouch to panic and he demands that she be found. Sayoko says that Nunnally has already been evacuated which reveals the escaping transports. Lelouch orders Jeremiah and Rolo to retrieve the transport that has Nunnally.

Rolo says that he understands but in his head he's thinking that he must kill Nunnally so that Lelouch wont discard him. More Britannia forces than appear under Suzaku who has returned and is troubled that it has come to this but he has to stop Zero! Lelouch isn't happy to see Suzaku again to try and get in the way of his plans. Suzaku says that he has a warhead and will use it if Zero doesn't surrender. Sumeragi is shocked and Amuro can't believe that a nuke is attached to that KMF's weapon. Heero, being the exploding manic that he is, says that Suzaku clearly speaks the truth, he has a warhead.

Lelouch says that Suzaku is bluffing, there's no away Britannia has that kind of weapon! With that he orders Kallen to deal with the traitor which Kallen is more than happy to do. Suzaku thinks he stands a chance against Kallen but in no time she effortlessly defeats him. Shinn can't believe Suzaku lost so quickly and Alto isn't happy with how things are going since he does understand where Suzaku is coming from.

Shinn demands to know if it has to be this way and Crowe says that Suzaku dug his own grave, none of them have any right to interfere even if they don't hate Suzaku. Shinn hates this but it's doubtful he could stop Kallen who seems to be fighting on a complete different level than before, clearly she's mad. Kallen yells that it's over for Suzaku and disarms him. Lloyd and Cecile watch from the sidelines and can't believe that their perfect KMF, the upgraded Guren, was stolen and than used to trash their prized Lancelot!

Lloyd orders Suzaku to get the hell out of there, he just doesn't stand a chance in his current KMF! Suzaku refuses which angers Lloyd who doesn't want to lose his prized KMF or pilot. The Lancelot takes more damage with Kallen saying that Suzaku has only served to get in the way of Zero again and that all he has done is make things worse! Suzaku realizes that things aren't looking well but when Nina pleads with him to use the FLEIA once more he refuses and says he can still win.

Kallen tells him to give up already, it's over for him as she damages the Lancelot some more. Suzaku finally realizes that if this keeps up he'll die, but he resigns himself to the fact that his death may at least atone for his own sins. Just than his Geass kicks in and he must live on, however he has no other weapons left that are still functional... Except the FLEIA. Which Suzaku speeds away from the Guren and uses on the Tokyo settlement.

ZEXIS can't believe what they're reading, the warhead was real after all and if they don't get out of there they'll be taken out too! Kallen is furious that Suzaku would use such a weapon and that he has just doomed the lives of millions! Suzaku doesn't know what he just did and is horrified. Lelouch takes this time to try and save Nunnally but Guilford, still under Geass, appears and refuses to let Lelouch risk his life. Lelouch demands that Guilford unhand him but Guilford says that he cannot, Lelouch(He sees Lelouch as Cornelia) must live on! FLEIA than detonates and Lelouch screams for Nunnally as he's pushed away.

Sumeragi asks if everyone is okay, ZEXIS just barely escaped the FLEIA. Feldt is horrified at what happen and that they couldn't save anyone but themselves. Such a weapon.... The CB girl than says that everyone is accounted for but 1, Sumeragi asks who it is and it's C.C. whom can't be located. Sumeragi asks of Zero, Feldt says that he has been located but isn't responding to them.

Lelouch is looking upon the devastation and desperately wants to find Nunnally whom he can't believe is dead. Rolo tries to comfort Lelouch who says he must fine Nunnally and that C.C. has also not turned up. Rolo tells him that Nunnally isn't here, he needs to realize that already. Lelouch can't believe that, Nunnally can't be dead! All his efforts had been for her... If she's dead than what does he have to live for? No, Nunnally is waiting for him, he just needs to go to her! Rolo tells Lelouch to stop it! Nunnally is dead and he demands that Lelouch get a hold of himself! Lelouch tells that he's a liar and to get looking for Nunnally, because she isn't dead! She just can't be!

Suzaku can't believe that he just did this, he was already settled with dying! Yet because of that Geass command he just killed countless innocents. Jeremiah tells Suzaku that his desire to live caused this tragedy and the lives of the dead have only further served to bloody his hands. Ironic that this would turn out like this, especially for a guy that wanted nothing more than to die.

