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Attacking (Ally)

Pilot Target Quote Comments
Toshiya Iam Iam Liard! Send us back to our own world!  
Gaioh You're not the strongest! We'll beat you!  
Chirico Soldiers I don't like your methods.  
Monsters Fighting you isn't any different than fighting a human.  
Size L+ I just need to aim for its weak point.  
Ypsilon Ypsilon...!  
Wiseman Doesn't matter who you are. I've got one goal.  
Even if you're a god, I won't obey you.  
Gaioh I'm fighting you to survive.  
Fyana Chirico Why, Chirico? Why?  
I'll take you back, no matter what!  
Wiseman So Chirico and I can live together...!  
Shaco Kan Yu You're scum.  
Chirico I'll stop you by force if I have to!  
Say it's not so, Chirico!  
Wiseman As a Quentian, I can't let you do this.  
DM You're just like a sand rat. * A Quentian animal
Kamille A-LAWS Don't you understand that what you're doing is wrong!?  
Innovator This pressure!  
I can feel their pressure!  
Sarchez Killing people just for fun isn't right!  
Gaioh Are you just playing some kind of game!?  
Amuro Milliardo Zechs Marquise! What meaning does this war have!?  
Treize Treize! Why is a man like you doing this!?  
A-LAWS A-LAWS! If you think you can take over the Federation from the inside--!  
Mobile armor It's a mobile armor!  
Innovator I can feel the hatred... It's coming from you!  
There's ones like you in every world!  
Bushido Is he a prisoner of his own delusions!?  
Ribbons Ribbons! You and I are different!  
Ribbons Almark! You've got the wrong idea baout human progress!  
DM A DM... I can't let my guard down!  
Insalaum The malice enveloping the world is coming from you!  
Your ego will burn the whole world!  
Iam His ill intent... It's dangerous!  
Gaioh If it's your destiny to bring war, then I'll fight to stop you!  
You're too dangerous to exist! I'll stop you here!  
Heero Chirico Target... Chirico Cuvie! ((Twin) Buster Rifle Max Power cutin)
Gundam Target confirmed as Gundam. Commencing attack. ((Twin) Buster Rifle Max Power cutin)
Mobile Doll Mobile Dolls can't stop me.  
My enemy is a Doll...  
Zechs Target... Zechs Merquise! ((Twin) Buster Rifle Max Power cutin)
Milliardo Let's finish this, Zechs!  
Treize Treize!  
Target... Treize Khushrenada! ((Twin) Buster Rifle Max Power cutin)
Solar Furnace unit Target... Solar Furnace-equipped unit! ((Twin) Buster Rifle Max Power cutin)
Innovator You're precise... That makes you easy to lead.  
Target... Innovator! ((Twin) Buster Rifle Max Power cutin)
Ribbons You have no right to lead humanity.  
Target... Ribbons Almark! ((Twin) Buster Rifle Max Power cutin)
Grace Target... Vajra Queen! ((Twin) Buster Rifle Max Power cutin)
Mechanical Beast Target... Mechanical Beast! ((Twin) Buster Rifle Max Power cutin)
Dr. Hell Target... Dr. Hell! ((Twin) Buster Rifle Max Power cutin)
Zeravire Target... Zeravire! ((Twin) Buster Rifle Max Power cutin)
KMF Target... KMF! ((Twin) Buster Rifle Max Power cutin)
Lelouch Target... Emperor Lelouch! ((Twin) Buster Rifle Max Power cutin)
Antispiral Target... Antispiral! ((Twin) Buster Rifle Max Power cutin)
Asakim Target... Asakim Dowan! ((Twin) Buster Rifle Max Power cutin)
Gaioh Target... Gaioh! ((Twin) Buster Rifle Max Power cutin)
Garrod Soldier Don't act all big just because you're a soldier!  
I'm not gonna let someone who's just following orders beat me!  
Gundam Gundam versus Gundam! I won't lose!  
I'll take this Gundam down, and then sell it!  
Innovator Even if I don't have any special powers--!  
Gaioh Quit playing around, asshole!  
Tieria Monsters You're a threat to mankind! Changing to highest target priority!  
Mobile Doll They're even using drones!?  
A-LAWS I can't accept the A-LAWS!  
Target, A-LAWS!  
A-LAWS! You're a symbol of this world's distortions!  
Pillar fragment Destroy every fragment!  
Innovator I am... Human!  
I'm not like you!  
Just because you've got a backup in Veda--!  
Louise I must stop you! (in Regnant)
revive So you're the suit based off of Virtue!  
Sarchez I'll avenge Lockon, right here!  
Ali Al-Saachez! I'll stop you right here!  
Anew Drop your weapons, Anew Returner!  
Lelouch Distortion! I'll destroy you with Gundam!  
Insalaum So you twist the world to your own benefit too!  
