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Original Story

It has been one year since the "Break the World" Incident (Events of Z2.1: Hakai-Hen)... One month has passed since the formation of the Earth Federation.

Thus the Gundams and the Black Knights fell before an overwhelming military might. Peace was kept, but only superficially. Issues like sealing of the mysterious Dark Continent and local disputes have been forgotten by people due the long awaited peace. Unnoticed behind all this, lie people whose plans are going accordingly and an event which will repeat itself.

Meanwhile, the intensity of Dimensional Beasts attacks have increased. Since the fall of the Imperium, the Dimensional Beasts have gone out of control, and has been recognized as a calamity once more. As their attacks increased, the people decided to hire private firms know as Dimensional Beast Busters to deal with this situation.

So now, due to the arrival of a certain DBB, the curtain will be raised on a new battle....

Stage 1

Civilians are discussing the state of the world after the fate of the Terrorist Gundams thanks to OZ, the fall of the Black Knights in Area 11, the mysterious Dark Continent, the Celestial Being Gundams who have shown up in a year, and all those bothersome DMs running around that don't seem to want to stay dead despite the Imperium vanishing. As far as they're concerned DMs are nothing more then wild and annoying overgrown animals that seem to have no purpose yet for some reason more and more of them keep turning up. If it wasn't for DBBs they would have overrun the world already, right? On que Esther Elhas, Crowe's prodigy who is deeply in love with him - age 18, appears and mingles in with the civilians. Esther puffs out her chest in pride for she is a DBB which the people clearly adore, though instead of being praised no one knows her and treats her like a kid.

This angers her and before she can give them a piece of her mind, since she has been busting her ass so that people like them can live in peace, Carlos Axion Jr. steps in to diffuse the situation and explain things to the ignorant masses. Turns out Esther is a DBB in the employ of Scott Labs and that she's here for business for their benefit. Furthermore they have reason to believe DMs are lurking around here so it would be wise not to anger their would be savior. The civies apologize for their ignorance, after they fought back their disbelief that Esther is a DBB, though Esther doesn't like the lack of respect they had shown her. Before being lead off by Carlos Axion Jr., Esther reminds them just who the hell she is - Esther Elhas! They better remember since she's going to save all their ungrateful asses whether they acknowledge her or not!

After they've broken from the crowd Esther complains that this DBB business earns her no respect and is keeping her away from spending more time with Crowe. Carlos Axion Jr. reminds her why they were there, to get good media publicity for the Brasta Es. Though Carlos Axion Jr. doesn't understand what Esther sees in that debt maniac, Esther though scolds him for his lack of respect. DMs soon appear to attack the city but Esther launches in the mass production ready Brasta Es(Escort/Easy) to deal with them. Carlos Axion Jr. gives her permission to let loose on the DMs, if anything this will show off her skills as a DBB and help sell the Brasta Es. If they can get a contract for mass production then they will be financially settled for life. So Esther needs to put on a good show which she does with much enthusiasm, it's time to put her skills to the rest!

She manages to take out the initial DMs without even scratching the Brasta Es's paint, clearly she has improved a great deal since Hakai-hen. If only Crowe and the Chief could see her now, they would be most impressed that she did it! However before Esther can enjoy her victory new DMs appear which Esther is more than ready to deal with. Carlos Axion Jr. immediately notices that they're different and are wearing what appears to be a control device on their heads which he doesn't recognize. Esther decides that it's nothing to sweat though Carlos Axion Jr. warns her to be careful as she goes to confront them. Not just for her sake but because the Chief would be angry if either Esther or the Brasta Es were lost.

The new DMs are proving much tougher than the ones she's used to fighting, maybe because they're actually attacking her with some semblance of intelligence? It does seem like they're more organized than the others without the devices... No matter, she can't fail here but even this might be too much for her without civilians getting caught in the crossfire. Just then two Gundams appear, the Heavyarms and Shenlong? No, it's the Sandrock and Deathscythe! The pilots Duo and Quatre assume the pilot is Crowe or has a connection to Crowe, though they are surprised to learn it's a young girl and that she got their Gundams wrong since their Gundams look nothing like the Heavyarms or Shenlong!. However, they have a common goal to help innocents so they decide to work together and soon enough the DMs are defeated.

After the battle they meet in person and Duo and Quatre are shocked at Esther's appearance, she's the splitting image of a small-chested Tomboy. Esther asks them of Crowe since she knows they know him. After all, she has heard so much of them from Crowe during his time at ZEXIS! The pair try and fill her in on who they are after correcting her on a number of "Facts" that Crowe told her about ZEXIS. During this they end up asking what her relationship is with Crowe since she had asked specifically for him and seems to know him quite well. Are they dating? Is she his girlfriend or something? She seems way too interested in Crowe to be just a friend after all.

Esther is embarrassed and strongly denies that they are a couple! They have it wrong, it isn't like that at all! Though secretly Esther wishes it was the case, she can't deny that Crowe makes her heart all aflutter whenever she thinks of him, he's so dreamy! Despite her protests they can clearly see that she's absolutely smitten with Crowe. He really attracts the weird ones, huh? Before Duo can decide to tease her or not Carlos Axion Jr. appears and tells them that they have overstayed their visit and it's time to leave. Terrorist Gundams and their pilots interacting with their young prodigy would really put a bad media image on them all. How can they sell the Brasta Es then? However, Esther defends them since terrorist don't protect innocents but Carlos Axion Jr. soon leaves without much of a fight since he figures that Esther will end up doing whatever she wants regardless on what he says. So she's the Chief's problem now, Esther is fine with that since she doesn't need him dictating her life.

Duo reveals some details, which he will elaborate on later, of how the world is being run and how the media is being used to push out lies and cover up the truth. Through such tactics factions like the A-Laws, Britannia, and OZ have cemented themselves into position of ridiculous power. Esther is disgusted over these revelations, though this is only the beginning! Wait til Esther learns the truth! With that Esther decides to travel with them for a bit to see the world with her own two eyes to determine the truth of their words. That isn't something pair would recommend considering that they're wanted men but they see a fire in her eyes that reminds them of Crowe's legendary stubbornness so they relent.

However, if Esther is to go with them she has to promise that if trouble comes up they want her to let them deal with it since Crowe wouldn't approve if they ended up getting her branded a terrorist. Esther agrees but she considers this just a part of the job and when it comes to work she always gives it her all, especially since the love of her life is absent for the time being. Besides, when it comes to work and love Esther Elhas never loses so they have nothing to worry about! That's to be seen, not that they doubt her skills or anything... Though Duo at least doesn't mind that they will be traveling with a cute girl now, it has been awkward with just Quatre keeping him company.

Stage 2

As they head off to greener pastures Duo explains that they aren't running about trying to destroy the Government or anything. After all they spent all of Hakai-Hen trying to gather everyone up to deal with the Imperium. The issue is that the world wasn't ready for that much power at once which allowed individuals with ulterior motives to set themselves up in positions of great power once ZEXIS was out of the picture.

To make matters worse the living conditions of the colonies and the such haven't improved at all and are now at the mercy of the UN. Those that don't play ball end up suffering a great deal from sanctions and the such. Duo reveals that moderates in all places of the Government, be it Earth or Space, have been assassinated(Such as Relena's Father which we saw in the prologue) or removed from power. This has left only the hard liners in positions of power which can only spell bad news for everyone.

Furthermore ever since the treaty between the three great nations things have gotten even worse since the world of Politics has turned out to be far harsher than the battlefield with many casualties being inflicted on all sides. Despite all this the public remains ignorant to the true workings of the world. Those that try and change this system end up either dead or branded a terrorist that is marked for death. Which is why the Gundams had to be removed since they don't fit in with the current system. However there is hope for change and Duo believes that hope is by beating down OZ and the A-Laws which have the strongest grip on the world and the Colonies. These organizations have grown so far in power that they even challenge the strength of massive Britannia.

Then there's Katharon which is the largest and most organization terrorist organization at the moment. Their existence has allowed the A-Laws to employ a number of inhumane tactics(Such as Automatons that kill all witnesses on sight) and using the excuse that it's to defeat the terrorists. It doesn't help that the A-Laws are masters at covering their tracks or editing data so that the public only sees what the A-Laws wants them to see.

Now with all that said Esther isn't all sun shines and rainbows but she can't exactly put into words just how much this pisses her off. Duo tells her to chill out, they do have something going for them - OZ and A-Laws don't exactly like each other and are locked in a never-ending power struggle to seize everything from the other. All they need to do is exploit that to their advantage and their odds of success aren't so bleak anymore. Of course that still leaves Britannia but they can't get too far ahead of themselves just yet.

Obviously they can't do much with just 2 Gundams and a cute girl but Duo tells Esther that just like ZEXIS before they'll garner some allies by just doing what they already intended on doing all along. Besides if all else fails they could try and get in good with Katharon who do seem like they really want the world changed for the better.

Though it would be great if Heero managed to show up after he self-destructed his Gundam but that might be too much wishful thinking. Esther recalls that Crowe mentioned that Heero was kind of a self-destruct freak and it wasn't uncommon for him to blow himself up multiple times and come back in one piece. Duo and Quatre can't exactly deny that fact since Heero has self-destructed his Gundam more than once already.

Then there's Celestial Being but they kinda got demolished so the chances of them being able to help is pretty much zero. Before Duo can continue down a list of other possible allies the radio rings in that the Feds are here and they want to search her ship. Esther counters that she's a DBB but that means nothing to the Feds who are above the law, either she submits or they shoot her down. Sensing that things are about to go down Duo acts like he has kidnapped Esther and hijacked her ship, the Feds take the bait and tell Esther they will deal with these hijackers personally and as far as they know she's just an innocent victim in all this.

However Esther doesn't want to be cast aside while Duo and Quatre face the Feds all on their own. They tell her that Crowe wouldn't approve of her being branded a terrorist and that they're used to this. Besides she would slow them down with her being so green and all. When she continues to protest Quatre yells that he will shoot her down if he must if she doesn't get moving.

Esther gets the message and leaves with Quatre apologizing for being so rough with her. The Feds show up and aren't exactly pleased to see two Gundams waiting for them since they expected simple hijackers. No matter Gundams are still terrorists and thus their orders remain the same. Duo at least is looking forward to roughing up the Feds a bit, it's good exercise!

After the Feds have had their asses handed to them mercenaries stumble upon the battlefield hoping to make a profit. Their current prey(Most likely Kallen and C.C.) had escaped their clutches but they are fortunate enough to have run into Gundams and trashed Fed mecha. They will make a fortune selling those! However before they can act Esther returns in the Brasta Es to aid Duo and Quatre who tell her to get lost. Esther tells them she isn't here to help them but she's here to help the Feds by beating up the Mercs that totaled their machines! Duo and Quatre relent, Esther is proving most stubborn but her heart is in the right place which the pair can't help but admire.

Soon enough Kallen and C.C. arrive to lend a hand to the trio though C.C. doesn't like the thought of being dragged into a mess they could have clearly avoided. Duo and Quatre are glad to see them again but C.C. is more concerned about who's piloting that yellow Brasta since it clearly isn't Crowe. Duo informs her that it's Esther Elhas, the protege of Crowe.

Kallen is surprised Crowe even has a protege but she has faith in Esther performing, Esther on the other hand is barely able to contain her inner fangirl after seeing Kallen's KMF, Crowe has told her so much about her! After the battle Esther invites everyone into her ship to relax a bit and for proper introductions, somehow she was able to keep her fan-girlishness in check.

Meanwhile Trieze learns of the Gundams and wants his lackey Zechs to deal with it. However since neither Gundam is being piloted by Heero, Zechs isn't really into all the Gundam hunting business anymore. Zechs believes Heero yet lives(After all, blowing up a Gundam didn't kill Heero last time) but since hasn't appeared yet so he doesn't want to dirty his hands with fodder. Trieze tells him too bad and that they can't just leave the Gundams free to roam about lest the A-Laws take care of them first which is inexcusable.

Or does Zechs want the A-Laws to get ahead of them again like when they captured the Kyrios and its pilot as well as demolishing Celestial Being? After all OZ has nothing to show for the defeat of the Colonial Gundams in comparison. So with that said Zechs has no choice on the matter though he isn't going alone, Quattro will be there to help support him in the Gundam Hunting sport.

When Esther see's Kallen in person she breaks down and excitedly explains who she is, Esther Elhas! Esther chimes in all the outlandish things Crowe has told Esther of Kallen, she's so amazing! Duo can't believe that Crowe got everyone wrong apparently, C.C. though wonders if this is all true. Kallen is embarrassed at all the praise but is also angry that Crowe spread such wild rumors about her as Esther continues. Seriously, an Oni? C.C. at least finds this amusing much to Kallen's ire who denies everything.

Esther on the other hand wants to learn from her idol on how to be a real action girl. C.C. though wonders what other facts were told of Kallen, for comparisons sake of course. Kallen tells C.C. to shut up and for Esther to drop the fangirling and that they should just be friends which is fine with Esther. This at least means she can work alongside Kallen and observe the way of the Action Girl.

C.C. reminds Kallen that they aren't in a position to just be making friends, they have more important things to do. Kallen says she knows and for C.C. to shut up. Esther greets the mysterious C.C. who introduces herself. C.C. thanks Esther for letting them rest in a real bed after so long and that she would love some pizza for dinner(Or for any meal really) before she heads off to her assigned room to lay down. Turns out C.C. is just as mysterious as Crowe told Esther and is a pizza maniac to boot.

Kallen doesn't hide that she sees C.C. as a witch, which is true, but she is stuck with her if she wants to save Lelouch/Zero from his current fate. Though she does have C.C. to thank for setting her straight on Geass and Lelouch, however she can't help but wonder if her desire to save Lelouch is because of Geass or if it's something else beyond just simple loyalty. Whatever the case her heart aches and it's troubling her greatly.

Quatre and Duo feel that C.C. hasn't changed at all, they also say that they're sorry about what happened to Zero, the Black Knights, and the sorry state that the Guren is in ever since ZEXIS broke up. Kallen tells them not to worry about it, she still plans on fighting to correct those sad events. They understand her feelings perfectly since they're still fighting despite the odds as well. Esther on the other hand can't help but be awed by how awesome Kallen is, Kallen explains the Area 11 situation to Esther.

Esther offers to take her idol where ever she wants to go. Kallen doesn't want to drag Esther into her problems or to get tangled up with C.C.'s antics. However, Esther tells her that this isn't and issue thus Kallen reluctantly takes her up on that offer. Besides Kallen doesn't hate the thought of sleeping in a nice warm bed and eating a real meal at least for tonight. Esther takes a moment to think of Crowe and how much she wants to ask him since he clearly wasn't very forthcoming with her about the truth and why his ZEXIS "Facts" aren't turning out to be true at all...

Stage 3

Though Esther going on a journey of her own wasn't planned Traiya(Chief) is okay with it and trusts in Esther. Esther is glad that Traiya has such faith in her but she reminds Esther to be careful since she couldn't stand the thought of Esther getting hurt or worse. Besides, it seems that Esther already has work set up for her so going off on her own isn't going to be problematic at all.

Oh, and Traiya has decided to use some of Esther's instruments which have served to help calm her down considering the other types of characters she must deal with on a daily basis. This leaves Esther speechless as Traiya starts playing with said instruments. Traiya tells her not to worry, she isn't going to break anything and this has prove most effective! Instead Esther should just focus on her new job and go see the world. This gets Esther happy and she tells Traiya that she's on the job. Besides, Esther will succeed here just as she will succeed with love which causes Traiya to sigh at how carefree Esther was being. Think if Crowe saw this side of Esther, he would surely believe she's a fake. Still, it's a pretty endearing trait.

On the streets is Ranka going shopping. She's being escorted by Alto and Luca though it isn't all that bad despise her appetite to buy many cute things. Ranka is scheduled for a concert in a day or so, which is normal since she is an idol, and they will be meeting up with Grace who wants to work a joint show with Ranka and Sheryl. Alto is worried because of Sheryl's health but he knows that she is working hard to get in top shape for her come back. As he thinks about this he can't help but feel a bit sad. The rest of their old friends wont be around to see the upcoming concerts which is a shame. Alto is sure everyone could use them considering the state of the world at the moment.

Esther ends up running into Alto and co. which is all good since she's taken the job to help guard Ranka. She's taken in how how handsome Alto and that he looks just as handsome as Crowe said, though Alto was strangely enough not cross-dressing which Esther was really hoping to see. After all, Crowe said it was a sight to behold. Esther breaks her daze ad introduces herself as Esther Elhas, she's on the job here and knows Crowe! She was hired to help the S.M.S pair out to protect Ranka!

They push out their greetings though Esther is nervous. Esther ends up telling Alto everything Cowe told her of him when Alto asks what she knows of ZEXIS and what Crowe said of him. Alto takes offense to being called a beautiful man that could pass as a woman. Esther can't shake that this seems to be the case regardless and Alto is very handsome... No! Esther must save herself for Crowe since only a pure maiden is worthy of his love! Luca and Ranka though find this amusing and can see why Crowe would have said that about Alto.

Ranka is fine with another bodyguard, Esther introduces herself and says she knows a lot about Ranka and her idol career, she's a real fan here! Ranka becomes embarrassed and Esther laughs, she's going to enjoy the perks of being friends with an Idol! Alto and Luca settle with this as a random civie walks up to Ranka and asks if she's Ranka the idol, before Alto can intercede Ranka. This isn't good, Shotaro runs up shouting Ranka's name, she's the idol! AUTOGRAPH NOW!

Civies hear this and all swarm on Ranka who does a little pose to appease them. Esther is confused, isn't all this attention bad? Luca tells Esther to get ready for any trouble. Alto is angry over this, now everyone knows Ranka is here. Shotaro is sorry for making a scene but he explains that he too is here to protect Ranka and that BRANCH has set their sights on her. Alto is surprised by this, Esther though can't believe that they were walking into a trap. Shotaro tells them to stand back, he's a member of ICPO, he's take care of these villains!

Just they're attacked by BRANCH that wants to get a hold of Ranka. Shotaro says that he'll take care of them, Esther wonders if he's some kind of super human or something. A member of BRANCH demands that Shotaro move, they're taking Ranka! Shotaro isn't having that and disarms the BRANCH mook who passes out, man, Shotaro is loving this hero business!

Alto is lost so Shotaro explains that he's a member of ICPO and that he's fighting BRANCH who're evil. BRANCH of course doesn't like hero types getting in their way so Mafia orders that Shotaro be fired upon, civies be damned! The situation is pretty dire, however they can't let them have Ranka! Shotaro says he plans to protect them all. Esther asks what he can do seeing as they're all kinda stuck here.

Shotaro decides to show Esther why he's a member of ICPO! With a great shout Shotaro calls for Tetsujin 28, GIGANTOR! Esther is awed at the sudden appearance of a mecha which Shotaro seems to be controlling remotely. Shotaro explains that this is Tetsujin 28 and he can control it with his fancy device. Esther is amazed and can see why he's a member of ICPO after all.

However, he seriously doesn't believe he can take all of BRANCH alone, right? Shotaro tells her that this is his intention to her surprise. Turns out Tetsujin 28 is a pretty beefy mecha and has a self-repair system, so don't worry about Shotaro, get Ranka to safety! Esther and Alto move to that. Mafia curses Shotaro for getting in his way. Shotaro gives his little hero speech and that he's about to dish out PAIN to BRANCH for harming innocents.

Shotaro is kinda tied up and can't stop a BRANCH mecha from reaching Ranka which makes Mafia gloat that his plan is working! As the Macross trio panic Brela appears to take out the mecha to save Ranka. Alto is surprised to see Brela here of all places, Esther though has heard of that mecha from Crowe, he isn't a good guy! Luca is suspicious as well and Alto demands Brela answer him. Ranka feels a tingling feeling in her chest when seeing Brela, she's confused over it. Kallen and co. appear to help Esther with Kallen demanding to know is Esther is unharmed. Esther says she's fine and she is glad to see Kallen whose help is greatly appreciated.

C.C. on the other hand finds it ironic that a Grim Reaper wants to help in a hostage situation but Duo tells her to chill out. After all they took up the role of Allies of Justice which C.C. tells him she knows and doesn't need to be reminded. Quatre tells her not to be like that, they're all big damn heroes again! Kallen yells at C.C. who decides to help out after all.

She owes Esther for that delicious pizza so it wouldn't be right if she just leaves when Esther needs help. C.C. reminds them that even though the Feds may not close at the moment C.C. cautions that they clear out BRANCH ASAP and get out of here before they get dragged into anymore trouble. Which is very likely considering the bunch she's traveling with.

Esther says she'll leave things to them and heads for her mecha. Kallen tells her to come back soon while Duo and Quatre though wonder how this will work out. The ICPO guy will surely try and arrest them since they're terrorists. However, even if that's the case they can't leave civies in harms way!

Shotaro meanwhile see's the "terrorists" but he admits that he could use the help but they're still terrorists which makes things awkward. In no position to choose Shotaro lets them help. Esther soon returns in the Brasta Es alongside Alto and Luca, it has been a long time since he last saw Kallen and hopes she's just as crazy strong as before. Kallen is though she's just glad that Alto and that they're working together again. Brela decides to stay and help Alto, for Ranka's sake of course.

Make no mistake, the two still don't like each other. Esther is worried about Alto and that this guy really seems as dangerous as she heard. Luca says that they'll accept Brela's help but they're watching him. Brela is fine with that since they couldn't save anyone with him. Alto hates being mocked! Esther changes the subject and says she'll help Shotaro out now, he's amazed at she was a mecha too. Now BRANCH stands no chance!

Kallen is surprised at how naive Esther is, C.C. reminds Esther that they're terrorists, and Duo chimes in that the ICPO's job would require that they be arrested on sight. Esther says she knows all that but they're helping anyway, so stop teasing her already! When she goes on the offensive she berates BRANCH for attacking innocents and she'll punish them with the Brasta Es because with it she will never lose!

After the battle Kallen and co. move to head out before the Feds arrive upon Luca's advice. Shotaro goes after them but is conflicted on whether he should try and arrest the terrorist members of ZEXIS. Even though they just saved innocents they're still terrorists and as a member of ICPO he's obligated to arrest them. Duo doesn't hold it against Shotaro, it is his job as a member of ICPO.

Esther is confused, aren't they all friends that just worked together? Kallen yells Esther that it's okay, this is just how the world works now. Though she wont go quietly if Shotaro wants a fight. Shotaro doesn't know what to do, they're good people! Before he can angst over this the top guys tell him that everything is taken care of and to let them go. They're a Fed problem not theirs, they'll just use the excuse that the terrorist were too tough to detain.

Duo is surprised that they actually got a break for once, guess they have friends in high places still. Quatre says that this should be good bye then, where they're going will be perilous and he doesn't want her to suffer through such things. Kallen agrees and tells Esther to go stay with S.M.S. and Shotaro, she doesn't want to drag Esther into anymore of her problems lest Esther really suffer the harsh realities of being branded a terrorist. Esther has a choice to make.

First Choice: See Kallen Off Second Choice: Go with her.

If Esther see's Kallen off then she gets more acquainted with Alto and Shotaro with Kallen saying they'll meet again surely.

If Esther goes with them they're shocked by her decision and try to persuade her to reconsider. Esther says she isn't a child! Thus Esther wont hide from the truth and she wants to actively try and fix this screwed up world with her own two hands! She wont abandon her friends just because they're being hunted down even if it means she'll be hunted down! Quatre says that Esther is something else and relents, she may come with them. Esther gives her farewells to Alto, Luca, Ranka, and Shotaro. Alto wishes her luck and that they'll meet again someday, Esther bids them a final farewell as they leave.

Regardless Brela runs off because he's too cool to be seen around Alto and doesn't want Luca asking him any more questions. Alto invites Shotaro to meet Ranka. Ranka later thanks Alto for saving her and he asks her who Brela is. She doesn't know but she feels that she knows him but just can't remember.

