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Intermission - Go to Dark Continent or Space

Stage 21 - Dark Continent

Stage 22 - Dark Continent

Stage 23 - Dark Continent

Stage 24 - Dark Continent

Intermission - Dark Continent and Space Merge

Stage 25

Traiya is discussing Crowe's seemingly never ending debt. Even after all his effort he's still a long way from paying it off. At this time a coin drops and Crowe immediately can tell. Turns out the sound of money dropping Crowe's favorite thing in the entire world since money helps him combat the dreaded debt. Crowe has very keen hearing too and can tell when a fake coin is dropped which amazes Esther. Traiya finds this all very amusing but there are more pressing matters back at the home base so she can't really stay for casual chat. Esther is happy that she has learned such a valuble piece of information about Crowe though she has no plans to abuse it, she wants to win Crowe's heart the right and proper way.

Meanwhile Arksabers are attacking and causing trouble for Old Lady Anemone, and Eureka has been taken by Marilyn. Holland contacts ZEXIS and tells them what has happened and that Renten needs their help ASAP. ZEXIS quickly heads over, though Renten is forced to fight alone against the Arksabers until ZEXIS arrives. When they arrive Crowe tries to get through to Margeurite, it seems odd that she's fighting against them again. Esther is also confused since Margeurite seemed like a good person and if she is Crowe's friend than that only makes things even more confusing. Marguerite tells them she's fighting because she is a member of Arksaber and that Crowe need not hold back which he doesn't.

After her defeat Gerard, the Knight of Knights, appears and lashes out at Marguerite. The D-Extractor should be performing much better, clearly she lost because her will is weak and thus she has no place staying on this battlefield. Crowe is angered since he doesn't take strangers insulting his friends but Marguerite ends up fleeing and Gerard tells Crowe he'll defeat him in 3 minutes so swears the Knight of Knights! This pisses Crowe off and he takes Gerard up on that challenge, Esther becomes worried for Crowe who suddenly seems like a different person which scares her.

Esther attacks Gerard and he tells her to leave, she's just an unskillful child before him! However Esther isn't going to just let him brush her off and will gladly show just how wrong he is about her and the Brasta Es. Gerard see's her determination and takes back his words, Esther may still be young and inexperienced but she has a will he hasn't seen in even the most veteran of warriors as well as a determination to face any obstacle. Gerard decides that Esther is indeed worthy of clashing with him after all and she gladly takes him on the chance of kicking him to the curb!

After Gerard's defeat he recovers and demands that Crowe fight like he means it. Crowe says he will use the VX System and SPIGOT to end this now! Gerard is surprised at Crowe's sudden rise in strength but things aren't looking well. Quatre notices that Crowe is acting like when he, Quatre, was under the influence of the Zero System. ZEXIS tries to talk to him but it doesn't work, not even Esther can get him to stop his ranting and raving as he prepares to demolish Gerard.

Anbrorn than appears and thanks Gerard for causing the "specimen" to break down and become defenseless, she than attacks Crowe with the intent on turning him into a DM. Crowe is too focused on Gerard that he doesn't notice anything else as the attack heads towards him. Esther yells that she wont let them take Crowe and pushes him out of the way and takes the hit for him, though the effects of the attack are horrifying. Esther feels herself changing from the inside and panics as her world goes dark. Back in reality she is turned into a DM and ZEXIS is crushed and horrified as they can do nothing for her.

Zero quickly takes the initiative by moving in to try and use his Druid system to scan the Insalaum ship to get information on that attack for the future and for a way to restore Esther, at least for Kallen's sake who sees Esther as a sister and friend. Before he can activate the Druid system he is attacked by DM-Esther who breaks a part of his mask and severely damages his Knightmare. Lelouch is forced to use Geass, "Stop it", that causes Esther to cease her attack.

Zero than retreats back to the safety of his ship, with Kallen breathing a sigh of relief since she's glad that he isn't hurt, and he retrieves a spare mask much to Tamaki's disappointment(Way to get your priorities straight Tamaki) since he had hoped to see Zero's face. As for the Arksabers their power output has dropped and they can't convert the rest of ZEXIS into DMs, so Anbrorn orders Gerard to retrieve the DM, Esther, and to retreat. Which they do in quick succession before a stunned ZEXIS.

Crowe demands Gerard return as he continues his rampage, ZEXIS notices that Crow didn't even acknowledge Esther being turned into a DM and stolen away. Roger Smith reveals the truth of Crowe's sphere and that it isn't apathy, Crowe simply can't register anything but his desire to defeat Gerard, a side effect of the sphere. ZEXIS tries to talk sense to him since they can't stand the thought of losing Esther AND Crowe in the same day but they fail.

