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Stage 11 - Go With Kallen

Klaus is impressed with his agent, Gene-1, who he had planned to use to infiltrate Celestial Being to get a better understanding of the organization and perhaps sway them to help Katharon's cause. It was unexpected that their secret agent would be approached by Celestial Being and not the other way around, even more enticing was that Gene-1 had even become a Gundam Meister apparently. Shirin isn't so sure that this will work to their benefit considering how Celestial Being operates but Klaus reminds her that they need Celestial Being since alone their efforts haven't really amounted to anything. Besides, they share the same goals so it's not like they're trying to get Celestial Being to do something they don't desire. Of course the issue is convincing Celestial Being to at least hear their case and that task lies with Gene-1 to set up.

On other news Shirin has received word that Marina Ismail has managed to somehow be made captive and is being held against her will and indefinitely by the A-Laws at a highly guarded and secret prison where only the most infamous enemies of the A-Laws are held. Which means that many Katharon agents and sympathizers are being held there as well. Klaus understands that Shirin feels like she should participate personally to save Marina but that wouldn't do well if he lost someone as precious as Shirin. Dying wouldn't accomplish anything, besides Klaus has already factored in Celestial Being sending aid and has worked out a plan to save Katharon agents during the chaos.

Nena Trinity is still alive and well and has become quite the obedient servant for Wang Liu Mei. Anyway, Nena can tell that this place is highly guarded and quite secret, it seems that the information they obtained was correct. If the A-Laws were going to hold someone as high profile as a Gundam Meister anywhere than it would be here of all places. Wang Liu Mei tells Nena that she has done good enough and to return back to the base until her next assignment. The rest will be handled by Wang Liu Mei who has quite the silver tongue, all she needs to do is lay out the bait and surely she could move mountains if she so desired. Assuming, of course, if said mountains are willing to believe her still. Nena decides that she will return though she can't help but become excited at the prospect of what Wang Li Mei has planned for the future.

Back at the comforts of her home Wang Liu Mei is plotting for the future. Hong Long though wonders what Wang Liu Mei could be thinking trying to play all the sides again considering how well that worked out for them last time. Using those like Celestial Being, A-Laws, Ribbons, and even Nena Trinity means trouble is destined to blow their way. It's worrisome and Hong Long is right to be cautious that such parties may be the death of them if they get in over their heads. Wang Liu Mei finally answers Hong Long and tells him that if Celestial Being and Aeolia Schenberg are unable to overcome such adversaries as Ribbons than they aren't fit to change the world at all. Hong Long isn't exactly convinced but he's in no position to deny her. Wang Liu Mei continues that what she desires is a revolution. For that to occur there must be some necessary bloodshed before the one most worthy of changing the world ends up on top. Who ends up there really isn't her concern. Hong Long can't help but feel guilt, is he the reason Wang Liu Mei ended up like this?

Duo is surprised that Tieria has an announcement for them all, they just got word from a very reliable source that something of great importance is being held in this remote prison system. Tieria continues that this isn't something they can ignore, especially if it's true. Furthermore this isn't just in their best interest, it turns out out that the Black Knights who've been slated for execution for some time are being held there as well. This gets Kallen's attention immediately, her former comrades! At long last she knows where they're being held! Tieria cautions Kallen but informs her that they will do their best to rescue the Black Knights who are an important ally to Celestial Being.

Lasse is hopeful that this information turns out true, it would be great if they could be reunited with their former comrade and friend. Mileina has heard much of their friend, this Allelujah, who seems quite interesting and she would like to meet him. Lock-On asks who the heck everyone is talking about, who is this Allelujah? Haro prods Lock-On for being insensitive but Lock-On isn't having it. In fact Lock-On isn't so sure all this effort should be used on a guy that managed to get captured despite being a Gundam Meister. Is he reliable or just a loose cannon?

Tieria gives Lock-On a serious look which quickly gets him to apologize for his discretion. If they're going to save this guy than Lock-On promises to do his best. Tieria isn't exactly convinced on Lock-On's word and still doesn't like that he replaced the man he looked up to. However he will let this slide and allow Lock-On to show what he's capable of in the upcoming operation. Shinn is quite furious over Lock-On being so rude to their friend who has been suffering for some time. Doesn't that guy not have friends of his own? Surely he should understand why they would want to bust a friend out of a hellhole like that. Esther isn't as angry as Shinn and instead decides to let it go despite Lock-On getting on her nerves as well. There's just no use in being at each others throats when they should be focused on what's ahead of them. Shinn is surprised at Esther's maturity and that she just made him look childish and immature, guess getting angry isn't okay in ZEXIS huh?

After meeting is over Feldt addresses Sumeragi about her returning to being their Leader since she had vanished after the last war ended and is glad that she's okay. Sumeragi informs Feldt that she isn't back yet. Lasse understands that she needs time though it would be great if she lead them again which Celestial Being tries to convince her that what happened wasn't her fault. Sumeragi seems to be shaken by this but Setsuna tells Sumeragi that this is something only she can do and they need her abilities. This hits Sumeragi hard with guilt which Kallen notices. Kallen berates Setsuna for being so insensitive, it's like Setsuna has no experience with women at all! Furthermore Kallen wants Sumeragi to return to her old self since this self-pitying thing is hurting everyone.

It's not like anyone else can do Sumeragi's job anyway but that isn't the only reason. Kallen just doesn't like seeing Sumeragi wallowing in her own self-guilt, Sumeragi though manages to gather her wits which surprises Kallen. Sumeragi says that she isn't their leader and doubts if she has it in her to do this once again but that doesn't mean she will exactly abandon them. Heero understands her pain but he knows that they aren't in a position to allow some as highly skilled as Sumeragi to just walk away. By no means will he force her to stay but this operation will fail without her genius.

Sumeragi is quite clear that she knows all this but it's a bit late to back down and as of right now they literally need her even if she doesn't want to be here. Kallen is just glad that Sumeragi seems driven once more, it's nice to see her resembling the woman she admired. Even Shinn can't help but smile. The old Sumeragi they know is making her return to them, slowly but surely. Quatre agrees that is this great, Esther though takes this time to mention that she had heard a lot of Sumeragi's tactical forecasting skills from Crowe. Quite frankly Esther is impressed and expects amazing things from Sumeragi and actually looks up to such a strong woman as her for inspiration. All of this persuading seems to effect Sumeragi who is at a loss.

Setsuna reminds Sumeragi of what they're all fighting for, her abilities, and what's at stake so they need one more Tactical Forecast at least. Sumeragi finally understands and asks that Feldt deliver all Tactical Information to her room later, though she isn't promising anything. Feldt quickly gets to work on that, Sumeragi though can't say if she'll ever return as their Leader and that this may very well be a one time thing as she leaves. Lasse isn't able to stop her, now that she seems to be back he doesn't want to see her leave again. Lock-On though is amused over these events though he can't understand what Sumeragi's deal is. Haro quickly berates Lock-On for being so rude again. Lock-On apologizes and promises Haro that he will behave. As for what he's thinking, well he's thinking of Katharon and wonders if they'll take advantage of this situation.

After a bit of work Feldt finished what Sumeragi asked of her and runs into Lock-On whom seems to have entranced her. Lock-On wonders what her deal is since she clearly wants something. Feldt is only able to stutter gibberish, he looks so much like her former crush. This only serves to confuse Lock-On who wonders what her deal is, seriously what is with the women on this ship? Haro announces that Feldt was in love with the former Lock-On which results in Feldt telling Haro to shut up already! Lock-On understands now, after all he does look a lot like his dead brother. In fact he's surprised his brother was able to attract such a beauty and Lock-On figures that Feldt wants to know if he's the same as his brother in more ways than just looks.

Feldt is unable to convey her true feelings so Lock-On takes this time to ask Feldt if she wants to be his girl. Feldt is shocked, Lock-On continues that if it's okay with her than they can totally date and if she wants she can come by his room later too. After all, it would allow them to get much better acquainted, right? A highly disgusted Feldt leaves, Lock-On figured that this would be the end result. Shinn though had seen everything and is furious that Lock-On would take advantage of Feldt's former crush and self-guilt over his unavoidable death. Seriously, is Lock-On nothing more than a horny animal with no restraint?! Lock-On doesn't like that he was being spied upon.

However, since Shinn is here Lock-On explains that he said those things so Feldt would hate him and stop trying to compare him with his brother which he hates. Shinn understands but it still pisses him the hell off! Kallen tells Shinn to calm down, she understands that Feldt needed a reality check and that this Lock-On is not the same one she fell in love with. It's best that she has this off her mind now than later since it'll let her focus on her duties now. Lock-On admires that not only is Kallen beautiful but she's very intelligent to have deduced all that so quickly. Perhaps they should later do dinner?

Kallen tells him to shut it, though she understands why he said those things she can't forgive him for how he seems to be objectifying women or how forward he has been with nearly every decent looking woman thus far. So Kallen warns him that next time he tries to pull something like this again she will BREAK him, got it? Lock-On understands and is quickly reminded that Kallen is quite scary. Tieria was watching all this and bitterly wonders if this guy really has the right to replace the former Lock-On...