Shotaro is lead in to meet Ranka, it's like a dream come true! Anyway, Shotaro is told that their forces aren't enough to handle BRANCH and they will need help though Alto and co. can't exactly help since they're needed elsewhere. Shortaro at least gets Ranka's autograph which makes him all giddy inside. Alto in the meantime wishes Kallen and co. luck since they're going to need it.

Intermission - Go With Kallen/Middle East or Kummen Route

Esther informs Traiya that she wants to see how the world really works so it's better to stick around with Kallen and the Gundam boys. Traiya doesn't mind, not like she could convince Esther otherwise. Instead she tells Esther to go get hers, live with no regrets, and not to worry about Traiya who has plenty of experience with these types of situations from when Crowe was running around with ZEXIS. The mention of Crowe gets Esther excited, though Traiya gets her to calm down since the odds of running into him are slim.

Whatever the case Esther is entitled to her own sense of right and wrong which Traiya has faith in. Traiya is also adamant that she has taught Esther well enough on how to be independent and that she's grown skilled enough to give even Crowe a run for his money as well. Besides where ever Esther goes it'll at least give Traiya interesting data to analyze and help show off to the world just how great the Brasta Es is which means money, money, money for everyone! Esther working with terrorists is just schematics and Traiya can easily just deny it, not like anyone would go after her anyway.

Traiya explains the state of the world affairs and what Esther can expect to encounter if she decides to go to the Middle East or Kummen. A-Laws, OZ, Katharon, and the such... Or Civil War in a scorching hell hole. It's a dangerous world out there but it's nothing Esther can't handle, the experience will also be good for her. After explaining some more Traiya asks Esther where she would like to go. It doesn't matter to Traiya just as long as Esther returns in one piece.

First Choice: Middle East Second Choice: Kummen

Esther decides that she wants to go with Kallen to Kummen which has broken down into infighting and hopes the Gundam boys can reach Katharon just fine without her. Traiya tells her not to worry about the Wing boys, they're pretty tenacious. Instead Esther should enjoy her trip to Kummen, though she may want to bring a lot of water and bug spray.

Anyway, it's strange that the people in Kummen would be trying to kill each other considering they have pissed off the Feds who wanted to get into Kummen. This means that whatever is over there is something many are dying to get a hold of and Kallen could use the funds in her quest to rescue Lelouch and revive the Black Knights...

Regardless Esther is on the case and just like with love she will not lose after taking a job! If only Crowe was here to see how much she's grown! Indeed, Traiya would love to see the look on his face if he did!

Stage 4 - Kummen Route

Kallen has brought Esther along to meet with an old friend of theirs. Turns out that friend is Gotho. A lot has changed since Hakai-Hen and now he's actually making a decent living for himself. Sure, his change of lifestyle may be capitalizing on the strife that has engulfed the region but hey, a guy's got to eat. Still, he's a loveable lug and Kallen is glad to see her old friend again since they haven't seen each other since Area 11 went to hell.

Gotho also says that he's sorry about Zero since as far as he knows the guy was "publicly" executed and soon enough the rest of the Black Knights will be too. Kallen will surely try and stop that, hence why she's looking for work, she needs money! So she's looking forward to any work she can get that will pay big. Gotho is has work for her but he asks for that strange girl, C.C., where is she? Kallen says the witch is here and sure enough C.C. reveals herself though she is pretty irritable being out in such conditions. Knowing how C.C. gets when she's irritated Gotho is more than prepared to keep her placated with pizza.

The climate isn't something Esther isn't used to and she isn't into the whole "killing for money" business. No, she's here out of friendship, though the talk of Area 11 catchers her interest interested her and she learns more of Kallen's plight. Gotho is filled in on Esther and wonders how she compares to Crowe who was something else. Esther immediately wants to learn more of Crowe with Gotho explaining his exploits to her, Kallen quickly cuts in and tells Gotho to stop sizing Esther up and filling her head with such fanciful tales! They're here to work!

Esther says that it's okay, she wasn't expected after all and wants to prove her worth. Gotho likes her style and has decided that she may come along for Kallen's job after all. Which means Kallen is in luck since Gotho put in a good word for her and has personally vouched for Kallen's skills which means they should be able to overlook Esther. However since Esther is extra it means her services are free of charge which she takes offense to that.

Clearly she's worth a premium, which may be the case but he doesn't know her and she wasn't in the works when he went out of his way to get Kallen this job. So Esther is just going to have to deal with being extra - free of charge. Gotho goes on to explain what this job will entail for Kallen, she's going deep into Kummen with some pretty unsavory characters.

Kallen and co. are introduced to her new teammates that they'll be working with in her little adventure in this volatile region. They aren't exactly glad to see that what they got was three girls and even less impressed when they give their names. Sure Kallen looks like she could easily take out everyone in the immediate area but the other two... Not so much, are these three really reputable pilots?

However they quickly change their tone when they learn who the hell Kallen is and quickly change their opinion on her since she was the Red Ace/Oni/Demon/Devil of the Black Knights. Her exploits at Area 11 are legendary after all. The guys decide to work with Kallen since her abilities are clearly top class, though Kallen wishes they would drop the nicknames.

Shako takes an interest in C.C. whom he can sense that something is special about her. Of course C.C. doesn't notice and is too busy munching on pizza. Shako tries to get her to come with him but she declines, Kallen intercedes and shields C.C. and asks what the deal is. The mercs explain that this is just how Shako is, ignore him.

As for Esther? Well they have no idea who she is, weren't expecting her, and as far as they're concerned she "is" just there to cheer everyone on. Esther wants more than anything to prove them wrong, but now isn't the time. Though she may have misspoken since she ends up getting a rise out of the mercs, they don't think she has any place here at all.

The Leader, Kan Yu, of this ragtag team appears and tells everyone to settle down. Kan Yu reminds them why they're here and reveals Chirico will be working with them. Kallen is surprised to see Chirico but is glad to be working with her old friend again. Chirico is glad to see her as well, it's good that there's a face here that he can trust. Kallen wants to catch up but ends up saying too much, the mercs ask how she knows this guy. This is Chirico, Kallen met him a year ago at Area 11 when they first fought. They've been friends ever since!

Things aren't all sun shines and rainbows with the rest of the team though. They know of Chirico's history and that he's a loose cannon with even Kan Yu being wary of Chirico. Doesn't help that Kan Yu warns that if Chirico compromises their revenue stream they will put a bullet in the back of his head and that Esther better perform as well or she'll get one too.

Esther is pretty ticked at having her skills questioned. Kallen tries to defend Chirico but he doesn't care what they think. Instead Chirico counters that if they get in his way he'll kill them which almost causes a fist fight right then and there. Kan Yu doesn't stand for such indiscretion and tells everyone to behave or this wont go down at all and they wont get any money from him.

Kallen was willing to support Chirico which helps calm the other mercs down, they don't want to fight Chirico and Kallen. Though Kan Yu says that he will be keeping an eye on Chirico and will shoot if he even thinks of betrayal. Everyone is reminded that this is a hellhole and if they want out then this is their only chance. Once they get moving there's no turning back, at least if they want to get out of here alive. Kallen is fine with that.

Things get heated again but before everyone can try to put a bullet in Chirico's head, since he seems to be going out of his way to anger the mercs, they get a call from the head honcho who supports Chirico and that work has just arrived! Anyway, Esther isn't looking forward to trudging through this heat and the bugs! Ugh! C.C. is actually fine with all this, besides not like going in here is going to change the world for her since as far as she's concerned everywhere is hell right now. This in turn gets C.C. yelled at by Kan Yu who is unsettled by her demeanor.

Chirico thinks that this place is indeed hell but he isn't here for profit or to kill unless he needs to. The only reason he's here is to get Fyana back and he'll be using an old Scopedog to do it.

Upon launching the mercs demand to know where Chirico is and he shows up in his outdated Scopedog. Chirico prefers it this way, it's familiar to him. Gotho is in contact with Chirico and would have gotten Chirico a new AT if he wanted but Chirico insisted on this so what can he do? Whatever the case he warns Chirico to watch his back, that Kan Yu guy has been doing a lot of digging around and doesn't like Chirico. Chirico will do that. Kan Yu doesn't like this, Chirico is too suspicious! However, he needs him so he instead turns to Esther and tells her that she better perform. The fliers are hers.

Esther says she perform just fine, though she isn't on the same level as the mercs. However, Esther isn't the best speaker around and this gets the mercs on her case. Esther didn't mean to anger them but their attitude is pissing her off! Kallen tells the mercs to shut up, Esther is very skilled! So if they have a problem with Esther then they have a problem with her too! Esther is sad though, she just wanted to fit in... Kallen feels bad for her but Esther says that she'll just have to perform.

C.C. tells her to go at it then, Kallen tells Esther to stop doubting herself! There's no need for false bravado because she's more than capable as a pilot! If she hesitates she'll be killed and that's not something Kallen wants. So Esther should just be herself and let her skills speak for herself! This gets Esther to cheer up, C.C. interrupts and says that the enemies are here.

The mercs are prepared to start smashing however Kan Yu demands that Chirico go on ahead alone. This serves to make the other mercs question Kan Yu, that's suicide! Kan Yu says that Chirico must prove his loyalty so get moving already! Chirico acknowledges his mission and moves on ahead. Kallen wants to go after Chirico but Kan Yu orders the disgruntled team to stick in formation, Chirico is working alone here. This doesn't sit well with anyone but they have to obey if they want to get paid and that everyone better get at least 2 kills!

When Esther attacks she says that she'll show them just what she's capable of! After this no one will doubt her skills and she isn't some freaking cheerleader! Kallen though is furious at how Kan Yu is running this show, but she sucks it up and focuses her anger on the enemy who are more than deserving of a good beat down.

Chirico wants to find Fyana, Shako wants to get a hold of C.C., one of the mercs wants to strut his stuff for cash, and the more level headed one doesn't like the stage of this place. Kan Yu though doesn't trust Chirico and wants to show what his little unit is capable of.

During the battle the team earns a grudging respect for Esther, Kallen, and C.C. who prove they aren't just some cheerleaders. Though once the battle is over Kallen wants to know what the hell Kan Yu's problem is. He tells here that there's no issue but Kallen isn't dumb. However if she keeps up he'll just have her removed from his payroll and team which makes Kallen relent, at least for the time being.

As for Chirico he reveals that he's allowed to play ball because of his knowledge of the Perfect Soldier Program and it's the only reason Kan Yu even let him come along despite not trusting him. Kallen would like to know more as well but Chirico chooses to keep quiet despite Kallen being his best friend.

After the battle the mercs are surprised at how strong Chirico is. Chirico doesn't care though and wants them to save their praises since he doesn't need them. Kidera praises Esther, she isn't just a cheerleader after all and can fight by his side any day. Esther likes the attention which continues with the other merc saying she's a good pilot. Even C.C. praises Esther who is shocked, guess C.C. is pretty nice after all.

Kidera tells her not to get cocky now, Esther says she wont but she reminds the merc that she's Esther Elhas and she'll never lose! Kan Yu though tells them to shut up, he's angry that Chirico survived. C.C. wonders where this hate comes from, even Kallen must ask. Chiroco explains it's because of the Perfect Soldier program. Kan Yu wants to learn much of it and hates it, however when pressed Chirico keeps quiet.

Once all the praise has been distributed around they return back to the base to rest. Kallen notices that Esther is shaking despite letting everyone else believe that she was fine after the battle ended. It turns out Esther has never had to seriously fight to the death before and today was the first time she actually killed other human beings even if they were lowlifes that tried to kill her.

Kallen tells Esther it's okay to be scared and that keeping it all bottled up will only lead to Esther doubting herself and having a breakdown. Esther says that she's fine but she clearly still needs time to process the fact that her hands are covered with blood of her fellow humans now, so she decides to get some rest later as Kallen has instructed since she has a lot to think about.

Chirico points out that Kallen isn't being true to herself either but she says that she's fine and this isn't new to her. Besides, she has the task of reviving the Black Knights. A mighty task and it's something C.C. has made a point of holding Kallen to when she isn't wasting their budget on pizza. However, she is glad that Chirico hasn't lost his own kindness after they last met and that she's glad he's worrying about his "friends".

Still, Kallen feels sorry for Chirico since she has guessed why he's here. Esther is surprised at Kallen's sadness, though C.C. tells her to suck it up and to stop worrying about things outside her power to change. Kallen yells at C.C. and already knows that, still it isn't a crime to feel sad for a friend that is suffering. Chirico is fine, he assures. Kallen tells her that she will help him get Fyana back, they're friends through and through which gets Chirico to smile.

Speaking of friends Chirico in fact is still in contact with some and they come running in to hug the big lug! Though he fails to notice that the woman in question(Coconna) is in love with him and swoons when he compliments her to get her to stop worrying about him. Besides it would never work out between them since Chirico is dead set on saving and being with Fyana. The mercs discuses Chirico and wonder what his friends are doing here, this isn't a tea party.

Esther seems to be doing better even if she still needs time to think. Kallen explains that Chirico is a good friend of theirs and that it's because of Crowe that he was able to open up. Esther isn't surprised, Crowe is such a nice dreamy guy that's always so helpful and awesome! Kallen agrees that Crowe has some good traits and the two discuss what they talked about earlier. Esther is strong but Kallen convinces her to stay positive and not to be afraid to rely on her help since they're friends.

Chirico's friends are so excited to see Kallen and C.C. again, though they don't know who Esther is. Esther says she knows of them through Kallen, while Kallen expresses that she's glad to see them again as well as they all start making a ruckus. Kidera tells them to pipe down already with their little party, they don't want to attract unneeded attention! Geez, why did Chirico have to befriend the loud ones? The other merc just shrugs it off, at least someone is happy in this hellhole.

Chirico monologues about his friends who have changed him for the better, however he can't help but think of Fyana. Where ever she is he will find her, just wait for him...

Stage 5 - Kummen Route

Chirico is relaxing with his good friends. Gotho already deduced that Chirico is only here to save the mysterious woman, Fyana. This isn't something Chirico denies as he gets some coffee into his system, he isn't an alcohol type anyway. Gotho tells Chirico that's fine and that they'll lend a hand if he ever needs it after all, what are friends for?

Chirico on the other hand knows he's being used by other factions to get what they want but as long as working with them leads to him finding Fyana then he'll play ball for now. Besides, this has helped get him focused and on the trail of those connected to the ones that took Fyana away from him. Of course the price is high, such as Kan Yu wanting information of the PS program which is why, Chirico explains, he has been allowed to come along.

However, can he find Fyana before the Feds decide to get involve and take full control of this region? They are still pretty angry about being denied and since everyone is killing each other it wouldn't be all that hard for the Feds to steamroll right in to re-establish "order". That would be bad since it could kill off any leads to Fyana since the Feds aren't known for cleanliness and are full of corruption. Should the Feds come his prey most likely would be scared off anyway.

Thus the best solution that benefits everyone is to end this conflict as soon as possible by killing the ones perpetuating it in the first place. Not an easy task for a normal man but Chirico is far from normal. If anyone can accomplish this it's clearly him. Furthermore the Fed build up and anxiety has served to get the forces in the region mobilized to wipe out the guerrillas and mercenaries so that the Feds will have no excuse to interfere in the region.

Surprisingly enough they have been pretty effective thanks to a blue and very brutish looking Scopedog. It has managed to destroy anything it has come across and has served as a very reliable watchdog. Chirico perks up when he hears this but when they ask him what's wrong he says nothing. He doesn't dare tell them that he believes Fyana may be the pilot and is forced to kill once more, all that matters to him that it may be Fyana...

All this serious talk is proving most bothersome so another round is called though everyone is surprised to see that it is Kallen bringing it in while wearing a very sexy Bunny girl suit. Kallen can only swallow her pride as the boys go wild at the sight of her, they're quickly reminded that if they don't behave Kallen could easily break every bone in their bodies. Though when she voices her displeasure she gets yelled at to maintain her image! Besides this is all practice for when Kallen prepares to save Lelouch not to mention that she could really use all the cash she can get even if it comes at wounding her pride and dignity a little.

That still doesn't change that Kallen is more than a bit angry that C.C. and Esther can't contribute as well when C.C. says that this suits Kallen quite well. Perhaps Lelouch would like this version of Kallen? Anyway, C.C. may be cute but she lacks that "Fire" and would end up scaring customers away with her apathy and strange antics. While Esther is pretty rough around the edges, even if she is cute, and her personality would result in her beating the hell out of everyone in the immediate area the moment someone tries to touch her butt.

Now that would just be bad business, so even Esther is ruled out. Thus, as C.C. points out, only Kallen can take this job since she is very good at acting thanks to her grooming at Ashford. Besides Kallen will pop a vein and her bunny suit will fall off if she lets the lewd comments of a few strangers get her angry. Kallen of course would like to see how C.C. would handle this embarrassment, C.C. of course wouldn't care and can be just as violent as Kallen if need be.

Esther on the other hand wasn't allowed to endure the embarrassment alongside Kallen even though she was very interested. Not to mention that she really wanted to wear a Bunny suit if only to see how she looked in it, C.C. wouldn't have mind seeing that either. Kallen had told Esther that it isn't all that it's cracked up to be considering the men she would be serving are scumbags that will surely try to pinch her butt and peak at her cleavage. However, now that Kallen is actually in the role she wouldn't have minded Esther with her to at least make this more bearable.

It still didn't ruin Esther's desire to try on Kallen's outfit earlier, besides maybe Crowe would be "into" that kind of stuff. On the bright side Esther was offered the job of being a drummer to play in a band to help garner customers and make everyone a ton of money. Make no mistake, Esther is very gifted in that regard and that well timed praise was the only thing that got Esther to relent in wanting to wear the bunny girl suit... At least for now, since such a desire isn't killed so easily.

Shako takes this opportunity to try and talk to C.C. He wants her to meet the Chief and it's important but C.C. is more than fine staying right here where there is pizza and a humiliated Kallen to poke fun at. If the Chief really wants to meet C.C. then he better drag his ass over to her instead. This causes Shako to say that if he must he will bring her back with him by force but C.C. says he's more than welcome to try.

Before things can get too tense Kan Yu rushes in and demands that his team head out now to investigate a disturbance. He doesn't even give Kallen a chance to change and tells her to launch in her Bunny girl suit which gets Esther's attention. Kallen protests but Kan Yu is a real perv and says that this isn't up for negotiation, he's already licking his lips.

When they arrive on the battlefield everyone tunes in to Kallen with the rowdy boys making perverted comments about Kallen's bust and that they have a great view of her butt too. Kallen is furious but she can't do anything about the view since the battle is starting soon. This isn't a joking matter here! Kallen is really not liking this Kan Yu guy, but at least Chirico is a gentleman and doesn't comment about her cleavage that he can clearly see.

Not to be outdone Esther reveals that she has brought her triangles aboard the Brasta Es. Everyone is dumb founded on why she would do that and she says that she wants to is all. Good practice! Besides, if Kallen can bring her Bunny girl suit into battle then Esther can bring her instruments! Kallen protests that she didn't plan for this but C.C. takes this moment to troll and say that Esther is just jealous when Esther starts to annoy her by playing her triangle over and over again.

Esther demands that C.C. take that back, she is "not" jealous that Kallen is wearing Bunny suit! Kallen tries to tell Esther that this isn't something to get worked up about but Esther is clearly upset over the whole Bunny suit thing despite what she says. C.C. wonders if it's because Esther is also jealous of Kallen's body! That isn't the case at all! Besides, she's "cute"... Or at least Crowe said she was. So her having a small chest isn't something she's insecure about!

Before this can go on the new DMs appear much to everyone's surprise. What's with the goggles? Esther explains that they're the new breed and she decides to take out her frustrations on them. The mercs aren't going to be shown up, perversion aside they're cold blooded killers! They'll trash these DMs without even batting an eye, watch! Esther of course is extremely eager to get started, she needed something to vent on! However, Kallen can't help but be surprised at how earnest Esther is being. Still, at least Esther doesn't seem to be jealous of Kallen's assets for the time being.

When Kallen attacks a DM she curses them for arriving now of all times and Kan Yu for forcing her to sortie in her Bunny suit!. Though she also curses the mercs for taking advantage of her situation and catching free peeks.

When Esther runs into the DM she still doesn't understand what's with their goggles or why they seem to be organized. However, wherever there are DMs, and it's her duty to bust them! She doesn't even need to get paid, she'll gladly do this for free! Since one less DM around means that perhaps another wont have to suffer like she has.

Kallen is surprised at how easily the new DMs fall but Esther says that it's because their Master isn't around anymore or at least that's what she was told by the Chief! Though it's not like she was actually there so she can't really confirm this as fact. Still her knowledge of the DMs will prove very helpful, so everyone praises Esther. This of course makes her happy, and they need not fear because she's here!

Kallen notices something, Shako and Chirico notice as well - more enemies! They're enemy ATs and they're being lead by the famed blue AT. The mercs think nothing of it, they believe this is a great opportunity to trash it and cash in on its bounty. However, Chirico isn't a full and can immediately tell that it isn't just a regular pilot but something more.

Kidera moves to try and take out of the AT, he's pushed out of the way by Chirico before he's taken out. Chirico knows those reflexes, this is a PS which means it has to be Fyana! Kan Yu orders Chirico and Kidera to return and everyone gets into formation to deal with this strong opponent. Kan Yu orders Chirico to deal with the Blue AT, everyone else deal with the mooks.

Chirico agrees to this despite how dangerous such an order is. The other mercs think that's just suicide but are in no position to challenge Kan Yu's orders and they wonder why Chirico would so readily agree to such a thing. Kallen seems to understand why Chirico is being reckless, Chirico though thinks that he has to find out if that pilot is Fyana no matter what.

Esther runs into the blue AT and she doesn't understand how it's moving in such a way, the pilot can't be human! Just what is she fighting here? The reputation on that blue AT seems to be pretty bloody and it's making her friends act all strangely. No matter, Esther isn't afraid and wont back down from any fight! Even if what she's fighting is a freak of nature that has a ton more experience than her and has killed plenty before this day!

Kallen confronts the blue AT she suspects that it may be Fyana piloting it since that skill level is only reserved for Perfect Soldiers. She can't be sure just yet, she'll have to take it down to find out. So hopefully Fyana will forgive them but this is all for Chirico who desperately wants to get her back!

C.C. senses that this pilot isn't normal. Their abilities are clearly beyond a regular human, this gets her interested. No matter, she'll see for herself what this pilot is capable of.

Chirico encounters the blue AT he yells for Fyana. It's him, doesn't she remember him? They don't have to fight! The pilot doesn't respond. Chirico thinks that Fyana may be fighting against her will after all so he decides that he'll have to trash the blue AT after all. He wont shoot to kill but hopefully he can be forgiven for what he must do.

Kidera wants to pay that blue AT back for making him out to be a joke. He doesn't care what reputation that mysterious pilot has, he's going down! No one gets away with embarrassing him, no one! So he'll enjoy taking that blue AT down, though the bounty is a nice bonus.

Bodaria sets his sights on the blue AT. It's because of that pilot that this civil war has gotten worse, so many are dead because of him/her. Bodaria swore that he would change this hellhole so nothing personal but that blue AT has to go!

Kan Yu has his suspicions on this pilot, but it doesn't change he'll take it out because it's intent on killing them all. It doesn't matter, Kan Yu isn't a push over.

Shako can't help but shake this feeling, this pilot isn't normal and will be trouble even for him.

When the blue Scopedog is defeated Chirico calls out for Fyana, the blue AT tries to retreat. Chirico gives chase and asks again for Fyana and that he's coming out of his Scopedog. Kan Yu hates Chirico but even he sees that this is just ridiculously stupid! Why is he exposing himself to the enemy! Chirico ignores Kan Yu and again asks for Fyana.

Instead he gets Ypsilon much to Chirico's surprise. Ypsilon says he's that PS from before and that he is furious that Chirico has corrupted Fyana! Ypsilon is going to kill him and refuses to answer any of Chirico's questions concerning Fyana's whereabouts. Sure enough he almost accomplishes killing Chirico and takes out his Scopedog much to Kallen and Bodaria's horror.