Suzaku is guilty over this with Jeremiah saying he'll return to Lelouch now and not kill Suzaku because Suzaku saved him before, though he muses that perhaps they were always fated to be enemies as he leaves. Suzaku thinks how this has effected Lelouch, he's than approached by Nina who can't believe her weapon was this potent and so many are now dead because of her! Nina breaks down into tears as Suzaku screams out in rage over what happened.

Diethard says that Zero was magnificent and that this event will only serve to bolster his image and gain him worldwide support against Britannia. As Diethard ponders on how to spin this for their own benefit he's confronted by Cornelia who has escaped. He's surprised to see her and demands to know what she wants, he than figures that Zero clearly planned this. Cornelia doesn't care what he thinks, instead she wants Diethard to take her to Zero. Diethard says that he can't do that and orders the guards to disable Cornelia so she can be taken back to her cell.

Schneizel phones in that Diethard shouldn't do anything rash, at least not before he has heard everything. In fact he wants to meet with ZEXIS personally for a very friendly chat. Diethard is suspicious of his motives but Schneizel says that there's no need to fight and that he honestly just wishes to speak with ZEXIS. After all, he's sure that ZEXIS would like to know the information he wishes to share with them and that he's coming aboard unarmed though if they try to harm him than another FLEIA may drop...

Lelouch is in his room mourning the loss of Nunnally. Rolo tells him that he needs to hang in there and he'll get through this! Lelouch asks for Nunnally but Rolo tells him that doesn't matter for he still has Rolo who'll never leave his side! Lelouch than notices the locket Rolo has and demands to know why Rolo dares to wear it on his cellphone in his presence! Rolo tries to explain that Lelouch gave it to him but he cuts Rolo off and says that locket was meant for Nunnally and only Nunnally not some imposter!

Lelouch asks if Rolo thought he actually cared for him. Of course he didn't! Rolo was just an imposter that dared to believe he could replace Nunnally! In fact Rolo should be dead considering that he has tried to have Rolo killed more than once! Yes, it's true! He was only using Rolo and once he got Nunnally back he planned on discarding Rolo as the imposter that he is! Lelouch than orders Rolo to get out of his sight, he never wants to see that imposter ever again! When Rolo hesitates he again yells for him to get the hell out of his life!

With Rolo gone it gives Lelouch time to mourn Nunnally. The door opens once more and Lelouch says that he already told Rolo to get out! Instead it's Kallen who's shocked to see Lelouch in such a depressed state. Lelouch instantly warms up when he sees Kallen who tells him that he was been summoned to the hangar, she doesn't know what for but she's to escort him there. Lelouch than thinks of Nunnally and C.C. who are lost as he follows Kallen out.

Sumeragi asks where Zero is, Chiba says that he isn't responding and that he has been sent for. The other mook(he isn't dead!) says that C.C. is still missing as well despite their efforts to locate her. This doesn't suit well with ZEXIS and Roger Smith isn't sure what they should do next after this tragedy. Cornelia asks what Schneizel is doing here and he says that he's merely here to share information and she should be more thankful that he rescued her.

Roger Smith doesn't like Schneizel and suspects he's plotting something. He asks Schneizel why he's here, it's too convient that he would want to play nice after the Tokyso Settlement was demolished by a Britannia Weapon. Schneizel says that weapon was never planned for actual use and that he just wants to share what he has learned with ZEXIS if they're willing to listen. Of course they should wait for Zero but Schneizel says he already knows Zero and why he hasn't shown up yet. With that said Schneizel explains that all the bad things happening are because of Zero and his "Miracles".

Tamaki isn't buying this, why should he believe Schneizel over his best buddy Zero? Roger Smith isn't liking this either. Schneizel has a certain air about them and he clearly is trying to take advantage of their conflicting emotions to turn everyone against Zero. Diethard says that this is pointless, if Schneizel has no proof than there's no reason for him to be here. Schneizel says that Zero is in fact his little brother and than asks if they've ever heard of Geass and that Zero has the ability to make anyone do as he commands against their will. ZEXIS doesn't believe that, not even Esther who has been Geassed in the past to keep her alive.