Barrack is chatting away with Kati about the prison and the all important prisoners it holds. Kati has arrived to reinforce the place as they continue interrogating their prized prisoner. Andrei is also around, though it isn't strange considering that he's under Barrack's command a member of his team. Still, he can't help but ponder how much things have changed in such a short time. Just than Soma Peries enters and introduces herself, Kati acknowledges her and Soma's many achievements. Soma isn't here for praise, she's here for another reason. Kati wonders how Sergei is doing but Soma can't really say considering she was the only one called here. Still, Sergei has been a good father and it's a shame that he couldn't be here considering his reputation.

Whatever the case Kati gets back to business and introduces Barrack who in turn introduces his squad members - mainly Andrei. Soma is shocked to learn who Andrei really is, he's the son of Sergei! Andrei though would prefer that Sergei not be brought up anymore and that he had long since abandoned his "father". Soma doesn't understand but decides to keep quiet. Now that the introductions are in Kati would prefer everyone behave and they all get back to business. However before that can occur they're supposed be joined by another who... Isn't there. Where did he run off to now?

In a prison cell is the Black Knights who aren't sure how long they've been left to rot since the Rebellion failed. Tamaki tries to make the best of things but Ohgi doesn't seem all there. Of course this just gets Tamaki to try and cheer everyone up since he has his doubts that Zero had actually betrayed them, clearly there was a god reason that Zero left them all! Speaking of that, what exactly happened? Chiba is quite blunt in pointing out that Zero had left them all to rot, Tamaki though can't believe that his best buddy would do that! Have faith! Ohgi isn't one to jump to conclusions here but things are dire and he can't shake off something....

The Holy Swordsmen don't like that Ohgi and Tamaki haven't realized that they were screwed over and that no matter what the facts support that Zero abandoned them and is dead. Tohdoh doesn't understand what happened either, it just didn't make sense for Zero to abandon them at such a crucial time as far as he's concerned. Clearly something happened that changed Zero's resolve but it's a bit late now to ponder such things considering what happened. A stranger than approaches the cell and wishes to speak to Tohdoh. Turns out the stranger knows Tohdoh quite well and admires his Samurai spirit. A shame those bars are getting in the way though. Oh, before he forgets he's Mister Bushido.

Tohdoh is somewhat confused, who are you again? Mister Bushido isn't surprised that Tohdoh doesn't know him however he still remembers him quite well. Tohdoh is able to make out that this man is not Japanese, which isn't something Mister Bushido denies. Instead he would like a duel between the two of them. Tohdoh considers it and decides that he would accept such a challenge if he were able. After all he's Japanese and whether Mister Bushido is Japanese or not makes no difference in a battle between warriors. Despite how nice that sounds Tohdoh can't change that the Black Knights are to be executed any day now.

Mister Bushido decides to offer Tohdoh freedom and a chance to serve the A-Laws in a position of great honor as his equal. Doing this would allow them to duel and for Tohdoh to live like a warrior and not die as a dog! As enticing an offer that is to become a hound of the A-Laws it's something that Tohdoh can't accept. After all, what point is there to serving the A-Laws when they themselves lack any honor? Mister Bushido expected this answer and informs Tohdoh that his unyielding spirit is what convinced him to live by the Bushido Code all that time ago.

Tohdoh is amazed that such an honorable man serves the A-Laws even if he doesn't recall who he is. Anyway, Mister Bushido announces that they will clash blades one day soon and that he's looking forward to besting such a proud and respectable Samurai as Tohdoh. With that Mister Bushido leaves. Ohgi is confused, who the heck was that strange fellow? The rest of the Black Knights also wonder who he is and why he seems to know Tohdoh so well. Tohdoh though thinks that though he may not know the man he can relate to his emotions. However Tohdoh had learned a long time ago that men ruled by emotions will never obtain mastery over Bushido...

Allelujah Haptism, or better known as Subject E-0057, is in a cell all by himself. When the door opens he's blinded by the light and is surprised to be greeted by Soma Peries whom he knows as Marie Parfacy. Soma remembers that in the past she suffered headaches when near him, yet this time there is nothing. Perhaps his last battle all that time ago had disrupted his Quantum Brainwaves? Allelujah though continues to call out to Marie and tries to get her to remember who he is. Soma has no idea who this Marie is which gets Allelujah to shout that she is Marie! They knew each other back at the institute!

Soma becomes agitated and says that she is not this "Marie", whoever that is! Allelujah is at a loss, Marie clearly doesn't remember him or herself at all. This angers Soma who shouts that she is Soma Peries! Hearing this shocks Allelujah, why doesn't Marie remember anything? Could it be that she's just like he was? Just than the twins come in, they warn Soma to control herself. After all, Soma was granted a chance to speak with the prisoner freely not to inflict harm upon him out of anger. Soma questions why she's being interrupted. As far as she's concerned she doesn't need anyone to keep tabs on her at all, especially when she wasn't told of their arrival before hand. The twins mention that the prisoner is a prized prison after all so they aren't exactly sorry for getting in the way of her interrogation.

This gets Soma's attention who questions why they're all here and who the twins really work for since this isn't adding up. The twins announce that they aren't really to picking sides though if they had to be on one they would be with the Secret Society that Soma has clearly heard about but knows little of. Soma than questions what they want, the twins counter that they're very interested in the prisoner and Soma. After all they are perfected Super Soldiers and they would very much like to study both of them. Obviously this disgusts Soma as the twins continue that they could gain a lot of useful information from those two so that they could better perfect the Perfect Soldier.

Unwilling to be made into a lab rat Soma tells them that she wont play ball. This angers the twins but at the very least Soma says they may do with the prisoner as they see fit before she walks off. The twins expected such a response but at the very least one Super Soldier is better than none. As they ponder what to do next Allelujah sadly mutters Marie's name as she vanishes. This gets Yplison's attention who wonders why he calls out that name so much. Allelujah mentions that she is the reason he still yet lives and the one he will do anything to get back. This strikes true with Yplison who can understand considering his woman trouble as well.

Yplison asks for the prisoners name whom he learns is Allelujah Haptism. That name, he'll be sure to remember that. With that out of the way Yplison bonds with Allelujah and informs him that he desires to reach perfection through what they can learned from Allelujah though he does sympathize with him. Just before anything can be done the alarm goes off which angers the twins who were looking forward to experimenting on Allelujah. This is the worst of times! The twins tell Yplison to watch Allelujah as they head off to see what the heck is going on. This doesn't suit well with Yplison who says that if a certain AT is spotted he will fight. The twins ask him if he's willing to disobey just for a chance like that? Yplison mentions that it is something he must do, Allelujah wonders what could be up with Yplison...

Outside Feldt confirms that the Operation is starting off quite smoothly. Sumeragi explains that the Operation will go as follows. As the main force engages the enemy defense force the 00 will open a way for Kallen and Chirico to break into the prison. Kallen will go after the Black Knights while Chirico will go free Allelujah. Chirico acknowledges his mission while Kallen swears that she will liberate her comrades without a hitch. Feldt asks Setsuna if he wants to add anything, he's confused. Feldt continues that Marina is being held here and that she knows he is close to her.

Thus Setsuna should be saving her, right? Setsuna seems completely taken aback by this news and what's expected of him. Heero tells Setsuna that he should go. Setsuna understands but is still conflicted. Tieria continues that he will remain to watch their backs, after all there should be plenty of time for someone like Setsuna to rescue Marina during the rescue operation. This touches Setsuna who decides to save Marina after all. Sumeragi figures this in her plans and tells everyone that they have 3 minutes to get those 3 into the prison if this operation is to succeed since it's the amount of time for the defense force to organize. Marking the prison Sumeragi warns that if they don't hurry they will be overwhelmed. Lasse notices that Sumeragi is wearing her old uniform again which Sumeragi acknowledges though it doesn't mean a thing yet.

After some banter Sumeragi warms up and says that they owe the Japanese and the Black Knights this much at least, they can't fail to save their friends. Feldt tells everyone that the initial defense force has gathered forth! Kati is in charge and can't believe that Celestial Being had arrived so close while being undetected! Immediately she deduces they're here for the prisoners and orders a full attack to prevent this from happening! Barrack will see to that. Kamille figures that Allelujah really is here after all and is in danger, this large showing of force proves that. Kallen notices the ATs and worries for Chirico who seems deep in thought. Chirico suspects that Yplison may be here. Sumeragi quickly reminds everyone that they're on the clock and that Setsuna, Kallen, and Chirico need to reach the prison in time! Once they're in the initial forces must be taken out before the rest of the defense forces arrive! Mission acknowledged, Sumeragi orders that Operation is to begin!

