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Stage 31

Asakim admires the effects of ZONE and is happy that Rand is now out of the picture as well. Though he is curious what ZONE actually is, perhaps he should go take a peek at the other side in the future?

ZEXIS is still mourning the loss of Rand and Mel though to make matters worse Crowe is out of commission for the time being because of the Brasta's new parts. So it's up to ZEXIS to keep a close watch over Scott Labs so that Crowe isn't disturbed while the Brasta is finished being outfitted with its newest gear. Hopefully whatever upgrades await Crowe they'll help in stopping ZONE and saving Esther.

Anbrorn has a present for Uther, new DMs! She demonstrates how effective they are as they completely demolish the old DMs. Uther is surprised at their vast power though he's saddened when he realizes just what- or who the DMs are. They were star Arksaber members that willingly went through the DMification process to better serve their King. However, this is all needed, right?

Meanwhile Gerard talks to Wayne about why they serve Uther(They're his loyal vassals), his upcoming fight with Crowe(He wishes to face Crowe alone), and of the scars on Gerard's face. He reveals they're for his deceased family and to remind him of his failure to protect him and that he must never fail in such a way again. Wayne reveals that he's furious that Uther is sacrificing innocent Insalaum's for power and Gerard tells Wayne that he doesn't need to rely on such cheap shortcuts. One day Wayne will be the Knight of Knights and surpass not only him but Cheval as well. Wayne promises to behave from now on before leaving Crowe to Gerard though he tells Gerard he better come back.

With Wayne gone Gerard is approached by Marguerite. Marguerite is still uncertain which he can sense. It turns out that she worries that Gerard will die if he confronts Crowe and that Insalaum will be worse off without him. Gerard is determined to fight like a man and he remembers the day when Marguerite was brought together with the Prince before Insalaum. It was a day of much rejoicing for the people. However now isn't the time for such things, Gerard heads off to what may be his last battle.

The finishing touches to the Li Brasta and its new system is ending up to be a very time consuming task. If Esther was here then maybe Traiya would be finished by now she isn't. Traiya asks Crowe which load out he wants (R or B) and afterwards shoos him away as she gets to work. Carlos encounters Crowe and wonders how a man with "No will" can use a system that is powered by will so well.

Carlos reveals that Crowe craves a reason to exist, and that's why he carries things that he had no part in, like his father's debt. Crowe confirms this but isn't going to let it get him down. He'll still do as he has been doing but that's just how he rolls and Carlos can just sit back and watch.

However, Arksabers aren't the most patient of foes and spring their attack. Marguerite warns Gerard to be careful against Crowe but he tells her that he's prepared. Marguerite catches ZEXIS on her sensors and warns Gerard, the Knight of Knights, who demands that Crowe face him. ZEXIS isn't having it and they come to protect Crowe as he gets the Li Brasta. Gerard isn't in the mood for games and calls forth his forces to deal with ZEXIS to draw out Crowe. Just then Crowe appears in a horrible mass produced unit, very similar to the one Firebug uses.

Heero believes that this is the Li Brasta but Duo corrects him for being so naive as it's just a mass production model. Crowe decides to buy time and help ZEXIS as Traiya finishes up. ZEXIS yells at Crowe to leave the fighting to them, he dosen't stand a chance in such a weak mecha but Crowe tells them that he can't do that. Gerard is disappointed that he can't fight Crowe at his fullest but if Crowe wants to fight in an inferior mecha, so be it!

Once Gerard has been beaten down he recovers and demands another round which shocks ZEXIS. DMs lead by a new model appear and head towards Scott Labs, Crowe moves to stop the attack but his mecha isn't going to stand a chance. Traiya appears to tell Crowe that the Li-Brasta is done and he moves to retrieve it. Or he would have liked but the new DM isn't going to sit around and wait for him to get in his new Brasta, however Gerard is a man of HONOR! He tells Crowe to get his new mecha out while he keeps the DMs at bay for the time being. Crowe does just that though ZEXIS wonders if he'll go berserk again.

Crowe obtains the Li-Brasta - R(Melee) or B(Ranged) type. When he returns ZEXIS is amazed at how awesome it looks and Gerard quickly challenges Crowe who activates the VX system. ZEXIS panics and Marguerite appears and blocks Crowe's attack. However when the dust settles Marguerite isn't dead, Crowe had held back at the last second. Traiya explains that thanks to the CDS(Coin Drop System) he can use his sphere without losing control from here on out. Which is great news to ZEXIS.

Furious over being saved Gerard tells Marguerite that she is DEAD to him and to get out of his sight! A true knight doesn't take having his battles interrupted and he doesn't need saving! Marguerite regretfully flees and Gerard returns to the battle. When he clashes with Crowe he gives it his all, Crowe in response tells Gerard that he WILL stop ZONE and take care of Esther till his very last breath.

Gerard is impressed by Crowe's determination and meets Crowe head on with his own. However, that isn't enough and he is defeated. Gerard could still yet live but that isn't his desire. When they clashed he saw that his determination can't match Crowe's and congratulates him on his victory. As ZEXIS looks on Gerard retreats as his life force seeps out of him so that he may embark some last words of wisdom to Uther. ZEXIS is awed by his loyalty and wont forget him.

After his defeat Gerard returns to Uther and bleeds all over the floor. Anbrorn yells at Gerard for being reckless since even she knows that Insalaum will suffer a huge blow without him but he brushes her off. Wayne and Uther on the other hand are utterly shocked and demand that Gerard be treated immediately. Gerard tells them it's useless, his wounds are fatal but he has no regrets. Uther begs him to stay, he needs Gerard if he's to lead Insalaum!

Gerard tells Uther that he is too kind and always had the strength to lead Insalaum on his own. Gerard tells Uther to become a strong King as Wayne tells Gerard to stop playing around. This is no playing matter, Gerard reminds Wayne of his potential to surpass Cheval and himself and it's up to him to support Uther in the coming days. With that said Gerard breaths his last breath before a horrified Uther and Wayne.

With the passing of Gerard the title of Knight of Knights passes on to Wayne... But can he live up to his predecessor or the expectations of such a position?

Meanwhile ZEXIS is relived that Crowe didn't go berserk and Traiya chimes in that Crowe is now absolved of all his past debt. Crowe assumes this means he can now focus fully on defeating ZONE and saving Esther. However Traiya reveals a "new" debt for Crowe before he can get ahead of himself. Upgrading the Brasta into the Li-Brasta was very expensive, though Scott Labs takes in half the costs. Still, Crowe is stuck in debt and will be Traiya's unwilling research participant for a while longer. Regardless, Traiya tells him to continue with what he was doing, stopping ZONE and saving Esther and that the VX system will no longer trouble him thanks to the CDS.

Before anyone can breath a sigh of relief Feldt runs in to inform everyone that terrorists have taken over an Orbital Elevator and of Memento Mori, the ring-mounted Satellite Weapon(00 Plot) which the A-Laws will most likely use to deal with the situation. If ZEXIS does nothing that the world will be devastated and countless will die.

Intermission - Diversion Team or Satellite Destroy Team

Sumeragi explains the situation. Terrorists had taken over an Orbital Elevator, it's assumed that they plan to show the A-Laws' true colors to the world. However if ZEXIS rushes in the A-Laws may end up using their Satellite weapon so they're going to need a diversion team to draw attention away from Celestial Being as they try and resolve the situation. Zero and Sumeragi decide who goes on what team but all the Captains decide that Crowe should be allowed to choose where he wants to go.

Traiya and Crowe discuss the grave situation and Traiya asks Crowe where he will be going. Crowe feels that he wouldn't make a great distraction and instead opts to go to space to personally deal with the real threat. With that out of the way Crowe tells Traiya that the situation with Esther isn't resolved just yet and that he may have to fight her in the coming battles with Insaraum since Uther has enlisted her into his DM Forces. Traiya is fine with that though she hasn't given up on saving Esther just yet nor has Crowe who plans on trying to catch her.

Meanwhile Wayne is in a ZONE crater site and is trying to understand what Gerard was trying to tell him. As far as Wayne is concerned he isn't the same caliber of man that was Gerard or Cheval. Yet just like Uther he has been thrust into a situation that he has no choice but to embrace. Uther approaches him with a changed demeanor, he's no longer the weak man he once was. Thanks to Gerard's sacrifice he has finally opened his eyes to the harsh realities of the world and will now serve as a true Ruler that Insaraum needs and desires.

Uther also has Wayne officially named Knight of Knights and Wayne will now pilot Gerard's Diamund. Wayne can still hardly believe of how much Uther has changed and has become a Ruler worthy of Insaraum. Yet after seeing Uther's resolve Wayne swears to live up to that position and to help Uther from here on out. The coming days will be hard but with Wayne at his side as his Knight of Knights then Uther believes that Insaraum will rise up from the loss of Gerard.

Stage 32 - Destroy the satellite weapon and go to Space

Arksabers get a taste of their new and improved leader, Uther, who is no longer playing games anymore. Anbrorn for one is surprised at how much Uther has changed and doesn't approve of Wayne being selected to replace Gerard. Before she can tell Uther to leave everything to her she's told to silence herself by Wayne which she doesn't take well and tells him to shut his trap. As the pair start bickering over who has authority over who Uther silences Anbrorn with his new found manhood which shuts her up quick.

Uther reminds her that he's the one in charge and that she's the vassal. Thus she needs to learn her place the next time she decides to question his decisions. Besides, Anbrorn is better off making DMs and her advice is no longer needed since Uther is taking the reigns of his own destiny now. Anbrorn is utterly shocked by this turn of events and has just witnessed her grip over Uther slip away. It seems Gerard's death had touched him very hard to cause such a huge change from boy to man.

Wayne is ready to follow Uther to the death and Uther asks Anbrorn if she's now clear on where she stands on the totem pole now. Anbrorn has no choice but accept that Uther is manly as hell and will not be lead around like a child anymore. Thus Anbrorn submits to Uther's will and says she will serve him fully from now on. Marilyn on the other hand is amazed at Uther's growth and has fallen completely in love with the sheer manliness that he's emanating.

Uther addresses Marilyn and her role as his servant. Unlike Anbrorn he isn't as cross with Marilyn and Marilyn is more than happy to submit to Uther. In fact she wants to do a whole lot more than that but she keeps herself composed as is expected of a lady/princess. Still her thoughts can't help but wander at how much she's smitten by this new Uther that he takes notice which she keeps to herself. Uther thinks of how he will lead Insaraum from here on out and will require his subjects to loyally follow him from now on.

Back to ZEXIS, Anew is having friendly banter with Ian with the latter having just finished outfitting the Gundams with new toys. There's simply no way such a beautiful face could be evil, right? However Tieria quickly reminds them that now isn't the time for chitchat, they need to get to space ASAP and put a stop to this before the A-Laws make their move. The rest of the Gundam Meisters agree as does Crowe. Saji has decided to continue fighting and that he's fine with this since they're out to save lives not destroy them. Crowe is fine with that but there it's obvious that everyone wonders of the true intentions of the Terrorists.

Lockon is angered by this and believes that they're doing what they feel is right since all other means have failed to stop the A-Laws. Before he can really let loose how he's feeling he's stopped by Anew who calms him with her sweet voice. Milena and Crowe notice how close those two have been and Milena asks if they're like "that", something Lockon doesn't deny at all which makes Anew flustered. This surprises the rest of the Gundam Meisters though Soma/Marie and Saji take this moment to think of the ones they love. Crowe on the other hand tells Lockon to go get his woman.

Though CB has started to suspect that Anew may be the one leaking info to the A-Laws they still decide to keep that to themselves since Lockon and Anew are clearly smitten with each other. Before the room can get any hotter Feldt reports over the intercom that the terrorists are about to send their message to the world and that they're surrounded by the Feds and the A-Laws aren't going to just sit by and do nothing.

When the terrorist message is sent Ribbons makes sure that the rest of the world doesn't learn of what was said. For that would put the A-Laws in a very sour position would it not? Besides, this is perfect. Ribbons was hoping the terrorists would have done this and already have a number of plans to place the "blame" on the upcoming tragedy on them . Regene isn't so sure on Ribbons plans but he assures he/her that this is all going according to how he wants it to play out. Though what if Celestial Being shows up? Not a problem, it's too late for them to change a thing. Regene leaves and isn't exactly happy that things are going the way Ribbons has envisioned.

Amuro comes in and asks what Ribbons plans to do about the terrorists. Ribbons tells him that it's all under control though Amuro isn't that stupid and knows that Ribbons has planned something. It doesn't matter, Ribbons cares not if Amuro has his suspicions and quite frankly he really doesn't need Amuro at all if he chooses to leave his side. However in a last ditch to control Amuro he uses his "Innovade" powers which don't have the desired effect on Amuro who has had enough playing around with Ribbons.

This which causes Ribbons to point a gun at Amuro to stop him. Turns out Ribbons was bluffing and doesn't want to lose Amuro after all. Amuro is able to diffuse the situation with his newtype senses which causes Ribbons to relent. Ribbons tells Amuro that he's making a big mistake crossing him but Amuro isn't someone's pawn and leaves. From here on out they are enemies, and Ribbons doesn't understand why someone like Amuro would side with such pathetic creatures as ordinary humans.

The feds had sent in Sergei to speak with the leader of the Terrorists, he tells him that he knows death awaits him but he will give his life to stop the A-Laws's brand of justice, and goes on to list their various crimes that they have gotten away with. Sergei tells him that despite all that holding hostages is not the way to go and that this is what the A-Laws want. Sergei is told that the hostages would be set free after they see with their own eyes the truth of the A-Laws, it's about time the people learned the truth and stopped living in ignorance as the A-Laws do as they please. However, what if the A-Laws decide to kill everyone with that fancy Satellite weapon? Well that's up to ZEXIS to stop and is out of their hands.

The A-Laws are bunkered around Memento Mori and have reinforced it greatly. It'll take time to charge and fire but they aren't worried, but then Celestial Being takes out a ship and make their appearance, which surprises everyone. After all they were told that all of ZEXIS was back on Earth, was it just a diversion?! No matter, all they need to do is stall Celestial Being until the laser fires, after all they only need one shot. Sumeragi isn't having that and orders the Gundam Meisters to head out and stop that weapon before it can fire. Also Setsuna has gotten a new attack thanks to Ian and Saji being in the Raiser and the other Meisters got new toys too. However they must quickly clear a path for the Ptolemaios 2 so that it can get in range of the weapon.

Once enough mooks have been wiped out the Innovades come to crash the scene with their sole object being to lure Setsuna out and take the Twin Drive System for their own. Anew is acting strange but before anyone can get on her case Amuro comes in and pisses in the Innovade's cereal. They get served a healthy dish of 100% Newtype, which takes them by surprise since as far as they knew Amuro was Ribbon's little pawn. With his brand of ass kicking served Amuro moves over to join up with Celestial Being.

Amuro reveals what he learned of Ribbons and that this was all a trap and that the terrorists are doing exactly what Ribbons wants. Celestial Being doesn't know what to make of this but Amuro tells them to get moving since they have to stop that weapon at all costs since Ribbons doesn't care at all for the lives of the hostages. If anything the hostages will help serve to improve the A-Laws image to the world after the A-Laws release the version of events they want the world to see.

The Innovades find Amuro hilarious, even though he knows the truth it doesn't really change a thing. Besides they never really liked how much favorable treatment Ribbons showed Amuro so they have no qualms with killing him while they go get the Twin Drive System. Amuro tells Setsuna to worry about the mission and leave the Innovades to them and he thinks to himself that he wont let Ribbons have his way.

Once even more mooks are demolished the rest of ZEXIS shows up to lend a hand with the operation. They are surprised to see Amuro but he tells them that now isn't really the time to be throwing a party for him. Sumeragi fills in ZEXIS on the new information they've received from Amuro and ZEXIS gets to work trashing the A-Laws since they're on the clock. Once the Empruss is destroyed the Innovade within, Divine Nova, is killed.

