Super Robot Wars/Z2.2/Carryover Bonus

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When starting a new game of Saisei-hen, the option will be presented to either start a new game directly, or import Hakai-hen data. By loading data, various bonuses will be awarded.

Each pilots bonus PP Each pilot's bonus kills Bonus money Bonus parts
Game cleared +150 +5 +500,000 Crest of Hakai, Barrier Field, DM Unit
Multiple cycles cleared +10 per cycle +1 per cycle +100,000 per cycle -
Scenario chart completed +100 +5 +500,000 A Adapter, Repair Kit, Propellant Tank, Cartridge

The number of cycles is cumulative, to a total of 10. Completing 5 playthroughs will get you 500,000 money and 50PP and 5 kills per character, in addition to the bonus for clearing the game and the scenario chart, if applicable. However, completing more than 10 playthroughs will only grant you the 10 playthrough limit of 100PP, 10 kills and 1,000,000 money.

If you have not used a carryover save, or have an insufficient save, the various additional parts will be awarded to you upon beginning your second playthrough. Bonus PP, Kills, or money is unconfirmed.