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Pilot statistics

Statistic Japanese Description
Melee 格闘 Increases melee damage.
Range 射撃 Increases ranged damage.
Maneuvering/Skill 技量 Affects special abilities' effectiveness and activation, critical rates.
Defence 防御 Reduces damage received.
Evade 回避 Reduces chances of being hit.
Accuracy 命中 Increases chances of successful hits.

Edited screenshots

Pilot Statistics

Unit Upgrade Menu

Combined Overview

In-battle Turn Menu

Intermission Menu

Pilot List Mecha List Search
Pilot Training Mecha Upgrades Options
Pilot Switching Unit Parts Save
Sub Orders Equipment Part Swapping Load

Battle Menu

Option Translation Effect
End Turn Ends turn, regardless of remaining unused units. Confirmation required.
Search Provides a list of all Spirits, Pilot Abilities, and Mech Abilties possessed by those deployed in battle. Selecting provides a list of those with that ability. Selecting again selects the unit on the map.
Ally Status/Enemy Status Press left and select for a list of all ally units on the map. Press right and select for a list of all enemy units on the map.
Objectives Shows Win condition, Fail conditions, and SR Point conditions.
Tactical Situation Shows a brief list of acquired parts, acquired money, deployed units (enemy and ally) and turns used.
System See "System Menu" below.
Quick save Blue option quick-saves the game, which can be reloaded from the main menu. Red option cancels. After saving, the blue option continues play, whereas the red option quits the game, and plays a random voiced skit starring characters from the game.

Unit Menu

This is the potential menu commands from selecting a unit. It may possess any number of these, based on the abilities of the unit, if there are any enemies in range, or whether or not the unit is in space.

Japanese Option Translation Effect
移動 Move Travel across the map. Can only be used before Attack, unless pilot has Hit And Away.
攻撃 Attack Use a weapon attack.
説得 Convince/Persuasion Used for certain secrets, has the ally pilot attempt to talk to the enemy pilot. Range 1.
修理 Repair Repair enabled unit may select a unit to restore health to, for free.
補給 Resupply Resupply enabled unit may select a unit to restore EN to, at a cost of 10 morale. Pre-movement. Post-Movement with the Refueler ability.
パーツ Parts Use a restorative part equipped to the unit.
地上 Land Flying unit lands. Pre-movement.
空中 Fly Flight enabled unit begins to fly. Pre-movement.
戦術指揮 Tactical Command Exclusive to Zero. Zero can choose one of three tactical commands which affect friendly units in selected area. Ends Zero's turn after use.
宇宙 Space Flight enabled unit begins to fly. Only available on stages without atmosphere. Flying units use "Space" terrain ranking during flight. Pre-movement.
地中 Underground Unit travels underground. Pre-movement.
変形 Transform Unit can change into one or more variant forms. Usually pre-movement. Post-movement with some Full Upgrade Bonuses.
融合 Fusion Allelujah fuses with Hallelujah. Increases all pilot's stats. Pre-movement.
六神合体 Six Gods Combination Gaia combines with the Five Gods (non-deployable) to form Godmars. Requires 130 Morale. Pre-movement.
精神 Seishin/Spirit Use SP to cast special effects. Pre-movement.
能力 Status View unit status. Pre-movement.
待機 Wait Do nothing more for this turn. Post-movement.
回収 Recover unit Recovers a player-controlled non-battleship unit, and stores it within. Battleship only.
搭載 Dock Unit gets stored in a battleship if moved onto one. Non-battleship only. Post-movement.

System Menu

Page 1

1. Unit Display: (Default colors) (Your team is blue and enemy is red on map) (Units' color changes to team color when map is zoomed out)

2. Unit Speed (How fast a unit on the map moves): (Slow) (Normal) (Fast)

3. Quick Command: (Submenu) - Basically the top half are shortcuts for when you press the square button on the field and the bottom half are shortcuts for when you press the button on a unit.

Top Half - End Phase, Pilot/Mech Seishin and Skills Menu, General Pilot/Mech Menu, Quicksave, No Command

Bottom Half - Transform Unit, Seishin Menu, Pilot/Mech Data, No Command

4. Cursor Jump (When toggling between units with L/R buttons): (Cursor slides across map) (Cursor jumps directly to unit)

5. Map Grid: On or Off

6. Sort Save: Basically when you go to the menu where you sort your Pilots/Mechs, do you want it to save the way you sorted it (On) or have it reset every time (Off)

7. Support Defend: (Automatically assigns support defender) (Off)

8. Use Install Data (Need to install first from main menu): On or Off

Page 2

1. BGM: (BGM continues after battle) (BGM goes back to field music after battle)

2. BGM2: (Turn on universal song) (Turn off universal song)

3. BGM Settings: (Submenu)

4. Voice Volume

5. Sound Effects Volume

6. BGM Volume