Bodaria rushes to aid Chirico but is attacked by a stranger that he recognizes. The girl isn't happy that she missed, Bodaria though can't believe it's his old friend and that she just slipped through his fingers. Chirico seems to be still alive after all, Ypsilon taunts Chirico and says that he'll kill him another day. The blue AT flees, and Kan Yu is angry he lost his money.

Esther tells Kan Yu to shut up about money! They need to reach Chirico, he's injured and needs immediate medical attention! Bodaria, though is paralyzed, he can't believe that after all these years he meets his old friend again... And that they're enemies. Fate can be so cruel. However if he must fight her then...

After the battle Chirico's friends are in shock that Chirico opened his hatch in the middle of battle. Esther is sad over what happened. Kidera is anger though and says that Chirico was an idiot for leaving himself open for the pilot of the blue AT, does he have a death wish!? Coconna tells him silence himself, this is something he knows nothing about! Chirico has his reasons Coconna insists! Kidera doesn't like that since everyone could have been killed back there.

Chirico's friends still want to know why Chirico did such a thing since this is reckless even for him. Esther doesn't know why Chirico did such a thing but she's apologizes that she wasn't fast enough to help him and that she feels responsible that he was inured. Gotho tells Esther not to feel down, she did her best. Coconna also chimes in that if it wasn't for Esther's quick response, things would have been much worse, who knew Esther was good with medical treatment too.

Esther understands but she can't help but still feel down despite their attempts to cheer her up. Kidera though wants answers and who the pilot of that blue AT was. Kallen knows the truth, Shako notices and asks her what's wrong. Kallen says that she's fine and she pretends that she doesn't know either. Kidera suspects that she's lying since she has been friends with Chirico for awhile, however he decides not to press her.

Instead Kidera apologizes to Kallen for his earlier outburst and for getting on her case when she was forced to deploy in the Bunny girl suit. Kallen says that it's okay, besides she was paid pretty well enough for suffering such an embarrassment. Upon hearing that Kallen has been paid C.C. appears and asks for pizza money, she's hungry. Kallen scolds C.C., if she wants pizza money, she better earn her own keep and stop taking money out of the Black Knights Restoration Fund!

Besides! Even Esther is working hard even though this has nothing to do with her! Though Esther is still barred from wearing a Bunny girl suit because they know their customers wouldn't be able to resist not getting their hands on her if she did. That surely would lead to a brawl since Esther lacks the self-control that Kallen has. Thus they can't allow this to come to pass lest their business get taken down in a hail of gunfire. So C.C. better suck it up!

Bodaria is drinking his sorrows away, Esther asks him what's wrong since he looks down. Initially he plays it off but Esther isn't easily fooled, she knows something happened during that last battle. So there's no use hiding it. Bodaria relents and reveals that he just ran into a childhood friend, it's why he hesitated when he was fired upon. Esther is shocked as he explains his little promise, though now things are different. Since he's a merc it means he will fire upon her if she is his enemy despite their past which angers Esther who doesn't like this at all!

Friends shouldn't be fighting each other, it's wrong! Yet despite this he would still fight his friend, why?! There has to be a way other than fighting their friend! Tell her that there's another way and that he wont do this because Esther can't stand the sight of two friends killing each other! Yet... He's going to fight her regardless isn't he despite her words? The world is so cruel that friends are forced to fight, it makes her sick!

With puppy dog eyes Esther asks him to please reconsider, if they're friends, they shouldn't be fighting... However, Bodaria tells her that he's a merc and that he must. Just because he's fighting someone he knows doesn't change anything. This is how the world works, not everyone you must fight will be "evil" and they could even be friends. Bodaria begs Esther to keep this quiet, he doesn't want anyone else to do anything reckless on his behalf which includes Esther who better not die for his sake.

Though this makes Esther uneasy she reluctantly agrees to keep quiet. If anything this gives her something to think about later since this is an eye opener for her. However, Bodaria wants a little insurance so he offers to buy her silence by treating her to a meal and enjoying a round of drinks, non-alcoholic, with her. Besides, he doesn't hate the thought of chatting with her a bit before retiring for the night.

Esther can't deny that she's thirsty and the thought of being treated makes her all giddy. In turn Bodaria thanks Esther who brushes it off, they're friends after all so think nothing of it! Besides, he better have a great deal of cash because Esther has a large appetite since this meal is free. As they proceed to bond Esther thinks that she still has so much to learn about the world after all. Still, she will take what she has learned to heart to become her own woman just as the Chief would want.

Elsewhere Ypsilon reports that Chirico is now running about and that he's still after Fyana. Since Chirico is here it means he's getting close. That is troubling news but it could prove to be very beneficial for everyone. Ypsilon says that he could use this to finally set Fyana straight by killing Chirico is front of her eyes. Maybe then she'll remember what she was created for and stop drowning her thoughts of that man. Fyana appears and says that Ypsilon and her and needed elsewhere so Chirico will have to die another day.

Stage 6 - Kummen Route

Chirico has finally regained consciousness and Kan Yu is there to greet him. Obviously Kan Yu isn't happy at all over what happened. It's because of Chirico that the blue AT escaped and that his reckless actions nearly cost them greatly. Chirico isn't all there yet and asks what happened, Kan Yu reminds him of the last mission and what Chirico did. All in all, Kan Yu believes that he has all the evidence he needs to have Chirico removed because of this incident.

This doesn't phase Chirico as Kan Yu continues that the blue AT is still running free and that Chirico has just cost them all a ton of extra cash and taking out a powerful foe. By all rights Kan Yu should put a bullet in Chirico's head though he can't even trust Chirico to have the decency of staying dead. However, he has other ways of getting back at Chirico. Chirico remains silent as Kan Yu orders him out of bed, their sponsor wants to see him.

Meanwhile Gon Nu is hosting the A-Laws officer Aber Rindt, turns out Gon Nu wants Kummen to be allowed into the federation. That's fairly bold of Gon Nu to request such a thing, however he was able to get Aber due to the Federation's interest in the Perfect Soldier program. As far as Aber sees it the Perfect Soldier and other like programs will be needed for the Federation to establish rule over the entire world. Of course this is all for peace, obviously.

Yes, obviously. Gon Nu shares some tidbits on the Perfect Soldier program with Aber an convinces him that he's on his side, though if he wants more well... Aber understands, the Federation is overjoyed that Gon Nu has decided on this course. Though it is good that Gon Nu was smart enough to share such information with them instead of those Gilgamesh fellows. However, Gon Nu would be wise to remember how the A-Laws do business. After this is all said and done this place will be a real hellhole, everything must burn before it can be reborn.

Gon Nu sees nothing wrong with this, as far as he's concerned this will, if anything, help him consolidate his power here. Aber likes Gon Nu's style, he's one coldblooded monster. Not at all, Gon Nu just isn't an idiot and he knows full well what comes by working with people like Aber. Whatever the case Aber says that this is the start of a beautiful partnership, he bids Gon Nu his best regards before taking his leave.

With him gone Gon Nu has time to gloat. Obviously he wont share everything he knows of the Perfect Soldier program with a fool like Aber. No, let Aber lick his chops all his wants it's no matter. Instead Gon Nu is more concerned upon getting his hands on the Gilgamesh's treasure... As he ponders this Kan Yu enters and announces that he has brought Chirico as asked.

Gon Nu isn't too happy to see Kan Yu and questions him on his lack of progress, has he forgotten who's writing the checks here? No matter, Kan Yu needs to keep quiet since Gon Nu only wants to talk to Chirico. Kan Yu is shocked that Gon Nu isn't punishing Chirico and is instead being nice to him! Gon Nu brushes Kan Yu off and greets Chirico in a friendly matter, Chirico acknowledges Gon Nu in return.

Look over the reports he had received Gon Nu says that he suspects that the pilot they encountered was a Perfect Soldier, this gets Kan Yu's attention. Gon Nu ignores him and instead asks Chirico if he's correct in this assessment, is the pilot of that AT a Perfect Soldier? Chirico says that is the case. This interests Gon Nu who says that Chirico is his trump card in all this, he asks Chirico if he'll go on a mission to retrieve this Perfect Soldier.

Chirico reluctantly accepts that task. Of course Gon Nu had already expected Chirico to agree, he than tells Chirico that the the Assemble EX-10 is about to engage the guerrillas. However that isn't the end of things, no. Gon Nu also adds that he wants Chirico's squad to lead the assault and that Chirico will be the leader.. Does he accept? Of course Chirico does and almost immediately Kan Yu protests.

What is happening here? Kan Yu is far more experienced as a Commander, yet now he has to play second fiddle to that loose cannon!? Gon Nu asks if he has an issue with this, yes Kan Yu does! Kan Yu tries to explain why Chirico isn't suited to lead and that it should be him. Gon Nu tells him to watch his tongue, need he remind Kan Yu of his many failures? As Kan Yu remains in shock Gon Nu details that Kan Yu has never met his expectations and his constant failures have lead Gon Nu to believe that he just can't put out anymore.

Kan Yu stutters to regain his bearing, the lashing was most painful. Gon Nu continues that Chirico has surpassed all his expectations and that he wants to see how he'll in such a position. At least he's far more likely to perform compared to Kan Yu. So Kan Yu better remember his place and obey Chirico's orders from now on. Chirico though is uneasy about this and suspects Gon Nu of an ulterior motive considering how out of the blue this promotion is. No matter, if Chirico can get his hands on that pilot than he may get a clue on where Fyana is...

Kanjelman is addressing his troops about the failures of his father and brother, it's because of their attempts to industrialize Kummen that this once ripe and beautiful land was turned into this wasteland. That's why he must wage this holy war, it's the only way to restore Kummen to what it was before! With the help of Ypsilon and Fyana he may accomplish this great task! Ypsilon doesn't mind being paraded around in such a way, something like this is something he can take pride in.

However, Kanjelman warns that pride could lead to the death of all of them so Yplison should do well to remember that. Of course he knows that, though what is it that Kanjelman fears? Nothing he assures, Kanjelman that excuses himself. Yplison wonders just how far Kanjelman will come before the end, the man seems to have a death wish after all. Fyana is troubled which Yplison notices and asks if she's okay.

Fyana says that she's afraid, Yplison tells her that she's a Perfect Soldier and that there's nothing to fear. It isn't fear for herself, it's fear that something is about to happen in the coming battle. Yplison tells her to stop thinking about such things, he will always protect her and knows exactly what's troubling her. It's Chirico whom she has been constantly thinking about ever since she met him.

Yplison tells Fyana that her doubts are spot on, Chirico is in Kummen. This shocks Fyana who wants to see Chirico right away, Yplison says that she may see Chirico... As he is defeated in battle. With that Yplison promises that he will defeat Chirico before her eyes so that she can finally move on. However, this instead troubles Fyana whom can't believe Chirico has come to this hellhole for her...

Elsewhere the battle is about to begin and Esther is overjoyed that Chirico has already recovered, for awhile she didn't think she could have saved him due to the injuries he had suffered. Kallen explains that Chirico has an unnaturally high pain threshold and that he has been through much worse, though he may have kicked the bucket if it wasn't for Esther's help. Chirico is thankful for the treatment and says that the operation will be beginning soon.

Kidera wonders if Chirico really is okay to be fight again so soon from getting out of bed. Not to mention that Kidera is a bit guilty over his mistreatment of Chirico, as far as he's concerned Chirico is a real bad ass and today they get some much deserved payback. Chirico confirms that the blue AT is one of their targets and he wont hesitate this time though leave the blue AT to him. Shako understands, the Kidera though has to ask what's up with that pilot.

Chirico tells him that the pilot is a Perfect Soldier, Bodaria doesn't understand why a Perfect Soldier would even be here. Chirico explains what a Perfect Soldier is and what this one in particular is capable of. Bodaria is surprised, that doesn't sound like the type of enemy he wants to face. Kallen though thinks that her suspicions were correct, if the blue AT pilot was a Perfect Soldier than that means Fyana may be here after all!

Kidera isn't threatened by such an opponent, Chirico though tells him to be careful. Kidera says he isn't stupid, though the blue AT is different. No matter what he does he still can't shake the desire to face that blue AT again for payback and for all the others it has killed. Esther is shocked, that pilot is really this dangerous? Seems a bit reckless to want to go head on than. Kidera doesn't have a death wish, however he cant leave things as they are though luckily he can count of Shako's support.

Shako explains things a bit and manages to calm Esther's nerves, Esther asks Kallen if this all is really the case. Kallen confirms that this is a very dangerous situation and she doesn't want Esther to do anything reckless. Esther promises to be careful, she doesn't want to be a burden or have anyone worry about her. Bodaria is also convicted in this desire, Kidera says that he can't wait to settle things with that blue AT. Chirico though thinks that he needs to obtain answers.

Kan Yu gets Chirico's attention, Chirico wonders what he wants. It's not like Chirico wanted this position, though Gon Nu isn't a man to take no for an answer. Kan Yu doesn't like this whole Perfect Soldier business and hates being left out of the loop concerning it. However, Kan Yu isn't in the best of graces and swears that he will be the one that will take out this Perfect Soldier to prove his worth.

Chirico quite bluntly tells Kan Yu that he will only get himself killed if he tries something like that. Kan Yu is furious that Chirico would be so rude to him, that bastard! Chirico ignores Kan Yu and says that the enemy is here. When they appear Kidera notices that the blue AT is here after all. Chirico warns everyone of the blue AT and to be careful. Kan Yu bits his tongue and curses Chirico under his breath.

Esther is surprised that the force they're facing is so small, she also wonders if Bodaria's friend is here. Bodaria says to himself that if his friend is here than he will fight her, he has no choice in this matter. Kan Yu orders everyone to proceed with the attack. Yplison on the other hand thinks of Fyana and that he must clear her mind of that man! Chirico is dying today!

Yplison is shocked that he was beaten this badly, he moves to retreat but Chirico gives chase. Upon reaching him Chirico demands that Yplison tell him where he has stashed Fyana. Yplison reveals that Chirico has walked into a trap, die! Chirico tries to dodge the explosions going around him but gets struck at the last second. Kallen consider that a dirty trick and tells Chirico that she's coming to aid him! However, Kidera and Shako tell her to stay her hand as more enemies have approached.

Sure enough more ATs appears though Bodaria can't see his friend within their ranks. Fyana is also here and calls out to Chirico. Serge Borough tells Fyana to calm the heck down and enjoy the show as Chirico dies. With that Serge orders Yplison to kill Chirico now that he can't defend himself. Yplison tells Fyana to watch closely, he'll kill Chirico so that he will no longer trouble her mind any longer! Fyana takes control of the plane and moves to protect Chirico.

Serge freaks out and demands that Fyana give back the controls to him already, this is madness! Fyana says that she can't let Chirico die. Yplison is horrified, has that man clouded her thoughts this much that Fyana would betray him!? Chirico regains control and damages Yplison's blue AT, he curses Chirico and fires back. However in the cross fire the plane is hit and Serge is injured, Fyana is fine and gets Chirico's attention.

Chirico can't believe that Fyana is actually here, do his eyes deceive him? However, he can do nothing as the blame crashes due to the fight. Esther wants to help but knows that she's too far, Kallen instead orders Chirico to retrieve Fyana since this is his chance! Chirico understands and goes after the crashed plane, Yplison though is too injured and his AT is pretty much trashed thus he regretfully must leave.

Kidera, Bodaria, and Shako agree to raise hell and take those mooks down so Chirico wont be pursued. However, the ATs are soon destroyed by outside fire which confuses Esther. Who the heck took out those ATs!? C.C. says that it seems they have uninvited guest, was this all a trap? Kallen says they're here and soon enough the A-Laws arrive. They're also using the new model GN-XIII's and being supported by Britannian forces.

Bodaria can't believe the Federation's police group, the A-Laws is here in Kummen, Kidera wants to know what the heck the deal is as well! The A-Laws state that they have orders to wipe everyone out, that includes Assemble EX-10, Gilgamesh, and Chirico's squad. Turns out that that they have gotten wise that the members of Chirico's squad are wanted, so that means the Feds are well in their rights to take them out out. However, they offer them one, and only one, chance to surrender. Take it or be wiped out.

Kan Yu freaks out, this isn't supposed to be happening! Was even he just a pawn in to be discarded!? Kidera demands to know what Kan Yu knows, he tells them to fight this new threat while he goes after Chirico. With that he escapes at full speed, Esther is dumbfounded that Kan Yu just ditched them like that. Kidera doesn't like that, when he gets his hands on that punk he's going to kill him!

Shako notices that Bodaria looks pale, he tells Shako that it's nothing and they must concentrate on the battle. Kallen though wants to punish Kan Yu, she doesn't trust him. However, she's in no position to just ditch everyone else to face the Feds or Britannia alone. With a shout Kallen curses Britannia for bringing hell to this land as well! She'll destroy them all!

[Everyone has comments on hating that the A-Laws/Feds/Britannia has entered Kummen and is intent on killing them. Kallen also hates that they're doing the same thing here that they did to Japan.]

When at least two units are destroyed Bodaria and Kidera detect another incoming signature is approaching. Even the Feds detect it as well, it's familiar! Gundam! Setsuna than appears which surprises Kallen who hasn't seen nor heard of him since Celestial Being was taken out a year ago. Gritting his teeth Setsuna attacks the head A-Law and takes him out, the guy freaks out since he can't believe an outdated and broken Gundam could defeat him.

Esther is in awe that such a broken up mecha can even move let alone hold that much power. Kallen calls for Setsuna and asks if he's okay. Setsuna says that he is. Kidera doesn't like this interruption and from what he knows that mecha was destroyed a year ago! Or at least that was the official news that the A-Laws had spread. Bodaria though can't help but admire the Gundam, it's so powerful in such a state. Though how are they sure they can trust it?

Kallen berates Bodaria, she can personally vouch on that pilots behalf! Furthermore, she used to work with him, so if anyone has any doubts they better take it up with her! Bodaria relents, he trusts her word upon this matter. C.C. takes this moment to laugh, Setsuna sure took his time to reveal himself. Esther though is freaking out, that means this pilot is the Gundam fetish freak, it's Setsuna F. Seiei! She has heard so much about his obsession with Gundam! Setsuna ignores that hurtful comment and presses his attack on the A-Laws.

Shako confirms that all enemies have been defeated. That leaves just the Gundam which Bodaria and Kidera would like to ask its pilot a few questions. Setsuna is quiet, Kallen is used to that and instead says that she's so relieved that he's okay after all this time. However, Setsuna replies that he can't stay and chat which shocks Kallen who wanted to catch up.

Setsuna says that he must continue his investigation of the A-Laws, something he must do alone. Kallen demands that Setsuna wait, it has been so long! What can he hope to accomplish with his Gundam in such a miserable state!? Setsuna doesn't care, he instead says that it was good to see his friends again before departing. Kallen can only look on as he departs. C.C. understands why he has left but she's sure he'll turn up again in one piece eventually. Esther doesn't understand what's going on but she can't help but wonder how skilled he really is considering the C.C. has such faith in jis abilities.

Kidera remembers that they forgot about Chirico! Bodaria also says that the blue AT had escaped as well, though they should hurry regardless. Kallen hopes Chirico reaches Fyana in time and that he can hold out til they arrive....

Elsewhere Kan Yu taunts Fyana and says that he knows she's here. With that he moves over and tries to flush her out of hiding. Kan Yu is surprised that even in outside an AT Fyana demonstrates such skill that she managed to avoid injury. So it is true, Fyana is a Perfect Soldier! When Fyana reacts Kan Yu can't help but gloat! This is perfect, if he gets his hand on a Perfect Soldier than he's set for life! He can't wait to see the look upon Chirico's face!

Kan Yu orders Fyana to hold still if she doesn't want to get hurt. Chirico than appears and pushes Kan Yu away from Fyana. This catches Kan Yu completely off guard as Chirico yells that he wont let alone hurt Fyana so get away! Fyana calls for Chirico who tells her to get to safety. Kan Yu though isn't having this and tells Chirico to leave, he's the one that will present that woman! If he must than Kan Yu will fight, Chirico warns that if Kan Yu doesn't leave he'll kill him which only serves to piss Kan Yu off.

Impossible, Kan Yu is defeated! Chirico tells Kan Yu that this is his last chance to leave here with his life. Knowing he's outmatched Kan Yu curses Chirico as he flees. Chirico than moves to retrieve Fyana who has moved away from the fighting. At long last Chirico has finally reached Fyana, though he can't help but think that this hasn't changed anything at all. Chirico has too many unanswered questions that need to be addressed still...

Bodaria and Kidera are tired of being left in the dark, just who is that Perfect Soldier that Chirico is so obsessed with? Kallen explains that she is Fyana and that Chirico has been fighting to get her back for quite a long time. Esther is interested in learning more of Chirico after hearing this, Kallen explains in detail the Perfect Soldier business and how Chirico first met Fyana and how she was taken away from him.

Kidera is starting to see the big picture here, though he doesn't like this Perfect Soldier business. Kallen says that he will have to hold his questions, Chirico may not be returning. Kidera of course asks what the heck does she mean by all that? Kallen explains that now that Chirico has finally found what he was looking for he has no reason to stay in Kummen which is about to be razed.

Kidera doesn't like this, Bodaria though says that if Chirico chooses to leave than they have no right to stop him. Shako, Bodaria, and Kidera than relent upon this matter and that there's nothing that can be done about it. Kallen is surprised they're okay with this, C.C. isn't though she wouldn't mind getting out of this jungle now. Kidera figures he doesn't know enough to get worked up over this.

Esther agrees, that's so mature of him.Kidera tells her to he still doesn't like this Perfect Soldier stuff but he isn't going to continue to be frustrated over something outside his control. This makes Esther happy, she's glad that everyone isn't bickering over what happened. Bodaria though has a question, Esther wonders what he wants.

Turns out it's about the Gundam, he's still surprised that Kallen knows the pilot. Kallen confirms that she does know the pilot personally. Kidera isn't all that surprised, Kallen seems to know a lot of strange friends. Kallen explains that the Gundams tend to show up when injustice is afoot, though that means things around here are about to get messy. Bodaria figures that's the case considering the unexpected guest in Kummen now.

Kallen tells them that they should hurry up with their business here and get out, she doesn't want to be left here when things hit the fan. Bodaria doesn't like that this place is about to go to hell, Kidera and Shako tell him to cheer up and they'll help him finish this job before the Feds can claim victory. Bodaria is thankful of their support.

Esther tells Bodaria to stop worrying, he has friends and they'll help him see this through! Whatever these outside forces are planning doesn't change that they'll beat them to the punch! Kallen agrees, she can't stand the thought of those jerks ruining this slice of the world as well. Bodaria thanks the girls, he'll be counting on their support. Esther assures him that they'll succeed. Kallen though thinks of Chirico who hopefully was able to run away with Fyana far from the fighting. If anyone deserves happiness and peace away from war it's those two. So hopefully Chirico will leave the rest to them...

Staring at the night sky is Chirico and Fyana, she is glad to see him but asks if Yplison was killed. Chirico is silent, so she pressed him until he admits that he didn't kill the guy. The two share a moment, they eventually discuss the Perfect Soldier program and what Fyana had undergone. Had Chirico not interrupted than Fyana wouldn't have been anything more than a killing machine. However, she's glad because she learned something of being human when she saw Chirico - love. Fyana than says that she wants Chirico to run away with her from all this.

This is a relief to Chirico though he tells Fyana that things aren't over just yet. Fyana becomes stern and he than asks her if they can really be at peace right now? Fyana becomes sad when Chirico says that he must continue fighting. Chirico says that he will go fight that man, Fyana knows that he means Yplison. Why must they fight!? It's the only way, they can never truly find peace with those like Yplison after them that's why he must fight.

Chirico thinks that even though he has finally found Fyana nothing has changed and the fighting only rages on. Furthermore, he can't explain to even himself why he continues to fight to discover the truth of the Secret Society and to take them out. This troubles him greatly and sadly it seems that despite all that he has done he hasn't broken free from this hell called war.