When the Ptolemaios 2 arrives at the spot Landt's ship attempts one last assault to stop ZEXIS from destroying the satellite. Sumeragi activates Trans-AM and easily wipes the other ship out. It's now up to Setsuna to destroy the weapon with his new flashy attack, but it's for naught. Though the weapon is damaged it still manages to fire off once at the orbital elevator which causes massive damage.

This horrifies ZEXIS who rushes over to try and minimize the damage and leave any missed debris to the ground team on earth. The terrorists on the other hand figure out that the A-Laws plan to kill everyone and the leader wants to stay and oversee the escape but Sergei tells him not to throw his life away. Convinced, they both head off to try and save as many lives as possible.

Stage 33 - Destroy the satellite weapon and go to Space

Louise can't believe what she's seeing, but Andrei reminds her that this is all Celestial Being and the terrorist's doing. They saw the footage of the terrorists killing the civilians and there's no way what they saw was masterminded by the A-Laws... Right? So there should be no issues and it's up to them to bring those monsters to justice since there can be no peace as long as they still draw breath. Louise understands and is prepared to kill Saji for betraying and using her while he was getting in bed with Celestial Being, or that's what she has lead herself to believe.

They're informed that the Orbital Elevator has begun its auto-purge sequence and is raining debris down upon the Earth. This utterly shocks Louise and Andrei who can't believe that the terrorists would go that far to make a point. They immediately set out to try and minimize as much of the damage as possible. Andrei thinks of his father, unknown to him they're about to meet face to face very soon.

In space ZEXIS assesses the damage and moves to intercept the falling debris. While that's going on Kamille manages to get a hold of Amuro who he has many questions for. Again now isn't really the time for that. However Amuro tells everyone present that this is just the beginning and Ribbons is on the move. Not even OZ would be able to remain a real threat to the A-Laws if the debris falls to earth unchecked. Sure OZ getting out of the picture would be helpful but ZEXIS refuses to stand by if it means innocents will be hurt. Kamille also has a quick heart to heart with Amuro and is glad that they're working together again.

Marie tells Alleujah that everything will work out and that she will be launching too, while he tells her that this is serious and he swore not to let her fight. Marie reminds him that this is what she wants and she'll be fine in the GN Archer and that if he's that worried he can just protect her. Besides they need all the firepower they can get thus Alleujah relents. Shinn on the other hand is thinking of how pointless this all was and that everyone here is repeating the same mistakes that occured on ZEUTH.

Loran notices that Shinn is tense and asks him what's wrong. Shinn tells him that it's nothing to worry about that that they should focus in stopping this disaster from getting worse which Loran agrees with. Loran is in fact willing to go all out which surprises Shinn and Garrod since he had promised not to use his little butterfly trick. Loran hopes he wont have to but asks to be forgiven if his hand is forced. Sochie can only look on at awe at his resolve since she knows that doing this will surely make Diana sad since Loran had promised to keep the Turn A's power in check.

ZEXIS arrives to deal with the debris, with Marie in the GN Archer and working closely with Alleujah who has allowed her to fight at his side. The rest of ZEXIS is taken off-guard by all the debris falling to Earth but they aren't going to let them get them down. In fact it has them pumped up for the greater the adversary the better since failure isn't an option for them. They're informed to not let a single solar panel fall to Earth which ZEXIS wont allow to happen. When Alleujah attacks he works together with Marie who tells him not to worry and that she'll keep up.

When enough pillars are destroyed even more appear which makes the situation even more dire. Sumeragi tells ZEXIS not to despair, no matter how many pillars fall they just need to shoot them down as well. However even though her words touch ZEXIS it doesn't change that the pillars seems to be endless. Just as things couldn't get any worse Marilyn appears with a DM force and asks if ZEXIS is having any trouble. Crowe isn't all that happy to see Marilyn who takes the opportunity to rub in that he failed his little kitten which serves to piss Crowe off.

ZEXIS asks if she's mad but she's far from it, for if the debris hits earth it will weaken all resistance against Insalaum and allow Uther to guide this world into a golden age after he has wiped out the remnants that will foolishly stand in his way. Sure, trillions will die but that's a small price to pay to be lead by Uther. Before she can gloat anymore Sergei appears to help deal with the debris and Marie is glad to see him though he can't believe that she's piloting again. Marie tells him this is her decision which he respects. Millardo in the Epyon appears to help as well, after all Relena is on earth so that debris must go.

Louise and co. show up on the scene and are conflicted between following their orders to take out Celestial Being or to take of the debis. Mr.Gets Shot Down A Lot tells them that they should focus on the debris and be big god damn heroes which shocks Louise. Andrei reluctantly caves in that they will work with ZEXIS on this matter but only for now. Louise decides to help as well, Saji on the other hand wants to talk to Louise but knows that will have to wait. Crowe asks Marilyn if things are going as planned, they aren't, and she isn't all that happy that everyone is being all buddy buddy now when they should be killing each other. No matter, she will still fight with Crowe being sure to kick her ass to the curb first before this is all over.

When Marilyn confronts Crowe she asks if he's mad, yes he is mad. Well that wont do at all, this isn't going to make killing him all very enjoyable since she wants to play with her former protege a bit before his demise. Crowe tells her to stuff it, he's going to make her pay for all she's done and that's final. After being defeated Marilyn tells ZEXIS it was fun and "Good luck" with trying to stop the debris, she takes her leave. ZEXIS isn't exactly in a position to stop her.

Once enough debris is destroyed an occurs and a ton of debris drops. Loran decides, against Sochie's protests because she doesn't want him to get hurt for breaking his promise to Diana which was not to use the Moonlight Butterfly. After he has destroyed a large chunk of the debris he's contacted by Diana who isn't angry and has decided that Loran will not abuse the power of Turn A and now has permission to use the Moonlight Butterfly from here on out which he thanks her for. ZEUTH tells congratulates him and are glad Diana isn't angry with Loran.

With all the debris gone ZEXIS has a moment to breath a sigh of relief. Millardo at this point decides to ditch the scene since now isn't the time to fight Heero. Heero will wait for that day. Noin hates to see her love go but she has her duty to consider so she doesn't chase after him. In other news Sergei is happy to see Marie but still doesn't like that she's piloting again. Alleujah tells Sergei that this is what Marie wants and it isn't right to tell her that she can't fight, Marie is surprised that Alleujah is completely okay with her piloting from now on.

The terrorist leader appears and Sergei heads over to talk some sense into him. Andrei sees this and tells Louise to come with him to take out the leader of the terrorists that caused this mess. Louise accompanies him but before he can attack Sergei tells him to stop. Andrei is shocked to learn that his father is with the enemy. Sergei tries to talk sense into Andrei but Andrei kills the terrorist leader and says he'll kill Sergei for letting his mother die and for being with the terrorists. Sergei tells him that isn't the case but Andrei attacks him.

Marie wants the fighting to stop but Louise gets in her way when she tries to save Sergei, no one interrupts this fight. Despite all his protests they fall on deaf ears, though Sergei doesn't choose to defend himself. Andrei kills Sergei who is saddened that Andrei hates him so and Sergei doesn't hold a grudge as he dies. Marie has a mental breakdown at seeing Sergei die.

Schneizel is elsewhere sipping fine wine and dinning on age old cheese. It turns out he planned the entire event and decree's that the terrorists lacked the backbone to do what was necessary. He also faults ZEXIS for failing to meet expectations and it appears he'll have to again get his hands sullied with such filthy matter after all. At least total disaster was prevented but there's no denying that the A-Laws came out on top in this situation.

Marina looks upon the destruction and dismays at the pointlessness of it all. Why must people inflict such horrors upon each other? Lacus tries her best to cheer up Marina and it seems to work. However Marina needs time to think and Lacus understands. Diana confides in Lacus over all this destruction. Make no mistake, though this is a sad sight she still has faith in Loran. Lacus thinks how things seem to repeat themselves and hopes Kira is okay since this must hit him hard since he was there and couldn't stop this from happening.

Crowe and Co. survey the destruction and aren't happy at all with how things turned out. They also didn't expect Sergei to go out like that and how his death has effected Marie greatly. However now isn't the time to wallow and they head back to see what else they can do to help out after this disaster. Setsuna stays behind to clear his mind but is ambushed by Ali Al'Sachez who has a present for Setsuna, Ribbons! Ribbons reveals his identity to Setsuna and that he was the one that piloted the 0 Gundam all those years ago and that the only reason Setsuna yet lives is because Ribbons took pity on the boy that looked upon him as a God.

Ribbons tells Setsuna that he is a Meister only because Ribbons put his name into VEDA and that he made him thus he can unmake him. Setsuna gets over his shock rather quickly which isn't what Ribbons wants. No, he wants the Twin Drive System. With that Ali Al'Sachez fires a Red GN poisoned bullet. The injury is immense and Setsuna is now starting to suffer the same effects that Louise suffers through.

Before he can be killed Lock-On appears and saves Setsuna while screaming that he'll kill Ali Al'Sachez for killing his brother. Ali Al'Sachez would love to stay and chat but Ribbons tells him that it's time to leave. When they've gone Setsuna passes out while thinking of Marina as Lock-On rushes him back to the Ptolemaios II for immediate medical attention.

Elsewhere Millardo meets with Quattro and both are fully enlisted into the White Fang movement.

Stage 34 - Destroy the satellite weapon and go to Space

Setsuna has a dream of when he first saw "Gundam", the 0 Gundam in fact. The pilot being Ribbons is a huge revelation to him, haunting even. He remembers back to how awed he was by Gundam's power and how its mere presence ended the conflict. Sure, everyone else died, but he didn't. Back then Setsuna thought that it was a sign that he was to become "Gundam". Instead it was all a lie and he's only here because Ribbons demanded it.

As he wallows in a pit of despair the deceased Lock-On speaks to Setsuna from beyond the grave. He asks what Setsuna was doing and reminds Setsuna that he has the ability to "change", something that he Lock-On couldn't do. So what if Setsuna was put here by Ribbons, all of his actions there after have been his own. Furthermore Setsuna "can" become Gundam while a man like Ribbons will surely never understand thus he will never become Gundam. So Setsuna needs to stop doubting himself since if he can change then so can the world, it's all up to him.

Lasse has just gotten through his own check up and wonders how Setsuna is holding up. Sumeragi stops him and asks of his condition, he suffers the same affliction that Louise and now Setsuna suffer from - GN poisoning. Lasse tells her not to tell Setsuna since he doesn't know that Lasse has been suffering since the end of 00 Season 1. Sumeragi worries that he'll push himself too far but Lasse tells her not to sweat it, he doesn't plan on taking a break and if he's going to die then he wants to die while on duty.

Elsewhere Lock-On and Anew are busy cuddling. The sight of Ali Al'Sachez has left a very big after taste in his mouth and he longs for the day to make that smug bastard pay for killing his brother and for the terrorist bombing that killed his family. However he's patient, and Crowe did tell him to try and relax with his woman. Which Lock-On plans to enjoy but Anew starts acting weird which causes Lock-On to snap her out of her daze.

Just like the rest of Celestial Being he suspected her of being the traitor but he can't bring himself to turn his gun on her and thus shields her from Celestial Being. Just then Feldt reports in that the terrorist group called White Fang has just launched an attack and taken over a satellite colony. Millardo kills the head of the colony and claims it all for White Fang despite them willing to surrender. Scum like that don't deserve to live. Millardo is congratulated on his quick victory. Quattro has his doubts but he dismisses them as nothing when Millardo asks him if there are any issues.

Millardo reveals to the world who he is moves in to declare war against OZ and blames them for all the problems of the world and the suffering of the colonies. Not to mention that he refuses to be Trieze's bitch any longer and wants to clean up his name. Oh, and Epyon has shown him that this is the only path for salvation for the colonies thus OZ is now his enemy. Regene back on Earth is surprised at this turn of events but like before Ribbons tells him/her that this is going exactly as planned.

At least exactly how "he" planned. OZ is a thorn in his side so another force running about to combat OZ is a good thing. The rest of the Innovades don't see how this White Fang will be kept in check but Ribbons has plans for dealing with them if they forget their place which makes Grace all giddy. Besides, White Fang will serve as a great distraction to get ZEXIS off their tails and weaken them so that Ribbons can move in for the kill and get the Twin Drive System. After all, ZEXIS simply can't resist trying to stop White Fang once they hear this news which will make things easy considering he has a spy in Celestial Being right at this very moment.... Innovade Vision!

Duo and Hilde can't believe what they just witnessed and Hilde is sure OZ isn't going to take this sitting down. The rest of Gundam boys are adamant that they deal with White Fang now before they grow too strong. Noin on the other hand longingly calls out Millardo's name which Heero notices. Heero tells her that this is the Epyon's doing and that defeating him doesn't mean he has to die. It would make Relena sad which Heero wont stand for. Crowe and Lock-On walk in to discuss the threat of White Fang and the upcoming battle with Zechs which Kira and Athrun agree that it's overdue.

Marie enters but seems to be acting differently. When they ask Marie if she's fine she tells them that she's Soma, seems like she's returned to soldier mode. Shinn and Lunamaria worry for her state of mind but she brushes them all off, she isn't in the mood to talk. Alleujah tells them that the death of Sergei has effected her greatly. However when he tries to talk to "Marie" he gets Soma instead who tells him that she's Soma, she doesn't need him nagging, and she will avenge Sergei's death by herself before storming off.

Crowe is starting to wonder if Maria/Soma is like a certain Tsundere(Esther) that is smitten with him. Alleujah doesn't want Marie/Soma fighting anymore but it's out of his hands. Lock-On tells him not to give up and just protect her which Alleujah is resigned to. Amuro tells him that it'll work out which puts Alleujah's at ease. Though Amuro wonders if the same mistakes will repeat themselves once more even in this world.

Saji is depressed over not being able to reach Louise in the last battle and that Setsuna was severely wounded. Kamille tries to cheer him up but can't. Setsuna appears and tells Saji he's fine and not to blame himself. Kamille on the other hand can sense that Setsuna is far from fine but keeps it to himself. Heero asks Setsuna if he's fine and he says that he is, Heero tells him to continue striving to become "Gundam" which Setsuna says he plans to do just that which cheers up Kamille. Setsuna tells Saji to keep fighting and that he will save Louise, Amuro and Kamille are glad at how optimistic Setsuna is being considering he was just shot.

Saji isn't sure he can save Louise but Setsuna tells him to stop doubting himself. Sure Saji hates fighting but he isn't fighting to kill, he's fighting to save Louise who's in a dark place right now. Saji cheers up, Heero talks to Setsuna about the Zero System and that with Wing Zero he'll help Setsuna become Gundam. The alarm goes off, White Fang is on the move.

Qattro is leading the assault and knows ZEXIS will be here soon which he has doubts about fighting. Ribbons meanwhile watches from the shadows waiting for the chance to activate his spy. ZEXIS arrives on the scene(Launch ACE'd Setsuna if you want to save Anew, he isn't Auto) and are greeted by Quattro. Amuro and Kamille ask why he's fighting them but he tells them that he must follow his own beliefs on what's right and wrong. If he's wrong then they just need to beat some sense into him. Kamille makes an appeal to tell him that OZ is messed up and White Fang isn't any better. ZEXIS tries to convince him to abandon this foolish crusade but Quattro denies them.

ZEXIS resolves to kick his ass but Anew is acting strangely while Crowe and Lock-On are having friendly banter. Lock-On asks Anew if she's alright which snaps her out of her trance and she says that she's fine. Lock-On tells her that he loves her which causes Lasse to tell him that this isn't really the place for love declarations and the CB girl finds this romantic. Fedlt even encourages Anew who is embarrassed at Lock-On being so open about their relationship. ZEXIS congratulates Lock-On who says that this will all be a piece of cake and that he'll make a real woman out of Anew when this is over.