Upon arriving at the Prison each of the trio say they're moving to complete their objectives. Everyone else remains behind since the infiltration team needs a few minutes(1 Turn) to reach their objectives. Once they're all in Sumeragi orders everyone to hold their positions. Esther is confident that Kallen, Setsuna, and Chirico will succeed and she will not let a single enemy get through! All that's left is to wait...

Kallen has made quick work of all the guards she encountered and quickly finds where her comrades is being held. Immediately she asks if they're okay and to respond if they are. Ohgi is surprised to see Kallen here and the path of destruction she has left in her wake. Though he has to wonder what she's doing here. Kallen is obviously here to rescue them all and is extremely happy to see that everyone is unharmed. Tamaki is extremely pleased with this turn of events and believes that they can continue to liberate Japan once more! Speaking of Japan, how's everything been since they were locked up? Tohdoh cuts Tamaki off since they can chat later.

Instead Tohdoh wonders aloud what's going on here. Kallen fills him in that Zero has returned to liberating Japan once more. Naturally everyone is shocked to hear that Zero is still alive. Tamaki though has to fight back tears, it seems he was right about his best buddy after all. Though he still can't help but hide his disbelief that Zero is indeed back and running about. After all he did sorta abandon them and they were told he was executed a long time ago. Kallen angrily says that Zero is alive and is the same one as before. They have a right to be angry over what happened but as of right now Kallen isn't in the mood of hearing Zero's good name being trashed. Especially since they need him.

Despite her steadfast defense of Zero it doesn't change that many members of the Black Knights are still wary of Zero and are unsure if they can trust him again. Before things can get too heated Tohdoh tells everyone that it is enough, they don't have time for all this. What they need to do right now is concentrate on escaping first! With that Tohdoh leads his comrades out of their cells and towards freedom!

Elsewhere Setsuna has reached Marina who is surprised to see him here of all places. Naturally Setsuna informs Marina that he's going to get her out of this joint. However that isn't all, it's because of Marina's relationship with Setsuna and the Gundams that she was targeted by the A-Laws so it's kinda his fault that she's locked up in the first place. Thus it's only right that he take up the duty of seeing her to safety since she's innocent in all this. Marina is at a loss of words, Setsuna asks her to come with him since there isn't much time left.

Allelujah is greeted by Chirico which is a huge surprise. Chirico ignores Allelujah's freak out and instead informs Allelujah that he's here to rescue him. Naturally Allelujah wonders what the heck is going on, who planned all this? Chirico informs Allelujah that a lot has happened and that those like Celestial Being and their friends have begun gathering together once more. Before this can go further they're interrupted by Yplison who suspected that Chirico would turn up soon enough, a man like him doesn't die so easily.

Chirico has a duty to see Allelujah to safety even if he desires to fight Yplison to get a lead on Fyana is possible. Yplison acknowledges Allelujah who wonders if Yplison is here to stop his escape. Turns out Yplison isn't, he really does understand what drives Allelujah. It's that drive which Yplison desires to face in the future. Right now if he here to stop Allelujah he wouldn't get to see what Super Soldier can do, furthermore Yplison understands how important this Marie is to Allelujah. So Yplison orders Allelujah to run and not to give up on Marie before the time they meet again upon the battlefield. Allelujah is grateful and takes his leave even if a man like Yplison cares not whether Allelujah is grateful or not.

Now it's just Chirico and Yplison who wants to settle things with Chirico. Chirico though would rather learn what happened to Fyana whom Yplison refuses to say a word about. Instead he offers Chirico this, a duel. Today they will continue where they left off and if Chirico desires to reach Fyana and to continue living than he better come at Yplison with his full might. However they don't fight with their fist, Chirico asks what Yplison has in mind. Turns out Yplison wants a literal continuation of their duel, they will fight in ATs! Chirico accepts which Yplison knew he would, though he warns Chirico that he is a Perfect soldier and that losing isn't an option for him either! They will see who is most worthy of Fyana!

Soma runs into Allelujah who had nearly reached his Gundam. Allelujah is shocked by her presence as Soma holds him at gunpoint and refuses to allow him to leave here! If he gets near that Gundam than she will fire upon him! Allelujah is frustrated that she has been lost and he tries once again to remind her that she's Marie! Remember! A brief flashback shows a younger Allelujah and Marie meeting for the first time with Allelujah repeating her name over and over again. When they return to reality Soma is confused over what she just saw.

An explosion occurs as Soma starts to break down in her confusion. Nothing makes sense! Allelujah desires to comfort Marie but he's stopped by reinforcements that prepare to fire upon him. Allelujah swears that he will come back for Marie one day soon, just wait for him! Soma struggles to yell that Allelujah will not escape, especially not after what just happened between them! Allelujah apologizes for Marie but right now he has to get going.

Outside Kamille greets Setsuna and asks if he succeeded. Setsuna states that all the prisoners are being lead to safety. Kallen tells her allies to get their asses moving, she will explain things later! Tohdoh is leading the prisoners and recognizes Marina whom he swears he will get to safety. All she needs to do is follow him! Tamaki pumps out his chest and says that he will protect everyone so Marina has nothing to worry about! This way!

Quatre is glad that all their friends are okay! Duo can't help to laugh, those guys sure are resilient considering they just got out of lock up after all this time. Chirico reminds everyone that the enemy is arriving, sure enough they do. Kallen immediately recognizes that AT! That means the pilot of that is the one that took Fyana away from Chirico, that bastard will pay! Sumeragi quickly takes control and asks how the Kyrios is doing, Mileina locks on the Kyrios and Feldt confirms that it's active! Allelujah hasn't been in a Gundam for awhile yet the Kyrios seems to be made for him. Still, it seems that his time as a Gundam Meister isn't over just yet after all. However this time he's driven, he will get Marie back no matter what with the help of this Kyrios and as a member of Celestial Being! Sumeragi is proud of him, Lasse though interrupts and says that the enemy is deploying!

Tieria considers the situation, something is eating at him. Setsuna on the other hand is glad to see Allelujah even if Setsuna lacks the ability to display most emotions. Allelujah understands what Setsuna is feeling and is glad that they're fighting side by side again and that Setsuna always had his back. Setsuna confirms that he will fight with Allelujah once more, just than the enemy deploys. Kamille senses something odd about that pilot, could the pilot be the one Allelujah was after? The pilot is Soma who is far more focused at yelling at Allelujah and swearing that she will bring him back in! Allelujah makes the decision to fight Marie so that he may save her, Setsuna wonders what's with that pilot that has Allelujah all eaten up so much. Allelujah mentions that the pilot is very important to him and asks everyone not to shoot her down, leave Marie to him!

Sumeragi is fine with this and orders everyone to quickly take out the enemy force so they can get the heck out of here! They're on a time limit here! Heero accepts this mission as does Esther who feels that 3 minutes is more than enough time for them! After all, they just saved precious friends and she'll be damned if she lets the A-Laws rain on their parade! Especially since she wants to meet this Allelujah that she has heard so much about! So they all are going to kick these jerks to the curb and get out for a big party! Yplison ignores Esther's little rant and tells Chirico that their fight may now commence, Chirico just gives him the angry look. Soma focuses on Allelujah whom she will not lose too, Gundam or not! Allelujah doesn't want to fight her but he will if it means knocking sense back into Marie!

Allelujah clashes with Soma who is rightly angry over his escape and why he seems to have a history with her that she cannot remember. Of course Allelujah spends this time to try and persuade Marie not to fight and to leave with him! Soma refuses, she will not be going with him! In fact it's Allelujah that shall be coming back with her, in chains! Maybe than she can finally get answers over what his connection is to her and why her head hurts when she's near him! Allelujah figures that Soma literally is like her and that the Soma personality has overtaken the Marie personality. That just means he'll have to try harder to wake her the heck up already!

When Setsuna encounters Soma he freaks out, something is up with that pilot's abilities! Is she really the same as Allelujah? Furthermore he did promise not to harm her and to help bring her to Allelujah though he isn't sure that he can hold back against such a fearsome opponent.

Soma curses Celestial Being and the Gundams for getting in her way, next time things will be different! From here on out she will shoot to kill! Allelujah is shocked by this and calls out to her, Soma quickly informs Allelujah that she isn't Marie! She's Soma Peries! With that she leaves which angers Allelujah who hasn't give up on Marie just yet. Deep down she must still be in there somewhere...

Yplison and Chirico square off once more with Yplison taunting Chirico with his unworthiness which has tainted Fyana. Thus they must fight, for Fyana cannot move on as long as Chirico draws breath! Chirico ignores Yplison and wonders about Fyana, the Secret Society, and Perfect Soldier.

Kallen runs into Yplison as well. Yplison orders Kallen to stay the hell away, this fight is between Chirico and him! Kallen orders Yplison to shut his mouth, she will make him pay for what he has done to Chirico! On top of that she will beat him into a pulp until he starts talking an tells them where Fyana is being help at against her will! This she swears, prepare for a world of hurt!