Kanjelman is displeased that they lost Fyana, Serge says that it was a minor setback. That isn't the case, Kanjelman warns Serge that everything rides upon this next battle. With that Kanjelman orders Serge to gather all of his forces in what will be their decisive battle that decides the fate of Kummen. Serge says that he'll get right on that and plans to reward Yplison with a new AT that will better fit his ability.

Once Serge is left Kanjelman reveals that he hates working with a lowlife like Serge and that victory here is impossible. Thus instead he will aim for defeat and death for all his men as well as himself. Trieze phones in that such a thing may not be wise. However, he will play ball with Kanjelman and he confirms that the Feds have marshaled a massive force to take over Kummen. This is fine with Kanjelman who doesn't mind death if it means there will be a future for Kummen once the fight is over.

So being ruled by the Feds for now is only a temporary disgrace that his people will endure and eventually forge their own path. Trieze understands, if this is what Kanjelman wants than he wont stop him from walking his own path. Kanjelman pardons himself and tells Monica to reveal herself since he knows that she is there. He questions why she was spying on him, Monica stutters that she didn't mean to. Kanjelman tells her that it's okay, Monica though can't believe what Kanjelman is planning. They're all going to die, is this really the only path they have left to take!? Kanjelman remains silent...

Stage 7 - Kummen Route

Word reaches Chirico's friends that Chirico has finally found Fyana at long last. Coconna demands to know where Chirico is, Chirico's other friend(Vanilla) tells her that Chirico vanished in the jungles and more than likely he wont return. Basically, no one knows where he ran off to but this may be for the best. Besides, they shouldn't be worrying about Chirico since he's a big boy who can take care of himself and has been through worse. What they should be concerned about is that the Feds have entered Kummen and that this place is about to light up.

So Coconna shouldn't waste her tears over nothing, alright? Coconna grows silent as Vanilla explains that they can't waste any time worrying about Chirico considering their own situation. Besides, if anything Chirico will turn up again one day with Fyana in his arms asking for their blessing as they get hitched. So they need to ensure that they're all still alive when that day comes. Thus they need to start worrying about themselves for now.

However, Coconna still can't shake that she worries for him and that trouble always seems to find him, it wouldn't be right to just leave things as they are. This makes Vanilla confused, what is he, chopped liver? Coconna is still wants to go after Chirico but Vanilla tells her to leave Chirico alone, must he remind her that there's a perfectly suitable guy here for her? Hearing this causes Coconna to demand Vanilla to tell her what he means.

Well, what Vanilla meant to say was that she had a very close friend who cares for her is all and doesn't like the thought of her shedding tears for another man. Coconna teases Vanilla and says that he is blushing which Vanilla denies. Curse these womenfolk and their ways of turning something little like this into something more! Just then the alarm goes off, it seems that trouble has arrived far sooner than planned.

As they're panicking over the whole Feds attacking thing, they're hit by a bomb, Vanilla nearly shits his pants. These guys are serious, they'll kill everyone! Gotho then runs in to see if they're already and tells everyone that they need to get out of here. Vanilla demands to know what's going on, Gotho tells them that the Feds have begun their attack and are subjugating Kummen!

Aber is enjoying the view and asks Gon Nu if there is a problem. Gon Nu tells Aber that they had a deal, this is underhanded! Aber is supposed to be wiping out Gon Nu's enemies and Kummen was to be allowed into the Federation with Gon Nu emerging on top! Does Gon Nu not like how Aber does business? Someone as intelligent as Gon Nu should have seen this coming, besides Aber doesn't feel that they're even worthy of being allowed into the Federation. So instead Aber has decided that because he's tired of waiting he's going to just take Kummen by force, not like anyone can stop him considering that both sides have been weakened by the civil war.

Gon Nu can't believe this, they had an agreement and didn't Gon Nu pull his own weight? So why is he being targeted as well!? Aber tells Gon Nu that he isn't an idiot, he knows that Gon Nu was holding back information on the Perfect Soldier program. If anything this is Gon Nu's fault, he should have delivered the goods in a more timely manner insteal of trying to use it as leverage. Of course that wouldn't have changed anything either, Aber had always intended to betray Gon Nu after all. Even the Secret Society supports Aber in this, so Gon Nu is as good as dead.

This makes Gon Nu freak out, he was had the entire time!? Aber confirms that he was just using Gon Nu, the Federation never had any intention of allowing a lowlife like him within their ranks. Besides, why settle for a fool like him when Gon Nu naively allowed the Federation forces into Kummen without a fight. Gon Nu curses Aber for his treachery but Aber counters that Gon Nu isn't one to talk about treachery since if he was in this position he would have done the same.

However, this chat is now over. As far as Aber is concerned there's no need to continue talks with a soon to be dead man. Gon Nu demands that Aber wait as he cuts the communication link. Aber takes this moment to gloat that soon all the players in Kummen will be taken care of within the end of this day. However, Aber doesn't believe everyone must die today. There's a certain pilot in Kanjelman's ranks that he wouldn't mind meeting for future partnerships...

As he's plotting he's interrupted by a soldier who brings urgent news. Aber asks the soldier to relax, there's nothing Gon Nu can throw at them that would pose any real threat. No, it isn't Gon Nu's forces! It's a Gundam and it's laying waste to everything it has come across already! This gets Aber's attention, a Gundam!? Here!?

Elsewhere Serge is panicking over what is happening and the unexpected call from Killy. Turns out Killy isn't too happy with Yplison's progress. Serge tells Killy that it's because of Fyana who has gone missing. This makes Killy angry, he tells Serge that he must kill Fyana if he cannot retrieve her because no matter what Yplison must complete his transformation into a Perfect Soldier. Yplison though was listening in, Killy doesn't care and tells Yplison that he must not restrain himself in the coming battle.

Yplison reluctantly says that he will perform. Killy in turn tells Yplison that he wants to see what a Perfect Soldier is really capable of, he doesn't want to see him pulling his punches anymore. However, Killy is no fool and tells Yplison that his old AT wasn't worthy of a Perfect Soldier. Thus he had Serge prepare a newly arrived AT that should do justice for the abilities of a Perfect Soldier like Yplison. Since unlike other ATs this one was specifically designed to take advantage of a Perfect Soldiers enhanced abilities, Yplison should notice the difference immediately.

Killy expects Yplison to show his best in the coming battle as he hangs up. Serge takes his moment to speak privately with Yplison, he wants to remind Yplison that his main goal isn't victory here since this hellhole is now a lost cause. Instead Yplison should concentrate on Chirico alone. However, that doesn't mean that Yplison can't at least put on a show before leaving Kanjelman to his fate. After all, that man never expected to win and there's no point in them going down with him.

A Perfect Soldier is too valuable to waste anyway, of course he isn't worried for Yplison either. Just then they're interrupted and told that they're under attack. Serge asks who the enemy is, the soldier says that it's apparently and lone Scopedog. Serge is surprised, however Yplison has been waiting for this. The only one that's crazy enough to do something like that is Chirico!

Stage title, then...

On the battlefield is Chirico who is alone, he has taken out a fair number of enemy mecha already. However, he's far more concerned about Fyana whom he had left behind. Or so he thought, Fyana soon appears in a pink Scopedog much to Chirico's surprise. Fyana tells Chirico that she cannot allow him to do this alone. Chirico is in no position to deny her and tells Fyana that he's going after Serge for what he has done. Fyana says that she will not be a burden and wants to see that monster punished as well for ruining their lives.

At the start of the second turn

Despite being vastly outnumbered Chirico and Fyana demolish the enemy mecha with ease, soon enough Kallen and Chirico's squad appears. Kallen is surprised to see Chirico here, does he intend to fight even now!? Chirico confirms this, Esther in turn asks Chirico why he isn't away from all the fighting when he had a chance to live in peace and happiness!? Chirico says that he cannot leave things as they are. Esther becomes flustered since she can't deny that since this is very mature of Chirico to take care of his own problems.

Kidera notices that Chirico isn't alone, Shako asks if the pilot of that pink AT is who they think it is. Chirico confirms this, Kallen relaxes and says that she's glad that Fyana is in one piece since it has been so long. Fyana apologizes for what her absence has caused since what happened at Area 11. Kallen thinks her pink AT is cute and tell Fyana not to worry about things since all that matters is that she's safe.

Kidera and Bodaria ask Chirico what he's actually going to be doing now, it isn't too late for him to leave the rest to them. Chirico says that he must finish things first, Bodaria grits his teeth but says that they'll just have to help Chirico deal with Serge then. Kidera laughs it up, Chirico has some big balls! If anything Kidera can respect Chirico's determination to settle his own problems, in fact this has gotten Kidera into just the right mood to smash up all these enemies!

Fyana calls to Chirico who asks her what's the issue, she doesn't deny that she's troubled. Chirico knows that she's troubled about Yplison which she confirms. Though he doesn't want to see her in pain Chirico tells Fyana that this is something that he must do so that they both can live in peace. However, he wont push her away and asks her to stand by his side as they both see this through together.

After defeating about half of the enemy units

Esther soon picks up that more forces are arriving on the battlefield, Fyana and Chirico know exactly who it is. Yplison appears in his new blue AT and gets Chirico's attention for a duel. Chirico notices that Yplison is in a new AT, that AT is custom made for Yplison. Even Kidera freaks out, that new AT looks like nothing he has ever seen before! Esther tells Kidera to calm down, even if it's a new AT it's only a single one so they can take it!

Fyana though can sense that this AT is different, she says that it was made for Perfect Solders like her. Yplison tells Fyana to come back with him, clearly she isn't thinking straight. Fyana remains silent, Yplison curses Chirico and says that he will use this new AT to finally settle things between them! Chirico accepts this challenge, Esther yells that Chirico is being reckless! They still don't know its capabilities, rushing in alone against an unknown opponent is too dangerous!

Just then the Federation forces appear much to the teams surprise. Kallen immediately notices the Lancelot which means that Suzaku is here! With much rage Kallen screams out his name, she hasn't forgiven him for what he had done to her beloved Zero! Suzaku chides Kallen, he tells tells her that their fight is over yet she still continues to revive the Black Knights. It seems that he was wrong when he let her get away since she has made no attempt to walk another path after all. No matter, he will take Kallen out today and put an end to her attempts to plunge the world back into chaos.

A soldier asks for orders on how to proceed, Suzaku tells him that their orders are to wipe out all of the forces before them and lay claim to Kummen. As far as he's concerned these guys are no good punks and that their invasion of Kummen is justified if only to restore the peace and end this petty civil war. The A-Law though aren't too happy being lead by Suzaku and aren't looking forward to fighting Yplison who has earned quite the reputation in Kummen already. However, they will play nice for now.

Kallen though curses Suzaku and berates him. Nothing has changed even though Suzaku has become a fancy Knight of Rounds! If anything things have gotten worse despite Suzaku embracing the ways of Britannia, peace through forced subjugation and oppression! Is this the world he desired to create!? Suzaku remains silent since he cannot deny Kallen's accusations.

Esther doesn't understand what's going on, with Kallen flipping out that is, but the odds are against them and she doesn't like it one bit. On top of fighting the Federation they must also continue fighting their current enemies who aren't mere pushovers either! Kidera and Bodaria banter about the forces here and that Bodaria seems to be uneasy, he tells Kidera that he's fine and that this is nothing to worry about. Kidera relents though he has his suspicions, however they have more pressing matters to attend to. Such as taking out all these mecha, the Lancelot included.

Yplison is impatient and quickly orders Chirico to get over here and prepare for his demise in a duel to the death! Fyana doesn't like this but Chirico tells Fyana that he must settle things no matter what.

When Bodaria encounters an enemy he thinks of his old friend, Monica, whom he knows he will be forced to kill today if she's his enemy.

Upon engaging Suzaku, Kallen accuses him of playing a part in making things worse. Why does Suzaku, who is also Japanese, hate his people so much that he would cast them into servitude to Britannia!? Suzaku yells that he's doing what's needed to end these petty conflicts! If everyone would just submit than there would be no more need for anymore fighting! Britannia cannot be defeated, the only thing that can do is to submit and to change the system from the inside! Why can't Kallen understand this, why must she insist on continuing this losing battle that will only prolong everyone's suffering!?

Kallen calls Suzaku naive, how can he expect to change such a vile system that doesn't even want him around! The only way things will get better is if they fight against their oppressors! Suzaku demands to know if Kallen is intent on reviving the Black Knights despite everything that has happened! Furthermore, can Kallen even live with herself even though she's knowingly dragging everyone back into another pointless war!? Was Suzaku wrong in giving Kallen a chance to change her life after the Black Rebellion? For it seems that Kallen is repeating the same mistakes of one year ago when she walked this same irresponsible path!

As far as Suzaku is concerned Kallen could have lived a life in peace away from all this yet she still chooses to fight even when there is no hope! Nothing will change, the same thing will simply repeat itself once more! Kallen yells that she has plenty to live for and she couldn't give a damn about the odds stacked against her! Besides, she would rather die fighting than to concede defeat, at least then she will die knowing she didn't bend a knee to Britannia! That's something Suzaku wont be able to say when she defeats him here! SUZAKUUUUUUUU~!

Suzaku is defeated despite his best efforts and must retreat because his Lancelot has taken too much damage. Kallen tells Suzaku that he better not run, she isn't through beating him into a pulp! Suzaku demands to know why Kallen is continuing this, she has nothing to gain from throwing her life away! Zero is dead and isn't coming back! Her whole reason for fighting died with him! Kallen tells Suzaku to shut up, Suzaku continues that Kallen will not have a life to live if she continues down this path, this is her last chance to turn her life around! Due to their past friendship he doesn't want to see her lose her life over something as pointless as this!

Suzaku then leaves with Kallen screaming in frustration that he has escaped judgement this day after all the trouble he has caused. Esther wants to comfort Kallen but she doesn't know what she could say that would reach her friend who is clearly suffering. Kallen regains her composure and swears that she will make Suzaku pay for everything that he has done! Furthermore, that uptight bastard has no right to dictate how she lives her own life!

Chirico finally reaches Yplison, he immediately notices that his AT is performing far better then his outdated Scopedog. Yplison tells Chirico that he's no match for a Perfect Soldier like him, he'll show him the difference in their abilities this day! Chirico, prepare to suffer a most humiliating defeat for all the trouble he has caused!

Yplison is surprised that Fyana would fight him, this is clearly Chirico's fault! Why is she going to such lengths for a man such as he who isn't worthy of her! Fyana apologizes to Yplison, but she cannot go back with him. If he's intent of trying to drag her back then she isn't afraid of pulling the trigger. Yplison figures that Fyana has lost it and reminds her who she is and their time together, will she not come back with him? Fyana remains silent as Yplison figures that Fyana isn't thinking clearly and swears that he will bring Fyana no matter what! Forgive him for being so forceful, this is for her own good!

Yplison has taken too much of a beating, it seems his new AT still has some kinks it needs worked out. Still, he can't believe that even though this is a test model he was still defeated and he retreats. Fyana screams for him, Chirico though tells her that they must instead focus on going after Serge who is still at large which Fyana understands. They both take their leave, Kidera is a bit angry that Chirico ditched them and what about that blue AT!

Esther can't believe that they managed to take out everyone but isn't sure if they should proceed with their mission or go after that big lug. Bodaria tells Esther, Kallen, and C.C. to go after Chirico, he has a feeling he'll need help. Leave Kanjelman to them! Kallen protests that such a thing would be suicide, Bodaria tells her not to worry and that he will take out Kanjelman. Kidera tells the the girls to get their tight asses moving, don't worry about that idiot! For Kidera and Shako will stay behind to hold the palace gate while Bodaria goes inside.

Bodaria accepts their aid and tells the girls to get moving, Kallen understands and tells Esther and C.C. to follow her lead. Esther agrees and the girls take their leave. Kidera laughs after everyone else has left, he's looking forward to how many mooks he'll shoot down today. Shako asks if he's nervous considering that they is a high chance they'll die here. Kidera admits that the odds are against them but he doesn't intend of dying here. Besides, why don't they make this out into a game by seeing who can take out the most mooks?

End of stage on playable map

Inside the palace is Bodaria encounters a soldier, he demands that the soldier tell him where Kanjelman is! The soldier refuses and and before he can fire upon Bodaria he's killed, Bodaria considers it a waste of life. The idiot should have just told him what he wanted! Monica runs in and is shocked to see Bodaria after so long. She can't believe that he's here and that after finally meeting each other again they're enemies.

Bodaria tells Monica that he's fighting to see Kummen modernized, what is she fighting for? Before Monica can answer a soldier bursts in and opens fire on them. Bodaria dodges but Monica isn't so lucky and ends up mortally wounded. Bodaria is furious that she was injured and immediately kills the man that shot her. With that taken care of Bodaria rushes to her side but Monica tells him that she's beyond help.

Instead she tells him that this war is a farce cooked up by Kanjelman who never had any intention of winning. This means that all the lives lost were for nothing. Bodaria tells her to save her strength but she tells him to stop it, instead he needs to go where Kanjelman is at. No matter what Kanjelman can't be allowed to get away with using so many peoples lives for his little experiments. As Monica breaths she tells him where Kanjelman is at and that she was glad that she got to see him one last time before the end. Bodaria snaps and swears that he will kill Kanjelman for what he has done!

Elsewhere Serge has managed to escape and curses the A-Laws for screwing everything up and that Yplison should have departed the moment they appeared! Chirico and Fyana then appear and surround Serge who is shocked that they found him. Fyana tells Serge that he's going nowhere, he has a lot of answer for after all. As Serge panics Chirico thinks that he must kill that bastard because of his connection to the mysterious secret society, though he knows that Serge is just a pawn and his death will change nothing.

Serge begs Chirico to spare him, he'll tell him anything! Chirico decides to take Serge up on that offer and asks why Fyana and Yplison were taken to Kummen in the first place, it doesn't add up. Serge refuses to answer so Chirico asks him of the Perfect Soldier program instead. This gets Serge talking who says that the Perfect Soldiers aren't very stable and are suffering from mental problems that they haven't worked out yet.

This is the truth, though Chirico isn't convinced. Serge says that even though Fyana and Yplison are Perfect Soldiers they have been unable to reach their potential. Thus the reason they were brought here was to kill countless and imbue upon them malice for their fellow man and to make them apathetic to their suffering. Through this they will truly turn into Perfect Soldiers, however due to Chirico they have been compromised and nothing they have done has been able to overwrite this error.

Chirico is satisfied with what he has learned, he now has no more need for Serge who immediately begs Chirico to reconsider. Fyana can only watch as Chirico is about to pull the trigger, however Yplison then appears. Ignoring Fyana he goes after an unsuspecting Chirico whom he easily takes out. Fyana screams for Chirico who is barely alive. Yplison is impressed that Chirico still yet lives, a warrior such as Chirico should be killed properly.

Yplison tells Chirico that he will leave his AT so that the two of them may fight like men. Serge calls Yplison an idiot for leaving his AT! Yplison tells Serge to shut his mouth, he wont stand for interruptions. With that he tells Chirico to come at him already, Chirico is injured but is determined to fight. Fyana begs Yplison to leave Chirico alone and moves to stop him. Yplison is angered that Fyana would dare point her gun at him!

Fyana says that she can't allow Chirico to be killed here! Yplison finds this hilarious, Fyana doesn't have it in her to shoot him! Fyana hesitates and says that she will shoot if he doesn't back down. Yplison tells her to fire then if she is that determined. Fyana begs Yplison not to force her hand, she doesn't want to kill him but she will if she must if it means protecting her love! With that Fyana fires, she ends up killing Serge and destroying the test AT but Yplison is only injured.

Yplison can't believe that Fyana actually shot at him and that Serge is dead! Fyana has a mental breakdown inside her AT. Chirico screams for her but then more ATs appear and they secure Fyana and her AT, they confirm that Yplison is still alive and that Serge is dead. They curse Chirico but before they can kill him Kallen, Esther, and C.C. all arrive. Quickly Kallen retrieves the wounded Chirico and moves to safety.

Esther tells Kallen to wait, they didn't grab Fyana! Kallen scolds Esther and tells her that there's no way they will be able to reach her before the rest of the Federation arrives and they're in no condition to fight those ATs with an injured Chirico in the Guren's hand. Chirico struggles to call out to Fyana who screams for Chirico, Chirico screams her name as Kallen and the girls make their retreat. Yplison looks on and can't believe Chirico lives and that Fyana loves him that much. He'll make Chirico pay for what he has done to her!

Elsewhere Bodaria has finally found Kanjelman who is sipping some fine wine. Kanjelman is shocked when he recognizes his old friend who isn't happy to see him at all. Bodaria accuses Kanjelman of betraying him and bringing ruin and war to Kummen. Yet for the life of him Bodaria can't figure out why Kanjelman has started this war in the first place, though Kanjelman doesn't tell him anything. This was all just an experiment after all it seems. Eventually Bodaria gets fed up.

Kanjelman asks if Bodaria plans to shoot him, Bodaria tells Kanjelman that he wants to face him in a duel of "balancing" as is tradition. Kanjelman says that this is foolish, Bodaria can't defeat him in balancing, however he accepts nonetheless. After exchanging blows Kanjelman allows himself to be struck down to Bodaria's horror. Kanjelman tells Bodaria that their time is over, this war was to wipe clean the foolish old fools and to burn fire into the hearts of the new generation to take up the future with their own two hands.

Bodaria is shocked, Kanjelman explains that as King he must look out for the future. Had things remain as they did then there would be no future for the new generation. Thus Kanjelman has taken up the burden of his station and to die, however he was sure to incite the old order into following him so that they too will perish and the future will truly be in the hands of the new generation. Kanjelman explains that he doesn't fear death and though his intentions were in the right place he knows that he's going to hell for his actions.

However, Bodaria doesn't need to die here too. Kanjelman tells Bodaria to live on and that he mustn't die to the A-Laws who, are dismantling all the forces in Kummen as they speak as they take control. Soon even this palace will be reduced into nothing but ash. There is still yet a secret passage that none knows of, Kanjelman tells Bodaria to take it and escape since he still has much to live for.

With his passing Kanjelman hopes that the new generation will learn from the mistakes of old fools like him and create something better for Kummen after they're free from the shackles of the Federation. Bodaria understands now why Kanjelman and Monica had to die, he sheds tears for his departed friends who gave up everything. However, he soon gets a call and has to take his leave.

Elsewhere the girls have managed to escape pursuit, though Esther notes that they weren't really chased. Chirico is silent and Kallen apologizes to Chirico that she wasn't strong enough to save Fyana as well. Chirico tells Kallen that she made the right decision and knows that this was hard on her and he's thankful she used her head when he wasn't. Chirico tells her that he's alright but Kallen knows that Chirico is just burying his pain.

Bodaria then arrives to meet up with the girls who says he has completed his mission. Kallen sorrowfully says that they couldn't save Fyana. Bodaria understands that a lot has happened. Kidera and Shako then appear and want a status update. Bodaria tells them that Kanjelman is dead. Kidera decides not to press Bodaria , Shako though tells Kallen that they managed to grab her friends.

Vanilla then chimes in that he's alive and it's good to see Kallen again! Kallen is surprised to see him, Vanilla says that they went through hell and asks for Chirico. Chirico asks Vanilla what the deal is, well Vanilla explains that they were all saved by a very angry Gundam pilot and have come to pay a large sum of cash for a job well done.

Esther is confused over the angry Gundam thing but she understands money very well. Vanilla says that he managed to gather up their pay and that as a sign of good faith he's going to give a lions share of the sum to Kallen who has worked her ass off. Kallen isn't sure she can accept this but Vanilla tells Kallen that she has earned it, though when Kallen protests some more Vanilla says that if she's that worried over money then she can just pay them back someday. Besides, think of this as a show of support from the Black Knight's biggest supporters!

Kallen reluctantly accepts the money after much pressuring but says that she will pay him back, Vanilla tells her to take her time. Vanilla though doesn't want her to feel guilty and tells her that Quatre is waiting on the border for them, Esther though is unsure about taking the money and running. Vanilla tells Esther that this is okay, he isn't going to get her latched into debt like that debt maniac Crowe, besides can't she trust his word? Besides, maybe this will open up the opportunity for them to meet up again.