Once Quattro is defeated Ribbons decides that now is the time to set his plan in motion now that Quattro has completely distracted ZEXIS. Amuro senses Ribbons and the Super Soldiers feel that something is wrong. Ribbons orders that Anew be awakened and her memories unsealed. Anew remember she's an Innovade and takes over the Ptolemaios II and ends up shooting at the crew when they try to figure out why she's acting strange. She escapes the ship after damaging it(It can't move, also don't use Trans-AM or it'll bug Anew) and heads to where her mecha is awaiting her.

Lock-On asks Anew what she's doing and she tells him that she's an Innovade and was a spy all along. Ian tells Lock-On to stop her but he can't bring himself to pull the trigger. Lock-On is conflicted on what to do and Crowe can't say anything to get his mind off Anew's betrayal. Ribbons orders Anew and Ali Al'Sachez to go crush ZEXIS, destroy that annoying ship, and get him the Twin Drive System. Amuro and Ribbons have a chat and Ribbons tells Amuro that he's weak and he lacks the ability to lead humanity to their evolution. Ribbons departs after a bit more dickery living just Anew and Ali Al'Sachez behind.

Setsuna is furious that Ribbons is gone, Quattro on the other hand has just figured out that Ribbons has played him for a fool. Millardo appears to reinforce Quattro whoch surprises Heero and Noin but Amuro has more than a few choice word for Millardo. Like why is he doing it? Simple, this is the path Epyon has shown him. Millardo tells Quattro to come over here but Quattro tells Millardo that they're no longer partners and he rejoins ZEXIS after last minute convincing by Amuro and Kamille. Millardo is sad that he lost his second in command and tells Quattro they're enemies, and that Quattro should be prepared to fight to the death.

Ali Al-Sachez asks Setsuna how that bullet wound is feeling, Setsuna tells him to shut up and prepare for his ass kicking. Anew asks Lock-On to join her in getting the Twin Drive System but he's reluctant to hurt her or betray ZEXIS. Crowe encourages her not to give up but Setsuna tells Lock-On that he doesn't need to pull the trigger. Instead Setsuna will do that for him. Lock-On tells him to shut up. Lock-On says that not even ZEXIS should get in his way and he'll take care of Anew on his own.

Millardo reminds everyone that he's still present and has the larger force and that Anew and Ali Al'Sachez aren't hot stuff at all since he's here. Heero and Noin haven't forgotten but Noin is reluctant to face Millardo since she still loves him. Millardo thinks of Relena, his sister, as he prepares to trash Heero whom Relena loves. When Heero fights Millardo he tells Heero that they must fight as warriors which Heero takes him up on. When Noin fights him Millardo purposely doesn't aim to kill her and entrusts Relena to Noin.

Once Anew has been attacked Mr. Bushido appears with his mecha now upgraded. He tells Millardo that he isn't here to fight him and is only here to fight "Gundam". Millardo has his dolls ignore Mr.Bushido as he issues his challenge to Setsuna. Unknown to Mr.Bushido Setsuna is suffering from GN Poisoning and wont be fighting at his best. Which Setsuna doesn't bother to tell Mr. Bushido when the warrior attacks him with Trans-AM.

Setsuna is taunted by Ali Al'Sachez who doesn't put up much of a fight and quickly retreats. Lock-On tries to convince Anew to stop fighting but she's an Innovade and since he has chosen to stay with ZEXIS it means she must kill him. Lock-On doesn't believe she'll pull the trigger but they he still need to at least disable her mecha so he can hold her in his arms and properly convince her to stop all this.

After Mr.Bushido is defeated he swears that he will make ZEXIS pay and that Gundam will be defeated by him. Lock-On attacks Anew (With second Trans-AM attack) and damages her mecha. Anew tries to escape but Lock-On grabs onto her mecha and tells her he wont let her slips throw his fingers and that he loves her. Anew tries to tell him that she's an Innovade but he tells her that doesn't matter and that he doesn't want to lose her. This snaps Anew out of her Innovade state and Lock-On goes on to convince that he still loves her despite what happened and doesn't blame her for anything.

Lock-On tells her to open her cockpit which she does. Ribbons takes control of Anew who attacks Lock-On. Ribbons/Anew explains to everyone that he's everywhere and that it's disgusting that Anew has fallen in love with a mere human. Anew attacks Lock-On but is stopped at the last second. Setsuna watches in silence as Lock-On tells Anew to snap out of it and break free from what's controlling her. Anew and Lock-On enter a strange place, like the Trans-AM Burst from before, and they finally understand each other.

Anew is glad that she has met Lock-On and that she can finally understand his true feelings. Lock-On tells her that he's glad and that he understands her as well. They return back to reality. Setsuna tells Lock-On that this is his only chance to save Anew. Lock-On quickly grabs Anew before her mecha can explode though Crowe asks if he managed to save her. Lock-On says that Anew is passed out and Setsuna tells him to take her off the battlefield so she can be treated which Lock-On thanks Setsuna for.

Saji is glad that Setsuna didn't kill Anew and that he helped Lock-On save Anew. Crowe is also glad but a bit jealous that Lock-On managed to save Anew in such a cool manner which really puts the pressure on Crowe to save Esther. Saji thinks that that the chances of him succeeding aren't so dim after all which is what Setsuna had already told him already.

Millardo is the only one left and after he gets his beating he tells ZEXIS that this isn't over. Noin calls out to him but he tells her that this is the path he has chosen to walk, then takes his leave. Heero marks Millardo as his next mission, for Relena's sake. With that the battle ends.

Relena is depressed over the news that her brother is her enemy. Dorothy takes this moment to sink her claws into the vulnerable Relena. What will she do about this? Pacifism means nothing in a world that thrives off war. The only way she can obtain peace is if she stops hiding behind the holier than though pacifism and fights. Dorothy is enjoying herself way too much in tormenting Relena, but just then they get a call from an unexpected man who wants to talk to Relena.

Back aboard ZEXIS Setsuna asks Lock-On how Anew is doing. Her condition has stablized but she hasn't awakened yet. However he has hope in her recovery and Celestial Being has decided not to keep her in captivity for her betrayal. Lock-On again thanks Setsuna for helping him save Anew. The rest of the Meisters and Crowe are happy about Anew being saved though they change the topic to Marie/Soma who isn't herself yet. Lock-On cheers on Alleujah to try and reach Marie/Soma just like he was able to reach Anew. Though Crowe wouldn't mind a little compensation for saving Anew, of course he's joking.

Quattro is walking around without his shades. Kamille asks him if everything is okay. The rest of ZEUTH welcome Quattro back into the fold and Quattro says he's fine with working with ZEXIS once more. Recent events have really opened his eyes after all. There's still Millardo to talk sense into but Heero will have to wait another time for that. Garrod bursts in on everyone and says that a ZONE has been spotted and they need to head there ASAP. Crowe isn't liking this turn of events at all.

Stage 35 - Destroy the satellite weapon and go to Space

Carlos finds Gaioh in a city, strange to see the giant enjoying himself. Though he must be crazy if he thinks he's fooling anyone of his identity with those shades. Still, no one seems to notice Gaioh or the fact that he could level the city in an instant. Carlos talks to Gaioh and the two decide to renew their little friendship, besides it's not like Gaioh has anything better to do anyway. Other than eating those delicious hot dogs that is.

Anbrorn is still adjusting to treating Uther as her Ruler and is happily back to being a mad scientist. Uther reminds her that he's still in charge and that she should remember to watch her tone when she addresses him when she gets too giddy and assumes Uther will let her do as she pleases like before. Now that he has situated his power he wants her to put all her effort in empowering Insalaum. He questions whether this ZONE attempt will even be successful and warns Anbrorn that failure will not be tolerated.

Anbrorn quickly tells Uther that her plan will succeed this time and that she has the perfect trap set in for ZEXIS. There's no way ZEXIS will stop ZONE this time but Uther isn't convinced. He tells her that for her sake ZONE better work or there will be dire repercussions. Anbrorn says that she wont fail, she has personally seen to this and that Uther's Knight of Knights merely needs to do his part after the trap has been sprung.

Saji talks to Setsuna about what has happened and if he's holding up alright. Setsuna is, though before they can talk further Lock-On asks Saji to leave so he can talk to Setsuna privately. It's about ZEXIS and Anew. No matter, they've already worked out that detail and Anew will be returning to the bridge to help out when she can. Thus there is no bad blood between them. Instead they need to discuss how to deal with that ZONE which they will stop.(Though if Anew dies Lock-On is less pleasant with Setsuna but lets go of his anger because ZONE is a more important issue)

The rest of ZEXIS are discussing the fact that Moon Will has sprung up once more and is actively causing everyone a ton of issues. The space team can't do anything about him at the moment but it still doesn't change that this news isn't good at all. It seems that when things simply couldn't get worse they somehow do get worse. However they need to focus on ZONE and everyone suspects that Anbrorn has another trick up her sleeve. How right they are.

Crowe tells everyone not to worry and that they've got this in the bag. If worse comes he'll just sacrifice himself with his sphere to stop ZONE, they tell him to stop joking like that. Even though Basara lightened the mood it doesn't change that Crowe was serious. He doesn't want it to come that since he still wants to save Esther and stop ZONE once and for all. Though if it does come to that he leaves it to the rest of them to save her in his stead.

ZEXIS arrives and Soma asks if Anew is alright which she says that he has recovered enough to do resume her duties. Sumeragi isn't sure but Anew tells her not to worry. The rest of the crew tell Anew that they don't hold anything against her and are glad she's back with them once more. Lock-On tells her not to push herself but if this is what she wants he wont stop her.

As the operation to stop ZONE commences, with ZEXIS saying they'll stop it, they encounter a new type of Guardian DM which appears at ZONE. Crowe moves ahead of the pack but ZEXIS warns that this one seems different but before they can act they are assaulted by the DM, is it using ZONE? Crowe finds himself in a strange place and sees a pained Esther who desperately calls out to him. Despite Crowe calling out to her and trying to save her with all his might he can't seem to reach her as she fades away while saying his name and he's pulled back to reality as he screams for Esther.

When he returns to his senses he screams out Esther's name yet she is nowhere in sight. Was what he saw real? The rest of ZEXIS is also being assaulted by images of those they had lost and everyone suffers a severe moral downgrade. The Arksabers' trap has been sprung and ZEXIS is in trouble now! However, even when down for the count ZEXIS manages to fight back and once they have done enough damage Crowe decides he has had enough of this.

With the power of his sphere he breaks through his fears of losing Esther for good which causes Wayne to admire his resolve. Just then Asakim appears and decides to "help" ZEXIS, despite them not trusting a thing he says, and will serve as a distraction for the massive DM. ZEXIS is in no position to say no but Wayne sure as heck isn't going to be made a fool of! He attacks Asakim but is surprised when Asakim easily damages his mecha and is forced to retreat. Clearly Asakim wants to "help".

When Crowe confronts the DM he's bitter over being forced to see Esther in such a hopeless situation. Though if anything this has renewed his resolve to save Esther and stop ZONE which he will start with by tearing this DM a new one. The other ZEXIS members also get over their fears once they confront the DM as well. Clearly things aren't going as planned for Anbrorn.

Once the DM is defeated the ZONE begins to activate on its own and threatens to devour everything. Crowe decides that it's time to sacrifice himself to stop ZONE and tells ZEXIS to take care of Esther for him since he can't once ZONE gets him. ZEXIS pleads with him not to go but they swear that they will save Esther. Asakim finds this touching but he can't have Crowe fading away just yet. Asakim takes the ZONE hit for his own reasons which ZEXIS knows is for his own benefit, helping them is just extra. Besides, getting devoured by ZONE isn't all that bad for Asakim who enjoys the bright lights before he's engulfed. With that ZONE is stopped.

Intermission - Diversion Team and Satellite Destroy Team Merge

Zero informs everyone that ZONE has been stopped and though they weren't able to stop the weapon from firing they at least were able to minimize the damages. It was a close call and once again Crowe tried to make heroic sacrifice only someone else took the bullet for him... Again. Regardless, ZONE was stopped. Who cares if Asakim is stuck in ZONE now?

Anyway, back to business. Tetsujin 28 was captured by BRANCH, but the team was able to get it back. And it's got a shiny new ability to boot. Oh, and thanks Space team for all that debris that rained down on the earth which caused some real devastation. Though at least it brought out Ryouma who's dead set on kicking Dr. Satome's ass in his Black Getter which he was doing all on his own before ZEXIS convinced him to stay and rejoin ZEXIS like the good old times. Though it turns out his Getter is black not because it was painted that way but because it burned up in the Earth's atmosphere and the paint peeled off. Huh.

Moon Will is running around now but on the bright side Final Dancougar is back in to the fold and the Nova team is at full strength once more with Eida helping them reform Dancougar Nova MAXGOD. It was scary when Moon Will sent those giant beasts to destroy the base but the diversion team did just fine in holding them back. Of course Moon Will told them that this isn't over but isn't that what all cliche villains say after getting knocked down a peg?

Anyway, the space team had fun adventures too. They got to team up with old friends to try and stop debris though sadly Sergei died which has traumatized Marie into her Soma state. Then there's the whole Anew situation where she nearly died but thanks to Crowe being there Lock-On was able to do the right thing to save her without Setsuna jumping the gun.

With that said, at the hangar the team members get reacquainted with each other the space team is glad to see Ryouma again. He explains that he has been off training and more about his Black Getter which he built with his own mainly hands. Whatever the case Ryouma is glad he didn't ditch the guys back on Earth when he first ran into the Diversion team. Though it'll take some getting used to concerning Genki who goes by Kei now and has grown into a fine young woman.

Ryouma doesn't mind the thought of getting into battle with Insalaum and to stop ZONE. In fact he welcomes the challenge. The rest of the team get on Crowe's case for again trying to be a suicidal hero which isn't something he wants to get into. They tell him not to do things like that again since they like having him around. Crowe tells them that he'll try but no promises, okay?

Alto greets Eida and asks how she's doing and if she's okay dropping her idol deal to be a pilot once more. Eida says that she can always return to her idol work later, because if the world's destroyed, she's sorta out of the job anyway. Poor Ranka and Sheryl don't have a giant mecha to pilot so they can't be as proactive about saving the world as Eida but at least they can keep singing right? Besides, she has her manager and boyfriend Johnny with her so everything will work out.

The Final Dancougar team plans to make use of their time here to prepare to defeat Moon Will alongside the Nova Team. If it wasn't for him they would still be hanging out back at the base with F.S. doing cool covert stuff. Though they wished they were filled in more about ZONE since had they known the gravity of the situation they would have joined up much sooner when the Nova Team did. No matter, they're here now and their help is more than welcome.

Stage 36

ZEXIS is interrogating a captured Arksaber member about what ZONE really is and he's proving pretty informative considering that Arksaber have all proven ridiculously loyal to Uther up to date. Whatever the case ZONE is needed by Insalaum for a number of reasons(Such as for a bomb hence why ZONE tends to try and blow up every time ZEXIS runs into them) and they don't plan on stopping anytime soon despite all the setbacks because of ZEXIS. The Arksaber reveals that they have the ability to control the ZONE and isn't just a tool to destroy stuff and they aren't really evil or anything. It's just to try and drag the ZEXIS world into the Insalaum verse. Sure many will die but for Insalaum! They haven't exactly worked out how this will benefit Insalaum in the long run but it's their orders.

They are also still after Gerard's killer which would be Crowe since he has a sphere, Anbrorn is still angry about losing a specimen, and the such. Oh and because they asked so nicely the Arksaber goes on to explain how their mecha works, what it allows them to do, and that those other pilots(Rand and Setsuko) have the same works in their own mecha as well(Which Wayne and the such pointed out in past stages)... For some reason. ZONE can also be stopped if they use enough focus fire however all past attempts have proven otherwise but whatever. With that they can't get any more concrete information out of him and he's escorted out by Setsuna to his cell.