Rand in the Gunleon than appears and is glad to see members of ZEUTH again. Crowe breaks out in a rage and attacks Rand. Rand notices Crowe's state, it's just like when he lost control of his sphere in the past! Rand decides that he must stop Crowe but it'll be hard without hurting him, even holding back Rand manages to completely demolish the Brasta but Crowe managed to eject. After the battle ZEXIS mourns the fate of Esther and Crowe is filled in on what happened. Crowe isn't giving up on saving Esther and leaves to the hangar as ZEXIS wonders if Esther can truly be saved and how this will effect Crowe if she can't be saved...

At the hangar Crowe meets Rand and introduces himself as Crowe Brust and the pilot of the mecha Rand just wrecked. Rand is embarrassed but Crowe doesn't hold the wrecking against him and instead says they should have drinks and that Crowe wants to learn more about the Spheres but Rand can't really help him. However since Crowe can sense Rand it means that his sphere has awakened and will be trouble if they can't find a way to control its negative effects. Rand has also learned of Esther and her importance to Crowe but he has faith that Crowe will be able to save Esther.

Stage 26

Due to Rand's beating the Brasta isn't at top shape and can't use its VX System or the SPIGOTs.

Everyone also starts tripping off random visions.

Uther meets DM-Esther for the first time and begins bonding with her.

Stage 27

Crowe learns from Traiya that there is no known way to restore Esther from her condition, dismaying news. Traiya is trying her best but it seems fruitless which may be a revelation Crowe and her will have to deal with as fact. Crowe isn't one to give into dismay so easily, after all they aren't out of the game yet and shouldn't give up on Esther. As long as they're still alive than there's always hope, no matter how dim, to save Esther.

At least that's what he says but in his mind he is resigned to the fact that he may have to kill Esther to end her suffering, it's the least he can do for her since he knows she would never have wanted this. Though for some good news the VX system is working properly again which means Crowe can use his SPIGOTS once more! Yay?

Everyone else is busy talking to Basara, who has forced his way into ZEXIS, and current events. Kallen is still dismayed over what happened to Esther while Michel on the other hand hits on a certain pink haired member of Basara's group.


Heero is being used as a dummy for Mr. Bushido to try out his latest mecha on. After taking a few beatings the Wing Zero activates on its own and reveals possible future events to Heero. At first Heero thinks the events are warning him about possible enemies of Relena which he assumes are one of the bad guys. Instead he learns that the one most threatening to Relena is his friend and ally Zero, Lelouch. Mr. Bushido asks where he thinks he's going but Heero ignores him and says he must go to Relena's true enemy, Zero.

In no time Heero arrives in Ashford and confronts Lelouch. Lelouch is surprised to see Heero, since he was missing, but is soon angered when Heero tells Lelouch that he'll kill him. Sayoko helps Lelouch get away but she's no match for Heero who had planned ahead to deal with her. Not even Rolo and his Geass can stop Heero who had explosives placed to explode soon after his arrival to ruin Rolo's concentration. Heero spares them and demands that Lelouch and him meet later.

Heero than contacts Lelouch and tells him to come alone so they may talk. Kallen is surprised when Lelouch agrees to meet with Heero alone but he has good reason to. If he doesn't Heero may end up telling the rest of ZEXIS his identity which gets in the way of his plans.

When they meet they talk after Lelouch removes his mask. When the conversation turns sour Lelouch reveals he used Geass on those near Relena and that if Heero acts against him than Relena's life is in danger. Heero doesn't care about that for now he knows Lelouch is Relena's enemy and she wouldn't mind dying if Lelouch is stopped. This shocks Lelouch who didn't expect Heero to disregard Relena so easily.

Lelouch than puts on his mask and prepares to fight Heero. At this time Kallen and Wufei arrive, neither felt at ease with Lelouch meeting Heero alone with Lelouch demanding to know why they followed him here. However, while Kallen wants to help and protect her beloved Zero, Wufei on the other hand reveals he never trusted Zero and goes to aid Heero to even the odds. Kallen and Lelouch are shocked but if Wufei wants to get in their way they wont show him mercy.

After beating Heero down a bit Wing Zero seemingly recovers, this isn't going to be easy. ZEXIS than appears to aid Zero, who moves to the safety of ZEXIS with Kallen, but are shocked to see Heero. Heero says that anyone that are the accomplices of Zero are enemies of Relena and thus are his enemies. ZEXIS has no choice but to fight Wufei and Heero who than activates the Zero System. At this time the Innovades here come to crash the party, the Twin Drive and Zero Systems are most interesting and Ribbons wants both! Wufei soon sees the light and decides to rejoin ZEXIS and aid Zero after having fought him, as well as to try and shake Heero free of the Zero System that has driven him mad.

Once Wing Zero is defeated Heero tries to retreat during his madness. Instead the Wing Zero shuts off and Heero is discarded while muttering Relena's name. OZ than takes Wing Zero away with Ali Al'Sachez left behind to distract ZEXIS thus preventing them from getting Wing Zero or starting their search for the discarded Heero.