Basara Bosses A special show just for the boss!  
AT If you've got the time to fight for 100 years, you can listen to my song!  
Mobile Doll I've got a quick one for you!  
I don't care if you're a machine! I'll sing to you anyway!  
A-LAWS I'll get you groovin' whether you like it or not, soldier!  
Innovator I dunno if you're some kind of Invader or something, but listen to my song!  
Vajra Let's go, Vajra! Listen to my song!  
Grace Sheryl, Ranka, let's go! Listen to my... Listen to our song!  
Insalaum Music's the universal language! Let's do this!  
Gaioh Forget about fighting! Listen to my song!  
Michel Monsters You're not too different from Vajra!  
Klan Vajra There's no end to these Vajra!  
I'll defeat the Vajra!  
Vajra! I'll avence Michel! (Frontier route #41 only)
I'll fight hard enough for myself and Michel! (Frontier route #41 only)
Michel, give me strength! (Frontier route #41 only)
Jeffrey Grace Grace O'Connor's faction is our true enemy!  
If you have pride in your wings, march with me!
Gaioh Monica: Captain! Final target, acquired!  
Jeffrey: We'll end this battle ourselves!
Kouji AI A human brain ain't gonna lose to a fake one!  
Invader I won't let you destry Earth!  
Shin Dragon You're both scientists, but my grandpa wasn't like this!  
Mechanical Beast Look, Mechanical Beast ! This is Mazinger Z's power!  
Mazinger Z won't lose to any Mechanical Beast!  
Danube α1 Let's go, Danube α1!  
Brocken Get ready, Count Decap!  
Brocken! I won't let you get away with this!  
That pig ain't gonna fly for long!  
Dr. Hell Prepare yourself, Dr. Hell!  
Dr. Hell! Me and Mazinger will foil your plans!  
Gaioh Use your power for good, and you can become a god!  
Sayaka Mechanical Beast Mechanical Beast! I won't let you get away with this!  
There you are, Mechanical Beast! I'll take you on!  
Brocken Count Brocken! Let's fight, fair and square!  
Dr. Hell Dr. Hell! I won't let you conquer the world!  
Danube α1 Baron Ashura Baron Ashura! Die for your sins!  
I just wanted to live peacefully with Daddy... But then you--!  
Boss Bosses I'll show you how a boss should act!  
Baron Ashura Hey Ashura, you shemale! You mad?  
Zero Commanders If I take out their commander--!  
Bosses It is a King's duty to capture a King!  
-- A song... I never realized hopes and prayers held so much power... If... route #57
AT A real professional... That's what makes you so easy to predict.  
Chirico Who will win? The god, or the devil?  
Chirico Cuvie... You...  
Milliardo Mankind ill needs rulers such as you!  
Innovator If you think you've surpassed humanity, then try defeating me!  
Ribbons You have no right to take the world for your own! If... route #58
If you think you've surpassed humanity, then try defeating me!
Grace Ruling the world isn't as simple as you think!  
Dr. Hell
Invader Ugh! A monster!  
I doubt common sense applies to these...  
Even if they're monsters, I can learn their pattens!  
Corwen & Stinger Begone from this world!  
Knight of Rounds Even if you're a Rounds, I just have to read your motions!  
Suzaku There you are, Suzaku!  
You traitor! After #49
Farewell, Suzaku. My first and last...
Gino If I can just keep him boxed in!  
Anya The Mordred may have firepower, but--!  
Luciano A vampire dares challenge a demon?  
Bismark So this is the Knight of One...!  
Xingke If I can take down Xingke, we win!  
V.V. Begone, source of Geass!  
V.V.! I will pass judgment on you!  
Charles I'll have the answer I demanded eight years ago!  
You... You, of all people, I'll kill myself!  
Schneizel Let us settle our dispute, brother.  
Antispiral I won't let the world be destroyed before I change it!  
DM A Dimension Monster... A fierce foe, but--!  
Insalaum There's no need for you in this world!  
Gaioh For the future Nunnaly dreams of!  
If people hope, a miracle will happen!  
Kallen Bosses There are still things I need to do!  
Chirico Chirico! You're our enemy now!  
Got you, Chirico! (Radiation Arm cutin)
Gundam Even if you're a Gundam...  
Innovator Don't underestimate us humans!  
A-LAWS Peacekeepers!? You're just fascists!  
We'll keep fighting, no matter how much you try to hold us down!  
I'm taking you down, A-LAWS! (Radiation Arm cutin)
Grace The world doesn't need someone to run it!  
Dr. Hell There's no need for a conqueror!  
Knight of Rounds Even if you're a Rounds!  
If I take down the Rounds, they'll fall apart!  
Brittanian It's over, Britannian! (Radiation Arm cutin)
Ho Sang People don't need leaders who make them suffer!  