As the Captains try and make use of what information they had just learned, and differing the final decision to Zero, they're interrupted by Feldt who has picked up another ZONE already. Didn't they just take a few out? Clearly Insalaum means business. The Captains give the order to head out to ZONE and that everyone should be prepared for a battle.

At the site is Gaioh, who has easily demolished ZONE. Insalaum are truly naive if they think they have any idea what ZONE is compared to a Master. It was all fun, but Gaioh is bored now and moves on to play with the Insalaum's poorly made DMs. Marilyn orders them to kill Gaioh, but he crushes them without even needing to get off his throne. Marilyn can't believe what just happened. But before she can regather her wits, Gaioh destroys the Guardian DM.

With that out of the way Marilyn is furious. Gaioh doesn't even feel like killing her, she clearly isn't worth his time. In fact, he didn't even notice her this entire time. But if she wants to die she can go throw her useless Pearl Fang at him, not like she stands a chance against him. Marilyn's Firebug guards tell her to calm down and that they're standing before the Gaioh, the same Gaioh from Hakai-Hen that kicked Insalaum's ass.

Marilyn isn't really in the listening mood and has broken down completely as she shouts at Gaioh, who isn't even paying attention to her as she threatens to kill him. Gaioh finds this amusing but before any real fighting can happen, Firebug notices that ZEXIS is coming and they're in no position to deal with them. Thus Marilyn calls the retreat but she lets Gaioh know just how mad he's made her which he laughs at. Gaioh doesn't even bother to chase her and instead waits for ZEXIS.

When ZEXIS arrives they're quite surprised to see Gaioh and that he has destroyed ZONE and countless DMs. Gaioh greets his old adversaries and tells them that he's looking forward to Round 2... Or whatever number they're on now. ZEXIS reminds him that he's supposed to be dead. Gaioh says that he wasn't really fighting seriously back then, killing ZEXIS in the past wouldn't have been fun at all considering they're nowhere near at his level yet. The new ZEXIS members really have no idea what's going on except Go who can sense the power Gaioh is giving off while the ZEXIS vets are barely able to contain themselves from launching.

Carlos comes in to greet ZEXIS. ZEXIS rightfully is confused at why Carlos is doing back with Gaioh and what he's planning. Not telling, besides he actually likes Gaioh. Or did they forget when he told them that back in Hakai-Hen? Furthermore the world could use Gaioh running around considering how messed up things still are, which was something ZEXIS said they were trying to prevent back in Hakai-Hen. So yeah, great job guys. That totally worked out.

Whatever the case this chat was fun but it must come to an end. Carlos is adamant on sticking with his buddy Gaioh. However, as his manager it wouldn't be right for Gaioh to fight ZEXIS just yet, so Carlos doesn't allow it. Gaioh tells ZEXIS that he'll go smash them another day, and until then they should get stronger and use ZONE as a good practice. It wouldn't do at all if they're a bunch of weaklings when they do actually fight.

With that Gaioh gives his regards, grabs Carlos, and takes his leave. ZEXIS is pretty bitter about all this, but they know they don't have the means to stop Gaioh at this time since he's clearly far more powerful than before. Besides, their priority is stopping ZONE, and they just got a message from F.S. to head into space because of some anomaly.

In space more ZEUTH members have already arrived at the scene and are observing the anomaly. Their knowledge of what the anomaly is is still a mystery, but in theory ZEUTH can cross through it to ZEXIS and vice versa. Sure there may be limitations, like only one jump a year, but they only really need one jump. Tiffa has also been helpful in keeping communications alive with those back on ZEUTH and that some of their friends may be arriving soon. However, things don't go without a hitch.

Insalaum forces appear and seem to be pretty interested in that big anomaly. It would be pretty bad for everyone if Insalaum gets a stranglehold on this mysterious anomaly and learns that they may be able to put it to use. Thus it's up to them to hold off Insalaum until ZEXIS gets there to reinforce them. Which means Diana and Lacus need to go hide out back since their transport isn't exactly outfitted for combat.

Now the remaining trio are against pretty daunting odds but hey, it'll at least prove interesting. After all things have been boring as of late and they could use the target practice. They should be more serious but that's just not their style, besides it's not like they have to shoot them all down. All that they need to do is hold out for ZEXIS which is something even they can do, right?

After a bit of stalling the anomaly starts to go off on its own and out pops the Eternal. Diana, Tiffa, and Lacus reappear and board the Eternal and move to help the trio against Insalaum. The Eternal crew are pretty happy to see Lacus again and that their jump didn't leave them all screwed up or anything. Jamil and sexy Ennil have appeared to lend a hand as well. This is just perfect since they could use the extra help before ZEXIS arrives.

White Fang forces appear and things aren't looking good for ZEUTH who are not even more outnumbered. Luckily for them ZEXIS arrives and they're pretty surprised to see the Eternal. Kira and Athrun in particular are happy to see Lacus again and they now have access to their Meteor packs once more. Garrod is also glad to see Tiffa again and he gets a nice surprise when Pala Sys launches in the G-Falcon and docks with the the Double X granting it even greater power.

The rest of ZEUTH gush at how awesome it is that there's a possible way to return home now and that they're glad to meet their own friends. Before they can get too far ahead of themselves Marguerite appears. She isn't here to fight though and quickly reveals where Aim has been hiding the entire time. Aim is a bit miffed that he was revealed but he'll instead turn this around by taking Crowe's sphere.

Now this is all good and it goes back to talk of ZONE, ZEUTH, that anomaly, and such. Aim has taken hold of the Arksaber prisoner. ZEXIS really could use some better bodyguards. All this ZONE stuff is getting quite bothersome and may have been the reason ZEUTH was brought into ZEXIS Verse. However Aim is sounding like a broken record and considering his sphere they can't exactly get anything out of him that makes sense. Instead he just serves to add more unanswered questions for ZEXIS and ZEUTH. His taunting also is getting annoying and Crowe has had enough so its ass kicking time, oh and Marguerite can help but it's not like she'll put up much a fight against Aim anyway.

Aim has a friendly chat with Crowe, though it is a pain that Aim couldn't have just died all that time ago back in Hakai-Hen. Besides, Crowe isn't his friend and he hasn't forgotten that Aim is a master of deceit and wants his sphere. Once Aim is defeated he gives his regards to Crowe and that they'll be seeing more of him from now on since Marguerite revealed he was still alive.

As for Marguerite she decides to return to Arksabers and she's still Crowe's enemy but for today she doesn't have the stomach to fight Crowe. Zero tells her that her aid was appreciated and that they wouldn't have found Aim without her so she's free to go. With Marguerite gone ZEXIS lets it set in that Aim is indeed back which means Crowe is going to be hunted by him once more. The rest of ZEUTH say they're glad to see their friends and ask of their home and if they can get back once things are settled. They don't have answers and instead ask about speaking with ZEXIS further.

Turns out that ZEUTH members can't return home just yet. In fact they didn't expect the whole jump to work and were betting a lot on things going right considering the low success chance. It wouldn't be a good idea to hop into the anomaly, at least not until they've studied it more extensively. Whatever the case everything else is doing well in ZEUTH verse so they can afford to step tight for the time being and help ZEXIS out with their problems.

Jamil fills in the Captains on ZEUTH and that they shouldn't expect more members to come through anytime soon. There's also rules such as you can't have the same person of one universe jump to another that he's present in. They also haven't worked out how the jumps work yet but they'll study it further while lending ZEXIS a hand since it's too risky to jump in blindly again. Zero allows this, he sees no need to deny their help since they're offering.

Chirico's old theme music kicks in. An old "friend" of his has decided that now is the time to remind Chirico that he's still alive and that Chirico hasn't saved his woman yet. Chirico is dead serious now and the music makes him want to head out on his own. ZEXIS can't understand where that music is coming from but they're working to locate where the signal is being sent from since this is clearly an invitation. Zero and Kallen are worried about Chirico but they can't snap him out of his super serious mood.

Meanwhile Ribbons is more than a bit angry that the world now knows the truth of the A-Laws. This really makes it much harder for him to exert his hold on the World and the other factions are already moving to capitalize on these revelations. This is clearly the work on someone powerful... Wiseman? Whoever is responsible doesn't change that Ribbons is feeling the burn and must put his plans into motion much sooner than intended but he's far from over and expected that something like this may eventually happen. Grace needs to get her ass moving too even though she isn't exactly prepared to make her move just yet. Ribbons also may have to start making use out of Louise now, he can't afford to play games anymore after all.

Stage 37

The Black Knights are chatting away with Tamaki being... Tamaki. This isn't a social call and Tamaki should be acting more serious. Or at least that's what he's told but this is Tamaki so he isn't about to let the grouches tell him his place. Talk then changes to Chirico who has been extremely quiet since getting the message. Kallen worries for him since this is clearly not healthy. Tamaki ends up saying something he regrets, he clearly doesn't understand how sensitive this issue is to Chirico and how easy it would be for Chirico to kill him for making light of this challenge.

Chirico wants to meet the challenge and save his woman no matter what anyone says. Since it was a challenge meant for just him he clearly should go alone which means he'll be walking into a trap. Kallen can do nothing for Chirico, Gamlin enters and tells Chirico he has guest and to meet Zero on the bridge. Basara tries to cheer him up but Chirico brushes him off and takes his leave. Kallen is hurt that her friend is suffering so and that nobody is able to reach him.

Mr.I Tortured You In the Past is here to talk to Chirico. It's about his woman and the Perfect Soldier System/Program which gets Chirico's attention. However there's no good news to be had since she and her captor haven't been seen for some time. Which means that he's going to stick around for a bit but that the challenge is real and Chirico will know when it's time to fight. Zero will allow him to stay but warns him to keep out of trouble or he wont stop Chirico from ripping the guys spin out and beating him to death with it. Point taken.

Also, when the duel does take place Chirico must do it alone. If anyone else interferes Fyana is as good as dead. Not like Chirico needs any help anyway. Zero will allow Chirico to fight alone when the time comes and will keep ZEXIS out of the way of the duel. When the scene fades Wiseman wonders how this will all turn out and if Chirico is indeed worthy.

Kallen is still worried about Chirico but Basara is sure everything will work out. This gets him a scolding but he just decides to sing and play his music to get everyone's spirits up. Now isn't really the time for that but Gamlim tells everyone that this is just Basara doing what he does best. The alarms go off after Gamlin speaks to Alto. Turns out Basara's music may be too good, since Vajra are starting to swarm.

Once ZEXIS arrives and the Vajra swarm in Basara rushes out ahead so that the Vajra can get a private concert starring him! Alto tells Basara that he is being too reckless, but he isn't paying attention.

After the initial Vajra are defeated even more show up. Basara decides that it's time to really let loose and gives them a show they wont ever forget. Gamlin tells Basara that he's going to get swarmed by the Vajra but Basara's already rushed ahead. To make matters worse more enemies appear under the control of Aim. It seems Aim still has control over DMs and has managed to procure some mechs to boot.

Aim reminds them that he did say that they would be seeing more of him since he does want that sphere very badly. Besides, what is he, a liar? Things aren't looking well but Aim makes the mistake of belittling Basara's song. Basara can take it, just barely, but when Aim starts to trash talk Ranka and Sheryl to Alto is when he goes too far. Basara unleashes his ultimate song, DYNAMITE EXPLOSION!

Aim is completely surprised that Basara's music actually hurt him... Pretty painfully in fact. It isn't enough to kill him but that was totally unexpected. Aim asks Basara if that's the best he got which causes Basara tell Gamlin to join in for a unison attack - Gamlin's skills and Basara's song. Needless to say Aim can't take their combined might and Crowe points out that this is what Aim gets for underestimating Basara. Aim reluctantly takes his leave before Basara can wound his pride anymore.

ZEXIS is just as surprised as Basara when Aim retreats but are even more baffled that the Vajra respond to DYNAMITE EXPLOSION and take their leave as well. It seems that Basara is more than an equal to Ranka and Sheryl when it comes to singing masses of Vajra. Even Chirico can't help but smile which cheers up Kallen since he has finally broken free from his super serious mood, at least for the time being. Now all that's left to do is destroy Aim's forces that he left behind.

Once that is taken care of ZEXIS picks up a very strange sight, space whales. It seems Basara's singing had brought them here of all places to pass through. The sight captivates ZEXIS since they've never seen anything like it before, at least not this close. Basara takes this moment to sing to them before seeing them off to where ever they're headed. Basara and Alto have also gained a better understanding of each other thanks to Basara's song.

They properly make peace back aboard the ship once the space whales have gone. Such a strong friendship forged through the power of song! Basara heads off to go practice. Gamlin and Alto talk about the Valkyrie units they had to fight in the battle and aren't sure how Aim could have obtained them or in that number considering they aren't cheap and have that fresh coat of paint. Perhaps someone high up on the Frontier Fleet is doing Aim some favors?

Basara goes and visits Chirico. Though Basara isn't the smartest even he could tell that his song had effected Chirico. Chirico doesn't deny this and is pretty much back to his regular serious self which makes Kallen happy to hear. Duo runs in and says to go turn on the TV. The news shows Relena who is now taking action against White Fang.

Everyone is rightly confused that Relena would so publicly take such a stance since she was all about absolute pacifism. Clearly something is up or she's in a position where she can't sit back and try to change the world through peaceful means anymore. Noin tells them that nothing has changed and that she'll still follow her original orders from Relena to help ZEXIS even though Relena can no longer offer such aid. Heero says he'll take care of Millardo, for Relena's sake.

Uther is troubled by the news of Gaioh's return and that the snake Aim isn't dead. If he recalls it was Marguerite that told him that was the case, clearly something is up if even Marguerite was fooled by Aim. No matter Uther will just have to kill them both when the opportunity arises, until then he'll let Anbrorn continue with her research unhindered. Marguerite protests that she doesn't like the thought of Anbrorn having so much power but Uther reminds her that Anbrorn's research has saved Insalaum from disaster and given them power.

Anbrorn is more than happy to receive such praise. She has clearly shown her worth and unlike Marguerite she actually produces results. Besides, Marguerite still has to answer for letting Crowe out of her clutches without even putting up a fight. Even though Aim is an enemy of Insalaum it doesn't excuse Marguerite from helping Crowe defeat him considering that Crowe is also an enemy of Insalaum. Or has Marguerite forgotten that Crowe was the one that killed Gerard? Marguerite tries to protest but is silenced by Uther.

Uther expects Marguerite to play nice and to leave Anbrorn alone to her own devices. Even though Marguerite failed in her duty he will still give her more chances because she's his knight. Though Marguerite would do well to remember that her failures are reflected back upon her Lord. Wayne tells Marguerite that she needs to start getting focused or does she want Uther to fail and Insalaum to fall? If she doesn't have the will to fight then get off the battlefield and leave it to him because he wont stand for her holding Insalaum back from greatness.

That may have been a bit harsh and Uther tells Wayne that he shouldn't be so hard on Marguerite. He has faith that she will do her duty as his knight and that this mishap wont occur again. Wayne bows to the judgement of Uther but he doesn't take back his words. In fact he's still a bit mad that Cheval died protecting Marguerite and that it wasn't he that was there to fight by Cheval's side before he drew his last breath. Wayne takes his leave to carry out his orders since unlike Marguerite he has been pretty successful with everything not involving Crowe.

Anbrorn takes this time to gloat over how pathetic Marguerite has become. Clearly she's no longer the strong and loyal knight of the past that would have obeyed Uther without question. Uther tells her to watch her tongue. Besides, Anbrorn has more important things to do than to gloat. Or does Uther need to remind her of her duties as well? Not at all, in fact her research has been most fruitful and Uther will have more than enough DMs at his command. All that is left is for Uther to say the word...