When Sachez is defeated he retreats and ZEXIS deals with OZ taking Wing Zero away and Heero being missing once more. Quatre wants to search for him but all their efforts turn out to be fruitless. ZEXIS mourns the loss of Heero and wonder why he would have acted in such a way or threatened to kill Zero. They attribute it to Wing Zero which had driven Quatre made in the past before though Kallen seems to know more about what's going on than the rest of ZEXIS than she's letting on.

Zero appears to calm the arguments brewing between Wufei being suspicious of Zero still and Kallen aggressively protecting Zero's good name. Roger Smith interrogates Zero with a few simple questions but Zero dodges any definite answers and leaves it that the Zero System made Heero crazy as the sole reason and that what Heero wanted to talk to Zero about was nothing but gibberish. Quatre and Duo aren't convinced but keep to themselves, clearly Zero knows something and is keeping everyone ignorant for some reason.

Wufei tells Zero that he will work with him but he sill does not trust him, Zero is fine with that though Kallen rebuffs Wufei for not trusting Zero. Kira and Athrun aren't exactly sure they know everything going on but are fine with trying to make the atmosphere less tense and Kira convinces Kallen to stand down in yelling at Wufei. On the other hand Roger Smith isn't so easily satisfied and he's starting piece things together on his own... C.C. wonders what Lelouch will do now and Lelouch is furious that he almost lost everything because of this event.

Stage 28

Just Tesujin 28 stuff involving Black Ox. Godmars as well with Godsigma appearing to help out Godmars and rejoining ZEXIS. Very boring stage compared to the one before and after it with not much going on.

Stage 29

Quattro has brought Heero to Treize who is more than happy to see Heero. Turns out Trieze has a new toy that he wants Heero to have, the Epyon. After all the outdated Wing Gundam just isn't cutting it right? Not to mention that Heero lost the Wing Zero. So if Heero wants to fight OZ still he's going to need a Gundam worthy of his skills, right? Heero knows full well that Trieze isn't being generous just because he's a swell guy but Heero has no choice but to accept for Relena's sake. Littles does he know what he's getting himself into...

Trowa is revealed to be alive though he has no memories of being a Gundam pilot. His sister Catherine has chosen to keep this a secret from him since she can't bear the thought of him piloting again. After all he nearly died the last time he was in a mobile suit. Besides, Trowa seems to happy being ignorant and working at the circus with his cute sister! When he leaves to prepare for the next show Catherine feels a tang of guilt for keeping him in the dark. However this is all for the best, right?

In space the Innovades have decided that the Zero System and Wing Zero are just too much trouble. That and they haven't been able to get it to work for them so it's a piece of junk! Though in the hands of Heero it was a monster so... Best to destroy it. As they prepare to do just that Millardo appears in his Talgeese with the intention of taking the Wing Zero for himself! The Innovades try and stop him but he manages to get a severely damage Talgeese to the Wing Zero.

Millardo is thankful the Talgeese has done so much for him and it may rest, he than gets into the Wing Zero and promptly destroys the firing squad in seconds. Before the Innovades can act Millardo damages their machines thus preventing them from getting in his way. With that Millardo vanishes, he has places to go after all. The Innovades are rightly pissed that a "human" made a mockery of them and that Ribbons is going to be very angry when he learns of what just happened.

Meanwhile ZEXIS meets up with Celestial Being's base to get the Raiser System outfitted for use with the 00. Everyone is surprised that Ian had married such a long and beautiful wife. Lunamaria thinks its rude of Shinn and Kira to think something is clearly up. While that's going on Setsuna's innovator senses start tingling which Kamille can sense. Is Setsuna changing just like Kamille when his newtype senses started emerging?

[Just boring talk between the bad guys]

Marina and Relena are spending time together, they are great friends after all. It helps that they both share the same goal and both have strange men in their lives that have caught their eyes. Dorothy, Noin, and Nunnally are also there and everyone seems to be having a swell time. At least when Dorthy isn't saying anything rude that Relena must check her. The discussion returns to the state of the world and what they can do to change things for the better. Suzaku than bursts in telling everyone that somehow the city is now on fire and in ruins! Get the heck out of here, Nunnally! Dorothy finds this hilarious... Just as planned?

The one responsible for the destruction is Ali Al'Sachez and he's taking a little too much joy from all this. Nena Trinity meanwhile watches on but stops herself from attacking him to avenge her brothers, she just wouldn't stand a chance in her outdated Gundam. Dorothy meanwhile chides Relena on her naivety for wanting to change the world and that things like this are just a way of life. Relena rebuffs her much to Noin's amazement. ZEXIS than appears.

ZEXIS is furious over the senseless destruction that has occurred but Ali Al'Sachez doesn't care. In fact he's "glad" that ZEXIS has shown up to take the bait. The trap is than set where Suzaku, the Feds, and Ypsilon and his crew show up with Suzaku assuming this is ZEXIS doing and that he was right about them all along. There's no talking sense into Suzaku, he's dead set on punishing ZEXIS for their crimes! After all, it was Zero and by extension ZEXIS that killed Euphie so them razing a city isn't out of character at all!

