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Japanese Wikia

New Parts

破界の紋章 - Crest of Hakai - Movement +1, Weapon power +200, Weapon Range +1 Save import bonus. May not be acquired otherwise. "Hakai" left in Japanese, as it's likely a reference to the game, like the "Spirit Of" parts from W. Sort into parts list when order is determined.

Also acquired this once starting a new game plus and I didn't transfer my Hakai-hen save data.

Bugs and Glitches

Stacked Bonus Cash Bug:

When you start the game, press start to enter where it asks you to start the game or link data and start. Cancel, then press start to go to that screen again and if you keep repeating, you can actually stack up on bonus cash.

  • 500,000 for each time you trigger the bug.

Sub-Orders Bug:

Complete row you want to use bug on. Activate sub-orders with at least one row incomplete. Choose row which is incomplete. Hold 'Triangle' and press 'R' or 'L' to change to a row which has been completed. You should be able to replace one used pilot with an unused pilot. Activate sub-orders again and the unused pilot will get the bonus. Can be repeated with every pilot that wasn't deployed. Can be used only once per undeployed pilot per intermission.