Elsewhere Charles is having a friendly chat with Aim. Aim finds it hilarious that Charles has sat back so idly by for so long. After all, all of Charles plans haven't reached fruition at all and this Geass business really seems boring. Aim also points out that Charles already knows about Lelouch getting his memories back yet has done nothing about it. Charles says that it's fine for Lelouch to play hero a bit longer, besides V.V. wants to take out Lelouch on his own which Charles is fine with. Whatever, Aim is out and leaves the pair as V.V. lays down a plot on how to deal with Lelouch. Little does V.V. know is that Charles has no faith in his success and in fact is betting on V.V. failing.

Intermission - Dark Continent or Area 11

Gaioh is having a swell time in the city and can't get enough of those magnificent Hot Dogs. Carlos is still working with Traiya but that doesn't mean he has ditched the giant since he's also his manager. It's better this way since with Carlos around Gaioh is focused has been kept from randomly destroying things or converting people into DMs. Besides, Gaioh has thus far helped smack Insalaum around so being friends with him has some perks. Though it is proving expensive to keep Gaioh from running off on his own or to contain his thirst for battle.

All isn't well at the Dark Continent and Zero's absence in Area 11 has been felt with Britannia tightening its hold there with Nunnally being used as a pawn. Zero tells everyone else to head to the Dark Continent, only the Black Knights are needed for Area 11 though Heero eventually decides that he wants to tag along too, if just to keep an eye on Zero, which Zero has no issues with.

Traiya informs Crowe that she has made progress to restore Esther. Of course she wont know if anything will work until after they get a hold of Esther so they can be put to the rest. Leave it to Crowe which Traiya already planned on that though she tells Crowe that she doesn't want Esther dying and that she will never forgive him if that ends up being the case should he fail.

Crowe is speechless but she quickly says that she has faith he'll succeed and to disregard what she just said. Just then one of Traiya's experiments explodes in the background and Crowe asks what's going on. Traiya says it's nothing to worry about but she really must tend to that. You know, before the whole place catches fire.

But before that lets check out how much he has earned for saving the world again. Another explosion occurs and Crowe asks if this is really the time for this. Nonsense, there's always time for money. Speaking of money Crowe has earned a decent amount already and is one track to paying off his debt and will earn some more coin once he successful returns from the Dark Continent or Area 11. Traiya asks him if he has decided where he's going, the Dark Continent of Area 11.

Dark Continent seems to need more help so the bulk of ZEXIS will be heading there while Zero is adamant that Area 11 is a Black Knights issue and that he doesn't want to divert any more of their forces from the Dark Continent mission than need be. Whichever choice Crowe makes Traiya wishes him luck while she goes to deal with all those "random" explosions. Clearly someone has screwed up, touched something they weren't supposed to, and the such thus it's up to her to fix whatever is breaking down. Hard to tell what is broken though considering she has many experiments going on at the same time.

Uther in the meantime talks to DM-Esther since he has a lot on his mind concerning everything that has happened and the return of Gaioh to the fore front. DM-Esther responds to Uther's kindness and Uther says he's glad he has a friend like DM-Esther. Before he can get too emotional with DM-Esther he's interrupted by Wayne who can't help but wonder why Uther is spending so much time talking to a DM. Uther regains his composure and gets back to business on their next course of action to deal with Gaioh, ZEXIS, and reminding the world just how relevant ZONE still is despite it always failing...

Stage 38 - Dark Continent

Yoko has become a teacher since departing from team Dai-Gurren and is enjoying her new peaceful life. Though the kids suspect that she's the famous Yoko but she tells them that they're mistaken and that she is just their teacher, Yomako. Just as she's bonding with the children, the school is attacked by Beastmen that are here to loot.

This sets Yomako off to deal with them with the kids surprised that Yomako is indeed Yoko. The Beastmen tell Yomako to get out of the way or they'll smash her too, all they're after is her stuff. Yomako tells the kids that they should pay attention and she explains what isn't appropriate behavior as she tears the Beastmen a new one.

Once the Beastmen are defeated he tells Yomako that she'll get hers eventually. She wants to know what they think they're doing, as far as she knows the Beastmen shouldn't have any more issues with humans. Yomako gets the heads up that something has happened on the Dark Continent and that the Beastmen have rebelled with Viral and his buddies ordering them around. Fearing for Nia and Simon's safety she tells the kids that she has to go but she'll be back when she's finished her business.

ZEXIS is fast approaching Kamina City. They still do have a good idea of what exactly is going on but they hope that they'll get more answers once they arrive. Kittan radios in that he's glad to see Simon after all that time. You know considering that Simon was sorta exiled after he was busted out of prison. Whatever the case Viral and his buddies have been making a real ruckus in the Dark Continent. Kittan gets in word that Viral is now heading towards Kamina City, they plan to sack it to the ground.

Kittan tells Simon not to come since returning means he'll be executed. Simon doesn't care and Hayato sides with Simon saying that he has just as much of a right to go help Kamina City. Kittan is speechless but he admires their resolve and tells them good luck and that Simon better not get himself killed over this.

Kamina City is under siege by the Beastmen lead by Viral, Timp, Jason Beck, and Kan Yu. Rossiu sends out the Grapearl defense force but the odds of them succeeding is pretty much nonexistent. There are simply too many Beastmen for them to take on. They know this as well and are sure this will be easy while Viral is silent, he could care less about this attempt to seize Kamina City. The others are free to do what they want but Viral is intent on fighting against Simon when he shows his face to save Kamina City. That's just fine with the rest of them.

ZEXIS shows up just as Viral predicted and Team Gurren cheer Simon on since they had faith he would show up. Nia in particular is extremely happy that her lover has returned. Rossiu on the other hand isn't happy to see Simon. Has Simon forgot the whole exile or get executed thing? Simon tells Rossiu that he'll take his punishment after he has saved Kamina City. Hayato says that Simon isn't here of his own free will and is here as a member of ZEXIS thus if Rossiu has an issue he needs to take it with ZEXIS not Simon. Gimmy and Darry also yell at Rossiu to get off Simon's back which gets him to relent and call back his Grapearl forces.

Jack and Timp are pretty angry that the Grapearls retreated and they know that a very painful ass kicking is coming for them. No matter Timp tells Kan Yu that they can use this opportunity for some good old fashion revenge before taking this city. Viral on the other hand has his sights on Simon.

The rest of ZEXIS say that they'll clear this place out quickly and leave Viral to him. Crowe asks Roger Smith what he's doing here, wasn't he supposed to be at Area 11 with Zero? Roger says that he has already taken care of business there and Zero is in the middle of formulating a strategy of his own that will take some time. Crowe is fine with that, he's sure Roger had his reasons for taking a detour to Area 11 before joining back up for the Dark Continent mission.

Viral shouts out a challenge to Simon which Simon is more than happy to accept. Their fight has been put to hold for too long and today they're going to find out which one of them comes out on top. Fine, Viral has been looking forward to putting that human in his place and Simon likewise to Viral's ugly mug. With that the battle commences.

Kan Yu wants to take Chirico out and says he'll kill Fyana too when he finds her but Chirico oddly enough says nothing which pisses Kan Yu off. Chirico tells him to cut the chatter and that they'll settle this through battle. Kan Yu takes Chirico up on that offer but proves no match for him. Once he retreats Crowe asks if Chirico is fine with this and Chirico says that Kan Yu isn't worth his time. Besides chasing down Kan Yu wont help him get any closer to saving Fyana.

Once Viral is defeated he tells Simon that he beat him good and that he's glad they finally got to see who the victor would be. Simon is touched by Vira's good sportsmanship as his mecha explodes. Ryouma tells him not to mourn Viral who went out like a true warrior with no regrets, Simon understands perfectly. More Beastman forces show up after the initial forces are defeated and they're out for blood.

Simon is more than prepared to smash them all but Nia tells everyone to stop this fighting. Nia tells the Beastman that her father is no more and that they have no more reason to be fighting humanity. Instead they should let go of their hate and go back to coexisting with humans once more. Nia doesn't want to see anyone get hurt but instead wants everyone to be happy together just like she's happy with Simon. So if there is any decency in their hearts they'll drop their weapons and leave Kamina City in peace. Nia's words touch the Beastmen and they do as she asks.

ZEXIS is surprised that the Beastmen left without a fight and Crowe says that Nia is one hell of a woman to be able to convince an army to quit the battle with nothing but her heart. Nia says that it's thanks to ZEXIS since they gave her this chance and she couldn't have done it without them. Simon exits Gurren Lagann and embraces Nia.

Nia is glad to see Simon again in person and that he has done much good in the world while with ZEXIS. However Nia doesn't want Simon to feel obligated to stay in Kamina City with her and that he should continue to stay with ZEXIS until he has finished what he set out to do. Simon gives Nia a ring but once she receives it she becomes stunned. This causes Simon to panic and he asks Nia what's wrong but all she can do is call out his name as she changes.

Nia reveals herself as the harbinger of the Anti-Spiral. Now that sufficient humans have been born on the surface the Human Extermination Program will now commence. Simon yells at Nia to stop joking but she says she isn't. She isn't Nia, she's an Anti-Spiral and her mission was to keep watch on the humans and should their population swell she is to send the signal out to bring in her brethren. For Spiral Energy is the greatest sin that threatens to devour everything and bring about the Spiral Nemesis.

Simon can't believe what he's hearing, the Nia he knows is so loving yet this one is so cruel yet oddly attractive! Nia tells him that she doesn't love him and the only thing she cares about is fulfilling her part of the Human Extermination Program. Now that the Program is active she no longer feels anything towards the Spirals and calls for her brethren to appear to begin the Human Extermination Program.

Simon screams for Nia as ZEXIS is puzzled at what's happening before their eyes. The Anti-Spirals appear in Kamina City and immediately set out to destroy ZEXIS. Nia boards the green Anti-Spiral as Simon looks on. Ryouma tells Simon to get a hold of himself while Go senses the Invaders are coming as well. It turns out they have a close connection with the Anti-Spirals and have come to lend them a hand in wiping out humanity. For Getter is just as much of a blight as Spiral Energy!

As ZEXIS deals with this new threat Nia bombards ZEXIS and reminds them that she wont let them do as they please. They have all been marked for extermination and she plans to carry that out. Simon can't reach Nia but at this point Banjou appears to lend a hand to ZEXIS. Banjou has been very busy being James Bond behind the scenes but he can no longer sit idly by now that the Anti-Spirals have made their move and joined forces with the Invaders.

Everyone is glad to see Banjou and he tells Simon that now isn't the time to despair. The Nia he knows still exists but if he allows himself to fall into despair then not will he die, the world be doomed, but Nia will be lost as well. So Simon needs to get up and fight for his woman and to defeat these Anti-Spirals! Nia questions how Banjou is so informative of the Anti-Spirals and why he chooses to naively resist anyway.

Banjou tells Nia that she isn't herself and that it'll take more than polygons to scare him into submission. Banjou tells Simon to get in the Gurren Lagann already unless he truly has lost the will to save Nia. Simon is touched by his words but still hesistates until Ryouma yells at him to get his ass moving. Viral appears and says that Simon is one sorry piece of shit. To think he lost to such a buffoon!

Viral tells Simon to take responsibility for defeating him and that "that guy"(Kamina) wouldn't fall to despair and would have taken any challenge no matter what was placed before him. If Simon truly desires to honor the memory of Kamina then he needs to snap the hell out of his daze and face this new hurdle head on. Team Gurren yells out Simon's name as he makes the decision to fight the Anti-Spirals.

Simon plans to show them just what humanity and spiral power can do and he wont stand idly by if they insist on trying to wipe humanity out. Nia tells him he has no hope of success but Simon tells her that he doesn't care how stacked the odds are against him. No matter what he will succeed and he will snap Nia out of whatever is controlling her! Viral says that's a good speech but he could easily do better if he wanted. Simon asks Viral if he knows who the hell he is and Viral responds that he damn well knows who the hell Simon is.

Nia attacks Simon and Viral but Gurren Lagann shields them and Simon and Viral get inside. Viral is disgusted that he's actually inside this Gunman when he had sworn to destroy. Simon asks if he'll fight with him and Viral says that he might as well since Simon has proven himself. They have their speech that former enemies of yesterday are allies of today! They're Gurren Lagann! Just who the hell do you think they are!?

Simon goes full Spiral and Viral tells him to go all out. Banjou is glad that Simon has come back to his senses as is the rest of ZEXIS. Nia asks Simon why he continues to fight against the inevitable but he tells Nia that she of all people should understand. Anti-Spiral or not he wont give up on her even if she's his enemy from now on. Simon tells Viral that it's time to show the Anti-Spiral just what they're made of.

Upon attacking Simon asks Viral if he can handle the controls of Gurren Lagann, Viral says that though as a Beastman he has no spiral energy of his own he can handle it just fine. Besides, he'll be damned if Simon outshines him and if that guy could do it then so can he! When Simon attacks Nia he asks her again to stop this and come back to him. Nia tells him that this is just the beginning and that more Anti-Spirals are coming and have long planned for when humanity would abuse spiral energy once more. Viral isn't sure what to make of this but Simon tells Nia that the Anti-Spiral can come at him with all they got it doesn't change that he will pierce through each and every one of them. Nia calls him naive but Simon says that she can just watch and see his conviction with her own two eyes.

Once Nia is defeated Simon calls out to her but she tells him that today's victories means nothing. The Anti-Spiral are coming and they have plenty of plans already being set in motion to purge humanity before Spiral Energy gets out of control. So enjoy what time they have left because their extermination is coming. Simon can only scream out for Nia as she takes her leave.

The battle is now over and ZEXIS doesn't know what to make of Nia's sudden change or what the Anti-Spirals are or what they're even capable of. Hayato tells Simon they need to get out of here and meet up with the other team. Simon still wants to get to Nia but Viral tells him there will be another chance since he has a feeling they'll be seeing more of these Anti-Spirals in the coming future. As ZEXIS leaves Rossiu is traumatized by the revelation of the Anti-Spiral and as the Leader of Kamina City it's up to him to save his people. This is a huge burden on his shoulders which he isn't sure he can do on his own.

ZEXIS sets a course for Area 11 to meet up with Zero and Heero. Wufei still doesn't trust Zero and doesn't think Heero alone is enough to keep an eye on him or the Black Knights. Ryouma asks how Simon is doing but Roger Smith tells him that Simon is in his room, losing Nia was a huge blow to him after all. Viral says that Simon is too much of a man to let this get to him and that he'll fight even if his body is left broken. Ryouma asks Viral what of him? If he sticking around? Yes Viral is, he's going to observe humanity as LordGenome ordered and he can't do that if the Anti-Spiral have their way. Besides he still wants to settle things with Simon after this is all over.

Banjou has been busy being James Bond but he doesn't reveal too many details since they already know everything that is going on. Roger has also been confiding into Banjou for some time now and they have been sharing information. Banjou is sorry that his detective work kept him out of the loop with his friends but he is satisfied now and officially rejoins ZEXIS once more. The rest wonder if this Anti-Spiral business is why LordGenome kept humanity oppressed and had the Beastmen hunt them down. Crowe tells them it doesn't matter anymore and it doesn't excuse his actions. Besides it's not like they plan on losing, right?

Rossiu goes to visit LordGenome's cloned head to try and get answers on the Anti-Spiral. LordGenome explains that he fought the Anti-Spirals a long time ago but that the Spiral races lost the war. To prevent the Spiral Nemesis the Anti-Spiral enacted the Human Extermination Program to oversee the races with Spiral potential. Should their populations on the surface reach a certain point the program activates and the Anti-Spirals wipe out the Spiral races before they become a threat to all living things and that's why humanity is to be wiped out. Rossiu is horrified that humanity has doomed itself and wants to find a way to escape this grim fate but LordGenome tells him that it's too late now that the program has been initiated.