Suzaku Suzaku! You!  
Knight of Seven! Prepare yourself!  
Suzaku! Prepare yourself! (Radiation Arm cutin)
Suzaku... This wasn't about you... (Radiation Arm finish)
Gino I'm glad we could meet on the battlefield, Gino!  
Luciano You're just icky!  
Vampire of Britannia... I'll take you on!  
Charles Charles zi Britannia! If I beat you...!  
C.C. You don't have any reason to fight! Stay back!  
I have my own reasons!  
Lelouch Lelouch! I'll stop you myself!  
Lelouch... I...  
Lelouch! (Radiation Arm cutin)
Goodbye, Lelouch... (Radiation Arm finish)
DM Die, DM! (Radiation Arm cutin)
Insalaum I won't let you have our world!  
Arcsaber Take this, Arcsaber! (Radiation Arm cutin)
Gaioh The Black Knights won't accept the world you're trying to create!  
I'll take you down and end this war!  
I won't accept the world you want!  
Todo Knight of Rounds So you're a Rounds!  
Suzaku Suzaku Kururugi! This ends here!  
Gino Even if you can transform!  
Luciano So you're the Vampire of Brittania!  
Bismark So this is the Knight of One!  
Charles If the Emperor himself is commanding from the front...!  
Ho Sang I can't believe you'd just use Tianxi!  
Chiba Knight of Rounds Let's duel, Knight of Rounds!  
Charles Emperor of Brittania! Prepare yourself!  
Asahina Charles The Emperor himself!?  
Brittanian We're taking Japan back!  
Ohgi Charles Is that the Emperor of Britannia!?  
Lelouch Zero... If we all work together, we can beat you!  
Xingke Size 2L+ You're too big to catch us!  
Knight of Rounds We're up against the Empire's finest!  
Ho Sang You're parasites on this country!  
For Tianxi and her people, we will defeat you!  
Bismark So this is Bismark, the Knight of One!  
Gino Lelouch I'll take you down, for the sake of the world!  
Anya Lelouch I don't like you now, Lelouch.  
Jeremiah What an unreliable man.  
Invader Eww, icky.  
Crowe Women Sorry, I'm kind of a misogynist.  
Aliens Get the hell off of Earth!  
Monsters You shouldn't even exist!  
Taking down monsters is my job!  
This may be my job, but I don't have to like it!  
S size It doesn't matter how small you are!  
Zuul No one likes your gloomy mood!  
Gundam So my foe's a Gundam! I smell money!  
Mobile Doll I won't let a doll get the better of me!  
I'm too old to be playing with dolls!  
Quatre Quatre! This isn't like you!  
It's too bad it had to come to this!  
Milliardo If you want a fight that bad, you've got one!  
Treize I don't have time to argue aesthetics!  
A-LAWS If you really want peace, you should take yourselves out!  
Innovator You think you can take me on!?  
Louise Hang on, this could get rough! (in Regnant)
Ribbons You're just not up to it!  
Ribbons The world doesn't need one ruler!  
Grace I'll take you down for the sake of her fans!  
The world doesn't need you as producer!  
Brittanian I'll show you Knights how a stray fights!  
Knight of Rounds Let's duel, Knight of Rounds!  
Show me what a Knight of Rounds has!  
Charles I'll live how I want!  
Lelouch Zero! Goodbye!  
Mugan Mankind isn't weak enough to just roll over for you!  
You're the ones who'll get wiped out!  
DM This is how a DM Buster operates!  
DMs are what puts food on the table!  
You shouldn't even exist!  
Taking these down is a Buster's job!  
ADAMON Here goes, monster! Let's settle this in one shot! using Unbreakable Fulcrum
FB squad Firebug! I'll redeem myself!  
Arcsaber Arcsaber! Sorry, but let's make this quick!  
Geraud I'll take you on, Geraud!  
Wayne Wayne! I'll break your confidence!  
Let's duel, Knight of Knights! using Unbreakable Fulcrum
Geraud Knight of Knights! I'm coming at you straight-on!  
Marguerite Marguerite! If you're serious, I'm not gonna hold back!  
If you want a fair fight, I'll give you one!  
Marilyn Let's settle this here and now, Marilyn!  
Marilyn! Just who I didn't want to see!  
Let's settle this, Marilyn! using Unbreakable Fulcrum
Iam I'll rip out your lying tongue!  
This time I'll finish you off, Iam!  
Iam! I'm never gonna have to see your ugly mug again!  
Iam! This is my sphere! using Unbreakable Fulcrum
Uther I'll beat you and end this dragged-out war!  
Never mind the Spheres! I want to fight you!  
Uther! i'll take you down with this! using Unbreakable Fulcrum
Asakim Your journey ends here!  
The power of the Sphere... It's drawing out my will!  