Esther relents and thanks Vanilla who reveals that he wont be traveling with them, he's needed elsewhere. When Kallen worries he tells her that it's alright and he's a big boy that can take care of himself. Vanilla instead says that Kallen has bigger issues to worry about, even Bodaria tells her to leave without regrets and that they'll take care of the rest over here. Bodaria, Kidera, and Shako all then give their farewells to Kallen and wish her luck.

Kidera tells them that they aren't a bunch of pushovers and aren't just gonna die out here, Esther still wonders if they'll able be okay staying in this hellhole. Well, Kidera has his plate full so don't worry about it. Bodaria tells Kallen to stay strong and thanks Esther for her friendship though she better be careful. Just then Kan Yu appears and is angry, Esther is surprised he's even alive! In fact everyone is surprised he managed to return in one piece! Kan Yu though is delusional and curses Kallen and C.C. for their apparent betrayal, he also demands that Chirico suffer and he wants his old squad to kill him.

Bodaria declines, Kan Yu demands to know what this blasphemy is! The trio refuse to be Kan Yu's pawn anymore and threaten him with gunfire when he refuses to relent. Kan Yu is shocked as his AT explodes. Kidera is glad that annoying bastard isn't yelling in his ear anymore. Shako, Bodaria, and Vanilla all say that they wouldn't betray their friend Chirico to a jerk like that. Instead, get going already! Chirico thanks his friends for all they have done as he departs with the girls.

Chirico then thinks that he has lost Fyana once more however things are different. Fyana's mention of love and for him has changed him, it drives him when before he knew not its meaning. It is because of this new found feeling that Chirico feels that he can endure even the hottest fires of hell if it meant reaching her once more...

Torture Man is pleased with this turn of events and that Chirico is progressing well. Now that Chirico has a taste of being human and seeing Fyana again he can't wait to see which path he will walk upon now. Whatever the case he isn't too worried, no matter where Chirico goes he will always be an unwitting pawn in the grand scheme of things. However, he will enjoy observing Chirico for now...

Intermission - Kummen and Middle East Merge

Kallen, C.C., Chirico, and Esther have met up with Quatre and Duo who are very happy to see Esther again whom has returned in one piece and seems to have matured greatly from her time in Kummen. Though they wished that they could say things worked out as planned. While Esther was in Kummen helping Kallen make money during a civil war the Wing boys have been busy dealing with the A-Laws and OZ. The good news is that they managed to meet up with Katharon, the bad news is that everything else didn't go as planned.

Anyway, as for the pair... Well a lot has happened when they last saw Esther. While on their own they managed to run into Trowa and Heero who were fighting the A-Laws, though it was something else to see Heero using a Leo. Than again, that's what he gets for blowing up Wing yet again. After trashing some mecha Duo and Quatre appeared to lend a hand. During the battle Trowa's sister is caught in the crossfire and in no position to help her, due to how beat up the Heavy Arms was, he had decided to self-destruct.

Before Trowa could do that he was stopped by Setsuna who has decided to lend a hand. This gets Kallen's attention, it seems Setsuna is lending all his old friends a hand now as he investigates the A-Laws. Whatever the case Duo and Quatre couldn't believe how beat up the Exia was but Setsuna is no pushover that's for sure even in such a condition. With his help they were able to repel the A-Laws. Once that was taken care of Setsuna takes his life despite his friends protests. However, before leaving he tells Heero to come with him.

Heero had questioned where Setsuna would be taking him, Setsuna told Heero that he would clear Heero's doubts and show him what is really screwing up the world. Thus Heero left with Setsuna, though Trowa decided to stay behind with Quatre and Duo since he has nowhere to return to. Turns out Catherine knows he's a Gundam pilot now and for her safety he couldn't stay with her. Trowa was ready to throw his life away but Duo was able to witness Catherine slapping the heck out of Trowa until he promises to try and return to her. Women are scary, hopefully Duo doesn't end up being driven insane by a cutie in the future...

Anyway, the Gundam trio eventually decide that they need to deal with OZ and word reaches them that Trieze has left himself in a very compromising position. Naturally the Wing boys couldn't resist and went after him, they're met by Quattro and Zechs. Though before they can get started Wufei appears and they team up to face OZ on the condition that Wufei gets to face Trieze alone. After clearing out OZ the Wing boys give the okay and Wufei rushes to face Trieze only to lose, however when he expected death Trieze spared him which wounded Wufei's pride.

At this time Kamille, Fa, Shinn, and Lunamaria appear on the scene and are shocked to see their old friends are their enemies. Unable to stomach this they tell the Wing boys to get out of there before the rest of OZ shows up. That was very nice of them. The operation was a loss through and through, Wufei soon left the group because he couldn't handle being humiliated in such a way by Trieze which Duo understood that he needed time.

After regaining their bearing the trio than went to aid the nearby Katharon forces, at the request of their leader who promised to aid them, whom were being assaulted by the A-Laws. Needless to say the Wing boys were outgunned and outnumbered, however they were saved by the timely arrival of Tieria whom they were all glad to see. Turns out Celestial Being isn't as dead as they all though, Setsuna and now Tieria appearing proves this. They soon defeat the A-Laws thanks to Tieria's aid but are unable to stop Barack from trying to take out a fleeing Katharon mecha, luckily for them a mysterious sniper did that for them.

Taking a break from the story.... Turns out that Celestial Being isn't dead and while they were rebuilding in secret Tieria has been completing interventions on his own. However, until this point he thought that he was the only active Gundam Meister left and hearing that Setsuna alive and fighting was a huge shock to him back than. Whatever the case this has given him hope and he decided that he must bring Setsuna back, not only because he's their friend but because they need his GN Drive. They group also learned that Allelujah was captured by the A-Laws and is being held in an unknown location, Tieria already has plans on getting him back when they do find him.

Anyway, after teaming up with Tieria the Wing boys than took the fight directly to OZ after Tieria learns that OZ is keeping a Gundam stored at a base. Turns out this is true and that Setsuna had beat Tieria to the punch by dropping Heero off to get his Wing Gundam back. During the fighting Heero makes his way to the hangar but is attack and the one that comes to Heero's aid is none other than Zechs himself. Heero learns that it was Zechs that had it repaired and always intended on Heero getting it back so that they may fight like warriors which Heero accepts.

Before they could tango Kamille, Fa, Shinn, and Lunamaria appeared and joined forces with their old friends. Turns out they couldn't agree with OZ anymore with Kamille being sad that Quattro refused to defect with them. However Qauttro seemed more than happy with this arrangement, though Kamille failed to notice. The battle soon comes to an end but before Zechs and Heero can kill each other Relena appears with Noin, Zechs reveals that Relena is a Princess and runs the Sanc Kingdom now.

Things became tense though when Zechs refused to cease fighting and Relena had ordered Heero to kill him to cleanse the Peacecraft name, however Noin reveals that truth behind Zechs! He's Millardo Peacecraft, her brother! Zechs took his leave soon after now that the truth was out. With that the battle was over and Heero rejoins his fellow allows, however they're approached by Noin who is no longer with OZ.

Anyway, the Wing boys were surprised that Relena is a princess though they couldn't help teasing her about being Heero's lover which she had denied. Surely Esther would have been disappointed had she been there considering she's a Love Freak. Tieria though wasn't impressed, turns out Celestial Being knew all along that Relena was royalty though the Zechs thing wasn't something they knew. Whatever the case Relena decided to fight to change the world and Shinn and co. join up with their fellow Gundam friends once more. Turns out Gundam is now a symbol of rebellion once more, that's fine with them.

With their battles ended the Gundam pilots learn that things in Kummen are really heating up and that's why they called for a meet up with Kallen as soon as she finished her job over there. Anyway, that was quite the story and Esther is now properly introduced to Trowa, Tieria, Kamille, Fa, Shinn, Lunamaria, the Celestial Being crew, and Ian. They all have heard much of her from Duo, turns out Duo can make things up as well considering that they are all thoroughly convinced that Esther is a Love Freak and is madly in love with Crowe.

Whatever the case Esther hits it off with all of them and they're glad to have her as a fast friend considering how easy it is to approach and tease her over her love for Crowe. Esther though is happy that more of Crowe's friends have gathered up whom she has heard so much about. It's nice to know that he was able to touch so many peoples hearts as well as hers. It seems that she was right about Crowe being the one for her, he's everything she could desire from a man on top of being Bodaria. Though she still can't deny that she's disappointed that she hasn't run into the man of her affections just yet despite all she was gone through.

With that the introductions are complete and Esther has been filled in on what her friends, Duo and Quatre were up to. In turn they're filled in on what exactly happen in Kummen and that Setsuna has appeared there as well which is a shocker, he must be in some deep stuff since he's appearing everywhere. They also learn that the Federation eventually took over Kummen. Not a good sign. Furthermore they learned that Chirico found Fyana again but as things came to an end she was lost to them with Kallen being sad that she couldn't save her too. Chirico though is more determined than ever to save her again, he isn't the type to wallow in grief after all.

Stage 8 - Go with Kallen

Now that everyone has been filled in they discuss current matters. Turns out that the Celestial Being guys are very generous and with a bit of work Ian has repaired everyone's mecha and even gave Chirico a nice upgrade to compensate for his wrecked Scopedog. Duo and co. note that Chirico seems more human now and that he seems different when he actually thanks them. Perhaps his time with Fyana has changed him? Or maybe Chirico just got hit in the head too hard during his time in Kummen...

Anyway Esther gets to know the rest of the Gundam team a bit more, eventually they're ordered to head into the briefing room for their next mission. As everyone heads off Esther is stopped by Quatre. Quatre says that Esther has really matured since he first ran into her and that he's glad she decided to stick around with them. Esther pumps out her chest in pride and tells Quatre that she's glad she's here with her friends as well. Quatre can only be awed at how strong Esther has become and that she's really a great friend. They then run along to the briefing room, though Quatre can't deny that he seems to be smitten with Esther.

Kallen is surprised to see that the one giving the briefing is just a little girl, Tieria vouches on her behalf. The girl explains just how important she is here, C.C. isn't exactly convinced. This gets the girl flustered and she explains who she is, the daughter of Ian, and that she's an important member of this crew. Kallen is shocked, Ian has a daughter?! Ian asks what the issue is, C.C. bluntly says that she can't believe Ian even got married. Though painful a strike Ian maintains his composure.

Esther is just as surprised as the girls over this but asks that they return back to why they're all here in the first place. Tieria explains that they're going to assault a highly guarded prison, Shinn wonders if their friend will be there. Everyone then discusses the mission and that they'll be working with Karathon once more. This doesn't sit well with Kallen and Esther since Karathon has devolved into random terrorism now, Tieria assures them that things are different now.

Feldt then reveals that this mission isn't all sun shines and rainbows, the Knight of Seven is rumored to be here as well. This gets Kallen's attention, Shinn is surprised. Kamille explains the whole Knight thing and why he's here, turns out Britannia doesn't like Karathon either. Lunamaria isn't liking this but isn't deterred. Duo, however, is surprised that they're going to be facing someone as high up as a Knight of Rounds already since being a Knight of Rounds is a tough club to get in, only VIPs are allowed in. Before they can catch their bearing Feldt reveals that the Knight of Seven is Suzaku, Shinn can't believe their friend is the one they'll face.

Kallen though is looking forward to tearing that bastard anew one, Shinn doesn't know where all this anger came from. Kamille though is shocked, even after all that time Suzaku spent with ZEXIS in Hakai-Hen he still walks this path despite all that has happened in a years time? Whatever the case Kamille isn't so sure that he wants to fight a former friend. Kallen tells Kamille that Suzaku isn't their friend anymore and they have to treat him as an enemy that must be defeated. Esther is surprised at Kallen's demeanor, she didn't know that Kallen and Suzaku used to be friends. Something big must have caused this fallout...

Elsewhere Saji is being interrogated, they believe he's working with Celestial Bring and Karathon. As they press him Saji says that he has nothing to do with those terrorists, he's just an innocent victim! They aren't convinced and prepare to get physical with Saji when he doesn't tell them what he wants to know. Saji doesn't understand, why don't they believe him? Suzaku than walks in and tells everyone else to leave, he'll interrogate Saji.

The guards refuse since this is their prisoner but Suzaku reminds them that he's a Knight of Seven and that they better obey. They reluctantly take their leave. Saji is surprised that Suzaku is here to help him. Suzaku tells Saji that he can't help Saji unless he tells him what he needs to know, and he's unsure if Saji can even be trusted. Saji is confused, aren't they still friends? Has he really changed that he would doubt him? Suzaku tells him that friendship has nothing to do with this situation and that Saji should have stayed in school instead of throwing his life away.

Saji counters that he knows damn well why he left Ashford, it was to fulfill his promise to Louise! Furthermore Saji wants to know what has happened to Suzaku and all their friends from Area 11 since the Black Rebellion, he hasn't heard a word since he went into space! Besides, why would Saji work with the same people that hurt Louise!? Suzaku relents and says that he has ensured that their friends are fine, this gets Saji to calm down. Suzaku doesn't apologize though for suspecting Saji and instead he questions Saji on his whereabouts.

This makes Saji furious, what has happened to Suzaku? They're friends, why is he treating him like a criminal!? Suzaku says that everything doesn't add up and it's his job to maintain the peace. As long as he has any doubts on Saji's loyalties he cannot treat him any different than a common criminal. Suzaku continues his interrogation with Saji denying any involvement and trying his best not to lash out at Suzaku for treating him so harshly despite their past friendship.

Bringing up Louise doesn't help matters and only serves to anger Saji, Louise is off limits! Suzaku continues where he left off by berating Saji for thinking he deserves special treatment just because they went to Ashford together. As far as Suzaku knows Saji is working with Celestial Being which makes him a terrorist. If anything Suzaku should be much harsher with him! Before he can go any further the alarm goes off which confuses Saji. Suzaku tells Saji that he must deal with this and that this interrogation will continue once he returns, he then orders the guards to return Saji to the prison. So it seems Suzaku has truly abandoned Saji and things can only get worse from here for him...

Stage starts here

Suzaku arrives on the battlefield and trashes the Karathon mecha with ease. Karathon tries to rally though they're in shock that a Knight of Rounds is here since they know the infamous Lancelot KMF. Even Andrei is scared despite Suzaku being their ally, he isn't human! Louise knows that pilot well and convinces Andrei to calm down, he in turn asks Louise if she's okay to sortie. Louise says that this is what she was trained for and is fine. Barack tells them to stop the chatter, they have bigger issues such as dealing with Karathon. Much to their surprise Setsuna then appears in a beat up Exia.

Barack orders them to go take out that Gundam, Louise grits her teeth because she wants to take out Gundam now! Barack cautions them not to be reckless and to work with Suzaku. Suzaku says that he will deal with the Gundam, they may deal with Karathon. Barack agrees with this, Karathon though refuse to back down and they decide to work with the Gundam. They cannot fail! Setsuna though thinks that nothing has changed and that the world Lock-On desired isn't the one they got! It means that Gundam cannot rest until the world has changed! So Setsuna needs Exia's strength once more...

Setsuna soon reaches Suzaku who can't believe that the Gundam has returned, why couldn't it have stayed dead when Celestial Being was taken out a year ago!? Why has it returned to cause even more conflict!? Setsuna grits his teeth, Suzaku continues that Setsuna's way didn't work and that he's not going to hold back if he insists on fighting even in an outdated Gundam! Setsuna denies this, the world they're living in his rotten and must be changed since the current path is wrong. If Suzaku can't see this than Setsuna will make him open his eyes!

Despite his words Setsuna is in no shape to punish Suzaku, the Exia is just too beaten up. Suzaku demands to know why Celestial Being insists on stirring up trouble once more, the world doesn't want them anymore! Setsuna tries to flee from Suzaku but he can't get away. Suzaku says that it's over but before he can act Barack says that enemies forces have been detected.

Sure enough Celestial Being appears much to Suzaku's horror, it seems that ZEXIS is starting to form up once more. Tieria ignores Suzaku and tells Setsuna to return to the ship, Setsuna understands. With that Setsuna is secure and he'll be receiving his new Gundam, Tieria tells Setsuna not to worry they'll hold the enemy off. Heero in particular is happy that Setsuna will be Gundam once more.

Ian tells Setsuna to get inside already, they have a lot of work and very little time to get his Gundam prepped! They then vanish with Barack yelling in frustration that Celestial Being is really back! Kallen promptly ignores Barack and yells at Suzaku, Suzaku is disappointed in Kallen. Despite their encounter in Kummen she still insists on this path which means that he cannot forgive her. Kallen tells Suzaku to stuff it already, no one wants to hear him speak!

So many have suffered because of Suzaku and because of what he did she can never forgive him! No matter what she will make him pay! Suzaku tells Kallen that she's delusional and that she needs to let things go, it has been so much time! Kallen isn't relenting and tells Suzaku to shut up, he has no right to tell her what to do! All he needs to do is stay right where she can pound him into dust! Barack interrupts, he knows some of those pilots!

Suzaku confirms they're the defector's and that they made a grave error when they left OZ. For those like OZ, the A-Laws, and Britannia are the powers that are bringing peace to the world through unity. Shinn is furious with Suzaku for trying to justify the oppression of others, oppression is never okay! Kamille tells Shinn to calm down, this is just the way things have to be and nothing will change things. Shinn doesn't like this but he doesn't see how this situation can change. This leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth which gets Esther angry since she has seen the horrors of the A-Laws first hand but Quatre is able to calm her down.

Barack notices that Louise seems on edge and tells her that to calm her nerves and to stay back if need be, Suzaku seems to pick up that the pilot is Louise whom he's shocked to discover. Tieria though opens up that he doesn't agree with Suzaku's world view and calls him a naive fool for thinking that this path will lead to peace. Kallen doesn't really care what Suzaku thinks and instead has decided that the only thing Suzaku will understand is a good beating!

When Suzaku attacks Heero

Suzaku runs into Heero and berates Heero for returning to his terrorist activities, was blowing himself up again not enough? Obviously Heero isn't having this and thanks to Setsuna he has seen just how rotten this world has become. Thus Heero can no longer afford to remain silent any longer. Suzaku refuses to let Heero have his way but Heero is determined to correct his mistakes and change this world.

When Suzaku attacks Kamille

Kamille isn't like the others, he gets straight to the point in berating Suzaku for all the trouble he has caused. Suzaku tells Kamille to save his breath, since as far as Suzaku is concerned Kamille is a part of the problem and is standing in the way of peace for everyone! Kamille tells Suzaku that he's wrong and that path he has chosen to walk will not bring peace to anyone! However, if they're enemies than Kamille will not hold back!

When Suzaku attacks Shinn

Shinn calls out Suzaku on his hypocrisy, surely he can see that things haven't gotten better at all! Suzaku berates Shinn for leaving OZ, he could have done so much good there! Shinn is taken aback as Suzaku continues that Shinn has so much potential yet he wastes his talents in rebellion! This gets Shinn to tell Suzaku that he can't go back, Suzaku doesn't like that. Shinn continues that OZ was supposed to help bring peace to the world but instead they're the ones bringing untold suffering to everyone! That is something Shinn cannot agree with and if he must be labeled a traitor or a rebel because he desires to do what is right than so be it!

When Suzaku attacks Esther

Esther doesn't understand all the bad blood that's going around but she knows that what Suzaku doing is wrong! Suzaku isn't going to be persuaded by an outsider, what he's doing will ensure that there is peace for everyone! Esther has no right to try and lecture him when she doesn't even understand a thing yet has still decided to join in rebellion anyway! Esther shoots back that just because she doesn't know everything doesn't mean she'll sit back and watch this world go to hell! No matter what she will not back away from the truth nor will she lose to a jerk like Suzaku!

When Suzaku attacks Kallen

Finally Suzaku and Kallen meet, Kallen isn't too happy to see him. However she is relishing the thought of finally paying him back for what happened! Suzaku tells Kallen that her path is wrong and that if she continues to fight for what is lost than she will lose what she still has! Kallen isn't going to let Suzaku lecture her, a man whose hands are bloody as his has no right to tell her to cease fighting. Especially when he has so much to answer for! Suzaku sees that Kallen wont be convinced and says he'll use force if he must, Kallen tells Suzaku that the same thing will happen here as at Kummen! Suzaku is going down!

The team is fighting well but they are unable to stop Barack who recovers when he's defeated and demands that they fight like they mean it! Duo doesn't think they can last much longer as is. It has been awhile since they all fought together and the desert terrain isn't making things easier for them, even Trowe admits that the odds are against them. Tieria though tells them to keep fighting, soon they will be receiving aid!

Setsuna is in the hangar and encounters a new Gundam that uses the Twin Drive System. Ian explains tells Setsuna to power up, he needs to see if it all worked out. Setsuna does that and along with Feldt monitors the 00, Ian is amazed at that with the Exia's GN Drive it reached 80% synchronization, it means that the thing can actually work now! Ian than explains the 00 and the Twin Drive System and how they both tie into Aeolla's plan. Whatever the case, this is good but Ian is shocked when Setsuna decides that he wants to use the 00 now even though it isn't ready. There is no time so Ian relents.

Barack orders the terrorists to Surrender, Esther refuses however she picks up a new signature! Tieria knows what it is! Sure enough the 00 appears much to everyone's surprise. Barack isn't standing for that and moves to fight the 00 before Setsuna is adjusted. Shinn considers this dirty fighting, Tieria though is amazed that the 00 in unharmed.

The girls sense that something is wrong though but Tieria gets everyone focused and with encouragement Setsuna takes control of the 00. Tieria is surprised at how fast he adjusted to the Twin Drive System. Setsuna then has a little speech of the 00 as his new Gundam and will carry on in Exia's memory!

Setsuna then powers up which catches even Heero off guard, something is up with that Gundam and Wing seems to be responding to it! Barack and Setsuna then clash, with Setsuna showing just what this new Gundam is capable of! Needless to say Barack proves no match for the 00's Trans-AM and is forced to retreat.

Esther is shocked, she didn't think something that big could move so fast! Kallen though is glad that Setsuna is back to full strength and can be Gundam once more. Kamille though is shocked, Shinn asks what's wrong but the young newtype tells Shinn that it's nothing. Setsuna is back in the game and with encouragement from Heero he moves to fight once more as GUNDAM!

Louise being defeated causes her to retreat and swear that she'll punish Gundam and Celestial Being next time! Suzaku is shocked, that voice! This confirms his suspicions that Louise the pilot! Why is she fighting!?

The next round begins, this time Setsuna isn't in a beat up Exia! Suzaku tells Setsuna that the results will be the same just because he has gotten a new Gundam. Setsuna though isn't convinced and tells Suzaku that things will be different and he has no desire to doing as Suzaku wants and wont bend a knee to Brtannia. Suzaku repeats that Setsuna's way will not work, only changing the system from the inside will! It seems they're beyond words. Thus only battle is left, the two than stack claim to their views as they charge at each other.

Upon his defeat Suzaku curses them all for bringing war back to the world and getting in the way of peace! They don't understand anything, why can't they all just disappear since no one wants them around anymore! With that Suzaku vanishes. Shinn is angry that Suzaku has fled though Kallen on the other hand is outright furious. She can barely contain her rage that Suzaku is so stupid and that yet again he escaped and that she must wait longer still before she can bring Suzaku to justice...

Stage end when Suzaku's is defeated

With that the battle is over and hopefully not a single Karathon mecha was destroyed. Setsuna has adjusted well to the 00 which Heero points out that this Gundam was made for him. As Setsuna gains his bearing Duo reminds everyone they still have a mission, the base staff than escape. Trowa and Quatre suspect something is up, that carrier couldn't have carried everyone off. The base than becomes engulfed in fire much to Lunamaria's surprise.

Shinn tells Lunamaria that those bastards have decided to kill all the prisoners! Kallen doesn't put it past those cowards but to do such a vile thing... Setsuna notices that it is Automatons in the base and he can't allow them to kill everyone in there! The others are confused, what's going on? Tieria explains what Automatons, meant for covering up things, are as everyone moves to aid Setsuna. Inside the base the Automatons are killing everyone and Saji is barely holding his shit together, why are they trying to kill him!? He's innocent!