Rossiu desperately points outs that the population hasn't risen that high on its own yet, it just isn't possible but LordGenome tells him that the dimensional abnormalities plaguing this world have been taken into account. Thus the coming of ZEUTH has vastly increased the population growth on this Earth what has served to awaken Nia to her programing. Rossiu says that this can't be, there has to be a way to save humanity. Again LordGenome tells him that there's no stopping the Anti-Spirals plans. Despite hearing this Rossiu is dead set on preserving humanity no matter the cost. It's the only thing he can do and it's what he must do as the leader of Kamina City.

Stage 38 - Area 11

Shirley is busy shopping and thinking about Lelouch and that he has been absent from Ashford for a pretty long time. As she's minding her own business she suddenly gets hit with the revelation that she knows Lelouch is Zero and he killed her father. Turns out it was Jeremiah's doing who's testing is Geass canceling powers. He has been given the task to take out Lelouch who has been sighted back in Area 11 after his long absent.

Rolo isn't liking this at all. As far as he's concerned Lelouch only needs him around to make his dreams a reality but Heero tells him that's just too bad. Besides has Rolo not been paying attention? ZEXIS has been a more useful tool to Lelouch than he has which hurts his pride as Lelouch's little brother. Lelouch calms Rolo down and asks why Heero is here again now that ZEXIS isn't around to listen in.

Heero says that he's here to keep an eye on Lelouch and should Lelouch oppose Relena and walk down the path Wing Zero had shown him, then he'll kill Lelouch. Rolo doesn't like that one bit but Lelouch is fine with that. If anything he could use someone like Heero to keep him off that path. That's fine with Heero though he still can't see how the man before him could do such horrible things in the future he saw.

Viletta gets word that Jeremiah is in Area 11 and she sends out Sayoko to stop him. Jeremiah arrives at Ashford and demands that Zero show himself, instead he gets Sayoko who tells him that Lelouch isn't here and that she's his opponent. Jeremiah doesn't want to kill anyone if he doesn't have to but if she insists in his way of getting to Lelouch then he will fight her. Rolo rushes in from behind and uses his Geass and tells Sayoko to take out the cyborg now.

When she attacks she notices that he's pretty durable and her attacks are ineffective. Jeremiah activates his Geass Canceller and breaks free which catches Sayoko by surprise. Before she can act he takes her out and turns to Rolo. Rolo demands to know how Jeremiah could stop his Geass and Jeremiah tells Rolo that this was what he was remade to do for he's the one! The Chosen One!

Viletta arrives on the scene to stop Jeremiah from killing Rolo. When Jeremiah asks if she has betrayed Britannia like Rolo has she quickly tells him where Lelouch is. Jeremiah immediately sets off while Rolo is furious at Viletta for selling out Lelouch. Viletta tells Rolo that her duty is here and that it's up to Rolo to go save Lelouch, an excuse and doesn't change that she has betrayed Lelouch. However, Rolo is on the clock and lets Viletta live as he goes to try and get in contact with Lelouch.

Shirley runs into Suzaku and in turn Lelouch arrives. Suzaku suspects Lelouch of being Zero and Lelouch believes that Shirley has betrayed him and told Suzaku. Shirley on the other hand decides that she loves Lelouch too much and decides not to tell Suzaku what she knows. Shirley lets Lelouch go off since he's needed and she manages to stall Suzaku and convinces him that Lelouch isn't Zero.

The Black Knights plus Crowe arrive in the Ghettos, though Zero isn't anywhere in sight. Heero meanwhile is with Lelouch and Lelouch on the ground. No matter the operation continues with the Black Knights lead by Kallen to take out the Britannia forces. Once they've been take out Viletta notices that Ohgi is fighting and that she does indeed still love him, Ohgi in turn is surprised to see Chigusa.

At a train station Jeremiah confronts Lelouch who has been waiting for him. Lelouch has deduced that Jeremiah is a cyborg and thanks to the heads up he knows that Jeremiah has a Geass Canceller. It was about time one of those was created, right? Lelouch things that Jeremiah wants revenge, no he does this out of loyalty which pisses Lelouch off. What use is loyalty to something as rotten as Britannia?

Before Jeremiah can take out Lelouch he's effected by Gefjun Disturber which is just what Lelouch had planned all along. Lelouch had figured that Jeremiah was being powered by Sakurite, this just confirms it. Lelouch demands answers, such as where is V.V. located. Jeremiah in turn forces his body to move and demands to know why Lelouch has betrayed Britannia.

Lelouch tells Jeremiah that he has betrayed Britannia and his father because they killed his mother and robbed Nunnally of a chance to live a normal life. Jeremiah reveals that he was there and that he had sworn to protect Lelouch's mother but failed which still haunts him to this day. Lelouch learns that Jeremiah never came here to kill Lelouch and is prepared to die after learning the truth. Lelouch tells him not to die but to continue to serve but under Lelouch which he agrees to.

Heero comes out his hiding place, the entire time he was prepared to kill Jeremiah if need be. However that wasn't needed and Heero is surprised that Lelouch decided to spare the cyborg and managed to enlist his services. Perhaps Wing Zero showed him a false future? Whatever the case they're behind schedule and the Black Knights are already engaging Britannia.

Shirley confronts Rolo and wants to know if he truly serves Lelouch. Rolo tries to play dumb but Shirley tells him that she already knows that Lelouch is Zero. Shirley demands that Rolo take her to Lelouch and allow her to join his cause. Rolo gets defensive and prepares to kill Shirley since she now knows too much. It doesn't help that she mentioned Nunnally which Rolo is sure will replace him once Lelouch gets her back and that's something Rolo wont stand for since he's the only family Lelouch needs.

On the battlefield the Vampire of Britannia appears with a massive show of force. He's happy to have such strong prey and looks forward to dismantling Kallen's KMF and killing her. Kallen takes him up on this challenge and moves to engage him alone because she believes in Zero and must buy him more time since he hasn't returned yet.

With Kallen distracted Suzaku appears from his hiding place and disables the Gurren and knocking out its power which causes Kallen to panic as no one can help her as she struggles to get the Furren to move. Suzaku quickly moves to have Kallen retrieved for capture. The Vampire is a bit annoyed that Suzaku has taken his prey but he'll let it go since there are others that need killing. Though he'll be sure to kill Suzaku one day as well.

Lelouch radios in to Kallen that he will save her when he gets the chance no matter what, she just needs to wait for him because he will come for her. Not to mention that Lelouch is outright furious that Suzaku has taken yet another thing from him and swears he'll pay for now taking Kallen from him. Kallen chooses to believe in Lelouch and his words touch her heart so she doesn't despair as Suzaku has her hauled off to captivity.

Once the Vampire is attacked Lelouch and Heero arrive on the battlefield and he's glad that such large prey as Zero has decided to die by his hands. Lelouch tells him that he isn't in the mood for such games but the Vampire proves a strong opponent and nearly kills Lelouch. Xingke suddenly appears and saves Lelouch and says that from now on he will help Zero fight against Britannia. Eventually the Vampire is defeated and he swears to play for real next time now that he has caught the scent of Zero.

With the battle over Lelouch spends this time to think that he must save Kallen no matter what and that was captured because of his weakness. He remembers Shirley and Rolo and tells the Black Knights to pull out and he'll join them soon after. Lelouch rushes over to where Rolo and Shirley is since his gut tells him something is wrong. Ohgi meanwhile runs into Viletta whom he calls Chigusa and she pulls a gun on him, she can't be with a dirty 11.

It's pretty awkward since she did shoot him in the past. However he still loves her and tells her that he forgives her which causes her to lower her weapon. Sayoko appears and tells Viletta to keep silent about Zero and soon after Diethard appears which just makes the scene even more awkward since he orders Sayoko to detain Viletta and warns Ohgi that if he opposes Zero then Viletta will be a casualty of his actions.

Lelouch meanwhile suspects that the worse has happened(Not enough Zero Points means Shirley dies). Instead he's met by Roger Smith and Banjou who're chilling with Rolo and Shirley. Shirley tells Lelouch she still believes in him and Banjou goes to escort her home. Roger Smith addresses Lelouch as Zero and Lelouch isn't surprised one bit that Roger figured everything out.

Roger had intervened when he saw Rolo with Shirley because of this knowledge of who Lelouch really is. Rolo freaks out when he hears this and moves to kill Roger but Heero stops him since that isn't what Lelouch would want. Lelouch asks Roger how much he knows and Roger says that he knows everything and goes into great detail of his knowledge of Geass and Zero's "miracles".

However, Roger tells Lelouch he wont tell ZEXIS what he has learned but Lelouch should have more faith in ZEXIS. Rolo doesn't trust Roger at all and asks Lelouch to allow him to silence the man. Roger tells Rolo to stop worrying too much and that he's a man of his word. Lelouch sides with Roger and says that he trusts him. Roger says that if Lelouch strays off the path he's walking he will reveal the truth to ZEXIS but he has faith in Lelouch. With that Roger says he must take his leave and meet up with ZEXIS who're headed to Kamina City.

Meanwhile the crew is happy to have Xingke within their ranks but are sad that Kallen has been captured. They want to save her but now isn't exactly the best of times. Banjou explains that the situation on the Dark Continent is pretty dire as well and that he'll be heading there to lend a hand. He's sure that ZEXIS will be engaged in battle ahead of the time against a foe he has been investigating for some time now. It's a pretty long trip and speaking of trip where did Roger go? Turns out he has already left way ahead of Banjou.

Xingke comes in to say that he has seen reason and that he no longer desires to oppose Zero or sit idly by any longer. Banjou welcomes into ZEXIS, they could really use someone of his expertise. Toudou says that is fine and that surly Zero has already worked Xingke into his plans. In fact Zero has seemed to learned a great deal of new information since he has been quite busy ever since the battle.

Lelouch is back at Ashford and greets Shirley who still believes in him and wasn't just faking it. What she said is what she meant. Though Lelouch has chosen to take on the burden of the world she still wants to help him in any way she can. Of course that means that she can't live in his world but that's fine with her since she knows that what Lelouch is doing is something that only he can accomplish. Shirley also says that she doesn't hate Lelouch for killing her father and will always love him no matter where he goes and that hopefully one day she will be reborn in a time where he can return her love. With that this is goodbye, he'll never see her again.

C.C. approaches Lelouch and asks him if he's okay with this. Lelouch will miss Shirley surly and C.C. says that it isn't too late to return to a life of blissful ignorance. Lelouch tells her that she knows he can't do that, C.C. asks him about what he has learned of V.V.'s location. Jeremiah has proven most informative.

Now all he needs to do is put the finishing touches on his plan and V.V. is going down and Rolo is coming along with him this time. C.C. tells Lelouch that if V.V. learns of this he'll flee but that's easy to get around and Area 11 is the key. Also, Sayoko is going to be sent on another mission of her own while he's off dealing with V.V.. Lelouch is quite the multitask-er and he'll be damned if he isn't a man of his word.

Intermission - Dark Continent and Area 11 Merge

ZEXIS is discussing the reveal of the Anti-Spirals and Nia turning out to be one. They don't know who these Anti-Spirals really are but what they do know is that they're enemies to all living creatures. Then there's that ominous Spiral Nemesis thing that didn't make much sense either. Simon, on the other hand, is still unable to comprehend the sweet, loving Nia he knows would be capable of such destruction or that she's truly evil. ZEXIS tells him not to lose hope, and just like Esther, they will save Nia from whatever has taken hold of her.

The Dark Continent team is filled in that Kallen has been captured by Suzaku and that Zero is particularly torn up over it and had sworn to get Kallen back no matter what. Unbeknownst to them(If you have enough Zero points) Shirley was almost killed by Rolo during the chaos but was saved by Roger Smith who has deduced Zero's true identity but has chosen to keep it from ZEXIS for the time being. ZEXIS wants to save Kallen but they have no idea where she's being held and they have more immediate matters to attend to. Unknown to them Zero/Lelouch had already given Sayoko(His Ninja Maid) the task of rescuing Kallen.

With that out of the way Lelouch tells everyone that now is the time to strike out against Britannia. They must head to out to an Institute and confront V.V. who Lelouch already has a plan set out to get the drop on. Little does ZEXIS know they're about to witness the slaughter of a bunch of kids cursed with the gift of Geass.

Stage 39

In a Flashback V.V. talks to Charles, both are brothers and they had sworn to always be honest with each other. However V.V. had grown jealous of Charles wife and has her executed. While Charles mourns her loss V.V. lies to his brother and says that he had nothing to do with his wife's death. Charles believes him because they had sworn to always be honest with each other since the rest of the world full of nothing but lies, besides all Charles needs is his loving brother from now on. Nothing else matters. V.V. asks him if he remembers their pact and Charles says that he has, he will kill the gods and destroy all of the worlds lies. Little does V.V. know that breaking his part of the pact will come back to haunt him...

C.C. asks if everything is ready and Lelouch says that it is. Lelouch says that his plan is already in motion and that it will succeed. As for Suzaku... Lelouch can't deal with him right now. With that said everything will go according to plan if ZEXIS does exactly as he says. C.C. wonders how they will come to look upon him once they get a taste of Geass. After all they are headed to a Geass Institute with the intention of dismantling it and killing everyone that has a connection to Geass aren't they?

No matter, they will follow his orders as they always have. Speaking of orders Lelouch has ordered for Rolo to participate in this battle as well. C.C. wonders if that's a good idea to reveal Rolo to the others since Rolo tends to abuse his Geass. That also is fine since Lelouch has had Rolo's Vincent loaded with explosives and now is the time of reckoning for that pretender. C.C. believes that may be too cruel but she wont render judgement upon Lelouch since she is a witch after all.

C.C. says that V.V. will not go down without a fight and surely he will flee at the first sign of trouble. However, Lelouch says that V.V. is quite arrogant and all he needs to do is a bit of role playing to use that trait to his advantage. So C.C. should rest easy, Lelouch is going to stamp out Geass once and for all. Rolo too will be out of his hair as well which Lelouch can't wait for. C.C. reminds Lelouch of their contract and he says that he'll keep his end of the bargain even though he still doesn't know what she wants of him.

ZEXIS discusses the upcoming operation. Unlike other ones Zero hasn't been very forthcoming at all on what they're actually doing. All they know is that they're going to attack a Institute in China. This doesn't sit well with Shinn who has a very bad feeling about what is about to happen and even Alto expresses that he doesn't like this at all even if he trusts in Zero. Xingke tells them to just follow their orders while Crowe tells everyone that this is Zero they're talking about, they owe it to him to give him the benefit of the doubt. After all he is their leader and has always pulled through for them. This doesn't placate Shinn and Alto still has his doubts but they say that they will follow their orders without question even if they don't like this situation one bit.

Alleujah asks Chirico if he's feeling well considering that his best friend is in Britannia hands. Chirico says that he's fine and such things wont throw off his focus. That's fine with Alleujah though he tells Chirico that he doesn't need to hide behind the face of a soldier since he clearly is upset about Kallen's fate. Chirico tells Alleujah that there's nothing that can be done for now, besides he has a feeling that he's about to meet a very familiar face that wants to settle things with him once and for all.

Tamaki walks in and tells Chirico that Zero wants to see him in private, Chirico doesn't know what Zero could want with him but he agrees to be lead to Zero. Chirico thinks of his upcoming battle to settle things and that he must save Fyana at long last. Zero approaches to break Chirico's train of thought and wants to discuss about Chirico's own problems as well as the upcoming attack on the institute. It turns out that Chirico's nemesis and his pack have been spotted lending a hand to the ones at the institute.