The Ypsilon isn't playing fair, he wants Chirico's ass now! He plays the old theme music of Chirico's pass when he was a mass murdering killing machine. This causes Chirico to lose his senses and to charge off alone against the enemy. Kallen and ZEXIS can't talk him out of it, he's reliving past horrors of the "war". Upon seeing everyone fall into place Ali Al'Sachez takes his leave with Setsuna and Lock-On swearing that he will pay for all his sins one day.

When Ypsilon confronts Chirico he tells Chirico he hates the very thought of him and that today he'll pay for ruining Fyana. Even after all this time away from Chirico she still thinks of him and refuses to embrace what she was created to do. Thus Ypsilon wants to kill Chirico and present his severe head to Fyana but he proves no match for Chirico. Swearing that Chirico can't get lucky forever he leaves.

After ZEXIS has trashed a few of the enemies Trowa begins to remember who he is from witnessing the fighting and the burning city. Catherine doesn't want to lose Trowa and tries to shield him from the horrors of war. However Trowa tells Catherine that he must fight, no he wants to fight. He's thankful that Catherine has protected and nursed him back to health but now it's his turn to protect her. Catherine screams out Trowa's name as he runs off towards ZEXIS.

Heero than returns in the Epyon much to the surprise of ZEXIS. Instead of attacking ZEXIS Heero acknowledges his new mission which is to help them. After all, Relena would want this. However when the Epyon system activates things get crazy and like the Zero System is drives Heero crazy. Things are different this time though for Zechs conveniently arrives in the Wing Zero which in turn activates its Zero system in response to the Epyon.

Millardo and Heero than tear into each other like wild beasts causing a ton of collateral damage to the burning city. Upon seeing this the Feds call in more reinforcements. As this is going on Setsuna can't stand the sight of seeing his friend being taken over the the Epyon system and heads over to their side with the 00. It isn't enough, the 00 just isn't stable at all. Kamille senses Setsuna changing, he was right after all.

Despite all of Setsuna's efforts he can't save Heero or stop the berserk Epyon and Zero Systems. Saji decides he can't let his "friend" do this alone and launches without permission in the Raiser. Haro helps Saji gets to Setsuna where he docks with the 00 to help stabilize it, Setsuna is shocked and releases a Trans-AM burst that floods over the battlefield. This is the true power of the 00 Raiser!

Setsuna is within the Burst and encounters Kamille who explains what is happening and that Setsuna isn't alone. Kamille will help Setsuna awaken to his true potential and that there's nothing to fear. Saji ends up encountering Louise in the Burst and both are shocked that they're on the other side of the battlefield and now must fight each other.

Quatre encounters Trowa and Quatre is overtaken with his guilt since he believes he killed Trowa. Trowa tells Quatre he is still alive and doesn't blame him for anything as he sheds tears for Quatre since he knows everything now. Catherine than appears and thanks to the Burst understands why Trowa has decided to fight once more, it really was for her sake. Catherine decides to accept this part of Trowa and she will wait for him to return after the fight, which Trowa promises to do. Trowa than convinces Quatre to snap out of his depression once and for all.

Heero and Millardo encounter each other and are rightly confused since the Zero and Epyon systems no longer has a grip upon their sanity. Setsuna than appears to Heero and alongside Kamille, Quatre, and Trowa they convince Heero to stop his rampage. Heero is awed by the words of the others but is shocked to see Relena who calls out to Heero. Millardo as well sees Relena who convinces them to drop their madness and end this fight between them, at least for the time being. They relent to the words of Relena, neither can deny her. Marina than speaks to Setsuna and says she finally understands him. The Burst than ends.

Kamille activates his system from this encounter, it's bout time he started getting serious. Heero and Millardo than talk of what just happened and now that they understand each other they decide that they're in the wrong Gundams. They promptly switch with Millardo retreating after getting the Epyon. Heero meanwhile has gained mastery over the Wing Zero and doesn't go berserk when it activates its Zero system and decides not to try and kill Zero/Lelouch again.

Noin than appears and picks up Trowa and takes him to ZEXIS so that he may launch in the new Heavy Arms that was built just for him. Everyone is glad to see Trowa again and that they're all working together once more. Trowa apologizes for any suffering that may have occured due to his absence. After ZEXIS is settled in with Trowa and Heero back in the fold Alleujah has unlocked the ability to become a Super Soldier once more by merging with his other self into a more enlightened and Awakened form. He's shocked to see that his other self is still alive but he's told that no more games, they work together from here on out.

When Louise confronts Setsuna she demands to know why Saji is with Celestial Being, they're the ones that killed her family after all with their "Gundams". Saji tries to explain things but Louise feels betrayed and believes that Saji was always with Celestial Being ever since Saji first introduced her to Setsuna all that time ago. Saji doesn't want to fight Louise but has no choice in the matter since Louise is out for blood.