The Automatons then reach Saji who freaks out, he thinks of Louise as he stares death in the face. Setsuna than rushes in and takes out the Automatons. With that taken care of Setsuna asks if the stranger is okay, to his surprise he sees that it's Saji! Saji is just as shocked to see Setsuna and learns that Setsuna was always with Celestial Being. This angers Saji who tells Setsuna that it's because of Celestial Being that everyone he cared about was hurt and lost to him!

Saji breaks down and demands that Setsuna give them all back! Give back his sister, give back Louise! He wants nothing more than to have them back! Setsuna says nothing as Saji vents, he eventually quiets down since yelling at Setsuna wont change anything. Still, he wants to be with Louise once more, it has been so long and she has suffered so... Kallen then runs in and is surprised to see Saji was a prisoner, though Saji doesn't seem to hear her,

Ribbons is outright furious on what he just witnessed! Regene takes this time to gloat, it seems Ribbons didn't know about the Twin Drive System. Turns out when Regene does ask Ribbons in fact doesn't know a damn thing about this new system! Regene sees that Ribbons is angry and excuses itself, once Regene is gone Ribbons composes himself and addresses Amuro Ray. Amuro isn't exactly here on his own free will and he questions why Ribbons is angry.

Turns out Ribbons is mystified that 2 GN Drives can work together in unison and that he must obtain this system! Amuro finds it ironic that Ribbons considers himself the successor to Aeolla's plans yet he doesn't know of the Twin Drive System and that he doesn't even have a GN Drive. Ribbons hates how far ahead that man is despite him being dead and VEDA being his. Amuro than asks what Ribbons intends to do with him now, Ribbons says that Amuro is too valuable to discard.

Amuro though isn't going to be held prisoner without a fight, Ribbons goes all Innovade on Amuro and tells Amuro to stay awhile. After all, what Ribbons is trying to do should be what all Newtypes desire... Amuro demands to know how Ribbons knows of Newtypes and Ribbons activates his Innovade eyes and tells Amuro that he'll explain everything...

Stage 9 - Go with Kallen

The team is in deep discussion on where to head to next. Going on as is isn't working out for them all that well and if they're going to bring about any change they're going to need direction. This isn't, by any means, an insult to anyone's abilities but they just can't keep this up forever considering that despite all their efforts they haven't really accomplished much. Whatever the case this is a relief for Esther who was pointed out as being most helpful and their situation isn't her fault at all. With that out of the way the team tries to figure out what to do next. After some pondering it hits them that they were so successful in the last war only because of their leadership. No one here is an idiot but neither is any of them a genius, what they need is someone like Sumeragi or Zero. Now those two knew what they were doing and their genius had got them out of more than their fair share of scraps in the last war.

It's a real shame that Zero is dead when they could realy use his help. Esther nominates a saddened Quatre as their leader instead since he's so nice and understands everyone but Quatre tells her that a leader like Zero is one he could never measure up to. Esther thinks he's being too humble but now that she thinks back Crowe had told her that Zero was on a level all on his own. A real shame, she would have liked to meet such an interesting man. With that cleared up the Gundam boys go to question their Celestial Being friends about the whereabouts of Sumeragi, no way a smart and beautiful woman like her went down in the last war. The Celestial Being team agrees that Sumeragi was a smart woman and though she wasn't at Zero's level they knows that when push came to shove that Sumeragi always shoved back. However, the team will have to get used to the fact that right now Sumeragi is... Unreachable. That puts a damper on everything and gets everyone depressed.

Esther isn't giving up though! She insists that there has to be someone, anyone, that could lead a hand to their cause! There's no way they can just let things end as is! Shinn tells Esther that Zero was their last hope and he's dead so... Yeah. Kamille goes on to say that they can't just go out on the street asking around on the off chance that they'll find another as talented as their former leaders. At this point Kallen is ready to break out in tears, C.C. asks Kallen if now would be the appropriate time to reveal the truth. This gets Esther's attention who is shocked to see Kallen looking so conflicted. With a heavy heart Kallen finally comes clean and tells everyone that Zero isn't dead. Turns out what everyone was told about the fate of Zero was a lie, he's still very much alive. Initially everyone is confused but one look at Kallen tells them that she isn't lying. Before anyone can celebrate Kallen tells them that Zero is being held against his will in Area 11 by Britannia. Everything now makes sense and explains why Kallen worked so hard to obtain funds, though such secrets weren't needed and the others would have have helped had she asked.

Esther is the first to defend Kallen and understands that she has her reasons for keeping the fate of Zero a secret, she will not press matters. Instead she wants in on Kallen's plan to rescue Zero since she wouldn't have revealed such information if they had nothing, right? Quatre is intrigued as well and asks what is needed of them. C.C. isn't surprised they all jumped on board so easily, though the foundation has already been laid out. While the girls were working to rack up cash for this mission the Black Knight Remnants have been monitoring Area 11 and setting everything up. So really, most of the work is done. All that is left is for the mission to be green lighted. Tieria doesn't like being left in the dark but he'll help, Setsuna goes further and tells everyone that their next destination is Area 11 with their mission being the retrieval of Zero. Everyone then departs but Kallen and C.C.. Since they're alone C.C. asks Kallen if she feels guilty, no matter it's too late for that. Kallen admits that she feels guilty and that this is all her fault, however she will play her part as planned.

C.C. tells Kallen that she's being too hard on herself, what happened... Happened. Now they should be focusing on the future and the last thing they need is to let past demons haunt them. Everything rests on them after all. As C.C. continues Kallen can only suffer through the pain in her heart as she thinks of Lelouch and his grim fate... Speaking of Lelouch he's back at Ashford, he's trying to get out of the physical activities of the day but his instructor Viletta insists that Lelouch get his ass moving, he's pathetic when it comes to athleticism! Lelouch counters that it's too much to expect him to excel at everything but Viletta isn't having that and tells him that if he wants to pass her class he better change the way he thinks! This isn't some test taken on paper so he better get his ass moving pronto! Lelouch eventually concedes defeat and gets chased off by Viletta who insists that he keep a close eye on him, does she have a crush on her student of something? Scandalous!

As this is going on Rivalz and co. watch from the sidelines, he doesn't know whether to feel bad for Lelouch or to laugh at his antics. Shirley tells Rivalz not to encourage Lelouch's bad behavior, Viletta being hard on him is good for his well being! Milly wonders if that's the only reason Shirley is being cross with Lelouch, if she didn't know better it would seem they were having another lovers quarrel. Shirley denies this, why does Milly have to tease her so? Milly apologizes but this is Shirley's fault, she makes it so easy when it comes to Lelouch. Speaking of Lelouch he seems to really done it this time, he's being worked hard out there out in the track and Viletta seems intent to run him dry. Rivalz takes this time to try and brighten everyone's mood, Shirley warms up to Lelouch after some persuasion since she can't stay mad at him. Milly changes the subject and talks about how things have changed here at Area 11, everyone talks about current and past events. All are oblivious to the truth.

At this point Shirley notices Rolo who seems to be shy, she tells him to come out and join the rest of them as they watch Rolo's brother be tormented by Viletta. Rolo doesn't really wish to entertain such an idea but he has a cover to keep. Luckily for him Lelouch appears and he tells Rolo that now is the best time to ditch this place and go out into the city. Rolo quickly agrees with Lelouch, Viletta though tries to stop Lelouch and even tries to employ Rolo's help. Lelouch isn't having that and bids his instructor farewell as he leaves with Rolo.

Back to ZEXIS is Saji in a cell and he's being visited by Kallen. Kallen uses this time to question Saji and prod him over where he has been all this time and how he feels about the current world events. Saji isn't really that surprised that Kallen has ended up with a group such as this, though her presence doesn't change that he hates Celestial Being for all the trouble they've caused. However, this beats prison and he still can't believe that Suzaku left him for dead like that. Really, it seems like everyone has changed so much since they last saw each other. Saji goes on to tell Kallen that he can't forgive Celestial Being, it's all their fault the world is so screwed up. The Black Knights are no better either, Kallen takes that to heart and they argue ideals. Kallen quiets down since Saji has figured out that Kallen has been out of the loop. Saji tells Kallen what happened to Louise and who is at fault, this hits Kallen hard since Louise was her friend. Whatever the case Saji's food is here and he's being lent a Red Haro so he can stay up to date while he's onboard this ship.

This confuses Saji, isn't he their prisoner? Lasse tells Saji that is true but he figures this wouldn't hurt. Though his words may mean nothing to Saji now he wants Saji to know that Celestial Being is going to walk a new path from here on out. Their duty isn't to inflame war and garner the the worlds hatred anymore, instead they want to fix the mess they left behind and put an end to the real monsters such as OZ, Britannia, and the A-Laws. On top of that Kallen insists that Saji isn't in trouble and that they will let him off, if he so chooses, at Area 11 when they arrive. However, Lasse reminds Saji that he has been labelled a terrorist by the A-Laws so no matter what he decides he's going to be hunted. Saji freaks out, he's innocent! Why would they do that! Lasse explains that this is how those bastards run things, they need no evidence to convict innocents like him.

Saji protests that the Feds wouldn't condemn an innocent man, he'll just prove his innocence! Lasse tells Saji that he needs to open his damn eyes already, those like OZ and the A-Laws don't care about things like that. If he wants more prove he can easily point him to 14 cases of genocide that those bastards enacted upon innocents. The public were told that the deceased were rebels when in fact they were just normal people that didn't blindly bend their knee to oppression. Lasse continues that Saji has been living in a fairy tale and that he has been lied to this entire time. If he desires to survive he's going to need to educate him to the harsh realities of the world. Saji has a mental breakdown, he can't believe this is all happening. Why is he being dragged into this!? This all has to be a lie! Kallen stops Saji, she understands that he's dealing with a lot right now. However, she can't stand to see him eat up such lies and to throw away his life so easily.

This is big, it's okay that he's shocked over such revelations. However, she will not stand for him remaining ignorant to the truth though she doesn't expect to win him over to her side. Saji chastises Kallen and demands to know if her way is any better! People are going to die, more will end up suffering as Louise did! Fighting wont change anything, it will only bring about more pain for everyone! Kallen doesn't like that Saji is sounding like Suzaku, she tells him that places like Area 11 are NOT better under the current regime. Sure people will die if they fight but many more will die if they do nothing but let the status Que remain as is! She will not stand idly by as her fellow Japanese suffer under the rule of Britannia, she will not! Face it, the Feds lied to him and Saji needs to face reality already! Lasse stop Kallen, she's being too hard on Saji but he admits that she's right. In fact this is all Celestial Beings fault, the Federation ended up like this because of them. There's simply no denying it.

However, just because people may die doesn't mean fighting is meaningless. No matter what people are going to die, the least they can do is to ensure their deaths aren't in vain and change this screwed up world. This seems to hit Saji hard, Kallen takes this moment to apologize. Her intention was never to convince him to change his views, instead she doesn't want her friend to remain ignorant. All she asks is that he use his time here to learn the truth and then make a decision. Saji struggles with his words, Kallen reminds Saji that they were friends once. It just doesn't sit well with her to see him led around like a blind fool, he's too gentle a person to be used in such a way. So she pleads with Saji not to throw away his life and though the truth hurts she wants him to at least try. Saji relents though he suspects something else is up and asks Kallen if she's being tormented by her own demons.

Kallen says she is, Saji tells that he will discover the truth on his own then. If he doesn't like what he learns then he's gone, Kallen is fine with that. However, she can't help but feel tormented by her own demons and wishes that things hadn't turned out as they had. No matter what anyone says fault lies with her, she can deal with the guilt but the pain in her heart is another matter. Seeing Kallen in such a state reminds Saji of their past friendship, though there is nothing he can do to ease her pain...

Elsewhere Lelouch has arrived at quite the casino, illegal activities gone wild it would seem. Rolo doesn't like being here, it could be dangerous. Lelouch tells Rolo to calm down, though he does take a moment to express his hatred of this society. The sight of such foolish Britannia nobles indulging themselves here as they impose their domination over the defeated Japanese is simply sickening. Rolo asks Lelouch why he's acting so concerned, they're just two kids. There's no way they could change this current system, right? Lelouch catches himself and agrees that it's foolish to be bothered by such things.

This makes Rolo happy, he's sure that this is the end of all this. Lelouch though enters monologue mode and analyzes the state of the world. Unlike others Lelouch despises the thought of being used. However, he cannot deny that there's literally nothing he can do about the state of the world. No matter how much he despises it everything is too neat and the Japanese, like many others, seem to have accepted this as their fate. Indeed, nothing can be done at all. Even the arrogant fool such as Zero failed despite all his efforts and the Black Knights went down with him. Seriously, what did he hope to accomplish? Even with all his power nothing has changed and instead things have only gotten worse since his passing. At this point Rolo asks Lelouch is he's okay since he seems to have zoned out. Lelouch tells Rolo it's nothing and that they have a chess match to attend to. A serving girl in a bunnygirl suit arrives, it's Kallen and she has come to serve Lelouch.

Lelouch is annoyed that a girl like Kallen has been forced into such an overly revealing outfit, he apologizes that his fellow Britannians feel the need to humiliate those like her for their entertainment. Kallen takes no offense to this. Lelouch point out her current state and reminds him that this is simply the way things are. In fact she cannot accept his apology since she's an eleven and he's a noble Britannian! After all this is what the defeated and powerless must endure before the victor, it is the Britannian way! Lelouch cuts her off and tells her not to shove such an outdated and twisted system as that in his face. Such a system is not one he approves of. Kallen tells Lelouch that he's quite noble but it changes nothing. Instead he should treat her as any Britannia would treat her kind but Lelouch is too much of a gentleman to take advantage of her offer. The Black King enters at this point and tells Kallen to stop speaking with her betters and get her tight ass back to serving his guest. Due to her disobedience he will surely have to punish her later.

Kallen apologizes for speaking out of turn, she will get back to work! The Black King likes to hear that, she goes on to explain the system in place. Lelouch isn't in the mood for such fairy tales, is there a point to all this? The Black King doesn't like his attitude but continues that the Japanese are weak and have accepted their fate, there's no need to pity those such as them. Rolo worries that the situation is going to go south, Lelouch doesn't like being talked down to after all. Lelouch tells Rolo that he isn't that kind of man, he'll humiliate this jerk where it hurts the most. The Black King continues that he's impress such an arrogant child stands before him, what does he wish to prove? Lelouch isn't here to prove anything except that the Black King isn't worthy of such a title. The Black King wonders what he means, Lelouch continues that the Black King is far down in the totem pole and has fooled himself to think that he matters in the grand scheme of things.

This is amusing and the two break out into banter as they clash ideals over the way things currently are. Needless to say the situation gets heated. Before the chess match can begin an explosion occurs which confuses all those present. As everyone tries to get their bearing Kallen springs into action as she tries to reach Lelouch. Chaos erupts everywhere, Kallen is having a hard time reaching a confused Lelouch. Kallen hopes that her friends can provide a suitable distraction so she can do what's needed. However it seems that the explosion has separated her from Lelouch and the clock is ticking...

Stage Title and Stage starts here

The team then shows up, Esther is pretty excited and plans to play her part in the plan to the fullest. Shinn is surprised at how efficient everything is going, Kamille reminds Shinn that this isn't a sight seeing trip and that Area 11 has devolved into a worse state than before. Shinn questions how that could be possible, it was pretty bad before. Things must really be bad if bad somehow turned to worse in just a year. Lunamaria tells Shinn that now isn't the time, the enemy is here! Patrick the Immortal has arrived and he's ready to make a name for himself once more, after all he's a vet that survived multiple clashes with Gundam! Guilford tells Patrick that he's relying on him which comes as a surprise to Parick is feels the pressure to perform. Guilford didn't mean to worry his ally, he was genuine. Patrick takes a bit to digest that someone is taking him seriously, he really has to show his stuff now. Guilford question him on this, Patrick brushes it off as nothing.

Instead he's looking forward to a good fight, it has been too long! Though Patrick can't understand why they're attacking Area 11 now of all times, something is clearly amiss. Guilford has his suspicions as well but tells Patrick that they must concentrate on dealing with the terrorists, they'll leave the casino clean up to the others. Patrick relents, Guildford then gives the order to attack with Patrick saying he'll show why he's called the Immortal. Setsuna isn't surprised to see that Patrick is still alive and that they responded so quickly. Duo reminds Setsuna that they did go out of their way to let the enemy know they were coming. Hell they waited for the jerks to show up! So they should enjoy this, not like it'll be a hard battle. Esther though is far more serious! Kallen, C.C.! She will do everything she can to direct attention away from them for she believes in her friends!

//When Chirico attacks//

When Chirico encounters an enemy he thinks that it has been a long time since he has been to Area 11. So many memories and battles here, it's also where he first ran into Fyana. It's a shame that things have only gotten worse here since then.

After a few enemies have been defeated Lelouch is lost as heck, he was separated from Rolo and Kallen hasn't located him yet. Lelouch calls out for Rolo as he wanders deeper into the casino as the fighting rages on.

Once even more enemies are defeated the Black Knights appear and are lead by Kallen and C.C. Trowa wonders if the mission was a success, that's a good question! C.C. asks Kallen if she was successful with Kallen telling her that things haven't gone as planned! The bombs were too much and she couldn't reach the target in time! Kōsetsu Urabe tells her to not give up, all their hopes and dreams rest with that man after all. Kallen doesn't need to be reminded, she knows damn well how important this all is! Kōsetsu Urabe tells her to leave the battlefield and resume her search, they need Zero no matter what. Without him all of this was for naught, he's the only one that can liberate Japan! Furthermore, has Kallen forgot that he's the last remaining member of the Four Holy Swords that hasn't been captured? He's not some child, she need not worry for him! Now go, he will deal with the KMFs as Kallen and C.C. go after the target!

Heero wonders how this will go, Quatre hopes everything turns out well, and Duo reminds everyone that they're in the middle of a battle! They need to make a larger ruckus for their friends! Elsewhere the one in charge of this plot of land demands to know what the issue is. Guilford apologizes, they will deal with these bastards soon enough. He doesn't like that and demands that Guildford kill them ALL! After all this is a blight, if word spreads that the terrorists are here and have made a fool of everyone that this will resonate around all of Area 11! The only solution is to end it quickly with all the terrorists lying dead at his feet! This is what he has decreed, now obey! As Guilford is a Knight he obeys... Reluctantly.

Patrick runs into Esther and assumes that she's that annoying pilot that shot him down in the last war... Multiple times! It has to be him, there's no one else that would pilot such a hideous mecha! Esther gets all giddy, Crowe?! He fought Crowe?! She must learn more! Patrick confirms that many of his losses were because of that bastard and his Brasta but things are different now. Esther figures out that this guy isn't a friend after all and though she may not know what history he has she assets that she isn't some push over! If he wants a fight then she'll gladly dish out the pain!

As even more enemies are defeated Esther grows worried, what's taking Kallen so long?

Lelouch is still looking for Rolo, though things look bad. He can't find his brother and he can still hear fighting! Blast, what kind of brother is he?! No, he mustn't wallow in self doubt! He must find Rolo, it's the least he can do as his big brother! Just then he encounters a KMF, the pilot exits and addresses Lelouch. C.C. pities him and says that he is her accomplice, they were partners in crime. Though Lelouch doesn't know it now they have history and a contract. In fact she knows the real Lelouch far better than he does, though she doesn't blame him for forgetting her. Lelouch asks who she is and what she means, this makes no sense! C.C. explains that Lelouch has had his memories altered but she's here to correct that. Soon enough it will all make sense and he'll feel the fool for doubting her.

Before she can continue she's shot in the head, Lelouch starts to really freak out now. What the hell is going on! He's then approached by an Intelligence Officer who explains who Lelouch really is and that they have been monitoring him for some time. What the witch said was true, and thanks to this OP they have gotten what they were after. C.C.. With that Lelouch is no longer needed. This hits Lelouch hard, he has so many questions! Why must he die?! Why is he so important!? The Officer finds it hilarious that Lelouch is so ignorant, it seems he has forgotten his true identity as Zero. Lelouch wonders how this could be, he's Zero? Does that mean that girl was right, he really had his memories erased by the Emperor? Ugh, this is frustrating! Is he doomed to die a puppet with no will of his own doomed to ignorance?! No, it can't end like this! He wont let it end like this, he has too much left to do!

C.C. awakens from her death and asks Leouch if he'll accept his contract once more. Lelouch is shocked, C.C. continues that if he desires power she can give it back to him. With a kiss she restores all of Lelouch's memories and reminds him of his contract and Geass. Lelouch deals with the information overload, a weaker mind would have crumbled but not Lelouch! Now he knows everything, he has the power! HE IS ZERO! Lelouch is oddly calm, the Officer starts to shit his pants. What happened? Why was C.C. able to revive so quickly? Furthermore why isn't Lelouch acting like a scared boy anymore? Lelouch goes on to lecture the fool. Does strength equal the right to rule? Is might always right? What of revenge, friendship, power, discrimination, hate, this system or the such? Does it all even matter? The Officer is confused as heck, no matter fire!

Bad move, they should have ran. Lelouch sees that he is truly needed after all to fix this screwed up world. With that he commands all of the Officers to die, it is his command! Yes, my lord! With that they all kill themselves. Lelouch is satisfied that he has the power once more though it's a shame that he couldn't stay dead. However, even when he didn't have his memories he felt like he was being watched and that everything was a lie. This confirms it all! No matter! Britannia, Charles, or the such are all his enemies! They will pay for twisting not only this world but his mind as well! All will know just how bad they screwed up for messing with him! C.C. approaches Lelouch and asks if he remembers now. Lelouch tells her that he remembers everything all thanks to her. C.C. wonders what he'll do now, isn't it obvious? He's going to change this rotten world, she can rest easy in knowing that he will uphold his end of the contract.

Though Lelouch feels he has some explaining to do and tells her that he remembers when Suzaku defeated him. Instead of killing him Suzaku dragged him before the Emperor and sold him out so he could become a Knight of Rounds. C.C. would like to know more, so everyone looks at a flashback of just that! This flashback is a bit of an annoyance but it reminds Lelouch that Charles is batshit crazy, not even Britannia should rule the world? Strange. Still, Lelouch must thank C.C. for restoring his memories. C.C. doesn't want him to get sappy, she only did it because of their contract. Lelouch understands, though he can never thank her enough for allowing him to remember Nunnally. Speaking of her, where is she? C.C. explains that she is fine but being observed very closely. Should Charles learn the truth he would use her against him. Lelouch figured as much, he will need her help to fool the world into thinking he's still ignorant to the truth.

For Lelouch desires not to drag his sister into his problems any longer. C.C. questions if this is for the best but Lelouch tells her that it's okay, he will still fulfill the contract while protecting Nunnally from a distance. Now would be the worst of times to get her back, so he will be patient. Lelouch then gets hit with the revelation that he doesn't know Rolo, he's a fake! That means he was sent to observe Lelouch, revealing himself would mean that Ashford would have lived past his use and his friends would be killed! Kallen enters the scene and is glad to see Lelouch again, it takes great willpower to keep herself from hugging him. Lelouch isn't surprised to see Kallen, his eyes confirm to her that he remembers her. That is true, it's thanks to C.C. that he remembers everything and will join the battle in her KMF for the time being. C.C. isn't liking all the attention, she did this for selfish reasons after all. Instead she says that she should get going, she'll let the two lovers catch up since they clearly have issues they need to work out. Besides, she would prefer not dying again so soon.

With her gone Lelouch comments on Kallen's attire, it doesn't help the conversation at all. Kallen feels depressed, Lelouch asks her what the issue is. Turns out Kallen is conflicted, her heart aches for Lelouch and she feels extremely guilty. Lelouch remembers that event and reminds her that none of this would have happen had she helped him when he asked her to. Instead she ran and Suzaku made a mockery of them all. Kallen knows that she failed Lelouch but she points out that he has hurt and used her with his lies before. What was she supposed to believe back then? Lelouch counters that he's Zero and he's bringing about everything she desired, why isn't she happy? Sure he lied but isn't she happy with the results? Kallen becomes cross with Lelouch, he may be giving her what she desires but that doesn't change that he used her! Now she wants to know, why does her heart ache so? Did he used Geass on her to twist her heart to him!? Answer her!