Needless to say Yplison isn't able to fight off Chirico, Kallen, and all their friends alone. However Yplison doesn't relent, their fight isn't over yet considering that he's still alive! Chirico demands that Yplison wait, he isn't through yet! Yplison cannot die here nor can he give up Fyana, if Chirico wants to know more than that's his problem. Before leaving Yplison swears that Chirico will see more of him in the future soon enough, if he can best him than he will bring him to Fyana! Yplison than leaves as Chirico ponders what the Secret Society really is and what they're planning. At the very least he knows they seem to be allied with the A-Laws considering that Yplison was here. So if he continues fighting the A-Laws than eventually he will find his way to Fyana....

Kati is impressed when she's defeated, such tactics... They're very familiar to her. However this battle is lost and she doesn't want to risk any more damage or getting dragged in a mess she can't out of. Thus Kati orders a pull out before they're completely demolished. Feldt confirms that all enemies have left the area. Sumeragi is just relieved that it all worked out, perhaps she's regaining confidence in her own abilities once more? Whatever the case all units are recalled and Celestial Being takes its leave. With them gone Kati is amazed that they were able to complete their mission within 5 minutes. Without a doubt only one person could do that.... Leesa.

The prospect of facing such a powerful and skilled opponent in the future is quite enticing, though Kati chooses to keep her knowledge of Leesa to herself. A goon mentions that Katharon forces are headed towards the base. Kati figures that they must be working in tanjum with Celestial Being now. Whatever the case they don't have the means to repel them and she orders that the base be abandoned. Such horrible timing! Mister Bushido watches on as the A-Laws retreat, he's impressed that the Gundams are back since it means he can settle things with that one pilot. He also looks forward to clashing with Tohdoh one day in honorable battle. Clearly fortune has smiled upon him, yes. All that is left is to wait til their coming battles...

Back with ZEXIS is Kallen who is glad to finally have a chance to speak with her comrades once more. Ohgi is spectacle and doesn't understand why Kallen didn't just return to a peaceful life since the option was there. Kallen couldn't just abandon them and she isn't out of the fight just yer! Tohdoh takes this time to ask of Zero whom many of the Black Knights are anxious to meet again. At the very least to confirm if they can trust him or not anymore. Kallen reports that Zero isn't here because of business reasons but she informs them that he's hard at work on liberating Japan as he said he would.

Despite hearing this the Black Knights are skeptical, they just aren't sure what to believe after their betrayal. Kallen is shocked at their silence, have they all truly lost faith? Tamaki is the first to open his big mouth and quickly accepts that Zero is back and that he will help his best buddy once again. Of course there's the possibility that this Zero is a fake so it's natural that the Black Knights are wary over that as well. Hearing this only makes Kallen more resolute as she confirms that this Zero is the real deal and if they can't take her word for it than they need only wait. For soon enough Zero will prove to the world that he's back once more.

Until that time Kallen begs her former comrades to please trust her on Zero. She knows that a lot has happened and that they have no reason to forgive but can they at least believe in her if not this Zero? Tohdoh reluctantly agrees to help for the time being but if he hears something he doesn't like about this Zero than he's pretty much gone. It's all Kallen can ask of them, have some faith. Tohdoh though isn't doing this out of loyalty, he's doing it because if that man has returned that he's the only chance Japan has of ever being liberated. This is fine with Kallen, Ohgi though is glad to be out of that cell and formerly thanks Kallen for her efforts since it must have been the hardest on her.

Tamaki asks if Kallen worked alone for the most part and where his best buddy is staying? Kallen reveals that he's in Japan with C.C. watching over him. Upon hearing the name C.C., Tamaki can't help but feel a sense of dread. The woman never really liked him and he's worried about her influence! She's out to get him! Regardless the Black Knights are stuck with Celestial Being for the time being so they might as well make themselves useful. Already being put to work, woe is Tamaki! Quatre and Duo decide to chat and fill in Tamaki who assures him that he's fine and will clearly be the one carrying everyone on his back to the goal line. Though he does remark over all their friends returning and that Chirico seems to be the same as always.

Trowa enters in the banter and tries to polity convince Tamaki not to do anything rash. Tamaki though takes this as reason to go all out, he'll show everyone how useful he can be now that he's free once more! It has been so long since they were all together that Kallen is actually enjoying Tamaki's antics. Setsuna checks in and Tohdoh informs him that he was able to get Marina Ismail to safety. That's good enough for Setsuna who takes his word for it.

Allelujah has been filled in on what has happened and approaches a silent Chirico. It would seem that they're both dealing with severe women issues, mainly their lovers being influenced by others to be used against them. Chirico acknowledges that they have similar issues, Allelujah asks of Fyana which Chirico confirms that she's missing once again. They both decide to work together to saving them, just as they are about to brofist they're interrupted by Lock-On who wants to see what all the fuss is about concerning this Allelujah. The sight of Lock-On freaks Allelujah out who assumes that the former Lock-On is somehow alive!

Lock-On is sorry to disappoint but he's not the same guy. Tieria informs Allelujah that this Lock-On is just the brother of the former, the only thing they have similar is looks. Even after hearing this it is still a lot to digest in one guy even if it's Tieria telling him. After the excitement passes Tieria asks about Allelujah considering he was locked up for a very long time. Allelujah is adamant about staying on board and his lock up hasn't dulled his abilities too much. Sumeragi presses Allelujah who goes on to explain his capture, what he has been doing this whole time, and the such after Celestial Being was destroyed. He even goes on to explain who Marie is and why he must go after her.

The two end up bonding with Sumeragi opening up with Sumeragi mentioning that she is envious of Allelujah since he has something to drive him to fight while she doesn't. Kallen takes note and asks what Sumeragi means. It's simple, though Sumeragi believes in Aeolia's plans she cannot help but be guilty of her own past. Allelujah asks her to elaborate which she does by listing all the people that have died and that those like the Japanese have suffering due to her own ego. In fact Sumeragi had joined up so that she could try and erase her past yet no matter what she did or how far she went nothing ever can change what had happened. Because of her folly so many have died and quite frankly she doesn't feel that she deserves to be here with all of them or to lead once again.

Allelujah tells Sumeragi that she has a reason to fight, she just hasn't found it yet. After all she did put that uniform back on and went through all that trouble to save him just now. Kallen agrees, Sumeragi is amazing and it's because of her that they've all come so far already. Sumeragi thanks them both, especially Kallen who was able to smack sense into her enough to work towards what's important once again. Kallen assures Sumeragi that it was all nothing and that she still see's Sumeragi as a role model to aspire towards. Esther hears this and instantly she's now interested in the conversation. She doesn't know what plagues Sumeragi but she feels that Sumeragi should accept her own past and focus on the present. These words touch Sumeragi.

Esther casually mentions what she knows of Sumeragi and gives her advice on not only moving on but just how awesome Sumeragi has been since she met her! On top of that she's very envious of Sumeragi's beautiful figure, she hopes that when she gets older she'll retain the regal beauty that Sumeragi has! After all, she looks like she's 10 years younger than she really is, really! Sumeragi takes offense to that, she's not old! Kallen is surprised by Esther's antics, that was not appropriate at all! Sumeragi isn't old, she's till quite young and radiant! Realizing what Esther was trying to do bring a smile to Sumeragi's face and she accepts Esther's attempt to get her mind of her own past.

This makes Esther glad, she's a huge fan of Sumeragi's as well. So she looks forward to learning much from Sumeragi in the coming days on how to not only be bad ass but to be a proper lady as well! The rest of the Celestial Being crew chip in that they're glad to have Sumeragi back and that they've all missed her so much. With her back at the helm they can finally get to work doing what Aeolia really wanted. Sumeragi is thankful for everyone's support, it's because of such good friends that she can move on. Though she still dreads her past she at least now has a reason to fight, for her friends whom she cherishes greatly.

Back at Area 11 is C.C. who is checking up on Lelouch's plotting. Turns out Lelouch has been hard at work to bring about his plans. In fact he has progressed well and since word has reached them that the rescue operation was success it means that it's time the Black Knights rose up once more. Sayaka, dressed as Lelouch, walks in on them to confirm that she has successfully integrated herself as Lelouch as Ashford. Lelouch asks if Rolo is any the wiser, Sayoko says that Rolo is clueless and believes that she's Lelouch. Thus there is nothing to fear!

Lelouch praises Sayoko and says that she may remove her disguise now. Sayoko has done very well indeed! With that she removes her disguise, Lelouch can't help but voice how impressed he is with her mastery of disguise and that she has turned out to be a most loyal and effective Black Knights agent. Sayoko though is here to serve and doesn't seek praise for merely fulfilling her orders. Furthermore Sayoko admits that she was quite surprised when she learned that Lelouch was Zero and that her duty to the siblings has never wavered even after learning this. Sayoko goes further to say that she gladly serves him since she knows he will always prioritize Nunnally first before anything else. This bring a smile to Lelouch's face, he clearly lucked out with Sayoko whose loyalty is so great to the siblings that it trumps all.