After the Barack, leader of Louise's unit, is killed she swear to avenge him even if it means killing Saji. During the fight Setsuna runs into Mr. Bushido whom he doesn't want to fight. Mr. Bushido tells Setsuna that this is fate and that he's destined to fight the Gundam and Setsuna better fight if he doesn't want to die! After the clash Mr. Bushido reveals the ACE up his sleeve, he can use Trans-AM too which shocks everyone at Celestial Being! How can he use Trans-AM with a GN Core Tau?!

Suzaku on the other hand bitches out both Zero and Kallen and refuses to forgive them. It's because of Zero and ZEXIS that this world is so screwed up, changing things outside the law is always doomed for failure. The only way to change the system is through the inside! Kallen considers Suzaku acting like a naive child and that if he wants to lay a finger on Zero it will be over her dead body, assuming of course he's even capable of that. Suzaku obviously is more than willing to kill Kallen if it means killing Zero.

After his defeat Suzaku swears vengeance, Kallen though isn't impressed and wont waver in protecting her beloved Zero from anyone. Lelouch on the other hand resigns to dealing with Suzaku another day, he's proving to be a very large thorn on his side. However he can't do anything now since Suzaku is in charge of Nunnally who's running Area 11. Suzaku running around for now at least ensures Nunnally is safe for the time being.

When Louise is defeated Saji tries to call out to her but is rebuked by her. From now on they're enemies and he will pay for working with the killers of her family! Saji is depressed that he couldn't reach her and that they truly are enemies from now on.

Once the battle is over Ribbons is rightly angry. Not only did Wing Zero not get destroyed but it was stolen and is now in the hands of ZEXIS. Furthermore the Twin Drive System has shown a new ability he wasn't aware of and there's now an Epyon System? His Innovades have clearly failed him vastly which in inexcusable since they're supposed to be beyond human comprehension! Wang Li Mei decides to get greedy which results in a very angry Ribbons bitch slapping her and reminding her of her place and that she will NEVER become an Innovator! Grace calms down Ribbons but Regene can't help but taunt Ribbons for letting all this slip by him.

Ribbons reminds Regene just who the hell she/he is talking too and that Ribbons made them all. Regene can play the bitch all he/she wants but it wont matter because in the end he/she will always be inferior to Ribbons who will transcend beyond even an Innovator. Thus no matter what Regene is planning he/she will fail, and let's also not forget that Ribbons also has Louise in his thrall and she's the closest of anyone to becoming a true Innovator - The First. Grace watches this unfold with much glee, working with Ribbons has really turned out to be very amusing as well as beneficial.

Back at ZEXIS everyone welcomes Trowa and Heero back into the fold. Wufei asks what Heero will do since coming back means working with Zero but Heero is fine with it. Right now Zero hasn't done anything wrong and Wing Zero has shown Heero many possible futures. Though if Zero ends up threatening the world that Relena is trying to build than he will kill him. Noin than chimes in that she will be working with ZEXIS now by Relena's request, Duo and co. welcome her aboard since she's a proven fighter of her own right.

Heero and Noin than discuss matters involving Relena, Setsuna waits for his turn before speaking to his friend Heero. They have much catching up to do after all. Not to mention that the women they care most for, Relena and Marina, are counting on them to do the impossible on the war front while the women work hard to establish a lasting peace. Ian wonders about the Twin Drive System and that Burst that had occured, he's than approached by Kamille about the GN business particles. Which is fine if he has questions considering that the GN Burst threw Kamille into a strange place and he was naked for some reason.

Kallen meanwhile is glad that Chirico is back to his old self and that Alleujah has conquered his own demons. Alleujah tries to bond with Chirico since he understands what happened to the Super Soldier. Chirico isn't really forthcoming though with what happened but Crowe tells him that there's always next time to save his woman. Chirico already knows that and is determined, Kallen is shocked that Chirico seems so cold but at least he's focused.

Lelouch is still troubled over what happened and even with Suzaku at her side he still fears for Nunnally's safety. Just as Lelouch is formulating a plan to try and deal with his concerns he's interrupted by Ohgi who informs him that a ZONE site has been sighted and is already complete. Lelouch/Zero orders that ZEXIS rush to the scene at once, they have to stop ZONE at all costs!

Stage 30

ZEXIS discusses the ZONE and prepares for the upcomming operation to take it out. Rand and Mel are amazed at how destructive ZONE could be if left unchecked, though Zero cautions that they will need a plan to deal with ZONE. Everyone agrees that Insalaum is full of tricks and that it would be reckless to rush in, though they don't like the thought of ZONE staying about any longer than need be. Crowe is determined to deal with Insalaum in his own way, after all the trouble they've given him. Rand is shocked by Crowe's demeanor.