Lelouch breaks out into laughter, Kallen doesn't find this amusing. Lelouch tells Kallen that her heart is her own, her loyalty to Zero was genuine. Unlike the others Kallen should be proud that she chose Zero first. Her returning her despite learning the truth is a testament of the strength of her heart, no Geass could mimic such devotion! Kallen grows silent upon hearing this, Lelouch wonders what the issue could be. Kallen breaks her silence and states that she wants to believe, she really does! It's the only reason she returned, her heart wouldn't allow her to leave this as is! Lelouch likes that, however Kallen isn't finished! Make no mistake she only serves Zero, she doesn't care for the man under the mask! Lelouch is not the one she will follow, that is her condition! This is fine with Lelouch, though as the man she believes in he orders her to get some more modest clothing when she gets the chance. After all, wearing such things doesn't suit a fiery girl like her.

Kallen protests, besides she didn't wear this because she wanted to! Lelouch corrects himself and says that this is what Zero desires, she need not throw her body at him. Kallen grows cross again, this wasn't her idea and she had no intention of seducing him with this outfit! That's the Kallen he knows! With that declares that Zero must live once more, let them be off! Kallen finally agrees with Lelouch and they enter their KMFs.

Lelouch isn't surprised that C.C. had his mask and cloak stashed within the cockpit, the witch seems to always be ready for anything. Kōsetsu Urabe interrupts and asks if that's really Zero, Zero confirms that he's back though he wonders why he's alone. Kōsetsu Urabe explains that the others were captured. Esther takes this moment to gasp in awe, is she really going to get to meet the famous Zero? Duo figures that Kallen completed her mission without a hitch, he knew she could do it! Kallen gets everyone on track, this is really Zero and he's here to aid them all once more! There is no room for doubt, so they need to clear this place up and get the heck out of here! Heero acknowledges this but he senses an approaching enemy. Just than the Vincent appears, Kallen has no idea what the KMF is. A new model? It looks like a watered down Lancelot!

Kōsetsu Urabe has a bad feeling, this is no ordinary enemy! The Vincent moves with impossible speed and attacks Lelouch, he's in a bad place. Duo freaks out, no way Zero can die now after all they just went through to get him back! They gotta help him but how? They're too far away! Zero struggles and Kallen can't seem to catch this opponent. Things aren't looking good. At this moment Kōsetsu Urabe realizes that this is not an enemy they can defeat yet! Kōsetsu Urabe tells Zero that he must live on, he must free Japan! Even if it costs him his life he will protect Zero for all of their dreams rest with him! Zero tells him to stop, what will sacrificing his life accomplish! A dead man cannot do anything, he must live on not throw his life away! However Zero is soon attacked by Rolo who damages his KMF, not good!

Kallen is shocked, how did he move so fast! She has to do something! Zero figures out that his opponent must be using Geass, it's the only explanation. This means that Kōsetsu Urabe was right, they have no means to defeat such an opponent at this time! Yet what can he do? Dying isn't an option here! Kamille and Shinn know something is up with that pilot, if they don't hurry than Zero is really gonna die for reals! When Rolo moves in to kill Zero he's stopped by Kōsetsu Urabe who grabs onto the Vincent. This is a shock, Kallen demands to know what he's doing. Rolo sees no issue here, he'll get out just fine. Kōsetsu Urabe isn't a weakling, he refuses to release his hold on the Vincent. He will not fail! As Zero watches on Kōsetsu Urabe repeats that Zero is the only one that can change this twisted world, he's the only one that can make their dreams of freedom a reality! So he does this out of duty and prays that Zero will live up to his expectations! Kallen tells him to stop but Kōsetsu Urabe instead entrusts Zero to Kallen, only she can protect him in the coming battles!

Rolo freaks out, this guy is crazy! Kōsetsu Urabe tells Zero that he will live on, for JAPAN! Kallen and co. are shocked that he killed himself and the Vincent still stands. Was his death for nothing? Rolo bits his lip and retreats, the explosion damaged his Vincent too much. Zero is glad Rolo is gone but wished that there had been another way. Kallen despairs and wants to avenge her friends death, Zero tells her to get her head back in the game! They must focus on the now! Just than more KMFs appear, Kallen is "not" in the mood. So they will serve as perfect punching bags to vent her sorrow. Zero entrusts his protection to Kallen, with her at his side he can accomplish anything! Kallen tells Zero that she will protect him, he should remain back as she deals with the trash! Tieria agrees that Zero shouldn't be reckless, they also have much to discuss later. That can wait, for now Zero is focused on Kallen! All she needs to do is believe in him and all will be well! Kallen already knows, now Zero needs to shut up and let her get to work bring his fist. With that Zero is back in charge!

Patrick encounters Setsuna, he thought Gundam was taken out a year ago. What gives? No matter, it's revenge time! Setsuna on the other hand barely remembers Patrick, he'll take him out like any other grunt. Which he does and Patrick demands to know why this keeps happening to him as he retreats.

Guilford can't believe it, that outdated KMF is sporting Zero's trademark accessories! Those clumsy movements as well, this has to be Zero! Zero ponders that Guilford is such a tool, he may be a nice guy but his willingness to obey the status Que makes him just as guilty. That and he's sure that he's still pissed about the Cornelia thing. No matter, Cornelia is gone and he wont let some knight like Guilford stand before what he, Zero, must accomplish! The Black Knights will live again!

Kallen moves in for the finish, Guilford knows of her too. She's the Ace of the Black Knights, he can't believe she's still fighting in such a battered and outdated KMF. Kallen though is VERY angry with him, that bastard represents the system that she despises! People like him are why the Japanese suffer so he must die! For she will fight until her last breath, no one will harm Zero as long as she draws breath!

Guilford is defeated, he has failed. The repercussions of his failure this day will be great. It seems that this is the real deal and no matter how hard he tried, he just wasn't good enough to make a difference. With that he retreats, he can't afford to die here. The others must learn what has happened this day!

With him gone Tieria says that the mission is a success. Esther isn't so sure, a lot of of their guys died and this seems too easy. Last time she checked Britannia usually puts up much more of a fight than just this. Though she doesn't mind the prospect of getting answers now. Zero tells that others that he knows they have questions but sadly he can't engage in dialogue with them just yet. Kallen is troubled by this but at least they came out in top in the end even if they lost good men and women today.

Setsuna tells everyone that they have company. The unimportant Lord of this land appears with a large force, that's just great. Seems like they jinxed their luck. Anyway, the Lord ignores Fa and Lunamaria being shocked at his force and states that Area 11 is his! If he kills all the terrorists here he'll received the glory, everyone will have to bow before him than! Zero laughs, it seems all Nobles in Britannia are fools. What was that? Zero says that he's freaking Zero and he already planned for that idiot to show up!

The Lord is too dumb to be talked down and is licking his chops at the prospect of taking of the famous Zero! Though he can't believe the broadcasts a year ago that Zero was dead were all wrong, no matter he'll correct them today! Zero goes on a speech that the Lord is very ignorant to Area 11. While he was busy watching and ranting from the sidelines he prepared for this moment! Now he will learn how pathetic he really is and that he was fool to think he had dominance in a land that is not his own! With a shout Zero's plan activates in the KMFs plummet to their defeat. Now that fool understands that he amounts to nothing in the grand scheme of things! Those that thrive over dominating the weak wouldn't understand what true power is when confronted by it! Watch, as he leaves him to his fate he, Zero, shall usher in a new world! With that he bids his farewell as the the Lord and his forces are engulfed in explosions. There were no survivors.

Stage on map ends here

Zero soon enough makes a public announcement to the world, Japan shall be freed so he swears! Patrick freaks out and Guilford confirms that this is Zero, it's a fact. Though he can't figure out why Zero vanished a year ago and why he returned now of all times. Something isn't up at all. Anyway, Zero's broadcast continues. Zero speaks of the foolishness of Britannia and that he has returned because nothing has changed The world has become rotten and that he's saddened by those like Britannia that have only made things worse. However, he is Zero and shall bring about the long desired change! As the broadcast goes on Viletta freaks out, what the deuce? Rolo then enters to report his failure. Viletta asks what happened, he explains that he failed and the Vincent was damaged. He was also separated from Lelouch during the chaos so he can't confirm if he has regained his memories. Rolo feels they should end the OP here but Viletta is hesitant to kill all those at Ashford. The phone than rings, Rolo says it's from Lelouch.

Viletta observes as Rolo answers, Lelouch acts panicked and says he's glad he finally got a hold of Rolo. It was CRAZY at the casino, he feared for the worse! Anyway he managed to escape and it took him forever to get in contact though he's glad that Rolo is fine. Rolo buys into this and pretends to be his loving little brother and lies about his own whereabouts. Lelouch asks if everything is okay, he's worried and will be returning soon. When Rolo pauses Lelouch asks what the issue is, is something wrong? Rolo lies and says that everything is fine, though he wants his brother to return at once! Lelouch continues that he's scared, he thought that Zero guy was supposed to be dead. What's going on? They have much to discuss when he gets back. Rolo hangs up and is in disbelief, Viletta asks what this means. Rolo says that Lelouch is returning and that this proves he isn't Zero. For the speech with Zero continues as is.

Elsewhere ZEXIS isn't happy that they couldn't meet the real Zero after all. They had so much to ask him! C.C. apologizes on his behalf but says that Zero will be in touch through her for the time being. Turns out he can't join them officially just yet. Shinn though wonders when C.C. switched with Zero for the speech. C.C. says that Zero had planned this and she used a recording, though she must ask if her acting skills were up to par. Duo says that they are, none of them had any idea she wasn't the real deal! Still, how long before they can count on Zero's leadership? C.C. tells them to be patient, Zero has much to do within Area 11 before he can join them. Quatre wonders what it could be, C.C. explains that much work still needs to be done. Until things are settled she'll act as a proxy for the Black Knights. Kamille wonders if this is the real Zero. Not that he doubts her but she did just show that Zero can be faked.

C.C. confirms that this is the real Zero, besides why would she lie to them? Besides, Kamille already knew the answer to such a silly question. Furthermore, most of them already know that Zero's identity isn't an issue and his actions alone will be all the evidence they will need to know that the man behind the mask is the one and only. Until then she will convey Zero's plans to them all. Trowa is fine with this, though liberating Japan is a pretty high up promise. Duo doesn't mind, this is Zero they're talking about! No way he wont keep his word! Besides, they all recall Zero's miracles from before right? So all they need to do is believe in him! That's a pretty entertaining though, though C.C. reminds them that this isn't some picnic. From here on out things will get tougher. However, she must take her leave since Zero will require aid before he can finish up his business here. As a sign of good faith Kallen will remain here as her contact, she will share information with her and in turn she will share information with the rest of the team. Esther wonders is Kallen is okay with this, from what she gathered she's in love with Zero and a woman like C.C. might be tough competition.

Kallen is fine with being left here, besides she prefers being in the front lines where she can make a difference. So there's no need to worry upon her behalf. C.C. takes this moment to ponder things, she wonders if Lelouch fully understands the can of worms he just opened up by taking up her contract once more. Much is in the way of Lelouch and she worries that he may be playing with fire by remaining close to Rolo. After all, she knows how dangerous he is and what his Geass is capable of. No matter, she will entrust everything to Lelouch. At the very least this will prove amusing... Quatre is sad to see C.C. go and he doesn't want to just leave Japan as is. Tieria reminds Quatre that it's called Area 11 at the moment and that there's nothing they can do to change the situation at the moment. C.C. agrees, though she must get going since Zero will need her aid. As she leaves Heero thinks of Zero and Lelouch. It can't be a coincidence that this is all happening as it is. He had his suspicions in Hakai-Hen and now he's sure that he has uncovered the truth. Of course he will need to confirm this when the chance arises...

Elsewhere Charles is not pleased with what has happened at Area 11, so he took Suzaku to his nice World of C throne. Suzaku says that C.C. is running aboutand asks if he should retrieve her? Charles tells him to calm himself, lets let her run around a bit longer. Suzaku obeys, Charles tells him that the girl will come to him in due time so there's no rush. Suzaku takes this moment to ask why he was brought here, no one else seems to know of this place. Charles says that since Suzaku knows the truth of Zero and Geass he is worthy of being here. This gets Suzaku interested in what Charles is really planning. Sorry to disappoint but Charles is content with waiting for the time being and not revealing everything yet. For now he wants Suzaku to enjoy the view, the Sword of Akasha!

Stage 10 - Go with Kallen

Rivalz is glad that Rolo and Lelouch seem to be okay, after all they were caught in the middle of all that craziness. Still, Rivalz can't help but be a little jealous that they got in on the fun. Rolo apologizes for worrying everyone, besides it wasn't like they had intended for any of that to happen. Lelouch takes this moment to analyze his Ashford friends, it appears to him that they have had their memories altered. It seems that Charles has gone down a new low but Lelouch reminds himself that he must be cautious. Clearly Rolo and Viletta had been assigned to keep an eye on him, should he rouse their suspicions he figures that would close this operation in an instant. Which means that the lives of his friends requires that he play the fool if just a bit longer. Still, it is troubling that Charles seems to be pulling out all stops to try and retrieve C.C. for whatever nefarious reason.

Shirley wonders aloud what's happening in Japan and why that Zero guy has decided to show up yet again. Isn't Zero supposed to be dead? Rivalz finds this strange as well, they really did hammer in hard that Zero was dead yet here he is. Perhaps this guy isn't the same as the last? Lelouch agrees that this is strange, why would they lie about the death of a known terrorist such as Zero? As far as he's concerned something is up. So maybe Rivalz isn't wrong about this being a new guy riding upon the coattails of their predecessor.

This calms Rolo's nerves who seems convinced that Lelouch is being genuine and hasn't regained his memories. Though this makes things more confusing, who else could be behind all this then? Lelouch interrupts Rolo and ask what's the matter, he seems to have dozed off. Is he still affected by what they just went through? Rolo quickly replies that he's fine and it's nothing to worry about. Lelouch plays up the caring big brother role and tells Rolo that they're brothers and it's okay to lean on him when needed.

Rolo is caught off-guard by this as he agrees with Lelouch. Of course in Lelouch's head things are much different. Lelouch is laughing it up that he's Zero once more and none is the wiser. All he needs to do is keep up this act until he can make his move. Until then he's going to pretend to care for Rolo as a brother and get some use out of that pretender who seems to see Lelouch as a real sibling despite how much this disgusts him. So that fake who has dared to impersonate his beloved Nunnally shall be used up by him fully before he finally discards him. So Lelouch will endure his presence for the time being...

Back at ZEXIS is Kallen who approaches Saji and asks why he chose not to leave when they arrived at Area 11. Saji figures that he really is pretty ignorant on how the world works so here he is. Kallen isn't buying this and wonders why he really is here considering that he hates war so much. Saji changes the subject and asks Kallen about Zero, if he the real deal? Kallen says that he is which gets Saji thinking that things are about to get hectic. He wonders about their friends like Lelouch and Nunnally. How are they doing?

They're doing fine, Kallen is clearly lying to Saji. Saji chooses not to press the matter and instead asks what Zero plans to do now since he has returned, the Black Knights are still pretty much in shambles after all. Furthermore does Zero still intend to liberate Area 11 despite his past failure that lead to the deaths of many? Kallen tells Saji that she isn't comfortable revealing such information to him and if he wants to know what's going on and why she chooses to fight then she would like to know why the heck he's still here first. Saji tries to win in a staring contest with Kallen but he's no match for her, seems that Kallen has mastered the art from her time with Chirico, Setsuna, and Heero. Seeing that he has no hope of victory Saji relents with Kallen telling him to go on. Saji tells Kallen that he wants to know the truth about the world and Celestial Being. Kallen correctly deduces that by this Saji means that he wants to find out what really happened to Louise.

This gets Saji to sigh, he really is an open book after all. Saji though reveals that Kallen doesn't know everything and he tells her that his older sister was investigating Celestial Being before she was murdered. Kallen is shocked, she didn't know about that. Saji continues that his sister didn't hate Celestial Being and was just trying to find out the truth, sadly the truth killed her and he doesn't know why she had to die. Though time has passed the pain of not knowing has hurt him greatly. Despite all his efforts to move on and make a life for himself he still can't help but be haunted by what happened. So while he was here he had Red Haro look up his sister but there was no data on her death so he figures that they had nothing to do with it. After all no files seem to be tampered and why would they bother hiding the death of someone like his sister?

After a moment to reflect Saji asks if he can stay, Kallen relents since she can understand the pain of losing family and not knowing. Saji is thankful and tells Kallen that he plans to live like his sister and father did. Facts, he will connect the facts as they did and piece together the real truth. Maybe he will find something unpleasing but he would rather know and be disgusted than to not know and live on in ignorance. Kallen is relived that Saji seems to have gained some common sense and she tells him that his pursuit of the truth is a noble one. Kallen then informs Saji that they're headed out to Europe, they have business there.

Elsewhere Setsuna confronts Lyle Dylandy and educates him about the former Lock-On and Celestial Being. Turns out his brother was a member of Celestial Being and a Gundam Meister. Well that isn't something you hear everyday and Lyle is rightly confused over hearing this. Setsuna goes further and tells Lyle that he wants him to become a Gundam Meister as well, when Lyle hesitates Setsuna reveals his code name and a bit about himself. Lyle asks of his brother and Setsuna tells him that his call sign was Lock-on Stratos.

Lyle still has his doubts and doesn't understand why he's being hounded, what makes him so special? Besides, don't they already have his brother? Setsuna reveals that Lyle died in battle which hits Lyle hard, though it's just like his brother to go die with telling anyone. Setsuna doesn't want to force Lyle to pilot but he tells Lyle that his brother wanted to change the world and he feels that Lyle wants to as well. The choice in the end is Lyle's but that's something to consider. Despite all this Lyle is still reluctant to join Celestial Being, he doesn't want to live in his brothers shadow and it's insulting that they want him to be a replacement. Setsuna tells Lyle that isn't the case, no matter what, Lyle, is not his brother. To show that he's genuine Setsuna hands over information about Celestial Being for Lyle to look over before making his final decision. Lyle questions why Setsuna would hand something like that over to a guy like him.

After all what's preventing Lyle from turning this over to Celestial Beings enemies? Setsuna says that Celestial Being is different and isn't going to hide itself any longer. Besides, none of the data he handed over will compromise their mission to change the world. With that Setsuna says he must depart for the time being, he'll give Lyle time to look over the data and come to his own decision. If Lyle agrees then he knows where to find him. With that Setsuna leaves Lyle as he considers his options and wonders what his brother would think about all this.

Not far off in an apartment building is Sumeragi who has indulged herself in drink and has seen far better days. The loss of so many friends and the state of the world have really effected her. Billy asks if she's okay and if she has heard what has happened at Area 11. Sumeragi confirms this and Billy wonders if Sumeragi is interested in Zero's reappearance and what strategies has employed and will employ in the future. Sumeragi tells Billy that she no longer thinks of such things, Billy feels hopeless that not even this has shaken Sumeragi out of her depression. Billy tries to cheer her up but Sumeragi only apologizes. She then tries to take her leave and thanks Billy for housing her for all this time, she really owes him. Billy apologizes and tells Sumeragi not to be like that, he didn't mean to offend her. All he wants is her to smile once more and return to her old self. It has been rough on both of them since she randomly showed up at his doorstep one day. The doorbell rings and Billy goes to answer it. Sumeragi takes this time to reflect on Zero, she had always suspected that he was still alive but she's unsure if someone like her has any right to return to the spotlight as well.

So many have died because of her so perhaps it's best if she remains hidden and the world forgets her. As she wallows in depression Billy returns and tells Sumeragi that a friend has come to see her. Perhaps he can cheer her up? It's Setsuna which causes Sumeragi to panic. Billy is surprised that a friend knew Sumeragi was here, this isn't common knowledge after all. Though he's willing to over look at that since a friend is just what Sumeragi needs right now. Billy is ignorant to the truth and before Sumeragi can get Setsuna out of here he tells Billy that his beloved friend is a member of Celestial Being and is their Tactical Forecaster. Billy freaks out and asks Sumeragi if this is true, this is a really bad joke. Setsuna confirms that this is the truth and tells Billy. As Sumeragi grows silent Setsuna tells her that her services as a Tactical Forecaster are needed once more. Billy isn't buying this and demands to know the truth, Setsuna tells him that his friend is called Sumeragi by all of them. Setsuna goes further and tells Sumeragi that she has nowhere else to go anymore and can't hide from the world any longer.

Sumeragi has been dragged out of the apartment by Setsuna though she isn't really liking this. All she wanted was to get away from it all then one day Setsuna, whom she thought dead, appears and pulls her right back into the world she was trying to get away from. Setsuna then hands her over to Kallen who is shocked to see Sumeragi once more. Setsuna tells Kallen that Sumeragi is dealing with her own doubts. Kallen asks why he thinks handing Sumeragi over to her will make any difference. Hell she didn't even know Sumeragi's whereabouts until this very moment! So what's going on and why does it look like Sumeragi is being forced into service against her will!? Setsuna admits that he doesn't understand so he feels that leaving Sumeragi with another woman would be for the best. Setsuna then takes his leave which angers Kallen, what Setsuna said was very sexist! What does Kallen being a woman to have anything to do with this?

Sumeragi seems to be in a daze, Kallen says that it has been a long time and wonders what her old friend has been up to. Sumeragi weakly acknowledges Kallen who presses her to pull herself together since what's done is done. Sumeragi asks if Kallen really wants to know, she does. Breathing a deep sign Sumeragi tells Kallen that after Celestial Being was defeated and nearly everyone was thought dead she left the organization. From there on she has done nothing but hide herself from the world. This is a surprise for Kallen, she didn't know that Sumeragi shouldered such guilt. However there's no use blaming herself for what happened, there was nothing Sumeragi could have done that would have changed anything! Sumeragi explains that Celestial Being was always set up to lose. Despite knowing this she continued the mission and that means everyone that has died is because of her own ego. However that isn't why she's sad. What gets her is that even after Celestial Being was defeated things only got worse and everyone died in vain. It was all for nothing...

So Sumeragi fell into depression and has been drinking herself silly every night. All the while she awaited the day her enemies would find her and come busting down the door. After all she has a lot to answer for and dying wouldn't have made much of a difference for her. This reminds Kallen of her own family troubles as Sumeragi continues on about her depression. Sumeragi tells Kallen that it's okay to look down upon her, she is quite pathetic. Kallen tells Sumeragi she doesn't which surprises her. Kallen opens up about her mother's own depression and that she turned to Refrain, a drug that tricks the user into believing they're in a happy time in their own memories, to cope with her own demons. Sumeragi didn't know, Kallen doesn't blame her. This was her own skeleton in the closest and she didn't want anyone to know. She explains the fall of Japan was harsh on her mother and though she feels her mother was weak to turn to such things she can't bring herself to hate her for resorting to such things.

So Kallen has resolved to fight on her mother's behalf and create a world she can live in without needing to use things like Refrain. So she understands why Sumeragi fell to drinking however she doesn't want Sumeragi to fall into despair any longer. Though it may be hard now Kallen hopes that as they fight to change things that Sumeragi will find the strength to smile again one day. Until then she will shoulder Sumeragi's despair and fight upon her behalf as well. So Sumeragi need not feel alone in the world, Kallen understands and will be there if she needs a shoulder to lean upon for strength in these trying times. Sumeragi seems to be shaken by all this, that wasn't Kallen's intent. Instead she just wants Sumeragi to return to her old self. Kallen knows that this is a lot to ask but the world needs them now, they must be strong. Sumeragi apologizes to Kallen but she tells Sumeragi that it's nothing and that they're friends. Kallen believes that Sumeragi has the strength to lead them once more and she still remembers their time together in the last war. After all it was Sumeragi's strength and kindness that helped get all of them out of many scraps in the past.