Sayoko wonders what Lelouch will do as Zero to liberate Japan considering the position Nunnally is tasked with overseeing. Lelouch tells Sayoko that everything will fall in place soon as he had planned. Furthermore he has already cooked up a plan to sway Rolo to his side. That fake is an abomination but his abilities are quite useful thus it is worth his time to put up with Rolo for now only to discard him later. He will pay for thinking that he can impersonate Nunnally...

Stage 12 - Go With Kallen

It has been a bit of time since the successful rescue operation. Marina is with Setsuna though she isn't exactly being comforted by him. Marina is still dealing with the trauma she has been subjected to and Setsuna doesn't help by telling her quite bluntly that her country is pretty much now in the hands of the A-Laws and their elk now.

Whatever the case, Setsuna is willing to drop off Marina where ever she desires to go even if her destinations are quite limited considering that she was locked up just earlier and is a fugitive. However, Marina isn't out of the fight just yet and desires to still do her part, so when pressed by Setsuna on where she would like to be dropped off at it is quite like her to desire to go where all the action is. The place where the oppressed still fight even to this day despite the odds being against them is where she desires to be to help make a difference... Area 11.

At the Ashford Library is Lelouch plotting his next move towards liberating Japan and getting back at Britannia. It would so happen that Suzaku would run into him. As they catch up Lelouch quickly reminds himself that his memories are supposed to still be wiped, so through deduction he figures out the memories he shouldn't know are his time as Zero, Nunnally, and of his past. When Suzaku presses on Lelouch plays ignorant which causes Suzaku to really doubt if Lelouch has returned to being Zero or not.

Suzaku attempts to get a rise out of Lelouch by announcing his plans to become a Knight of One, if he achieves this than he can free Japan without the need of those like Zero. Lelouch wonders whether this is a ploy by Suzaku or if he was sincere by telling him this. Regardless Lelouch doesn't give the reaction that Suzaku had anticipated. With each passing second it seemed ever more likely that Suzaku was possible wrong and that Lelouch was innocent. However, he still had one last trick up his sleeve... Nunnally.

With that Suzaku hands over his cell to Lelouch by telling him that the new Viceroy wishes to speak with him. Within seconds Lelouch is struck with the realization that the one speaking to him was Nunnally. No matter how much he desired to speak with her and his worry over her safety he knows that he must push her away to not only protect his plans but to protect her. This proves harsh and extremely painful to Lelouch who is forced to ignore Nunnally's pleas and instead tells her that she has him mistaken for another as he hands the phone back to Suzaku.

Despite how calm Lelouch appears internally he can barely contain the rage he feels towards Suzaku for trying to use Nunnally to expose him. However, Lelouch maintains his composure as he mentally tries to work out what has just happened. Suzaku on the other hand isn't sure what to think. There's that lingering feeling that Lelouch is Zero but after his act of pushing Nunnally away,his beloved sister, it would seem that Lelouch hasn't regained his memories. Regardless he cannot act on just a gut feeling so as of this moment he decides not to pursue Lelouch any further for the time being.

Suzaku takes his leave while Lelouch is left to ponder Nunnally's position as Viceroy and her desire to walk the same path that Euphemia had attempted. Which means that the Administrative District of "Japan" may be a reality after all...

Elsewhere Lelouch has taken a turn for the worse, the thought of facing Nunnally is too much for him to bear. Kallen soon arrives to check up on Zero, when she notices his state of mind she demands to know what the issue is and what had happened. Her questions were soon answered when she's shocked to learn, from the TV, that Nunnally has just been named the new Viceroy of Area 11 and she outlines he desire to mend fences and to re-establish Japan as its own administrative zone.

Lelouch knows that If he doesn't oppose Nunnally than the Black Knights are lost, if he does oppose Nunnally than they'll lose the peoples favor. It was a no win situation and it was eating away at his fragile mental state. For the first time ever he doesn't know what he can do and it seems that the end of Zero would come at the hands of his own sister. Lelouch resigns himself to accepting this reality because if he does nothing than at the very least Nunnally will be safe due to Suzaku watching over her. Perhaps the Black Knights aren't needed after all?

Kallen tries to snap Lelouch out of his sulking, she demands that Lelouch give them orders like before. This changes nothing! All of their struggles up to this point must have been for something, they can't just give up because of this inconvenient turn of events! So Lelouch needs to snap out of it already and give her orders, any will do! Lelouch takes note of that and offhandedly asks Kallen to "comfort" him.

This gets Kallen to quiet down, that was not what she was expecting at all. Lelouch continues that since Kallen is a woman she should be able to do that at the very least. This breaks Kallen's conflicted heart since she can't stand seeing the man she loves in such a state Thus all she can muster herself to say is his name as she silently considers whether to do as he commands or to continue her efforts to talk some sense into him. After a moment Kallen temporary pulls herself together and continues on with trying to convince Lelouch to snap out of it. After all this isn't like Lelouch at all and that he needs to return to his old self whom she knows and loves. Everyone is depending on him!

Kallen goes on to say that she and the others in ZEXIS have all found numerous reasons to continuing fighting. So she asks if Lelouch really is fighting just for Nunnally's sake and if so than is he content turning all of his friends and allies into just mere tools to discard when necessary to accomplish this? Even though Kallen is fine being his tool she can't stand seeing him give up so easily which causes her to despair.

Sure it is foolish but Kallen truly believed in what Lelouch was trying to accomplish even if he only saw her as his most prized of pawns and the liberation of Japan isn't his true goal. So Lelouch needs to think hard and pull out another one of his miracles just like he always has, or is he content on letting everything end like this?

Watching Kallen despair and hearing her words causes Lelouch to reconsider. With a bit of deduction he figures out that Nunnally isn't a tool after all as he had feared. Instead she's doing something on her own will. Kallen notices a change in Lelouch. Lelouch decides that he can't just give up after all, there is always a way. Furthermore he has gone too far to just quit now, not after all he has done and all the lives he has effected for better or worse. Thus he must continue upon his own path just as Nunnnally has.

Lelouch breaks his thoughts and tells Kallen to go rally the others, he has a plan. This bring a smile to Kallen's face, it seems that the Lelouch she knows and loves has returned after all. Lelouch boldly states that he's willing to cast aside the name Lelouch and become Zero fully if need be to accomplish their goals.

Kallen has gathered everyone as requested and Zero is now on board and speaking to ZEXIS directly. Naturally they wonder what Zero could be plotting and what exactly happened during the last rebellion. Chiba in particular still hasn't forgiven Lelouch for quitting the field and leaving the Black Knights behind to be captured and imprisoned by Britannia. Ohgi presses on that they all deserve answers. Zero says that he had to quit the field for good reason.

Naturally Tamaki is supporting Zero, Zero continues that he had to because it was needed to truely take out Britannia. This surprises the Black Knights a great deal, Zero lectures them over his plans and that liberating Japan is only one step of many. The Black Knights aren't exactly thrilled over this but Ohgi and Tohdoh are able to restore order and they decide to trust in Zero and his miracles once more.

There's the whole Special Administrative Zone thing on the table, some endorse fighting while others aren't so sure they should fight. Zero though has a plan for dealing with this but will require the aid of ZEXIS to pull it off. Esther is surprised, she doesn't know what Zero could possible do for a situation such as this but she has heard of his "Miracles". Kamille, Quatre, and company figure that if anyone can find an out for a situation like this it's Zero. Shinn though wishes he had the same faith in Zero's far reaching abilities as Kamille and he still has doubts over what happened to bring about the end of the last rebellion. Regardless Shinn does admit that Zero has pulled through every other time so in the past. Duo figures that they might as well just sit back and watch another of these miracles take place.

Zero continues that they will not resist the Viceroy, they will instead participate in this Special Administrative Zone site. This confuses everyone, are they surrendering or something? Zero assures them that he has a plan but he will require their aid to pull it off. Zero believes in their abilities and desires to see how this new Lock-On measures up with the former which gets Lock-On to cease his doubts since he hates being compared to his brother. Zero than declares that everyone including Zero will arrive at the Special Administrative Zone to meet the Viceroy! Tohdoh and Ohgi have no choice but to trust in Zero...

A reporter speaks of the Special Administrative Zone and that Black Knight members and Zero himself are arriving soon. Could this be the end of the rebellion? Zero calls in on a private line to contact Suzaku and his allies. Lloyd is impressed with Zero, though he can't help but wonder if this is the same Zero as before. Zero replies that who he is matters not, only that he can bring about the miracles expected of Zero.

The two sides continue with Zero asking that he receive a pardon and doing so he will leave Japan. This causes more than a few raised brows, Zero continues that he he knows how things work in the world. Britannia can't just pardon Zero for all that he has done however they can exile him. If they do that than he'll leave Japan well enough alone and allow the Viceroy to do as she pleases with her Special Administrative Zone.