Chirico isn't sure why Yplison would be at such a place if it is indeed just a regular old institute. This causes him to suspect Zero of not killing him the whole truth Zero says that he fully intends to let Chirico settles things on his own, he is a man of his word after all. Chirico takes this time to ask what exactly happened at Area 11 that convinced Zero to attack this institute in the first place. Zero asks what brought this about and Chirico starts to tells Zero of his own suspicions and he questions Zero's ability to perform "miracles".(If you lack Zero points Zero lies to Chirico)

Zero asks Chirico if he'll trust him if he reveals what's under the mask, that depends what Chirico sees. With that Zero cuts the communication and surveillance systems so that no one can listen in or see. Zero says he's taking off his mask and reveals his identity to Chirico. Chirico isn't all that surprised to see that Zero is a Britannian himself, Lelouch asks if Chirico is willing to trust him now. Chirico says that he still has questions but he understands that Lelouch has his reasons thus he will not say a word to anyone else. With that Lelouch puts his mask back on and powers the communication and surveillance systems back online and they resume their work.

V.V. is informed that ZEXIS has prevailed in the Dark Continent and that Jeremiah has failed. How will V.V. proceed? Isn't it obvious? As far as he's concerned he's perfectly safe here and there will be more chances for success. Lelouch calls in to say that he's glad they can finally speak which surprises V.V. Lelouch says that he has long await for this time and that V.V. has a lot to answer for.

V.V. demands to know where that signal is coming from, he's told that it's from Area 11. This puts V.V.'s mind at ease since he'll be long gone before ZEXIS arrives. Lelouch asks V.V. if he was the one that told Suzaku about Geass and took Nunnally away at the end of Season 1, V.V. says that yes that was him. V.V. asks if Lelouch has gotten his full memories back and if he was the one that has been a thorn on his side. Lelouch confirms that he is indeed Zero once more.

That's great, good for Lelouch. V.V. asks that if C.C. is still with him and where is she exactly? In fact he'll even let Lelouch's friends continue to live in ignorance if he just hands over C.C. since she's the only one that matters. Just then an explosion occurs outside the institute and takes V.V. by surprise. Lelouch tells V.V. that Zero is coming for him over and over again with V.V. shouting that Lelouch will pay for this!

The Black Knights invade the institute with a small force and begin to start wrecking the place up as Zero has ordered. Lelouch thinks that he has fooled V.V. completely with his Area 11 trick but that he wont get another chance so he has to make full use of this opportunity. The Black Knights bombard the institute, Toudou tells them that enemies are coming and Zero says that to take them down to draw out V.V.

The VOTOMS twins are finding this turn of events extremely enjoyable. They had never expected the enemy to discover this institute let alone get the drop on everyone in such a masterful way. Perhaps they should have Yplison dangle Fyana in front of Chirico while they settle their little dispute? No matter, they plan to enjoy watching this duel against super soldiers.

Chirico notices Yplison on the battlefield and the two warriors set their eyes upon each other. Fyana senses their killing intent and doesn't want them to fight but the twins tell her to sit back and enjoy the show as they tear each other apart in her name. Zero tells everyone to take out the enemy, they have to force V.V. out before he has a chance to try and make an escape.

Chirico asks Yplison where Fyana is, he tells Chirico not to worry about things since he's going to be dead pretty soon. Instead he should focus on their long awaited duel so that they can see which of them is indeed worthy of Fyana. Explosions erupt through the Institute as the super soldiers clash. The Black Knights have begun the second phase of the operation and have begun to wipe out all the inhabitants of the institute.

Some of the blacks knights get squeamish over killing kids but Zero tells them not to be fooled, each of the children has the ability to kill any of them. Rolo tells the soldiers to stop doubting Zero and to follow their orders. Jeremiah runs into an old friend, the guy that turned him into a cyborg. He asks of C.C. before passing away, Jeremiah tells his old friend to rest easy and to leave the rest to him. Jeremiah gives the order to attack and the institute erupts in explosions.

Lelouch says that this must work, V.V. has no choice but to show himself now. Rolo and Jeremiah join the battle which confuses the Black Knights since they have no idea what those two are. Chiba in particular does not like that Zero has kept this from them since they weren't briefed on this part of the plan. They learn that the one in the outdated KMF is Jeremiah, the same Jeremiah that was an enemy in the past that killed many of their comrades. Jeremiah says that he serves Zero but that doesn't change how the Black Knights feel about this. Zero gives to command to finish off the enemy so V.V. comes out.

Once Yplison is defeated he activates Chirico's old military theme which confuses Zero, the Twins, while Torture Man decides to take Fyana with him to where the duel will take place. Yplison tells Chirico that their fight can't end here and to follow him if he wants to see Fyana. Toudou says that this is a challenge that cannot be turned down and Zero tells Chirico that he may go and have his duel with Yplison now. Chirico is thankful though C.C. questions why Zero allowed that but he says that he has no right to interfere in his battle.

Jeremiah tells Zero that something big is approaching, it's V.V. in Jeremiah's old KMF. V.V. takes this time to give his greetings and Lelouch barks that V.V. has no where to run or hide anymore. Silly Lelouch, V.V. has no intention of running and has personally come out to put Lelouch in his place. Lelouch, Jeremiah, and Rolo aren't going to let that happen and Lelouch says that his little Geass party ends now.

V.V. wonders what Rolo thinks he's doing working with Zero, Rolo says that he will do anything for his big brother and that he wont let himself be used anymore. This makes V.V. laugh at Rolo, he's a fool since he's being used by Lelouch right now. Jeremiah says he'll slay V.V. in the name of Zero and V.V. wonders why he would have allied himself with the man that ruined his life, Jeremiah tells him to silence himself since he wouldn't understand.

Lelouch confronts V.V. with his crimes and that his day of reckoning has come. V.V. thinks it's cute that Lelouch honestly thinks he can beat him or that his little stunt today has changed anything. When V.V. attacks C.C. he asks her what she thinks she's doing in a KMF and that she should just return to Charles or has she forgotten? C.C. says that she hasn't but that doesn't change that she wants to fight. V.V. finds it touching that she has chosen Lelouch and wonders if there's more to this than that, C.C. tells him to silence himself and prepare to fight.

(PS, if Crowe defeats V.V. with his final attack at this point he has a special quote during the end of the attack)

Once V.V. is defeated he retreats back and restores the Siegfried back to full power. No matter what Zero does he can restore it as many times as need be, thus this whole sideshow was just a farce. Zero tells Rolo to grab onto the Siegfried, trust him on this. Rolo doesn't understand how this will stop V.V. but Zero tells Rolo to believe in him and it'll work out. Rolo agrees and doesn't suspect that Zero plans to detonate the bombs he stashed in the Vincent thus killing V.V. and Rolo.

V.V. isn't going to fall for that and attacks Rolo when he tries to get close. Just as V.V. starts gloating at Rolo being so pathetic Rolo grabs hold of the Siegfried but before Lelouch can detonate the bombs Cornelia appears ans severely damages the Siegfried. She's tired of being a pawn and will make V.V. pay for what he has done. Zero asks what she's doing here but she tells him to attack the Siegfried before V.V. can try and restore it which Zero does.

V.V. panics and tries to escape with Zero how on his tail. However when V.V. tries to make his escape he runs into Charles. At first V.V. thinks that Charles has come to save him and he exits the Siegfried. Charles muses that Lelouch has prevailed over his brother after all but V.V. says that together they can beat Lelouch by using Nunnally. It'll be just like old times. Charles tells him that V.V. wasn't honest with him, V.V. knows right away what Charles means. Lelouch rushes in to try and kill his father, Charles opens the Thought Elevator and drags Lelouch in with him.

Elsewhere Chirico's friends have found the mysterious lady that Chirico is after, Fyana. Torture Man tells them to pipe down, the show is about to start. Until it is over no one is going anywhere. The twins demand to know why they were dragged out here and what Yplison is doing facing Chirico alone in this desolate place. Torture Man says that this is what Yplison wants and that they better stay out of his way. The Twins reluctantly agree since they know they can't stop him.

Fyana asks what is this all about, Torture Man says Ypilson wants to fight Chirico because he's a PS and feels that the only way to reminds Fyana that she is a PS as well is to defeat Chirico once and for all. Fyana asks why this has to be and demands that this fight be stopped before it can begin, it's too late for that as Chirico and Ypilson arrive. Ypilson tells Chirico he has been waiting for this for a very long time.

Chirico asks why him if he has any last words before this starts, Chirico has none since he intends to settle things. Ypilson asks if he continues to fight even in an inferior Scopedog because of Fyana, that's correct. Yplison can't understand why but is furious. He tells Chirico that he will die today and he will never see his precious Fyana again. Chirico asks if Yplison wants to drag her back into fighting as a PS but he tells Chirico that is where she belongs. However he can't understand why Fyana has fallen so far for a man like him and that's why he must end this now.

Yplison demands that Chirico to stop the monologue and answer him. Chirico says that's nothing more to say, he will find and save Fyana no matter what. Fyana tells Chirico that she is here and not to hurt Yplison. Chirico tells that he must settle thing with Yplison though he doesn't know why. Fyana is shocked but Chirico tells her that this is the only way since neither Yplison or him have any desire to back down. Torture Man says that the duel between Chirico and Yplison may now commence with no interruptions. Fyana doesn't want to see this but she can only watch as Yplison and Chirico settle to killing each other.

When Chirico engages Yplison he thinks that he can't fail and wont see Fyana dragged back in fighting, especially not after seeing her once more. Ypilson says that he must win because Fyana doesn't belong to Chirico and is a PS just like him. As long as Chirico draws breath Fyana cannot return to her original duties and will continue to live in doubt and longing. That is why he must succeed! Chirico tells Yplison that it doesn't matter that Yplison is a PS since he will still lose and Fyana will not be used anymore by anyone. Yplison taunts Chirico that he has no chance against a PS and will never be able to hold Fyana in his arms again.

Once Yplison is defeated Fyana screams out to him, everyone else can't believe Chirico won since Yplison was a PS which means that this proves Chirico is to a PS(Perfect Soldier). Yplison says that Chirico did good defeating him as Chirico prepares to kill Yplison. Fyana appears and tells Chirico to stop since she doesn't want to see Yplison die. Yplison says he has no regrets and tells Chirico to kill him. Fyana reveals that Chirico is a PS just like Yplison and her which Chirico can't believe.

Chirico says that he can only fight Yplison on the same level because of his special disk, Fyana says that Chiirico knows that isn't true. Chirico notices that his disk was broken before the battle had even started. However he still can't believe that he too is a PS despite what Fyana says. Yplison tells Chirico that this is in fact true and that Chirico netter accept it since his pride as a PS wont allow him to die by a normal man. Yplison dies with Fyana thinking that she is the reason for his death and it's all her fault.

Fyana tells Chirico that she can't help but shed tears, Chirico doesn't understand. Torture Man tells Chirico that he has won though he wonders what Chirico will do now that he knows he's a PS. No matter, Chirico has plenty of time to dwell on it. Instead he demands Fyana which Torture Man says that Fyana is free to go with him now. Chirico is finally glad to get Fyana back however he's troubled with being a PS... Elsewhere Wiseman wonders how this revelation will effect Chirico and that it may be time for him to enlist Chirico. Wiseman also wonders how Zero will handle the truth as he struggles against his own father and if he can walk the path of kings.

Rolo wants to go after Lelouch but can't seem to find a way to him. Jeremiah tells Rolo to calm down and get his injuries treated, besides they haven't figured out how this thing even works yet. V.V. on the other hand is dying and is dealing with being betrayed by Charles. C.C. pities him and asks if Charles has taken Lelouch "there". C.C. soon figures out that V.V. has lost his code to Charles and that she must get to Lelouch right away as V.V. passes away.

Lelouch has no idea where he is but is soon confronted by Charles who demands that Lelouch show him the Power of Kings, Geass, and not to rely on that KMF which is useless here. Lelouch demands to know why Charles let his mother die or why Nunnally had to suffer so, Charles tells him that he's naive on how the world really is. Lelouch puts his plan in motion and uses his Geass on Charles with the order to kill himself which Charles does.

This leaves Lelouch speechless, he can't believe how easy it was to get his revenge on his father and that Nunnally is avenged as well. Before Lelouch can celebrate his victory Charles gets back up and asks Lelouch if that is the extent of his power. It turns out that V.V.'s code has made him immortal. Lelouch tries Geass again but it fails and Charles tells Lelouch he relies too much on the Power of Kings. Charles asks if this is all Lelouch can muster and if so he's disappointed.

Charles alters the World and assaults Lelouch and demands to know why he has chosen to wear the mask of Zero, Lelouch tells Charles that it is because of him that Lelouch has risen up and that he wants to know what's going on. Charles finds it humorous that Lelouch, who is stained with lies, would demand the truth out of anyone. Lelouch says that he only lies because he is human and that people are made by the masks they wear which Charles says is naive and lies will no longer be needed.

C.C. appears and tells Charles that Lelouch is worthless to her now as Lelouch protests. C.C. tells Lelouch not to bother, this is what she wants. Lelouch is rightly confused and asks her what she means. Isn't it obvious, C.C. wants to die. However to die she must transfer her code to another. Up til now no one has been able to fulfill her wish but Charles can as he has proven by taking V.V.'s code. Lelouch tells her that he doesn't believe this is what C.C. wants but she rebukes him and says that he can always try and kill her himself, he can't.

Charles sends Lelouch away, but unknown to him C.C. has Lelouch sent elsewhere. Charles is far too concerned about fulfilling C.C.'s wish to notice. Lelouch finds himself in a room full of paintings and is approached by a guide that looks like C.C. The guide says that she has gone by many names and that C.C. is just the one she is using for right now. C.C. reveals that these are her memories and shows him how she was cursed with immortality. Once she was a slave girl and ended up in the care of a Nun. The Nun asked her if she had a reason to live and C.C. said that she did and accepted the Nun's contract.

C.C. learns that her power is to make anyone love her thus she doesn't understand the difference between her own power and true love. Only the Nun wasn't affected by her power and one day the Nun asked C.C. to give up her love which C.C. did, in turn the Nun tricks C.C. to take her code. This makes C.C. immortal and the Nun is finally allowed to die. From there on she lived on as an immortal and has had seen, felt, and witnessed many things from good to bad. Thus she grew to desire death and made contracts with others with the hope that one will fulfill this desire of hers. Lelouch tells C.C. that he now understands her wish and he heads to her.

C.C. tells Charles that everyone she loved or hated have long since passed on yet she still continues eternally. Charles tells her that her suffering will come to an end soon and he will grant her wish. Lelouch appears and calls out to C.C. who is surprised to see him. Charles demands to know what Lelouuch is doing here but Lelouch says that he has already figured out how to use the Thought Elevator. Charles manipulates the world to grab onto Lelouch's KMF and tells him that this is what C.C. desires.

Lelouch says that C.C. should have forced her code on him, or did she pity him?! No, Lelouch says that C.C. didn't want to push her Code on him because her true desire isn't to die at all! With that Lelouch tells C.C. to come with him since he "will" fulfill her wish. C.C. pulls away from Charles and frees Lelouch's KMF from Charles. Charles demands to know what C.C. is doing since he's the only one that can end her suffering.

Lelouch attacks the temple to get Charles away from C.C. and as she falls he grabs her. He tells C.C. to believe in him since he is the only one that understand her true desire and that he wont let her die like this. In a flash of light they're taken out of the Thought Elevator but when Lelouch checks on C.C. he is horrified to learn that she has lost her memories and has regressed to the slave girl before she became Immortal. C.C. tells Lelouch that she's good at cleaning, and the such as he remains speechless.

Stage 40

In her cell Kallen is greeted by Nunnally and Kallen is surprised that Nunnally is indeed a princess. Nunnally asks Kallen if she's comfortable and if the dress is the right fit which annoys Kallen considering her situation. Kallen asks why Nunnally has her in this isolated cell instead of having her thrown in a regular cell which at least has a bathroom, why she has dolled her up, and why she hasn't been executed for being a traitor and terrorist. It's because of their past friendship and that she can't stand the thought of Kallen being left to the mercy of the prison system or Kallen dying. Kallen thinks that Nunnally has a good heart but it'll take more than heart to change how twisted the world have become and that Nunnally lacks the influence to bring about change let alone keep her from being executed.