While that's going on Michel lets Lock-On know that he doesn't like the thought of working with him. Perhaps Lock-On should just sit back and leave it to the proves? After all, just because he's the brother of the former Lock-On doesn't mean he's worthy of that code name. Lock-On of course takes this badly since he hates being compared to his dead brother, Tieria tries to defuse the situation bit the damage is done.

Zero tells them that no more bickering, ZONE should be everyone priority right now. Michel reluctantly drops the subject but doesn't take back anything he said. Alto is shocked on just how badly the Lock-On situation has effected Michel who was good friends with the former Lock-On before his death. Sumeuragi and and Zero than bring the subject back onto ZONE and possible strategies to undertake to prevail.

Elsewhere Anbrorn and Marilyn are having a jolly time being evil. The experiments Anbrorn has been allowed to conduct on Eureka and DM-Esther are proving most interesting which puts her in a good mood. However, if Uther wasn't so kind he would allow her to do more extensive research, it would really help speed up her creating new and more powerful DMs. Attention than turns to the Orguss pair that aren't exactly here on their own free will and make it a point to say that Crowe will foil the evil women's plans. Marilyn finds it hilarious that they think her protege can match her.

Marguerite than enters and the Orguss pair are glad to see her. However she says nothing and the atmosphere is tense. Clearly Marguerite isn't their ally anymore, at least for the time being. The Orguss pair are able to get some info out of Anbrorn who simply can't help herself from gloating over her latest DM creation which is night impenetrable. With that the old hag leaves with Marilyn and Marguerite. The Orguss pair decide to skip town since this information is too important to just leave sitting.

Uther visits DM-Esther since she's the only one that seems to understand his true heart. Not to mention that DM-ESther expects nothing of him so he's free to pour his heart out to her without any worry's. After all DM-Esther was his only real friend in the world even if said friend is a DM that isn't exactly talkative. Uther asks if DM-ESther would like to fight by his side, DM-Esther responds in earnest. After all, anywhere was better than being locked up in a cage and experimented on. Marilyn interrupts Uther's session with DM-ESther, it seems Uther has been coming down and spending more and more time with this DM. Uther's kindness touches Marilyn greatly, she can't help but to start to fall in love with him.

Back to ZEXIS they've arrived at ZONE. Just as the operation is about to commence Crowe launches on his own. Crowe wants to stop ZONE now and doesn't care if he's going against the plan, however before he can act a new DM appears. Crowe proceeds to wail on it but the Brasta proves ineffective even with the VX System and SPIGOT. Perhaps it's time for an upgrade? Whatever the case Crowe is surprised at this turn of events as is ZEXIS.

The Orguss pair than appear and tell Crowe to pull out of there, this DM cannot be defeated by normal means since it's being enhanced by ZONE. ZEXIS agrees to pull back though Crowe is reluctant since he hates leaving things unsettled. Back on the ship Rand is furious that Crowe would rush in so reckless by himself to stop ZONE. Crowe brushes it off but even Mel sees this as Crowe being irresponsible. The Orguss pair gets ZEXIS refocused back on how to stop that DM.

It turns out that the DM is impenetrable thanks to ZONE. Everyone is angered at how unfair and broken ZONE is but they can't figure out how to get to ZONE with that DM there. Zero has been listening on the whole thing and tells ZEXIS that ZONE can be stopped as can that DM, all they need to do is follow his plan. His plan requires that 3 Snipers strike the same spot at 3 different angles thus shattering the DMS ability to use ZONE to protect itself. This will require very precise aiming and timing of course. Before Crowe can volunteer he's told no out of fear of his sphere going berserk again and because he was reckless last time and didn't stick to the plan.

Zero elects to use Gain, Michel, and Lock-On for this task. Michel isn't sure Lock-On is up for the task but Zero has spoken! Lock-On tells Michel that he will carry out his part, stop worrying. Michel isn't convinced but he has no choice in the matter. He than reveals why he hates Lock-On and why this Lock-On will never live up to the former. Lock-On is fine with that, he never wanted to be his brother anyway, let alone replace him. Gain than talks sense into Michel relents though he's shocked that Gain has such faith in this Lock-On. Lock-On is humbled by Gain's vote of confidence in him, though this just adds on the pressure for him to perform.

Renten asks about Eureka but the Orguss pair didn't get a chance to see her so she's being held elsewhere. Renten doesn't despair, he'll just save her when he gets a real lead which causes the Orguss pair to admire his resolve and tell him that he will succeed. Than again they've seen this even play out before... Which has to make one wonder why this Eureka is just as much of a damsel in distress as their Eureka?

The Arksabers confirm that ZEXIS is approaching but Wayne tells them to calm down, besides they should be looking forward to crushing ZEXIS today. There's no way they can defeat this new DM right? Though it is a blow to their honor to have to rely on that Old Hag's devices, would be much better if the Arksabers defeated ZEXIS on their own. Arksabers than announce that ZEXIS has arrived, the battle begins.