After much banter they agree to this since it's legal and if Zero leaves than the Black Knights will falter and diminish within a short time frame. Quite frankly a Black Knights with no Zero to lead them is no threat at all. Zero is glad that they could reach an agreement and cuts off the line, this leaves a bitter taste in Suzaku's mouth. He can't stand to just let Zero go but he doesn't know what he can do about it. Gino tries to reassure him that if Zero leaves than the war is as good as over. Suzaku has no choice but to accept all of this, though he can't help but feel that Zero has something planned...

The Black Knights in the crowd question if Zero has lost his sanity and if his miracle can actually occur. Tamaki believes in Zero while Tohdoh and Ohgi resign to just believing that everything will work out as planned. Nunnally, the Viceroy, appears and greets everyone that has arrived at the Special Administrative Zone. Her assistant quickly reveals that as per their arrangement Zero is to be exiled which shocks Ohgi. Tohdoh wonders what the deal is, they weren't told of this.

Zero than gets on the intercom and thanks them for accepting his proposal and demonstrating superior judgement upon this matter. Anya isn't exactly surprised that Zero hacked the screens, Gino is starting to feel like they may have been had since this wasn't planned, and Suzaku demands that Zero show himself already. Zero can't do that, instead he asks Suzaku what it is to be Japanese? Is it the language? Their land? Their blood? Suzaku says that it's their heart that makes them who they are, Zero agrees which confuses Suzaku.

Thus Zero reveals that since it's the heart that makes a Japanese person Japanese it means that no matter where they are on the world they're still Japanese! Ohgi figures out that this is the moment they were waiting for! Tohdoh gives the order and smoke engulfs the arena. Suzaku and company can't see anything, they figure that it's an attack! As the smoke clears they see... Zero! Zero is here! More smoke clears and Suzaku sees that everyone in the crowd is Zero!

Anya comments on there being so many Zeros as Suzaku is in a state of shock. Gino figures out that this was all a ruse, Zero never planned to go on exile peacefully! Zero on the screen explains that Zero is exiled which means all of them are! They will all now leave Japan as per their agreement. It's as Gino feared, Zero intends to go on exile with the Black Knights! Since they're all Zero and they don't have the real Zero with them it means they have no choice but to oblige!

Suzaku quickly tries to restore order but Zero says that he has no choice but to see him walk. Zero thinks that he will leave Japan to Nunnally and her to Suzaku, furthermore by taking the Black Knights out of the equation he keeps Nunnally's hands clean of all this and proves that he still takes to heart the Japanese peoples plight.

Nunnally's assistant orders Suzaku to do something, Suzaku has flashbacks to the massacre and figures out that he literally can do nothing about this situation. When the assistant presses on Suzaku berates her and says that if they do anything they'll forever lost the trust of the people in Japan! The assistant can't believe it, they walked into a trap and can only watch... This hits Suzaku the hardest.

Just than they notice that the Chinese Federation has arrived to escort the Zero exiles off Japan and will house the Black Knights in China. Suzaku figures out that Zero had planned for all of this to occur. As the situation turns dire Zero says he will take care of the exile and it's Suzaku's duty to take care of the 11's left behind, they're his responsibility!

A reporter catches this on film as Britannia moves to try and stop the Zero exiles from escaping. They can't directly harem them due to the cameras on the scene but they can at least stop them from getting the the ships provided by the Chinese Federation. Just than Kallen appears alone to take on the entire Britannia force, she will not let them get in the way! Guilford is shocked, it's that red KMF and it seems the pilot has gone mad due to her challenging them all alone. Kallen thinks that she merely needs to keep them busy until the rest of their allies arrive, she cannot fail!

Gino is amused, he badly wants to fight that crazy KMF pilot. He has heard much of the Ace of the Black Knights and that red KMF. By Guilford's reaction he figures that this is a real deal so he asks to be allowed to fight the red KMF, Guilford has no qualms against leaving the red KMF to a Knight of Rounds. Kallen isn't taking that, she's not some mark they can take out to fulfill their little fanatasies! She will hold the line and she will not fail! For Zero!

When Kallen has held out long enough, defeated enough enemies, or defeated Guilford or a Knight of Rounds, Gino grows excited. That pilot is just as skilled as they said, he will fight the red KMF alone in a duel! Kallen doesn't care for that, she's only here to fulfill Zero's desires but if a Knight of Rounds wants to fight than she wont back down. Gino is fine with that, it seems that Zero attracts the most interesting of people.

Elsewhere Nunnally asks who's there, it's Zero. Zero hurts inside since he must go against his sister but instead of fearing for her life Nunnally asks for more time to bring about change. As far as she's concerned Zero is mistaken, good can come of all this through peaceful means. Zero isn't having that, he says that Britannia is at fault but Nunnally believes that though Britannia is corrupt it doesn't have to stay in such a state. Through her actions she believes that she can slowly change Britannia for the better. Zero is awed by Nunnally's strength.

Suzaku appears and rushes to Nunnally's aid, he knew Zero would go after her! Zero has no choice but to leave her with Suzaku who is barely able to contain the urge to kill him. With some choice words Zero manages to state his war on all the falsehoods without having Suzaku snap, that takes effort. Zero than moves to lead the Zero exile, though he comments that Nunnally may be what Area 11 and Britannia needs for it to change. With that Zero leaves Nunnally in the care of Suzaku though it pains him to leave her. Suzaku chooses not to pursue Zero but to see to Nunnally though their conflict is far from over...

In the hallway Zero runs into Rolo, he knows the truth! Rolo could have killed Zero but he has questions thus he doesn't use his Geass just yet. Zero isn't daunted and eventually Rolo is forced to use the threat of Geass to try and stop Zero from escaping. However Zero knows the truth of Rolo's Geass. Zero continues his banter by saying that capturing C.C. will not change a thing and that Rolo should come with him as they're brothers. Rolo isn't swayed yet but is fired upon again when he moves in for the capture.D

At that moment Zero takes the bullet for Rolo and explains that though they aren't really brothers what they had was real! Rolo shouldn't be fighting him, he should be fighting with him against the true monsters which is Britannia! This touches Rolo who, in a moment of weakness, believes that Zero speaks the truth. Thus Rolo reaches the conclusion that the Emperor is his enemy and from now on he will serve his brother. Lelouch thinks that though he despises Rolo his Geass is useful, thus he will use him to bring about his plans than discard him for thinking he could replace Nunnally...

Back on the battlefield Kallen's outdated and flightless KMF can't keep up with Gino's newer and flight enabled KMF. Things aren't looking good for her even if her skill as a pilot is far above Gino's. Sadly she just can't make up the spec difference. Gino takes this time to play around with Kallen a bit longer. Kallen begins to despair as it seems like she has failed everyone, especially her beloved Lelouch. Just as she's about to give up an old friend appears.

It is Senba and he'll be damned if he'll let someone like Kallen die before her time! Senba tells Kallen to head towards the ocean, help is arriving! Above all else she cannot die! Kallen complies, Gino takes his frustrations on Senba for getting in the way of his fight. Kallen wants to go back to save Senba but he berates her and tells her to leave things to him. When Kallen hesitates Senba reminds her of their cause and what's at stake. Gino tries to end this quickly but Senba proves crafty, for he's a Holy Swordsman!

With that he self-destructs onto Gino's KMF thus damaging it enough to give Kallen an opening that she needs. Gino is shocked that the old man damaged his KMF while Kallen is shocked that Senba died because of her hesitation. Zero appears at this time and tells Kallen to get moving, they all can mourn Senba later. Kallen is surprised to see Zero in a new flying warship - The Ikaruga! More good news arrives that an upgrade for the Guren has been completed just for Kallen! With that her upgrade parts are launched out and Kallen moves to don her upgrades. Kallen accepts this upgrade and through quick work she gets her Guren up to speed while upon the battlefield as well as trying on her new and form fitting flight suit.

Rakshata explains the specs on the Guren Flight Type and how it simply is the most magnificent KMF to grace humanity at this time! It's a work of genius and has been catered completely to Kallen's style of fighting! The rest of ZEXIS than launches to provide aid to the now pumped up Kallen. Zero declares that they must repel Britannia here so that they may continue on the next phase of his plans. That and they will not abandon the Zero exiles! C.C. isn't surprised to see Zero in good spirits and that Kallen got a secret upgrade at a most crucial time. She's also loving her pink KMF that was custom made just for her.

Lock-On is troubled over having taken care of Zero's errand, when Allelujah notices Lock-On doesn't make much of it. Esther isn't on to pry but she's thankful since Lock-On's actions helped everyone, Lock-On does his best not to let that compliment get to his head. Tohdoh decides to honor the sacrifice of Senba and gives the order for his remaining Holy Swordsman to take out the Britannia forces!

Suzaku appears at this time to challenge them, if Zero insists upon this path than he'll stop him here and now! Zero trusts in Suzaku to help Nunnally, however he can't allow himself to defeated here with Kallen saying that she will protect Zero and take out Suzaku herself!