Asakim! I'll show you my Sphere! using Unbreakable Fulcrum
Gaioh I'm my own man! I won't just do as you say!  
Let's settle this once and for all, Gaioh!  
Gaioh! I'll take you on!  
Dimension General Gaioh! Your battles end here!  
It all ends here, Gaioh! using Unbreakable Fulcrum

Attacking (Enemy)

Pilot Target Quote Comments
Ribbons Ship If I sink their ship, it's all over!
That super-energy should be under my control.
It's my place to direct mankind's evolution.
Chirico You must be a fool, to have rejected godhood.
Gundam No Gundam can defeat me.
I'm the best Gundam pilot.
My Gundam is the strongest.
I'll show you the power of the strongest Gundam.
Newtype This world does not require another world's purebred types.
Newtypes are no match for Innovators.
Kamille Kamille Bidan... I shall suppress those aggressive quantum brainwaves of yours here.
Quattro What a waste. I feel sorry for you.
The Red Comet... You cannot possibly hope to win against me.
Amuro You're wasting your talents.
Amuro Ray... Even a Newtype as powerful as you can't defeat me!
Wing team Starting wars to secure the peace? What fools.
Wing Zero You can't defeat me, even with the Zero System.
Gundam Double X
∀ Gundam
I'll eliminate Gundams made to destroy the world.
Strike Freedom Gundam
Destiny Gundam
Infinite Justice Gundam
Freedom, justice, destiny... These should all rest in my hands.
Kira Kira... I thought you could understand me.
Shinn Shinn Asuka... If you truly desire peace, you should accept me.
Celestial Being This world has no need for destroyers such as yourselves.
I am the true heir to Aeolia's plan.
Setsuna Don't think you're the only one with the Twin Drive System.
Once I defeat you, I'll be the true Innovator!
Allelujah A failed Super Soldier has no right to live!
Aoi Wild beasts need to be defanged!
Macross units I will continue Grace O'Connor's plan.
Don't worry. I'll make good use of the Frontier fleet.
Basara I will put an end to that unpleasant song of yours at once!
Zero Zero... I will create the world you desire. If... route only
Saotome Go So you oppose me, Go!
Kei My dear daughter, Kei! Let me embrace you!
Gai Let's see if you're worthy of Getter!
Ryoma Ryoma! You're alive again, you worthless trash!
There you are, backstabber!
Hayato Hayato! You're already too late!
Benkei You took good care of Genki. I'll kill you quickly!
Kouji Show me what photon energy can do!
Hahahaha! So I'm up against Juzo's grandson!
I\'ll show you true evolution! Show you the future of mankind!
Dr. Hell Kouji Kouji Kabuto! Juzo's waiting for you in hell!
Let's settle this once and for all, Kouji Kabuto!
Mazinger will be a sacrifice to my conquest of the world!
I, Dr. Hell, will bury Mazinger myself!
Sayaka Yumi's daughter... You're not even worth my attention!
Boss Why are you piling up trash in front of me?
Getter Robo You fools don't even know where the Getter rays are leading you!
Simon Master of the Spiral Power! I'll show you the true meaning of this war!
Units with "God" in their name Foolish false god! My power surpasses the divine!
Baron Ashura Boss We have minions to deal with you!
Danube α1 Danube α1! You are our enemy!
Anya Zero Shooting down Zero.
Black Knights Annihilating the Black Knights.
Suzaku Suzaku...Suzaku
Gundam Destroying the Gundam.
Tieria I've got firepower too.
Schneizel Zero Lelouch, this is your chance to submit.
A man who can't even wear the right mask has no hope of victory.
Suzaku Funny, I never expected you to become Lelouch's Knight...
Nunnaly Zero
Brother, Suzaku... You are my enemies!
Zero Brother! I'll stop you!
Suzaku Suzaku…!
Lelouch Kallen Kallen... Goodbye.
Marilyn Boys I love pure young men!
Women Tee-hee... I won't let you take over as the Princess of the Battlefield!
I just hate that glow younger girls have!
S size I just love playing with puppies and kittens!
Supers Are you really so naive to think that power solves everything?
Tee-hee... This is like the time Benkei and Yoshitsune fought! (TL-IOW, she\'s going for her 1,000th kill)
Don't think you can outmaneuver me!
Commanders If I take down their commander, I'll get a bonus!
Ships Think of all the pretty fireworks you'll make!
Such a frail little thing! I'm afraid I'll break you right in half!
Gundam Let's play, Gundam!
Pretty Gundam Killer is here!
Mazinger Z Pretty Soldier God Slayer is here!
Crowe I missed you so much, Wishy-Washy!
You deserter! I'll execute you myself!
Esther Time to play with the kitty-cat!
Marguerite And here I thought we'd get along like sisters!
Tee-hee... The Pearl Sisters meet in combat!