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The Factory is where bonus abilities and unit upgrade parts can be purchased or sold. It is unlocked after beating stage 10 regardless of which starting protagonist is picked by the player.

TacP Customization

Similar to the Z Crystal used in Tengoku-hen, TacP Customization allows the player to purchase a special global ability to be used in game at the cost of Tac ponts. There are 4 different levels, each with three different abilities. Only one skill on each level can be obtained per playthrough, so players much choose wisely over exactly which customization will bring the most benefit. On subsequent playthroughs, up to the third, you can select another bonus, because the previous playthroughs' bonus(es) is/are still active.

Level EN JPN Effect Cost
1 SP Boost SPアライズ Increase the amount of SP recovered at the beginning of the player's turn from 5 to 8 400
1 Repair Boost リペアアライズ At the start of player's turn, all HP and EN is restored 10% of the maximum amount. This can stack with other regenerating abilities. 400
1 Force Boost フォースアライズ At the start of player turn, all pilots gain 2 Will 400
2 Bounty Hunter コストゲイン Receive 5% of the total damage dealt to enemies by allied units as money 800
2 TAC Point Bonus TacPゲイン Receive 10 times the number of downed enemies in Tac points 800
2 Reverse Engineer ダブルゲイン Receive 2.5% of the total damage dealt to enemies by allies as money and 5 times the number of downed enemies in Tac points 800
3 Force Burst フォースブースト Gain +10 maximum Focus for any unit that has 3 ExC points. The effect lasts until the stage is over 1600
3 Critical Boost クリティカルブースト Critical Damage will deal 1.4x damage for any unit that has 3 ExC points. Effect lasts until end of stage 1600
3 Accelerator Boost アクセルブースト Movement +1 for any unit that has 3 ExC points. Effect lasts until end of stage 1600
4 SP Burst SPプラス All pilots gain 20 SP during sortie 3200
4 High Spirits テンションプラス All pilots gain 1 ExC during sortie 3200
4 Excessive Force フォースプラス All pilots gain 10 Will during sortie (mistranslated in game as "All pilots gain 10 Will when attacking") 3200

Parts Store

Players will be able to spend Tac points to be able to purchase upgrade items for units or sell them to gain Tac points. Power parts must be unlocked upon meeting specific requirements playing the game before they can be purchased, but recommended parts can be bought at any time so long as the player has enough Tac points.

Part Part (JP) Effect Cost Unlock requirements
Soldier's Medallion ソルジャーメダリオン Increases Max Will by 30 800 Clear chapter 11
V Circuit Vサーキット Movement +1, Weapon Dmg +200, Range +1 for all weapons besides MAP and Range 1 attacks 1000 Clear chapter 11
Rescue Unit レスキューユニット Enables the unit to utilize the repair and resupply command 1000 Have a unit's HP fall under 20% HP.
Commander Terminal コマンダーターミナル Grants "Commander" skill L4 500 Have 3 pilots with the Commander ability at level 4
Full Armor Coating フルコートアーマー HP +1500, Armor +300, and renders effect from weapons with status effects ineffective 500 HP of an allied unit is below 20%
Omnidefensor オールディフェンサー Renders repeated target correction and placement ineffective. Equips Barrier Field. Uses special skill Spiritual Fortitude. 800 Earn a custom bonus with 5 units
CQB Supporter インファイトサポーター Melee weapon dmg +300 and Movement +2 1200 Have a pilot's combined stat values of Melee, Accuracy, and Skill be 600 or more
Gunfight Supporter ガンファイトサポーター Ranged weapon dmg + 300 and range + 2 for all weapons besides map weapons and weapons with a Range of 1. 1200 Have a pilot's combined stat values of Ranged, Accuracy, and Skill be 600 or more
Spiral Effector スパイラルエフェクター Weapons +300 and adds Ignore Size and Barrier Pierce 1000 Deal 15000 or more damage to a single enemy in one battle
Range Extender レンジエクステンダー Increases the range of all weapons excluding map weapons by 2 1200 Attack an enemy from 10 or more spaces away. Map weapons do not count
Turbo Penetrator ターボペネトレイター Movement +3. Ignore terrain effects and EN consumption while moving 800 Acquire a total of 10,000 Tac points over the course of the game
Zone Recover ゾーンリカバー Recovers 5,000 HP and 100 EN to unit and adjacent allies. Can only be used once per map. 800 Customize any unit's HP and EN to level 10
Hyper Generator ハイパージェネレーター Restore EN each turn to full 1000 Destroy 5 or more enemies simultaneously with a map weapon
Hyper Reloader ハイパーリローダー Restore Ammo each turn to full 1000 Use the spirit command Resupply
Gain Meter ゲインメーター Gains 500 in money for each space moved on the map. 800 Acquire a total of 3,000,000 money over the course of the game
Wizard Operator ウィザードオペレーター Evasion and Accuracy +25. 25% increase in EXP, Funds and TAC P. Effect does not stack with other parts 800 Have 5 pilots become Ace Pilots
Prana Converter プラーナコンバーター At 150 Force, Funds and TAC P gains double. Effect does not stack 1000 Acquire any emblem
ExC Bank ExCバンク Increases ExC by 5 in the map. Can only be used once per map. 1000 Use the extra order command Boost ExC
ExC Laser ExCレイザー Whenever ExC is increased by 1 count, it is increased by 1 more count 1200 Raise the ExC points of any pilot to 10
SP Collector SPゲッター Main Pilot recovers 10 SP when defeating an enemy. Effect does not stack with multiple defeats. 1000 Increase a pilot's Max SP to 120 or greater
Nine's Encouragement プチナインヘルプ Grants the effect of the Bravery spirit command. Can only be used once per map 800 Develop any Skill Set route until it reaches the end of the Skill Tree
Vitality Down バイタルダウン Uses the spirit command Haze on all enemies. Can only be used once per map. 500 Reduce the will of any enemy pilot to 90 or lower
Fairy Breath フェアリーブレス Uses the spirit command Bless on all allies. Can only be used once per map. 1800 Purchase 10 or more power parts in the factory. Regular parts do not count
Portable Nine ポータブルナイン Main pilot's SP is at full on sortie 800 Unlock a Level 3 Tac Customization