Schneizel than explains the massacre that Euphiemia participated in was because Zero ordered her to do it and than killed her when she did as she was asked to build support his the Black Knights and to inflame the Japanese into war once more. Surely everyone was suspicious over this, correct? Euphiemia wanted peace yet after talking to Zero she orders all 11's to be killed? After all who benefited the most from this? Zero that's who. Oh, and before he forgets he reminds them once more that Zero is in fact his little brother, Lelouch, which means they're being lead by the same Britannian nobility that they're fighting against.

Than there's the part that he has a list of possible Geass targets, many of them people in great positions of power, even allies. This seems to put doubt in some of ZEXIS except Roger Smith(If you have enough Zero points) who is thoroughly convinced that Schneizel is using ZEXIS to try and get to Zero. Tamaki refuses to believe any of this, the rest of his Black Knight buddies seem quite willing to hold Zero in the light of a traitor but not Tamaki! Saji than starts having flashbacks since he nearly discovered the truth in Hakai-Hen, he feels dumb for not making the connection that Lelouch is Zero.

Shinn doesn't believe this either, how could nice Lelouch do such things? Saji thinks that it was very suspicious back than and that C.C. had called the pizza place he worked with and wanted pizza. So again, he's an idiot for not making that connection! Everyone else starts to wonder if they've been Geassed and if they're working with Zero of their own free will or not. Cornelia is quick to say it's all true and that Zero indeed ordered Euphiemia to murder all those 11's.

Diethard tells everyone to calm down, there's no way this can be true. They should instead hear what Zero has to say on his own behalf. Schneizel says that's pointless, Zero hasn't come because he's his little brother and he knows him. As he says this Heero, who already knew all this, gives him the deathly stare that says - I'll kill you. Tamaki once more voices that Schneizel is lying and that they have not been given any proof, just hearsay! Ohgi than walks in and says that everything said is true.

Tamaki and Chiba are surprised to see Ohgi has arrived with Viletta(which even surprises Cornelia), he than goes on to explain that they were all just pawns and that Zero, no Lelouch was using them the entire time for his own selfish desires and petty squabbles! Zero has also used Geass not only on Britannia but also on his own allies! As Tamaki and Chiba gasp in surprise Diethard says that can't be true and if Ohgi has no evidence than he should stop joking around.

Schneizel says that he has proof if they need more, they should listen to this recording he has. Cornelia is anxious to hear it as Tamaki wonders where Schneizel got something like that. Schneizel than plays the tape, out of context, that has Lelouch reveal to Suzaku that he ordered the massacre with Geass, the tape that gets turned off before revealing the rest. Chiba says that's horrible, how could he do such a thing! Cornelia says that this proves Zero is a fake, execute him now!

Toudou isn't sure what to do, Japan owes everything to Zero. Wufei doesn't let this set up, Xingke on the other hand believes that Zero has manipulated China with Geass. Thus his joining Zero was never real at all and he's the one that brought misfortune to China! Schneizel goes on to tell them that this isn't Zero's only crime, he knew about the FLEIA before hand but did nothing about it and that because of Geass it was fired thus all the blood of the Japanese are all on his hands. This gets everyone off balance and are reliving when FLEIA was fired and all the people it killed.

Ohgi despairs since he wanted to believe in Zero yet he was betrayed and may have been Geassed. Tamaki is in shock and can't deny that this is all true and that Zero is a bastard for abusing their friendship! They were best buddies! Roger Smith is more collected than everyone else and thinks that Schneizel has clearly played that tape out of context and that his plans of dividing everyone is working. Sumeragi also thinks that this is all messed up but she wants to hear what Zero has to say for himself, though she fears that emotions are running high.

Heero and Chirico choose to remain silent. Schneizel asks them if they're still waiting for Zero before making a decision which Sumeragi says that's the case. Kallen than shows up and announces that Zero has arrived as requested. The Black Knights than bombard Zero with questions and demand to know if everything is true? Zero is confused as hell but than spots Schneizel and quickly figures out that Schneizel has trolled him hard and in his absence he revealed the truth to ZEXIS and turned them against him.

(If you lack Zero points Ohgi orders Zero to be taken out without consulting ZEXIS, than you get sent on the Normal Route where Rolo saves Zero at the cost of his life. And it goes by the shows events, however if you have enough....)