Sumeragi immediately informs the snipers on the spots they must head to. Lock-On to the upper left, Gain in the lower middle, and Michel to the upper right. They're on a time limit, if they don't do this quick enough than the mission will be a failure and ZONE will be unstoppable. Rand wishes the snipers good luck. As everyone else joins in on wishing the snipers luck Anew is acting strangely, however when confronted she brushes it off as nothing. Setsuna speaks to Saji since he doesn't want Saji to feel forced to fight, Saji however has decided to fight(Even though he hates violence) but he's only doing it to save Louise. He'll leave the real fighting to Setsuna which he says is alright, they both have their own battles to fight after all.

Wayne is looking forward to trashing not just ZEXIS but Crowe as well. Crowe restrains himself from being reckless and says that he will play ball with ZEXIS. Wayne isn't going to just let ZEXIS steamroll all over him and tells Crowe that he will personally beat the living hell out of him. Crowe tells Wayne that's too bad since he wont succeed, not after Crowe has decided to shoulder the responsibility of stopping ZONE. The operation than begins.

When Lock-On attacks he thinks that he will show everyone just what type of man he is. Michel will learn just how wrong he is about him and he will live up to the faith Zero has in his abilities. Gain on the other hand isn't worried at all and is determined to succeed in the task given to him. Michel thinks to himself that he will show Lock-On just how far he is compared to the old Lock-On in skill and that it's up to him to make up the slack this Lock-On will give. Simply put Michel will never allow Lock-On's name to be tarnished by anyone.

Once everyone is in position Gain leads off the attack. Michel is surprised when Lock-On proves his own mettle by landing the shot perfectly. Michel than follows through with his own perfect shot and the DM loses its impenetrable shielding and Michel has earned a new found respect in this Lock-On. Everyone is glad the operation proceeded with a hitch and Tieria is suspicious that this Lock-On is far more skilled than reports or this Lock-On had lead everyone to believe.

However this isn't time for celebrations. Uther shows up with a large force wth DM-ESther within his ranks. Kallen is shocked to see Esther being used as a DM foot soldier forced to fight against her former friends against her will. Crowe acknowledges Esther in the enemy ranks and tries to talk sense into her. However his word fall in deaf ears and Crowe bitterly decides that he must pull the trigger after all, for Esther's sake. Uther on the other hand is ignorant to what's happening and instead is surprised to see ZEXIS had already demolished the defending forces and had broken the barrier around the DM.

ZEXIS has more than a few choice words to say to Uther, they aren't too happy to see him. Uther of course remain blissfully ignorant to the whole situation but knows enough that if ZEXIS is here that he must fight them. ZEXIS chews him out and Uther loses his nerve and turns to Marguerite for strength, she tells him that she will be at his side in this battle. This helps get Uther to stick around and actually put up a fight, even if it isn't much of one.

ZEXIS on the other hand wont be standing for this. They'll kick the crude out of the Prince, Marguerite, Arksabers, and anyone that gets in the way of them stopping ZONE! Shinn is furious though, he demands what of Esther?! No one has any answers for him but Crowe tells Shinn not to worry which only serves to make everyone worry. Crowe settles to leaving Esther to him and the rest of ZEXIS agrees though only the Captains and Zero know that there's no way to save Esther at this time and what Crowe meant was that he wants to be the one to pull the trigger, after all Esther is in this state because of him.

When Crowe or Kallen(Quatre, Shotaro, and Alto may have dialogue with her too) confront Esther they try talking to her but get nothing. Just as they lose hope they notice Esther stops fighting for just a few seconds which gives them hope that Esther is in fact still in there somewhere and that she isn't completely lost. When Esther is defeated Quatre calls out to her and Crowe moves in to put her out of her misery while a part of her is still human. That way she wont die as a beast. Shotaro and Alto figure out what Crowe is trying to do and tell him to stop, they don't want Esther to die.

However, Crowe tells them that this is the only way. They have no way of restoring her and the longer she stays a DM the closer Esther comes to losing herself. Killing her now is merciful which shocks everyone especially Kallen. Crowe doesn't shed any tears but he hesitates when he moves to kill Esther, his body isn't responding even though he had already decided that this was the only way to end Esther's suffering. Crowe than notices that Esther has completely stopped moving and is seemingly waiting for him to deliver the killing blow, this makes it even harder on him but it must be done.

Before Crowe can regather his wits to actually do the deed Marguerite yells at Crowe to stop. Crowe tells Marguerite not to get in the way of what must be done but Marguerite tells him that Esther is still inside and all hope isn't lost. Unlike other DMs Esther has shown a remarkable show of will that has baffled even Anbrorn, which means Esther is still fighting to this very moment. Marguerite doesn't want Crowe to feel the same suffering that she felt when Moby Dick was taken out in Hakai-Hen.