Kallen asks Nunnally of the conditions back at Area 11 and if anything has changed despite her efforts. Nunnally says that she's working hard to bring equality but Kallen tells her that alone her efforts will amount to nothing as long as Britannia remains the way it is. This isn't something Nunnally wants to believe and she refuses to shy away from her desire of equality, though she longs for the days when they were all at Ashford together. Kallen asks Nunnally what kind of brother Lelouch was and she says that he was a kind one.

Suzaku enters and tells Nunnally that she's needed elsewhere and he wishes to speak with the prisoner alone. Nunnally falls for Suzaku's trick and is escorted out to take care of her duties. When she leaves Kallen asks what Suzaku wants with her and he says that he needs to know if Lelouch has indeed returned to being Zero. Kallen tells him that she will say nothing about Zero and Suzaku says that he will force her to talk by using Refrain on her.

Kallen knows full well what Refrain will do to her mind and body and panics because she still remembers the horrors Refrain put her mother through. Suzaku warns her to start talking now as Kallen screams and begs him not to use Refrain on her. When he holds her down and is about to inject her with Refrain he suddenly stops and has a realization that if he does this he'll be stooping to the level of Zero.

Kallen is confused as Suzaku says that he can't do this and must find another way. Just as he's about to restart his interrogation the alarm is tripped and Suzaku has to leave to deal with that. He asks Kallen to forgive him even though he knows she can't as he rushes out. Once Suzaku has left Sayoko appears before Kallen is ordered to be executed and says that she was the one that tripped the alarm and has come to rescue her as per Lelouch's orders. Kallen is touched that Lelouch has kept his word.

Sayoko tells her that there isn't much time and that they will figure out soon enough what is really happening here. As she opens Kallen's cell she tells Kallen to come with her quickly so that they may make their escape and return to Lelouch though she wonders if Kallen has been tortured. Kallen is still confused over this turn of events and that Lelouch had launched a rescue so quickly. Kallen tells Sayoko that she understands the situation and Sayoko sees that Kallen isn't harmed as she exits her cell and they head out.

Ribbons calls up Grace and asks if everything is going well on her end. In fact it is and she'll soon be able to start making her move. Ribbons asks what she makes of Zero and she says that he's indeed a troublesome man and that he will prove dangerous once he has finished with Britannia. Ribbons thinks so as well, though Grace reminds him that this isn't something to be too concerned about yet especially if everything goes as they have planned. Of course there is still Relena's resistance, Sheryl being pretty useless to her now, and ZEXIS but soon they wont be a factor anymore. As Grace leaves to go deal with ZEXIS Ribbons remarks that she is quite interesting for a normal human.

ZEXIS on the other hand is busy discussing what happened during the last mission and that they're starting to have doubts about Zero considering how he hasn't shown his face since the mission. Not to mention that they aren't all that happy that Zero had kept them out of the loop and that that was no mere institute/military facility. What is Zero hiding from them they wonder, then there's the whole slaughtering everyone at the institute as well which doesn't sit well with anyone.

Crowe says that Zero clearly has his reasons and that they can't start doubting him now. Quattro on the other hand isn't so sure and knows first hand just how counterproductive it is to lead by deceit. Amuro says that speculating isn't going to help anyone and says that they should address Zero personally. Of course that's easy to say but he hasn't been seen yet not has C.C.. Lock-On wonders what happened when Zero was engulfed in that light and why he seemed distant upon his return. Quattro and Amuro also make note that Setsuna seems to be "changing" and may be just like them.

Garrod asks Renton if he's okay and Renton tells him that there's nothing to worry about. Duo tells him not to keep himself all bottled up like Heero does about his feelings, they're all friends here after all. Renton says that is the case but telling them what's on his mind doesn't change how he's feeling. Tiffa tells Renton that she can sense his anxiety and what's really bothering him. Renton relents that something is bothering him but he really is fine which ZEXIS finally gets off his case.

Quatre says that Relena is being used as a tool and that she's in no position to enact what she really desires. All the Wing boys know this since Relena would never embrace war. The problem is gettting a hold of her which they do plan on doing. If they can get her away from those forcing her to act as their figurehead, then all the better. Tiffa agrees that this isn't Relena's true desire and that Relena is indeed still the kind woman they all know.

Heero finally speaks and says that he will save Relena from those that would try and twist her ideal world for their own benefit. Though Heero can't hide that he's extremely concerned about Relena's well being.

Anbrorn is speaking with Orson as she conducts her observation of Eureka whom she has no intention of letting escape her grasp. Eureka has a very close connection with those "images" and if Anbrorn is right she can utilize Eureka to bring them under Insalaum's thrall. Mome is glad to see Eureka even though the situation isn't exactly ideal and Eureka asks her if she has heard of Renton. Not at all! Not the answer Eureka was hoping for.

Anbrorn tells them to keep quiet, this isn't some social club and if she recalls she's the one in charge. That was rude of her but Anbrorn says that she has no choice but to be cruel if Insalaum is to survive. Anbrorn goes to list her "horrible" past ad that everything she does is for Insalaum. Eureka and co. have quite the weak hearts and sympathize with Anbrorn because her past is so sad. They all conveniently forget that Anbrorn is holding Eureka against her will, has killed countless for her research, and has even turned people into monsters against their wills. But it's so sad!

Eureka understands Anbrorn's extremely sad past of super sadness and decides that Anbrorn is just a good woman that is forced to do bad things because of circumstance of extreme sadness. Anbrorn is touched by Eureka's kindness to her sad past though she reminds Eureka where she's being held. That's fine, Eureka has faith that Renton will save her assuming that he doesn't get killed by Anbrorn's DMs. Anbrorn is told that ZEXIS is coming and she says that she already accounted for that. However Anbrorn does indeed have a change of heart and sends Eureka off as she returns to her own research.

Dorothy is asked how the princess is doing and she says that Relena is playing the part of a figurehead marvelously. How naive Relena is since she honestly believes in her pacifism deal even now. Of course there's always a chance that Relena may grow a backbone but Dorothy is confident she can keep Relena in her place. Besides, she is enjoying the sight of Relena falsely believing in the impossible as she's forced to do things that go against her beliefs. Dorothy ends her transmission as Relena comes in asking if she's needed. Relena is surprised to see Sheryl here who is also glad to see Relena and they catch up though Sheryl is told to keep watch of her health though she's adamant that her condition has improved.

Grace watches from the sidelines waiting for the battle to begin. If everything goes as planned, then all of Ribbons' and her troubles will go away today. The Vajra appear and attack the city, which was what Grace was counting on. She thinks that Sheryl was a most useful pawn and thanks to her, there's going to be no more Relena who makes the perfect bait for their real target. Soon enough ZEXIS arrives on the scene to combat the Vajra to protect Relena and give her a chance to get out of her safely. The Kei tells Renton that Eureka may be here. Grace thinks to herself that ZEXIS has fallen into her trap just as planned!

Once enough Vajra are defeated Relena expresses her desire not to abandon her people but she's told that she is too important to lose. The man demands that Sheryl do something since her voice has touched the Vajra before but Sheryl refuses to say a word as she thinks of Alto. Relena and Sheryl are rushed into an escape transport. After all the Vajra are defeated ZEXIS confirms that everything is all clear. A massive force soon appears filled with mecha from various series, most likely Aim's doing.

Orson appears and Kei is overjoyed to see him. He tells ZEXIS that all isn't as it seems and that they've pretty much walked into a trap and that they were the real targets and not Relena who is just bait. Oh, and Eureka is here too. He rejoins Kei after ZEXIS digests that they've been had once more. Grace isn't worried one bit since ZEXIS is too self-righteous to just abandon the city since it's under-siege still. Thus ZEXIS will fall by their own undoing!

When ZEXIS has defeated enough of these foes Eida picks up that something is coming, DMs! The escape shuttle with Relena and Sheryl launches and prepares to abandon the city and ZEXIS. However the DMs aren't having that and take out the escape shuttle. ZEXIS is worried about the passengers while Heero worries about Relena. Inside the ship, the passengers start to panic, Relena tries to calm them with her words, but even she isn't sure she can reach them. Just Sheryl starts to sing, which touches the passengers hearts and they calm down.

Sheryl now understands that Ranka is the singer of hope, so she'll be the one that sings during despair. The manager notices this and suspects that Sheryl's singing may be just like Ranka's after all. Relena on the other hand is surprised Sheryl is singing considering her health and that she hasn't sung in awhile. Sheryl thinks of Alto as she sings her heart out despite it hurting her body. Alto hears her voice and instantly knows that Sheryl is here. Basara's band is amazed at how well Sheryl sounds. Alto worries for her health, but Basara tells him to just believe in her.

Just then the Guren arrives on the scene but it's vastly different. It's the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements and it packs a high amount of power. Kallen is glad that she has made it in time to lend a hand but is surprised at the specs on her upgraded Guren. Sayoko explains the new Guren to Kallen as she gets adjusted to the controls. ZEXIS exclaims that they're glad to see Kallen once but what is up with her Guren? Sayoko tells Kallen that the Guren's upgrade stands for Superlative Extruder Interlocked Technology Exclusive Nexus - Eight Elements.

Kallen is surprised when she starts getting the hang of her new Guren that it's capable of so much. Zero tells Kallen that he's glad to see her once again and Kallen thanks Zero for saving her. Not once did she doubt him when she was captured and now that she's back she'll resume her duties protecting him and carrying out his plans. Zero asks if she can handle her new mecha and says that she needn't push herself but Kallen tells him that she's fine, she wont let herself be a burden any longer, and she has now gotten adjusted to the new and improved Guren which she'll gladly show what it's capable of.

ZEXIS is glad that Zero had Kallen saved on the side and eagerly await Kallen to show off her Guren's new abilities. The sight of Kallen also serves to pump ZEXIS up and washes away all doubts they had about Zero. Zero tells ZEXIS that they must now push forth for victory now that the momentum has changed in their favor! Kallen shouts that she has been looking for this and that she will crush all that stand in her way.

When Kallen attacks she thinks bitterly of Suzaku for trying to use Refrain on her and that he will never understand anything. The next time she sees him she'll be sure to pay him back. Kallen is also reinvigorated in serving Zero and has finally made peace that Zero, the man she loves, is Lelouch and no matter what name he takes or mask he wears she will follow him till the bitter end. Kallen says that all that stands before his dreams and what he's trying to accomplish will have to answer to her and her new Guren for she is Kallen Kozuki!

When Alto attacks he's thinking of Sheryl who is singing her life away and that he has to see her as soon as he can. The Kei on the other hand is glad to have Orson working with him again.

After clearing out all the enemies ZEXIS takes the time to breath a sigh of relief and prepares to check on the crashed escape shuttle. Grace activates her trap now that ZEXIS isn't in a position to leave the city anymore. It's a ZONE-like effect and threatens to wipe out the entire city. So this is goodbye ZEXIS, Relena, and Sheryl! ZEXIS is determined to stop the city from being destroyed but they don't know what they can do. Nirvash detects Eureka who calls out to Renton.

It turns out that Anbrorn had indeed let Eureka go after all, or that's at least what Eureka believes. She tells Renton not to despair, there's still hope. ZEXIS hears another song, is it Sheryl again? Eureka asks how Renton has been and that she's sorry to have worried him so much but that he must wait a bit longer as she calls the Images over to help save the city. On her request the Images save the city and depart.

ZEXIS is surprised the Images did something like that for them while Grace is furious that her plan was ruined at the last moment! She had put so much time, effort, and money into this! Eureka tells Renton that everything is all right now and he's glad but before he can move to retrieve her Marilyn appears. Marilyn asks where Eureka thinks she's going and that Insalaum still has use of her. It turns out that wanted to see the extent of her powers and this confirmed Anbrorn's theory that Eureka can control the Images thus she'll make a fine specimen!

Renton and Crowe are furious and tell Marilyn to wait but she tells them that she would love to stay and play but she has places to be and much better things to do. With that she leaves with Eureka as Renton screams for Eureka.

After the battle Schneizel is having a chat with Lloyd over the improved Guren that he had just completed which he considers it a masterpiece. The conversation turns to Zero and how best to deal with him since he has grown to be quite threatening not to mention that Charles is missing still. Lloyd takes his leave to resume his work and Schneizel wonders just what othert surprises Lloyd will hold and just what the new KMF is capable of.

Dorothy appears, she has been working with Schneizel the entire time. She asks what Schneizel is planning to do about Area 11, he tells her that it will serve as his stage in due time. Dorothy isn't really convinced by these words and wonders just what Schneizel can hope to do now that things have progressed so far into the hands of the other factions. Schneizel's man lover tells her to silence herself and that Schneizel is more than a match for Zero but Schneizel tells him to calm down.

Dorothy is a bit annoyed that Relena ended up surviving but she'll play her part in keeping Relena under control and use her influence for their benefit. They discuss their plans for the future and that Schneizel believes everything is already going according to plan. She leaves as Schneizel relaxes and tells his Man lover not to worry, he's already many steps of everyone else with his plans.

Back at ZEXIS, they're glad that Kallen has returned in once piece since they feared the worst. Though they are still amazed at how awesome the Guren is now. Kallen tells them of her ordeal and that she grabbed the upgraded Guren when she was making her escape with Sayoko. Rakshata walks in to inspect the new Guren is disgusted that Lloyd and Cecile had touched her Guren and had the arrogance to add modifications to it. Now she feels her work is tainted.

Kallen doesn't spare any sympathy for Rakshata and instead asks where Zero is since she really wants to talk to him and personally thank him for saving her. They tell her that he's in his room and that he was really worried when she was captured. Surely he's glad she has returned they tell her. Kallen thinks that she was wrong about Lelouch and that he is indeed the Zero she swore absolute loyalty to, at least that's what her heart tells her.

Renton is beat up over losing Eureka yet again but the Kei tells him that there will be another chance to save her and to keep his chin held up high. Roger Smith ponders what Insalaum will be doing now that hey know Eureka can communicate with the Images or who was the one that put that bomb in the city. Oh, and Mome is perfectly fine, turns out Marilyn didn't care enough to kidnap her as well so there's that. At least the Kei is happy to see her, right?

The conversation returns to Eureka with ZEXIS telling Renton that he just needs to save her next time which he already decided on anyway. Eureka is also a strong girl anyway so if she can endure captivity a bit longer Renton will save her. Renton cheers up and decides not to let this worry him. ZEXIS wonders where Heero went and if he went to see Relena who's giving a speech soon.

Relena is saddened at the destruction around the city and tells the people not to despair or give in to hate. As long as they hold fast to their values and remain committed to bringing about peace then all their suffering will not be in vain. Those that thrive off war, death, and senseless destruction would surly want to see them fall. The people cheer her on for her determination to stick by her oath of absolute pacifism and her commitment to rebuild the city. Relena thinks of Heero and doesn't notice Heero is the crowd watching over her.

Setsuna approaches Heero who acknowledges Setsuna. Kallen is also here and says that if there are more people in the world like Nunnally and Relena there may still be hope for places like Area 11 to be changed for the better. Xingke also takes this moment to think of his little Loli Princess. Crowe and ZEXIS say that it's up to them to fight the battles so that when the dust settles those like Relena can change the world for better. Heero agrees which makes Setsuna and Kallen happy, he thinks of Relena and that he will continue fighting so that the world she desires may be made into a reality.

Alto catches up to Sheryl who he's surprised to see. He tells her that he heard her voice during the battle and that she saved a lot of lives. Alto is glad that she is singing again. She says it was Alto's words that gave her the will to sing. Just as the moment gets very touchy, Sheryl's health takes a turn for the worst and she passes out with Alto rushing to her side as he screams out her name.