Ohgi says that Zero must pay for what he has done with Roger telling him stop this nonsense. Tamaki tells Roger that he isn't making sense, he heard the recording as well! They have no choice but to hand Lelouch over, because he betrayed everyone! Roger Smith asks if is he really sure of that? All he has heard is one side of the story, can he live with himself if he makes a rash decision now without hearing everything? This gets Tamaki to quiet down.

Roger Smith says that Zero has always pulled through for them and has constantly put his own life in the line for everyone else. If it wasn't for Zero many of them wouldn't even be alive right now, they owe Zero enough that they should hear what he has to say first. Sumeragi says that this is true and though this is a Black Knight's matter ZEXIS still has just as much right to voice their displeasure before anything is decided.

Even Heero says that Zero should be allowed to speak on his own behalf which surprises Duo. Heero says that he already knew about everything. Qautre is surprised that Heero already knew who Zero was and that he kept it from everyone. Heero says that it wasn't his place to reveal such information. Chirico comes in and says that he too knew the truth and that they're all being foolish for how quickly they've turned their allegiances and that they believed in him even when they thought he turned bad. Tamaki can't believe that a stiff like Chirico is defending Zero as well!

Crowe says that it's up to Ohgi on how they proceed, he doesn't believe that it would be a great idea to fall into Schneizel's little ploy but they will differ judgement to him. Ohgi doesn't know what to do. Esther takes this time to demand what of Zero?! She doesn't want to see him cast out before he has had a chance to speak. Crowe tells her that this isn't for them to decide, they need to respect the Black Knights authority since Zero is their leader first before he's theirs.

Simon and Viral agree that it isn't their decision to make but they voice that they don't like this but they'll play ball with how Ohgi decides though they do give kudos to Zero for being a badass that has saved everyone's asses more than once. Sumeragi and the Macross Captain ask Ohgi what he'll do, the fate of Zero is up to him to decide. Ohgi starts freaking out over everyone differing judgement to him and doesn't know what to do. Can he bring himself to believe in Zero once more?

[Oppose Zero, Believe in Zero]

Unlike the show Ohgi decides that he can't be an idiot and says that he will not oppose Zero which surprises Viletta. Ohgi says that they owe everything to Zero! Tamaki tries to protest but Ohgi tells them that they can't just betray Zero without knowing the full truth, he should be allowed to speak before judgement is rendered! The Black Knights get in an uproar over this and say what about the dead Japanese? What about Geass?!

Ohgi says that he doesn't know everything yet, so he can't condemn Zero! If what Zero says isn't satisfying than they should render judgement, but holding him at gunpoint and demanding that he pay for his sins isn't productive at all! So everyone needs to stand down and leave Zero be so that he may speak! For even though he may be Geassed and Zero may have done horrible things he still wants to believe in Zero! Ohgi than tells Zero that he has put his faith in him once more and desires to hear Zero's side! This gives Zero pause upon seeing Ohgi's faith in him despite everything.

The Leaders are relieved with how this situation turned out and they ask if Schneizel expected this to happen and that he should face reality. Schneizel admits that he didn't expect this and he knows when he's defeated though he can't understand why they still choose to believe. Roger Smith says that they have been fighting for a long time and unlike the rest of the world ZEXIS is willing to listen to what their friends have to say before casting them out as traitors. It's just how they roll.

Cornelia asks what Viletta will do now with Viletta saying that the Japanese aren't all bad after all and her views have changed. Cornelia says that if Viletta stays she will lose her nobility, Viletta says that she's fine with that. Seeing her resolve Cornelia says that Viletta is no longer of nobility and that she should find her own happiness than. Schneizel says that he's going to take his leave and that ZEXIS and Zero will be seeing him soon enough in the future. Which he looks forward to and says that they have defied his expectations after all.

When Schneizel and Cornelia have gone Kallen affectionately calls for Lelouch who decides to come clean and takes off his mask than says that everything is true. Watta is surprised that Zero really was Lelouch, though Wufei understands why Lelouch became Zero. Heero says that Lelouch took his time and that Lelouch better explain things to everyone else now that everyone knows the truth. Crowe is glad this all worked out and looking forward to finding out the truth as well. Lelouch than thinks that he wont lie to them anymore, his lies caused the death of Nunnally and he nearly lost everything because of them so he'll come clean since they have given him this chance...