Gino runs into Kallen again, he's looking forward to continuing their fight with no interruptions this time. Besides, he likes the thought that they're now in evenly matched KMFs now since it'll make things better. Kallen doesn't have time for Gino's antics and is looking forward for payback and avenging Senba. Thus Kallns swears to take him out quickly since he just isn't worth her time. Gino would like nothing more than to see that happen, Kallen obliges. Gino is soon defeated and isn't even angry, in fact he's amused at how things have turned out and it would seem things are now getting interesting in life. With that Gino swears that he'll fight that red KMF again soon, until than he must depart.

Kallen runs into another Knight of Rounds, Anya! Anya isn't as talkative as Gino or was crazy as Suzaku, instead she calmly accepts Kallen's challenge with Kallen swearing to take out that Knight of Rounds. Since title or not she cannot lose to them! Anya makes the smart decision to retreat after taking too much damage which was unexpected.

Kallen is more than happy to run into Suzaku again on the battlefield, she owes him for all the trouble he has been causing her and she just loves berating and reminding him just how wrong he is about everything. Suzaku though tells Kallen to get out of the way, his only concern is stopping Zero here and now. Kallen isn't having that, if Suzaku wants to go anywhere than he has to get through her! That's fine with him! With that he's defeated but Suzaku swears that this isn't over and he'll pay Zero back for his deception. Kallen watches him leave as Zero ponders Suzaku's words and that he's the perfect one to remain behind to protect Nunnally in his absence and that his plans are secure.

Ohgi says that it's over, Tamaki celebrates and states that he always had faith in his best buddy Zero. Now that this is done Zero's plans may continue, they will leave Japan. This doesn't sit easy with the Black Knights but Zero assures them that they aren't conceding defeat and that they will continue their fights to liberate Japand defeat Britannia where ever they may end up. This time is also taken to check on Kallen who is loving her new Guren. With that they move to the next phase, Area 11 can wait a bit longer to be liberated.

Lelouch runs into Villetta who wasn't expecting him, turns out Rolo showed him where the secret monitoring area was in Ashford. Villetta is shocked that Rolo sold them out. Rolo doesn't care and is fully loyal to Lelouch and does everything he says, such as detaining Villetta. This confuses Villetta, how is this possible? She was monitoring Lelouch just a second ago! At this time Lelouch reveals that he's Zero and that Villetta was watching a fake, Sayako comes in and reveals her role.

With this Lelouch has the upper hand and Rolo is completely loyal to him and tries to convince Viletta to join with Lelouch as well. When that doesn't work Lelouch mentions that Villetta has made a great teacher, it really fits her. Ohgi would be proud considering he desired that role as well, hearing this causes Villetta to panic. Lelouch knows all about her time spent with Ohgi, would be a shame if word got out about that...

Villetta has no choice but to work with Zero and to send false reports to Britannia about the truth. C.C. changse the subject towards V.V., this gets a rise out of Rolo but Lelouch calms him as he asks for C.C. to elaborate. C.C. goes on to reveal who V.V. is exactly, he's the one who screwed over Lelouch during the last rebellion, wants C.C., trained Rolo, and the one that gave Charles his Geass. Lelouch decides that he will take on this V.V. as well as Charles and anyone else that has been distorting the world for their own selfish desires as Zero!

Stage 13 - Go With Kallen

The sudden appearance of Insalaum and its flagship cause ZEXIS more than enough problems. It seems that the Imperum isn't quite dead after all. During the fighting Setsuko appears out of nowhere to lend aid much to ZEUTH and Shinn's delight(If on the Go With Kallen Route). She's not exactly sure why she was brought here to this world but is glad to finally encounter familiar faces after her aimless wandering.

After the battle is over Setsuko meets with the ZEUTH crew members and is properly introduced to ZEXIS. Setsuko hits it off with Esther who has started taking to seeing Setsuko as a beautiful big sister type figure which is something Setsuko doesn't seem to have an issue with and is glad to be quick and close friends with Esther.

Stage 14 - Go With Kallen

Intermission - See Kallen Off and Go with Kallen Merge

Stage 15

Traiya and Esther are discussing how ZEXIS is coming back together though Esther lets slip that she hopes to meet with Crowe soon which she soon regrets saying. Traiya asks Esther what could she possibly mean by that and a blushing Esther tells Traiya that it's for ZEXIS only, her being in with ZEXIS is just a coincidence.

It's not like she's likes him and is looking forward to meeting up with him again or anything, ZEXIS just needs Crowe since he's an important member which is the only reason she's asking for him! Right... With that out of that way they get back to business at hand, being with ZEXIS means she's made a lot of enemies after all.

Meanwhile ZEXIS decides to take a break and relax, they've earned it after all considering all they've accomplished already. While they go enjoy themselves Esther trails off on her own and arrives at the ruins of a city. DMs were clearly the ones responsible for this which causes her to remember her painful past. As she reflects she is approached by Setsuko who wonders what Esther is doing out here all by herself. Esther brushes it off that is nothing but Setsuko knows something is wrong, however she wont press Esther. Instead she tells Esther that she is always willing to listen and that she doesn't need to keep her emotions all bottled up, Setsuko than leaves.

Alone once more Esther ponders what Setsuko has just said but is than approached by a young looking woman in a Lolita dress. The woman seems to be lost and unsettling innocent and girly. Esther wonders what a strange woman is doing here at these ruins. Marilyn feigns ignorance but soon gets tired of the charade when Esther actually starts she's just an innocent and reveals that she is Marilyn Catto, like Esther is supposed to care. Marilyn says that she is the leader of Firebug, mercenaries that frequently clean up "accident" sites of all witnesses, fan the flames of rebellion, and that Crowe was a part of Firebug whom she personally trained. In fact Crowe was there all those years ago when Esther's life went to hell!

Esther can't believe what she's hearing and says that Marilyn is lying. This causes Marilyn to laugh, she pities Esther. Such an ignorant girl and clearly untrustworthy since Crowe never told her the truth of his past and how closely it is connected to Esther's. Esther isn't going to stand for this woman slandering Crowe's good name or say that Crowe kept such things from her which gets on Marilyn's nerves. No matter, she doesn't need Esther to believe a thing. All Esther needs to do is be a good little kitten and just let herself be used as bait to draw out Crowe.

Many people are very interested in Crowe and she personally wants to punish Crowe for betraying Firebug over a girl who wasn't exactly drop dead gorgeous. At least not compared to her, for Marilyn is perfection! Firebug than attempts to capture Esther who isn't some cheap damsel in distress! She punches, kicks, and manages to escape their clutches and get to her Brasta Es. However before she can escape and contact ZEXIS her signal is jammed and Firebug appears and there are a lot of them.

Marilyn explains to Esther in great detail more of Crowe's past as a member of Firebig to torment her. Such as Crowe being her star prodigy that she spent years training or how Crowe killed innocents with the media classifying them as "Accidents" when they were really cover ups. Or that Crowe took dirty money, did horrifying things to his fellow human beings, and obeyed her every command which usually involved breaking many laws, at least until Esther ruined everything. After all, Crowe meeting Esther ended up erasing years of work she had put into Crowe since she had wanted him to proudly take up the Firebug name. Sure many would have to die by his hands but think of the honor of being a true successor of Firebug!

If anything Marilyn would have been fine with Crowe just having his way with Esther since Crowe is a man with needs and Esther for some reason left an impression on him which she'll never know why since Esther is like an A, or a B though C is pushing it, and Marilyn is a DD+ which is a generous understatement. Than when he was done with her he could have even taken her in as a pet which Marilyn may have even let Crowe keep if he behaved himself and remembered to feed Esther every once and awhile. Instead the fool ditched Firebug for a whimpering girl that couldn't stand the sight of mass murder! Oh... Before getting too off track Marilyn reminds Esther that Crowe was there when her family died and participated in cleaning up that mess too before he betrayed Firebug. So isn't it grand how dirty the hands of the man she's in love with is?

Despite all that has been said Esther fights back her disgust and chooses to resist and believe in Crowe which pisses off Marilyn who calls Esther a naive child since Crowe is no saint. After a bit of foreplay Marilyn eventually gets bored at watching her Firebug fail to capture Esther and calls forth for the Firebugs star formation. Her four bodyguards quickly surround and bombard Esther who is now at the mercy of Marilyn. She damages the Brasta Es and warns Esther to stay down or her next strike will be fatal. Esther can only do just as that as Marilyn wonders how to best use her freshly caught bait. Just as Firebug moves in to secure Esther they are attacked by Crowe who appears out of nowhere and rushes to Esther's aid.

Esther is glad to see Crowe and Marilyn is as well since this saves her the trouble of luring him into a trap. Crowe asks Esther to come to his side which she happily obliges to, she's still seeing stars and hearts from being saved by the love of her life. ZEXIS than appears as well but receives a hefty bombardment from Firebug. After shrugging that off Crowe and ZEXIS go move to smash Firebug. While that is going on Esther meets a strange woman, Siony, at the beach who gives her some Tuna Buns. Strange.

