Super Robot Wars/V/Spirit Commands

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English Japanese Target Description
Attune 感応 Single Ally An ally unit's accuracy will be 100% for one turn.
Zero-in 集中 Self For 1 turn, hit & evade rates increase by 30%.
Bullseye 必中 Self Changes Accuracy % to 100% for one turn.
Intuition 直感 Self Grants the effects of Bullseye and Flicker.
Flicker ひらめき Self 100% chance to evade the next attack.
Persist 不屈 Self Decrease damage taken by 87.5% for one battle.
Iron Wall 鉄壁 Self Decrease damage taken by 75% for one turn.
Foresee 先見 Single Ally Allows one ally unit to completely evade attacks for one battle.
Accel 加速 Self Increases movement by 3 for yourself for one time. Effect will stay until you move.
Valor 熱血 Self Increases damage dealt by 100% for one time. If Soul is used at the same time, Soul will be applied.
Soul Self Increases damage dealt by 120% for one time. If Valor is used at the same time, Soul will be applied.
Snipe 狙撃 Self Increases RNG by 2 for one battle for all weapons excluding RNG 1 and MAP weapons.
Charge 突撃 Self You can use any weapon excluding map weapons after moving for one time.
Zeal 覚醒 Self Adds 1 move. You cannot stack this effect.
Fortune 幸運 Self Next time you defeat an enemy, increases money gained by 100%
Gain 努力 Self Increases EXP gained by 100% for the next battle.
Mercy 手加減 Self Leaves enemy with 10 HP. Only affects enemies with lower SKL than yourself.
Love Self Commands Accel, Bullseye, Valor, Spirit, Gain and Fortune will take effect.
Bravery 勇気 Self Commands Accel, Bullseye, Persist, Valor, Spirit, and Charge will take effect.
Spirit 気合 Self Increases Focus by 10.
Drive 気迫 Self Increases Focus by 30.
Bless 祝福 Single Ally Command Fortune will be applied to an ally unit.
Cheer 応援 Single Ally Command Gain will be applied to an ally unit.
Trust 信頼 Single Ally Recovers 3000 HP for an ally unit.
Faith 友情 Single Ally Recovers 6000 HP for an ally unit.
Resupply 補給 Single Ally Recovers all EN and ammo for an ally unit.
Rouse 激励 Ally Vicinity Increases Focus by 10 for all adjacent allies.
Bonds All Allies Recovers 5000 HP for all ally units.
Haze 脱力 Single Enemy Decreases an enemy unit's Focus by 10.
Agitate かく乱 All Enemies Halves all enemy Accuracy % for one turn.
Analyze 分析 Single Enemy Increases damage dealt to one enemy by 10% and decreases damage taken from that enemy by 10% for one turn.
Grit 根性 Self Recovers 30% of total HP.
Guts ド根性 Self Fully recovers HP.
Prospect 期待 Single Ally Recovers 30 SP for an ally unit's main pilot.
Wish 希望 Single Ally Recovers 50% HP for an ally unit. Recovers any negative status and applies Gain and Fortune.