So it's only right that Kallen pay Sumeragi back for all that she has done. Kallen then becomes serious and tells Sumeragi that this world is rotten and that it's up to them to change it. They cannot give up nor can they allow things to remain as is. Sumeragi finally relents and agrees to help again though it pains her. Setsuna appears and it seems that he was right to entrust Sumeragi to Kallen. Lyle is with him and asks about the two hot babes who aren't normal considering they're friends with a stiff like Setsuna. Kallen and Sumeragi freak out, Lock-on is alive!? B-but he died, they all saw it... Lyle asks if there's an issue here, don't tell him that such a babe was with his brother. Sumeragi is confused, what is up with all this? Setsuna tells the girls that this is Lyle, he's the brother of the former Lock-On and has decided to join up. Lyle confirms that but becomes friendly and decides that he's fine with taking up the call sign Lock-On. Kallen is still in shock and isn't sure handing out such a name is a good thing.

Setsuna says that it's all fine and that he's now a member of Celestial Being. At this moment Quattro appears and has heard everything. Quattro says that he has been tracking Sumeragi down for some time though it seems he was a bit too late. Sumeragi asks Quattro what he wants with her. Quattro says that he's working for OZ and has been looking for her. Lyle doesn't like that, OZ are a bunch of scumbags! Kallen agrees, they aren't going to hand over Sumeragi to Quattro! Furthermore Quttro better start explaining before she starts breaking bones! Quattro tells them that he is here to recruit her which gets Setsuna agitated which Quattro ignores. Instead he offers Sumeragi a position when she questions him he tells her that Trieze and OZ greatly value her Tactical Forecasting skills. Kallen believes that this is rotten and Quattro is going to have to go over her dead body if he wants to trick Sumeragi in to working with those bastards! Quattro tells Kallen that he doesn't desire to be forceful but how this plays out depends on Sumeragi's answer. OZ has really put forth a great amount of effort her to have her recruited after all.

Sumeragi isn't sure so Quattro continues that if she joins up they will forget all her past crimes. That is how high they value her skills and he assures her that she will be treated well. Sumeragi for a moment considers the offer but Setsuna tries to get her to decline. Quattro sees nothing wrong with this, all he's doing is offering reasonable terms to get her to agree. Kallen tells Quattro he can shove it, Sumeragi isn't a fool and wont be tricked by such lies! Setsuna tells Sumeragi not to fall for this, they all know how this will really go down if she accepts. Reluctantly Sumeragi tells Quattro that she can't accept his offer which doesn't please him at all. Quattro says that he had hoped it wouldn't have come to this but his proposition isn't something she is in any position to decline. Had she just accepted things would have worked to her benefit now he has no choice but to force her into service as she's a Terrorist. Setsuna tells everyone to prepare for battle and he isn't handing over Sumeragi.

第10話: もう一人のロックオン Scenario 10: Another Lockon

Setsuna manages to get everyone away but he notes that this isn't over. Quattro didn't give chase because the odds are in his favor. Sumeragi apologizes for all the trouble she has caused but Kallen tells her to not blame herself. Besides this was all just a rotten trick to try and force her in to service. Setsuna tells them that since this city is owned by OZ that they will soon have this place swarming with Mobile Suits. Lyle is surprised that they're going through all this effort for Sumeragi which gets him interested. It helps that she's extremely hot. Sumeragi doesn't respond to his flirting and Kallen tells Lyle to shut his mouth already! Now isn't the time for that and she wont stand for Lyle trying to take advantage of an emotionally distressed Sumeragi! So he better keep his distance or she'll break him! Lyle backs off and says that Kallen is a scary woman. Setsuna tells everyone to cut it out since OZ is here. Lyle becomes serious and has a clear hatred of OZ and the A-Laws. He owes those bastards anyway. Setsuna tells him to save it as this is about to become a battle.

after deploying

The rest of ZEXIS arrive with Esther asking if Kallen is okay. When they got the distress signal they rushed over here as soon as they could! Kallen tells Esther that she's fine but they have bigger fish to fry right now! Tieria notices that they have retrieved Sumeragi, it has been awhile. Setsuna confirms that that they were successful in retrieving her and that he has obtained a new pilot for them all. His name is Lyle. Lyle introduces himself and everyone freaks out that he looks just like Lock-On! Setsuna reminds everyone to calm down and focus on OZ. After they have finished this battle he will explain everything. Duo doesn't like being left in the dark over things like this but he trusts Setsuna enough to hold his tongue until after the battle. At this time Quattro speaks and Kamille isn't happy to see him once more. Zechs quietly thinks that Heero is here and he wants to fight him. Quattro though is more vocal and banters with Zechs over how to deal with this situation.

Zechs tells him that this changes nothing and they'll proceed as if they're enemies. Quattro thinks that Zechs just wants to fight Heero and has something else planned but keeps that to himself. Instead Quattro berates his former comrades for choosing this path and that he will not hold back just because they used to be allies. Shinn yells at Quattro and tells him he's being used, the side he is on is clearly the wrong one! Kallen agrees and repeats that she will not let them take Sumeragi away to OZ! They picked a really bad day to mess with her! Kamille though has his doubts and can't figure out what his former mentor could be thinking...

As Quattro had predicted Zechs wanted to fight Heero. As the fighting raged on Zechs ignored the rest of ZEXIS and rushed over to Heero had been expecting him. Zechs reminds Heero that their last duel was interrupted. This time things are different and now is the best of times to try and settle things between them. Zechs figured that trying to obtain Sumeragi would cause Heero to show his face so this is all going just as planned. Heero isn't in the mood to settle things right now and just wants to prevent them from obtaining Sumeragi. Zechs doesn't like being ignored and tells Heero that he better fight or he'll find himself in a bad place soon enough since Zechs doesn't plan to pull his punches.

Kamille asks Quattro what he's doing, why is his former mentor remaining with such a shady organization? Quattro tells Kamille that he has made his decision, it's not their place to dictate this world like they did their own. Kamille calls Quattro a coward and that they have no right to let things remain as is when they have the power to bring about change. So Quattro needs to open his eyes, what's happening to this world and in places like Japan cannot be ignored! If he must he will fight Quattro until he gets this through his thick skull!

Shinn confronts Quattro with his decisions. The situation on this world is this is just like when they were back on their own world! Surely Quattro should know that the guys he's working with are the bad guys and are just using him! So tell him why he, Quattro, has decided on such a path! After all Quattro was a symbol on their world that rebelled against such organizations for the greater good! Quattro remains silent. Shinn continues that OZ is no better than the organizations they fought against on their world, he doesn't understand why Quattro has decided this but if Quattro continues this path he will fight him! Quattro tells Shinn that he has said enough, what is done is done. All that's left is for them to fight, besides it's not like Shinn would understand anyway.

Kallen runs into Quattro and it takes much effort on her part not to crush him immediately. Instead she takes this moment to yell at Quattro for working with such bastards and that she can't forgive him for trying to use such shady methods to get Sumeragi. Quattro tells Kallen that he knows what she did at Area 11 recently. Furthermore she isn't one to talk considering they just dragged Sumeragi off against her will as well, things would be so much better for her had she just accepted such a comfortable position. Kallen says that Quattro knows nothing about her and that there's no excuses for what he tried to do. Instead it seems the only thing that will get through to Quattro is a good pounding after all which is something Kallen will happily carry out!

When Quattro or Zechs are defeated they ask if the other is okay. Shinn tells them to get their ass out of here already, they lost! Esther isn't as hostile as Shinn and instead tells them to stop fighting already since they have much bigger problems. Kallen notices as well and soon enough a bunch of new enemies appear, are they from the defeated Imperum? Esther confirms that a Dimensional Tremor had occurred which means they need to stop fighting and focus on their new enemies lest the city be destroyed. Quatre is confused though, there are some strange machines alongside those DMs! Trowa confirms that they seem to be guiding the DMs and no one has any data on them. Tieria had his suspicions on the DMs and he feels that whoever is controlling those machines is also the reason why the DMs have been acting strangely as of late.

Kallen wonders if this means the Imperum has returned. After all who else could create such things on top of controlling the DMs!? Did they not finish the job before? Whatever the case Kallen tells everyone that the new force is unleashing a volley upon the city, take cover! Sure enough the city is attacked and Quattro isn't sure what to do about this situation. Kamille tells Quattro that they can settle things another time, right now innocent civilians come first! But what can they do, they need a plan! As he says this Sumeragi appears alongside the new Lock-On to everyones amazement. Lyle tells them that it's time he started getting his ass to work as the new Lock-On Stratos. With that he shows off his sniping skills and takes out one of the new enemy machines with ease. Lock-On says that was easier than he thought it would be.

Tieria is amazed at his skills, does this run in the family? Setsuna figured this would happen and hopes that Lock-On doesn't look down upon him for putting his brother in a Gundam. Lasse takes this time to confirm that everything is all green and that they will be joining the battle now. Lock-On takes this moment to ask Haro what his brother would say when he fires and Haro tells Lock-On his brothers catchphrase - Targeted and Firing Away(Or something like that). Lock-On figures that is just like his brother to say something as catchy as that and he likes it a lot. Sumeragi appears and tells everyone to get in formation and prepare to engage the new enemy! Kallen is surprised to see Sumeragi is in charge once more considering her current mental state.

Sumeragi tells Kallen that though she's working with Celestial Being again she isn't their leader nor does she desire such a role! However she cannot sit idly by and watch this city get destroyed when she knows that she has the power to make a difference! So everyone listen up because she is sending them data for her current Tactical Forecast! Setsuna confirms that he has received it and they all return back into their initial positions. Zechs is uncomfortable about this and Quattro relents and tells Zechs that their first duty is to protect this city so they have no choice upon the matter. The two than move away and decide to defend the city on their own but will no longer attack ZEXIS.

Shinn is glad that Quattro still has that side to him and has convinced Zechs to work with them to save the city. Though it's a shame that they're still enemies. Lunamaria though is glad they aren't fighting for the time being and that their former friend has completely sold his soul to OZ. It's nice that even if it's only for this battle that they're working together again like old times. Kallen is glad that Sumeragi has regained her will to live on and that they're all counting on her Tactical Forecasting to save the day. Sumeragi doesn't know what to say so Lasse continues and tells everyone to proceed with engaging the enemy while the ship takes its leave. This gets Kallen gets angry and says that she wont fail Sumeragi and thanks to her Tactical Forecast they will emerge victorious! Even Esther is pumped by this and is more than happy to resume to DM busting and venting her pent up anger on these new enemies.

Setsuna asks Lyle, no Lock-On if he's okay with jumping into battle already in new machine he's not used to. Lyle says that he doesn't want to be a burden and that if his brother could do this than it can't possibly be all that hard. Besides he has Haro here to lend him a hand so there's nothing to worry about. Haro cheers on and has already taken a liking to the new Lock-On. Tieria though isn't so sure on working with OZ and if this new pilot is up to snuff. Esther doesn't know what to say to that, Kamille assures Tieria that Quattro wont shoot them in the back. When it comes to things like this he will always put innocents first so there's nothing to worry about. Instead they should focus their energy on the real enemy. Esther tells Kamille that she will believe in his words and will make sure these new arrivals feel the full brunt of her rage. Esther than declares that she will take them all out, she will not let the seemingly revived Imperum or those monsters ruin anymore lives like hers was ruined!

Lock-On thinks, as he engages an enemy, if he really has what it takes to do all this. Make no mistake he's good but he isn't his brother and he has a feeling that his Brother left quite the impression on his former allies. Haro asks Lock-On what's wrong, he's hesitating! Lock-On tells Haro to ignore him and that nothing is wrong. Instead he's counting on Haro to make up for his slack since they're partners now!

Encountering a DM makes Esther angry. She doesn't know what they're here and if they're really being lead by a revived Imperum. However even if she knows nothing she cannot let them have their way, too many lives have been ruined because of them! Now that she isn't that weak little girl anymore she's going to personally put a stop to them all!

Destroying enough enemy forces, attacking the Red DM, or destroying it causes Quatre to pick something up on his sensors. This signature is familiar! Shinn noices as well, could it be...? Marguerite appears much to Duo's surprise, where the heck has she been for all this time! Margarette doesn't answer Duo, she seems conflicted. She than moves to take out the red DM. Upon seeing this Fa wonders what's up with Marguerite since she's acting strangely. Kamille also finds it strange that Marguerite is being o quiet and is helping them against what appears to be Imperum mecha. Shinn too wants to know what's up and directly asks Margarette why she's being so distant with everyone! When she doesn't answer Shinn is confused and asks what could have happened to bring her into such a state. Trowa doesn't know what's going on but tells everyone that she must have their reasons and they should focus on the battle. Kallen agrees that this can wait til later but she doesn't like it one bit and tries once more to reach Marguerite but fails. Esther becomes angry and wonders why NO ONE told her about this mysterious pilot.

Marguerite is conflicted about fighting what appear to be Insalaum mecha but isn't sure what to believe. It's here hope that by fighting here it will make her presence known if he's still alive...

After the battle has ended Lock-On is quite proud of his skills and could get used to a life like this. Esther ignores her cocky new ally and wants to focus on another matter. What she wants to know right now is who that pilot is in that mecha, did they say her name was Marguerite? Kamille is surprised she doesn't know, considering Esther seems to have a number of facts on everyone else, and he fills her in. Marguerite was a former ally during the last war who aided them and as it died down. Her help was must useful in defeating the Imperum. Shinn continues that after the battles were over Margarette vanished without a trace and that haven't seen or heard of her and he wonders what she could have been up to.

Marguerite doesn't say a word. Esther offers to give this newcomer the benefit of the doubt. What she gathered is that since Marguerite worked with Crowe in the past to take out the Imperum she can't be all bad. Though she is a bit annoyed that Crowe didn't tell her anything about Marguerite but she's willing to wait til she meets up with Crowe again for a proper explanation. So why doesn't Marguerite stop being so cold and come clean with her friends, they clearly miss her and she doesn't seem like a bad person considering she just aided them. Marguerite declines such an offer which confuses Esther who was just trying to be friendly. Ignoring Esther, Marguerite tells them that a storm is coming and that soon a new war will engulf this world. She than vanishes which pisses Esther off.

What the hell is her problem? A storm is coming? War? On top of leaving such an ominous message she just takes off without even saying goodbye, what a jerk! Kallen is confused as well and asks if Crowe really kept her, Esther, in the dark for all this time. Esther confirms that she doesn't know anything that's going on and it pisses her off to no end. Why was she left in the dark! She isn't a little girl, she can handle the truth just like anyone else! Furthermore what the heck did that crazy lady mean by that storm thing! Not knowing is pissing her the heck off! Setsuna is also troubled by this and this new enemy today confirms that something big is about to happen. They have overstayed their visit as well and he tells everyone to leave. Kamille thinks of Quattro and wonders what his former mentor will do after learning this as they all take their leave. Zechs doesn't know what to make of this and considers sending a force after the retreating ZEXIS. Quattro though tells Zechs to hold, they need to report what they've learned today to Trieze.

Elsewhere Trieze has received a full report from Quattro and Zechs, though their failure to obtain Sumeragi was a setback. With them is Kira and Athrun. Trieze continues that he's counting on the two Gundam pilots to make up for the failures of those two. To him it seems that the stage is setting up and a new force is about to enter the arena. Kira questions what Trieze is really plotting and that they aren't sure about joining his special little force. Trieze is disappointed that they still haven't accepted his offer, no matter he has other plans for them. Athrun tells Trieze that they mean to disrespect but the news of the Black Knights seemingly reviving has them on edge, so they have options still.

Trieze doesn't want them to feel forced into his service and though he wishes they would join up with him officially he understands that they're conflicted. Trieze has a different mission in mind for them that will hopefully show that he means well. Turns out Trieze wants the two aces to not go to the front lines but to instead escort Lady Une to the colonies. Their mission will be a peacekeeping one. Trieze reminds Lady Une not to do anything rash and to show some class when dealing with the colonies this time. Lady Une says that she will check herself this time. Athrun wonders what OZ is really doing and he's conflicted on whether he should remain with them or if he should join up with his former comrades. Kira thinks that they should remain with OZ for now, at least they can gather some useful information and if they don't like what they learn they'll just leave.

Elsewhere ZEXIS fills in Esther all about Marguerite and how close she was to her mentor. Now that she knows all the details she can render her own judgement. So what they said about Marguerite being a part of the Imperum was true and her joining at the last second to take out the Imperum and Gaioh still doesn't sit well with her. What gets her is why would someone like Marguerite just defect to the Imperum near the end of the conflict? Kamille tells her that Crowe managed to convince Marguerite that she was being used. Shinn continues that Marguerite only fought against them because she thought it was the best thing to do. She was tricked by Aim and believed that she had to walk such a path for her lost Kingdom. Esther is shocked to learn that Marguerite was tricked into doing such horrible things on top of Esther learning more of the Imperum's true origins.

Kamille says that this is the truth and that like them the Imperum wasn't really of this world and that Aim was areal bastard that fooled everyone. Shinn tries to explain that Marguerite is a good woman and that had she known Aim was using her she wouldn't have done many of the things she did. Lunamaria chimes in that Marguerite is a really nice person and her help was crucial in the closing chapter of the last war. Esther grows silent, Kallen asks Esther if she's angry with any of them for not telling her sooner. Shinn wouldn't blame Esther if she was, this is pretty big to digest all at once and they have been working with her for some time. However Esther needs to know that they didn't mean to keep her in the dark and he takes this time to explain more of what happened in the last war to the best of his abilities.

Esther still remains quiet, Shinn isn't sure what else he can say and if Esther wants to let loose on them no one would hate her for it. Esther seems to relent as Shinn continues to explain where Kamille and him come from. After all they've become good friends so Shinn figures that it isn't fair that he gets to know so much about Esther's world while she doesn't know anything about theirs outside what she was told off hand. Esther thanks Shinn for opening up to her and tells him that she can't bring herself to remain angry with her friends. Esther tells an awed Shinn that she still doesn't know a lot of things but she knows their intent was never to mislead her. In fact she's thankful that they have been most informative with such information when they didn't have to explain so much to her since she wasn't there with them.

Besides, Esther has things in her past that she hasn't told them about so it would be wrong to hate them just because they didn't tell her everything. When she first started out she may have been angry but after working alongside them for so long she knows that everyone here is a good person. So what's past is past and she wants to move forward with all them as they're her friends. So if they say this Marguerite lady is a nice person she will take their word for it. Kallen comments that Esther is being most mature. Esther doesn't see that way and she was just saying what was on her mind. Besides she has learned a lot from her experiences with them and don't forget that they've all put up with her antics up to this point which is pretty amazing in of itself. So she doesn't want them to compliment her since she's still far from mature and has much to learn before becoming a strong woman in her own right.

Fa and Lunamaria are shocked at Esther's maturity and humbleness. Esther tells them that her time with Crowe has taught her that she shouldn't live her in life in doubt, hate, or for revenge. Such a way is not one anyone should live their lives and Esther doesn't want to ever return to her old angry self. Instead she wants to put her strength to good use and prevent any more pain and suffering if possible. So whether it be those from other worlds or Universes to the ones that live here she will fight them if they're intent to bring about such things to innocents. It's the least she can do to ensure no one else has to go through what she did. Fa says that Esther is really a strong girl, though she wonders if Esther is really okay with how this turned out. Esther says that it's fine and that she will trust her friends when it comes to Marguerite since they have first hand experience working with her.

Esther takes this time to say that she just doesn't want to hate for the sake of it and she's sorry that their old friend ran off like that when they finally saw her again after all this time. Kamille agrees, Esther continues that she isn't angry and that everyone was just protecting her because they cared. So for now Esther doesn't want anyone to worry about her. Instead they should focus on continuing what they're doing and helping out those like the Japanese who are in a living hell right now. Kamille comments that Esther is strong and he can see why she was given the Brasta Es, she really is something else. Even Shinn admits that Esther is an amazing person and he's glad that she isn't angry with them. Esther says she isn't that shallow and reveals to the others that she's only good at piloting because of the combat data she has from the Brasta.

Though mark her words, if the Imperum has indeed returned she will not stop until they're really put to rest this time! This she swears! Shinn is amazed at how fast Esther's personality changed and Kallen is amazed at how strong Esther has become and that using the Brasta's data is the reason why her skills have improved so greatly in such a short time. Lunamaria though thinks that mere data alone can't account for such skills and that Esther seems to be a prodigy even if she doesn't admit it, clearly Esther is pretty amazing. Esther breaks the silence to say that she has Crowe to thank for everything and doesn't hold it against him for keeping her in the dark. Instead she's counting on everyone else to make up for her slack with Shinn saying he'll gladly fight by her side.

After that good feeling moment has passed Esther goes full Tsundere and demands to know why no one told her about Marguerite's close relationship earlier! Why the heck wasn't she told about such a beautiful and strong woman? Such information is important, so why didn't her friends tell her about Marguerite? Kallen is shocked and tries to explain that they didn't know Esther didn't know. Furthermore they all have been very busy and the thought never crossed their mind that Esther wouldn't know! Kamille admits that things have been hectic lately but he does apologize for not understanding her feelings. Shinn though wonders why Esther was kept in the dark about Marguerite. Sure the Imperum stuff makes sense but not even being told about Marguerite's existence? That's pretty harsh.

Lunamaria wonders if this means Esther is worried that Marguerite is going to be tough competition. Esther is taken by surprise by this comment. Lunamaria continues that Marguerite is an elegant warrior whose beauty and bosom is without fault. Truly Marguerite is someone without compare, in fact Lunamaria is a bit jealous of her as well. Shinn agrees that Marguerite is an amazing woman and few could compare to her kindness. Lunarmaria is glad that Shinn agrees though she wonders if Shinn might have a crush on Marguerite. Shinn becomes confused and doesn't understand what Lunamaria means, he just admires Marguerite because she was a very strong and helpful warrior. As Lunarmaria continues teasing and flirting with him Kamille ponders what Marguerite is up to and what she meant by that coming storm.

Lyle appears at this time and greets his new allies, seems that he's going to be working with them from now on. Shinn is surprised and Lunamaria mentions that Lyle looks exactly like the former Lock-On. Lyle says that he's what they got so he hopes there wont be any issues. Lasse comments that Lyle is the brother of the former Lock-On. Kamille is surprised by this, why is it that no one bothered to tell them sooner? It would have saved everyone the trouble, furthermore does those sniping skills run in the family? Lyle tells them that he was just recruited when they went to retrieve Sumeragi and that before today he was in the dark just like everyone else. Though he's trying to be friendly Lyle thinks of his Karathorn contacts and that he could be more helpful to them here than out there.

Feldt is conflicted over what to feel, this new guy looks just like the Lock-On she had a crush on during the last war. Tieria is suspicious as well and wonders where this guy got so good. It isn't because of his genes, was their information wrong about this guy? No matter, despite what this man looks like he is not the Lock-On they all loved. Back to the conversation Kallen asks how Sumeragi is doing. Lasse tells her that Sumeragi is in her room, a lot has happened but at least Sumeragi has agreed to help them for the time being even if she hasn't agreed to lead them just yet. Kallen understands. Setsuna takes this moment to thank Kallen, as he's a guy he didn't know what to do and everything is thanks to Kallen's bonding. Kallen says it was nothing and that she only wanted Sumeragi to know that she wasn't alone, she didn't intend to force Sumeragi back into service against her will. What they talked about was real. Kallen than thinks of her mother and her own demons that she must live with.

Elsewhere Billy is speaking with his Uncle. His Uncle asks Billy if this is what he really wants. Billy says that it is. His Uncle has connections within the Feds and A-Laws so he can get Billy work again though he isn't sure what brought about this change of heart. However he's sure Billy has his reasons and decides not to press him further. All he hopes is that Billy is making the right decision before he hangs up. Billy thinks of Sumeragi and that she has been lying to him this entire time and he will make her sorry for breaking his heart...