When Crowe attacks Marilyn she says it's nice they have a chance to meet after all this time. If Crowe is a good boy Marilyn will even let him rejoin Firebug after his "Punishment". Crowe isn't exactly taken in by this offer and tells Marilyn he'll make her pay for the hell she put him through. Fine, but that was Crowe's one and only chance to get out of this in one piece! Crowe tells her that things have changed and she's about to learn just how far he has come and is no longer just her former student but more than enough to be her equal. So rude, perhaps Marilyn should have put more effort in obtaining that girl after all to use as leverage.

Once Marilyn is defeated she taunts Crowe and tells him that this is just the beginning of things to come and that she'll be back to later play some more with not only him but the little kitten as well. Arksabers than appear after Marilyn leaves though they prove no match for ZEXIS. Soon enough their leader, Gerard - Knight of Knights, appears and he's looking forward to beating Crowe. After all Crowe was the one that killed Cheval, right? This is payback, honor, and the such! Despite his determination he is defeated and forced to retreat before he can get "serious". Clearly it was his Mecha's fault he lost.

After the battle Esther separates from ZEXIS and is all by herself on the beach looking at the sea. Crowe finds her all by herself and can tell she's conflicted and confused, he than opens up about his past as a member of Firebug, who Marilyn is, and that he has done many regrettable things in his life and that he did save her all those years ago. In fact meeting Esther also played a part in saving his own soul since he was in a dark place before meeting her even though the circumstances weren't exactly ideal. Crowe than says that he's sorry that Esther lost her family, friends, and innocence all in one day and that fate has been most cruel to her and that he is also at fault for her suffering.

However fate wasn't entirely cruel, it brought them together after all right? Esther says there's nothing to forgive and she doesn't hate Crowe even though he did some questionable things in the past and may have even worked with those responsible for the failed experiment that took the lives of her family and friends. Instead she's glad that they were able to meet and cherishes all the time they have spent together so far.

At this point ZEXIS appears and are very loud in voicing how much they missed Crowe and that they were surprised at catching the Brasta rushing at ridiculous speeds to go to Esther's aid. Esther is embarrassed that Crowe went to such lengths for her sake but she's glad. Kallen sees her blushing and wonders if Esther is "in love" but she protests that that isn't the case. ZEXIS than piles on and they all tease Esther over her obvious feelings for Crowe who enjoys watching Esther being her Tsundere self once more since her being sad just doesn't suit her. Curious civilians notice the commotion and head over to where ZEXIS has gathered at on the Beach and quickly demand that the pilot of the Brasta pay for all the damages.

Turns out Crowe had really pushed the Brasta to its limits and the accompanying sonic boom had caused a large amount of damages. Crowe is pressured to pay and has no choice but to ask for a loan and gets stuck back in debt. However, he isn't all mad since he did get to enjoy his freedom for a time before getting wrapped back into battle against debt. Esther wonders if this means they'll be working together from now on which he says that seems to be the case. Esther is happy since this means she can spend more time with Crowe to win his heart and build up the courage to let him know just how she feels about him.

Elsewhere Marilyn has concluded that with all of that extra firepower that ZEXIS is throwing around she may actually need help to get back at Crowe after all. Thus she convinces Uther to let her serve as his guide to this world and she offers the services of Firebug as well. Naturally Wayne and Anbrorn protest but Uther is taken in by Marilyn's princess-like behavior and agrees to let Marilyn tag along and she get a new mecha(Pearl Nail) as a sign of good faith. Marilyn in turn is looking forward to this new partnership and she always wanted to get in good with real royalty, especially one so handsome.

Stage 16

Uther announces his intentions to the World(Which isn't healthy at all for anyone but Insalaum considering they're basically making giant bombs) and the power of ZONE which they just built in a city crater of their own making. Really swell bunch, huh? ZEXIS moves in to intercept Insalaum since this ZONE business sounds bad but they still don't have a good idea what it's supposed to do.

Zero tells them that even with such unknowns they're the only ones that can intervene, so no matter how bothersome it is to go in blind they have no choice in the matter. ZEXIS agrees, though Setsuko seems to have a better idea on what's going on than the rest but she keeps it to herself. She silently puts it upon herself to protect ZEXIS, Esther, and Crowe with her life if need be if things take a turn for the worst.

When they finally arrive Insalaum is waiting with a large force around ZONE. Crowe leads the charge and smashes up the Arksabers pretty good, though during the fighting Marguerite will try and challenge Crowe. Crowe lets slip their history, from Hakai-Hen, and that they're fighting once again. Uther is shocked that Marguerite seems to know the enemy pilot personally but she remains that she's loyal to her Prince and will fight. Crowe sees no way around it so he lays the smackdown on Marguerite with Esther who isn't all too happy with fighting Marguerite since she had helped ZEXIS and her in the past though she's starting to get suspicious just what Marguerite's relationship is with Crowe.

If Anbrorn is defeated she restores the flagship through the power of ZONE and reminds Marilyn that the power and mysteries of ZONE are unlimited, which is no mere boast. The flagship is now immune to all damage so ZEXIS turns their attention at the reluctant Prince. After he takes any form of damage he panics and retreats, not the best showing for Insalaum's Leader. Anbrorn than releases 4 large DMs to cover their escape, after their defeat Setsuko moves in to examine ZONE up close. Just than ZONE reacts and starts going crazy and threatens to destroy everything within close radius, the city is no exception.

Asakim than appears to greet ZEXIS and Setsuko after their time apart. Setsuko and Shinn are furious at Asakim and if ZONE wasn't in the way they would make him pay for all he's done. However Asakim isn't here to fight, in fact he just came here to explain just how dire their situation is(If ZONE goes off they're all going to be engulfed by it) and wonders what Setsuko will do. Setsuko understands and uses her sphere to stop ZONE with ZEXIS telling her to wait. She isn't persuaded and wishes them the best of luck, especially for Crowe and Esther since things will get rougher from here on out.

Asakim is giddy over Setsuko's "sacrifice" and getting her away from Crowe since she could prove problematic, but now isn't the time to reap. Asakim leaves and ZEXIS mourns the loss of Setsuko but promise to save her. This hits Esther particularly hard since she had grown very close to Setsuko despite their short time together. With Setsuko gone there's also no one to help Crowe deal with his sphere since there's always a chance he will awaken and lose control. If that time comes than only tragedy will follow...

Stage 17

Stage 18

ZEXIS is forced to participate in the Ashford hat event, at least the the members that got caught on Ashford property when Milly made her announcement that is. The students at Ashford go crazy for Lelouch and the pairs of lovers in ZEXIS split off on their own. Crowe isn't really the type to get involved in such childish antics and is set in to relax until things calm down.

Unfortunately it seems like he's going to be waiting for quite a while. Lock-On is amused over the antics of the Ashford inhabitants, many of which are smitten by his good looks, and ZEXIS members pairing off with their loved ones. Just than Esther interrupts the relaxing pair with the intent on bagging Crowe herself. Crowe finds this very amusing and decides to "play" with Esther by taunting her and telling her she must try harder which motivates her to chase after him. With that Crowe runs off with Esther chasing after him as Lock-On watches the chaos unfold.

During the events Heero runs into Lelouch and deduces that Lelouch is Zero. Just when things become tense Relena comes in and wants to talk to Heero, Lelouch senses the weakness from Heero when it comes to Relena and "excuses" himself so that the pair may be alone. Heero thinks that this isn't over but he can't exactly just ditch Relena.

When Terrorists lock up students Lelouch acts as bait and allows Shirley and his friends to escape which puts elouch in avery wakward situation - a room full of angry Terrorists. Just when Lelouch is faced with possible death the window is broken through by Crowe, Heero, and all the badasses of ZEXIS at this point who save Lelouch from the angry Terrorists who retreat to get in their mecha. Before Lelouch can join ZEXIS, Heero has a chat with "Zero".

ZEXIS gets in their mecha as well to put a stop to the terrorists, just than Suzaku, Gino, and Anya appear. Suzaku wants to take out Zero now but knows that innocents comes first so the knights of the round reluctantly work with Zero to save Ashford. When Esther confronts the terrorists she's furious, they got in the way of her making Crowe hers! They will suffer greatly this day!

After the fighting Suzaku reluctantly allows ZEXIS to leave the scene, this time. Back at Ashford, Shirley ambushes Lelouch and gets his hat and than gives him hers. Milly than shows up to reveal that the whole event was a ruse to get the two to admit their feelings for each other. Lelouch still has a harem he's trying to juggle so he isn't exactly committed to this but Shirley tells him that she'll continue loving him. Than maybe one day he will grow to love her as well. - Death Flag.

When Lelouch returns to his ship he's in his room with Kallen and C.C.(They aren't doing anything dirty, stop thinking that!). As they discuss the day's events Heero arrives to the girls shock since Zero isn't wearing his mask! Lelouch tells everyone to calm down, Heero already knows. Kallen is cautious but Heero promises to keep Lelouch's identity a secret since Zero's goals line up with Relena's at this time.

Stage 19

Stage 20