Factory Scenarios

Throughout the game, you can receive bonus TacP if you fulfill certain conditions in a stage. When you visit the Factory in intermission, Nine will have a conversation with your Pilots and you will receive the bonus afterwards.

Stage / Route Requirements TacP Received
11 (Souji) Defeat 3 enemies with Akito 100
11 (Chitose) Defeat at least 1 enemy with Guard Diver and Tri Bomber 100
12 Defeat Hoi Kou and Vuitton with Maito 100
13 Defeat the initial enemies within 2 turns of the main units deployment 100
15A(Arzenal) Destroy enough of the initial enemies to cause a reinforcement event 100
15B(Japan) Have Ryoko defeat an enemy with her new formation attack 100
16A(Arzenal) Fight an enemy with Sousuke 50
16B(Japan) Fight Hokushin with Akito 50
17A(Arzenal) Defeat 2 or more enemies with Ange 50
17B(Japan) After the initial portion of the stage, defeat Joe using only Maito 100
18 Fight an enemy with the Battle Bombers 50
19 Defeat 2 enemies with Kodai 100
20 Defeat 3 or more enemies with the Space Battleship Yamato 100
22 Battle Sabine with Tobia and Kincaide 100
23A(Contact) Have Beecha Support Attack or Support Defend the Nahel Argama. 200
23B(Do not Contact) Defeat 3 or more enemies with Beecha 200
24A(Contact) Battle Full Frontal with Amuro 100
24B(Do not Contact) Battle Jerid with Kamille 100
25A(Contact) Battle Gauron with Sousuke 100
25B(Do not Contact) Battle Full Frontal with Amuro 100
26 Battle the 5th Angel with Shinji 100
27 Battle ???(Salamandinay) with Ange 100
28B Defeat Kocho, or reduce Mifune's HP to 70% or lower before Mightkaiser appears 100
29A Battle Brocken with Mazinger Z 100
29B Battle Hokushin with Daitarn 3 100
30A Defeat Penelope 100
30B Support attack Ange with Tusk 100
31A Battle Loni with Banagher and Hathaway 100
31B Defeat at least 1 enemy with Salamandine 100
32A Battle Ghuli with the main protaganist 100
32B Defeat Embryo 100
33 Defeat an enemy with Ryoma, Hayato, or Benkei while Salamandine is deployed on the map 100
34 Upon clearing the map the Vangray must be fully upgraded 200
35 Battle Salia, Ersha, & Chris with either Ange, Hilda, Rosalie or Vivian 100
36 Battle Jerid with Kamille 100
37B Fulfill the conditions for the Garrancieres to join 500
38A Defeat Baron Ashura 100
41 Defeat Domelaze III 100
42 Use Yamato's 'Tactical Charge' attack at least once 100
43A(Yamato) ??? 100
43B(Nadesico) Battle Mifune with Kappei 100
44A(Yamato) ??? 100
45A(Yamato) ??? 100
46 Clear out the Invaders without help from Domel 100
47 Use Yamato's Wave Motion Gun attack at least once 100
49 Defeat Desura II 100