Crowe isn't so sure there is any hope in this situation but Marguerite tells him he's being a fool and an idiot. If he really cares for that girl than he mustn't give up hope, just like Marguerite never gave up hope for MD. Crowe is shaken by Marguerite's words. C.C. than tells Crowe not to pull the trigger which surprises Kallen since this is uncharacteristically human of C.C.. As this is going on Zero/Lelouch thinks that he can't stand to see this suffering going on any longer, there must be something he can do!

Esther loses her hold of her senses and attacks Crowe with Crowe pleading with Esther to stop and not to force his hand. Zero decides that he must gamble his Geass on all this and orders Esther to "Stop It!" which causes Esther to cease her attack on Crowe. Kallen is surprised that Geass still works on Esther and Zero proclaims to Crowe that this is PROOF that Esther is still fighting and that killing her now would be something everyone will regret as there is still hope because of Esther's remarkable willpower! Crowe relents and calls out to Esther who responds to the sound of his voice but than retreats since she can't bring herself to hurt Crowe at this time since her senses had temporary returned.

Crowe calls out to Esther but she has departed already. Quatre tells Crowe to calm down, there will be more chances to save Esther! They just have to keep believing in her not to lose the battle she's waging to retain her humanity. Alto and Shotaro agree that as long as they're alive and keep gunning to save Esther than things will work out but the moment they give up hope they have failed Esther and themselves. Crowe is thankful for their words and than thanks Marguerite who tells Crowe it's nothing and reminds him that they're still enemies on the battlefield. Crowe tells her he knows that and wont hold back either.

Once Marguerite, the DM, and Uther are defeated ZONE activates on its own despite all of ZEXIS's efforts to stop it. Crowe moves in to try and stop ZONE at the cost of himself just like Setsuko before him which shocks ZEXIS. Wayne than appears and refuses to let Crowe go out like this out settling the score between them. Crowe isn't in the mood for games and easily defeated wayne who is completely caught off guard by Crowe's sudden surge of strength.

With Crowe now out of the way Rand moves in to take his spot. Crowe demands to know what Rand is doing but Rand tells him to stop making a scene, after all someone has to bite the bullet so that ZONE is stopped since its going nuclear. Besides, it's better this way. Rand has no regrets and has faith in ZEXIS not to mention it's Crowe's duty to save Esther since she's his special someone and is the reason Crowe has been acting recklessly as of late. It wouldn't be right for Esther to be saved and the first thing she see's isn't Crowe, right?

Crowe remains silent because he knows what Rand says is true with Mel popping in to remind everyone that the rest is up to them from here on out and to save Setsuko too. They better not fail and they better save Esther especially. ZEXIS promises that Rand and Mel's sacrifice wont be in vain and they will stop ZONE, save Esther, and find a way to save all of them. Rand is sure they will as Gunleon activates its sphere to seal ZONE. Crowe can only scream in frustration at this turn of events.

After the battle Crowe in contacted by Traiya who is still working on a way to stop ZONE, though Rand's sacrifice has at least given them more time. Traiya asks of Esther who was at the battle, Crowe tells her that Esther is strong and that a part of her is still fighting even after all this time. This is a huge relief to Traiya who is willing to cling on to any shred of hope she can if it means Esther can still be saved. With that out of the way Traiya orders Crowe back to Scott Labs, she has just finished the upgrades for the Brasta which will need the extra firepower for the coming battles since the VX system alone isn't enough and has proven very risky on its own. Crowe is glad for the upgrade and heads out, though he still has a lot on his mind.

Insalaum on the other hand isn't doing so hot. Anbrorn is furious that ZONE was stopped and her new DM wasn't up to snuff. Marguerite tells her that this is what she gets for underestimating ZEXIS which has defied her odds more than once in the past already. Anbrorn tells her to shut her trap but Marguerite tells her that as long as Crowe Brust is around her plans will continue to be ruined by him. Anbrorn is furious since by all rights Crowe should have been made a DM by now, instead she's stuck with that DM Brat even if she has gained a lot of data studying her.

Wayne is dealing with being trashed by Crowe, it has wounded his pride greatly. Anbrorn gleefully tells him that he was reckless and now his machine is beyond repair. This hurts Wayne's pride but he can't deny that what happened was his fault. Anbrorn turns to the bright side of things and decided to redouble her efforts to obtain Crowe and his sphere just as was originally planned. Gerard tells her not to get ahead of herself, he wont allow Crowe to be tainted just yet. No, Gerard desires to face Crowe in a duel to the death. Marguerite and Wayne can only sit back and watch as Gerard verbally tears Anbrorn a new one since she doesn't agree with the whole "Knights Code" thing and duels.

Uther goes to visit DM-Esther in her cage. He feels pathetic since he was defeated so easily and doesn't think he'll ever live up to the role that he was cast into. Insalaum needs a stronger Ruler not a weak yet kind one. How is he to save his people and avenge all the suffering that was inflicted upon them in the past in his current state of mind? It's all troubling to him but he's glad that he still has DM-Esther to confide in since she wasn't killed in the last battle.